The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 28.1918. THE DAELT COURIER, CONNELiSVILLB, PA. PAGE FIVE. v NEWS OF 1 HE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Town Easily Goes Over the Top in lied Cross War Fund Drive. TOTAL REPORTED HERE $30,000 their Church street and 'Walnut street home on Friday afternoon. FMU ieatc Saturday. Four more men have been ordered to lie sent by thi local board on Sat- I | nrday next. The train leaves Con- j I nellsville at 4.30 o'clock. The per|sons who will go are Carl Sabota, Crabtree; Frank Egnechack, Mount Pleasant; Harold IT. Null. Youngstown, and Lewis Karnisky, R. F. D., Latrobe. For titc Bed Cross. Mrs. A. E. Cameron, a sip-ter o£ Mrs. John Freed , who is here visiting from Toronto, Can., sang at the Presbyter- jian church as well as at the Grand Children Cry for Fletcher's Added to This is S26JOOO From Scott- ,°I era bouse Sunday evening, and will ",., . . \^ ... , ., 'gnt a sacred recital in the Re-Umon dale, -\15iiuh ,s an AoxiDsrj U tiie · Preibytorian chllrch n - cxt Sunday -j. Mount Pleasant CUaptor; rriest , teruoon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Cameron, Says i'irst 3lass; Class J'lft)' Uitin. 'yrfio has a rich contralto voice, will _ jbe assisted by Pro!. J. H u n t e r Qam- Mount Pleasant chapter has gone over tbe lop in the second Hed Cross War Fund drive. Tte a uouat hand and pledged horn Mount Pleasant totals $30,000. The Stottdale ' auxiliary reports to the committee cask on hand and pledges 10 be credited the .Mount Pleasant chapter oC $2G,000, maUing a grcjid total of $50,- bles and Miss Adeline Ramsey. No admission %vill be charged but a silver offering will -be taken The proceeds \vill be given to the local Red ,,, ! Cross chapter. Students' HceiUiI. A students' recital will be held at the Institute on next Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Fine Attendance Hccorus. The school of Miss D«la DeVatlx on 000. : StepheTlrkwnght .nd hf. com- funtar HU1 dosed Friday ,-,th an at- mlttte expect to complete every detail ! tendance rccorfl of 9, per cent lor the te P ^ and the followmg students The Kind Ton HaTe Always Boajrht has borne tlio signature of CHUM. H. Fletcher, and has been made under his personal supervision for over SO yeiirs. i AJUxny no ouo to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-jjpod" are but experiments, und endanger tlio health ol Children--Experience against JEjxperiment. Castoria is a harmless sulistiiate for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothinf? Syrnps. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. For more than thirty yours it has been in conotniit u'se fortho rcllel ot Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and IMurrhoea; allayhiff Fevcrisjiuess arising tberefrom, and by refpilatinir the Stomach and Bowels, aids tUe as- sbnU.irion of Food; priviiifr healthy and natural sleep. Tlio Children's Panacea--Tlic Mother's,Friend, The Kind You Have Always r Bears the Signature of Blair Suter. in a week's time and make a complete j P*f l TM°TM » ad * e following students who dirt not miss a day during the Holds First Mass. crm: Hei en Frum. AJrretta Porch. Rev. Thomas McPberson on Sunday 'Sf°. rs l B ' UnIr ' Jnmes Proud and morning said his first TCILSS at St. Joseph's church here after being ordained at St. Vincent's on Saturday. Father .McGerey of \\ilkinsburg preached tho sermon. Fathei Demorest of the Homewood district was the deacon. Nine seminarians from