The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE POUR. ·THE DAILY COtmrEK, CONNBLLSVI PA. j*"RIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1930. CUmtrter. THI-; com unit IUCNKY P. d and Kt itor, l87»-lttfl. MIIS K. M SNYDKR. ITcslUeut, (016-11*21!. JAMES .1 KKESOQL,!., FsreaiUcnt and G e n e r a l Manager. P. C BIXMUNPSON, V.ce-Prtslilcnt, MISS H. A. !OK10CJAN, Hi'crelary uul Treasurer. JOHN U OANS, Editor. WAX/TBR K STtMMEU City 1 clttor, MISS I..YNXN K. KINCESU* Society Editor, OF American N o t t s f a p e r publl»h**» A s s o c i a t i o n , A u d i t Bureau jf Circulation. I'cunaylvinla Newspaper Publlshoro Association. Two cents per copy; 5Oo per roontli; $f.OO p e r year by nail If paid 1" «l- . per week by carrier. Entered an secont class matter at the pjstodco. Counellsiillo. EVENTS G, VEB. 2t, 19SO. STATE'S ·VYY.l.S'AIlE WORK. With the knowledge that over a million and quarter citizens, or about cod-seventh oJ th- entire population of the State, are either inmates of v'Olfaro insUtutiors, or are receiving treatment or aaa stance from some institution or agency ol the State Welfare Department, it is possible, to farm a clearer coi ception o£ the mag- i.ituclo of tho work that is being done fur thiti class. It also must impress i lu/.ans with the thought that so largo ;. proportion ot our population is in neoi of usslstanef In some- form, and i.t the same time cause them to experience a feeling of gratitude tor the lUesainKs of good mental and physical health" and tho flreodora from disabling uffectloiis that prevent the usual gain- j u l avocations being followed. Tho condition. Inplifs an obligation 'hosj-in more vij.orous bodily health ;ire under to tuMll tho intont and npirit of the truth that they are Indeed ··hoir brother's keeper. Tho money nwoasary to crrry the ^tate,'8 miniatcrn.g caro to tho unfortunates is a v: st sum but it is he- uig spent judicio usiy and wisely and is aecomplishiUK much jjood. It is a function of *.h« Stale that should never be retard*J by lack of funds, and to aid in providing them aftould be regarded as discharging a debt to humanity. BYIID'S ACHIEVEMENTS. Thero will bo ;. genuine sens© o! relief «sjerie-nc'id h th-t- trionda and admirers oi Hear Admiral Byrd that ho and bis companions on the South-era. Polar exploratlo t have escaped the ·perils of their journey and are now ·onrouto to tholr homes. The-proat feat he has accomplished by having been th« first to fly an airplane,over tho S^uth Pole, in addition to a like honor achieved at the North Polo, will forever link hiu name -with the hjstory of polar explorations. That Jbo accomplishes what he sot out to do was the culm nation of a lifo time's* tketwmiiiuUon to attain these goala and was made possible by the ertru- ordinarj completeness of hia preparations for the journey. Ho far as wa* humanly possible lie eliminated all banco- from hts veu- turo and planned ita details with tho ·exactness with which engineers calculate the. completion of some great ·work ot constr ution. Americans ra i wo!l ho proud of tho distinction Admiral IJyrd has brought llU uat'.vfx land. MRS. ELI/ABE TH NICHOLS CLAKK. lOvon though she was permitted to almost loach lour score years, the late Mrs. Nichols Clark u n t i l quite recently wa.«( able to continue the contribution of. her many useful services to thf community and her 'hurcb.' and to iiatntalu an active interest In tho lie iC the community. A life-Urn?; resident she had been identified with many activities which ·wore acH anted by her faithful and u n t i r i n g rrvico in thoir behalf. Her 3ite was l u l l o KOCH! deeds 'and gavo au o u t w a r d uxpreasion ot tho splendid, kindly spirit b- which b-he was anl- jnatol^ i n - a l l h.T rolaiions. A peron who makes such contributions to tho in which they live, and to ,\!ioo( ititoresta they are dovolcd, are deeply and sincerely mourned w h e n the Umo 1'or their de- p a r t u r e !