The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 12
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TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN1T /LSVILLE, PA. 31, Tmr. CORN PRODUCTS MILLS V1SIONED BY SCIENTISTS Jowii Sfj»t« rollepre Professor Tells of Possibilities for By R PRVj^KLIN MERRITT United Prwif Staff Correspondent. AMES, Ift., Xtb 21.-- Visions of a hinterland dolled with inillu drawing material from corn fieldti and sending products broadcast over the worll are seen by Dr. 0. It. Sweeuey, professor ·of ch*m1c«I orglne«rinfr at lowu Stuto Collie, ae ho l«Jvee into pcwaibihtlee of pse of former agricultural -waste products. Already Dr. Sveouey, cme tftne Army major vho reins ed to attend We own courtmartlaJ because h« couidnt take the tim*' from UM m-aoufacture of war gas, has secured 25 products Irom corn tttalkt*, 14 from corn tmskfl, and 20 from corn ntulk pHhtt, and at!!! he eoutluues Ills reseaixili, hopeful that eventually former waste materials of the com belt may become more valuable than th« corn grain. Prwuiiturely gray lialr, which k*t ltd color d u r i n g tlie war when he worked with obloroplcrlc aekl, covern the forobeiul which overshadows his eyet* (is he lo ka out of the wtmiow of his Iktle- federally endowed ofoe ontx lilies of eormtalka und visions lumber, paper, pulp, und yarde of rayon silk. Of Soot-c i-Ir1«h ano«ntry, Dr. SwOn*5 aWiora waste, «nd elrkce tlia wai 1 hate been seeking to curta'l, if not entirely ·end, former methods of farming tti Wrjich only tho corn Item*! vrne iiswl and the i-OHt discarded Probably Jncwt noted among h!« (lib-co^erles is that oil paper, rmuiu- i.ictuted fro u torn atulks through methods svonii'what ttlmUar to those by w h i r l trees hocoino newapapore. Similar prooedun\ the profo*tsor .!is- coverad, enatilee prodtK:tkm of wallboard, and t'«o plants, one using corn stalks at Dubuquc, IA., and the other using straw fit St. Joseph, Mo, now arc inking advantage of hi« work, whil a t.hird, at Tatna, Id., uees his nvetbodfl in manufacturing etrawboard frorr straw. Btit paper is not the only thing Dr. Swooey hat made from farm w«.st«j. Building blocka, charcoal, a dyiiamita absorbent, fiber. fuel, gun tot ton, oxal c Acid, papier macho. Tarnish, , chair cushions, plolh horBo collars, hot tamale skins, ] oil cloth, ahsorbenta, face, 1 powder, an. insulation for refrigerators, linoloiim, pottt-ry, packing Tor war snips ID supplant or reinforce motrtl armor, pipe covering, and smokeless i«wder also have oraergcd fro ii Hi« latvoratory whera only 1ho tormer WOB «· products of corn raising hail en to red. iklthouRh many products can ba made from oorn waste materials. Dr. Swconoy fpsls the future of the cora stalk oonvirflkm Industry lies Jn the oaaauafcture of paper and lumber substitutes Present netbode of paper manufacture are unnocesfeauly extravagant, ho feels. Cumbersome, costly, and Intrinsically temporary machinery now rniw.t le ae up, and the mw material, in the form of wood pulp, muet be brought, o't«n long distances;, to it. The eame prooetUiro is necessary for the convention of wood into lumber. 1'ut Dr. Sweeney's vision of tho manufacttti'e of paper and an in- ait'licial IlDiice AimoimeesEngagemenl Premier B ntto Mnssolini, with hit 19-y«uir-oI(l danjfbt«T. whosv sng-a rement to Count Galenxao Clino i* annonnood. Conn* Cinno la th son of Coostanzo Ciano, minister of oommnniantlona and former attache to the Italfftn Kattuay at Rio d« Janeiro. Tha daughter o the most nowertul flror* in Italy w»a one* Mentioned as the poss bie bride i*r Crown Pri»i:« Humbert. H«r ttan«« wai once (like iis pronpocttve father-in-ltttr) in the newtrpnp«r b He is DOW t ecreUu-y to the li*iian Km'jawy »d Vatican City. dustrtallssed corn belt behold ta«4iy permanent m l l h , bcattered at fehort