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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1918
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IT SEISTS Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,728 VOL. 16, NO. 170. CONNELLSVTLLE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 29, I S I S . EIGHT PAGES. FORTY-EIGHT HOURS MO PROBABLY ML SEE OFFENSIVE AT STANDSTILL HOW WE RAISED GREAT FOND HERE Five Hundred Enthusiasts Go By Automobile to the Countyseat. jeneral Foch, Allied Supreme Commander, Has the Situation Well in Hand, Today's Dispatches From the Battle Front Indicate; Reserves Coming Into Action. AMERICANS PLAY BIG PART IN THE GAME By Associated Press. AMERICANS DUIVE MILE THROUGH. WITH THE AMJEIUCAN ARMY IX FIU5CE, May -19.--The Americans have penetrated the German positions to a depth of nearly a mile near Cuntigny. Their artillery completely smothered the Germans. The roar of the American guns could be heard for many miles in the rear. Several fires are burning behind the German lines. Twelve French tanks supported the Amreican infantry. HEAVY LOSSES IXFLICTED. IiOJfDOK, May 29--German troops who counter attacked last night against the Americans ivho captup- ed Cantigny, -west of Montdider, ivere repulsed with heavy losses, reports .fteuter's correspondent of the British army headquarters in France. tiilery is active north of! Albert and ia ibc Flanders salient east of Robecq, the war office announces. The enemy's fire increased locally east 01 Arras and south or Lens. ! RAISE $1500 IN CASH AJLE1UCAX DOCTORS CAJmmEl). .SAYS BERLIN. AMSTERDAM, May 23.--A. Wolff bureau telegram filed in Berlin on Tuesday in giving an account of the fighting along the Chemin-des-Dames briefly mentions that among the prisoners taken there were a number of American doctors. One of Greatest Demonstrations by an Oat of Town Delegation in llic History 01 Uie County Capital is Staired by Local I!ei Crow Workers AMERICANS REPULSE TTTO ATTACKS. PAItIS, May 29.--The French troops have fallen back to the eastern outskirts of Soissons where the battle continues with bitterness, the French war office announces this afternoon. Franco-British troops, the statement adds, have fallen back to the height* south and southeast of St. Thierry -where they are holding positions between the Vesle and the A'isne canal. American troops to the west of Montnidier, the French- statement says, have repulsed two German counter attacks against the village of Campiomy. In the center, continues the war office announcement, fighting is going on with varying success on the heights on the southern bank of the Tesle river where the French troops are bravely and admirably defending 1 their positions. FINN WITH LARGE SUM ON PERSON IS SHOT AND ROBBED Ettel Lassa, Coal JUncr, Killed While (·ruppling IVitli Jfeirru Thug 1 at Gates »"orks. Using liis pocket, for a bank cost tbe life of Ettel La^sa, a Fin lander of Gates Tvorks, at an cariy bour this morning. Two negrcx-s murdered him and got away with his money, anioiim- ins to about $500. Lassa, who woh 28 years old, was attending a dance at Gates. About 12.30 o'clock, as he stepped from the j house for a moment, he was set iifron ' by the negroes, known as "Tra.pper" and "Will." Tbey demanded that he throw up his hands. Being a stalwart fellow Lassa grapplrd instead and ia the scuffle he was shot, ihe bullet entering the brain 1-elow Uic right eye. Death was instantaneous. So close was the rauzxlc ff the weapon that the man's nose was badly burned. Several persons are f^aid to have witnessed the .light and rccojfnized the negroes, bai none dared lo brave the weapons of tho negrons. The niur- derars hurried to L*a«ibcrt and changed cloUics and disappeared, supposedly in the dirt-ction of Browas- villc. The nGgroos hnd been about the (!anc£( was itness. -k negroes were ot the yellow one tail, the other leas so. ON CONNELL GRAVE PARIS, May 29.