·) at liand. Admired and re- speuod bv rni'.ny loyal friends, and t!u object i/f tho abiding affection of tho iinmi'Uiato mt-'mbera of her family, jsho "ill t - v o ii tho sacred memory o£ all v.ho had ^o privilege* of knowing fcer. which an expert from will appear to advise tl erm ne to the befit methods in the treat ment of Crnlt- bearing trees. This if, o\ e oi the helpful forms of ^ crrvico i tat-o College, through the farm agent, i» glad of the on-port unity to perform, and one- iyn- t/erprisins growers are' is Rtad to «- ceivo. Somothing must have ROHO when the engineers of t 10 air nervu-o inissod Connellavllle, afiai 1 nivaMnK "P Uniontown, and goins a far north in Ciroensburs to select a p lint rn the air route across Western P -unbylvauia. There is ctirront i! robbing of places of wo Lho meanest form c-f illi IMS practiced. "When t thero la added the eiu ono ol' desecrating MICI oqulpmeut there, perao .such acts plainly aro l hence justly deserving penaJtiPi that tho law inflicted. be-lief t h a t l.s abo'U that can i this otfenao lly dcapicahto d objects and is committing yond the pslft, f tbo saverfst prmits to be Wlien Senator Harry J. Bell s-neiKa oi tlie loysilty and devc tion of volunteer Fireninn to duty, us Avellknown sincwity of utterance c in lx\ accepted as an imtex of tho gen uneness of his tribute ,tnd u t r u e n eaauro of !ua sentiments. taking over HajrerMown, Md.,'f«5.t ot timber, any expaufrioD of the Jaida, but it docs show tompany Is reaching extent is becoming a enterprise. It may le things for the local esi even if it does not, the: that comes from beii more f u l l y equipped u - fieilcl oC industrial w;l thJrrg-s havo an inoii a plant in th« a not moan. plant at Ado- hat tho owoftig- 'iit aud to -thai noro important id to largor abH»hm«H, but 3 ,'s the prefeltKe g ,L paitliof i it in \ grotvins vity. All such act bonelit lot ' The West Side's rot ribution t0 the student trafiic fores w t!l augment the excellent srvtee the nemlwrs af the Fire Department hav long supplied in guarding the sr,ho I children t'mtn the dangers t the stioet crossingH. Disappomtm ml Is Felt Over Turn at London Conference Due to Our DecllJ atJon to (live Uurope (jimiuntoe »i' Support ii War. i LMCOMllTAX 1'ruvolhig To obt.uii ilnliiction for traveling e.sp«nSei-, w l ' u l i torui an Important Item In tlu i ' n")s of many taxpayere, certain u . M i i . t 'ons muet be obxers-eei. The t a \ i ' d \ i - required to attach to Ills r e t u r n a c lateuKWtt showing the nature ot l - u - r i o h s in which engaged, number ot dn s away from homo during taxable y « a r on ucoount of buei- noset, total an ount of expenses inai- dental to nu'.ij» and lodging whsle ab- bout from hour o on busiueett, ani total amount of "oihpr {vxpem.te incuietita] to travel «o! cUintcd ns deduction," Aruoug tho "other expensca" are t i p s , w h i h a 1 IN held to bu a part of traveling o pt n «'«, provided they arc in . · '.'it Tnuelms; os- arc dt i l u i t i b l t - only whvn th^ H i p l« on lui'-mesb. They are to s=ucU ·'MK'i so*s EVti are and neexwia'-. · in tin 1 c o u d u t - t o£ the liuanunirf VIK! d»tctij- a t t r i b u t a b l e to jt liximplos arci payment for th» use a s.-ini'.i r i-om 01 f h o hire of v r ; i. '· -! ;u \ -.' i.g cii Tito yr.icnvbKivwt^iis \t ?he fruit f rovr*"! 1 ** at I 1 ', \ o t t f t (H"i«ntv f t itluslrat- td b \'nf- :ivr i ius;oin-' l nis rp.ido for A f . 1 ' i U U i i . in M i « i r inwr«"*t »i By DAVID T (Copyrlglit 1930 b j The Courier.) WAiJHlNGTON, V b. 21.--There is no conceaHtvg tho dls ippotntnMMit h«re o\or tho turn of affa i-a ;tt the L«ndon. Xaval Conf0ronc«. The downfall of th Tardieu cabinet cam* at ii time whc i tl« contoreuce ·was groping for a wt f out of its dvid- lock. The old, old plea that only America could show tho way out has been revived In tho Jritlt.h press. I n - sjofar as it was int rpreted to mean that the United Stut t niii-ft sign some kind of political SH:I rlty treaty it foil on deaf oarf hor-3. kn,j.tor Robinson in his speech on W ilne^lay di.sps«.d of the suggestion si ounarily. It tho United Stat/os la to ign any tr««.ty it will hare to be o£ he sanve general character as the J'a Ulc pact and only after a program of armament reduction has be-em aigr-e -d upon which nhowH a real instoa I of a theoretical