The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 14
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f HJ3 DAILY COURIHB. CONNEL JSVILLB. PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2:1, 193(1. Basketball JAMES 'Jf, MWS00U, Basketball MIDDLE ATLANTIC LEAGUE WILL MEET SUNDAY AFTERNOON Moguls fv Ratify Schedule Drawn C/p Recently by Special Committee. , OTHER FLANS TO BE ENDED Keeping in Form for Scrap The Middle A i l n n l i e league will tnuet on Suiul.t.v afternoon, February 2:?. at 3 o'eloci; at the White Swim Hotel in Union t o w n . 1'Vat.uriiiK J l ' o business sosskm will !«· tho rafilica: ion of the I^KIO pliyinx rii-hf-dtilp w h l c n w i l t open on Friclny a)!t-rtioon, May It, i«i approved by the moguls some t i r n o ago. Tho friinchisi- liillM - e W i l t \ t t ' on tfio program w h i c h -was d r n w n «ji by. t\ spuctitl coiu- rnittfio of four ;ipoo!nU'-:l by i'rosiilcnt Klmer M. UaiJcy w h e n tho cisht lc i lo- gates rejected t U o flr^t. calendar drawn up. It wad : a i l t h a t tho new slate w i l l !H more favorable to the clMb ownerH am! ntUflcation i«- wuet't-etl In view of tho fiu-t t h a t slight chaiifffs In t h e program ( « u be worked out lunonp: t h e mogrtilt!. Other '.prep; ration* lor a viprnrou.-' campaign a« being worked out by Preswlont Da loy anl everything: -win ![ in f u l l Kwing whei\ the openinK date rolls around. A l l of the 'e.'tmK tre ready to «o to Mio polo for llto drive nM ntattere have "Let'n amk-ably settlwl in all of tho doubtful W'lninunitiets. Scoltdule, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Wheeling, Jeannet to, Cum.b rland, J o h n a f o w n aix! Charloroi agr.iit w i l l make up the per- tfoanot of the circuit. Owing to reported financial embarnyaHinent it was at t\mt bclif ved that (Jli«rleroi, li)29 champion of the league, would not return to tho Toiiter but tho, fire department .at thai community cftKio to the rescue by taking over tho fr;m£)ilec. Jnck "Kid" rerjf, the "punching pinwh-sel" of Whitechapal, warms up on the mechanical ours while training for his fight with Mu»hy Callnhan in / Ibert Hall, London. The "KJd," who recently returned to London rom a triumphal whir! through America, has reversed the u s u a l story of tho "pro'digul son." Instead of letttnt them kill the fatted calf for him, Berg brought bin fatted calf buck with him in the forws of a few thotm.nd dollars. Buicks Score Ea.;y Triumph Over Murdocks SCOTTD.'.f.E, Feb. 21.--Tho L«trole Murdoch**.M ore the uuwilling b u t easy viutiuwj £ ilio Scottdalo Bulckfi hero last night,' - 1 to 21). K l r k m a n ran wild to score nix fnld goak; -svhllc Huntarnan and lXiller priasod hiri for high scoring honors wi.h four urul five Held goals, respectively. Linker drove three oaskete through tho- hoop for Latrobc wh'ilo Crowe, o£ St. Vlnoont c--.ching ame, tallied six points from the field. Tho lino-up: Uuleks--U. K i r k m a n .... Kulh:r ., F.,.. 1 [uiit-sman _ _...C..... Turk ; _' G -M a r i u ,..', ...G._ Cokers Play at Scottdale State Armory This Evening; Large Crowd to See Contest Spirited Wattle Is Anticipated As Orange nnfl Black In- Vades Mi I Town Gym. LOCAL FANDOM IS INTERESTED Kaeu rivalry : manifest in the bas: ketball contest tonfeht" at Scotklale State Armory" v here the'Couiiell-svllle. High dribblers !lay iu a W. P. I. A. Leaguo contfst The Blue ami White scored, a d-ect- sion in tho chuh w h i c h was played soiuethne 'ago it the Ookere K.VIII- nnslUm and tht Doidemen aro out to' get vengeance. Red Klrkma! '; proteges want to ftlay ia the lirs- division in Section X. and will be o it to tally a' : decisive; docislon. Olio of tlie-' arKe.