The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1930. DAILY COUTttER, CONN13JLL tVTLLE, PA. At the The Paramount Forty ot tho prettiest girls in Hollywood* appear wl'.h tlto ravishing Ann Pennington in an extravagant se- liipiioft of "Is Ri-erybody Happy?" tl.o Wiirner Bros, a id ViUphone product i o n , starring 'IVd Iiowis, w h i c h is tho 'feature piotur^ nl tho Paramount Thoa .TO. Aan is seen 01 flip stago ot i theatre- as a nwtnbri ot Ihc "Foil!PS," sin!;- iiiK a l l l t m K SOUR about tho clones ot Samoa, and then Koinn into an Hawaiian dance which roptesents tho proverbial lust -vord in Krar-pful gyrations. And th-e forty chorus maidens, dressed in exotic costumes of scant, t h o u g h ploasfntc, design, f a r n i f . h a staire picture 01 pnrtirul.iT beauty. These girls were trained for "Is Kvorybody Happy?" by harry loa, head of th- ballet department ot Warner Bros. ,uul a dance producer who has for in my years been recognized HS a leader in his profi hsiou. l i t "fs Kveybody Happj V ' Ted Ijpwlf.. popular ,.nd talented musician of vaudeville f mio, makes hi^ d«but HS a talking me tion picture star. The p i c t u r e is filled with singiUR. dancing, pretty Rirls and the entrancing mut=ic of Ted'h own band. Assisting him In the cast beside* Miss Penniugton, are Alice Day, .1 jllu Swayuo Gordon, Lawrente Ora \l aji'd Purnell Pratt. Archio L. ME yo directed and the screen Uory v/aa w r i t t e n by Joseph Jackson and ,J iraos A Starr Addieti attractions arc "Amos and Andy," a chapter of "Tiger the- Tar- Kan," a t h r i l l i n g, and a sound news reel. Monday, Tuesda) and Wednesday of n e x t \\eek, Alice White- and Jnck M u l b a l l will e aeon "In the tioor." Confluence CONKL,rKNl'K, Feb. 21 -- Mns. 1«X1- ft arvl Younkln ot Markleton wa« a visitor hi town yesterday. Karl R. Beg^s who was very in for j several weeks is reported Improving Rueaell Col;l««h of Port Hill wae in town yesterday greoting frlende and transacting bxisinesH. Patronize t'tose who arlvertise J. C, Clark at McKeesport \vas here yeaterday on business. Mrs. Ch«.rl a Gerhard nnd little daughter of Ellwood City are visiting Mrs. Gerhard' -t hue band's parents, Mr. «uwl Mrs. F. S Gerhard, here. Jacob Shulia of RocVwood was in town yeeterd.iy transacting 1 business. George Ixjnhart of Glenwood wea a jrecent busine-is visitor in town. Mm. G. F. Hensel of Conne!levty« was in town yesterday visiting her mother, Mrd. Margaret Alexander, who IB recovering from a severe illness. The Orpheum tf you M i i n l to lx «l)h- to 6aj you have Men the n i a r v r l p h l n r o production of all time. II bi hooves you to so to tho Orpheuiu Tin itn» nnl teo "In (ld Arizona." a p o d i u f i o n which murks s. now era lit the ivorkl of pic- tnree. It in the fir .1 featuro lenRth uli-Movieto»e film l luna to be made at th- T'ox studios. in achiovt-ment which IH tho. re«ttlt of three years of oxpcrlmentatinn on the part of William Fox, pioneer n talking pictures. A catt tvumberiiu more than 20 of the leading players f fllmtami, headed by Fximtiiid iiowe, Dorothy Burg-cos ,'in-d Warner Baste and including Parreli Mac-Donald ind other Bctntil- lants who either ha e boen «torrel or featured In dozens f pictures, is soon and heard in t h e p psentation on the screen of thin c o l o r f u l story ot the romantic soutliTvi-et ii the late '9te and "the Cisco Kil" t h i ' i . notorious bnndit anl kille-r who rxir toA tho plains ami eluded capture. "In Old Arizona' teems with those attribute^ that tent to make the perfect plctuie,, and I ' B novelty lies in tho fact t h a t more than a ecore »f voices of favoi Itos ire brought to screen Warner Baxter, 'ho has been oiixt- nently snoifssful .3 u male lead in pictures, so much f that he pnjoya an enviable