diminution eC naval strength The dilemma of tt o London Coritor- onco is not uuexptu tod. It has bean growing ov-er since all the nations vvolemnly attached t ielr sitrnattiros to the treaties denoun :lrug war. If the treaties meant any htng, then armament waa ot Bee on iary Importance. The United Statsa 1 aa declined, how- over, to liHlicai/o vhat material or moral support would bo given belligerent nations in the «?ent of war. Europe insists up u a definition of Am-orlca'8 purpo»es Th« atraosph-eire which onvcsloped tl o K*llogg treaties has not )een carrle 1 ov«r -to tho Ixxn- don Naval Couforeaco, because from tho tlnte of tho J'Yc nch moniorandum in December tho v^wpoint has been stressed that whik the KollogR troa- tieo are valuable t to practicalities of world politics ctn and adequate die- tense. The decision to ; djourn tho conference- for a -week hi s had a deprosflug effect hero for it concedes that Die French external po) icy IH the dominating factor in world caee. Tho union of , thought suwl purp SOH announcod by President Hoovor ind I*remter Mac- UonalJ have not (H«U given much momentum slnco tl cy w«ro utlx^rotL In fact all the implU aliona ot a united fr6at for vorid IMM :» vrhieh w-ero con voyod after tho IIoovw-iMa«Donald 'meKjUtif? now have beou subordinateil to an effort to BUtii i y tho French poinl of \iew without r ally ixing willSnjr -to jfiTO liVanco v iy ff the implied guarantees that t) e iloover-MacDon aid etate«nient gas » to Croat Britain The difficulty, of oourae, is that an intoroatiotial conf roii«-» which might hav« its chief dc eKit"8 eliminated suddenly by parlln n e n t u r y crU-o« dow not inapiro count mm. In fact, tho uttoranoMi oC I' im* Minister MacDonald ropres«nti ig tho LabM Gov- ornm-ont may not bo accepted by a succeeding ml nip ry- Somowiiat a. parallel situation jtt?t«d when Pifal- dcnt Wilton "«.· ualb bigii-cd the Treaty at Ver^alll is \shich thf- (fn'itocl KLitoa Senate did lot ratify. Under the clrc nittauccs u n y progress made at lxp Jon, toward a reduction oE IB going to be 10- gard?d here as j ist :o nun-h gaiu-csl o \ u r what has t-ei' ned for m.un wtt-li-i an almost hopolt ^s situation What ia iKMXlod in ISuri p\ it i« bolipvod, i-s ;t clearing of the olitkjal skips and to this tho United ta((? i« unable- to rontributo j n y as ,lsta ico When au otncr Lonforovct y i t i t h e spirit o lAicarao in it la leld tho t-eoHnical 1rvb!«*tiM that arc LK-UI raised at Ixn- dou now will 1» tru.shed aMde, "\VSiile I'nv- fp*Unp Is so iu*w 1 at p^Astmlst'c today il is iiii'o os-i')Ii lhal if Mon- m l n i M r j GETTING ANXIOl S D/ingers of Lang Depression in Business Art! Ove · NSTSV YORK, Feb. 21--Julitifl H. Bjirnes, ohalrmftii, of the National H'iiiine,s« Survey' ConforMice, issued (I'o foilowinar «tatem«nt on the buei- m.»E6 situation after a study oi reports r^susbing tho hes\dquartor» of tho con- foronce. "DeUii od reporte on the business situation reaching the li;aIf(Uiirtere of UID Natlinal Busineae Survey Oon- firenco contintw encouraging. Bu*i- neas is on the up-grade ani wo are rtlpldly ipproeching the timo for th« ordinary revival of outdoor work, \chlch will further accelerate progress! "The *hock of the deflation In ea- (·urity rrice« has largely been ab- «orb*d la three months. The ii«mgor n£ a loag depression appears fairly viLh every evidenco ot early ot tho normal onward march j of lirlnt; ftanetardfi a.nd b«sloe«« pro-! grese. t "We o not need to detail the reas- I ·juring factors tb«.t became manifest| oven two months ago, because today IjUfiinef*! review«, et'onondsts and business leaders are speaking "with con- iidence and on a growing recofxl of business recovery. i "This improvement became possible! bemuse of the collective common, irons*, h courage ami entorpria* of all kluie of Americans, in buelncwb! and out. We do, however, used t o . oontinue to apply tlx«se qualities, especially tjr the next few wooki Careful plannirc; and cooperation can improve j buying power tdtl further imd r a n ' hrlp to roliovo itKiividual liardshlpB. J Three nonths !M a «hort pM lod in the ovoluti n of business, but