The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1939 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1939
Page 16
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1'AGE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COTTRIEK. CONNELLSVI'LLa. T?. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1939. - ' ON THE AIR Radio Information At a Glance WCAE--1221 KC. G:00--Stardust. 6:15--Evening News. U:25--Sports. 0:30--Muted Music. 0:45--News (it the Road. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Jimmy Fidler. 7:30--Lightening Jim. 8:00--Lucille Manners. 9:00--Waltz Time. 9:30--Death Valley Days. 10:00--Guy Lombardo's Orch. 10:30--Uncle Ezra. 10.45--.Johnny Dully. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Airliners Orch. 11:30--Joe Venutis' Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kaye's Orch. l^-.SO--Jan Garber's Orch. 1:00--Bernie Cummins,' Orch. TONIGHT KDKA--980 KC. 6:00--Kews; sports; weather. 6:06--Your Movie Magazine o£ the ' Air. ._ . . 0:15--Dorothy Hochelle. 6:30--Music, sports. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Romance and Rhythm. 7:30--Trio Time. 7:45--Glee Club.. 8:00--Warden Lawcs. 8:30--Jamboree. · 9:00--Plantation Party. 3:30--March of Time. ' 10:00- To be announced. 11:00--News; weather; temperature; 11:07--A. A. A. Week-Hud Tour. 11:15--The Music You Want. 12:00--Al Kavelin's Orch. 12:15--Mike Riiey's Orch. 12:30--Charles Barnetl's Orch. WJAS--1290 KC. _ 6.05--Manhattan Serenade. *6:15--News.of the world. 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Seat. 7:15--Lum and Abner. 7:30--History Speaks. 7:45--Benny Burton's Orch. 8:00--Fiist K'jhter. 8:30--Burns and Allen. 9:00--Orson Welles. 10:00--Grand Central Station. 10:30--We, The Jury. 10:45--To be announced. 11:00--News of the world. 11:15--Leighton Noble's Orch. 11:30---Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. 12:30--Ben Bernie's Orch. SATURDAY VVCAB 7:00--Program Resume. 7:00--Morning Express. 8:00--News. 8:15--Today's Almanac. 8:30--Musical Tete a Tete. 9:00--MuskT.l Interlude. fl:05--Wise Man. 9:15--Saturday Morning Club. 9:45_F. H. A. Talk. 10:00--Jr. Crime Prevention Bureau. 10:30--Jungle Jim. 10:45--K. S. T. P. Presents. 11:00--Belty Moore. 11:15--Airliners. 11:30--U. S. Army Band. 12:00--Studio Time Signal. 12:00--News. 12:10--Norman Clouiier's Orcb. 12:30--Call to Youth. 12:45--Along Gypsy Trails. 1:00--Front Page Drama. 1:15--Matinee in Rhythm. 1:30--Campus Noles. 1:55--Metropolitan Opera. 5:00--Cosmopolitan Rhythm. 5:30--Federation of Non Commercial Theatre. 6.00--Jan Garber's Orch. 0:15--Evening News. 6:25--Musicals Interlude. 6:30--Gray Gordan's Orch. 6:45--Religion in the News. 7:00--Avalon Time. 7:30--Lives of Great Men. 7:45--Inside of Sports. 8:00--Tommy Riggs and Betty. 8:30--Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians 9:00--Vox Pop. 9:30--Hall of Fun. 10:00--Airliners Orch. 10:30--Larry Clinton's Orch. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Joe Rines' Orch. 11:30--Horace Heidi's Orch. 12:00--BernieCummms' Orch'. 12:30--Jan Garber's Orch. 1:00--Shep Field's Orch. 1:30--Clyde Lucas' Orch. KDKA 6:30--Shag Level Cider Hounds. 6:45--Farm Markets. 7:00--Musical Clock. 7:15--Western Trails. 7:30--Russell Pratt. 7:45--Musical Clock. 8:00--News. 8:05--Musical Clock. 8:15--Dr. Sunshine. 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:00--Breakfast Club; News. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 10:00--The Smile Parade. 10:30--The Child Grows Up. 10:45--Swing Serenade. 11:00--Junior Safety Patrol. 