St. Vincent, chums of Rev. McPhcrsou, . , ,, , , . , . . ,, served at solemn high mast. Follow- Is Opinion of P.ibUc Sjcnw Conra.s- j ing the mass a ban.cjuct was served] _"«» Ki'Iamo to (.us 1'cposit jXo Doubt Abmtl I'nrty Supporting Iii.ii- Dcspito His Oppci-illnn 1o Miss Lorna Shepler of Monessen. is visiting Mrs. J. Ji. Walker. MUST CONTINUE SERVICE In Use For ©ver DEMOCRATIC PARTY ffl PENNA. IS "WET" SAYS In St. Joseph's hall to S' 1 persons, i A public utility corporation - may , friends of Rev. McPherson. by tho la- ! not discontinue service w h i l e it re- 1 dies of the L. C. B. A. Afte.' the ban- tains any part of a deposit required "duet a musical program arranged by i ^ Lime of service is inaugurated, says the Sodality was sivon. ! t b e decision of the Public Service CIas I*1ay. j Commission in regard to tlie $10 de- The class of 391S mider the direc- po:-it rcqairtjd by the Fayette County tion of Mis* Francis K. Eoate g a \ e j G a s company whirh deposit :s declar- its annual class play, "Cla-m A l l o w - . eJ to be unjust and u n f a i r "In case of delinquency, {company should c.ppiy such portion o patron'? deposit as is necessary to ; l i q u i d a t e the b i l l , and it may at tho same unie reqii'rr ihat the deposi* he original amount," "If the deposit Katliicaiiun Amcnilmt-nt. Philadflpuia sperlal to tin- judges of the common pleas courts of 11 he state to excuse Tarmors and farmers' helpers from jury duty so far a.-i Ms possible. licporfs from 'he various t I count:f»a indicate tna: about .hundred f;irm workers are at prci-nnLj iirpaneltd for jury service and in som 0 j cases iboy are reported to be the o n l y ] larm workers available for work | tboir r G - w r t i v c farms. AH the plant-! P i t t s - i j n g scar,oti is now at band, farm h e l p i ed." in the Grand opera h..use last I evening to a large and appreciative | audience. Tho following wore in t h e i cast of characters: - C h a i l e s Williams, Naomi llhortei. Call iiuder, Sara Smith, Lillian Gregory. Ralph i restored to the Fox, Harry Ramsey, Mary Gagliano. , says the opinion. fannme duruw: all ot a^riculiural SL-'KOHP w h i c h occur several period.'- of Ihe year. Lloyd Harrer Lottie Klimowski, Mil( not restored by the iime it lias bed-red Gaffncy. Joseph -Niczc,* da. Mary come comph-tcly ab^orbod. service may be disrontp-.ued prov.ded that reasonable notice of an adopted and filed rale of its ir.t"ntim pn to do h n « been givn. A u!il:ty company cannot discontinue pervice so long ap it still ba? in its pnsission a portion of the customers' deposit." Queer. Ernest TIahn. Arthur Swanron, Mary Neider, MargarPt Re;a. R u t h Bossart. Martha Sandusky. Evelyn Galley. Ellen Mullen · and Catherine Maniak. Frank Stohl. LaVtda Fulmer, William Lobingier and May Blnghaman. .lohn Beohtell. Th£ funoral of John Bee) tell, who died suddenly at his home at Hecla. will be held Friday at 1 o'clock from the bomo v^tti service? in the Mount Olive church at 2 o'clock. Emerment will be "in Mount Olive cemetery. Clol) Entertained. Misses Alice and Elizabeth Vnrrten j entertained the member? of the Sat-j Tho Laughrey 'lr-.ig Co., Connells- irday Afternoon club at a k n i t t i n g ' ville, aad the Broadway Drug Co., pany at an open meeting held at Scottdale, sell an ointment called San burg Dispatch says t h a t NaLiunrJ Coir.