The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1918
Page 2
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°lectc!d president, of "the "Woman s Cul- THE DAILY COTTRIBR, CONNELLS^TLLB, PA. TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1918 ture dub has appointed the follow ing coromittaes for Hu ensuing-year ErSSraai-- itrs. Tl 0 ScSoonover ATiss. HacacE CUuk aacT-Slrs rrank TV ETClaspcr Mrs D K. Dilworth Mrs J B Davis Mrs llabel Marietta, Airs G L-C. Kicb- ardsoo, i*rs Ger rnde E Stillwagon aad Mra George Munson ' Home ECOEOOIK a -- Mrs 'W J\ 4J- : -lej Mra'^ade H Manatta Mrt J J Thompson Mrs Caarles Hirst Mrs S G Zimnrerman Miss Mary Kane Publ'c rlcatth -- Dr ls.atb.enne \V ake field: ^trs B B Smith Mis E C Higbee "Mrs CHarleo V ort. and Airs Joan ' J Butfermore Educatioa -- ^Mrs Frank \V Wright Mrs Mane Flick xud Mr 1 Francis W "Wright and Mrs S R -\she Cons_e_p5aQpn -- Mjs Warren L. "vVnght'iirs' John P TiTdei Mrs Paul Kamerer ^Mrs -J Clyde "W-hitelej Mis Cljdc Downs, Mrs J L. ·aCntl Service iteform-JMrs Edna JohnStonTJrendel Mrs J~N Burbans McC Hugh Shall* nbergei', Mrs Sam uoCNr Osborn anJ Mrs C TV Iitts ·Industnal and social, Cbnauions of "^omeu and CSild en -- Mrs, J B Mar ettiC"M-rtr|-James W Buttermore Mrs J a^Lyin Mrs S S Snader Mrs Fran^-B-own Mr» E C Moore Mrs E li ^lefzel Art-- Mrs Walter Halnes Mrs \lice iiiss Edna Bengel a -- il s C- E "SV ilson, Mrs "TJobert ^ Lciberger Mrj, William T ilmr Social-- Mrs w N Leche Mrs George Vr Campbell M7s William A. Bisiop- Mrs ft B Srim Miss Margaret Walt Mrs Emma Erbeck Mrs »_T_CrpssJand Mrs F O Goodw'a and MTS Karl K Kramer Music -- Miss E izabeth Mae Brown Jlrs Harry Williams Miss Ella B -«rs, Jltss Toarr Keck, Miso Floience ^.Goldsmith andXibrarv Extension -el "Taiiteman Mrs. Pearl ~\VHliam Lowden and -Spee»»l Committee^-- Milk and Ice-- -ifrs-W P- -Clark, Mrs 'Warren L. , Mr^ William Rogers and Mrs as Fraacis- Victory Commission -- Mrs Thomas Franpls lira Earl Vannatta Jtlss Kebecca fauter Mrs Charles Stouifer, Mrs ~\Iame Sherricn., Mias JSrs-Waren L"Wnght, Mrs J Clyde ark Mrs W)l Mrs J L Cochran Mrs. 51 H, BrpngijtoivMrs Margaret i^von Mrs Harrj Eicfcer Mrs H S MrKei. HCrs.. Bdoa Johnston Brendel M-a C Mrs."5;chn-Cwrj!,-Jr White)~ Miss Penrod in Nlntli "streot J Alder fer who res gned as a member ot the high school faculty to enter military service Mr Alderfer enlisted m the aviation service and is expected to report in Texas soon Other members ol the faculty ivno will attend the dmncr are IVed Smith C J StauFer, Charles Dikemau and E "ft Haviland Miss Georgia M Knight a well known oung woiaan ot Dairson and Paul JI Roland son ot M" and Mrs "\\illiam Roland of Trot er TV ere united in mamage Greenstmrg jesterday in The I/adies Aid society of the First Presbjterian church will meet to morrow afternoon at 2 SO o clock in the church parlor PERSONAL. airs F E Williams of Bucfchan non W Va. -eturnpd home tins morn mg after n, visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs P J Tormay The best place to shop after all Brownell Shoe Co--Ad\ Jfrs H G Batten and Mrs Ida Slules ^ere visiting fnends in Mount "Pleasant on Sunday evening ISoir need that ne» suit more than I need the few dollars I may make on it Order now 1 Dave Cohen, Tailor --Adv Misses Alice Connollv Minnie Beh -ens and Anna Reshenberg and Ern est, "tt iliiam and Carl Bass motored to the Summit last. c\enmg Spectacles and eyeglasses accura.te- Ij flt ed. A. L. Tucker Oph D 105 South Pittsburg so-eeL--Adr-27-5t Mrs John