11:15--League American Pen Women. 11:30--Music. 11:45--Mews, Weather; Temperature. 12:00--News. 12:05--Man on the Farm. 12:30--National Farm £ Home Hour. ·1:30--Ray Kmney's Orch. 2:00--Del Courtney's Orch. 2:30--Bill Krenz' Orch. 2:45--From Home of Muses. 3:00--Rakov's Orch. 3:15--Four of. Us. 3:20--Dale McFeatters. 3:30--President Roosevelt opens San Francisco World's Fair. 4:00--Club Matinee. 5.00--Erskine Hawkins' Orch. 5'30--Southwestern Stars. 6:00--News; Sports; Weather Temperature. 6:OB--Your Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:15--El Chico Serenade. 6:30--Renfrc-.v of the Mounted. 7:00--Message of Israel. 7:30--Question Bee. 8:00--Don Hirsch News. 8:15--Ben Culler's Orch. 8:30--To be Announced. 9:00--National Barn Dance. 10:00--Symphony Concert. 11:30--News; Weather; Tempertaure. 11:45--Lou Breese's Orch. 12:00--Barney Rapp's Orch. 12:30--Far North Broadcast. WJAS 7:30--Musicalc. 8:00--News 8:15--Time Again. 8:30--Musical Revue. 8:45--Cheerio Melodies. 8:55--Today's Programs. 9:00--St. Patrick's Church. 0:30--Fiddler's Fancy. 10:00--Pappy Chesire. 10:30--Four Corner's Theatre. 11:00--N. Y. Phiiarmonic. 12:00--Kate Smith Speaks. 12:15--MusicaJe. 12:30--News of the Work'.. 12:45--Enoch Lights' Orch. 1:00--All Hands on Deck. 1:30--Music for Moderns. 2:00--Joseph P. Kennedy. 2:30--Buffalo Presents. 2:45--Fran Hines. 3:00--San Francisco Fair. 3:30--President Roosevelt. 4:00--Charles Paul. 4:30--Today's Programs. 4:35---Dancepators. 5-00--"What Price America. 5:30--Baron Elliott's Orch. 6:05--Leighton Noble. 6:15--News of the Wovld. 6:30--Saturday Swing. 7:00--Americans at Work. 7:30--Joe E. Brown. 8:00--Johnny Presents. 8:30--Professor Quiz. 9:00--Honolulu Bound. 9:30--Saturday Night Screnaders. 10:00--Your Hit Parade. 10:45--Capitol Opinions. 11:00--News With Ken Hildobrand. 11:15--Jack Denny Orch. 11:30--Charles Baum's Orch. Beauty Joins Economy in Crochet Household Arts by Alice Brooks Deadline for Licensing Dogs Passed Wednesday The office of County Treasurer H. Daniel Minerd announces that Wednesday, February 15, was the deadline for obtaining or renewing 1939 y3og licenses in Fayetto county. The time limit, January 15, was extended one month in order to give all dog owners a iurlhcr chance to license their pets but there is no further extention. Any owner, whose-* dog rhas reached the age of six months or more, is liable to prosecution/ if the animal does not have lice* Windber Woman Dies. :OMERSET, Feb. '17.--Mrs. Mary J.' Perroz Cook, 72, wife of Adolph C." Cook o£ Windber, died Saturday. The couple would have celebrated, their 53rd wedding anniversary Monday. She leaves 1'er husband and six children. To obtain this pattern send ten cents in coin (twenty cents for both) to The Daily Courier Household Arts Dept., 25D VV. 14th Street, New York, N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN iitTTnff 1 Tatars NUMBER, New Equipment Market. NEW YORK. Feb. 17.--Already- built homes in America form a market for 3,500,000 new bathtubs or showers, 2,500,000 flush toilets, 5,000,000 furnaces,, 2,250,000 modern stoves and 1,000,000 sinks, dccordmg to an estimated by the "Building Reporter," a magazine bfscd on a WPA survey. Presbylerians Plan Education Io Stem Anti-Religious Era PITTSBURGH, Feb. 17.