- j can hardly bi 1 spnrcii. In view of t h e ; mlttccinan A. MiichcH Pair.icr is 'he' agricutturji ia l jor shnr'agp. first DfiinoiTattc organixation leader In his appeal to th'" 1 juflgrs of t h e ; to express himself on tho dtsastt! that court?, Mr. Fulton su^ycsts ihat farm | befell the nrgar.iratioa forces in iii*;' workers !o p e r m i t t e d to remain at ( defeat ot Joseph P. Guffey for iln- tannmc during all ot th" i'" ^ i n r u u i n ^ t i o n ai tl.f recent agricultural SL-ISOHP w h i c h occur a t ' i primary election. "Tlie on I;, construction to be ] upon tho nomination of ./udgr i l o n n i I well for ECAfi-nor is ;lu! a majnnty of ! the Dcmociats are 'we!.* " said Palmer. Tbur.,- was no ckuibt. hu said. t h a t all tin Do:r.ot ratt. v/unld ^uppurt ,?mlpe B*"*n'iiV*pH. nnd in a s^ncra! way he ind'cJUd itiai, n o t w i L h s t a u d i n g the disappointmt.'nt of tho IIVCRIW, U-tuU I - B. they would pt-i ,'tlteinpt to hinder tl:e canddldate in the currying mi of hi 1 - Old .Sores, Piles, Burns and Scalds Heal Very Quickly Then i® the Dance! "Goodnight to Corn Pain-*--Corns Peel Off With "Gets-It," "Say, 'srlrls, you can lnuj;ft at, tlffht shord. or damp, corn-pulling weather, bi^* bumpy corns, calluses on the soles of your I'eet. C'irna between the toes, hard and soft corns, Cura thai surely does do anything it i is advertised to do or money back. { Thos. F. McOauley. Coopnratown,, Pa., cut bis finger; blood poison set ; in; arm swelled terribly; friends de- f mor ° tha:i a year ' spaired; said arm must come off. Sau Cura Ointment drew ou: water and dark pus; agony ceased; arm and hand soon as good as ever. tt quickly draws out poison from sores, fever »ore», ulcers, boils, carbuncles, 'cuts, burns, scalds and bruises. Judge HonniwcH's fr.ends are confident thry have t'lcctcd a majority of the membnis or" the new Democratic City Committee and have aln ady launched a campaign to supplant ;h« chairman oi that orKaiir'iitioii. The:' want a mail in sjinpathy with the can- caudidatp, (livv UPC Lin-, and by ',be same token will deniand the flection of a state- cha'rman when ilio State Central f'oinnntief nuds. Conniwell is now in t h o odd position of having n a c t i n g chairman of t h e stale organization and director t£ hi? campaign the man ho defeated for the uoniinitiion. .Josr-ph P. G u f f c y Iw, btun at'tins c'lahmaa for consideniblj From l l n r J !)ut " t n frovmf Intcrfor- e " c ' e vit1 ' riuutintr of r«rm Crops , An appeal has btyii made by Kdgai f. Felton. United States Director of Employment for Pennsylvania, to U Cutkura did nomon- than soothe and heal, rallies, ifchings and burnings,hringinj, cpecdy comfort to tortured, disiitfurca men, \vt3nicn and chi'dren it would ht entitled to tht- highest p'-aist 1 . But it does more. By using the Soap exclusively for toilet purposes, with touches of Cuticura Ointment now and then to soothe and hea'. ihe fifst sign of skin trouble?, you will in many cases prevent these distressing experiences. No matter what you pay you can ^et nothing better. Sample. Each Fro* Address postcard : "Cuticum, Drpt. 3T. Bo»ton." Sold emiywhcre. Soap25c- Oimmer.l25and50c. Vast Ascrtmeatr. of Brand New Co "The Big Store" is roudy with cn»rmouv '!ul (h'e j rsi- fied a.ssrirtnicnts of apparel for TriMrHoriit! Sew Apt»ar'!