The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1930
Page 2
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PAffT'l DAiurr ccnmrarR, · J ~LSVTLI/'K ( FA. FRIDAY, FEJBBUART 2t, 1930- Attorney W. N. Carr Will Speak At Washington's Birthday Banquet VUornoy SS'ood.i N'. C.irr of Union- t o w n \ \ i l l b ^ t h e puncip.U f e p o t u k o r nt I h o i i n t i i i i t t VT.ishmK-tou'b Birthday Ixinqu-ot to bo K'ven t o n i g h t in 1ho Mabonio lornplo, Houth Pitttiburg si reel by t i e Comas Club. The ban- q u e t \ \ i l l hp served at 7 30 o'clo k. A t t o r n o j ( irr chosen "C^^orRO \Va*.hiagton ' as hit, subject. loiter in i ho ov^nliu Crird« and dancing will ho t h e divouioiw nt tho e-v«ninK. One of t h - oinelnnfiing -^rial orenls of I ho .vo,n, t l u v banciuot u i i l bo ,it- H'ndod hy ; hout two hundred gnoBts. The lar'jo I has been beautifully dccoratoci f»i the occasion, the colors :otl, w h l t o and bhio predominating, Tho a f f a i r will be informal. Out-ot- town guosli \ v i l l bo present from Tniontown, M a ^ o n l o w n , Brownsville, Daw boti, S x) tula It 1 and other surrounding towns T. 1'. .WISMOAIIY JHEKTIXG - H A K K E I » BY F f S K I'BOC.RAUT An u n u h i a t l y large tittoniano» «nd ,i fine proj ram nmrfcocl tho monthly me-etrng of th? Woman's Missionary Society of i h o PHrvrt Morhodlst Protest . i n f C h u r c h last niRht in th-6 church. Tht G i r l s Circle, in charge of Miss I M e r i S«i lop and MifcH Mary Tark- h i l l . wit, ^osto^s aiul provided the program for tho evenitiK Tho mf-etlnjr \v,ih opened by the hall-man, M.-ss. ,1 H Uambortson. Mi^-, W a n f l t a Yodei cor«luctod the dpvotirmals and read tho Scripture losson. .Mist, Marv Parkhlll led in p i a y o r A vocal solo by Miss Kusie WilllaniH o' U n l o n t o w n ua« w«Il ron- f«re(! \(i'b IliUld -Mivo Benford gavo ut'W^ from foreign nusslonary fields iind Mis* C athorlno Shaw contrfbut-ed n o w s f r o n Uic home missionary work Mrr- l^iimb^rteon was in charge of I b o i n t u x l i K tory lesson frum tho study IXH k, "From Jerusalem to Joru*.iloiu ' M1t«, Tholnui Means, Miss Hot.,! i 10 Svrink and Mirvs Kva 'Vodor pro«t'rittl a mtfsionary playlet, H - p i e H p n t t r g tho flow«'r box, candy box and missionary box. This wa3 a h i g h l y mter=*tlng featuro of the pro- nr.un. Thc» hmsnww Ression was thfn hold, H i w h H l i IUD-C. reports for Uio month v-pr-o given hy the ditforeiit circles. At tho c It (*' of the meeting a coin- i i t i t t w fro n tho Girls Circl? servort d « i n ( y r^fr ^hments in tho social room r! tho church. The appointments w o r e suggt stive of Saint Patriok's Day. The color* green awl white predominated. Own crepo paper, ornamented white shcinnocks, wae arraii)?eO ihrough t h e center of the Uihio. T i e sandwich-es were sham- roi k-^hapid Sixty-four persons wore in attendance. T1UMTY LADiKS' UIBLK « ' L / » S S COVEII-DISH SIFPTKK Tlio I.ficiea' Bible Clusa of Trinity Luther.i-'i Ohurcb gave a covered t,up- por «l tlK church parlors lafct night, it being tl«- monthly meeting. About .!0 niombfTts titte-ndwl tho affair. Thoro wore nuirorous ami