The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 30, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1918
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THURSDAY MAT 30 191S DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSYTLLF P4 Conraellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,728 VOL 16 NO 171 CONNELLSVILLB PA. TIjUESDVi EVENING ~\1\\ 30 19JS EIGHT PAGES "ROOM AND BATH" JUST i BACK OF THE FIGHTING LINES Dnwaid March of the Teutons About i Soissons and Rheims is Considerably Slackened, Says Today's Official Pans 1 Statement; Fiench, British and Americans Stand Fnm. j UNS DELUGE TOUL SECTOR WITH SHELLS B Associated Press PARIS, Jla\ 30 --The German flood will soon be dammed ys a serm-ocial note issued tocUv summarizing the situr 3n between Rheims ard Soissons The note sa\s The Germans again progressed jesterdai. but w h i l e on le hand the-*, failed to pierce our lines on the other it is com- rting to observe that their march was slackened considerable the arm al of our i eserv es 'As these come uito pla\ the balance will gradual!} be re- Dred and soon the German flood w i l l be dammed "The French co2iimand retains undiminished confidence sed as it is on the power of our resources ard the im-ompar j le valor of our soldiers ' RESUMES COMING 1TO VICIO^. i WITH THE AMERICA ARMY I\ FRA.NCE \\ edneclav ly 29 --Allied reserves now are taking up positions in the ttle line The-y are being thrown in to strengthen the deferd-| j forces where thev are -weakest in preparation for the placing a barrier to a further German advance I Fresh enenv\ ch-viaions have been brought forward to taKei a place of those exhausted t bv the achance of the last tlnee ys and continue the pressure on the Allies I The territory south of the \esle rner which the Germans. ve crossed at several points is more difficult for the attack Noiv that the Allied command has reached the conclusion it the enemT. intends this rush to be his chief attacV asures are being taken to stav the movement BATT3F R V G t S MOLE'S PL!. PA.RIS Maj 30--The battle along the fighting front conned all night w i t h the French maintaining the western outlet Soissons the war office announced toda^ North-west of Rreuns the Franco-British forces broke all German assaults and maintained the defensive positions French reserves aie coitmuing to arrive on the front and German advance i« being resisted with great tenacity The Germans mad repeated atterrpts to break hrough the ense in the Soisson region but were each time held up bj determined French resistance TOCX SECTOR UMJFR HF VTY TIRT.. VITH THE \MERICAN \ R M Y I N FR \NC E \\ cclne-rla-v v 29---\fter a period of almost unprecedented quiet the 4m- an sector southw est of Toul stiddcnlv has become \er\ actnc Last night and toda\ the '"'prmans threw o\er hundreds of 11s of all sizes and 1 ept U j a destructive and fire » American guns h a v e been jubt as busj and are giving the m\ more than he sends The artillen duel continued strong ight m, ABBS TO IB1CRIAL DAY m«r. p rayers ^ Churches