The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1930. ,"fiE DAILY COURIER, CON^ELL,! SVILLH.^PA. i-AGE SEVEN. VILLAGE BURNED, PEASANTS, PRIESTS ' SLAIN BY SOVIET Outrnire Follows l?r»'us«! of Farmers to Surrender Ui'iiin To (Government. INHABITANTS FLEE PLACE B, I m e\ Tress. LONDON. Fob LM --An entire vil- Use was burned d o w n on the hoviet frontier and eight ot the richest peasants wove- oxocuttd, according to the Daily Mali's Revn correspondent, bo- c auso the farm* 1 ·«? refused to sur- londer their gran to tho government Iol1( e. The village prie-ita w r i o iiu link-it in t h e victims, tho irpoi't s a v s , .mil the inhabitants ftwl whou then honio- ^ leads were set afire. JAP GOVERNMENT PARTY THE VICTOR IN CLOSE ELECTION By .MILES W. VAUGHN. United Pwss Stuff Correspondent. TOKIO, Feb.. 21.--Tho TvHnaoito (gov-ornmeiit paHy) today claimed on tho face of inoo'iipleto returns, tho election of a majority of members in the next lowar house o£ tho Japancso biet Re-ports indlc-A«d, however, that Tsuyoshi Inttkal, 76-yoar-old lead«T of the Solyukai opposition party, a stalwart of tho old school of Japanese politics and bitter opponent of PrenUor Y'uko HanKijrucM, had won his seat Nino Mlneeito candidates and four hxm the edyukal deflnitely aro known to have lx»en «J«cted. Among those apparently defeated wwe Prof. Isoo Abe, Social-Deraocrat, who is known as tne Japanese "father ot baseball," arnl Toyooiko Kagawa, beloved worker In the slums of Tokio and other cities, who was a "drafted" caatUdate. Kagswa hna giren a fortune to charity. Complete r^etmus ware expected by tonight. FAYETTE COUNTY YOUTHi ESCAPES FROM MORGANZA IMTTSBOTtC, Feb. 23. -- - GQT)eart (rlosa, 20, Elarte; j^aj-mond Iarls, 18, of Ne-w Caa««, and Ha.y Dean, 20, I»ltta- bOJ^;. vljo were reported to hare Mcaped trom tl»e Western Pennsylvania tratntiw «(shool si Morrganza, r»t i rued to th* institution today and told officials feber had been s«archtng tor two otber Itoaatea. The tl*w»e yoitha MaoippoiafeA yea- tortay. On ttoeir return they said they had been KwSrtng for John BUtxntan, 17, layette ooattty, and "William Nlehi, ll, of OlMwtouol. The aaawrltiee had not known tliat Kitzman aavd Nlchl had escape* hot a. eearoh for them berns Dickerson Ran DICKB3RSON "aUN, F«. SI-- Robert VaJenttoe, vreil known ycang draftsman employed by tlie TVeetinghoose Company at TUT .le Crook tiae returned to bis work aftof a pleasaat visit her* with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Valentine. WUIlani Sanhtlmrg, P. I* B3. traveling car Inspector of Newell wae a huainosfl caller here Wednesday. Allen Ijlnt, otuployed ty tho West Penn Power Conpany at Cannoneburg has rotarned to hte duties after a few days v)«it here with his mother, Mrs. Oydia I Ant. W. S AlhrlRht was a Conneltevllle bTia1no"« caller i\'rlnPHlay. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shallenherger of Vanderbllt motored to Bex^hvlew, Pittsburjt, and s-ent the evening there with their daugl ter, Mrs. George RHe- nour, who has tpen 111 for some time. Mrs. Ritcnour aw l«xn removed to Mercy Hospital, Pitieburg, for an operation . Mrs. David B itton has returned to her home at California, F a , atter seventl laj^ visit with frifndo at Dickerson Kun ind liberty. John liue w r « a recent Pitteburg hualnese callor. Fashions Coffee Bean Shod s for Toa Time Kro 1.8 i 5 Hy KRANCKK TAOKT ( o p y r i g h t . 1!