-H crowds of the seasou Is antic.pated and a Wg dole-' gatioji of Oran; e and Black followers; L u c k e r ' w i l ! accom'pai y the High School Sk.-ba! 'Hiintet to the vim Towii,. . . " Murdochs- 29. ,, Crowe Carroll UK--Catferty, Zimmerman, (,'olllnti, Biookman. Field go..tlii--Kirkman if. Fuller 5, ihintanmn -f, Turk, M u r l l u , Caffcrty, Crowe ;5, Vest 2, Ivucker 3, Skuba, Cur- roll. Koul goals--Bulcke, G out of 13; Murdoch*). 5 out of 10. Hetereo--iMurphy. S. CONf IELLSVILLE BAJ1EBALL MEETING SUNDAY AFTERNOON There- v f i t bo a meeting of the South Obnuo!lHviUi Uiuo«bi.U Club on Sunday aftertif.Ki.i n't 1.30 o'clock at tho Davidson hoa ( _at South Connollsvillc. All pl.'tyors \vh-u wore ou last. ROU- i-ou'H roster aro requeotc-d to attend t h i K t'.osjoi). ' M, K. I full luis lHeu choeou to man- ago the 1930 Miner League Fitciier Awarded io Giants SMOCK DEFEATED BY PERRY SQUAD r II BOWLING PLAf Smock's all- star Iwwlerfi wero tie- fe-tttetl by tho ^'orryopolis combination at the L. A. 'irown aUeyn at Porry- by a mrrgln d"f 118 pins. The .scorn*: ' . ·:' . . . . SMOCK/"/ · . . Steiner .-...-- Totals . /ITS ..,13-1- MS ...US .....199 ......777 149 ua :i-to 140 150 102 429 121 na 142 409 377 500 National Champion ; K eepsFit to Defend Title 710 PEllRYOPOLIS. .136 173 TurkosU _168 .... Yorkison Il52 205 Wluterbaltcr 14S 160 Snyder __140 137 122 01S 2100 141 172 124 101 110 450 153 t29 432 438 222 Totals __72D 787 708 2224 FIREMEN 10 MEET AT UfllONTOWN ON SATURDAY, APRIL 19 Andrew J. president of t Volunteer Fi nouncee tJuit board of coat town on So.t\ countyeealer. Tho Alareli at Versailles Rottler of Connellsvillc, fie Western Pennsylvania ·emen'6 Aesoelatloa, an- the'April meeting of the i^ol will be held Ju Union- relay, April 19, when the will be.hosts, rally i« to bo coo due tod Kenneth Doughtrey, national decathlon champion, as he lint-, bcred up to be fai fit condition to defend his title in coming meets. Under the banner of the Cadillac Athletic Club of Detroit, Michigan, h« won th,e A. A. U. title at Denver Stadium last Summer. Dougherty i a said to be the only athlete who actually goes to sleep between eacji event ail a means or conaerv- lug his strenjrth. i SPOONING COUPLE GET IAMAGES FROM THEATRE OWNfiR | CHICAGO Feb. '.a--Married-couples] have a \te\- cct right; to- SHAW RECALLS HE WAS FLAT FAILURE MmGE MANAGER - : -By 'United-, Pcess. ··.. LONDON, Fejj. 21.--George Bernard Shaw was cinco ,a stage .manager, but he didn't ring a boll prbpcrly, and considers Uimself a failure in that branch of the art, ho 'revoaled today, In the le,yr to tho mastgemcut of the old Vic: Thesatre, whare some- of his, plays art;, to'be rovivcc!, Shaw .said that while acting as stajjo manager in t.hat. surae theatre, years agii, "'I was such u failure us the bell in '11 Trovutcre/ t h a t tho primu donna struck sit rehearsal and iriinced me. But what could I do with a length of gas-pipe on ;i string and au old poker to-'Klfit with?" /osep'i Vfeotski, tho, piu-h«r over .vhoni one major ami throe minor k'figU' clubs wer« in con!rov:ny. He vaa nwardod to the Giants Ihroujh his Willtes Barre, Pa., watru-t in a decision handed iowu by Judco .Landw. . a j :ry lio-Ul in ettec' whej'i U Juu damages ta M r . ' a n d j jotiwt ts;a;iiSt a local! p r i c i o r wUo had them *J , Mrs. r«r»j · t h;!.u VP* pr } ejoi;txl for Tho N'i'-v.