ie With Eulogies ° ,01 n, "! LII ( li ,u! IV llh U ! i n , Oi e o f Mo n"st **ect r h e i L I tin d t u h LO- happv of tnin be rt pt *» u hisrt 1 cau s^a i iMnqs and sam tr cs Uic thing groa 1% Ixckj^" i« a ba. h EOT he Tien out. L)H t, ire baJimg quart r^ for be nen and w h u . bathin,, daj arrives the} arc m i s a case of first co-*e fin»t t^-^ed I h e old Eablt- o bre^ wifce nx^n m a tub o m n o t o th s tub his room *"oi u j fu i T t n T sn arc British Tommies vvbo a a \ e bten re Ue\ed frura duiv m t e t eiichos and art, making uie mo.t of -heir RATES NOT YET KNOWN BY AGENTS r i!ON UNITED STATES SOLDIERS KEAGY GRADUATES IM IW B Son in I/i)(iI Ijtn (-nnplfts Phnrnin- n^t ( 0(irc in ntt^hnq? P wood Kc is,% bOn of H 0 Kcag has bet n graduated 'ram tlie school of \bsuciar.ed I res^ | pha u^t / after a wo vcvr course m Ma 30 --Senator James t t c Ua iersu of ^lUsbuix He io e-ffis said m a speech tere today | O ne oE a clips, of over 100 The voung tbe l/nitcd statet, naw bas 1 000 man is now a registered pha-nacist oldiers n foreign lands and that and ^ ill likclj be employed m Pitts lecembor 1 it w i l l be n u n e n c a l l j tj u r g 1 to that oi Lngland. j Keag graduated from the Conncl i said that "00 000 OuO pounds of | % i U e high aciiool m 1516 a u d fainrt. jsives are iu process cf manu then has be n suidj ng phar nac\ To re Tbe ordnance deaartmen.t beeoire t rn-j,!*; e-ul pi miinist f o u r spent he "aid $"76000000 for -ica rb O f cvpcnenct. « retiuir Kea n sctiles and 7 o 000 000 projectili-b , i e cci\ed t w o r a r c at his f a t h e r s 3n tieir waj to Persbjiig O n e j s t o r o on the South Side and hrough %and rifles are being mai ufactu- out the school course got t h t addi i ran ivly and 1 S O O Q Q O O O O ro mds ot uonaA tv.o vears v.orki n g and sun} 1 arms amiruti lion has been cou- n g t % e r j o her daj DuriLj, the ed lor ^chool te roe he has been u c i k w g at »t month ho id w e j reduced i the Mtad Drug compan in Pittsburg 30 000 round He placed the ma guns contracted for a 350000 idded that 100000 h a \ e btfpn dp- d By Jut* t hp added \ve shall oducing IS 000 a month In^ Uur Jax 4.1ihoufeh no figure;, ^ be*,n re ceued at HL ticket oifice-s of ine lial timoie A- GJ o ra road or tJU Pent prompt s\ l\auia r uiroad hcr. it is e%idi_ut i th^t t Ol C0it ( O l l a l d l - c . b l e UIOH. 10 ( travel aftci the n e w railroai rates ^ irto euee Juae U aucoi tint, to in. acnoujccmi.n from A\a^hm CT toii on \Iondi Hie ra. ^ id.*, be-cn boostt. i f om \vo i id a ha.f to [ i rce cent-, n^ and it jb il^o cpoitcd that m le- at,e l o e ^ b raav b i ^ c o n i u i t i e a IB i u i ·% t the r u loac. on ceb yes e di\ ^ho^ ud that no n/orm^won on the i e v ra ^ iia-d ye bceu rtuue-d a! hou^h it was HI Ij or it-Tb v,ould bt, liere o JH Macu pi \iiiirt t r a v e l m«\ L eui (*o\vi tb.rou 0 a Uit iacri-iiie in s hoi -,lit, P O I L tli w ar L L\ w^s add d manj months a. iLo r ^ i l r u t d c a e, Eruji id s j et o Fitlt )i;rg 01 botli tlit, P a l t u u o s t ^ Ob u i id I *-an yl»j-i la riilioad A ti $1 \ \ h e n Jiu ei^h., ptr een *t.r tax \ \ e i t into eUuet Lh b tare \ a-, [o^ted to * o(J If the new r u l n j iaU a fare 0 hree ctuts tiat fo t v c r v miU the piusbuit fare w j l l tax vt lUitx, eentb contjidc iai, ILO di-Lauee to be oG niLlei, the f a i e \ o J l d run u ?1 bS wi h !,, een «. u \ To ride o Uniontow n t ornpu ung on the bajue basis th_ eoit of a bjuj, e t ii \soulvl ie 11 ceutii j.1 o i lelud lie oie b*, ne^ riU. Scat*. Surrender a ^ChauUs" Ttnipororilv UKtnkco lor One of Our On n Fou~OtiUHt4 "^en l*rov(A Iu lt« tic Fn/i, Fawka^t uii the Fro j a ^ pram Singers Qmt U» u i hrough. I aacl PATRIOTISM KEYNOTE Of FATHER BREKNAN'S MEMORIAL DAY ADDRESS i I N o IMtitRM With It 1 - hnists (onset j t n t i u i i v Dint tors or Snjrli !,, (Vi ics Ml Honor U Our IU rut's ^ l e m r l r uiprtasnc Vejnonal Day er\ i^ub vert, held m St. \Io-v*, us en mi a Durbar w i i s l o r n n (, T! chu en i e « l titscot-d is one ot Lbe most 1 e a u u u h o i i,s of v,ors\ip lu T a v t . tc (onrt-v Pimlings b t a u aii ^ m d j \ comioruibk pei\ and good mu K 1 n t color to the txe-c *;e \n er can (U^ were used e x c J u s u t h je i , "jr i 1 ] ol c m o t c L i ·- it nrn on tl c foi rnc t i c r i u i i a^ imi red for the f Jt t C i-ibr a noun i bl.t notirc He 1 1 it fill out qu *1 01 iaire At t ) e "F.C'st Side sui IOL the nfllce-s do lire he ^aid be ^ulr" ntnor 1 e ·-hot iu fil t a^imst hi t rot^ct In pol co cojrt tl c Russian ;HK] ho v»as IT? Hh o T T i c jp-nior wn rp- ferr^d to u one* J I- irk ncrnie 1 * Tor line ti T f i o i U t l e d Out aiiJ Pco- u n d ( u n n l i tje O^cr lo llononrg iiiose 1 '"out Jucl (lues tune On YARN ARRIVES i, tribute to gone be ore. m h the ( o r n i o r f ttrnnoli nirfors "tfai 01 has he i Cant r ; and i l a my cnt of sw cat cr 3 irri i conned t j tho Charleston Br inch of he N-* \ I ague be 3 d M 1 litters for iho fo det.orj.ti j t The K c w t r w e l l ti m and . lit jia i rorn to is c ty to inj., liie war tai. \vab uinoun * J 0 mio cuuet t it f a L nion o\ u \as Gu CL tti fc ioula tUi m Ltat,^ booU^ not tL d scor tiuued 0(0 mil w o t i i d co j 5-1- 40 inclu lint the wai tax i h i b is j trabh h t,hei tbau b* lo ( the LAX and hi 0 ei tar its \vt-ct into tffett. T m U htu not lesotned io any LX tei t h r t u ^ n tbi a ILL, ion ard ni tn j tiekeu ar be uj, old to *.a.s5.erii pomtb pers ng m il m = npb o c "i tvatiuit camps to ^et bold LTb oft £o STUj.L I\ rilA-V L "One moie Sundav' B couuJLi, be eu LUV. iroii tho ?r-ceding ^ I e i c Ul c ieh *iabl ilh \ t r v e i Io 1-v tLo i fa b lij,d O I L 1 ^ m h ut, f IL uit, \\ c did i OL jo. i b re IA oat UJ L! i clock. Not u it, a s i oC ih ch nt,t. 'low c ^ ci I wai un h nd ui jinpiiy u- j Ju L*v-l ni^Ut I diopped nto the cas no l a v i n g joiiKu Uu in a.ui ai I ol litrs -jd oniltafib lowujf., m tli tt (Lr e ion souicJn L, c u,ao i in sj. un j ri^nc; f i o n t h t n imhci o | lirv-t fain IKS w h o oct IH c 1 '-·-at m UK row?rvca ec ion uid uc in in I euch oIR or^ udoK it n j,old Uro anu ncdaJ \\ I o iluti t d ibuiil \i t x t r e u i 1\ cou t xu^ 1 I L cli solder ushtrod mo ) anu i" uu luioh ? \ t rat coovtk c nt poi us o fered me U^uu k I ou au the r koati j u itura beat tic 1 dfcli-.ed but one it Io vith dbout cijjht b v i f j e j . 