(30, bv i"ylo Sources N E W YORK, l-'eb 'A-- With every color in addition to n«ck, white and iKnitraltt climbing int favor and receiving- approval for i pnng exploitation, us a token of tho eeatton of seasons for color thi yeer, it muet como as some-thing oC a eurprise to hear that brown i« now specially picked (or high faehlo \ consideration. As a matter of fact it won Id bo a. bad guess to say that it ci me forward Vio- caus-o it was one of t m few that had not been prominently ^et Corth ir,, Uio long- JKst of epring- co'ors But th'« now itir i? its behalf can bo traced to i sounde! origin- for ono thing, as a fcecjuol l t h o interest shown last ye-ar \ v h e i b r o w n came, i n t o favor at, a spring complementary color--that la, accentl g white or pastel coeuim-d in th« t rm of a jacket, accessory, hat, or tho like Tt serves in a similar capacity his y\ir. Alto, that projoct o Malyeux of a. season of two ago t make lirown a formal evening shade may be reeog- mzexl In thi« appHcatk u of it to formal styles. One oC tha principa waye in which it te prosonted now b In dresses dtss- crlbed ae "Sunday nig »t" or "tea-time" types, which, of rourso, qualifies th-em for wear at 1 ifornial dinner, thwtro and formal ; tternoon. Doing brown In sheer silks l i k e chiffon, mar- (lulH(?tU\ or Ellzabet) , Injects a particularly new flavor t thut color, i-lnce It ha« been more pop ilarly aeeociat.'Hl with woolen cloths and equlvzilont silks. There H no single shade thai has the n-ew monopo.'y, b it the feeling is definitely shaped or very de«p browws of the ste de negro anO coffee bean range. That footgear, lap, and sometunea TxJta uxl gloves ar« brownish in hue is aomethlng to be remoiifbered In eseembling spring cc }tain«. Hosiery, too, la to become firowmw In tono, all of which »e*ms api ropriate enough with tweed mixture* irtlll in smart Q stage. Tough Western Town Passes and Leaves No Trace By Un»1ed ? GLACIER PARK, t [ont, JHsb. 21--AH completely an if an avenging hand ·were responsible, .ill trace ot the once flourteidng, tough w -stern town of Robar boa been ·wip.-d off this face of tho earth. Not a ;eh. xt, iittci or timber remain to msurl the location of this "h*r«t-boil«d" tomnaanlty -which thri'»»d In Montana 45 year* ago--In trnth It is one of Montana's snout towne. In Its beydey, Rof ur existed on two occupations: seUiit? "fire Trmter" to Glackteet and Cr«» I odious and gamb- lirtf,. Often 400 or KM brarww wonld stage a spree act ttt« mo time. When promtocuc'w shooting atarted, saloon keepers bolted thoir doom, barred the wLadowB axed "holed' la anta the 01- cltenxa»t sabsided. The town, located wfier« the Q?ader Park Highway crosses Birch creek, ivaa hoadqtmrtere fo · orjraiii'jed of cattle rustlera. On day, in 18S4, three drifbal into town ·Rlth a string of etolen, mnlea in tov , News of their theft had preceded them. A groop of llobar citizens--thai 1 repirtationa -were blacker than the threo rustlers-formed a vigilance committee and stormed the cabin iu whkjh the robber trio "was barricaded TJnablo to capture the stronghold the paeudo vlgl- iante« offered a fait trial It the mulo thieves would surrtader. Th^ Canadians gladly guvo t iemealve! up and profusely thanked heir captors for Uxlr treatment uriti they discovorod they !i«ci been trlokc !. A few minutes later all three weri strung up on a cotton wood trrc. Tho vigilantes ippropriated the stolen mules as the! own. Later they wore tried, but bee; use of singular Uiok of evid-enre, th y wore a-cquittod. Peiinsville PBNNSVI1J-.1!. Kelt 21--On next Sunday ovenlns tho \V M. A of the Mount O i i v o I i ited M r p t h r o n Church will hoki its th uik-offei ins oorvic* 1 at the i-hurch. Mis. Harry K ^ l l y Jon03 of Alvorion spent several d:iy« this \vcek at the Jionju of h«»r pa