Biercr who arrived home last night from Camp Lee Petersburg Va for a few da\ 3 visit. Mrs Biercr expects to stay at Petersburg until ^ier husban3 Is ordered to somewhere in France Send the Daily Courier to your boy in the army Call at tfao Conner of flee" and leae hJS address Rate 50c per month --Adv Richard Robson and William Han- Ion of PJttsburs: spent Sundaj w i h the formers parents Mr and Mrs 3 J Robson of Eighth stree^. Green wood The glasses I fit are comfortable and stylish A. L. Tucker Oph D 105 South Pittsburg street.--\d -27- 5L Miss Elizabeth Gcmas of Morgan town is \tbitlng friends here, Miss Nora,Shatlenbqrcer ot Browns\ lie mveitigator for the Mothers' Assistance Board of Fayelte county, was in town today on. business One hundred trimmed hats will sell at just one half price Mrs J R Foltz, 330 South Plttaourg btreet -Adv-- 28 5t Mn, Frank W Wright of Wills Road, is visiting relatives at Buckhannon V Va Mrs Uma RovnoJds his returned to her home in Lniontown after spending several davs as the gticst of Mrs T J Smith of Ninth street. Greenwood SMUHFDELD READY Jod^e Tan Smari«gt?a 1HU Uelircr Jlemorul Day \ildrcss. Special 10 Tile Courier SadTHFIEED "Ma 27--Jerry Jones BoU No oil atteadul diiine service at. Jie Bapusl caurch Sundav ·nhere Re\ W M Ran delivered a splendid address After the services Red Cross--Mrs W R. Keane} Mrs Johnston Brendel Mrs R S j McKee Mrs James But ennore "Vtiss Clara "Fruchard Mrs Hobert W Lei _bergerV Mrs E G Hall and Mrs D K Dilworth Eiecotn e uoiranittee--"VTrs oan M Young Mrs E R Flo o Mrs W R Kcnney Mrs John Curo Jr Airs J M Cecil M'S i. G, Hall Mrs W, 0 Schoonover _Sr ^ R Clisper; Dr. Katheilae "Wakcfleld "Mrs Frank \i ' WrigiCrs Warren L Wright Mrs "WaUer^Hair-es, Mrs J E Marietta, Mrs- W *3\ Allea Mrs Edna. Johnston. Brendel Mrs~5" L Wilson Mrs 'WIT" Leche Miss Elizabeti Mae Trowt Miss "vUrgaret Whitennn,-Mrs^Thom as R Francis and Mrs W P Clark " On account of war wo^L the innual reception of th clatr was dfpensfd in ti-e Baptist church a large delega with th s year acd instead the mem i tion, made up of the Sunday school bers m* ycote day a'ternoon at the and Jie G A. TL, »«nt out to Wood- Red Crosi heaaquar*ers All depar*- i brfd^etown. anjj decorated the graves ments n orked t igether and a most en- of. 13 soldiers" o£ the Ciiil and other jovablc afterac n v-as spent. Much wari The Sundav school, which was still in Cession when the Smithfi^ld delegation: arrived hurried through iu service and participated Rev Paul .Elliott of Smitifield addressed tre oaaeinblagt va the chapel connected vuta the cerr-eterv Pffty autos and other conveyanceo took the Snithfitld people out The amfngornents have all been completed for tne observance of Me- pcr will "be served previous to the. mo riil Dav n h i c h will commence Biole stud}- i proaiptty at 1 o clock "Judge J Q -- j'Van Sweanngen will ^ make the ad Tne Italian 1and will give - fare | c,rc-bs of the occasion at 2 do p M m well dinner tiis eicmns a' 810 the M. L church o clock in MaOlaa hall V.est Me m -- honoi "of -ins lo Sca'ch» a cornetist IScnucs In Rcssiiu in the band. i letter iecentl received by H Q 1 Sancton of "WeLlellandtow n from J Miss Elizabeh Rupp enteitdlned j t Mott gene-al secreta-y of the Y the fattiltv of the Dunbar township' v c ^ ia Pans tells of tbe wh,'e- high scnool an 1 a few friends at her I a i JOU t s O f Re\ C 0 Hermes of Pay wo-k was alsc accomplished Mrs ·^ O Seaeoaover gave a splendid re sort if the tre-n!al convonncn ot th» Generarped»ra