hit-ervals, for, I explains, tte rav inatorlai, when - orn wastes are ued, will be raised each ymr, thus forming an ·endlws supp y for the maw of the grind«i-6 Plant, drawing corn stalks from a radius o flvo mllae, with only one-third (the oura average) of the land in corn, we ild have a steady supply of 80 tons o etalks per day, sufficient for tho m inufacture of 27 tons ot paper, while f tho maximum haulage to tho plui t IH increased to 10 mi lew, 336 tone of eUilte, convertible into 112 tons of PIMM r or auflloont for the mannfactur of S9'),00 square foot of wall board, A ill become available dully. In bette corn sections, where 60 por d'nt of he land is nown to| corn, plants dn wing from « five mllo nulitiH would ! i astrured an of ICO ton« of italics daHy, for 50 tons of j aper, or 40,900 square j feot of wall bo ird. Extension of the! radii of 10 milei would fcasuro an age- daily eu)pl ' of 602 tone of for conversion into 201 tons ot paper or 1,607,800 aqt ire feftt of wall board. A plant using /ood pulp and sending out 50 tons of j aper a day wiuld need 100 square mil t of timber land to assure a steady f ipply, he estimates. A scientist, r. Sw«ency doew not Huoonmb to th popular conrtrptloa of tho Impractica lility of learned mn. He an.', his as ociateg have parftcled machinery -whl- h cot« and lalefi ft. 1 alks at a total cost including labor, tool, taToetment, «md tleprocUition, of $2.50 per ton. Further re«etirch, to decrwiae the c.oet of ooilocUon sttll further, i» under way. Thus, white politicians talk farm rotisf, an "impractloa.!" sd«nti«, dre una of an industrialized middle w« t, hundreds of huafiy noiey mills. Ion? trains of products manufao£ur«xl from "farm wastea," and worte toward the Acooopliahtneut of hie dream. THIEVES CARRY OFF 200-POUND SAFE IN GAS STATION THEFT UNIONTOWN, Fob 11.~No trace ha i heon found of the tiQO-pound iron s*J6 ai}d its contunUi eaid to haw been stt Ion from tho John Tlwsodoro sorvic« eti.Uou on the National Highway at tho JKerrittetO'w-n cro;ia roitds Wednes- taf nlg-ht. .t te hatleved ^bcmt * r jO vnu, in the HEAVY CROP MAI'LE SUGAR IS FORECAST FOR THIS SEISON Weather Condition Fa To a Free Flow of Sue- culent Sap. body Sent to Syria. UNIONTOWN./eb 2L--The Ixnly ot S. Q-eorge Mikaol, -w-hicJa for th-e p«st 22 months, haa ropoHed In a receiving vault in a Vocal nndortjildng estahlish- mant, left yesterday aftprnoon on a 6,000-mile journey to bis native Bi-tronn, Syria. .HV'b. 2J..- -Present point to d Cavor ble season for making tnaple migur ·. nti aynip this year, Stato IPoreat-or J. seph S. IIlick of tih-o l^nnrtqient o Forests and Water*,, said'today. Th« nilrt-wlTit-er flow of ap from which these mapla producte r3 made, fc.'ild tho State Foreater, fa ve)-y de- pondont ujxn woathjr cond tiona. In genoral the s«a,ton openi» 'rom the midtllo to laU^ PV?'hni(iry, fnon the nights are still frosty hut tho days are bocomilng warcn, with tenKpera- tuwH riiflinjr abovo tlw fwxw rvg point. 1C thf. days arr vory briRhl, vatm 'and sunny, the sa] Hta?"ia with a ru«h, hut is apt to hlarton. f f i h winds, warm spoIH o^r heavy fr«6 e-s check fho flow, but the return of f msonable wofithwr a».sos it to slrt a jain. It IB adviwiblo to lap the trees ·early tn th^ s*atKn to obtair the oarly r u n s of sap. Th«so are got amlly tho »*«ctcst and ihoreforo the eat sugar producers Syrup and »UKA trom the vLi-ly runs ai'e lighter in xlor and nioro delica.i» in ta* to, aJid comlhwijid ,i liotter prices amonp disc imlnatlng buyors. Makarfi have lojt half and tnnre of th-oir crops many oawons by not being projwired for tb*Ji first runs. Thin, in jart, was rosrtxtnit^i le for the StJite'a low iwortiH-t ion l-oi year, In addition to unfa vet-ible TV tthor oon- ov*r the entire nort iwast haa tons bo a leader Its Htaplo products, tojfetb-sr wtth other itorth-oiufteni stateH, btrt wt le present iudlcaUotie f.avor a good B rv of sap, it H pointed out thai o nslderably l«-8« syrup aid uttpar am DKXW being: niifio than fomwwly. In the eight north«e*t«rji states wbio more than SW p«f Hnt of tbe ontpnt the piroduftien of a -rup de Itned frcan almost 4,000,000 gillotts n 1S16 to about S^Sd.WO jiiUt.nE, in I! SO, and approximately 2,.",fiO,0»0 galk i» in 1929. ihiKar prodwrtioti In th-es^ ame doc lined frort orer liJ.OOO.