entrf, Mr. a n j Mrs. K K Riclioy. Mr.s Nant-y \ p p l e of Irwin epent Moixlfiy and Ti esday with !S1i«a Sue M l N t l l b George Cn^sl iml of Mount PlPAaant iniide i t-hort \i I nl I'eunsvillo Thursday nioruint; Mr*, Miin.i V . i h u n r v if I n i o n t o x v u and ,\ili6h 1-kina .Mpy^i.s o( Soottdale! W f i o h i e W«. itr-«!tu Lifi»rnK)ii .it- tending tfio fur oral f U.ime! M i l l e r j Quito a n u m l v r of tlv ^thool c/il-i drcit have boor |uataiumd m t h « i r i homo (luring t h past tvv w«^ks v » i t h ! m easier- j A r n o l i l lUntrti is is b U f l i M i n p \ s i t l i a | tevert ! i n f . t d itnger the 3« who advortlao. Iron Bridge 6 6 ( Tablets Jtclicips u Ile.ul.u'lH' or Ncurnltrla in SO minutps. f h e r k - a « old liu firsf j d n j . anil f h e r k * Mjil«r!a In thre* d»}'. I u i s in l.iqtiid. ( IRON BRIDGE, F lion of Mrs Willlai the best known won wlio is seriously il floaennt Momorltil iiioni.i, lemulna uiu l i t t l f hope toi her i Mrs Charles Kny- clale Wedneritlay sh on friends. Mrs. Samuel O' I'lciifriint wae !ior- f tho f.unily of JH OlinKor Mii. Hoy H. Mil Lota Loraiuo, w e i e ou Tuesday afterno The- p l a j , "A Co! w h i c h was {rhen h t tlu- E i b t Hiuitiu at A l v o r t o u on \V wart n e l l uttciutotl. lot' a n d Ha/el Nr-vvc. ont-t iit Ka«,t Hui tii the niora"bers of th as ushers tor the pi ning. Mrs Evens B.irr Mary Jxrntse, and t, of W i l k i n ' w i t h Mm \h and Mis. Eli II .Mr and Mr*. (5!c ^on' Bobby and J \Vo*iver'« parent:*, \\eaviM- oi S i - o t t d a l Kcl\\arci 1'tvuvon \ Ifilo! nn 'I HOn(f,l\ Mr iiiut Mr-- t'l b. 21 --The oondi- t Howard, one o£ an of Iron Bridge, in the ..Vount iloepital of ]in«u- langed vlth very icovwy. ler was in Sicott- and ms?f of r u t o w dd · ton, Mount n w i t h er ami daughter, ootlilale shoppers in. pic of Million," the junior clas,s ;don Uigh School luesday ewuniE Misres Ruth Mil- )inr, j u n i o r '*tul- ^don. wt-ro ainoiij? uladb \\ ho Acted ly during the eve- n and daughter. ,ons, Bill and buri,' were lioie iamm's» parents, Cio 3 by, Sr. -in J Weaver and nior. \ Suited Mr. Ir and Mrs O. S. , Sunl:i\ fveuiu--;. « as a Kcottdule lu CrabUeo Breaking All Records ! A Small Deposit Will Hold Your Purchase for Future Delivery. First--Furnish. Your Home-It Tells What You Are. Bedroom Smites REDUCED 3-Pc. Bedroom Gqoup, Bed, Chest and Vanity.... $67.50 ·Sate eping Price Reductions In Every Department of Our Store An Opportunity to Save in This Great Store- Wide Event 3-Pc. Suite in rich walnut finish. Bed, Dresser and Chffforobe $89.50 Save tremendously on 4-Pc. Suites French Vanity, Bod, Dresser and Chest Beautiful 4-Pc. Burl Walnut d»-f £TQ Suites, regular $210, Now.... tpAtl*/ 4-Pc. Solid Mahogany Suite, Ilejrular $460--Now 4-Pc Spanish design! Rei;tilar $480--Now ,, Marvelous Dining Suite Values '.-Pr. Suite in W a l n u t VOJHMT! Table a n 'l h ' x {fifO Pv^l l -Pt-. Suite. Prices are slashed -Uvular $127 .'(")- $ No w t| Pc. Burl W a l n u t \ Justproof--Xo\v $275 R U G S Axminster $31.50 Superior Axrninster $35 LIVING ROOM SUITE BARGAINS ·'$95 $129.50 ., $175 t r i Nr Burl W a l n u t S u i t e - M i - L i f e 39,50 3-1'c. Brocaded Ve.lour in Taupe! $125---Now ,,,, 1 c. Jacquard Volour, - $159 -- Now )-Pc. Qtu-on A.nn dp? RF gular $o 10-- Now i-Pc-, Ltimbort W a l n u t y R e g u l a r $3L'."'~Nc)w S275 S250 3- V. Pillow Arm Jacquard Velour -- Now ... . 