vari-od dlnh«6. Tho table was centered with a boa.utt- ful cake, baked and donated by Mra. Chcii let, {. Stouffffor. Do(xrutiont woro in keeping with Wa»hington'n lUrtlKiay. The calco wa*, iced iu red, while and hiue, with a hatch-el nui- mounting H. Mrs. Stouffer cut tho cake. A ialk by Mre. W. IT. Hotrick, a guoit, T as a lo.iture of the gathering. Tho c was also a talk by Mrs. fc). K. Kioto, teacher of tho clasa, After the t-uppor tho-re was a short bu«iin-eMj meeting at which the ways and mfan, committee discussed plans ior makn g money and, for a hiked ham supper. Tho conmittce on arrangement*) of tho tdblof wah iiMuio of Mr» George Boibor, Mi*. Carlson, Mr«. Ifilla Miller ant Wrs. E M. Gross. MRS. scst; nosn-;ss TO J. W. K. CLUB The J i V , N . Club w,is enfortulned Wwbiesdeiv nipht bv Mrs. Harry Bine at her h ^nie ,it Brookvale. Two tables were uallecl into play for ttvo h u n d r e d Mr.s Anna Splitter won h i g h p r i / t and Mrs R u t h Priond, second nigh. The hastens served a dain- t l u i u h Mrs. C H. Pliss will ontor- t a l u I h e ( lub Wodtio.sduy night, March r, at IIPI iomo m Kant Knl Club U'oinon Will WeeU The an iua! nipeling of th South- n c s t o r n (Hst 'let and the a n n u a l insti- t u t e of t h e irtate Federation of Penns y l v a n i a 'Vonoti w i l l be h e l i t WciVnes- du.\, M a r c h f , ai t h o Hotel Sc'houiey, rittsburg Mis. ,lrhn A Y!ck, presl- (lotit 01 I i' fciUUo Kriieiation, will be t h i p r i m pa! b]«ukci. IMniii-r for Welt'itiv t luh. A ( h i t l t i utul wntfb- d i i i n o r - w i l l bi lii'hl ) n i i r h ( at t! o'clock in the homo ot viis V r. 'Mack, Svcantoro s t i e i M , tin n i o n i b t i - . and trif-nctB ot tliw l lub TKN TVBM:S i V. Of' An ou joy able n i f t l i t Wtif one card parties giv of Walter TO. Br Foreign War.s. in tho club HI streot. Ten tab five hundred, awarded to Mr Samuel Shan no C a t h e r i n e Horn nelly. The dv Afrs. Ro«'!ln. Following the was served by There are only the series At addition to the ular prizes, fw be given to th highest scores \ I ' U A Y AT C. W. (HKO J P A K T V SOCIdl e S P l l t Of IdBt if a series ot benefit -n under the auspices wn 1'ost, Veteviiis oi Tho lenefit was held itns, North 1'ittrfbiirg es w e r o arianged for High pri/,e» were . I V. Dragoo and i and .second, by Mis. an. and A. C Don- r prizo was won by games ,i daintv lunch 'he Ladies' A u x i l i a r y two more parties of ho closing beneilt, in (.warding of four reg- i grand pri/es will · players holding the or the series MAHTHA ? Tho Martha C'lasfi of tho Thursday often of th^ church. p t e a l d e n i , waa ing Mrs. tleri triry, icacl hor i n o l d s gave t b o ' J. L. Kurtz pr (.locals. Tho for officer:, foi appointed as Brabhear, Mis. John f.. GiiJis hold a food sa wall paper sto be'ighty as -hi 'ON CLASS PASTES ATIX4 COarJTITTKE ,'orton Sunday Rc-hool 'hrisMan Church met oon in tho social room Mr-i. John S. Bnos, n charge ot tho moft- ert C. Frisb^o, secrc- ·poi i Mrs. llfBo H*y reasnf'r's report. Mrs. widod over tho dovo- lominating committao thi eiibuiup yeiir was f o l l o w s : Mrs. iMary Tohn Hopkins and