The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 13
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1030. "THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS" 7TLLE, PA. . Frances Brandon's Breach Suit Provides Court Crowd Laughs Ry HARRY tTnttcd Press SUift: Corn.'sponrtent. NEW 'YORK, F.Vt). 21.--A line of porsons formed parly tnday outskle oJ ·TusUco Valente's d i v i s i o n o.E Supreme Court, carious to learn whether Mrs. Frances Marlon B-andon could think ut any TTIOTCV sinister natnes to call G-^orgo ,T. G'incspio. She is suing him for $574,186, rliarglnK breach of promise and fraud, and although the trial is only tour tlrvya old, It has evoked some of. the most sandy oratory from counsel and witnesses thai, ever rattled the panels of the* Supreir.o Court building. So far, Mrs. Brardon has designated (Tlle^ple, a wealthy lawyer and president irf the board of water supply, as: "A glassy-eyed, hard-boiled mug." "An aged, unkempt, pot-bellied shyster." "A sanctimonious sheik." "A gone 'coon'." "A person super or to God." "That slippery Gillespie." "A dcfamer of women." "A shyster calnt." Mrs. Brandon, who claims t-o have a perfect record of her lavo affair with GiUesple, was i.o resume the stand under cross-examination today. Her record O'C t'io romance, which she said she e n t e r e d into only because she had believed Gilies-pile was a "holy man," is marked In her d i a r y with r f d triangles f u r e* ery love t;yst. The r ? d triangles are- a combination of "Tho Eternal T r i a n g l e " and "The Scarlet Hotter." Yesterday on the witness s t a n d Mrs. Brandon, an energetic woman of 4°1 who often rt:'u.s-efl ;o stop t a l k i n g even wfton Justice Vu.'ei.te admonishes her to he quiet, liste 10 i to the reading of a pamphlet which she imbli.slu'tF two years ago. That y. mplilet---a copy of which was sent ,u the. Pope--was designed to "t;xiost C.llk'Spto ami pro- vent hlin from wo-'kias his wiles on other women." The reading oC :he pamphlet, .ook almost three h o u r s . I t included the genealogy of Mi's. Brandon back to the time of Mary, Queen ot Scots; an assertion that "W.ieu the names-, of women who have done great t h i n g s la listed, lo, Frances M a r i o n Brandon's name leads all t U o rust"; and a word picture ot G.'liespiu as a (laming cavalier tilting igainsl Uu h o n o r of the women of the world. HOLIDAY HOURS! AT POSTOFFICE ON FEBRUARY 22 The FoKtoffico. h-nir« on Saturday, ?i brnary 22--Waehinston'fl Birthday-- w re announced as follows: Ix)bby open from fi A. M. to S P. M. General delivery .vnd s l a m p windows open from 7 A. Mi to 11 A. M. Hegintry win don open from 7:15 to 11 A. M._ No deliveries by r'mtl carriers. One delivery in all sections oC the ci'.y, parcel po«t included. C. O. D. window closed all lay. Money order win.low closed all day. Collections in 1. usinens district 4 P. M. and 10:30 P. U. Innovations of Coach Davtes Keep Duquesne's Five on Top Youngest College Mentor Confuses Opponents by "Surprises" pITTSBTJRQH--Opponents of the Etaquexne Unh eratty basketball tcaru contend 1 lia.t Charles E. "Chick" Davlea, Coach of the Iukes' floor squad, never runs out of surprises. A gi adueta of the rtgorotw professional school, and ona of the younfff*t college! basketball coaches In the · ·crantry, Davles has -won the Tri-St Ue Conference Championship three tlmos In ene- cesdon and tied for the honor onco with his Dxiqueane teams In five :»easonfl. This la navies' sixth year here. T)uquo«ne University rec*nUy compiled with a request to drop out of the Conference In ord«r that championships mljr t be decided more clearly, the presence of tha Iukes JeopajdlzinB th« pooslbllU- l«a of other memb T teams. USE NTCW MI7THODS · New methods of vttao.k and defense are the sto .lc-'n-trade ot "Chick" Dairies. A