3 ./usurious pieces in Mohair, £1 QK Revcn ible Cushions -- Now , ,, ,,. . ipJLoO 3- *c. Pillow Arm Mohair, Ri'ven ib'le cushions _.._- , 3- "»o. High Grade Jar-quard, Zipper IK, Regular $!?40--Now ,,. $265 Wilton Velv its $59,50 f Royal Wilto as $95 Open Evenings By Appointment Call 376 LAN Bed Lamps $1.95 JJridpe L». $6.95 Junior $8.95 Table $10 Quality Furniture Cbintpfete Some furnishers Lowest Prices Anti-Dazzle Device for Auto Krs. Doria Muriel Ibbotson displafinj: her anti-dazzlA device or n^tor car headlights. The devjce revolves at a hitfh rate at spe d, diffusing the raya, but weiikeninsf ihem very little. Mrs Ibbott »n ftnds thijj "brain child" will enable her to better support h«r r al children. She has completed tho sundry during: odd momenta if b?r housework. son were fho guests oC Mrs. CrabtroeV I mother, Mrs. ifiva Caiuoron ot near | Poiins\ illo on Sunday. Mi-, irid, Mn. Knieht, Noyoa and daughter*), B'nuu ea ,ul Jioll.i, of Char- Ipi'ol ^vere IKTO Saturday v v i i h Mr, and Mi"-, J eii'l j. Woa\or. John Cro«by wsw a huiinehii visiioi ,il Mount I'loab^nt on Mouday ! Mi uul Mi\3. .Martin Phiilipi and [ c h i l d r e n w«rts at Young wood on S u n - i flay w i t h then- t'rlonds, ^fr. and Mr. M M. 3nydoi M i s Albert Mender of North Scottdale was hero Wednesday with her triend, Mr. Albert W. Truxal, Sr. Pen-yopolis l''cb 21-- M W'xl needs Bi'lio Vci school bt r h l n ^ of the Was (lie Ipc. u A I k j " Mnrdor Defeudunt'. Acquitted. SI 1 HI NO I'M ML D, [11, Feb. 21.--The Peona airohol case in w h i c h more than 20 persons were believed to have died a year ago treat poison liquor \\as c osed lust night by the state a l t o r vloirih Miinstit-in and his wife, dofeudanta in a murder trial on the c h i U R t nf b i l l ' i i g t t i c l i q u o i , I'MHRYOPOLIS Ciittcrmtirc f,pent Mrw. J.imte Luco of Tlic Pprry K i d d i v boyu, u n d e r ( h e o Ad.unwMi, diifeatod Pa., biibkoteer.s on aay ul to) noon. wouey -- ?a.wl t u e ada, AnnuKlti liikor and M Ranki-p motoifd fo ITniontown eveamn to vihit M t b , t'rej Ba it a patient in tho I'nionlowu a*) a rosult of ai automobile Mr. t inl Mrs. Glenn Hough Leiali Hough opoiu Tuesday in Pen yopoli . Tlipy loturnfi tornia Wedn-f uduy uioiniug. Tho high "oh'ool bialcetl'a will ptey K.tsi Tluntingdon nistht S. J. 0. ion. sketball lington, I floor ;« Alma Monday er, who lospital coident. nd Mrs. evening to Cali- 1 teams to- Thto Certificate fs Worth $4.00 To You ABSOLUTELY! 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Tiy One -- Never Sold Here Before- -- No Coupons An opted A f t e r Close rf Silc. npccminipmlfil by Bookkeepers, Students, Artists, Postal Clerks, jetc., for it 3 Smooth Point anrt Dopend.ibJ" Flow of i»k. Drug CO.-- 124 W. Crawford Ave AriierlEsoiiieti «, v \ h e u placed, in lli« col- FOR SALE fi. U. l-'KICK COKE COftU'AJfT Houses Home Sites Factory Sites Farm Lands Used Machinery, Shop Tools, Building 'and Mine Supplies Much or tile properly Cor sale i* advaiiiageousty located wiLt respect to water *aa --:-.vir;.3 y^wer supplies, iiUlrcail iHltuga and paved roads. For t'uU mforniatiou lu regard to prices itud leraia. apply to Superintendent ^' nedvoot Atlue or auott- dale Oliice. H. C. i'ricli Coke Company, SeottdulB, Penaa. [ We Preservers In nitiklng: cr^arn sau e, itieir th« butter first in the s«u epaii, t!»«n add flout, mix suiiotl, and acldi milk gradually, stirnns conslantly, gcason when almost dino. g Supplies S A N D fJKAVJt^L PL AST EH LLUK, BTC. We carry a complete line of high grado building material at all times and beat market prices. CoaS Supply Co. iUcCormick Avenue, Councils tlllc, Pa. Phone 1700. i , Looktii;; tor Use Our Classified Ad*. R61ld tb » advwtisemtnu «^ V V ~. , 0 a i j y COm-iOJ.. T la Th« Try Our Want Ad».

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