-General Foch no^ has the siWation wen ^^^'Z^' hand and French troops are beginning to gain on the German | of ., R , houso M w h i c b vanced forces in a contest of speed. No important line o f j i a p rogross . t s under irrest as a ma- .·amnaication is yet threatened by the advance of the German | tcrial )Wn prince. I R Those on the scene declare it is not too much to say thati other 48 hours will see the German .drive definitely stopped. High praise is given the French reserves for the perfect order! which they are coming into the fighting line. j It was the first important action carried out alone by the r s lericans. All reports agree that they behaved like veterans. , is is pronounced the best augury for the early future when icrican help will weigh heavily in the balance. ENEMY MAKES SLIGHT PROGRESS. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, May 29.-- The rman offensive made only slight progress today. Seeing the ivy masses opposed to them the Allies gave way in the center Thure Today by Cowmiltpf* of l*oreii;n Service Y^lenins. The grave of Zachariah Connell, founder of CoimelhivUlc, whose figure has been seen in parades receitly, wax included today in those marked vita American flags. On t h f i r rounds of the cemeteries a committee composed of T. R. Cun- 1 in some places the enemy crossed both the Aisne and Uie I ningnam, H. u Bishop and John M. I Martin, foreign -ervicc veterans, t h o u g h t of thu Council grave near the AMERICANS H A V E 1IUS OX JRC". E - T - N o r L f J D«ul. It gave evidence of ha nag h;ul httle attention. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, May 29.-- ny of the American soldier who took part in the successful tck against the German lines west of Moutdidier today also ticipated in the repulse of che German raids against the Am- ·an lines Monday. ____ One participant in Monday's affair is said to have b c e o j K n i t o Helmut «H» r«lr" of Wi«leta'ip nd today in a shell hole m No Man s Land with two wounded ·mans as his prisoners. He was unable to get back to the DAWSON CHILD SPEEDY Tiro and :i Half Days. - . , , - , _ _ _. r The claim is made that Qula Helono orican lines Monday night so be stood guard over them until iETanSt daasht( , r of Mr . and Mrs , Ells _ attack this morning liberated him and secured the prisoners. | wor th Evans of Dawson. is the speed- Lieutenant Inking \V. Wood of Oakland, Cal., said he did iioUiest and neatest, knitter of the young- an American fall d u r i n g today's attack. er set at that .place, and that she does "It was more exciting than a football game/' he added. wortc ^ well as many of her ciders. :·. have sot the Huns on the run. All we need is more Ameri! When tbe cal! was ! scnt °' Jt for out , ,·? -u n i- i ,v,^ " i Sts for the last contingent of draftees H and then we shall lick them. sho sc , . o wori . M|1 w | t h j n . wo Md a half days knitted a pair of wrist- lots and a helmet. The work was per- V. S. TROOFS BEHAVE SPLENDIDLY. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN" FRANCE, May 29.