on of Hi oTien s Hubs V!d recectly i hot Springs ....r^c The »oe,c!y rreetmg ot the Bi s ness 'Women's Christian as^ocration will be held Thursday n fcbt in Odd Pello-ns Temple, Smith Pittaoi.rg slrcef Sup- home in Green street last night evenlns was spent m knittmt The and fancywork A delicious luncheon was served Miss Pnpp is a member of the facul y rue county Having completed ,1 ^ood share of war work m Trance he is now following up his, good w o i k in the Puisian field The letter fuiaish -.03 a good etplaration of the Russian -- {.Situation. Mr and Mr-- 4. J Brown gave i r tauter Su.iday at their home lu Vmtli [' Taket ScotMalc TesiUon. street Gr»enw3od m honor o' tins | j^iph Gadd , b bas rQslfcnetl lns po _ cer A. McKesson who leaves tomor | 5!t ion with V S Gaddis ot Dunbar sow morning wiji the draftees for j t o jccep t a position as manacrer of l e Camp Lee Pe rsburt Va Covers for E . occr - department of the Broauvvav 12 were laid \.mong the other fc uests Department st ire Scottda'e He w i l l were Mr and Mrs C J Me ves an ta] , e charge June 1 parents oC he nonor gucbu Mr %nd -% . Mrs "Walker Francis ah of Ccnnclls THjisou HOT in Hospital -vine A P loracev and. Sa.mli o£ R O -V Brallier of Dawson « h o un Da*soq and Eavvir., Kenrcdv o' clerweut an op rat on in a ho=yital at Teavor Fai's Carrp Lee io sti 1 a patipnt at the IK bovs o e l e *.oa laere al deoart xuent. £u Ui, LicOi school vsiU tt ive a "cacni r oright a he home o£ Mr and convalescence hospital son of M and Mrs E T Spasmtdic croup is usually relieved vnth one np jJicAtion of-- Graatul yftma^e Idtcn 1 -*. Fan 1 \E Koland of Co"neHsvill t and Gtorgn If Kn ght of Datt^os \\er granted ^ license to wed n Grccn c bi rg K»f^»-Jtlt» jii^jei 1 1 CUb Daict-. \ 1 t mb v\i 1 give a dv«x f t m "M^d-la ha I "\\ e t b r*e oii-hcovia \ul! plav -- Vd - Count Plunkett Snm Pern member oC tao British parliament is one of th.e most promin(nt of the Irish lead ers among the oOO a-rested in the re cent loundup of plotters bj tbe British. go\einment. HAS STllENUOUS TIME AoiiiOroi)*, 3lj»itt*bcs 4fTl)t.t Tlobert R ly In Ciuun ut Snu Uitonlo Robeit Ha who is In railiLarj ser- nce stationed at Sau intonio Te\, is rcco^cnnt from au iHnesi dating back, to \pril 2S labt accoidmg to a letter "written, to Lis parents Mr ind Mrs Harmon, lla/ or Tenth fatrctt \Nc^t Side Ha vas taken ill oC ton- sihtis aad on \pril JO he was admit ted to the base hc-spiul SJ.Q Antonio Later car trouble developed On Ma 4 he underwent an operation, tor the iemo\al of adenoids aad his tonsils Ue ^as getting aljng iplundjdJy un^il he contracted a heav cold settling oa his lungs As the result bronchitis developed but with c ireful nursing ho has regained bis health and in his letter spates he nevei felt better m his life "When he tyas discharged from the hospital he discovered that his do- lachment had left for Dayton O He uxpecU* tp be tao\ed to anotlier loca tion, soon Thp jouns soldier writes ihatv'b.e physlciias at the base has* pitul\aid his \v vs the most bevcrc tonsil opentiou thej had ever per lomied HICKEYATSHEEPSHEAD local Drner Mill Compete for llark jitss Trouby on ^lerauriaj Dnj Penny Hicho'v Connellsv lie racer ih at Sheep**bead Ba New lork" vrarmmg up for the motor clissjc on "Memonal Dij in which be v.1'1 com pete for the Hirknebi, trophy He wil drive a Hudson c"ir Hickcx -nas practicall eliminated from the recent U m o n t n u n rac ^ by L roublo \nth his machine MLSTLtt TOMGH1. Contpany G to Bctomc FormaMv Part of FeVmsjIvaina Uosorrt. Company G Penn«\!