a long time Secret of Inducing Children to Drink Milk or Eat Spinach For tfee mother who has come to liel!kc mealtime Ixscaueo of tn« continuous arguments over eplnac* or milk, these hints "based on «ood psychology, will bo welcome. Wo bor- rViw them from an articlo 1y Lila Kline .vnd Elizabeth Dexter in McCalJ'e iVlaga/ine for March: "II i child dawdles over eating or refuses to tsat spinach or drink his milk, several methods can bo tried: "(1) It the yarenta wQl ignore the fact t jat the child Jla not eating-, and contiruo to ignoro th« fact for several days, the clwinoes ar«i that lio will start again. For it Hie refusal to oat is an uttention-gotltrig device and faik, the child win throw it over. "(2 The child should bo toUl that be will lx denied something: ho particularly wants -- tli doa^ert, for in- artaiici; -- unlefiig he eftte Ills v«Keat'ble«, "(3» When tho child dnwdUw over eatin;; ·until hte Jood i^ ICK cold Io bo Appetizing, h-o should be glvn a stated length of tim« in which to eat. If he has not finished at tho oiul of that timo, the plate should bo removed whotlier or not he haa finished. " ( 4 ) The child's cooperation can some .imort bo secured by putting the ckKjtc in front of him and telling him that vhen the big hand reaches a certain poiitl, ho must limn finished to the -worker out of a job, ever if he has accumulated ravings. "ra,rg« bi|sim«s unit, are doing their part dally to nelp. Theral -oads, the pnhlic utilWc. 1 ,, ihe rt«el in 'uetry find others have lncrease-1 and B eeded up their c-oijstrnction plans. Reports coming m frwm business e*st» bltah- nienta disclose ;Ueo that thty gei orally aro following through the migj estton of the BuHinasa Survor Coot rence that nirtil outdoor conttruclloi generally can icet under vra,y tb f can anslst by aSvanclnff within p udent jud-gtn«nt all necessary ropadt t, im- provernetttB, bettermentf, ttc^ t both normal and e-ir c-rsenry ch* iicter. Homeowners, too, can iielp Vy dolnf; needed work now, «o that uve temporarily idle can o- carriM ovf · u n t i l larger programs can bf starte- . "American bueine^ia i) tarry ajf ont its pledge to make ev«ry *ff rt to create and maintain etnploymef t until i business roonaBntam is fnlly r gained | and the emergency IB over. Wage j scalee, too, aro being nviinta led to sustain buying power. One c-f tha most onoOTiraglaf; factore at th j PTK- eiit time IB fotiad in the fart, hat at least forty-four million porso « are gainfully employ»3d, which is t m million more than v/ore ai work n 1921. This in itfielf h!pfl io aspla n tho checking o£ thte bu«ines« reee; sion in KO short a tliat-, becftuse th se ten million addltionel workers, Darning higher Incomo than was pos iWe in earlier years, thein«e1re* fui lieh a huyijig power vrhlch " keepe fellow workers amploy«'d and factor jg running to servo their ne«-de. "Asis wide unoraplojmont ii imodia- ately reacts on business, md t ie niod- orn biiHlneee man, knowing tjs a, i« as aaxioua as tho norlser hhnselt to keep xiflenjployment at a mliiinium.' * Use of Liquor Disqualifies Men As Dry Agents enforccrr?. ot all people, b« Jaw obwervers. We do not hire bank robbers to protect banks nor train robbers to e"uard trains. It is Just aa illogical to elect officers wbo drink to enforce probFbition law«, writes C. A. Soronsen, attorney gea- eral of Nebraska. Drinking la-w-onforcctntart officers are Uve^orst kind of hypocrites end are twice law violators. Thoy not only disobey th'ft prohibatiou laws but they deliberately violate their oath of office to enforce the laws of tho land, l«.w-ettfor3ement officials who cannot leavo drink alone--cwt of respect to their oath of office and in fairneee to the public--ought to change occupation, It is not frr our law enforcement of- flciale to choose which lawe we w«uit to enforce. "We may have our personal views a« to the advisability oi' certain legislation, but when a law ia placed on the etatae books our duty is to forget our persona! vows and enforce the law to the best of our ability. It 1« Intolerable that any of us ahould assume to soepf/nd the enforcement of any law. Any