--A return to Christian Education through bringing religion to the college campus is the aim of the Chritsian Board of Education of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. To accomplish this objective the board has launched a $10,000,000 National fund raising campaign. This is known as the Sesqui-centennial | Fund for Christian Education and ; marks the 150th anniversary of I Presbyterianism in America as established by the organization of I the General Assembly of the church. Praising the efforts of Presbyterian groups in attempting to stem the tide of anti-religious attitudes in higher education, E. Arthur Sweeny of Greensburg, Secretary of Welfare in the cabinet of Governor Arthur H. James said: "Until the dictator can produce something better than Christianity the school had better put their emphasis on teaching that subject. Thousands, of Presbyterian ministers, laymen and friends are supporting this campaign which is actively starting in Western Pennsylvania. The purpose of the drive, according to Dr. Hugh Thompson Kerr, president of the Board of Christian Education, is to stabilize the position of the 52 colleges that now own connections with the church and 52 Westminster Foundations, centers o£ Presbyterianism influence in secular colleges and universities. There are three Presbj-terian colleges in Western Pennsylvania-Grove City, Butler county; Washington Jefferson, Washington county, and Waynesburg College, Greene c o u n t y , and one Westminster Foundation located at Pcnn State College. Meyersdale Plans To Hold Maple Sugar Festival With Fair MEYERSDALE, Feb. IS.--The Chamber of Commerce appointed a committee of five men to go to Cleveland to secure data on a maple sugar festival planned in connection with the Meyersdale Fair. The chamber also plans a community picnic July 4 with Burgess J. F. Reich as chairman ol arrangements. Chain Store Tax Opposed. LANSING, Mich, Feb. 16.--Taking cognizance of the rising public opposition to the anti-chain store taxes, two state legislatures are now con- bidering repeal of such levies. Michi- san and Texas propose repeal of such taxes. Craft Felt S 995 fat Men of parttentar taste ftoose Craft Felt Hats . . . for distinctive styling 1 and for real dollar value! The selection of colors consists of: three shades of green, teal blue, pearl gray and tobacco brown,. Their popular Alpine styling was created to flatter the various shapes of heads. Come in and try one on! We're open Saturday evenings until 9. Plenty of panking space. MEN'S DEPAJSTilENT CONTINENTAL STORE West Newton Man Held For Attempted Robbery PITTSBURGH, Feb. 17.--Police today held Verne Blackburn, 36, West Newton, on a charge of attempted robbery and violation of the firearms net aCter a 25-year-old woman loan shop cashier "broke up a holdup attempt and engineered his Blackburn, who tola the police arrest. "gangsters forced me to do it," entered the loan office and presented a note demanding $2,500. Cashier Kathleen Herrod turned as if to go to a backroom where the safe was held, slipped the note to one of two male employes, and went out of a' door for police. The men held Blackburn until officers arrived. SANITARY MEAT MARKET Across From Paramount Theatre BEEF SALE ALL Beef STEAKS 5 POUNDS FOR $ 1 .00 Boneless Rib Roast . Boneless-Rump Roast 5 bs $ 1.00 CHUCK ROAST Short Cuts 3 Ibs. 43c Sugar Cured Bacon 5 Ibs. $1.00 Fresh Pork Callies ISclb. Pork Sausage, link 19c Ib. RIB BOIL 2 Ibs. 23c CHICKENS Home Dressed 29c Ib. BeeJ Hearts Tongues ISclb. Beef, Pork and VenI Ground for Loaf 3 Ibs. 50c FRIDAY and SATURDAY SALE Corned Beef . 12 oz. can 19c Swift's--Makes Many Delicious Plateb Del Monte Apricots, can ]7c It Helps to Snap Up Tired Appetites. No. Zy can Crushed Pineapple, . 