--The ·rican line now runs 150-to 200 yards east of Cantigny as a ilt of the successful attack today. The newest German oh is within several hundred yards o£ where the Americans ··. dug in. The Germans, it has been found, had many outs and machine gun emplacements in Cantigny. America's first offensive Mow was struck in a mist. The ich tanks apparently did not have much to do as the Ameri- artillery had prepared the way. A bright sun came out. and ie on the Americans as they dug in their new positions. The Americans fought as though they were veterans and ·; was no hesitation when the officers swung forward and fect. the chairman, Mrs, M. Hecklinger, is quoted as saying. TO PLACE WREATH Itulinns IVJH Honor Colonel WJ1 Hani* ' Crawford Toniorroiv. t "^liile the Memorial pjarade is on its way to CbosinuL H i l l cern-etei'y tomorrow morning a stop will be made a: Lhe library grounds while a metal wreath is placed at '.he foot of the statue of Colonel "William Crawford There will be a very brief address, OX ROASTTOSTPONED ited: "Come on, boys." Several officers, describing the: by members OE Conenrdia lodge or the e, agreed that the outstanding feature in their minds was j Sons of Italy. wonderful morale of the men and their absolute confidence ttemselves. The Germans poured machine gun bullets all nd the Americans as they v.-ere digging in, but no attention j paid to them as jokes were handed back and forth. The demeanor of the men wounded in action was found; Eat Sair- erf Tirkets for .Fnlj Fourth larly cheerful when the coirespondent visited the field hos: Will (« Jtcrriiy On. s this afternoon. He saw stretched out on their cots a. num- '. The ere roast by iho fraternal or- :f these Americans, for the most part only slightly wounded,. santaatior.s far the Red Cross has acted :ike school boys re-turned from a great dav of sports, jboeu postponed from Memorial Day. ^ 1 .. : until J u l y Fourth, but the prepara- bombardraeiu of Paris began again . lions; Cor it will not be baited a clay. early this morning. Examination of i All tickets now sold will be honored the shells discharged by the German? ; and committees will continue to sell in the long range bombardment of j others to make it much bigger than Pr.ris -.vlncli began again Monday in- i if staged tomorrow. tis .ly iis; t '. as ''o .'it"d ot" ^. May 2!.--The arm} ay contained 3'.' name/ W.--: Killed ia action, tint!.-'. tive: died of ar^, one; di«l cf r.05(; RAXUK ;rxs iioniUKDiMi r.vijis. MS, May 29.--The longe range dicates that new guns are being used. larger shells are being employed I Service at Percy. than formerly, the calibre of tbe guns ' ^Temoriai Day services, in charge ·eing 24 centimeter !9!i inches) in- i of Rev. W. H. Gladden, will be held | tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 in the Methodist Protestant church at Percy. The program wns prepared by the OF ARRAS 07MHVS.! William P. Kurtz Post, No. 10-!, G. A. LONDON. May ifi.---Tlie German ar- I R. i stead of 21. ' K . V K J I Y V I R K I'.AST Connelisville showed Union town how to do it last night, when a delegation of canvassers and wtiiers, 500 strong, went from this city to tbc county scat, paraded the streets of tha 1 . place and collected between $1,000 and ?3,500 for the Fayette County chapter of tbe Hod Cross during tho evening. The trip, at the invitation o£ Uev. Clovd Goocnight, director of '-he Bureau oC Development of the county chapter, was made in automobiles, street qars and trains. On arrival in Uniontown the delegation paraded over tbe streets, headed by the Connellsvillc Military band, which was at its host. The parade disbanded at iho court house, and the many aovcHies used to keep up enthusiasm in Connellsvillc during the past wevk were put inio operation. Old Kaiser Bill again f e l t the noose aroand his neck, ami Unianiown patriots were given tb-o ploiitiro of contributing to hang him higher. Flags were carried in tbe parade into which coins weri generously tossed. All the niom^y collected las; night goes 100 per cunt into the coffers of the county chapter. The biggest feature of the parade was Uie float reprustiiiUng Uie "gruaX- est mother ia all the world," which attracted math. aUontiou. here on Monday night. Mrs. J. J. DouglKTty was tbc principal figure on ihe spoi- le,-xs white float, being surrounded