1 ( L v ro s "nd i cenij 't, of a t e de J Pit er Brcmian I?-L e lend a s a n m a i ^ o th purpeses \r\. nousrn o the n u tioi at i\ar TV as ibtt icd n w i t h r i p aiten DL bar ir tlie Jjibc-tj I o-tn U tl \\di f v il pa ri 1! -.1 - M itii -uingk-d eulogies for tii« 3icroie detd j d p r L \ t i ^ lor the nun dre s ct tliou^andi t f the nation a voun^ men ow on t*ic battlefields of Li ope or J nher bound, Con- nc ls\ iUc aL 1 i a t f c-oun j today joined ir the mo sulei n obbe."Tant u leiioriai Da\ since MTV 3u w a q lir t c ei tibide foi p«\ t-ie sold ers and c iilo i Conne IhvilK. I i"to procliina.1 on : r I'residttit ^ ilvrL I r^cLicalh all busmcs-s \\i*i suspend o I ai d Uiore wa.^ i-ss oC effort to pro ide pntertamnicm Ji ir u ual Out of respect to the da tiie ox roa^t at m^ajn s Grove f or ore of the gre.3t csi. causes tho Hod C-oss was po- poned fj-^re "was less than the u^ual provision for ^niertainmert about the cmlv lorm being t3ie niotion pictures and vaudcMlIe at t ic theatre^ \ete-ans o r the Cml "\\-ir -veterans o fore ^T. w ai s Sons of \ cterans, nieirrbcrs of tl P Ladic c Circle of the G \ R Bo% Scoui= Catliol c caactb, Cam.'Dfire Girl^ and oiti/ons joined for , tl e custom «-· tnhuvc to \bc dead m the local ee,noterics Sen ices were held first in CJe-staiu Hill ceniolerv tJioa it tbe C *iTid AT^TIV lot m Hilt Grove ceraeterv Ihe ·wcaihei w a g lociil Cnir Iniured TOton Car ear I threatening for a ume but j t scarcely TlKir ( abooso liucKlcs. | J arro 1 the occasion Leld branch b ra/1 np I ^ ida\ ar 1 S uur I d L at Uie Na^ 1 ^ I oajro oiEee in lh( tlr t Frmt b uie ug Vrotl er c i p n e n t o the \av Ijoa^ie hr dquancrs i 1 ? due OD June 1 ij 1 U e 1 n tiers are ^ cd to spe d p in tl ci- w o k On hat dale Mrs T M e h m Gre ch t rimn o* the ^bar l s TI b anch ho) es to ntio a spl id id lot of km led article 1 ! read^ to c hip RAILROADMEN: WARNING ISSUED MS \wttf From lli»m otiiy Board-, J.irl} SHIiNGTON Ma\ 30-Provost lal Gereral Crowde v sterday 'd draft subjects awai from that thej roust resist r ^ u h P! iv Ball at Diinbar The South feide bisebaJ team went tc D u n b a r this m( rnmj, where the TJunbar aggrtga lor "was t H^^ed at that place toda The locals ha\c \elfled a fast team together uid e\ pcct to make a good showing in the commfe "-eason JACKSON UNIT OVER i ipc or us l e ( \ L s il u 1 1 comf i t t no take li b /lat t he n l pn L n t t v r j.[ p chat I ul M t r i mj V-LIJ oi_i 1 rmch tbcful work to kno\ hfli k 5011 \ i cjn c m u c b OJligti arid a w h o l e ! L more ill n a o l i k e nt " \ \ I U H L \ L I u u taji t tin £. of u-avUiu 0 t.lbv, to a.v jo i *- j \i rci 1 iT'^int if rrt.!iclnnau dovt - an s fellow sur\ici \vnu d a b j n o is un l w o u l d i\ t u t outaK L ro I %,uh MI K iu in IL ci i a I UK ius t \ i t n( L un tii. ei a mort p-iilosojj iea! a r t t u U pat otia i u h e j e b ^ ou iind a