2 cans 29c Del Monte Crushed--Salads Cocktails. No. 2. Pineapple Juice 46 oz. can 25c Del Hlonlo--All N'atural Flavor Baking Powder 6 oz. can 9c Davis--Double Acting: Baking Powder S P R Y VEGETABLE SHORTENING JJ». Z l C Can [ Lb. 49 C Can Roman Beans Ib. 6c Put Them on Your List for Tonight's Dinner Usco Milk . . 3 tall cans 19c Use it for Table or Cooking Usco Brooms each 89c No. 6 Size--For Longr Service Grapefruit No. Z c a n l O c Dr. Phillip's Fancy Quality Tomato Juice . . 50 oz. can 19c Usco--Drink a Glass Every Day HEINZ JUNIOR FOODS Ll CilllS Lima Itcuns *. 2 piia JSc Early Autumn Brand Kidney Kciins 4 No. 2 cans 29c Joan of Arc Red Kidney Beans Spaghetti 3--21 oz. cans 25c Usco--Ready io Serve Vcir. Soup .'!--22 or,, cans 25c Usro--Old Fashioned Flavor do-Coal p i n t 5i»c Johnson's--With Free Applier Clo-Coat i|t. 9Sc Johnson's--With Free Applier Glo-Cont l£ irn). can $1.3!) Johnson's--With Free Applier Wax Paste 1( o/. ran 59c Johnson's Famous Brand RINSO SOAKS CLOTHES WUITEK 1;lrEC 18r J)]tjr JL \J \s 3 "?' 25c Fresh FRUITS VEGETABLES ON SALE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AVPLES 5 Ib. bag 16c Old Fashioned Winesap ORAIS'GKS doz. 19c California Navel 220's CHANGES _..- - doz. 16e Florida 232's OJRAPEFK01T 4 for 19c Seedless--Juicy LEMONS doz. 19c Sunkist--360's APPLES 10 Ib. bag 42c Stark or Baldwin--U. S. Xo. 1 B A X A X A S i I))?. 25c Yellow Uipu t!A U BAG E ,, 11). 4c New Texas CELEKY stalk 7c Jumbo--Florida MTTUf K 2 heads 17c Iccbers Crisp OSTOXS 3 Ibs. lOc Michigan Yellow--U. S. No. 1 X K W POTATOES Ib. 5c Florida--TJ. S. No. 1 R H U B A R B 3 Ibs. 25c Hot House TO^LVl'OES Ib. 15c Florida--Ripe TIJRXIPS 3 Ibs. lOc Add Variety to Meals USCO PRESERVES POPULAR FLAVORS Jar Macaroni 2--17 oz. cans 25c Cooked in Tomato Sauce Baked Benn.s IS oz^'can lOc Heinz--In Tomato-Sauce Cake Mixes - can lOe Duff's Devil's Food, Ginger Bread, Spice Cake, White Cake Bal)-0 Cleanser can 12c Works Fast--Cleans Clean Tuffed Rice 2 pkgs. 19c Quaker--Kiddies' Delight Cream of Tartar sift tin Oc McCormick's Bee Brand Chili Powder ...sift tin 9c McCormick's Bcc Brand Useo Bice 11). pkg. Gc Make a Pudding for Dinuer SEEDLESS RAISINS MAKE A PIE 9 15 Oz. Pkgs. 15c Kraft Dinner pkg. 15c Cheese and Macaroni Combination Laundry Fluid . . qr. 17c Usco--Housewife's Friend Corn Starch . 2-1-Ib. pkgs. 17c Cream of Corn Starch Shredded Wheat 2 pkgs. 23c N. B. C.--Good With Fresh Fruit Rockwood Cocoa 2 Ib. can 17c For Candy or Cake Icings Coffee Ib. 17c-3 Ibs. 49c Special Blend--Try a Cup USCO PORK and BEANS In Tomato Sauce 3 18 Oz. |/» Cans IOC Ib. 19c Nut Caramels For Kiddies or Grown-ups Lux Flakes small pkg. 9c large Package 21e Lifebuoy Soap . .. 3 cakes 17c For that Extra Clean Feeling Lux Soap 3 cakes17c Toilet Soap That Keeps Skin Soft Usco Preserves . . . . 3 Ib. jar 55c Popular Flavors Seedless Raisins 2-15 oz pkgs 15c Iake a Raisin Pie CHOICE QOALITY MEATS ON SALE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Pork Loin . Ib. 20c Whole, Halt or End Cuts CE-VTER CUT CHOPS Z4c LB. Pork Butts Ib. 19c Popular Fork Cut Longhorn Cheese Ib. 18c You'll Like It's Flavor Tub Lard Ib. 8c It's Economical--Use It Cooked Salami Ib. 20c For Sandwiches Bacon, whole, half or end, Ib. 23c Machine Sliced 25c Ib. Meat Loaf Ib. 18c Old Fashioned Brand Frankfurters Ib. 22c Cook Them With Kraut CHUCK ROAST 30c Ib. PLATE BOIL 18c Ib. Jumbo Bologna Ib. 15c For a Quick Lunch Ground Beef Ib. 24c Ideal for Spaghetti Loin Steak Ib. 38c Full Flavored Rib Roast lb/32c Youns and Tasty Haddock .' Ib. 17c Fresh Fillet Oysters pint 24c Standard Quality Sea Bass Ib. 16c Fresh Round Crabs 3 for 20c Deviled Crabs

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