The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1938 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1938
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part Pages 9 to 16 VOL. 36, NO. 78. CONNBLLSVILLE. PA.. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 4, 193S. SIXTEEN PAGES. LITTLE MEN DON'T LIKE NEW DEAL Washington Confernce At Least Discloses That Fact. PRESIDENT TO GET ALL DATA EJECT 'SMALL BUSINESS MAN' By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.--Representatives of the Administration's small business men's conference will report to President Roosevelt today on a scries of substantially anti-New Deal resolutions adopted in two uproarious sessions. The businessmen--numbering up to 1,000--have scattered to their homes after, discussing recession remedies. Behind them they left a committee of 11 men who spent last night compiling a report on proceedings which will be submitted to Mr. Roosevelt today. Politicians got considerably more than a U ugh from proceedings which undoubtedly had funny moments. One observer, jerking thumb in the direction of Secretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper, remarked: "Snow White and the 700 Dwarfs." News tickers kept the Capital informed of progress in the big Commerce Department auditorium where the small business men were meeting and word passed around offices and luncheon tables that: '·They've called in the police now. "Another executive has just been thrown out of the business conference. · "One little man down and 10 to go--." But political Washington measured the conference in terms of reaction to current New Deal policies. It generally was accepted here that the conferees were neither hand-picked nor steered by Administration advisers toward the conclusions suggested in resolutions adopted In yesterday's final meeting. These resolutions will be the basis of the report to be submitted to Mr. Roosevelt by General Chairman Fred Roth of Cleveland and the chairman of the 10 committees which drafted them tor submission to the conference as a while. The conference agreed, in general terms, with several fundamentals of New Deal policy. The small businessmen recommended energetic trust busting, but preferred to proceed with large enforcement appro- pliations under existing law rather than to seek new legislation. They called In a variety of ways for further restrictions on chain store operations. One chain store resolution would almost destroy interstate operation by requiring that all profits be retained within the state In which they were earned. Mr. Roosevelt got general endorsement for his efforts to regularize installment buying, not only to increase payment requirements but to prevent the "no down payment" type o£ sales campaign. The small businessmen would not limit installmcnl buying reform to the automobile business, beyond -which Mr. Roosevelt so far has not gone. Dominating all other forces moving the small business men gathered A. S. Shafer hustled oat by offlcen As tumult swept tho "small busineu men'i" conference In Washington over allegations that the chairman, Fred Roth of Cleveland, had been "hand picked" by Ernest G. Draper, assistant secretary o£ commerce, A. S. Sharer, Philadelphia contractor, became a bit too noisy and after knocking over a few prea« tablw, wo» ejected from th« hall by police guard*. He re«ented a limitation on «peeche« by Roth. SbUer \M shown being hustled out. here was a desire for Immediate credit assistance. They complained from all directions that their legitimate needs are not being met by existing credit agencies and they proposed that Congress create new agencies, if necessary, to make loans on the collateral common to small operators, and especially to permit character of the borrower to be taken into consideration by the lending agency. The New Deal actively is working toward some kind of credit system for the little man. But aside from those generally approving resolutions and several- such as highway construction nnd Federal purchase of used cars eight or more years old--which were rather non-political i£ not not-controversial, the conferees let go a broadside against New Deal policies. There was neither word nor deed indicating Mr. Roosevelt was personally unpopular with the little men. But if the group gathered here was a reasonably fair cross section of small business opinion, the objectives of the New Deal are less popular with that class today than in November, 1930, when Mr. Roosevelt was taking every state except two from former Governor Alf M. Lar.don. They variously condemned or demanded amendment of the Wagner labor relations act. They opposed wage and hours legislation and proposed, instead, that the Government abandon "all attempts to regulate and control private industry." These small business operators called for n balanced budget, which Mr. Roosevelt has said he canno' achieve for some 30 months. The} demanded repeal or modification of the undistributed profits tax nnd the COMPLETE '/INSTITUTE / ' ' PROGRAM All-Day Session Is Arranged by Farmers at Mount Pleasant. OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST NEW YORK, Fob. 4.