The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 5
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PRIDAV, FEBRUARY 21, 1930. Hi IS PAJJjt GUUKJJSR, DSViJLLE, PA'. PAGE FIVM Old Age Pension Bills Get Hearing By House Committee By United Pross "WASHINGTON FoT). 21.--CoMlder- «.W-e interest -was evidenced today in (ho hearings before the Koueo Labor f'ommlttH3 on bLla providing penslone for dependents o/cr 65 yours of ago. It wa?i tho fire 1 ; tlmo a public hearing; iK^fore a cangrcseional committee liad been hold o i this project, -which has beMi adoptoit by nearly every European g jvornmcnt. Tho billfl uiu'er discussion woulrl provide aid for n 3drly 2,000,000 ·Amcr- 'rans, accordluif to information irougM out lit th( opening of the hoar- HK«, yesterday. A nambor at w (nesses appeared be- t'oro the committee d u r i n g Ha first sit 'inp, i n c l u d i n g ri probonlativee of t h o Vruorican Association for OM Age Se- nrity ami the O-clsr o' Eaglu-., botli C whom proiw«K»ii a «.y«l-eui of Iio-n) · iid to Svtatoa w h i c h luivo adopted ohi- ( po insurance pla la Judge Fred Uelneaiana, who haa 1flen Hdminibtoriitf* tho Wisconsin pension law in Outaa:i!e county, Wi;., advocated th« peiisioiw a« cheapor tor Both houses of Congress were et- foptlonally qulot today. The Senate cont'nued debate on the individual amenclr-ienta to tho t a r i f f biH w i t h nothing looming immodiatciy to halt tho blow progress. Tho nomination of Hugh M T i t o of Teuaeir.ce to !· a member of fio Interstate Commerce Coiuiuibslon «un uppioved late ycterday. HOMER BOYD ESTATE IS GIVEN VERDICT AT GREENSBURG GKEENSBXJKG, I'eb. 21 --A verdict in favor of tho dofoi dant wua returned in the Westmoreland county oourtt early thte week In tho proceeding!) Instituted by Max Mlltar agaiust T Suiton Boyl and rs. Mlnta Wiley, ·en cutors of tho Homer Boyd e«tate. 'I'h persons In the cato aro from ticxttdalo. Tho case rumo up on Wxlno.sdav it Groonsburg. It v,a.i said that there wa:i an old mortgaRt- against tho Ken- din t property In Jonniugti avenuo for $650 In favor of Max M i l l e r md given oy rionior Uoyd, declined. on January 4, 1915, which lia! ru vor bouti H»itlt.rtKl on record. Mr. Mil «r h.-ui sued the Hotaer Itoyd ostato lur tho abov-p ami unt with certain Intercut but the and othor papers w i t h tv, Miller's fount 1 r iKiolctopjiers to vln tho award of he j n i y of Mr. ro aliUi Children hate to take medicine as a rule, but ever r child loves the ·taste of Castorta. And this pure vegetable preparation is just as good as it tastes just as bland and harmless as the recipe reads. (The wrapper tell you just what Castoria contains. When Baby's on warns of colic, a few drops of C.'Storia has him soothed, asleep again in a jiffy. Nothing is more v iluable in diarrhea. When coatei' tongue or bad breath tell p f constipation, invoke its gentle aid to ck anse and regulate a child's bowe's. In colds or children's diseases, use it to keep the system from clogging. Your doctor \xill tell you Castoria deserves a place in the family medicine cabinet until yow 'child ii grown. He knows it is ssife for the tiniest baby; effect,ye for a boy in his teens. With this special children';, remedy handy, you need never ri;k giving" a boy or girl medicine meant for grown-ups. Castona is sold in every drug store; the genuine always bears Chas. II. Fletcher's signature. P. W. YA. MAKES READY TO RUSH WORK ON MEW LINE NEAR SCOTTDALE ®- Corps of Engineer^ Located at The Mill Town, machinery Is Being Assembled. STEAM SHOVELS ALREADY BUSY ENGAGEMENT OFF, PRINCESS ILEANA BOUND FOR EGYPT Bl CH \KKST, Kurnaniii, Fob 2l.