popularity w i t h picture devotees the world ^'tr. eftnv to the screen after sove-ra years a- a leading matt of the speakln : »tas?e, and in that branch of hie prof- salon one ot his chief sects was hit voice. Obviously t h e rrt oen, n n t i t no%\, har. boon denied that vi c, but it has come bock, through the m e d i u m ot Fox Movietone, more g' iriMis, more resonant, more vibrant lian eve". A movietone «·( a «^nni now* r*M33 and «11 talking con iedy are alto being shown. Red Sultan';. Steepler Hides Deadly Dagger PAIV«, Veto. 21- anMquartan was most prized po'tse Jade Rc-optor of Ab ond, th-e. "Red : He suddenly lw«.r groat astonifihine' tho soepter head Tho discovery T« oi the sultan \v Great Aanassin b ftil iBassacro of Ian subjects and »leop in a bod assassination for Rftcentiy a Parisian andling ono of hh sions, the gold and lual Hatnld, tho sec- ultan" of Turkey. I a click and to his it, drew forth from a ylHtprinR dagger called many stories \o was callod the cause of hin fright- Halkan and Arrnen- ·et who never dar«^d« be Ie*r«d Patronize those -who advertlwt. Paramount Theatre TODAY AND TOMORROW Vita phone A11 Talking TJED LEWIS in 4t ls Every Body Happy" With Ann Peuningrton and Alice Day Special--7 O'clock Every Night-Amos and Andy Vital)hone Act, Talking; Serial and Talkii g IVens Keel Admission--Matinee lOc and 25cj JVipht 15c and 3. r ic Monday, Tuesday, "Wednesda Jack Mulhall and Alice Da y in "IN THE NEXT ROOM" yVMMVWWVKVIlAW ORPHEUMTHEATRE TODAY and TOMOFIROW ALL TALKING EOX MOMLTONE IN OLD I love you* _ crooned Ionia ifeh--Me and the lestcffhe army! Also Sound C'oiuedy and Sound TMews EONimo 10 WE WARNER BAXTER DOROTHY BURGESS MOIJL WALSH-1RVINC CUMMINCS ·tury and dialog by TOM IARRV POSTMASTER FINDS JOB TOO COSTLY, QUITS By U n i t e d Press. .ST t UMin WHORES, Mich , Fob 21--Poai nwistr Rufesell "W. Swhler of thin suburb f u l l oE millionaires has resignei, effe-KfTe March \. Tl ccvt h i m toe i n u t h to be poslm.ister, he says. ^'ho population oC SI Ohtir Shores is worth, approximately flOO.OOO.OOfl, nwel of its citizonH being millionaires or nuil imillwniuroa. f'onswiiient!^ ( l i e s u b u r b , Instead of be-ing comtpax't- ly composed of tmrtK litll-o eottag»s l i k e Hti ordinary villase, ronsett» of a string of grr-a-t estates, extending for milos along J,ako St. Clalr. The »xpenso f u n d of. Postmaster Kwhier s office was never designed to supjwrt a mall route -many mites long. Mo had to make vip the deficit out of h'is own pocket. Ho estimates i) cost him $2,500 !n two years and aeven months of postmasteirehip. The millionaire..*! so £ar hare offer-**! the ivo.i.toCfki« no financial iissistanca Ohiopyle OHIOPYLrE!, Fob 21--W May of Meyortdale ~wa« a buaine^B caller here ?QA terra?. Oeorgo Rafforty of Mount PleaBant arriveti in Ohiopyle Thnrsday to spend a few days with his mober, Mra, Bliaabotli Rsfterty. Mr«. D. P. Collins wae a ehoppor In ConneUsrtll-e "Wednoeday. Mre. H. EL Pullor will entertin tl)« Ladies of the Baptist Miw?km Cin;lo at hor home this evening, Hugh Raflerty returned homo W^od- needaj- from a two we«k«' racatllon spent in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Mk?h., and Canada. Mrs BenJA-raln Mltcitetl I'fttunetl to her home hero from tho Prantz Hos- pjtal, Conflflnence, where sh« bad been i. patient for the past ftlve weeks. Sick or Rlun-Down? R»ad Why Tfe*»* Am»rian Doctor* Recommend Ft«xolyn DR. VICTOR P. FLEMING of Yotk, Pa..--"Flaxolyri com bats acidity; purifies tbe Wood." DR. MAwSAfiefT HKvarrr vf Oeotl 'J: "PlaxoiJyn ai ds Nature to perform he't" functions." 3. DR.M.V. "Constipatfc/n, headaches, nervonsnetitt respond to Flaxolyn." 4. DR. GEO. 9TARR WHtTE of /W/nfe/«?