humblo citiiwn haa the right io demaud the eniorcement of the kiwe of the land. In order to sot UB to act it should not be necessary for private ritiASiis to briuK preeeure to bear on us. Wo aro piocteti nni paid to do oar work efficiently ami to bo on onr jobs every hour of Uio day. We ought to do our duty without waiting io be prodded. The chiof toctor in law enforcement i« the official- Standardized Exercise Before Radio Not Only Useless But Dangerous If you 4re one of that irmy of Medf-ntary Americans who »lo slren- uoue exercises before the i-ulio each morning you may bo weakening your heitlth instead ot »(rength-oniug it. Thfa is the -warning given by T. Swann Harding, widely known Interpreter of medical science fo'' the layman, !ii an arllclu appeiring In the North American Review for March. Mr. Harding, citing the opinions : f eminent medical authorities to rapport his afisertionfl, declareis that an: effort to standrfcsc exercfee, etth«r b;- radio, In nofaool gymiiafllums or elsewhere i« perilous. Any individual's exorciao Hhonld bj prcecribed for h te wn needs aad after a thorough examination, h« holds, and most of as «r srcise too vigorowly aod njineoesfiarl y. "As indiecrimlnately broddcawt by radio to any and all who -w l«h to i n - dulge in muscular contortions as vigorously an they possibly can exercises are worse than oeelew, the,' are dan- g»rou8," he declares, "I say thie advisedly, because mas- eenra have told me that hey bare been obliged to deprive the«r patients of books containing: d Sag ran HI of exercises too strenoona for the individual to question, simply becatuse every American oonaldorH 16 no' only his right bat hie duty to pe rtorin the Costa Life. MAKSKILIvES, France, Kt . 21--; Because ot a kii,s that v, as t K vtg- oroiw, Uaptujte Baeeto will OAVG to upeiui the reel of his life on t ie penal colony of Devil's' IK land. Bapl ate paid a visit to hie fathor-tu-law w M owns a cafe here and greeted hlr in tho cuetomery galliu fashion, imp mtlng a Icise on both cheeks. But JJrtj ttete ac- j cidentally hit his fat'ier-in-i w's left, ear. A quarrel began whio onded when tho younger men drew his gun and shot his rolative dead. looting for Bargains t If BO, read tive a4rvtxrtigin eohimras of The Dadly Clourier. Holders of Insurance Pay Double Taxe* Abe Martin "(o) if the rctuaia eqattauo, o l i t n i - Tiate from hlt diet all iteme except tho food over which the trouble arises, If he refuses to ea.1 it, ahow no leel- mg u n d do no coaxing. After a sufficient length of time, reruovo th« plat«. Give the child nothing elfie to eat until tho next meal. Thou serve o small portion of tho food again, making i look appetizing. Ho is not likely to rU'uso to eat for more than a day ·or tvo dt tno«t if no fooling or anxiety is disphiy-ed by his parents." or Monsieur Brian rl conuv, Urmvgly hi- to t)i^ p i c t u r o , the i u i t e i r - u r o ri«ra?cl from tin? denths of il«i m a y be Aa an indication of tho of, tae American people, rjio Insurance Department of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States points ont that it paid In 1928 more than $5,000,000,000 for insurance protftctkm, a national safeguard affainat the dma- tatinff e-ffecU of fire, accident, disease and doath. But at tho same time it points ont. In a bulletin on insurance taxee, that the 48 states took from policyhoWere nearly $100,000,000--to be exact ?92,178,971. This levy was maJe on the ground that it was necessary to pay for supervision and regulation but, as a matter of fact, only $3,956,708 wu« spent on ctate Insurance departmentfi. The rest -went, for general public expenses. Out of every dollar collected from the policyJiolders, 4.29 cents were pakl Cor service to them. Ta« remainder, 95.71 cents, went to pay the public bille. The thrifty were taxed aa citizens and property own-era and taxed again aa policyholdere. They were not aware of it, perhaps, because the assessment was levied upon tho insurance com- panlefi, but. tho money eamo out of their pockets. Jfflus Ishbcl Gcfcs I/firmer Allowance. LONDON, Keb, 21 --Mit-6 Ishbel, charminp: daughter of and hoatese for Prime "MJnjster Ramsay MacDonald, ia leeling tho "phich" nt the naval conference.