by siugcrs aitired in white. Castor's Military baud was one of the big enthusiasm-raisers of tue parade. Thirty strong it led the Con- nctlsvillc boosts rs attracting unusual attention along ine line of inarch, with its repertoire of ]opulnr patriotic r.u'.ribcrs rendered wiUi a spirit that stirred even tho aio« seriate .i»d conservative L'niontowDer to .a reaiis'-a- tion t h a t a real red-blooded aggregation was ir town. Almost without intormiss-lon from start u firus^t of the demonstration the hand kept irp its program of self-ciions. adding greatly to the enthusiasm of the occasion. JU services v;cre givc.n without charge as a patriotic contribution to the cause.. By way of contrast it may te noted that the Uiriontown htmd was invited l.o participate in th" ConnellRville parade on Monday evening. The offer was made to pay Oreir street car faro and provide their wi:h snipper, which was accepti*d but at Uie lapt moment they demanded a purso of $120.00 ''on the side." Inasmuch as every other other organization was turning out without expectation of remuneration. the committee in charge declined to make an exception in favor of the Uu- ionto^ii band, and it remained at home. Uniontnwn people were taken some- wtiat unawares, they say, hy the doscont of the Connelisville aggregation their coming not being sufficiently known beforehand to prej^rc n proper reception for them. The fact that Rev. Cloyd Goodnight, during his address here on Monday ovenrng had invited all ConnellRville to entne to '.he County Capital last night seems nat to have been made generally known, hence the apparent f a i l u r e of Uniontown to prepare for tbe invitation. Judge Reppert, attracted by the noise on Uie streets, is said to have ]eft his office last evening without knowing w h a t was tbe occasion of tho tumult. Bumping Into some of the "Midway" features he ruthlessly put a stop to them nntU "he learned the reason for their presence and the identity of tfms'e in charge. He then promptly got busy to help the Con- nelisville boosters arouse Lhe town. FIVfi MORE MEN OF. DISTRICT 5 CALLEB TO GO ON SATURDAY TMs TVai 30afe« Total of Seventeen to Be Sent Forward on Thsit Date By 'Draft Board. In addition to Uie six men called by Local Board No. 5 yesterday who.' will go to Fort Oglethorpc on Satur-j day, 11 more have been ordered to re-! ·port. The men will icave over the. Baltimore Ohio railroad at 4:301 o'clock. j Tbe 11 men who have been c a l l e d j Inventory are: Beth Wilson, Wes'u Leiscnriiig; Edward Shunk, Dimhar; Kay Hart, Norrnalvilie; William Porter Scott, Dunbar; John Joseph Coll, Adelaide; Arthur Milton. Wallace, O.; Jacob Henry Snyder, Normalvillc; John Long, Donora, Harry R. Cavanaugh, Normalvilie: Thomas J. Logan, Coa- nellHville; Ralph Tosoviich, Trotter. REV. WAGNER PINNED FAITH TO STOCK OF Contingent is Largest That Has Yet March- BIG CORPORATIONS ed the Streets K!fOX HOUSTON XOT FAlt FUO.n FHONT Kst«1i 01' Former Local .Minister Kliiiin, Investments ia .\umermis Concerns. Rev. diaries Iu. Wagner, pastor of the Reformed church who died recently, ion an estate of ?5335.33. invested principally in railroad stocks, according lo a.n inventory filed in Un- iomov.-u today. Included are dividend checks from several railway and THOUSANDS SEE THEM OFF: Hundred Twenty-two Lear* District So. 2, 118 From !No, 5. other corporations. A list of the securities shows the following: Six. shares American Telephone Kntnc Houston, son of Rev. and Mrs.; Telegraph company stock (par vaiue S. B. Houston nf tbe West S«ic, w h o j j i o u ) , ?540. is with the F i f t e e n t h .Field Artillery Six shares I'niled States Stool (par in France, is far up in Uie danger'value $600), Sf52. .zone. Writing to his parents he sayF . One share United Fruit