The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1938 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 4, 1938
Page 4
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THE DAIL.7 COURIER. CONNBLLSVTLLB. PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 193S. Courier IHE COURIER COMPANY lames J. Driscoll R. A. DoneBan __-Walter S. Stunmel lames M. Driscoll 1. Wylic Driscoll Publisher . President and General (Manager Secretary and Treasurer Editor Associate Editor . Advertising and Business Manager MEMBER OF Audit Bureau of Circulations Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Association Bureau of Advertising, A. N. P. A. Served by United Press and International News Service SUBSCRIPTION RATES Two cents per copy; 50 cents per month; $5 per year, or 52.50 for six months by mail it paid in advance. Entered as second class matter at the. Fostoflice, Conncllsvlllc, Pa. 'FRIDAY EVENING, JFEBRYAKY:*;' 1038. ~ BRABK.OK1) SOLVES Bradford, metropolis of McKean county, has taken hold of the juvenile delinquency problem with such success that this "source of all crime" has been reduced-70 per cent. This commendable work has beeu'done through the efforts ; of a three-man board of revie'w composed of a Jewish rabbi, " a Protestant clergyman and a Catholic priest. All cases of. Juvenile departure from the straight and narrow path are referred to the ministerial board. Its . mission Is to help the child, to guide it in tho way a normal child should go, rather than to have it punished. Attorney : General Margiotti, addressing the Harrisburg Council of Social Agencies, urged adoption of the Bradford plan In other Pennsylvania-communities. "Juvenile delinquency is the source of almost all crime," the Attorney General declared. Bradford has a population somewhat larger than Con- nellsvllle. During 1936 its- ministerial board reviewed 118 juvenile cases. Last year there were 38. The plan is one that commends Itself to this city as well as it does Bradford. The approach of Boy Scout Anniversary Week is an ' opportune time to think about it. .. AJ»nRAI/ LEAHY HITS 3TAVAI, CAXAH1) If the men who man the ships and fighting planes are of the same mind as Admiral William D. Leahy, chief of U. S. Naval operations, they'd be delighted to have it out with Japan's boasted sea force. Asked by Representative Ralph O. Brewstcr of Maine whetler he would be willing to meet the Japanese navy wero it on equal strength with that of the United States the admiral replied: "I would bo most happy to." The admiral showed no misgivings about the outcome, lie had unbounded faith in the men who man the fleets. Likewise lie had faith the vessels of the Navy are the equal of any in the world. He laughed at the theory that Japan with an equal force could cross the Pacific and defeat XIncle Sam. v Representative Brewstcr aske*.'. Leahy whether the Navy originated "the idea that it takes five Americans to whip three Japs." The admiral snorted. "That is my first information on the subject," was his crisp response. Brewster said It is "pretty basic" when national defense 1=) considered. Brewster has not been convinced the President's naval increase proposal to Congress is justified. It cioes not require much knowledge of American history to recall that the American Navy ha9 never known defeat. GOVERNMENT BIGGEST STEEL BUYER With the railroads and the automobile industry, two of the country's major consumers of steel, taking next to nothing, government work looms largest, both present and in prospect in the construction field, according to Iron Age for the week of February 2. Of 80,000 tons that will be bought for Grand Coulee dam, approximately 10,000 tons have been ordered. Bids on tho remainder will be taken shortly. Structural steel lettings for the week embrace 6,000 tons for Rockefeller Center In New York. New projects calling for 20,000 tons include 4,500 tons for the Queens-Manhattan tunnel approaches in New York and 3,400 tons for a bridge at Jacksonville, Fla. The proposed naval construction program will require 400,000 tons, but much of this will be spread over a long period. It takes three years to build a battleship, so that early demands to meet these proposals will be but a small fraction of the total needed to start the industry back toward normal. Iron Age Indicates the general tendency to hold baclc Is dictated by the uncertainty as to Roosevelt policies. BUH/DDTG COST 110313-: PROBLEM "There is one great drawback to any building program theso days. The builders talk in too high figures." That is tho complaint one hears when a home drifts into the mental picture. The representative of a West Coast lumbermen's asso- citation hit the nail' squarely when he appeared before the opening meeting of the Lumber Dealers Association ol Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh this week. "Sixty per cent of our families can a/lord houses costing no more than $3,000," said the speaker, R. L. Titus, eastern representative of the lirm, "yet threc-fourUis of the houses built have been beyond their reach." He added this advice: "The real opportunity preserved to us now is to provide not merely shelter but homeij for the middle group, families with annual income 'between $1,000 and $2,500 or $3,000. I say this is our opportunity, because lumber is the logical building material for residences, especially in the $5,000 class and under." Lacking funds for