- Although she inherited a smuU allowance from her mother, Mise Ishbel found it too email to meflt the new expensed coutronting her in connection with social dutiea during the conference and had to have her allowance raised. Those who'va been a r o u n d to the jail (o view tUe " b e a u t i f u l ruin i n o e n " are almost u n a n i m o u s in s a y l n ' .lly JUing- try'a laurels r m . i l u ;e u n 1 tyven if the bovts wliu fai-t nit in l i l o with Ins c a b i n f d u c r to lie Trt sUli in lhal'.i i n ' i r f«.i M h u e .'tliL ;i ID' all git it I h c v ' l v t ! I o U ' ' I I , we 11 be i l c to pay Bnst of Pope Unveiled. VATICAN CITY, Feb. 21,--A bust Of Pope Pius, placed In tho Vatican library to commeinorEite Ma four years of labor as library prefect, was un- vellpcl, yesterday in the presence of ULC wbne aad hlah cliurchmen. hard«et exerclso in the book as, often oa h« possibly can." Certain pret,c:rib«l exercise* bri*,el on exact, anatomical and physioloi-lca! knowledge can be beneficial in many cae-ee, but even in individual canes AX- erciee should be taken on export ad- vliia, Ha-rdiug says in the North American Keviow article, «inl fie warns asalnat tho doctor who will dismiss a patient with a broad and unspooifle admonition: "You n»ed. more oxer- eise." "Intellectual fatiguo brlnga on phy- siexil fatigue, lost muecle tone and faulty elrculafion," he points out. "Then violent exerctee mu«t be avoMed and to stand children up in school and put them through 'snappy* caJos- thenke to 'rest' their minds te acleu- tiflcally the height of absurdity." The average man who is not doing manual labor has no need for great muficles, and they only add to the etrain on his heart, aad nerve system, Harding shows. For him tho aim should be only to keep hi« muscles attuned to his d-aUy noede. Mild etooping: and bending, etretching, and exercises euch as climbing Btaira, which con*e in tho course ot the normal day, will enrve the purpose of many who now subject themselves to brief period* of overexertton, he blieves. Four Perfect Bridge Hands in One Deal PBABODY, Mans., Feb. 21--An affidavit was neceesary to convince some friends of William H. Hil that in a bridge game be dealt the l.'t carda of each euit to a different pla /ur without trickery and after a propjr cut and shuffle. Herbert K. Reynolds sign«d and swore to the affidavit. There is said to be one chance in 3,000,000,000 deals that the cards will BO arrange thexn- eelv«8 without intended preparation. Lookfngr for Bargain* 1 B«cd tho advertisement* la Daily Coarler. Urn i Ckussiftod 6. .?*. ^ T5ieo9 ©xxEbcaed eoerytubere T^a Jboys o£ Use old«jb£ttne l .ArdL rich or ;,*«nr theyre csld and ' . . uxm thair ohoxe o£ life^ ocdoxm, cC the dd Jiorne "team., sd tbesfep cm beea "io Uano^ dt The d borne Taaai. En.ti ti or vnxm thegll olojoys Ixi The tious of the cMTtvame totujjt., TlieieD^Diesb creu) oiv eoxQci \o xne, The TXU.IS of Uie old licoue "toonx. O could tue cfll "bul Tneet once more The 13OU8 of "Ore ^d iiDiaa "bourax, Aad. spend, on. eoenroa at "Ehe'i Thie Txnj9 of trie oScitcaxs see For Representative Second Legislative District G. M. GRIFFIN Of Franklin Township. Subject to the decision of the Republican Primarloe, May 20, 1930. Your vote and influence will be appreciated. i New Spring Clothes for Men MEN'S SUITS and TOPCOATS $22.50 to $35.00 Very largt selection of patterns. Modetod in newest styles. W can fit "shorts," "longs," and "stouts," as well as thof.e who require "regular" sizes. You will Ind more value and style in these garments than is usually fourid la clothings at these low prices. For those who prefer, we offer a fine line of tail- ored-to-meaaure clothing at most moderate prices. BOYS' SUITS A splendid line for boys of all ages, selling from $5.00 to $12.50. All suits ot four pieces'--Coat, Ve»t, two iwur Pants. See these tiifferont lines at, or through arrangement with, our nearest store. f Union Supply Co- Sixtj Stores in Nine Counties ol Pennsylvania,

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