\ani% Reserres v,iU be raustcre»l in this evening it the armory » nd a!1 mca are uigcti to be present Lieutenant Colonel I Benton Long 6f KJdgewav pa will be the mustering officer WALTER J ADAMS Injunds su/Tered ID. a rd.:Iroad acci deut ^liKh. occmied o\er vo monLhb ago and doublo pnejmoma resulted in thu dcaih of \\alter, J Adams. oO years old engineer on the Baltimore £ Ouio wreck train for about 25 yearb this morn ng at 6-30 o clock at his home No l«0o Sycamore street Mr Adams was inju-ed when another train bumped into- his causing a store to o v e i t u r n n one oE the wooden coaclie^ which, bu-ned up Mi Adams was the last man. to leave the tram He never f u l y reco\ercd from. tJUe injuries reccHcc Ten days ago he coat aJld double pneumonia Deceased wab born, at Tunnel ton Preston county W Va. a soa oC Mi and Mis Michael Adiras At the a^e of 11 years lac caine to Coanellsvillo with hib parents residing here since M Vdains entered the service o£ the 1U imcie r£- Ohio railroad 33 ^^ais tgo and was widely and Cavorabb knaWn la railroad circles He was a member of the Baltimore Ohio Vet erans association* the Yough Tent Knifehta oL Maccabees an 1 the Im maculate ixmception church He j be-ed on the old borough coancil in 100G and was a membei of the old Trleadship Hose company ;No 1 of Comielhulk Mr Adoins wai held in the highest ot eateem b bas wide circle of *rlends iNiae-teen yeari, ago last November he Ttas rrarricd to Miss Katherlne Moore of Oil Cit who with the follow mg children sutvive "\nnses CoruelJa "\fa~y Jeaanette and Lvangclist and Robert Adams all at home Four sisters Mrs Kithcrine Kin^ Mis Ann Coslctlo Mrs Juha \eo all of Connellfiville ii«s er Ber onica o£ the Holy Angels college New "iork aad two b-otherb P J Adams ot Connellsvlllo and Michael Adams of; Homestead also sun-I've A. broth cr M J Adami, died about t*o JULTS ISO Notico of funeral later JVMES H S^flTH SMITHTID1J3 May 28 -- Jaroes R SmitL di^d at his home on Church | street Sundaj evening Hid he lived until July 1 he would ha*e been GC yea-3 of age He had long been a sufferer from organic lieart troable, \\hicti was the primary cause ot his death His widow two sons and five daughters survive namelj Joseph and John Mri, ^Malinda ^S ircing Mis I/tnmons Monaffhao St^Ja Martha and Mary The funeral will be i~om the Baptist chuich %Vednesda Hev [ Dr V, M Ryan officfai'ng at 2 P M j with interment in the Baptlbl ceme- terj Dec(-aaed was a w i of George and HeJen Diviiblies a worthy couple ot this ccmimunUj In infancy he wab adopted b% William Smith a Car mor of Mcbolson townaliip who also, Ofrned a fann on top oT the moun i tain m ueorges townah p all of I wh rh the sbject ot this iketcL m I hcrited at Jie death of William Smith j The Nicholson township ft.rui wa partlv underliid w i U i the nine foo ·\eln of Conuelli "lllc coking coal w h ch Komc vear» ago the deceased Bold lo the Gil mores of Unioniown ai what then and is up to this tune a record price for that vein, ot coil m this communitj ?2 700 an acre Hf d ed posse-jsed of tbft surface of* 1 farms and large coal holdings in Wes Virg nia 3T»nej Into Sfw^r Arraigned in court in Ijmontovtn Ufis morning on a charge of he lar cenj of $500 from the Sucre of Umbel £. Lurabcl dniontown Evans Hall 32 i-ears old told Jud 0 o Rcppert ne had thrown all bu $llf of tie amount into li Si 0. 