Mrs. Tho class decided to e next month in Kox' ·e w i t h Mrs. Isaac irmau, PITTSBCRG « AT IIELIG10I David Ohok w i l l b( tho pi i n s t i t u t e mix-Ui District of t School CommJ at 2:30 o'cloc fiust Craw fort) Ell pern is arrai musir-al prosrn Miss Miri.ini burg, Held wor crn District oi School, will g t a u n u a report, up ot tbo tea cnls ot Lht K district SPEAK S SCHOOL MEETLNG Pjttsburg attorney, tncipal speaker at an g of the Southwestern le Jewish rU'lrgious tee Sunday ,uf tern oon in the Elks Home, avenue. Mm, 1,. H. ?ing A most attvar live 7i for tho meetini'. Schoonfleld od Htte- ver for the Soutii-west- the Jewish Ilelipioua ve a complete Chnu- The institute la ms»do tiers and Bupprintend- B schools m t h e HA1VY GHE.ST H Largo a tut -e card party gi social hall C- l hulx;h, W«t mon oi the c prizes w«ro v, Henry Doorflo er, Mrn A. K. I Fred Jtoher, A Hltchoy, Mrti Margaret M u l l awarded to "\ Mk httol Am (kfletko woti wan terv^d a.t i A'Vl'KM) .:M-;HT ^AJJO PAUTV ijojjabte was u, benoflt /eu UKt night In the t St. .Uliii'ft Catholic tide, by tho conunittee- lurch. Five hundred HI liv tho feJlowing: , Mrs. Brnefitine CXx)!)- pov*ky, Thomas Welsh, tchuol KWIM, Margiiro I. )·; TXoylo and Mrs n. HtiiRO pn^os wore Rihcc« and Mrs (iMrge he tloor pri?^. Uimch the lobft of tho g- A. 0. H. AFX IM iJivibion No the Aiijeionl t' latt night I a I Imnvarulate C tiesH oE a roi acted. Two n guret Smy-tho Detwiler, 1/ot initiated. IVKEDLEWOK The West i last evening a Raudmaii o£ J members aad ent The evei work. A deli The nxt me March at the of Hnyd«r ttr 1 ' I V T K S CAMnATES 3, I/iidiea Auxiliary to rdM- of Iliborniatih i-e anKembly hall of the 'DC-option Church BUHI- tine nature w.ui liarib- w members, Mr.-,, MaT- anrl Mrs. Cutheiino i ot this piac-e- iC fI,l»B MEM'S VITH ains. lurowAN u(e Noedleworkeis met the homo ot Mi b J. W. lorrell avetiuo. Wleven two guests were prefi- liig was spent jn fancy- ioiiB lunch was served. ;ting will bo held in iomo of Mifw Sartib Ray et, COUNTRY CJ OK I The Pleasa was tlie seen event last ni one ot a serit ties. A delic at 6:30 o'clo. mainder of over to cardb U« SCKiNK 'BLIOHTFUL E V K N T it Vmlloy Country Club - of a dellglitfHl Hociul ·lit, the occa-rion being s of family dinner par- oi.s dinner was served k, after which the i c- he evening was given and danclni. C. (.!. HUSH Will Meet. The Christi in Cnituro Ciasn of tho 1'lrbt United 1'resbytcrian C h u r c h will meet tonight in tho home of Mrs. H. M. Choi-penning, Race street. Ofllcers C'ir tho ensui ig yoar will he elected. W) li Miss Holt. Musa Etfthej Holt will entertain thu Glad-U-Kum Club Monday n i g h t at tier homo in l*\ty«tte street. Urn '{««od Man 82. Jacob Piok ng of Itockwood c*te- braUxl his * ghty .second birthday unniversai v 1 st S u n d a y w i t h a d i n n e r of thirty-two ixvera. Beautiful hair ! Af-odern hair dr«sserfc arrange the hair so beautifully that it's bound to att.