i a sponsor of practical Innovation i for the eoi- ICBO cage art Davit i la the eqtia.1 iof E2m«r Ixiyden, riiquean«'s ht-ad football coach, who ios made num- orons valuable contributions to thP . gridiron sport. Davlea perfected t ie ftve-man-to- ', man defense. Injoct'ng 1 the guards Into the attack with T. new and unfathomable scoring t'-yBtom. He Introduced and Imriortallcert the formatter m college The "vedjre" broug-ht two championships to Duquomie. Davlea agrrcon wltl' othor coaches that a "good offense Is the best dc- 'fense" but he bellovs further that iBurpriae is the last w ird hi strategy. "When Davlea had ex dotted hla p«r- |facted use of the "wedge" until thalf the teams of t ie district had ndoptod It, and its ooofulneefi was ;ineffective, Davlea suddenly wrote 1 It oft his books on I be eve of an Important owne, , BKATS COIVQ0EHORS Substituting an ut'erly unexpected center-under-the- basket play h« r.prcad confusion a id dtaaeter In tho ranks of a tcfvm which had decisively beaten the Dukea in an) earlier encounter ..home floor, t a tho Dtikes' r sirrs FAST PACE THE: KITCHEN CABINET {©, 9, Wantorn Union.; "Life Isn't taking- In only, i rlrtng- out, eoo. And It's not g-i Ing out only work, or deeds, thlnfTB we've made. It's grlvl . ourselves out, too -- freely, free to other people. QlvlnET ouraolv In coraradouhip, In und«rBUndIr In Joy, in lore." f, VEGETABLES!, FRU4TS--MEDIC Nt OHAKU3S "CHICK" 1AV1K8 I Indlirtdtvil play has no place on Che program of Coach Da vies. H» favors the cloee co-ordination of unftngr the passera to work clone undet- th« nat before BhooUnit and rtaklnir Ions of the ball. A traditionally fajit Rod ajid BInn five is again re this ug IDuquean* Bridgeport School of Aviation Doctors Is Formed -By T J n i t i d PI-CSM. WASHINGTON', Feb. L'i--Occupa- tional diseases ant peculiar physical requirements of aviation have compelled the War Department to develop a special Aviation Medicine division of t h e Medical Corp« to keep army pilots In proper condition. Among tho occupational disabilities developed by constant flying are st-ilon-oss, impaired hearing an\ a | CMidition paused by constant high alt i t u d e in which the body gradually lit conies deficient in oxygon. A school of .Avmtion Medicine has bf-en established at Brooks Field, 'an Antonio, Texas, t h r o u g h which (JO f l i g h t HurKoon3 a l r e a d y havo passed. These medical oft'i^ow attached to 13} ing u n i t s must lx-alr-miiuieti. They arc required to l!y eonetf.ntty and several are qualified pilots. By reg- u l a r contact w i t h tlif-rs' disabilities tby bocome able to diagnose symptoms of condition!; which would not be causo for alarm except to airmen. Toe Importance- C physical fitness! lira in tho tact tint tho human elo-j m i n t alone has resisted efforts t o ) tnako f l y i n g sufer. War Department j statistics -show th;,t 59 per cent of i commercial flying uccidenta, Cl! per j cent of. iirmy accidents and 74 p e r i cent of navy flying accidents are d u o j to pilot failures rather t h a n mechanical (lot'eots. BRIDGEPORT, Feb. liam Pike ot Springciali days her-e with her pa Mrs. Charles Jonee. Mr. and Mrs. Henry family of Trotter were \ Mrs. George Engle- ou I Mteg Mary Snyder, : California State Tea. spent Sunday with he and Mrs. Edward Snyd Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ambrldge are tho par born at the homo of tl ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. There are now two c family, the other being Revival service* were- evening at the Free Mr- In charge o£ tho pnfito Uicliardson. Arlin Pullia has ret homo alter spending t years in Philadelphia, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne een were hero visiting paroute, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald children of Connellevill Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCi evening. 