3nra ConnnlsVloni (!. F'ovd r Hanlj dnifaiou ongmeor of the Cumberland division of he Balti more . Ohio Railroad comptn w l f h offices n Cumberland has rrceu ed a commission as fif^t lieutcnint in the Lnginee-s corps Airs Nora E Fosbrink of Connell 1 ! ville todav filef 1 i libel in divoice against Jto^ort Fosbrmk T ie\ vv \Q married m 3010 Tnc^u*^' Drrfnnlion Day Panrp Thursday evening cla=s as usual S LO D social D to 3100 Kiferlc elec trie fu.ns --Adi 27 3t KOE FEELS THAT BIG AT FIRST MRS 5IARY M Kev W i l b u r Iselson iastor of the First Baptist chuicb, officiaud at the £ui cral of Mrt, Marj Margaret Shaf fci held y^tcrdaj afternoon from the farnih residence in Johnston ave nue tac relatives a-ud friends of the deceatd attended the servicesi luterment in Hul Grove cemetiir HOWARD E DAVID Howard L David 54 years old djcd Sunday evening in vhe bnion owu hos pital of compHcation of diseases MEMORIAL DAY AT PERRY Service Hat; to bt Dedicatctl as One ot the I eatwrts. Memori u Div will be observed after at, UbUul custom at Perryopolit with Lht added feature of the dedication ot a coramuuiiv service Has The fol lowing p ogiara his been arranged Coi t-ie d v 10 15 o clock--iParadt staitinj, at tht, high «choo v th the following n line Cnil ^ai veteran^ mar J tl hand persons repiesenting- Allies 1 loan of Vic Bo Scouts boy and | j^itl c divisions and becret orders Graves in the old town cemetcrv u i J be decorated 11 o clock "Wat, Huston Square -- SinKi ig Vn er ca d^cacat on of war i «:eivice flag mi s c conim initv sin u I lag address H°v fc A I r odil Union | town music 230 o clock Mount "VVishingtor ccm oteo--M\isic by aand coramunjtv siiigiig piiade b divisn is rakmg part in be moimn,., PC s^iLmn of graves tdd ess Pe\ C V Pm^Jev Ciafton Pa Bat after yo i get the s ,vrag of it BS outlined in the free Garden Boolr the r-Hsbonal War Garden Comniistian of V ashmyton *ill *cnd you for M t , o ccn 1 - s^amp it is cTcsJr sport. LOTS OF FUN TO SEE 'EM COME ( p«Eifid "W irn »f( 1 « n s f KenncHh Ucrksline nd "'taliol J-olin son ooih o r M liojitov n a d Claitnce LjJlue o" Mt j c sdi p and loscphinc Curlc} H fook Mills, P i \ n, g intotl maiiiafec 1 ccr c^ n Cum borJand Hui t n.r B-r« i^ns 7 If so ra J ou 1 - idvciu is columns ( ylemji ^oEls ~Uiss Ma.i~i Colon tn of Hop wood i d SiU-, Nolls OL \Eourt BraMotl \ U I L 5 If m in jett vt-tc,rddy in tlie of P of the legisti," of \\tllia in Gice s burg Takf i Out ffi3 r ,\i,t T ieen*«c Guorge Mitto of CiObsli d and M iv Kilifut of. Hopwooc 1 uero a r nt c l a icen c e to vvcd in \ n i~ntov\n Si t.o-i t lee tt hypnotize you, for ne D«r bnttslion is right on llie job just trxjut iio\s Get a free Garden Cook jv 3cn3 ng a tvo-ceit st^mp for usl £C to tne NT onal Var Garden o-tiu ".D'on i nd cboie the ciicmy TONIC-UPBUILDER Stubborn Couslu ^eak LLBSS and Colds Tcj Eekman's Aiferaiivs For n n j.r» t a r ilciu n prf-parx tlo h «; tia ataia i n o r In r Jflt f 011- 11 I t 11JT ablo Tl-bU La $2 Size SI Size now 1 50 HOH 80c Pr-cc In ludci war Ta^. Al Dn gg sfs TUST , COW AHD SEL. Trie HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE !Z9tol33 N PlTTSBURG St CONNELLSVILLE PA COA.VEI.tS. TIME'S GRE1TEST SIOBE. You'll be surprised to see how much more the family purse w buy at this store and all the merchandise is so fresh , so clean and so i viting. Come and outfit yourself and children for Decoration Day ar save. In Charming and Original Stj-les Specially Priced at $2.95, $3.95 $4.95, $5.95 and $7.50 Positively the Most Beautiful Hats Shown This Season Pattern Hats X^rge picturesque Leghorn Hats, fine Milans and many other spinning styles to choose from