The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, COfvS'ELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, MAY 38, 1918. Bright new apparel for the occasion--both men's and women's--and all the correct accessories, whether the holiday is to be spent at home or away. Much of it substantially reduced in price as a special concession towards aiding your preparations, which makes it all the more advisable that you buy now. Store closed as usual all day Thursday--only Wednesday to complete your shopping. Men's Corner i ' "VKe dost know how zoany men of Connellaville make 1 Decoration Ear the "deaaEnB" tor ttteir -Winter clothes i -- botrflXT zfe numbered by the score. But we do know "that a great -many of these men come to thia store for a complete new outfit before tie holiday, knovring we tttaxe what they want. In the sizes they want, at the 'prices -they -want to pay. This year, we're proud to say we're ready as -usual -- provd becaose "being ready as "usual" is most significant! tbese days of scarcities and high costs. : Heoe.are a tear at tbe things that will be most in de- Men's Wool Suits - - $15 to $45 .Men's "No-Wate" Suits $12 to $25 Men's Blue Serge Suits $15 to $35 Men's Flannel Trousers $5 to $8.50 Men's Extra Blue Trousers $5 to $7 Men's Extra Blue Coats - - $8.50 Men's Straw Hats - - $1.50 to $10 Men's Silk Caps - - 50c to $2.50 The Furnishing Section has arranged special displays of the smart haberdashery -men will be rushing iu to buy at the very last minute. All needfuls he-nj in a great variety of correct new styles, .and all fairly priced. New Madras Shirts New Silk Shirts - Hose, black and colors Shoes and Oxfords .Neckties, all styles - · $1 to $3.50 $2.50 to $10 25cto$1.50 - $4 to $10 25cto$2.50 Jewelry--Handkerchiefs--Belts IF YOU TRAVEL --Traveling Bags--men's and women's styles --all sizes, at $3 to $35. --Suit Cases--leather or fibre--all sizes, at $1.50 to $20. FOR THE LITTLE CHAP --Boys' Wash Suits, new styles, all sizes, 81.»« to S6.30. --Boys' extra Pants, white and khaki, all sizes, at $1.00 and $1.50. A Special Offering of the Newest Apparel for Women and Please don't for an instant confnse the garments affected by these radical price reductions with the usual run of merchandise offered in May Sales, for there isn't a "samrtle" or a "specially-bought-at-a-big- sacrifice" garment in our stock. Bui. on the contrary, every garment has been chosen from our own regular stocks and greatly reduced for this event. This is yottr protection against inferior quality, shop worn goods and questionable style. Now--TODAY--is the Time to Buy While Lots Are Still Large and Unbroken Don't put off making your selection until tomorrow or next day for that may be just to miss the garment that beat becomes you and meets your price requirements. We expect you on Wednesday--before the holiday. SUITS at $28.50 One Special Lot That Sold Regularly up to $39.75 Late style, pcrfcctJy tailored gurmenis in a One Special Lot That Sold Regularly up to $39.75 Late style, perfectly tailored garments in a SaMngs on the Coals comprising tins lot big variety of stylish and attractive models for amount in sorao caa*-s to as ranch as 111 25. both women and reives. Economical women I CoraidcrtDS tho eieell.m-c of quality ami new- Df-ss of style this u t r u l y remarkable so oarlv in need of a suit, she old 317c lot their promptest atiatian. SUITS at $32.50 One Special Lot That Sold Regularly up to $55.00 This lot composed of aorrvj of the finest Suits brought to ComjeilsviJlo tbis season. Tailored, serai- tailor xl and dressy models in a wonderful collection of new materials, colors and trimmings, A complete size range. in t kur of trtylo this u t r u l y season. TVtsc th :uw. markable so early woman wlio makes COATS One Special Lot That Sold Regularly up to $55.00 In this lot arc hamisonre. beautifully btylfd Coats for every use. It is impossible to t h i n k of a desirable stylo thit is not represented and that is what rmikes thuse big redactions ail the more noteworthy. irvsrvT^otfT*^ JL di i sr An DRESSES at $14.95 One Special Lot That Sold Regtdarly up to $22.50 Charming little afternoon dresses in taffeta oT various new colors, and smartly trinrraed; fvervjceable, good looking utility dresses in '\cHlenL tiualitics of serge; and combinations if the two combining many of ihe bettor quui iLtes o£ eacii. All sizvs, DRESSES at One Special Lot That Sold Regularly up to $32.50 In Itiie lot are dresses of tic better .sort fashioned for stre»t, afternoon