-~"Sound restful sleep follows flaxoljTi'B action on tbe intestinal tract." Health Easy to Win If your sickness or tirod run*dowa condition is duo to poor sleep, neryousneaa, gas, dtezy ipelte, Headaches, chronic fatigue, and other results of const i pa tion, let the pleasant FLuxolyn sweep your intestinal canal free of toxic poisons. See how much better you feel, Flaxolyn is a friend of thousands here. Keeps tlie in tone. Flaxolyn must have unutunl qualities becaune HO m*ny doctor* not only recommend it, . . . they u*e U tfierntthe.i and call it» re»ulu ivondorfvt. C o m p l e x i o n W o r r i e s Qo When Flaxolyn acts, th'3 blood clears, the skin treahena, and the eyes sparkle. That tited, depressed appearance soon vanishes. New Strength Guarnntrod Oil- Money Refunded Try Flaxolyn at the risk of Dr. Luntz, Its discoverer. Unless you nova an improvement jri strength and energy by the siNth plwisant epoonful, return (ha partly-used bottle to your druggist dad get your money back. lam Clip Tlib Coupon «« ' Let thin Iv » Ti-o-ilnOc" l» v*t Flnvoly-n, 1 It may bi- t'v- r" ·· (if uiidrigmg your r · Whii''i(' ·' n ': n f UNION imilti CO. 801 N. rittaburg St. fie m vfjm.m m-.m ta m m PAGE NIKE. , CARPETS and LINOLEUMS--Companion Event February Furniture Sale 'I o thrifty persons who seek rugs now or later, a February selling o : Rugs, Linoleums and! Carpets of equal importance, in the sav- ii ga, to the great February Furniture Sale. Choice of the newest p itterns and color schemes at the lowest prices in years. Light-as- d ay Rug Department on the second floor . . and the only store out- 1 s de tibe large cities devoting BO large display space to floor cove "ings. Choose here with satisfaction every time! Aaron Quality Floor Coverings Priced at Remarkable Savings! Every RitgPerfect--Not "Seconds" 87x54 hu ixmin iter Scatter 0x1 SI ft. Henry {wUtty Armwtroag: Felt Ilas ft. Siwunle w Tapestry Jiugs ....... ..,- ..... ....... -, 5htl!i ft. JJejunk w Velvet Very onitsuaJ aloe fl« Sea ntoss Bui s $ 2.50 $ 8.95 $19.00 $24.50 $27.50 9x12 ft. Seamless Itugs -- » J)xl2 ft. Extra Cnality Buffs. .Seamless Axminstcrs 0x12 ft. Seamless Velyet B.ngs. Fringed. Extre Quality 9x12 ft. Wilton I Jugs -- Three sj leu did pattern*. 8Jixl0.6 ft, Wilton 0x12 ft. Whlttall Wflton Bags. All the new Spring patterns nm on display... $29.00 $37.50 $39.75 $69.00 $74.50 $85.50 Armstrong's Inlaid Linoleum $2.95 Eunntng Yard Every "worthwhile pattern In tho Armstrong line can be seen. Velvet Carpets $1.25 in to $5 the Vurd Beautiful quality carpeting in plain colors or jneat patterns. A Deposi: Will Hold Anf Rug for Del very When \A anted Complete Hcune s-s Sinte 1691 Rugs, Carpets Linoleums -- Made Right, Laid Right by Experts G. 0. P. W01EN BUYRE5MJCE IN WJlSffl^GTON Historic IWannion Will Be Kemodoled as 'i Hoadqtiurter . Hy MARTHA STR/ VER WASHINGTON, Feb. !l -- When women Republican 1eaI« a come to Washington after next Jul 1, they can multe themFelve« f at Iwm i in a nice new Republican club hou e. The National Re-public. n C!u!) has Jtwt brought n $6-i),000 pi oe o£ property half a ioz»n bloc] ^ from the Whitfe IIou(,e, which It ' 'ill vsmodol and occupy a« a tslub. This la i handsotn residence piopei-ty, built ol whlto jrlclt and looking oifl on bcolt Ci icle at 16th Htreel. i t i« within ha f a Oozen blofks of TiKxisurv HCTO ary Mcllon'a apartment «in(J SuORkor lx)i\teworth'« house, in t!io oppoeilc tl. 'cctlon from tbe While. HOUKC It is- between 40 anl 50 fears old, wan m U h at the home 01; 11 wealthy W«wl ingtonian of the paet generation, and irifo ha« had various -vicieeltueK-!