-act attention. That's why it's HO important to guard ita color and lustre; keep it in perfect condition. There is no surer, simpler way to do thila thaa -with Dandcrln*. Each time, you use your brush. Just moisten it with this delicately fragranced lui iW. Thon as you draw it through your hair, it removes the excess oil; brings out tho natural color; makes the hair Cairly sparkle with now Hfe ami lustre. How much easier it is to arrange thf hair afterwards. How it stays in place. And try "Betting" the waves with Dandisrino. Ttoey stay la so much longer. )anderine q-oicXly fiitssolyns the cnisrt. ot dandruff; put« the scalp in tho pink of condition; helps the hair to grow loug, ailky and. abundant! IDanderine Hie One Minute Hair Beautifier *T JULJL DRUO STOHBS--TH1RTV PTVE OiNTS L I V K 1VIRK tfrVSTRET; CAST K N T K I t T A l N K I ) AT SHAI)\" KKST \bout l o r l y members vt the- usl oC tho recent Uvo Wire Minstrel \\irre entertained last nUht .U Shady Rest, thj S. R Dull summer homo, by Paul Wathcrell, director ot Che rmiistrol. Tl o guests were convoyed by notor to tho ilnll homo, wheie an extonsivo program was carried out by members, oi! tho cast. Comedy numb^n* -were- conti Ibutd b Billy ICoffcr and ilabo ivopera, after which Florence l/outeo Means rendered a vocal solo. Thw wa« followed bj a vocal duef by MISB Means and Jcno Twlgg. David Charlesworth sJing a -iolo. riano numbore by John Percy ai d Joannotto Sheetz followed. Music b} a radio, loaned foi the icasion, also enjoyed, a c was an old-tlmo ai ailing bee between tho girls and the men, the latter winning ttio cxmtest. A delicious lunch wan served aboui m idalght. It wa dc-clded to accopt tho offer of tbo United Commercial IVavolors of \\eatorn PennsylvaiiU to a! Lend ith b, nauot tomorio* night at ho banquet Rail at the Peon Albe 1 t Hotel, G-eemsburg. KlmoDclak-l artitt. Annonncam«ut IH mude of (.ho nmr- riHg« of Miss Josephine lijiiMiiaciak of S-Juth Kveraon and Itarry I, Parfltt ot M o u n t Pleasant in Unkmtovu Tuesday morning, Kisbrnary 18. Mr. anil Mrs. John Ciosby of Iron Jf'i'^ge wuro a' tendants. A reception h«ld at the homo of Mr. ami Urn. John CroA- tav of Iron Bridge on Tueilay even i n g for Mr and Mrs. Parfitt. Thirtj- nmo guests were prebent from Evor- »n, Scottdalc, fionnrillBVtl« and h ount Pleasant. Many beautiful rdfta ·were received and lunch wa-i served. Music and dancing woro indulged lu. Bahod Hum Slipper. H%© J. J-,. Proud«i Class of ilro ytrtA iYesbytariau Church gavo a auccose- f u l lakod ham supper laHt night In tu© church. The supper wrti delkrious- l y propao-od and wnu ojijoiyed by all f j atteti dano«(. Ov«rly- Harper. William It, Ilarpor oC Perrycipohe and Pansy Overly of Mount Pleasant v ere licensed to wod LU Untoutown. Koliearsai at Tanderfetit. All persons who are in tho cast tor ti« pageant to bo protented in the near iuture at tho VandwWlt Ohrin- t-an Church uro roq^oated to report t -is evening at 7 o'clock for a 'o- 1 oarsal. It is urged that e'wry one lo present. COLONIAL TEA DRA /ITS 200 TO DAWSON M. E. SOCIAL AUDITORIUM ,tp)x lutm'Hittf 1 iractortwri a Colonial Ira Riven Thur iday aftor- noon in ttw son il auditonu n of Philip Oochran Mcmoiial Me-thoa sf EJpiecx)- pil Church of Dawfion by ho Ladies' Aid Society of tho ctiurch Approximately two hundred mpi ihers