- C o r k Ytc.ikw-s have- sti for l\iv Sou i h u i . j . .MuiKuv't- no!) Sha\v- kt\v un-d '.' I'...;.,:' ! i M v i : i ' 4 X t : «- V or ), la Cotton,' YAMURA, MHkatii-gurl, Fukui Pro- f«ctur«, 'Jajmn, 'Feb. 21.-M3raduatos of tbo Domestic Science School''in-this village have decided they married IM coUoti, kfmoaos costing no more t h a n G2.50 each during'·1930' to I'l-fniier Uainugucfci .ju i,j a va . pi'ogrom. In ' previous brides speiu an average ot $100 Bethany College Will Miet ThH Five at Irwin Sym RTETHANY, W. Va., Fob. 3 --Thiel wilt .fiiniteh the opposition : of the Ba-tfiany Bisons when tliey i ike the floor tonight n,(, 8 o'clock in Ir 'in gym in th» ilrst part of tho annup i home- comJng program, which ha " eon arranged to ertead over today and tomorrow. ' This encounter will bo tin second one of tno year. On Tueadn r,. February 4, th« Nuimen met ' 'hiel on tho Thtel floor. After an afalr that was featured by high scoring by both learns. Bethany was found i be on top at a -13--42 eogro wb^en he final whistle blew. . Tliat was the lost Kajae w deb, was entered in Uie won oolum tor the Bisons. Michigan State «nd Weatern Suite Teachers .College Iw, ted the stamped* early last .week In Jio Wol- vcriu-ft State, Th* lost defoat wa« suffered at the hands of O^iiora . .t Beaver Falls Monday nisht, whon t i e Oov»~ nanters camo out out o!! the 1 ig end. of a 19--18 fccore, , Thiel has not far«l no sm cesernUy cither. The game* echeda ed with Westminster, Dmiueene and "Waytiefl- tnirsr *nded In cJoee scores tTnfor- tnnately, Th^el -was jn th« ,hort ond of tho Boore in ouch caw*. T bo homecoming crowd can be assure 1 that the Bethany opponent, will be out (or blood with «J1 it hait. A r«xrd of dose games and only two polntf short of winnings th« other Bethany jam« will make it tough going for the Bleons. .For the same re*i8ion t o Green Herd is scheduled to get j alng once more,, The f;ict that the aat three games have ijettn. defeats will be a very gt^od stimulant. The i too, the record of no defeats on he ' home court mual be suaUined. Five victories .against no kusos le he record for tho «HM*SOU at Irrin ryxn, The greatest /stiinuJaat of ail i HI T» the presence, of Ujo Alumni. Tha 1930 edition of tb* Bisons conn .t have its home record apoll«xl bpl r« those vial tore. SPORTS G:LEAIS': ITGS NEWARK, K .T., Ffeb 21.--Miss Catherine Donovan equal* 1 hor own worl-d's record of :OS Cor be 50-yard low hurdloss in the i'eature vent of the women'a Tnelrojioli'jni A. - ,. U. championships »t Nowaj-k arm* -y. v ·-. « NEW YOKJC, Feb. 21.--F irenc Hohi- ban,'Hmigaj-lan wrestlta; ehampfo throw Gqft-je Hagea, U S. marine champion, in three minute t of a finish bout at Ridge-wood Grot Sporting Club. PAI^IS, Fob. 2:u---K -J raada Prencii bantamweight,, wo i a close 10- round bout from.I'etit B! quot, pton, o£ JJelfliuin. i--.l Wagr un AudHor- hirn. -All attend- Square Gar,343 persona nual golden tournament. s were h« o .meet the n aa iuter- iarch 19, K, Fe.b. 21- -Ivy Olson, former utar abor^top, v ill return, to tho Brooklyn Dodgors U is (season as coualu. Olson played witl the Dodgers from 191-5 to ISZ-f and w .s the spark' plug oE Bwtoklyn's 392M i»nnant ·win- ning team. * * * JHrCA«O, Peb. . 3i.-r.' tola Norgren has 'been appointed ba« Jail coach, at the University of Chica? 