and utility wear. Practically no limit to the new style effects and Irrmimnss. Choose from all good colors ami any size for women and misses. Charming New Hats in Three Special Lots What an opportunity for the fashion-loving woman to have a new hat for the holiday a.nd Etill affect a -worth while saving! The hats are all becoming models, most of -which were priced much higher than these special prices. Your inspection invited. $5 and $6.50 Hats at $3.45 An unusually atlractivc lot composed of both dressy and sports iiats for misses and ladies. Colors, materials, trimmings, all splendidly varied. A hig saving. One Lot $8.50 Hats at $5 Most of the Hats in this lot formerly so!d up to SS.50, but a few very now leghorns and mi'.ans. while not reduced, are extraordinary values at the pr-.ce. One Lot $10 Hats at $7.50 This lot includes spoils, street and dress hats ' in many materials and coloring-? that, formerly sold up 10 $10.00. AJso a few excellent imlans and leghorns ·which, we have included as an extra attraction ai $7.50. Graduating Girls All Know What Nets Are for-- Calculated to mate most fetching graduation frocks, dance frocks, perhaps, or dainty negligees if you choose. --Wbit« Cotton. Net, 72 incncs wide, at ?U» to ?1.6S yard. --White Cxtton Net. 36 inches icide, at 65c and $1 yd. --Silk Tulle, 72 inches v.-ide, in pluk, ligbt bloc, rose, nile, mris, jj£kia bluo, at ?2.00 yart. --Silk Net. 40 inches wide, white, at $2 yard. --Gotd and Silver Nets, 40 inches -wide, at $2.50 yard. --Gold aad Silver Cloth, 36 inches wide, at $2 yard. Laces --M iurn Shadow Lace Flouncing, suitable for over- drapes or entire dress, at $4.00 yard. -IS rach Net top Lac Flouncing, Sl-35 to ?2 yard. --J8 inch Shadow I^aee Flouncing, at 51 50 yard. Georgette Crepe --« inch Georgette Crepe, navy, blacs. -while, at 51 yard. --40 inch Georgette Crepe, pink, light him 1 , rose, French blue, navy, myrtle, brown, black and white, at J2.SO yard. --40 inch Chiffon Cloth, pink, mais, light blue, navy, conen, myrtle, rose, brown, black, \vbiie, at 51.25 yd. A New Towel For Our Soldier Boys 55c Each --20x30 inch hemmed Turk Towels, full bleached and fast color, red-white-and-blue border and U. S. A. in White letu-rs across the border. Attractive, appropriate and serviceable. COHKEEXiSnCULE'S FAVO5UITE fffia© T H K PAIU3JOVNT. "SOCIETY FOIl SA1J2"--A five-part Tnangle feature, starring Vil!ia.m Desmond, is being shown today. The picture was :ak;ii frcm the fclory by R u b y M. Aycrs, and J-he IitogJisli upper clash, is the branil referred to in the story. PhyiHs C yne, a manikin ia a modiste's shop in London, leai-ni that a gentlomaa koowa as the Honorable Billy, has gone broke. Having saved up some moaey, and anxious to get inio society, Phyllis goes LO Jlon. Wrlliam and ofTers aim quite a neat sum Lf II-Q will precend that she 1 is engaged ;o him. Billy consents. - with the result that he falls .n love with her. Phyllis, in spite of Billy's warning, persists in running abou-. j with Lord ShoMon, an elderly nobleman with, a spicy.reputation. Just as Billy has made up h i miud that he caiinot live without Phyllis, he ib led to suppose thai she has eloped wiUi Lcrd Sheldon. The nobleman it killed in an auto accident, and Biliy then ]cams £he real reason for the g.rl's I buying her way into society. Gloi.a ; Swc.n£on, who used to he a Keystone ·comedy queen, is geen ia thu role o£ 'Phyllis. A selected comedy and ihe Uciversal Weekly, is aibo included on the program. Tomorrow, Ella Hall will be seen in "A Moch-er's Secret," · a. Sve-pan Bluebird attraction. Thurs- j daj-'s attraction will be "Masks and , Faces," a five-part World feature. Friday and Saturday, Mae Marsh, the eb.irrcms crfirn star, will be feat- t . i r d in "Isolds o£ Honor," a Goldwyn , latraction. OX POSTPOXRD JIZLV J-'OL'KTH. In conlonnity with the spirit OL' the Presictoni'fa proclaoiaUon. fejiting asid\ Memorial Day as a day or public Jaunuhation, }i ray c r an d. fasti eg, the com- n n i t t e in charge 1 of Uie ox rca^t and picnic to be held m Fuehrer's gro-ve, ji the interests of the Red Cross, has decided to postpone Uie eveat uaiil tbe J'ourth of July. This extension o-C time will also allow the de- laals of the event to he worked out more comptetely and maite H possible to atfd many feat- ureft which could not be made j endy between now and Thurs- rlay. Tickets, already sold will be honored on the postponed date. Persons engaged in selling JcUets are ask-ed to make report to Joseph Tippraaa, treasurer. The committee in charge assures tlie public that it will be Eully compensated, through additional aLirattiond and. features, for the postponement of wiiat is.certain to he the biggest event of the kind ever helu 111 thib vicinity. DECORATION D.Vt. MORE DEADLY THAN ' A MAD DOG'S BITE! The bite of a rn.bwj *og is n n I n n R c r ! deadly, Jue lo the row fumj^ Pa.iieu.