--A 25-karat, synthetic emerald-green stone, almost matching the natural emerald, was on exhibition today at the American Museum o£ Natural' History. The imitation, called "ignerald," was created In Germany by a secret formula alter years of experimentation. It has the hexagonal symmetry and color of the natural emerald. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 4.-Speakers have been named for the Farmers' Institute to be held in the Grand Theatre Thursday, February 24. On the program will be Harry H. KaufTman, cxtcnson specialist in poultry husbandry, whose subject will be "Taking the Hazard Out of Poultry Raising"; Dr. R. L. Watts, dean of the school of agriculture of State College, who will talk on "My Farm"; Mrs. Portia Harvey, extension specialist in nutrition, who will discuss "The School Lunch," and Dr. Kenneth Hood, extension specialist in agricultural economics, who will talk on "Dairy Maikcting." There will be morning and nfsor- noon sessions with a divcrsilled program that will be of interest to all those who attend. Fifty Attend Dinner. Coveis were laid for 50 at a dinner held at National Hotel Thursday evening for representatives of the American Agricultural Chemical Company of Buffalo, N. Y.. in this district nnd their guests. Discusses Syphilis. Dr. James H. Fiscus of Grccns- burg addressed the Junior Women's Club of Mount Plcas-mt at a meeting in the Ross Tea Room Thursday evening on the prevention and treatment of syphilis. Carl T. Anstmc of ConnelUvlllc wai the guest muMclan and gave several piuno selections. Hoitcssei were MlM Knlherinc Warden, Mrs. Kcnsey Dillon, Mm. capital gains tax. They fought Fed-1 J. Lawrence Fox, Mrs. Rodger Mccral regulation of labor unions and j N'aughton nnd Mrs. Fcmcr Burkholder. liihlr Cla.ii Meet*. Women's Bible Class of the suggested that the fcccuntles and exchange act be amended to simplify issuance of securities in sums suitable to the needx of small business operations. Regardless that Mr. Roosevelt li' "horrified" by suggestions of a sales! tax, the small buiines-s-mcn proposed', that employers be relieved of socinl j R«l Crovj nurtc, cntcri security taxation and that the, Univtrs.ty. PittjhurBh, Monday to necessary revenue be raised by n j begin a post-graduate ODDITIES IN THE NEWS EMPORIA, Kans., Feb. 4.--When the alarm came in, Fireman Robert Sims was the first on the truck. He worked harder than all of the other fire fighters to save the house. A bystander asked: "What's the hurry?" "Its my house, answered Fireman Sims. Heinz Ketchup 2 large 39c LARD, Fort Pitt, 2 Lbs. 23c been granted leave of absence by the Mount Pleasant Chapter o£ the Red Cross. Undergoes Operation. Mary Angela Jackson, five-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson, underwent an operation at Frlck Memorial Hospital Thursday morning. Hospital Patient. Noah Shawley of Acme has been admitted to Frick Memorial Hospital for treatment. The United Brethren Church held its regxiliir biwincs* and meeting | m th» church Thursd-iy c-/cr.mK. To Tikp Collrce Courae. Mri. Eli/abcth I). Horptr, local tax on ales. The conferees a^Xed a personal undertaking from Mr. Roosevelt that business be relieved from fear o£ further regulation, j They demanded nn end to "unwr.r- | ranted and malicious attacks" on, business by the Administration. Fear of further regulation, they conte'nded, and operation of the Wagner labor relations act combine to discourage rccmploymenl. Those are the highlights of resolutions adopted here by a standing vote of the conference nnd upon which the committeomen today made their report to Mr. Roosevelt. course in public health. She has Saturday Special Men's and Young Men's DRESS PANTS regularly $3.95 to $6.00 Smartly tailored wool drew trousers in alack models for snappy dress- rrs and conservative »lylcs (or older rm-n Billy Goldstone Title ,t TruM Hide. Somerset Staff Retained. SOMERSET, Feb. . -- Somerset county commissioners retained Dr. Charles I. ShalTer as superintendent of the county home and hospital together with other members of the staff. " T O T H A T R E M A R K A B L E P E R S O N . . . t/ie If "all the world's a stage", how many parts yonmodern women playlWith amazing ease you accomplish a. hundred different casks said you crowd more activities inco a tingle day than your grandmother did in a week! / Of course, your many modern home appliances help you to do so much. 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