Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 140
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 140

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 140
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advertisement There I was, counting my daily thousand calories and studying every health-food book in sisht. And I came up with what were, for me, four little friends that made me skinny." This reporter discovered a weight-loss secret that worked for her and even surprised her doctor. Is it right for you, too? The amazing Cider Vinegar, Lecithin, Kelp, B-6 Diet ilN I .REniSH AVT «*!»** !.«»*. u.~^_ _ _ _ · · · i . « _ . . _ . . . __ _ .. By MARY ANN CRBNSHAW who h« been writing on beauly and f..hK,n for .he tb. York Time, for ten ye.». "THERE ARE TWO sensible safe and tested diets that can make you lose weight, all right If, and only if, you pick one of them after reading this book and checking with your doctor and then stick with it-and stick fast One b a high- protein, low-carbohydrate (notice we said high-protein not high-fat) diet, and the other is a lowatorie diet-aided and abetted by my four fabulous discoveries. "I didn't discover them all at once, you understand One at a time I tried them. And when I had counted all four, I seemed to have come up with a formula that was, for me, seemingly infallible for making my weight come off with a sudden rush that surprised even ever- doubting me. It may just work for you, too! "The four were lecithin, cider vinegar, kelp and vitamin B-6.1 can only say that I put them all together and came out thin! In two weeks, I lost 12 pounds. I found it difficult to believe. My doctor had to be shown before he would believe H, and it seemed pretty ludicrous for him to be asking me how I did H. But there I was thin again and stiB healthy. itolak* Off Pounds "Now, since thb fortuitous fat-off formula fdl into my lap by sheer luck, I have tried the same recipe on many guinea-pig friends. So far, the mysterious mixture of these four ingredients has never failed to take off pounds, as long as a low-calorie regimen was strictly adhered to. For I wouldn't dream of suggesting that these four, together with unlimited food intake, would make you lose weight If you ever come up with a formula like that, you've no doubt got a ready mrHion waiting for you. And for now, those of us who wish to get our weight down and keep it there will have to diet in one form or another. But my four little friends sure did make things easier... and quicker, which b the best part of all. "Now, I wish I could teH you that I had vast numbers of control subjects and laboratory tests on the usefulness of these four seemingly magk weight- losers. I can't But I have tried them. My friends have tried them. We have all lost weight, rapidly. And each of them b nothing more than food - with the single exception of B-6, which b just what ·it says H b, a vitamin-so I don't see how it could hurt you to try. Of course, you should check with your own doctor, anyway. I did." Introducing Mary Ann Crenshaw's "four little friends that made me skinny." the first of her "skinny friends," Lecithin. Pronounce h\"k«-»-thin" and call ft a miracle. For lecithin b a substance that, while not exactly misunderstood, b perhaps not yet fully understood. It b found in egg yoHu and in some vegetable oils. But mostly lecithin b a little soybean stuff you may take as you like - in oib, in capsules, in granules. It b a food,not a drug. Mbs Crenshaw reports of a doctor's experiment in which it was found that lecithin produced as much as a 30% decrease in cholesterol. Another thing she discovered with lecithin b that it appears simply to shift your weight around to where you want it And K perchance you are skinny, but have lumpy hips or thighs, ft seems to streamline them! Friond'2. tion-the same'water retention that makes your clothes tight and shows up as extra weight! By adding B-6 to her diet, Mbs Crenshaw saw her body getting slimmer by the day! Every meal was ended with cider vinegar brew that washed down the kdp. And now the B-6. Suddenly, miraculous things began to happen. Her clothes actually hung on her. All of the weight she didn't want went off, and then some. And the inches went off as wdl. Maybe yours can, too! Chart your waytoasfimnwr. more beautiful you! Even if you don't reduce your present She Lost 12 Pounds in 2 WMks. Mary Ann Crenshaw shows you step by step how with the hdp of her "four friends" - Lecithin, Cider Vinegar, Kdp and B-6-she lost 12 pounds in only two weeks! Better yet, she found that these amazing allies did as much to heighten her hearth as to lessen her wabt-"** : line! Between them, this healthsome foursome not only shifts fat (to reduce ugly bulges), prevents water retention and washes out weight-adding water... they also, reports Mbs Crenshaw from interviews with doctors, normalize your thyroid, and hdp maintain the sodium/ potassium balance your body needs. They can maks it easier for you to take in fewer calories without getting hungry, irritable, and tempted to cheat on youi^* diet And they're just part of her wonder-^ nil head-to-foot beauty diet that can strengthen your hair, toughen your nails, tone your skin... and do your health a world of good! Learn everything about thb marvelous diet now. Mary Ann Crenshaw's "four little -- -*·»· ·· y w ww» « ·^·M*n.