--!ho iasf word in sij'c--and featured a* "*Th' riig Store's" famous 5oiv prices {'··. Here's a list of u feiv of the things yon'U Suits Millinery Neckwear Boys' White Wcish Suits and Other Apparel Undermuslins Coats Waists Children's Headwear Girls' White Dresses and Other Appare! stresses Silk Sv/eaters Hosiery Gloves Silk Underskirts Babys' \Vear All Uay Thursday, May 30tii ecoration Day o Sncli IMny Hasi J^ver Boon Produced in For itching, bleeding or protruding piles, it has received the highest in- dorsemcnts, while innumerable cases are recorded where eczema, letter and | W'WWWWWW^MW^^ salt rheum were cured in. tic shortest ' possible time. Sun Cura Ointment Is 30c, 60c and 11.20 a jar, Everybody should use San-Cura Soap, it's antiseptic, prevents germ life, keeps the skin clear, soft and velvety, 25 cents. Thompson Medical Co,, Tltusville. Pa.-- Adv. --TODAY-- "le* AD Off Witii TKs Fteree Ctwa Mow-*Gett-It* Is IQa*ic." it you will iust touch, the corn or caltus TTitli a few drops of 'Gets-ll. What a blessed relief - i t gives to corn pains! You won't I m p any more ; you can enjoy tUo dance every minute. Then to sea now that corn or callus will com*! right oft complete, like a banana, pt-el ana w i t h o u t the pain, ia just wonderful. 'Gvtb-If is the bilges- seller among corn removers in the world today, simply bocuu^e it is so wou- derfully simple- and always works. Be sure you get 'Gets-It.'" "Gets-Jl," the guararvteed, money- bad; corn-remover, tbeonly sure way. costs but a trifle at any drag store. ' ' Sold In Connollsville and recornmend- ?cl as the world's best corn remedy by _,aughrev Drue: Co.. A. A. Clarke. Con- ivllsvilK? Drutf Co. OPPOSITE POST OFF 1 "E CONNELL5VILLE, r-.A. TRIANGLE PRESENTS POV.T:RPU"L WILLIAM DEMON D IN * "SOCIETY FOR SALE A GRIPPING STORY OF LOVE ANfa ADVU.NTURE. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND -\.VD UNIVERSAL CUR11E-\T EVENTS, ILLUSTRATING LATEST WAil NEWS. Can Be Saioii by H a i i n g loor Hat Cleaned . and ReWocked into the Latent Shape liy our Kxpcrii. ncorl anrt Expert Hat Cleaner, ^ hn :nafc$£ a special study of all Panama work. We use no acui? and guarantee all our work to be the best, K*t;il)Ushefi t ( JOG. The Ameficaa Up-to-Bate Sat Cleaning Parlor J. I. I'lCailtS, rropriclor. Ill W. Crawford A \ e , CONNELI.SVILLE. Tbe most remarkable and wondrrf'il picture. It has w r u n g round alter round of applause from siart 10 Imish and 3ias worked audiences into a tremendous pitch of enthusiasm. It must be seen to be appreciated. HiEllK WILL HE A SPECIAL 3TATOKF. FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN WEiXESDAT AFTEIWOON* AT 1 OTLOCK. Prices for mclioee for that spccia' hour will be 10 cents. This wi.l give the kiddies a chance to see tto Kaiser without coming at night or missing school. There IVill Be One Comedy Before EacTi Performance. i T 0 H O It K 0 tY IT'S A BLUEBIKD. BLUrJBIRD PRKELKTS CHARMING KLLA 1IALL TVJTII E.MOIIY JOHNSON" AND GRETCHEN LEDERKR I.V THi] FASCIN/TING STORY "A MOTHER'S SECRET" THIS IS ONE OF MISS HALL'S BEST PICTURES. .VLSO A GOOD COMEDY AND A PATHE \VERKLY. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. A UUKC Ko dibLharcc LtiKliL Tl'ei Ue, roolut,; out! pa.;i ;;o i.ii]j;?Iit. l rc--vcrV tlc"p -- f ^ l l ot foul hyvoy all laj . ".f re. I tt i jL3t a few C-M.^SO! t lie sen- liqut. 1 , D. 1). L\ !rr '.itica r.c. Swrtt, ri-rnahue ^!tcp u luc time, cofJtpJetc hf.I- (i'i'.ef D. I). D. :"*c. GOC Afk for 'J. D. P. Ux^y. J. C. Water St.. Moore. Conn.'liavillc, Pa. F0H BALE GOO!) COAT,. ORDER YOUR NEXT "WINTER'S COAL SUPPLY NOW. CAN MAKE PROMPT DELIVERY. PRICK RIGIST. CALL BEiLL PHONE 1010-R, TRI- STATE C15-W. 'CAP" STUBI3S MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS CIKCU5tSl\OCES, JUST THE SAuHE. By

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