-~ Fro* f r o m hor pro^M- 1 orl alUaiu'-t w i t h Couul \U xaii'loi Von Kochboi'iv. Fiiii- (oss llciittti Is i i hei w a y to Onto w i t h lu-r i wither, (jtHMju Ahir.c 'J'ho p r i n t o H s ' t i l p t ' K g y f i t , echod- ))lri to ia«f tvvo m o n t U h , VVJM to h n \ o h r o t i j b t l i t r homo w h u r t l y Iwforo hor in.irr ,-Kt 1 Now it hi bocomu a con- A u l o Tnjurlei Fnfnl. (iKi'.K.VSIJUlKJ, 1'ob ','!.--Miss Tola Siiydc i 20 yoars old. ( a u x h t r r of Mr and MIB. Vlviu-i Suyd'-t of McCance, near IjigonScr, died '! hursday afternoon In WesUnoroUirul Hospital from injurl'iB suatuliioU who i s t i u c k by uti automobile. Max Hers, i, p u i p r l c t o r ot a road stand near tho S tnMv( t-WtiH- morel.UKl county Hue-, U being held to iUtiou of tho corunoi. tho hous extin^ulsl LOSING HEALTH GRAVE PROBLEM Fear of the Future Overcome by Trent- VVJtJi World's Tonic. out colds that " causlit com- froin tho hut n VI I n t o tli toKKVi ' A l l l y opr-n air a r o u n d \ \ I i e r o w o w o r k did n«*t alarm ma tnuch. J t h r o w l h a m oit regularly, anil then «.a another But it did *ctm to mo that my lu'fiJI was nevur c l o w r W h u n my stomach began to act u j . I did «ot a mtlo A l u i n c U niul lM»?n.n v. oourso of t r c A t m o it. Somehow I t illd not Uo any Kootl. I f e l t Wcaic, ami I I ' t - w u i to bu aU tn a'tor v few hours v/ork. Oct a- .slonttlly 1 would K^t ! /.^v T h r ^ n ip^ils k'pt on for moults 13ver"h(ily «-ftld they w « r o dun t» n r t u r n u h. and yet I could find notji u« did mo much ffOod. "On« i'I my n^lfrhhors old run one day that he thoiisht alt if n i v M if-t t a m o from catairli. I Hci iut t l i f n U much of that "WtiHo my lie t i l was Ktufty a! tho (lino, It %\n! in-, stomach that bo I l o / m l me, and tt Ktl so u i U that 1 f i t t r c i l I ttould h a v a to K l ^ up my job. That \ v o r r l t d mo K r v u t l v ami I KOt so nervous I could nut slcei. which nuuio m u t t e r s worse "T. h.ut read of \V:rtd'i Tonic, but rogardod It us o. trta:ni«nt 10.- c . i t « n h . ttriil I dW not t h i n k ttiat v,n, w h i i t u l l e d tnt\ My wile ivas inslste! t th it I t i y It. F i n a l l y I c'ul. Tho r o ^ u t t tus con- vim C(t m i th i t r i t . u i h u t it the bot- of n y troubles, ,'or t i n t t n i ' i l i c l n o iitnly eloauid t h o r n up m i l t k l y M y ; head w a s f r e f d of Its stutil i»»s? I havo i Ttot boon M l / / y « f n c o t ' i O f i r s t t h r o o losps. an 1 my stom.u'U n \s' d l K t s t H K'j l fotii tliat b r l n j ' H in i s t i e n K t l i Sonit'-bot 1 v told mo \Vo ? I IN T o n i c overcame l a t / n i ! ) 1^ w o r k t t i; 0 1 t h e blood I ddii's i a rn !'o\v it do« it The K t c a t and g l o i h i M f a i t is th i( I t 1 j3 it, and I am l«'o milni? a w o l t mm a K a i n I h a v o lost i l l foal of l o s i n g ny job, an-! my wife « nd I ttie 'I'lppy Instead of iitirvoua n vr." This IK * i n l y ^no of vorv n nny st^rlo ^ or how th a rofn.irka.t*o t T n r ha ovor- ··ora« eont It 0111 t h a t « c i o i-^iuiid by inypurp UK oil f'onv oatarrliu! r o T i i l i t l n n s Ton m a v ' n f o l y tako I t f «.t»nun I , bowel, K l i ' n o a n d o t ' u i t: o n b l n - t , d t - pendinjr n f,'»ct t h a i n Uh p i i r o , rk'Ji llno I n i t u i ! v . i l l i t tli · r e ^ t \ o u »my o b t i l i World's fond* a t ( ' i n n . l ' x . vine lr»ijr (.V). or j n y o t t i o i f i r . ' o U ^ 1 di'u^; atoro, (\-Z£)--Advcri souu'iit. to Th« C jurlor. SCOTTOALK, Feb. !!.