- j T r e a t m e n t , but t h e sli-\v, hvuiK" Oe.iTh. Ihe resultant cf pvilsomnp of Hie ·- ^~ lem by clfcatily uric ."vcid i.- a-s sure utid iiM'vuable J^ day follows n i g h t . | No other organs of t h e h u m a n body arc so important IT nt-ah!i mitkinR ,i ' the 1 JtuJnoys bJacidcr Keep y o u r kidney-** clean ind y o u r bl:u3di : in working ccmdiijwn a:;d ytu need have no j fc:ir of d'^ease. Oon'i try 10 cheat iia- \ t u r f ;t is a crue! master. Whenever i you experience backache. nepvon.Mi.'ss, ihtricuHy m passing" urin», "set on llic | job " Y o u r kidneys an-d bi.idder re- qmro i'TTniiUiaAe atu-ntioii. EWn'L de!.iy. Tin -5 is the t i m e to t,iko tho btiJ by tbe herns. OO1..D M131AL Hruirloiu Oi. Czp^iilfss will do thf trick. For o \ r r t w o h u n d r e d years they have- yro-x en The leading lunch, 'stand of Connellsvillc. Supplies received fresh every day. Head the following list of sandv/ichcs: "Weinors . 5c Boiled ,, 5c t h e eatm ent T.n,ch, kidneys, hvcr a world failed rcm-. household :ier*-«iitv eoficp of the s a n d bhaddcr. It ody. in USL- us for ovc-r JOtl ye If j cm ii.ivt 1 jecn doctoring wicliou: results p f t a box of GOLD M E l ' A l . H.utrlflnj Oi] Cap.*iiiJe.s tddav. Your drucrcisl #ells thcin. A b ' t l u t d y fTuarunloed or money »-e funded Uo- w.trc of imitations. Look f o r ilto -mnio OOLP MKDAI.. on evcr^ tn-s--A-di IToiv TFe 3Iu} Trill/ Honor the Mem- MOTORISTS INJURED r;xciiin^ Misbnp Attends Attempt in Policeman Harold Orndorff and Martin Shipley, both ol' Ohlojr, e, ware injured J 1 ! a m o f o r r y c U - accident, ^ hit:h nrcurred Sunday nn the pike near Ouioiiyie. u-hi'c Or::lvrK was trying to i n n tho nruliino. Dc-h Crawford of Railroad street,' Rev. D. E. Miaerd occupied the pul- Eriends and relatives m Un- pic in the Presbyterian church Sunday morning. Read The Daily Courier every day. George Gray returned to Butler after ' pending a few days hero with his parents above the Dunbar furnace. "^' rs * ! visited ·· * lontown Sunday. " DUNBAR, May J7---John G a r n e t ! The piny given at the St. Aloy- visited friends in Ohio o . e r Sunday. K'IUS Catholic hall Thursda\ and Fri;;Mrs. Fred Kearus is ^ponding a f t w day uiglits proved to be a srand BUG- 4ays in Pittsburg ^.·ith her daughmr ctst; financially. Irene, who is a nuise in the Prosby-j Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn at Dononi; · terian ho3iJta!. -. j motored here Saturday night and LJ Ton Are Hunancr Bargains B, S. Kelly of Pittsburg, spent! spent Sunday visiting friends and i Read the advertiseing columns of The Sunday here the gu^t of relatives. ' relatives. Daily Courier. You will find them. X I Child Biv.;Lks Anu. ! John Stetz, -Jirec years old, dHugra- ' ter o£ Mr, and Mrs. Michael Stetz, of Leisctmng No. i, was admitted to the Coitago State hospital for :reau;ioni of a f r a c t u r e oC the right femur, suE- fere d Sunday wliile playiiig. Classified Adrijrtlscnicnts Bring: results. Cost only Ic a word. ory of tlif Men 01 Th.e most fitting way to honor the memory of the heroic men of the Civil War is to do something to help will the tjrcai war in which we are BOW engaged. Plant a garden--save food -- h u v Thrift. Stamps--start a savings account, or join ihe First National : TM vlv W t t a " J Bank's Doiid r i u o and be ready to buy ! Sta!0 «^P' i a J a bond of the nest li.suc.--Adv. ;nen were r^nclereci u n r o n ' c ions. Orn- r'orff suffeicd a brok?n H-g and srv^r- ·il bnrises, w h i ' p Sbi]i',ey ret-r-ii, r j n broken arm and bad Bruises nf the body.' The injuries of both men were dressed by Dr. Johnson, and later IVant Help! Then use our classified column. suits will follow. owner of the machine, csc.iped mjuiy. Frank Teeis, vjio went f o the .scene of the accident, fainted. Hunting Bargains ? You will find them in our ad. columns. . EVKRYTHIXG COOKi;O LIKE AT HO.ME. Strictly I^res'.i, Clean aud Pure. ASK FOR O L R SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY D INNER, "Our Pastrie* Art.- Dt-liCiOiit Be- caupe They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO 'VEST PEXK WAITING ROOM.

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