and guests were in .itt"n!anf( Mrs. J. R. Col torn, a« Ma tha AVrwh- , Mrs "*h vrlf-i Bhalh iborgoi', as EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR WIDESPREAD ILL Millions Enjoy It as Daily · Diet , Smith MOOTP, GO nposotl th5 ton. Mrs muv tniUi-o (V rs. .T. F. George Wafihin and Mrs. W. 11 reception ciMJn Black, presided f of the KO iety, intro- lucet "Mtirtq|. ' jiiid "Ge rge." Mrs. Joseph. II. Strain, Mra. F. I Bnrdett\ Mlfcs Harriot Hoe tun and Mrs, H B. , Moore, presided at tho lea table. Mre.! S. J. I Morniiurstor wae 1 i charge of the dlnlnRrooni, ajiakfted y Mre. R. K. Smith and Mrs. M. E. vtrawn. An exceptionally attractive p oj^ram was arranged by Mre. W. F. } eitter, wife of tb.6 church patitor, / II oE those women appeared in be lutiful and quaint Colonial c«8tam«s while the twelve aWes lu the dinin -room wore Ceflonlal apronn and caps. The tea table ipiioint rents wore unus-nsally b»«a.utifiil. Pin was the predominating olor. Carnations formed tho centerpiece, wf .!e at either end of tho tablo w^rr tall pink tapera in silver boKlcrs. The si ver servk* further featured tho bea tty of the general decorative scheme The prOgnwn wai a« fol ows: Vocal duet, Mra. D, P. Husban ', and Mrs. R_ C. Wilkinson, aeoanrpai ted by Miss Pearl Koftk ct Cocnolis ilk»; piano numbere, Miiw Keclc; tea p urty, Bevor- ly Straws, Janet Bardet e, Mildred Reitte-r and BeUy Shtill«nr srger; reading, "The Ladiee 1 Aid," £ vrab Louise Husband; reading, Betty ane Sliarp; piano solo, Mnury BUizabei a Sharp. Mrs, Braest J. Ready w .s In charge of the Icit-chon. Tho rofre tunent oom- mitteo consisted of Mrs. *, S. Miller, Mrfi. Kent H. Culliho, trs. SturRifi lialley, Mra Jaimea Sovoi is and Mre. Nicholson. MABEL FINED FOR SPIEDING WASHINGTON, Fob 2L--Mra. Mabel Walker WUtbraiKi , former a*- td«taiit Attorney Cronoral Ji clwu-g-e of prohibitkm prosecution, \ aa fined f 10 m traffic court today on a charge of driving hor automobile * ^i OK-CBS ot 30 niile an hour" near t p downtown section last 3'YJd.iy nig) .. Mra. Wlllebrondt .ippoi rod tn ooart ainl eatored a plea of gu Ity. Classified r«aiiiis. Try tt*. m. Constipation is an ancient il!. Modern diets with their soft foods have caused it to become about the most common ailment known to mankind. Lack of roughage in the diet is usually the cause. Add bulk to the diet and constipation disappears. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is balk. Millions now eat it regularly. They are no longer subject to the evils of this dreaded disease, which is the source of many other physical ailments. KeUogg's ALL-BRAN is positively guaranteed to relieve lxth temporary and recurring' constipation. In addition, it supplies your body with iron \rhich enriches the blood, building strength and the glowing color of health. With milk or fruit juices, or in many cooked foods, it wrings important vitamins into the diet. | Use Kellogg's ALL-BKAN and it will never be necessary again to take pills and drugs that often create dangerous habits. I Two tablespoons daily will prevent and relieve constipation--in recurring cases, with every meal, Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is delicious --and effective 1 Your grocer has ALL-BEAN in the red-and-green package. Made by Kellogg in Battl* Creek, ALL-BRAN KANSAS CITY PAPER PICTURES PRESIDENT COALITION SUPPORTER By United Preas. ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.--Leader*! of the DeuKcraUc-l!depend?m, Reppnb- llcan coalition in the Serrate listened with obvious enjoyment today as Senator Pat Harrison, Democrat, M!e- Hi«flippi, read to the Senate a newB- jkapfcr article representing that President Hoover has been favorable to I'.ha coalition downward revision, of the tariff bill, The article, the lead story in the Washington Post today, told how Sonator Gmndy, Ropublioan, Penwyl- vuila, had be«n "highly exorctB^ct" by t story in the Kaneae City Star picturing Mr. Hoover as having beon with flio coaliUoa tJ»»^ttshwit tho long taxlff flRhl. CHICHESTEK S PILLS **L«»». _ T»* VtJIONCl J BAM». A ·** wwm gflHitth^hi; It Sold the Books, NICE, France, Feb. 21--An advertisement published lu the English language columns of a local newspaper read: "Ycmmg, good looking millionaire wiehes to meet with object matrimony, girl who anew«rs d-escription of the heroine of M--'a book." The author and title of th« book were namod. By the end ot the week, every boolceelier in Nice reported ho was sold out of UKS book. He,a- yj CTOR «. quarters Records JUST OUT "Hello Baby" Fox Trtt~Wat ng»s Fcnnsylvanlanus, Wo. 222C6--75c "Cryii* for the Carolines" Fox Trot--War npr's Ppnnsylvanians. IVo. 22273--75c Complete Home Since USB FULL HOUSE SECQND PRESENTATION OF MOZART CLUB MUSICAL COMEDY A full hoube groot-eii th^ Mozart Oluto's musical comedy, "Why No1 ''," on it Bocoii'd pi-esemtu Uo-n at tho 111 ph !-5eiMxt Auditorium last night. It was .ia appreciative aiUdiouc e, to«, g"iijef- ms ia its applause, Tiio production *as giveti more sinoothJy than th« opening night, a« is iisiially th-e ca Commeuta hoard afterward guve ^o «rl donee it was ion,yiflwed (ho lost ·hat has be-en staged liere in many The Complete Skin Treatment Soap Oi nluiout Talcum Consistent use of irej. arations will do much to matte--and kvep --your skin heal f .hy andclear. 8«»f lie. OtoutuMt Hit. nail SOe Ttltv.i X5i Pollv O*mt 4k (.hwniol Co. ponuknn, M»U» The show was under the llreotlon of K. 10, Kostettbatler ot In- ei'uational Productions, working ta -ooporatlou with jnombcra ot tho club. '['ho only chdrngo from iho pioj4ram ot W«iuesclfty night was the appearance ol! Stephen Brulosky between iictK lu Imitation o£ birds and barn- "arii fowls, wliicli ]rovod a d i s t i n c t )iit Alt*, f'olor R. We-imei-, presidenl oC i h o club, wan Keneral chairman ot tho arra-ngemMit anil worked hard to make the show a .success. She wa^i 'varmly pruisod 1'or its BUiCC'CBs Mra. Wolmer waa profuse in hor thanks to all who took part In tho play or 'had 1o do Sn oitiy w.ty with putting it on. Food Sale. The Darnee of Malta will hold a food ftlo In Fox' Wall Paper Store, Satur( ay, i\ibruaiv 2a--Advortieomeut.-- SHOES FO \ WOMEN AAAA t US. Slit* 1 !