large clown payments, prospective home owners are confronted with an excessive period of time -in liquidating the indebtedness, plus the interest charge, to say nothing of taxes, insurance and eventual repairs. SOUTH POLE IDEAS REVISE1 The rather general conception about conditions at the "top of the world"--the North Pole--has been shattered to sornu extent by the plight of the Russian scientists who established a camp there, prepared to live out the Arctic winter. By all the theories we have held the polar region in which they pitched their tents should be ;i solid mass of ice this time of year. But it is not. Instead of staying where they figured it would (he site they selected for scientific study has shifted a thousand miles to tho south. to Grcen- Tnnd Sea. All the while the floe on which they live has been gradually breaking tip, actually so rapidly that there is fear a rescue party will not reach them in time. When it comes to dealing with the elements be it dust storms. Hoods or tornadoes, or with floating ico. man is rather an in significant croatiiro. In the Day's News Brief Comment on Current Events Here and There* That the Bullskin Township Board of Education may have slipped, from he IcRal standpoint, in abolishing Ihe office of school nurse in order to let rid of tho one filling the position s Indicated in the appeal flled by the plaintiff, Miss Marguerite Gill of South Conncllsvlllc. "No detailed written notice of any charges being preferred against her was ever served upon her," counsel asserts. The court will hear the case next Tuesday. Presumably Miss GUI comes under the provisions of the Teacher Tenure Act which the Supreme Court upheld this week. Boy Scorns of Scottdale wilt do their bit (luring Anniversary Week by holding a safety demonstration in a street there--Stoner street-Saturday afternoon, February 12, between the hours of 1:30 and 5:30 o'clock. They say nothing about the weather. The "expo" will be for tho purpose of calling attention to the needless toll of human life by accidents in the home and on the highways. The Scouts will start off the week next Sunday by attending religious services. As Others Think BRITAIN TO BLAME (Chicago Tribune.) Japan bought one white chip in he World War for which In the end he United States bought every 1 one a stack of blues. When all of Germany's possessions were Somerset county hnd n record of 85 accidental deaths during 1037, according to the report of Coroner W. J. Logue. Automobiles accounted for 32 of the number. Mine accidents took their share, 20 lives. Leaving out crimes of individuals against themselves, 11 suicides, there was remarkable lack of necessity for criminal Investigations. 'jThc report lists three--an attack with on nx handle, a shooting and an abortion. Worthy of note, and a warning to slow the rush of life, is the fact that of the 73 natural deaths the coroner was called to probe, 46 were caused by heart disease. The score vtns K per cont, against 15 per tributed to strokes. cent rt- No better move to interest young people in the work of the church can be devised than organizing them into choirs. This was demonstrated in recent months at the First Methodist Church. A sister church, the First Presbyterian, is engaged in the same activity, A junior choir, composed of 20 children, holds rehearsals every Friday, under the direction of Mrs. Charles E. Carson, with Mrs J. M. Dilworth as the accompanist A young people's group is In the making. Training them first, then Kivinn them parts in the Sunday or other services, will insure their continued interest. For the young people's choirs the thing to do when members drop out because of going to college or marrying, is invite others to take their places. There's much excellent talent that might be but is not being used--in almost any church. Tlie East Liberty Presbyterian Sunday School has a number c members with attendance records that .lid materially in maintaining a high yearly average. Richard Brown heads the list with 11 years withou an absence. Phoebe and Susie Gra and Harry Workman follow with eight years, Mary Leighty with seven, Thomas Strickler with flve There are several with one to three years. The average of H7 compares favorably with the records of some larger schools. across the board to the shoved winners Tapan cashed In for all of Germany's Pacific Islands north of the equator and Great Britain took the southern one for its/antipodean children. There was then in existence the Anglo-Japanese naval alliance and .hings seemed nil rosy in /the Far East for John Bull. Later the price of dissolving that alliance was to be the treaty of Washington, Iwlth the sinking of American warships, the oss of American' sea supremacy, and the barring of American fortifications west of Hawaii. America at Paris asked for a communications station on the island of Yap in the Pacific. That was almost too much for the peace conference. The generosity to Japan and the gyp of the United States may have seemed to constitute brilliant European diplomacy at the time. Its luster is dim in London now. Great Britain consolidated Japan's position in the Pacific and reduced America's naval power. Halfour's.earldom may have been dearly bought. But there's the situation as it exists, and it concerns Great Britain more than it docs us. The British created It Let them bear the responsibility. Your Income Tax Stray Thoughts By S. M. DEHUFF