The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

J.TJESTU.Y, MY 28, 1915. THE DAILY COCKIER. CONNE1.LSVILLE. PA. t'AGE SEVEN. I So Voo'^S A Wow MASec-- V/et-c f HA, HA-- WHA.T J NA/OULO Vou DO / 11= TRouBce I · soon DS I carnc out of my dive t h e ! Hun?? would huve their chance to get | me, mid I knew I had to gpt them first and lake a chance on my wfnpa hold- j out Fortunately some of my first bullets found their mark, nnil I was able to come out of my dtve at a b o u t ' f o u r thousand feet They never came out I of theirs! | But right then camo the hottest sit' nation in the air I had ever cxperl- j enccd up to that time. The depth of | rny dive had brought roe within reach · of the machine grins from the ground, and they also put a barrage around me ' of shrapnel from antiaircraft guns ; and I had an opportunity to "ride t h e j report. i barrage," as they call lUn tJie R. F. C., jV uttle later one of or.r j To make the situation more interest- j fcjles cjimc out u f t e r me anil took me j Ing:, they began shooting "namlug on.- j lmcl - | O Oljr airdrome. Mont of my Ions" at me. "Flaming onions" nro P q U ndron thought I was lost TUB G110WI1I OF SMALL ACCOUNTS The Union National Bank takes a personal interest in the growth of small ao country. It giv«s encouragement co the young man starting in business, eve?] if he lias not a large amount of Capital. V.'e. believe that the small account will increase through proper financial inunage- PA m e n ^Checking Accounts, large or small, are invited and excellent service afforded. UNION NATIONAL BANK rockets shot from n rocket pun. They are u.^cd io hit a machine when it Is ! Dying low, and they are effective u p ] ^Icl OTJ t t] 1Q t j ' doubt, and never expected to see HIP hut my friend, Paul Rnn?y, had Good blood makes firm tissue, strong nerves, steady eyes and clear brain. Keep your Macxi pure and hill of healthy, rcJ corpuscles, a;ul yci:r liver active, by using Beecham's Pills, \vh:ch remove poisonous matters from the system, assist the stomach .to assimilate its food, and the food to nourish the ;ody. A \vond- famousremedy to strengthen the vitr.! organs and help to to about five thousand feet. Sometimes they are shot up one after an- I was afterwards nil right, and ns told, said, "Don't send for anotliPr pilot; that Irishman other in strings of ubont eisht. aod | ... U1 he hac(Ci if he n;is to W alk." Ami they are one of the hardest things to j go through. If they nit the machine, It Is bound to catch fire and then the · jig is up. ' ! All the time, too, I was being 1 at- j tacfcftd by "Archie"--the antiaircraft i he kneTv- that the only thing that kept TUP from walking was the fitct that oar own antontohile had been sent out to j bring mo homo. I had lots tn thiok ahont that dny, I had learnud many things; oca i gun. T escaped the machine grins and was uot to have too much the "Homing onions," but "Archie," the [ n m y own ability. One of the men In ! . 'antiaircraft fire, Rot me four or live ! tho ^q U U ( jron t»W Ti:e that I had bet- j I times. Every time a ballet pJag£3d | ter not '(ufce those chances; that I t , 1 O'Brisn Standing Beside the First Machine in Which He Saw Active Service. to cross the Jines nt a low altitude, flying so neur the ground that the man with the antiaircraft gun can't bother you. You fly along until yon get to the level of the balloon and if, in the It often happens that a pilot will be chasing another machine when suddenly bo sees it Mart to spin. Perhaps they arc fifteen or e ?huen thousand feet in tlu nlr, HIM \\n* hnstilp machine spins down for 'fmusfinds of feet IIu tbiuk.s he has hit thu other machine and jroos home iiappy that he h£s brought down n n o t h n r Tlun. Fie reports thu cK-curr« nee to iho squadron, telling how {)· shot do^.-n his enoray; but when th«- rest of the sqmidron come ia with their report, or some- artillery absom.itott balloon sends iu a re-port, it d .-vt'lojui that ·when a few hundred fc -t from (he ground the supposed dcac man in the spin has come out of t'lc spin and Coue merrily on-Ms way for iiia u!r- me, or rather my machine, it made a loud b;iug, on account of the tension j on the material covering the wings. Nom of their shots hnrt me u n t i l I was about a inlle from our lines, and then they hit my motor. Fortunately, I still had altitude enough to drift on to our own side of the lles, for my ' motor was completely out of commission. They just raised the dickens j with me aJl tie time I was dcscend- i ing, and I began to tliink I woald i strike the ground before crossing the i : line, but tin-re was a slight wind in \ . my favor, and it carried me two intlea j i behind our lines. There the balloons I \ I hud £fne out to get had the aatisfnc- | ' tion of "pin-pointing" me. Through | j