· 12 CfNW JCnMC JjfWDt COimMK ftyfC/ COffltOfly ftne Kttlng and l n| Wearing qualitlei at vtrf mod err t* co t EMM J«tticJt Whit* Sfcoc* liny «l*o ht procured the year 'round. Ttm« In on F.nno ; cttlck Melodw*, N.B.C Hook-up, 9 o'clc ek Sund*y eveniftgi and EIIIMI Jcfdck Dan M 10 o'clock Saturday evening*. Time gl 'en h Eattern Standard. HOOPER LONG EXPERTS (N FITTING ENNA JETTICK SHOES D A V I D S O Where You Get Qua Full Weight an and Service With d Low Pi-ices. lity Spring Mfid Flour (Highest Quality) 24*/ 2 sack _ Hogsett's Fancy Pastry Flour 5 ll. sack 2,5c Hogsett's Fancy Graham Flour 5 Ib. s'k 25c Hogsett's Yellow Corn Meal, 10 Ib. i«ck 35c N. B. C. draham Crackers, 1 Ib. k\xx --18c N. B. C. S«da Crackers (Salted) 3 Ib. box TT 44c Premier Seedless Raisins, a box -- lOc Fancy Cleaned Currants, 2 boxes ~.--.--.29C Fancy California Prunes (Medium Size) 2 Ibs _ . 33c Extra Choice Apricots, a pomnd 27c Pure Looi-e Cocoa, 2 pcmnds. -21c Fancy Wavy Beans, a pound .. 10c Boman (Bird Egg) Beans, 2 pounds--28c Yankee Beats (Fin* Cookers) !5 libs. 2»c Fancy California JLinaa Beans, 2 Ibs. 33c Van Camp's Pork Beans 2 med. cans 21e Van Camp's Spaghetti, S Medium cans --2»c Van Camp's .Pumpkin, 2 Large cans _ --26c Van Camp's Tomato Soap, S cans 23« Premier Fancy Queen Olives, Qt. Jar Fancy Set lad Olives, Medium Jar 25c Durkee's Salad Dressing, Large Bottle 33c Premier £«dad Ehressing, Med. Bottle -- 23c French's Mustard, 2 Large Jars - 23c Pomco Catsup (From Vine to Bottle) Large Bottle _________ ,. ___ ., _ . ___ 18c Weideman's Fancy Sweet or Sweet Mixed Pickle* , Quart Jar _____________ 42c Weideman's Sliced Dill Pickles, Medium Jar 15c Octagon Toilet Soap, 3 cakes ,,_--: 23c Super Suds, large box 18c Gold Dust (Jleanscr, 3 cans 18c GoIJ Bust, Lnrge box 26c Dexter Toilet Tissue, 4 large rolls 27c Best Quality Matches, 7 large boxes -5c Argo Starch, 2--1-lb, boxes 17c Life Buoy Soap, 8 cakes 20c Fancy Yellow Cling Peaches, 2 No. I .size cans .J29c Paradise Apricots, 2 No. 1 size cans 29c Premier Fruit Salad, No. 1 size, can 27c Fancy Royal Ann Cherries, 2 No. "I size cans --,...-_ ^-»^-.__-..^».45c Fancy R$d Sour Cherries (Pitted) Medium can _« . 30c Royal Scarlet Black Cherries (Pitted) 2 Medium Cans , ,49c Fancy Table Peas, 2 cans ,,,,_,,,,,.. 25c Unicorn Fancy Sugar Corn, 2 cans 27c AT OUR MEAT COUNTER Spring Lamb Specials 27c Lamb Breast, Ib. Lamb Shoulder Roast, Ib. Lamb Roast, Lean, Small Cuts, Ib. 32c Lamb Legs, Ib. _______ 33c Chuck Roast, lb» Small Pork Shoulders, Ib. Fresh Spare Ribs, a pound Fresh Pork Sausage, a pound Veal Breast, a pound Lean Veal Roast, a pound Veal Chops, a pound ·ie- »·«»·*·««· **,m--' **·,,, ^.*«P%J\* Black Hawk B^con, l / z Ib. package 23c Lean Baron, 3 pounds or over, a poond 27c Home Made Scrapple, a pound ~10c Home Made Pudding, a pound ,,« 25c Beef, Po^rk and Veal, Ground, a pound 30c Armour's Corned Beef, a can 25c Fancy Sftuer Kraut, 3 pounds 25c Brick Cheese, a Pound 30c Swiss Cheese, a Pound 45c Dressed Chickens, Fish and Oysters J, R. Davidson Company "The Store That Doo* Tilings For You" Commerciavl Printing all Kinds Done at /e Courier Job Printing Office.

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