21-- Mrs. Wil- · spoat several rente, Mr. and Seighman and ialting Mr. and undfty, student at here College, · parents, Mr. ir, here. \Vhitehttir of ·ntii of a ion, e lat.ter's par- S. tie ben thai. lildron in the i girl. begun Sunday hodist Church , liov. C. S. irnei to his ne past two 'Vyo of Monee- tho latter's ·V. S. McClaln. Harbaugh and i were visiting oy on Tuesday Hevlval services begun !«st evening at the Paradise Evangelical Church in chargo of tho paetor. Rev. J. O. Bishop. Standi sh's Kin Runs Hosteh'y By United Press. MBIjLT5r*J, WIs., Fob. 21.--A 72-year- old woman, manager of one of North AVisconsin s well-known hotels recently was surprised to loam that she Is a descendant of Miles Standtsh, fa- :mous Plymouth colony character. She is li'iss Olive Thurston Atechor- !?^dn whose mother was Kllza Field At- cberson, t. native of Vermont and a deBcendam of Standlsh's second wifo, Barbara. The information was received from AV-etiley Woy-man of Shirley, Mass,, wh(v is writing a history of tho descendants of tho "Captain of Plymouth." yk-o hei adventurous ancestor, Miss Atcherson is a typical pioneer of tho wilderness. Although old in years, she, is young in spirit after over 40 years' Berrice as hotel and boarding liouso niai ager for inmiber companies in northern Wisconsin. The Hotol At- cbersoii, \rhich bears her name, was built In l')07 and has been managed by hor sine* that lim-e. We rarely think of the foods w« eat except: tic something to imtlsfy mn- ger end appeal to the appetite. Much of tha food we eat Is rnlu ibl» In othor ways. The followtnjr or few of the many th that should add to appreciation of the : from the hand of a b tiful I'roTldence: Purnley aid* digestion, prwv dyspepsia when eate-n with a too he meal. A sprig eaten after raw on will absorb the offetmlve odor frono breath. Watercress IB nn eicrllent b purifier. Spinach IB called the bi | of the blood, good for :onatlp« j excellent for kidney troubles*. i Lettuce has a soothing effect OB i nerves and is excellent for Btrffi ' from insomnia.. ', Tomatoes are good lor a tc : liver. The Jtilce ia excalltut for 1 i children, used alternately with or '· juice. Both are rich IB vitamins, substances which cticournire growl ; Celery contains Biilphm, is a i j nerve tonic and wards off rhimmat I Onion*, fine for nervou* provtirt · and other norve dlsordern. Soot | effects on consuniptlTeJi and exce for coids, couglis and scurvy. ' make tha best ot poultice* In cas« jrlp and pneumonia; they also Insomnia, A reg«!tnb!e aa raloabl the onion ahouid bu Hervnd frwil the menn. Apples, carrots and Bra*l! onto «nld to bu excellent for the comphi and a euro for constipation. Potatoes and beets eaten too fi put on fnL If thin theso vegett H h o u l d be eaten freoly. Dates are exceedingly conrij ilni and prevent constipation. As now is the seitfion tc enjoy jy« ter« try the following: Oyster Frloa»««e.--Take one en )ftj of oyaters. Reserve the lltjnor and heat to boiling, add the oysters anc ·when plump remove them; se eon with butter, one tnble»poonfnl of i our and one beaten egg. cooked i; itil smooth. Pour over buttered toast rlth the oystera. t a ngs oar Ifu ;nts irty ons th* ood »om Ion, the ,*ert -pJd ttle nee the h. ood *m. Clon ling lent hey i of ·are i as · Jn are doo sely LLOYDS TO WITHDH4W AGENTS FROM RUS JIA LONDON, Keb. 21.