the diivctlons which they were able to j ; give to their artillery they commenced | i Bbellinp my machine where it lay. I ! This particular work is to direct tlm j i Ore of their artillery, and they are j ! used jnst as the. artillery obKcrvtitton. ; airplanes are. UsniiJly two men are statiom-d in each balloon. They ascoad ·· : ta a I'-l^Lt of sevonl thousand feet . ; about five miles behind their own lines 1 and art; equipped with wireless and . ; signaling apparatus. They watch the [ burst nf their own artillery, check up ' the position, get the range, aud direct j the next shot, \ | When conditions arc favorable they J ' arc able to direct the shots so accu- j j rately tfiat it is quick work destroying I I the object of their attack. It was surh j · a Walloon »s this that got my position, ' ' niarkcd mo oat, called for an artillery , ; shot, and they commenced shelling my i machine ·where it lay. If I hnd pot the two bniloous instead of the airplane, I probably would nor. have lost my machine, for he would in nil probability huve gone on home and not bothered about getting my range and causing the destruction of.' my machine. I landed in n part of the country that was literally covered with shell holes. Fortunately my machine was not badly dumagHd bv the forced land- ineniitinie. they have not drawn the tngr i i eisurc !y got out, walke.] around balloon down, you open lire on it aud i i£ to see whut the dnron ^ waSp u a d the bullets you use will set it on fire condu(jed t h n t It coal(] be cus ,, y re . In fuct, I thought if I was going tc be a long war and 11 would have plenty of opportnnitlcs to | bo killed without deliberately "wishing them on" myself. Later I -was to learn the truth of his statement. That night my "flight"--Mich srraat!- ron !« divided imo three flights* con- slstlng of six men each--got ready to go out again. As I started to put on my tunic I noticed thnt I was not marked up for duty as usual. TO UK CO.VriNUED. 10,000 Testimaniais from Mothers Of children wlio Uav* succewsfniJy u*=il Mother (iraj-'a Swwt fwwder nui rei;u)£L- Lite bo T c n l i i i i t c d U ^ r r i i . - . ' - i i . c . . . trwy vroimr. M-.A f mjueatir brrr ; vk np coldw. C l - dronlik-cthitin. l-'nrl'.K3 ears MotherOray^Swtvt rnTd*ris for ChlJitrcri have bfwn Ltii? i.-ifu «i.:i ,-i-lIsWt; rt.-ni"dj in :ini? of mwd. iEnttie acver bewiiiiouta bos m the houpu for imao- iJiate use. AI ptifred. fiad a fi ]ong could fa bctweon K n e l l if Un.-y land, Hie other way is to fly over where you kn.nv the boHoons to be, put your hr ,lcs to ecta start before leaving the machine in a spin so that they can't hit you, get above them, spin over the balloon and then open fire. In goinj: back over the lino you cross nt a few hundred feet. This is one of the hardest jobs in the service. There Is ie*3 danger in attacking an enemy's' aircraft. Nevertheless, I had made up 'my mind to cither get those balloons or CHAPTEH H I . Captured by the Huns. I sfcaH not easily fur^vt the 17th of August, 1017. 1 killed t vo fluns ia the double-.sea tod mucii:ne in t!if; morning, another in the wenia?. iiiea I was captured my??!f. I may hare spent more eventful days in my life, but I can't recall any jost now. That morning, in cros^iiiff the Hno on early mcrning patrol I noticed two German hnlloon?. I ri-tide;! that as soon as my patrol vns ewer I wculJ go off on lay o\vu hoot and see what a German balloon looked like at close quarters. Hbose observation baltoois RTP used by both Mdcs In con June tit in with the artillery. A man sits -up in the balloon ·with a wireless npparr.tTis and directs the firing of the guns. From his make tnem descend, and I only hoped ' that they would stay on the job until j I a chance at them. S When our two hours' fiv.ry T?ns tip, ! Jhvreforc, I dropped ot;t of the forma{ t i ( D as we crossed thf Jinc.s and turned i back aj,';iin. I .T was at a height of lo.OUO feet, considerably hl^hor U^n" the balloons. Shutting u:y motor off, T dropped down through the cloads, thinl%ln? to f;nd the b:illoons Dt about live or sis miles luUiuil iho German lines. Just iis I oamu out of the cloud brinks I saw below me, about a thou- yand feet, a two-seater hostile ma- "tiitie (Joiner artillery observation and ii;:cetino; the German puns. Tots was at a point about four miles behind the Gormun lines. Kvidi s nHy tlie German artillery saw me and put out ground signals to attract the Hun raacliine's attention, for ground that I would be able to fly on from there, I was still examining my piano and considering the matter of a few slight repairs, without any particular thought for my own safety in that unprotected spot, when a shell cuine whizzing through the air, kuocked mo to the ground uud lauded n few feet away. It had ao sooner struck than I made a mn