company, j ch-ey arc wearing gas masks all t h e j ^ n s . ^ time. Four shares Reading Railroad (par v a l u e $^UOJ, $!0 ( j. CTURLK.S TIKKY HAH A K I t r V K D OVERSEAS Charles Tikey, attached to tho -17th! ff-red, fl'SS. Infantry, has arrived safely overseas. | Six share; Pennsylvania Railroad stock, J3D8. Three shares Bethlehem Steei pre- TWQ BANDS ACT AS ESCOE3J Bach Bru/tcc is Provided Tfith Innett* I'ut lip by the Cirnteea Cwmmjttee- of the Itcd Cross; Each had Substantial Food lor the Trip to the Camp., The biogest contingent o£ drafleesi which has ever left Connellsvilte at: one time was entrained at the Balti- Young Tikey is a son of Mrs. Henri- j ctta Tikey. LOCAL HOTS UNT1ST Niue shares Westinghouse Electric, $551. One share Virginia Carolina IN" AllMV SERVICE. Chemical company (par value ?1UO), ISdward M. Saylor and Claude Oil-; $255 ot Scoitdale, Marrj* McClititock of ConneHsviKe, and II. II. Lough, William N. Fletcher and Archie B. Cutlip of Parmim;tnn enlisted in the L'nited Statea army yesterday in Pittsburg. Seven shares Union Pacific, $770. Seven shares Lehigh ,YiHey, $330, RETURNS Parade his city has pressive observance of Memori returned to her hrmie f r o m JVtcrs- A parade to tin- cemotcrics wi burg. Va., after spending four months with her husbaud w do was in train- mg at Carop Lo»;. Corporal Graham, a member of the 30oLh regiment, is on lus way to France, r nor ru, or F N E T M O X I A AT Word has been received a: Vnnder- biJt of tho s-erious illness of Ray Ari- (ComhiuwJ on Puce Two.) more Ohio station for Camp Lee- tais njonrins. 240 men ] caving by or- Bethleh-em Steel, class ders of IjOcaI Boards for Districts- Nos. 2 and 5. Tkr, special train left here at S.30 o'clock, the draftees having r/rported at tho anno-ry early U7is morning. At 7.45 o'clock, tbe two contingents j lined up at tile armory, and headed by the Conueilsville Military band, roarchc-d lo the Baltimore £ Ohio station. The Italian band was also in lirfe and Uie Wost Side, and South. Connelisville fire departments completed Uie parade, Although Coanell5vi!-ie has seen, soldiers leaving here many times now, the 'sight never grows old, and the area about Uie Baltimore i Ohio station '.hi* morning was filled wi'Ji tuoura.i.db of persons. Hundreds came in from onJ^ide parts of the region, ar.d store cleriis did not report until after the '.rain had left, . Of the 334 men called by Local DUNBAR MEMORIAL and lPoralinu of Graves I'akiitc to Re Features. STAY AT CA3IP! DtmDar w i l l Have an unusually ira- j Mrs. Arthur Graham of this city has j p rcssivo observance of Memorial Day. i parade to th, 1 cemeteries will form : at 9 o'clock at the Methodist Protest-: ant church in Woodvaie street. The! line of march will be to Railroad, .street to the K. of P. h a l l to Connells-| villc street to tbe Catholic cemetery | Eoanl No ° OTA ^. 222, even' man that where a troop of Boy Scouts and the j reported was sent to Crim]) Lee TJl3 0. A. R. will n«or«!« graves of vet-j q u o l a or Board No. 2 called for 121 men. Of the 12 who did not report erans. Tlie procession will T h e n ! march to Franklin and counter march lliia vfbereabouts of four are not to Mount A u b u r n cemetery, where! known and the cases of six are be- services will be held at the grave of; t o r e t;,,, district board at Greenslmrg. Samuel Jxictiter. After lhe G. A. R., -f wo ^rc j n other parts of the country ritualistic service o salute by a firing; an( 3 are r( , n{ ij- ^ 0 go. sf/uad and taps Uiere will be an ad-; The num called by the No. 2 board dress by Rev. Wilson. The line will who failed to report at all are: Ben. reform and march to town. Dinner; Faigen, New York; Venanzio Bar- will he served in tie G. A. R. base- i bacane. Hagerstown, Mil.; John