3, succeeding II. O. Crisler, who lias b en appointed athletic director at the Uaiv«'ty of Minueeota. Y0KK, Feb. 21.- ance records for Madison tlou -wero broken when 1! wart ?41,2iS4 .to sea the a ?c!ovs «matour loxing Kighleen t!hre rounri bou tho wlrutera qualifying rhanvpion» of jblrilcaigo city tourney at Chicago, I * * Ind., Feb. 21.--A of th», akull, ece.ived in a basicetbaU game, proved fatal to Herbert Shanks, 17. . · * t- * NAPl'lKVO/UE. 111., F A . 21.-- 'North Central Calk*ge naa aim muced that it already has raisod $210,' 00 tov/ai'd the erection ota new :F350,( W Held house, to replace tJie one whin burned some time ago. * . * .* Miami society has aken up the ballyhoo for the Jack Sharkey-Phil Scott flglxt at (he Flo i'da resort on February 27, 'College rps*t the dope sao ring'; '33 to 27 tri- urooli. over. GroVe City at the Yellow floor. · · · · Westmoreland com ty basketball dopeaters .got a rude setback . last night when Joannette whlpiwd Nor- wln,' 30-22. NoT win va i regarded as on« of the most form dable quintets in the county. * * * JOB Petty and Hoi' l«'M«.ine have joined the Pirates squ d which is en- route to Paso llobief Cal., for the annual spring- tr'ainini period. "^flvo'.n" Calvin Cool eg-otistical Art Kblret plione operator at Ch Icnow "Who's dge?" asks the when a tol-o- jago wanted to The Golden the lUth triumph of ti- ro w aiglit wlitn. West tain«ors play at Pitt ! * * · Tins Plttsburg Pira lost a -t-U de'.ision t night in a National strive for » season tomor- Virginla Moua- tadium. es hockey .club i Toronto last T^eaguo SPORT SIDELIGHTS ,^£*o, STARS AC WINFietO T HE prize hard luck pitcher of the first decade of the current century was Leon K. Ames, and make no mistake about it Poor Leon had moi'e bad breaks than any other burler in the MB time. But he was a great pitcher just the ssirnc, a master moundspmn who shono for many years la tho forward pbalunx o£ major league burlers, I remember seeing- Leon t»irl more close games and losing: thiem than any other pitcher of that or this time. It seemed that when Leon went Into tho box Iil» team juwt' lort thoir battlnar eye and h« would pitch bla head off only to loso because no runs wer« produced behind him; Tho prizo exhibit of his career WM thr no-hit game h«s pitched on April 18, 1009, for thn New York; Oianta ag-ainst the Brooklyn*. Amen hurled faultier ball tor nint tnnlnea, but to no aval;, bacauao th« Qianta had failed to wiore a run U any of those same Innlnga Tb» same ended in the ISt 1 Inningr with the Brooklyn* ·coring-1 hree runs and Leon's splendid no-hit performance was wash«c3 out In tnat unlucky frame. Almost 8« bad a bU of bad lock occurred to Leon In tt« world aerie* of 1911, when th« Qlrata faced the AthJctlcjB. Leon waa not used by th» Giants until the flftt game, when. Rube Marquard opened the ram* for McOratr but fell down in th» fourth tnnlnr. tho A's scorlnr three. Araet wont tn as relief and h urled ocorelew ball for the Giants fo;- four Inning's. Then Crandall went in and the Giants seemed to awoi an and pushed over the tying and wir ning- runs. Dunbar Township Passers At Home Tonight; to Meet Belle Vernon Basketeers Kiki Keeps in Trim Shearer Machine Hopes to Stay in Running for Championship of Section XII. MUCH INTEREST BEING 'MANIFEST W. P. L A. LEAGUE QUINTS GO INTO ACTION_TONIGHT Fate of Many Sectional Title* Will Not Be Determined Before Tuesday. MUCH INTEREST IN THIS REGION "It won't be long now!" Such IB the