e c o j \ m e t d tl it t is ! LrO J j Lu.1 0 \Wl tl J.t V ·- alv heCQ ig mJ ilitr f o i c taib is a just \ ir u von \sln u u ha *. u n b i ^ e r and hei. o \ i e or^ ^ i l l CIO\MI our cfto s 1 ui u L. i\ enter d n -\\iUi clean baL I-, am an un il ed b n n e i for } h i p L land t! L is n o r l h j ot oui uobjost el r is ai u uud r a Gou seui killer 111 i-, Jioui oL u lal I atr oi i T iiut a. o-cr s-t ntm nt r oi t i e a id of jin biru. ur adoptiou itjpi elation oi bei ei ou a who e-^otae p n i ei on 0 a o den i c c J i a of ^lo'-it.b an jucu sscb It readies k p i ( i e - v n UU, In. eon^eienc 01 tli a m P L notibm is a ( ual tv of nu I ana o 1 iij /( 1 ,. ot h art .ticnct \\ th bo i.n v pc^stm r i s bie-u p 1 ome a.nd tli it tho s u p e i b m o r J f l n Beam of ^ou h A ch ^treet a I J n I rb 01 bvcajnoie stro/t, ^c 1 -*. e i g h t h i ijnrcd lat ni£;Jit ^e^t ( i th:^ cit\ ^ b r - a c a r nea" the c ibot s( of d i c ght r a n buckled Tho rion ^cre brout,hl to lUe Co tA^e S tc hospital but their i m u i i o b v.eio not ociiou irtl thei wcic lischargecL 1 e- t\ -ccei ed in nju-'v to his lef kg and Trb =jftcred a bruised 29--The nc"^ ed "by morgng tbe I nir PUT Troi Ma\ oonopoH e"ca- -js \n encan ami Southern compa-nits uudei agrcn:- m nt T i l t h pireUo G u r U \5cArioo i \ i l La\e is a KrPTObt polie\ tte Uu treatment of shippers ird the put lir Goor^o C TV Inr prr deal of he cotrbmaaoT annouuccd ixidaj \ \ L 1 i \ c n r 1 olv xn 1 u jud '-r 1 el KP m b \va i n t j the he i ! f \v al eus li it t«u! 1 of our pet [ K \\ c d.\t ro j i {·umo ot 1 nrctto tidil L n Th^ M i c c a b i p h i t b i l tt,*im L d ! | i b G Moimt bradd ck m HcW ilns aUernooi the g-vrae start j L, r i 0 o clock The 'ods lean 'las ilefL ted il o co-^c- worit. )im.Aip | Lnion prajer services v, ere la t Piening m the First Baptist rl \irch Ro\ V\ ilbiir Nelson tbe pa 1 -TOI presided Tbe address of the eve- i n? per ment o the cccab on whieo. % LS foi tbe purpobe of offe ug pr^^i b foi the l o v m the mil tarv a i d laval cnnce am 1 for the success of \ilied irms wa^ delivered by Rev Gi, This morn ng begirning at 8 o cloct p-av^r s(r*%ices were hold m ill the chnrcjes the eongresations 1 being dia- _ m s;ed in time to pormii tbe irini 4 -- ic'-'s and otli«rs dv.smns o do so to participate m the V^mo-ial Day par-xde to the ceniotcrips . 4 the si g:gc^t,on of the ministers l o t tbe c ti prarp-s weie offered m j manv homes durirg the earh inoru- mg boi rs Bt£i'-nmg at ISO Ui s afternoon coi unuou ^r \^LS i\ere held m tho f bn-»uan church tlie f o l l o u i n s ;,ched- J u l e btingr arnnged earn Tt FaMtte 3 ^ Iex ^ J Ever^art of t i e I nitcd Prcsb^lenan chuich 2 o clock. !!% \\ ibui Nelson o ' t h First Baptist cl urch ° 1 ocloca. Ko\ J L. to % u k i r l t d w ill "\oiid )i \c up \ ould i c Not on MoldftTia, In^estigition. of the report t lat Hugh Ch^ibtie i^d Dan Cocl ran had i lost tbfvr li\es v, tb the sinking of )cal board n whose jun^Jjcnon the Brtish transport Moldana pro\ are sufficiently In idv tnce of ed it to be unfounded 5 to enable thp board to s°nd .