-,. For thf- past taveial yf ira Japanene embroldcrcul paiwls have hung on it« walln, Juii«.nes-fv Kn'eeas U,ive dec-o- rated it*, spacious room , nnd ,lana- u-one gQV' a rniri®nt busnii^ i lias bo-tn tvaiiHiictml thorp. IHiHn that period il ha« been occujneil OH the chancery of tlif JaicuirHe oiiite«n3 in Waablng- tou, which ma)Jt«- the off c« otMi of the *UI*gWWWWWW*IWyMWMWMM^ Special Showing of Hie NEW FORD TRUCK Saturday, February 22nd --AT OUK SHOW KOOMS i'our speecl transmission--dual wbeels~«nd two e N t r n (ires- - tor all additional coat of obly $25.00. Will haul thre tons load w i t h perfect safety. Saturday at 2:00 and 7:00 AUCTION SALE of Used Cars and Trucks West Side Motor Co. W, Cnmford Ate. Authorized Ford Dealers. Phone 407-408, CDniullsiflto, V«« aboat four blocks dietant. WWMWMWWWWWWWVWWWWWVfr ainbahsador's headquarters. Now the Japanese have brought properly ol their own and are to buiki a fine new ernbitBsy near tho new British em- buesy on Mafc8iichu«eitta avenue. Before tho Japanese occupied the building World War veterans lived there. A foeUiniUil American womai) who had murried a foreign iirinco aUTtel a fctritaf? of hervice men'h clubs Juriug the war, Had acquired this house as her Washington brunch Trouble developed, (he elulm broke up, uuil the bouutll'ul princct,B lo^t her Washington heodquartwb. InriWo the rooms are lar^e and Jiigh- ceillnKe-d, n i f h roreption or d r a w i n g roo'me on tbe main floor The Republicans will remodel ttoo interior, tearing out lartUtonn eo there w i l l be one very lur,;e room where receptions or party me-'tingH r;an b«v hold. The Republican Con uiittee of tho 151^,- t r l e f of Columbia and the HepuhJicun National and State UK! Congrobsloiwl (ornmHIeen w i l l b- particularly at home here llepreaeiitativ-eh Mlth 1 N o u i ' « e Rogers ot Miiutiitubi settw, unl Huth BoKet Pratt of iN« v York, and Mrs. Alvin T. li-ert, Ion ier vice-chairman oC the Republican N itioiuil Coinmiltoe, are the only wo me i on it--, hoard of governortj. The Demo/Tats r-av^ no femilar organization here', (an tho "Women'K Xatloiial Uetnocrat r Club ovns and oo!4ipiob a fluer nut larger Acids in Stomach Cause Indigestion rente Sourness, (3as atid Pah». - How to Treat. Medical auilioHM^a state thftt. ne»rii n i n r - t o n t h s 0^ the cases )t totnach i i u u b l c , liirtigrefJtloii, (wuvnoss, bttrmlnK RUS. Jjloatliife", nauspa. rtf.. »r« duo ti mi t x r p s B of hydi-onlilorlf acid in tin Tiie dplk'iitr Bturnacii Hnlng 1~ I r r l i a l o d , nauflins' ihi* illnaEfreo;Ui1 svmplortifc which a v c r Hloniauh CTiffer^- l i l l O W H »r W e l l . , A r t i f i c i a l dlgcsLjiits. are not iyporte In sued) uisfs and may d3 rcn) harm Try laying n s l d o a!) rtj£»stivu aids ani iimleiKi prt't from any aci.KKliH. ««m- HNui-jit*-ii M t i K n p B l a aii lAki" a Ion siK'ioiu'nl of txiwtlcr oi- f ' j u r tablets Ii W i t f e i HKIH a f t e r PnUnfir. This fw«ct MiH t h e s t o m u c l i , p r o v c n t c tUo fonna lion of e\t(.ss jclj ana these is no nour n-««. E in or p a i n . B i s u r n t e d MaKtKfRl. fin powdr or jalilet form-- -never lljuh or l U I I H ) Is h a f i n i P S B to tio »toma l I r x ' S p v u s i v p to l a k r - .ind In live mot. '(I1!«ni form of mu«;n"«i.t for sloniiu- 1 p l i c p i l l t 4 U I f f t l f l j i l ||\ 1 l l O U K J l T l i l H 1 ' C f / i p l r w h o ctiprn i h i ' i j in alh w i t h n i i i i o t n i t'ii r n ( I n d ' K ' « I I 'ii -- Advr*rll» l$iivliies , W. Va., I-'eb. 20~Tlr i 1 (irelua fJreen" tor flopeis of the Tr - Stato llbtrKt iicliioved a uew recot ! in IDM- 3,300 couplfe h a v i n g ee«un' 1 their HWJIB^S from the bureau lior , Kven lh« record cokl lay ot the year- the Saturday fo) lowing ThatiksgivH ; Day -- when the trip-id blasts Beem 1 unbeuiable, 17 youni;, UopeEul coupl* madu their appearance and si;car«d ti e necessary perinlta ti wwl. t __ , __ ^_^ _ ___ Us* CbiHHlliod A4a. bring

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