declaration of followers of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League as they watch the passing of another successful campaign which drawu to a cloao next week. There will be considerable activity in the circuit thfe evening and there ia gr«at possibility that additional title holdere will be crowned when the play is terminated. Next Tuesday will hold the fate of more pennant witi- nws while playoffs arc expected in at leaat two divisions. Th« complete schedule for tonight follows: Section L Freeport at Har-Brack, Tar«ntuia at New Kensington, Parnassus at Arnold. 9 Section IT. Sewlckley at Bellcvue, Leetsdals al Ben Avon, Avalon at Ambridgc, Section HI. New Castle at Kllwood City, Mars at Butler, Zelienople at Evans City. Section IV, Bearer Falls at Rochester, Benve» at New Brighton, Aliquippa at Monaca, Freedom at Midland. Section V. West Newton at Donora, Monosscn at Monongahela, Cbarlerol at South Brownsville. Section VL I^ejchburg at Vandergrift, Apollo a4 Ford City, Kittanning at New Bethlehem. Section YH. : Honiestcad at McKeeeiJort, Eliza* beth at Duquoene, Clairton at Muu- hall. Section Till. North Braddock at Ran kin, Eas« Pittsburg at Braddock, Pitcairn. a Turtle Creek, Norwin at Trafford. Section IX., Bridgeville at Carnegie, Crafton at Mt. Lebanon, Coraopolis a*. McKce* Rocks, Scowe at Dormout. Section X Jeannette at GreenRborg, Lafrcb^ at Unkratown, Comxeltevifle at ScotU dale. 8(ection XI. Etna at Asplnwall, Swissvale a E-igewood, Wilkinsburg at Oafcmont. Section XIL Sewickl«y Township at Hurst, B^lta Vcmon at Dnnbar, Bast Huntingdon Townahip at Perry. Section Xm. Brownuv-llle at Bedstone, German at South Union, Clanaichaels «! Georges, Point Marion at North Union. Section XIT. Oakdelo at Cecil, McDonald at Burg« ettstown. | Section 3tTv · Cnonsbnrg at ClaysriHe, Trinity at Waynesburg, East Washington ati i Washingrton. Kiki Cuyler plays basketball in the winter to keep in trim. Here he is in the costume of a Flint, Mich., tool shop team. 'The Chicago Cubs have just signed the outfielder to. a two-year contract. STRIKE ORDERED AGAINST MEASURE CLOSING BREWERIES TAMBJGO, Mo-xico, Feb. ai.-- A g«n- eral strike in protest againnt local ordinances resulting in tho closing down oC certain breweries, was or- dored yesterday by th« workers-* Eod- eratton here. . The Btriko will ho deferred at Itiist a woelc, ho'wcvc-r, in, tho expHSti«tion that tb« thrcnl, will DC sufficient to bring about, ropoa! of tlio ordinancea. Kiihul Ry CAMBRIDGE, Mass., l-Vh, 21.-- Onif nrcmiiu was suffocated and olght ers and a gas worker made- critically 11 by illumiuatiug |K«S in a rubl)i«h fire in the basement of a locnl chain grocry store last night Explosion of a meter I'regd tlm gas. Lewis H(.|tcs f«r SCRANTON, Fob, 21.-- John L. Lewis, head of the Uultod Mint; Workers ol! AmcrlcH, last night announced r-e the hcrjie t h a t within 90 diiy.H a TOW long-form working- agreement will bo negotlato-d with the- hard 'oul The detarmincd Ountiar Township High School drihW«rs, bent on repeating th championship of Section XII, play at Lelsonring No. 1 court tonight, meeting Bolle Vercon. Bruce Shearer'6 club has experienced diflUmlty iu ''.balking up a low decisions o£ late a ad the Belles are ejcpected to give the Red and Black a stiff battle. Awaro that a slip may mean, tho loss ot its strategic position for the pennant, the Leisearhig quintet will bo out to grab oC a decisive- margin. COUNTY RED CROSS NURSING COMMITTEE IS REORGANIZED UN1ONTOWN, F»b. 21.