__ certificates to their bonu board istratJon. is completed at th^ of the bOTie board 1 err\ fonjisbjp Orp uii/ tiion Mmost Poublo^ »t* ti Lross ItiqiitrLiniiit. The J id on \ n i t ot the Red Cross of 1 errv iov j. hip \^ t.nt o\ei lie it p in raising itb quota ot the bccond wai Tuntl Iho quo a ^as 'JJSO but th^ mit did ro itop u n t i l it had $23050 raised The unit ib doing a good woik m the v.a'v of mak ng garments for tl c. boys m Jie er\ cc Reg^ilar mcc ing arc hold evei\ t^o weeks tha th nembers ma keep m toucj w i t h the work. This district has a so sent 10 of ts bojs to trim ng camps Some are in Prance to sqo. i t i M e i L J morisif-tn f to i t u n 10 t*u ci mo -- I fi 1 ! hi 0 Iv honored !u.t a o U h t r ot f n i r \^ service n th v. ir uni V\MCP \\ oundctl sbo ild be so in cioi b to j loabe rno so I «it d \ s n ind a i utcd the t IHC of the f u tain \ tn borr e ea a N o t k owin-, \\hit to c.x pcct 1 fin ilh tirrm-d to i sold er next t i ucd on 1 SHAKES MANY HANDS once i i s TOO Did tile game this i C c r i K c m is staged toi the benefit of t C Red C l O a i LcLo miit, lie MELCROFT, NEW MINING TOWN IN INDIAN CREEK VALLEY, IS BECOMING VERY BUSY SCENE Offers Burcess Car. JVC PLEASANT Ma 30 --Ar A before Burgess S P ste-vcns charge of stealing a Buick car was reco\ered "Williarr Hu Rapid progress is being by old the burgess there *as an- I the H Koppers company and the Mel Buick in a Connellsville garage croft Coal company on the coal town he could have for paring the at Champion and the development of s He declared it TV as h s own the large Kopperb coa 1 areab in obat ·s went to Connellsvllf and region Fne houses ha\e been com e car Huffman will be ^ken to pleted about a hcore axe imdtr way reen^burg jail .and b ihe end of the summer ^0 will j b e reat n u is said Lnoflicial y it is Shadr Groe Opin 1 *. learned the company eventaal w II fry Gro\e park opened todav for erect oOO all for the accommodation US season Kiferle s orchestra of eraplnves and their families *en engaged for the summer \ Al the houses which are O F 'our i·weddms was arnounced for one am 1 SIT room sizes will be electrically attrac ions of the da-v The lighted -uid presided \vlth baths The vras set for 3 o clock this after- iel(.ctr*c plant is now hi course o' * erection along Champ on creek The i-water supph svstem has not been un jdertaken It s said wells will be drilled but one of. the small pure -itreims raa^ be made to furnish the supply Tor weeks a force of men baj been Cottase J*rayer Tloettnc. *ttage prayer mecvint; wj 1 he otnori"vw e\en ng at S r clock hom* of Mr and Mr*? VT r Q tho corner of Sycamore stree* tdar avenue Community Prater Service. Tie churches o£ Douson u i l l hol- -- -- -- -. ---- -- . *.