* )0 pounds in 1910 to les than 2,000,' )0 poutida in 1923. The salt of Tnan /«r InuilMSB tor lumber ia ttaitt to bf o r !i of .ho why IO«H impto invxiuct aro now madn. Bolvev«d m-n Imp rtant thn thin IB laK-k if ad^trtialas and fatlnre to hold mrlteia o t t.hf» t trt ot the producers tn oonr pfrtltiot with other widely adr«rti«e1 foode aff«. This view is hold by tho-so who ! are ntudied ttw industry and itt fiapp '·tod by the ezperionco r-i. Vermont, ·» here syntp produt'tion IK stil! ja t? Increase. Tbe Vornsont rvroilocera B ·* no* only onranlisotj b it their jrodB * is widely ad.ortSswsd and clls.ributoo TIMS high (jiiaHty ot 1 winsylyanta sugar and syrup Indicate that other reasons accoitnt f r its t wUiced ont- p-uL Th* ffjgaT tiaple it one of th« principal t3is*a in the ««ch-biroh~ roaple forests of NortJte n Pennsylvania, and grows praot c*Uy anywhere In UK? Sta' e. Th^ sugar bush as a farm proj«:t, ihool I appeal to msmy ta.rmyn., fot- besid « affording additional ! motive, ihe · or It occurs during a tew w««ks in · 'inter ·when other farm wonk i» not jr Batnilta I t 'Wtacm you u r ) dasntfied Aide, ta *t5M TrnXts C'onrii -. Tlbie oe»t in asm-ail, nuniiUi ar-j hri« MIAMI A Health Resort for Your Car Did you ever stop to t n iink that your automobilfe needs to visit Health resorts occasionally, too, if it is to keep in the best condition ? s .When you take your vacation it often does its hardest work! . % Give it a chance to re tore its own internal health. Let the competent mechanics at a responsib e service station Jook it over and put it into the best shape to serve you we 1 on your holiday trips. Reliable and efficient stations are listed in The Daily Courier's Classified Section. Turn now t the ^Repairing, Service Stations" columns THE F A S H I O N STORE 130 W. Crawford Avenue Important Speaal Selling of Spring Dresses Never in our entire history have we been able to show such marvelous garments at prices that could be compared with these! $4.95 Every Drees in these two jrronps is an exceptional value. All were personally selected by tmr buyer in New York, Sere are dresses ypu can wear for every occasion--and you'll be able to buy several at theee low prices. Dresses for street, dressas for afternoon., dresses tor evening wear ^-featuring the new 1930 silhouette and the longer skirt with uneven hem. Some are tiered, others with jabots, and, of course, the bolero effect is v«ry popular. Sizes for 'misses and larger New Spring H A T S $1.88 $2-88 Two Wg group i of hats at very special pi ices. Every one embodies til the style dictates for spilng. Straws and combinatio as in every desired shade. One-Half and Even Greater Reductions on All WIM1ER C O A T S Look! Real Bargains! Kelly-Springfield TRUCK and BUS TIRES Boy Tw Track and Btn( Tirw NcmfTooH save moocy. We hawe a IrauJod cupply of the follow- TsaguaeK « These Are Cash Prices: 30x5 Track, 8 ply $17.95 34x5 Truck, 8 ply : --$19.45 32x8 Track, 8 ply $20.95 32x6 Track, 10 ply - $27.25 36x6 Track, 10 ply $29.25 34x7 Track, 10 pty --- $35.95 ( Auto Service Co. t We Recharge Batteriea 305 West Crawford Ave, Satisfied That is the expression we hear from hundreds who use our Classified. Columns. The cost Ls moderate ami the results big Use our Classified Columns. I e one of oiu- Customers

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