--Work Sh pushed right a'on ', on this sect i o n of the IMttaburg . West Virginia 1 tail road. Water lines re being laid and work being rus'i-ed to get the larijt' steam shovel 'ha was inovtul Pupsday to tho Chal i 1 ridgo on the Kfiyctlo county side, abo it f o u r miles irom Scottdale to work. It is expected that ui other shovel finally as large will prr ve toiiay and work will be begun In ea ue?t on this part of the lino A force ot 22 civil e iglneers lias taken up headquarters t the Amzt J a r r e t t property in M rkot street They are usin^ tho bulldi IK for llvlnj 1 q u a r t e r s ,is well as tor i ratling pur- noses. II. B. Stono, ret id nt onginoei, la in charge, Soon it is expected t! it the concrete mixing; plants \vi!l 10 set up on one of Sc-ottdale's sit-In 1 s and that thiy w i l l tx put to v o i i , and I hi 1 concrete hauled to the 'ir! es that Will be built as a part ot tin line. Make Perfect ^fct ord. Eleven d e p a r t m e n t s ct t 10 ScoKdalo district of tho W e B t m t r e uid County Sunday School scored iO t»er cant in their work dm ng tin 1 pii,t mouth. R, F. t)arsi0 is tl . pri-«ulfnt. IlehoBisp 1'or PI iy. Mrs. E. M. S. Pyle'B dh slon of tho Woman's Mibslonary {?oc aty of the United Brethren C'hurcl: is holding re- neaTsals for a play tha 1 w 11 be iu the church, Fire at Everson The Bverson tire de;«u tmcnt (·ill led out at 3 o'clock ycsterda morning by a flro in a d( ubla frame Iious-o tn Railroad street The fir- destroyed the- one end of betoro the flremeu could tho /lames. Bridge Party. Miss Prances Bell enter aiaed hei bridge club at her home m "Wa'nu street last evening. Two tables of cards were brought into p ay during tho evening, iUri. Wise Hostes -. Mrs. Frank "Wise of Louc tee avenne ^vas hostess to the Missionary Society of Tnnity Kelormed Chui «h at its regular business and social meeting last evening. With Mrs. Crowe, Mra. John C. Crowe of W. Inut avenue was hostess last evonl ig to the Woman's Missionaty Soriet v of tho Christian. Church at Its m o n t h l y meeting, Jiew President in Chorgre. Tho Baptist Missionary So -iety met at tho church last everulng. I lisa Kate Lowe, the newly elected ] reidoat, presided. Sunday School Board. L. V. Smith was host to th * Sunday school board of the Methodis Episcopal Church at its regular met ting last evening. CUb Guest Night. Monday night will be gut it night at tho Monday Music Club, t vo meeting to be held in the Fret, byterian Church. Mra. II. Jf. Grantb mi will hava charge of the program Those taking part will be guests of i He club. A social hour w i l l follow the i rognun. Othor Mows. Mr. and Mrs. "Wilmer "WeTy announce tho birth of a daughter at the homo of Mra, Joseph R. Lo icka in r.roadwuy. This is the first aby in the family. Mrs. "iVerry bef re her marriage was Miss Clara Loui ks, George U'Roark is In a Ol veland hospital, w h e r e he will undt go an operation. Mrs. O'Roark aiu their I bun, J. I)., are at Cleveland, at the bedside of Mr. O'Roark. A blood tratiblubion was necessary ou V ednoB- day to luivo Mr. O'iloark gaiu s reiigth for tho operation. The bloo i was given by* his son, Mrg, O'Ri ark Is tho guct.1 at Airs, W, I!, Hush w h i l e in Cleveland. Mrs, was u, oruier lONldont of Scottdjtle, An iugatherins; was held la t evening at the home of Mrs. E. K Lead- ura lu Mulberry street. This vas nu of thu division of the W man's t tSoclul.