~~., community nraycr services this t,ve- ' engaged on bridging ladian creek lor ' nmg tor the mca at tlie Uie pu"pose of affording a crossing for a nulroad that is to pierce 1 th.p mountains for a d stance of several miles The work now Js directed toward gettin the loundat on coin pleted Sveel v-ork for tit- super structure hafa been unloaded Ttroc c^peninqs are under %\a Headings ire bemg dm en at Mel croft Nos 1 2 and 3 Tht Vo I mine will be abo it three anaue~s of a n^ile from Mclcrofi, the others a mile and a quarter avi to me in i n j u r e d Ti cma' at same tiuio making motinb to n d mo\mfi pirturts lie f a l l v got and answeied v uii i laut,h CLintas I etainted \ th Oui to N t him knc-n I understood which I {'tdnt it all A.n. Ammcan hottLr versed in tLo p n r l c 7 vous told Lie ch intas meant sinking 4n orc-iestra made u p L Prcn h and Amp ican soldic s plisal a p ecc thca si\ Frenchmen CTH^O out They lined up in mob fo-matlo i and ho one in front sang a sol bib eo npan ons joining n w h a t I took, to be the chorus It was rca go"d--the sing ng--but I didn t care f oi the song at all In the first place it had too many verses and \vabT. t jaa-iy enough Tbe tune as something like A Poifect Da pHyed backward The poihis next to me laughed all the tine thur comrade was singing- t t e solo part I Igured the raubt bavo so-nethmg on him The number as a who e was not a riot and the singers didn t fee back or in encore I admired them foi quitdrg when they got through ^nme Ameri can male choruses I Vno 1 ?. couldu t lrntr, in lnut, Jiicis (*ood jt io UJ nt riant lca\ n \t-sterda; \vitli the !S COI C 11 p LCC t. la,\ 'fi ISO a dn t i in the Da-vid un I mic il t, rourOs of tnc em ' ploves in itif m i n e ^ mtf also cvorj' j C u il it the ccke plant and bide ill t-codbjc 1 C i k l i e n i"d grownups * Uike ivorc greeted m l cacl n rn.\nn ^me p^tonded tue 1 aix; that Bo tt rin^v C nhinbws Society in PirsOP, Tin C o l u ubi s I V u e r n a l ^oeirr bo oltiost iid largest J tail-in ortraui nation jn I h t cit\ h i d b t, dolcga mnb 11 both he Itali i paiade on Fridav in I t n o cclpbrtt on he^c Mondai I he ]olac ^z* overlooked in the me oE nreh bu in 1 otli pr eessions La-tl tin us a 00 por eent urnoaU FmucTfit, of tbe First P-esbvtenaa nrcn 3 o elock Ito J H JLarabcn- SOT of the. Methodis P-otcstant, c urch o S O otiock Kev Ellis B Burgess of the Tnnm I uineraa t h j r c h t o click Ilev G ^V Buc- n " of the Christian chu t h 4 ^ 0 oUooK Ho\ S B Houston of tha n\enanter church 5 o clocl I?e\* "W H CHddcn of t ic Vetliodist F-oujstant churcl c f Percy Tho cmcc* w i l l close v,uh T, meeting at uid rturn The voungr n in has lived Ul h s 1 fe on the h i l l nd is acquainted \utL to.** cn'irp n pul ition Miss M i n i Lafle\ of tho "West Side tCTLChei in the bccond v-aid bthools and re elected f M tie cnst ing t o i m ^L-S "ooti^ c d ai appoirtmc it as a cl i l in the Bureau of ^ a- Ri^l ]n swinte in Washing on D C M ss I i.ffe at the elcsp c 1 " he present school term w i 1 eave for Washington on Jie railroad is well under | h a v c beon d r i v e n ofr °5 dnlsion of nd fth-en the bndtc ib com Germans u-til tbevd f n i ^ h e d one and Continued on Pag-c Four com pleted the company \\il shortly be read to shin b3 r ail from it 1 ? mine openings Some coal his been sent out b\ \vagons HEAT, HUMIDITY AND JUST ENOUGH RAIN CAUSING