Your choice tomorrow at one- half price $35 00 Hats ?17 50, $25 0,0 Hats, $12 50 $20 00 Hats $10 00," $15 00 Hats, $750 New Hats We have many nev. hats to sho,w vou 1 morrow The charm of individuality $195 Come see the hats and doubtle this will explain their individually D' colors sand, uaw purple, gold and ma other colors Choice ?1 95 Children's Hats Something new and something to be saved on the price--and today come forward considerable group of the brightest and prettiest hats of the season--they're talking abo So here goes the prices--49c, fa9c up to $3 50 Daintj Waists for Decoration Daj of fine ·white Voile, Springtime Cloth barred Dimities colored Batiste, Georgette and Crepe ue Chine, at $1 00 up to "57 50 Everything ror the Children. T e a l i L Belts black white or red J5c and 50c Union Suits con bmaUon waist ill si?cs 7Gc Children s Pansols 31c to 85c Children s Hoso Supporters 25c Ch I d i e n s Gi lers 'or socks )2c Cli Idren s I) andkcrch)e"s SL and lOc Ch Idi en s I ace 01 I avi a Caps 2Sc up to $1 J5 Children s Silk Coals colors rOoO copeu pmk or bUck Prices " jO up to $10 Children s Serge or Shcphe d Plaid Coals V 'Jt o v5 00 Boys Wafah Su Is S r c to f ,2 "o Silk Dresses. T h e seasons most tfnTtnws models a ?1 95 up o Slo 00 "\\ e have nt-\ er seen such beauti fill Dresses Come ard snip v your neuls for he S immer Summer ^ ash Skirts \ timeh Sale--Biggest assort Meats--Grcatis va it ^ of s^lcs at Ooc in to 5850 Size 2V.\, Si/e o\S Hags. 1 1 ast Colo-s $1 25 . ?550 SSoO $12 00 Si/e o\10 Sj e 6x12 _ BamtiCfifc 01 ? "^Tiai s new ° Co ie (o Dunn s and see T i e \ariet\ is tremendous crisp ind nov\ nnd ju^ enough of eacb to give T ou piacticilh GTclusivencss in ownership--a 2oc 59c and 98c Children's ipparel. f \1 !b di* ntv conccptJons find pronnneice here *nd our prices are e\e consistent \ ith t h e policy thai lias maae Dun famous for children *? \ caring apparel Tn J-en s Summer -Dresses s i l c s ibat Trc daintv *md service ah't u ojc S^c and ?] SO Gn Is a d ch Idren s v\ b te dres^^s =iuj nbl fo" everv age up to 16 \t. 1.1 b H « v o n i grod fortune r (onu ?nd see the Dresses at, 7oc up to f " 5 0 or w n i , e , t Suit Cases and Traveling Bags. \o doubt vou are making p paratiors for vour trip to camp elseuhere ^\ e have a most co plete and carefully selected line Suit Cases and Bags We can g vou exact \ what j ou want -- s shape and fcnle -- all at the fair prices Traveling Bags at $2 69 0 SSoO Suit Cas«s at 5225 up to ?6 50 Hosierj Novelties. Its in evidence in our Hosl Department The newest novel! arc a l \ v a s sho\ n here first ·will chov, \ou manv designs t are different 1o an\ ou ha\e s here heretofore at 7oc up to $2 per pair In suiiED socks for children ha\e the suits ion want at 39c a 4 JC 'Women s 1 isle Hose at o9c Colors-- -nhito Mac t and bro' Come get -vour share of those w derful barga IB Ch Idron = 1 isle Hose m and 39c bl "''artj i! Ieis(nnnif sic anf 5 Barnes \ P i e tbe imusenierus fr- \. v e r y injovab e paru VA* eld It frGsbrucnl vvtie c i v c d at a Situr n night at be home of Mnb houi 0 t o t o w n g tsts uere K te Ale a.*- ler a 1 Guu-arms No 1 and Vima Orl] t ( IcKeus, u honor of ne- two. b oihcrs Joseph 1 i Wcran 'ei w-o lua^e 10 th the radices and llior av, morning If Yon ITant SomrtlHDg Adve-tise for it in our c'assificd col- fo C ' n p Lee PUnsburg ^ a Mu jmn One cent _ wo d SILVIH (.RO Ol I-NS K i f e r l o = O chcslri for the f I iblic weddinc at 3 P

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