«i JVMI |0mvill fwm^m j · »···· wi *^» a»«n 9 I V U I ' I l l M V caloric intake, merdy adding these four friends" are only a few of the natural MuMt^ulAB £****^mtt a^. ..._..._ -1*-* _ _ _ . **·· W^-*a4tfi^i»fc jJL^. 1--? ·_* *»,*_ ·_. In "The Natural Way to Super Beauty/' Mary Ann Crenshaw introduces you to Mary Ann Crenshaw reports how she experimented with that old folk remedy of one teaspoonful of cider vinegar in a glass of water. How she began to drink vinegar brew every day, after every meal And inches b what she lost! Frtond'3. K**. Along with lecithin and cider vinegar brew, Mary Arm Crenshaw next discovered her "third friend" in her diet, Kelp. She tdb you that kelp contains iodine, and iodine b what makes the mysterious metabolic system bum up the fuel ihe way it should. Since her metabolic system bums everything too slowly (perhaps like yours) so that fat tends to pile up, she reveab how thb wonder food acts in some mysterious way to make the fat grow thin! On her "help me, kelp" program she tdb you how many tablets of kelp she downed with her vinegar brew - and kept getting thinner! Friend*. Vitamin B-6. · Mary Ann Crenshaw reports next how she came across a mind-Mower! A Texas physician noted the slimming effects of Vitamin B-6, in the course of treating patients' leg cramps and numbness in fingers and toes with B-6, he discovered that they were losing weight and inches, especially around their waistlines -- without changing one other element in their diets! According to the doctor, B-6 works with the sodium and potassium in your body to set up a balance that regulates body fluids and prevents water reten- "wonder foods" to your diet may still hdp you reshape your shape. But Mbs Crenshaw makes h easy for you to lose faster -- by cutting down on your calories without giving up the nutrition you need! She has researched the most complete, .most accurate nutrition charts you've ever seen-charts that tdl you everything you need to know about everything you eat And she has expressed them in terms and quantities that really make sense - the sort of quantities you can easily measure for yourself when you prepare your meals. The information b so exact and so complete, it makes it easy for you to custom-plan your diet to enjoy the greatest possible amounts of the foods you like best, right down to the last calorie. And you'll find all kinds of useful tips on how to chart your diet to fit in with your family's eating habits- to make your shopping and your cooking easier. You'll find that the charts alone beautifiers she brings into your Kfe in her "The Natural Way to Super Beauty." You'll find page after page of specifics onhow to avoid expensive chemical cosmetics that only mask the damage they hdp create . . . and on how you can often replace them with inexpensive natural ingredients that bring out uff* build up your own natural beauty. Including a pennies-a-day hot beautifier that works wonders for your skin. And an instant test for any beauty product you're considering .using. (If it shows up blue, so will you!) And a "healthy hair cocktail" that goes to your hair - not to your head! And even a Ibt of foods that have just the right nutrients to hdp your skin ... your hair... your nails... your eyes. And more. Much, much more. All yours for a more beautiful you - in "The Natural Way to Super Seauty," Only $9.95 ppd. General Nutrition Corporation; 418 Wood Street; Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15222. are more than worth the cost of the book! --" ' MAIL NO-RISK COUPON TODAY! GENERAL NUTRITION CORPORATION Dept RR18; 418 Wood Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 RUSH me copies of Mary Ann Crenshaw's "The Natural Way to SUPER BEAUTY," including her amazing Cider Vinegar, Lecithin, Kelp, B-6 diet, and complete nutrition charts, @ $9.95 each, postpaid. If I am not ddighted, I may return the book within 10 days after delivery for a full refund. Please Print Address City -State- Enclose check or money order. Pa. residents add 6% sales tax. ® General Nutrition Corporation, 1974 Apt. No, lip-

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