WAR CROPS TO FORGE TO FRONT i Spnricd by tltc litat am hum]d!tv|sho t of si]piJ v ns tho needs of llic j o" Uie past" t\\o ucLks w n gard ''b t onnUlsvi Io legion riio-v are also ir» showing np exec Ion fy ind p i-nunf, hb t a l l j of potitoes sijd a f rmors arc happy it the jiruspert o £ J C o u i u r infoi-mint e oat crops r-ost dangct socms uo On the ·,^-olc all crops bitli n t i c ba\ p pi%i?rt Kains ln\e not mtxr jgLidcJi mi! on the firm iro doing Hue fo ed rieath iuth plant ng and be h and there js c cry ind] ation th-it' ont'oolt therefoio is In bu np*r I FlVLtto counT\ ^.ill sure Jo jts cin.pq n c \ ( i j line unless d i o u t h jo to help sohe Uio probJom of should IPECI c a t s dam ise snppli ng ILc ^or d \\ tli rov.ti J Corn espctmUy is mak ng greji Tlitio is a ill tune foi Uic jaggard strides I i tnan plates fanners in sarden niak ng Manv c ops pi nt say trouble wis encountered irom od in lat-e "Vluy and carlj June will f-il ire of tnc seed o sei--Una e b j t , m a u n e bofo e trolls each them ropl ntmg 'las been comploied ·'ndl luer was a tremendous dermnd the i eplantod corn is a^pe1rlng 4. tor tin. tomato caobaga and penper i son \\ill h i \ e tharno The p^r Ir fo"-cd at he ci v hall b?tiveen S^!0 aud 3 o clock an moved n'f promptly on ime T'le pirado first w o n t to t e Ch s nu Hi 1 rcme- terj wlio'o t i e u^ual teremcr'ics w o r e porfo^ u! HH tra\o ot e\if soJuier Ixung decorated In massing tile hhrar\ lawn tbe process -y \ nab hailed while i wreath \c^ placed at the foot of the Colonel Crawford « a ue 1 j tb w Conco oia lodge Sons of Ilah p Bu- "auo snoke Hundreds of school cbil- dr ^ assembled there and sang pa- inotic songs The veK-ra s J e n uom. to the Hill Gnve cemet r v b t r e ceremonies w«re he' I a. t- e G \ R lot Ke\ J T Burno o r [ho Irrnnjcal-ite Con- Ct \ t OL chn (h Oeinercrl the me- nior al address The giaves were then decor tied The column lie (erne erj , mad(? a return bandud nd V t sburg street and The -n i hers of the ; tt t.n went to Jie hone of Waitci 3 in South Cot ate ai L ue to cclcj h.ift 7oth Qirthda\ readr the ciiltu-atnra are at work The pvobabihtv s thai July "onrtii plants paced on iaJe at Uie Peter 3L \Soimpr bj- lie local Parl\ i»r Drjfttc. ^e^v enjmablc c u n n g ore oflopeit Ma 24 a tho home ot Vr and Mrs ar Mrs H G Colbert in l o ^ e r 1 rone w i l ee corn lai aoove the proverbial Garden committee Tivcnty fl-\ c toivns,hip in honor of heir son Kob- knce high | thonsa-d toirato plants were disposed er' Colbert n h o left csto-o d v -^ik Keports from the monnn ns = i\ , o' in addition to thousancs of cab- the draftees f c r Camp Lie Games --^ 1 toe tan ers ae sowing liheialh o f ' h a g e and pepper plants The supph J wore nla^ed ujtil a Ut« 'lour \ihen Partlj clotid% w ith occasional bhow- buckwheat anticipating a great de is exhausted and the toramutee sollinch was served. Suly su jersoas ers,, ii tLe noon .veaJier torecast. 'maud The supoly last winter ' ·- ' ·· ·" w ' far as is known, will no jaore.

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