Grif- ment. jflr- Ashe. Texas; and Clayton For- Thc malteup of the parade will be: jsythe, Pittsburg. Chief marshal, flag. Qrir.g struati, druni j James Paul DeViiniss is in Flag- corps, G. A. R., ministers, council and i staff. Ariz., and wants his papers i firemen. Juniors, Red Cross. Boy | transferred to tbe local board at that | Scouts" Camp Fire- Girlp. hand. Metho-| place. Tony Rodio is in Philadelphia. ' d i s t Protestant Sunday school. Baptist laud wishes to be sent from there. ing that 1'rusideui \Vilsuii is the most | Sunday school. Mfttliodisi Episcopal j Six others, whose cases are before astute leader tho Democratic party : Sunday school, Presbyterian Sunday ! 'he district board for deferred classi- lever had, United States Senator Harry 'school. Kpificojin! Sunday school. Any Tiration are Patrick Coyne, Donald W. :F. New of Indiana addressing the I n - ; other organization desiring to partici-: Snyder, Eugene Lucius, Walter Bas- pate are asked to communicate will seraan, Matthew Urodigau and James Rev. W. H. McKlveen. '""' j. WILSON MOST ASTUTE LEADER DEMOCRATIC PARTY EVER KNEW ; --i-- i Thus Does Senator 5c*v DcscrilK! ! IValsun in Ufnonncinj; Adininii- ' trad on Activities. LN1LANAPOMS. May 1*9.--Ceclar- I diana rtepubliuan slate convention bure today as purmaueut chairmai], asserted that he Is also ibe "most, un- coinpromising in his partisuaship of any man who htm occupied the \Vhite House since die dsiys o£ Andrew Jack- | bou." Senator New continued; ; "Presidejil "VS^lson is as partisan in , everytliing he doe; or thinks as he is i P 1 TROOPS AT CONFLUENCE detail From Markkrtou to orial Day I'nrade. CONPIAJENCK, May Slero- Jacks. All others called by the local board on May 35 reponed and went ui- tbe training camp. 11! Ixcal Board for No. 5 sent 31S men, S being from the No. 5 district and two men being sent from here on hav- :ng their papers transferred from ] other states. Tboy were Luigj Per- American he must elect dates or '.he Presiuont'B [arty for seal, 3to]) in congress in order that he may have | 2 p Uie c a n d i - j at j dTes5 1viil he delivered hy Arthur M.--Address by Rov. C. W. support in that body or that if one i Ba )j er ' on "The Battlcflelfl of Gettys. fails to siipijort those candidates he j bllrei » an d address by Attorney D. \V. voles m tiiscrwlit tho President his administration and gives aid comfort to our enemies in anus. "Mr. Creel, w i t h bis bunch and .McDonald ot Uniontov.-n. and : A detail af 20 soldiers from ?darkle- ! ton"ssanitori«m will lead the parade. i There will be patriotic songs and mu- "UNIONTOWN BOYS LOSE LIVES IN , MOLDAVIA SINKING Hugh Christy, son of James Christy of South Union township, and Daniel Cochran, son o? James Cochran of Uniontown, were among the American soldiers who lost their lives in. tho sinking of the transport Moldavia last week, according to word received today. Jack Coc.hran, a brother of Danioi, went to Camp Lee yesterday. Socialfstic muckraking misfits, is e i n - j s i c bv the band during Uie day. ploying this sourco of propaganda i n ] . " paying public foots the bill." Djlwgon ltai lrou\ 3tan Sn-« Follow Workman for Breaking ,Iaiv. John W. Flenniker., a railroad man bC Dawsoo, yesterday filed suit in Un- iontowu for ?10,000 damages PRO-GERMAN HELD llBilrouil Pnline .Vrrpst 3Ijin nt "(l'«st Side IVailittc liootn. Georje Rilenour, also a railroader, al- Chareed by r.'ttsburg l^ake Erie . leging tha; Tvhi'.o Uicy were in a pool Officer C. K. Hurnbertson with being a : room at Vandorlnlt May J. Ritenour pro-German, John Kviatkosky ivaa | struck liim with his Qst or a blunt in- arrested at the railroad station on Utnunenl, breaking his jaw and per- ·Jte West Side last night and spent' inancntlj" i n j u r i n g tiirn. the night in tbe police station on thot I The P l a i n t i f f is represented by At- sjflo of the river. I lorney John Duggan, Jr. By hia-admission to the officers, the ! i yotins man. who is nf m i l i t a r y ago said i WIFYFRSDAI F (WFR he would not go to war although he Bit I MUWAlit UTtlV has been called hy a d r a f t board. . , ,,_ ,.,, ,,, ,, . Against Qtinta uf SvTM Town liaises $I(1.WH for Heil Truss. Sp^c'.al to Thy Courier. MEYERSDAIJE. May 29.