^ y£ tha Queeisi of Sweden Rejorted Seriously 111 Queen Vlc»ria of Sweden U »*ri- ously ili at her villa near Rome, Italy. Her condition has taken a smidCTi tun for th» worse, nccoid- Ing to dusp lichen from abroad. It in i*id that sho is havinp*tiifficuHy j in brcftthfig. King Guatav o f j Sweden ia a constant bedside at-j teiulant Brethren C'h irrh, in rhargp. of ^\Trs. B AI S I* c. A Mocul hour, \ s i t h refreblnueutf., followed I ho ingat.iei- ing. Layton I/AYTON, i?eh. 21--Mra. Margaret Stauffer w \iiitine hot- brother, I lorry Sechrist of Victoria, Mrs Jeromo Glancy ani Mre J, JD, Druinni epont Saturday in Pittsburg attending a play, A Kx)i atteidance of mombera and soveial guesis woro present at the regular monthly meeting of tbo Ladies' Aid Society at the home of Mrs. J. W. Stlnimol. Fol owing the usual devotional opening scrvico a short program of readings and music waa given. Mrs. O. "W. "Wiiley and Mrs, I/awronc© Gardner were adn ittei to membership. Decorations wore appropriate to tho season. An elal orato lunch was served by th-e hoetesa, daughter, Gertrude, and niece, LIU an Waterman. Misses Friedt and Lavaughn Willr? aro sending tie week with their sister, Mrs. Bobart Welling, at Grind-stone. A Lincoln and Washing-ton Birthday program was presented at the echool today. Among thoee who spent Sunday with rolativee here ware Mrs. Etta Forsythn and Elmer Hyaa of VersaileB; H. K. Edwards of McKeesport and Raymond Willey ot Pittetur?. Miss Cora Leijjhty of Dickeroon Run Is spending tho week here with hor sister, Mrs, F-el Baldwin. Miss Agnes R^an entertained about 20 frtenda at 6 )0 Saturday evening. Four tables wer In play, Mra. Ivan Wilson and Joseph Glancy won high prices and Mise Ruta Moyles the cou- solatlon prize, Mrs. William Baldwin of Councils- vllle vieited her nlecs, Mrs. Charlee Fiahor, this wee-k. Mrs. BaldTirin, a 'ormer resident, who has been at the reason Sanita"ium for several months, is improving rapidly. Mies Ruth MUoletou of Hyndman ie visiting her al/iter, Mrs. 'William Jrowor. Tutronizo thoso wtse» adr«rtl««. Victor Radios Monthly Payments GEO. W. CARROLL SILK SCARR5 $1 .00 Women'R a n d mi ses' pleated Silk Scarfs, lew combination colors. (Nelson's) This Is bluck panama --Just one of the many of Its type. Note the fashionable up-stooped b r i m . Flattering to the youth face, 13.93 A tight-fitting hit of braided stmw. For tho woman who pre- fora tho turban ntyle. One of tho many brightly colored models. B8.85 Everybody's Store 121 N. Pittsburg St. Special Purchase! Tots' Frocks Every One Vat-Dye--Washable--Fs st Color! A purchase of frocks that are enough to gladden the heart of any mother! Just pop them into the water --and see them, come out bright and clean! Sixes 1 o 6. J^ong-wa isted models . . . suspender models . . . . sleeveless or short sleeves . . . every dainty style. Dimity, prints, v o i l e , broadcloth, and batiste! With or Avithoot panties. Jackets, Bows and Caplets Smarten New Frocks What'.? new? This question is fully answered in this collection of smart new arrivals which reveals one stunning new style after another, The jacket therae is immensely important and adaptable to many occasions--the cape- let is a dominant influence--bows and tabs are cleverly employed Artistic, small patterned printed crepes-lovely floral chiffons--plain silk crepes and chiffons--a spring landscape of new shades--. women's and misses' sixes from 14 to 44. Straw-and-fe2t -- always a pojmlar combination. Tho severe lift on the left ftde of the fact is zno dined by the graceful drape on tho right. $3-95 Women's New Spring Neckwear 98c Collar and cuff sets and new jabots--in lace and combination laoe a n d georgette. (Nelson's) Infant's Wear $1.24 $1.00 25c 33c 19c CLEARANCE SALE Greater Values for Saturday! 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(Nol son's)

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