--A re-organization, meeting oi the nursing committee, '-Fayetta- County Chapter, American Red Crtss, was held Wednesday afternoon at chaptoir headquarters in the Feyette TiUe Treat Building. Mrs. AVillliam Baum was named chairman, to succeed Mra. G-eorge P. Hoover, who is now thu chapter's «xecuti -f secretary. Miss Mary Drake succ-eds Mrs. Banni as secretary. 'Tho committee now in- clndies the following members: Mrs. Williaia S. Conw«ll, BroWasvt.He; Mrs. R. a McClain, i'oint Marion; Mrs. John Butler, CoDiaelljjvUle, and Mrs. William Baum, Mi is Mary Drake, Mra. W. B. Hindmart, vriga Patricia Locke and Mru. A. .D. .''erg-usou of Uaion- fcOAVTl. .RejKirta submit 1 ed during tlio na«et- iag showed that ;t total of i!2!J pub-Jio health anting v:sils hud been made by tins two nurse ;, Miss Mary Shaflar of tho Uniontowu offlco and Ml3B zabotb Harpor of Connellsvllle during the month of January. Present at th* meeting als was Miss Paulino Boring, "'who re :eutly assumwl tlw duties of Red C - o»8 nurse in the Brownsville dish let. Meetings of the nursing committee are held monthly. n Siiecessf PARIS,' Fob, aUcmpte to com are four to one This is borne 01 Uio 1,746 petsou cldc In 1D29, 1,2 Itilling theuiselv. in the coo! darl- for revolvers ii n j il ui Suicide. U--\yhm t i N. B. A. WANTS TO KNOW IF DEMPSEY TO FIGHT AGAIN OHICAQO, Feb. 21.--Business associates of Jack Dempsey eager y awaited the former heavyweight champion's reply to the National Boning Association's demand , that Ja k answer the question "Do you Intel d to light again?" According to Ixjonard Sacks, Dem - eey^s business manager, the N. B. V. haa inferred that it wonts to knc«r whether Dempsey will flght again b*- fore it decides on what stand it w 11 take toward recognizing a heavyweight champion. Drnps«y is vacationing somewhere In California but Sacks said he an.l- eipated an answer soon. According to Sacks, ho was ii !d that the N. B. A. wanted to knuw Dempsey's plans before it lakee sU ts toward recognizing the winner of a ay of the present scheduled heavyweif lit encounters. This was taken to have reterei ce to the PIril Scott-Jack Sharkey flf lit in Florida and whatever match -wUl be made between the winner of that fii:ht and any other heavyweight contender. : Jack's attitude ia probleinati aU The last time he was Ia Chicago ho was evasive regarding hla plana of returning to the ring. He told Ibis writer "Maybe I will and maytx» I wo-n't but yo uknow (he anoount ot money offered will have a lot to da With It" Doubtless Jack baa something *- flniU In mind regarding his Chicifio boxing promotions, or he would not have continued to operate at a oss during the winter. H 6 has kfipt his shows running in order to hold d ites allotted by the Illinois Athletic Com- raisifion. tliat he will succeed. t by tho Tact that of i who attempted eul- U were succe«Kfu.l In «. Moat o£ them died waters of i.h« Seine, , lie Speaks Frcach. ALTOONA, Pa., F«b, 21,~-R( bert Miller's Franca teacher at, high «chool may discover a marked improve!amt in the 12-year-old boy's ability to «lteak tho language. AVhen MiUer was injured Ux an automobile accid«jt ha was Irrational f«n* lioui* and durljig ithese periods «jioke nothing but French to nurs«6, doctxire and hot pital aUendeiits. Physlciam-, said hi« French grammar -\va« very jood. Uobert liue recoverad and will r

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