--AJ1 mirve eonnectel with Jjloyl* shipping :eg- Ister are soon to bo withdrawn : rom Russia, tha Dully Mail reports. No explanation oi the move was made by Lloyds at the London oft ces but the report was noi. deniei. Licensed at ('munei'land. Mason Reed Keefor and Jowell Pay Ray, both of Monnt PloaKant a:nc Ralph James Kromer of Scottdale aad Bthel Viola H*lm of Greensburg ^ licensed to wed at Cum.b:Tlaivd. Patronize those who advertls*. Ruffedale iUTFPSDALH:. Feb. 21--A birthday |iiir!y \v«t; held ai t i e Kuffadalo school [ ro,nn Xf. 1 fr'rhlay afternoon by Mm. j I./ewUj Begonia in honor of hor son ! tli-orgo's eighth hir May anniversary. Vlre. Kllen Scott, SO years old, died Sunday morning ut:cr a lingering l i t - j »e?s. She \via tin widow of Jamee ' Solt, who dud HOVI ml years ago. Sho I to survived by several children. Fun- j eral service*! wtre hold Wednesday afiernoon at 2 o'cJ-ick. liurial was n u d e in M o u n t r/eh.uion Cemetery. j Alboi-t Myers and Mrs. Rose McClain : of Ciri-piiHhiirs s p o n t S u n d a y w i t h their m o t h e r , Mrs. Uiu-lit'! My ore w h o w i l l . i ;lr. and Mrw. Ray M u l l and liiughtor.! K a U i r y n Kac spont Sundiy w i t h Mr. an-i Mrs. lxhyd R i t o of I ' r i t t s t o w n . ' r ho A d i l H Bible Cl:is:s of tho Christ Reformed S u n d a y School will hold a "U.iiny I.iy" i«orla at liu hoin« of Rer. and .Mw. O, Ktiam t i l l s evr-uinij. Mr*. A. If. Si-?),'kftt-;- and sou. D o n a W , j of :!xrttdale s p p i j f \ \ f d i i f f c d r i y \vlti) the former'ti pareutij lit' ·(·. J'atrontze tliooo v.'uo advertise. ^Vhat's become of all the homely women? Women simply aren't homely any more. You meet plain women, yes . , . but their smart, ! ;rim air is the envy of many who are only beautiful. (n the old days, when a girl gave promise of becoming "hopelessly plain/' she was frankly informed of the fact to save her from hurt pride in later years. She remained frumpy and tried to Convince herself that she didn't :are! H ( Mot today! .VJvertising has played a remarkable part in naking every wo mart attractive. t has taught her 1:6" use the beauty and charm i hat are her heritage, regardless of the shape of her features. Her teeth, her hair, her hands, her complexion, her clothes, and even her erect, athletic figure have been "brought out" by methods constantly before her in adver- iising, ' The great beauty and style specialists of the ountry have been her consultants, as they are yours- if yo{\ are taking fullest advantage of the opportunities before you every day, in the advertising columns of this newspaper. lead the advertisements. They hold secrets of beauty and style that were denied the women of yesterday. one house lin't suited to ·il famiU*«. Neither U only on* blend of CoflW sultod to all f a m i l i e s . That'« why I.GJV. Coffer* arc blended to thr*« different flavors. On« of these three J.CkA. Blend* t* mtrw to please /our family'* coffee t**te-~and your family purse. Th* I.G.A. Family of COFFEES 37c SALMON, i.G.A., Pink, 6 Cans SI.10 GREEN GUT BEANS, 6 Cans 8Oc CATSUP, Prestige, 8 oz., 6 Bottles 75c TOMATOES, Select, 6 No. 2% Cans $1 PEACHES,I.G.A.,6No.2y 2 CansS1 B 57 SPINACH J.G.A.,6No.2i/ 2 CansS1.16 PUMPKIN, 1.6,A., 6 No. 2% Cans 75c ARGO RED SALMON, 6 Cans $1.85 PINEAPPLE,I.CLA., 6 No.2% Cans S1.70 PEAS, I.G.A., 6 Cans 95c SAUER KRAUT, « No. 2y 2 Cans 85c 1 dblend fa f i* · s* ·* , «· 1*1*1 pocket HOMETOWN Station WLW Station WTAM TUESDAYS, 7:30 P. M. Wednesdays, 7r«0 P. M. Eastern Time. Eastern Time. I.G.A., MACARONI, NOODLES and SPAGHETTI, 4 Pks. 27c KOKOLET PECANS, Pound 3Oc MARASCHINO CHERRIES 1Oc CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES, Lb. 39c TUNA FISH, LIGHT, 2 Cans 43c SUPER SUDS KEW BEAD FORM SOAP FOR MODERN DISHWASHING 25c NOME OWNED STORES IVORY AND BLUE FRONTS Flies to Get Cancer Treatment Photo shows erriyal at Crisby Field, San Francisco, Cal., U, S, AiaDy nirplana port, · of Mrs. Gertradfl Edwing, 82, wno came in alrplaua 1,000 rrulea to got treatoieat sta4 aelx 4K$laQB.4 : pan- der exfcact o( Dr. Walter P. Coffey She ftceompi.nied by her husiband, Inn jit-Ghadu* of Wenatehee, Oreeon, took ofl 3 houc,

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