for cover and crawled into a shell hole. I would huve llkeU to get farther away, bnt I didn't know where the next ahull would burst, and I thought I wits fairly safe there, so I squatted dowa and let thorn blaze a. way. The only damage I suffered was from the mud which splattered np in my face and over uiy clashes. Thnt was my Introduction to a shell hole, and I resolved right there that the infantry could have all the shell-hole fighting they wanted, but it did not appeal to me, though they lire In Lhem through many a long night and I had only sought shelter there for a few minutes. After the Germans had completely demolished my machine and censed firing. I waited there a short time, fearing perhaps they might send over a liKky eho\, hoping to set me after point of vantage he can follow the ; j S :tw HK observer quit his work am! u. But evidently they concluded of his own artillery with a re; grab his pun, while their pilot stuck markahle degree of accuracy and at f rhe nose of his machine straight the same time he can observe the ene- uiowa. my's movements and report thorn. The Gennnns are Tory g t od ot this worfc, and they use n great number of these bollooOH. It was considered But they were too late to escape me. !! was diving toward them nt a speed of probably two hundred miles enough shells had been wasted on one man. I crawled out cautiously, ehook the mnd off, and I looked over In the direction where my machine had once been, Thore wasn't enough left for a decent souvenir, but nevertheless I got Bad Teeth Like Bad Shes Spoil Fine Dress and Good looks PEOPLE HEfiLlSENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Pasto Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases ."All "(3reused up T-'lth a holo In : at a young ranji friend -vrho30 en- tlre^otitilt was new except Ills pane- fturofi' sboaa. Ri^-ht cnouEli. too.! u5f thereto man or tvaraan a Ebitfaby pair eboes tTvaiUJ. spoil the appearance "the 'Jmost 'elcffant garments ever rnT Whacfabout'the'taeth? Dreea In all - tiiaoot if you open your a decayed aot of teeth Uveooas ends rltfbt there.' That's' a holo in the shoo Jor you,' fl both to men anfl worncn.' Clrla," una yonus: nwii, you loao hauT the admiration whicJi T^ould be directed 'toward you it you have bad. te«th. You )ym't T bo pleaatnE" with a moutlifnl :of doca-. Ton can't JJB -he»Jlliy Gitlier. The condition oJ -the teeth huve a telling In- fltiencd on other argunn ot Lhe 1 body. Had teeth nKcct th« inteBtlnea. Dtom- Gcb,'lieart^ and evon tho eyes- Modt- cal science ecows that bad tooth pro- iduce unhealthy condiUona all over tU« fcody. i(Vlth Gcnroco Tooth Paste at you* feervSco--a eclDnttrtouily proparuO pro- n-antlvo of Pyorrhen--tharo's no need jot faiilag' a prey 10 theae lllo. No zieefi of iinv'nfi a mouthful oJ decnyed (teeth. "Used regularly on a sat of enod teath tht deadly germs ba.v« little jchauco to enter. 1C thoy Hhould enter jXhoy can't e;:iut long under its thor- ( ough. deiuiaiiig' properties. As a -cleanser and prevcntivo of dlaeaae of the teeth It Js positively reliable, 'Advanced caeca should be treated by your detttiat. t/ee Kenreco Tooth Paste as a pre[Tentative. Ask your donUut If yoa should not pap all attention to your -teeth, · Ol course ve won't say our Tooth Pasto wlii cure Pyorrhea. It y o u already have It, you r dentis t la ' the doctor. Even if you are iofflictcd with his terrlbia diseiuie San- jreco Tooth Pasto will help you to a«t a*ld of it, -vrtth your dentist's asalst.- jiuice. But fro don't "\?ant you to con- ilract any ailment of the mouth and [taeth. nor does your dental doctor. A -provenlive is fur -butler than, to have to go through, the triu-ls Ot a. cure. Save your teeth b" Senreco Tooth fPoKto and the probc,bllit- is Uiat you (won't have to doai with fouj and pin; .lul. disoaaca. By taking excellent caro, 'ot'your teclh ypu may save atomach B ; Inteatlnal, lieart and eye troubles/ -·Talto.aH precaution LO keep tho teeth s clean .and da tt wJEh Senreco Tooth. {Paste, the latent discovery of SeJitnj teclcuce. Sample' oC Sar-reco tree if ya4 wish It. Saareco-TooOi Pextf,,CIa?in- ' of Special Vluc to Women nre vntH Every Box. thrcujjhaut the wrld. In bases, lOc., 25c. Thpr siiy tills y^a-f i« tho iro- ^ of Tcsoiablcs and fruiis, Do n ' l you can. lo supply ill a demand. A garden in y o u r bad;yard, if properly c u l l i v a t e U , c;tu be made to produce enough ^ vegetables for yotir e u t i r t fainily (iuring the s n m i n e r . B Also cwliivaio (lit 1 prar:- \ :ice of resuiar b:inlc do- posits. Your account is invited. This is tho only Rar.k in this community payi:i£ 4% interest on Savings Accounts. TO MACKINAC 1SLA.ND From Uaililo J 9.50 Round trip 16-50 Tin. ficli^hts ci your vacation D. 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