Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 141
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 141

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 141
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And it actually helps shrink swelling of such tissues caused by infection. Tests by doctors showed this to be true. The medication used was Preparation H®--the same exclusive formula you can buy at any drug counter without a prescription. Just see if doctor tested Preparation H doesn't help you. There's no other formula like it. Ointment or suppositories.- My FAVOR|TE jokes by qREq lewis EDITOrS NOTE: In his early comedy career Greg Lewis was part of the team (with Cus Christie) of Lewis and Christie. When he went out on his own he broadened his experience in show business doing theater ("I was in the musical 'Promises, Promises'--I was, I was") and 7V commercials, as well as his nightclub act. But trying out for the commercials, as many comedians and actors have learned- is sometimes a comedic experience in itself. "At 8 o'clock in the morning I'd get a call; my agent would quickly ask me a question, "Hello, Greg, do your teeth come out?" "No." "Okay, thank you," and he hangs up. "An actor friend of mine answered a call for a chewing gum commercial. He gets there and sees a group of people seated around a conference table. He reads the script and one of them says, 'I'll bet you can be the voiceover for this commercial.' Everyone* turns around and-looks at the boss at the head of the table. The boss te//s my friend- 'Stand up.' Then he looks him up and down and says, 'Okay, you can do the voice-over.' Now, what we're trying to figure out was why did he have to stand up? Didn't the boss think he · was tall enough for the microphone?" Greg Lewis has appeared in top clubs and hotels around the country and on the Douglas, Griffin, and Steve Allen television shows. Here are some of his current favorites: h A gardener is spreading fertilizer or\ the lawn of a mental hospital. He goes over to the patch of strawberries, and one of the patients yells down from a window- "What are you doing?" The gardener answers, "I'm putting fertilizers on the strawberries." The patient says, "I put sugar and milk on mine and they got me locked up." '·" A guy gets stopped for jaywalking. He says, "Tell me, officer, how fast was I going?" L. LINKER! A young rabbi finally gets up enough courage to go over and speak to the richest member of the congregation. He says, "Do you always have to fall asleep when I'm preach- ing?" And the man answers. "Look, would I fall asleep if I didri't trust you?" · I've never had mueh success with girls-the truth is I'm kind of lumpy and unattractive. In the ^Christmas pageants at school I was always cast as the outskirts of Bethlehem. ' · ' · · . . About two years ago I decided to improve myself. I think the thing that shocked me into doing it was when the Internal Revenue Ser- . vice examined my body and decided to allow me an extra deduction. · · A mother to a little boy at a New York sidewalk cafe: "Hurry up and finish your milk before it gets dirty." : ' · A lawyer and his wife were taking an .ocean cruise. The ship hit a storm and the lawyer fell overboard. Almost immediately eight sharks formed a two-lane escort for the guy and helped him all the way back to the ship. "It was a miracle," the lawyer told his wife. "No-" said his wife, "just professional courtesy." · : I had a parrot that swore a loUts name was Charlie. One day Charlie got sick, and I was on the road. My wife was pregnant at the time, so when I got a call from my 7-year-old daughter and she said, "Daddy, something bad happened," I got nervous. Then she said, "Charlie got very sick and we had to rush him to the hospital, and the veterinarian gave him .a shot--and right before he died he said your favorite word." · A Sunday school class was in session and the teacher asked: "What is it that we learn from the story of Jonah and the Whale?" And a kid stood up and said, "What we leam is that people make whales sick."

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