--Meyers- of dale has gone over the top in the sec. ond Red Cross eair.paign which clos- Wtesftlii®ir MURDERQARGED Infomialitui is Itetnrnctl in C:ise Oawsou ItaMtin. Inroar.atlon against Patsy Motlio, | ed -Monday evening. Meyersdale's district who figured in the recent murder scu- sation at Oawsor.. was remrneri Cloudy tonight and Thursday; probably showers, is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Bi.'cord, 391S 1917 Maximum !H 77 .Minimum 60 53 mean 79 65 · The.ymifrti river fell during the night from 3.60 to 3.45 feet. draft board of May K. the following did not BO this morning: Sehastino Porsiclictte. Dunbar: Jasper HcDor- olic, "West Leiscnring; Joseph E. Twardzcsky, Trotter; Frank C. Bber- harter, Stewartou; Joseph Scandale Wayncsln:rg; Andrea C. Kin Deer Lodge. .Mont.; Krista V. I^ria, Vac- derljilt; Pljilip Dolan. rnmhaV- 'paui L. Stull, Mill R u n ; Ralph Tosovitch. Trotter. TosoviK'h w i l l go on Saturday with the contingent to Fort, Ogletharpe, Ga. The special train, which was due' to leave here at S.15 o'clock, was 15 minutes l a t e in leaving, p u l l i n g o u t ' ax S.30. W i t h the iw o bands playing aud cheers rising from :ho throats o f ' (lie draftees and '.heir friends, the big' train left [he station. It IV-IP necessary t o quarter many of the District Xo. 5 draftees in the city last j!i s ht. The men reported at ilie annorj- yosierclay afternoon at 3 o'clock, and. those wbo were not ablo in the city over night. Rooms for tha men were engaged at a local hotel. Local Board .\o. 5, which was or- cc-rod to send only ]OS men in this c a l l , shipped 318 to camp. .More :haa 10S had l»-en ordered to report to tho armory, hou-ever. and when it came to cutting down the quoun this morning, every man present refused to he left he-bind. The draft hoard had :n- tendc-d h o l d i n g some of the luea until Saturday and sending t h e m to Fovt. Oglethorjje. Ga., but could prevail tiuota ?7.500. but at Monday evening's meet- noiu- oi t:it-:n to wait ' u n t i l the end .mm'todav'bvTldcnnan'John'Doylih^ OTcr ? 10 ' 000 x v a 3 n ' porlod a " d i ° f '' 10 "' l '- k ' l o t ! t i i c r c were vet smne rc " orls 10 bo Meclio is alleged to have killed Frank ] made ' Taverno and Rajtr.ond B a r t e i l i J u n e 23, 1917. Killed by Car. A man believed to be a foreigner was killed hy a \Ve;t Pcan street car last night at Pliphant. r.ilmirr ti« rinse. The Carnegie Library will be closed all day tomorrow, Memorial Day. CrPnni for Fmid. Five gallons of ice cream donated to the Red Cms', !;y P. add- :acb draftee was given a box 1-jnch by tlie cactwn conimiiK-e of the Red Cross, these having h«-n prepared and packed in tbe domestic science dopartmeni of the high school last - - - - -n ' ; Klit by the canteen committee, as- ed f 15.25 to the war f u n d here o-.i .Mon-j sisted by irisses Cans and Moland, (iay night, when five girls under the instrutctorE is this department. Each. direction of A. 0. Stone, sold it to the crowds on the ^trpcts. The girls were Jean Enos. Leona .MacPhaii, Irene Btittermore, Ivanore Darr and Martha Cypher. apartment. Each, box contained one liam and one chi«so sandwich, two liard boHed eggs, aa apple, an orange, three cigars, a box o£ cigarots, dmcolatc bar, postal e»«ls and pencil.

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