Anyhow, we didn't let Uniontown fill our Council vacancy. Sure, there once was a Kiverview Hotel in town but how many remember where i located? Any hallucination I ma have had that I was a fair amateur scribbler was entirely dissipated by that iRiiaclo Castcglia masterpiece in Tuesday's Courier. Had I re- ferced that bout brtwcen John L Lewis and Rush D. Holt, the decision would have gone to the youthfu West Virginia U. S. senator. A Pinnacle resident asks me to sugges that the city use a tablespoon, instead of the si/.e used for sipping tea, for distributing ashes on ic; streets. Which reminds me to ask if a shovelful or two of the materia to be used on Grandview avenue can't be borrowed to fill up the holes in the red dog surfacing on R;ici. street? Ko one doubts that Franklii Delano Roosevelt will go down ir history :is our most outstanding Chic Executive, the only uncertainty abou the matter being--in just what respect. Daniel Durie Jnd former 13 O. division fiupennU-ndcnt. H. K Gibson, smiling *\v;iy their butincs^ cares Tuesday evening at the -cra/y capers of Gracie Allen, on a f.iv North Pittsburg stlcet movie screen. There arc more ways than one of grabbing oft an elective political ,011'ice. Tv.o citi/.cns of ran- (.siderablr- pi eminence will voluntarily le.'-tify that motoring to Florida can be much more discommoding at times ihnn making the trip by train. Oftentimes I imagine electing people to political oHlcc for Iho first time, by big pluralities, is not always the best thing for either them, o r ' tho rummunity at hi go. While you! wouldn't exactly c:j!( it n Me city, I a loeal boy sreins to have made good in JohiiMrnvn ;is .-imiouncer for Itodlo Station WJAC. fur n i l the good it i is for tmflic, why not make plant, for planting flower bods on "West Pi'nn Ten-ace" next summer'.' If you don't succeed ;it first, try, try again, applies to political ofllce .seeking same us to everything else. Aloro pipes arc being smoked today than ever, yet, .strange ;is it seems, men's house slippers have become almost extinct. If it were possible to gather tin' loose end-; of the Now Deal to- girtlHT. no two of them would fit, jell, match, join, blend, jibe, dovetail, or correspond.^ Let's go to press. Factographs j The Pullman Company hns 10,' 000,000 niece of linen in use on trains in the United States. NO. 10 Exemption Allowed Head of a Family. A head of a family is defined by income-lax regulations as "an individual who actually supports and maintains in one household one or more persons who are closely connected with him by blood relationship, relationship by marriage, or by adoption, nnd whose right to exercise family control and provide for these dependent individuals is based upon some moral or legal obligation." The exemption allowed a head of a family is $2,500. The phrase "in one household" may be interpreted as meaning the taxpayer's personal residence, an apartment, rooms in a boarding house, hotel, etc. Under certain circumstances it is not necessary that the taxpayer am his dependents live under one roof during the entire taxable year in order that the taxpayer may be allowed the exemption. If the common home is maintained and the paren' is away on business or a child is away at jchool or on a visit, the exemption is allowable. Moreover if a parent is obliged to maintain his dependent children with relatives or in a boarding house, while he lives elsewhere, the exemption stil applies. If, however, without necessity, the dependent makes his home elsewhere, the benefactor Is not the head of A family. The same rule is applicable to the term "living together" in the case of ] a husband and wife. If occasionally and temporarily the husband is away on business or the wife on a visit, the common home being maintained, the $2,500 exemption still applies. The unavoidable absence of husband or wife at a sanatorium does not preclude the exemption. But if the husband continuously makes his homo at one place nnd the wife at another, they are not living together within the meaning of tho revenue act. Today in Washington By DAVID LAWRENCE WASHINGTON, Feb. A.--There is something of tragedy in the uproarious sessions which the men of small Businesses held at the department of Commerce, A paternalistic government, wlu'ch has held out n helping hand for several years through the generous disbursement of taxpayers' money and faces now a recession of serious proportions, has asked for advice. The ;e industrial This hcd to be offset somehow by groups of small business. For the Administration is politically meticulous and apparently cares more nbout the effect of a possible charcc of discrimination than it does nbout a program that will make business men, large nnd small, have faith imd confidence in thai same government. The truth is that all the business business men of lar; units have been here. conferences held thus fur have been haphazard affairs. They give the impression of politics from beginning to end--not partisan politics, of course--but the striving for a political cited. Thus far, very little has come out of the conferences ox- ,ccpt a lot of words and good-natured "atmosphere." In a sense, this is a problem of national psychology, and the Administratibn has been persuaded to believe that \yords can cure everything and that a sitting down together of business men and government for frank nnd sincere exchange of views would accomplish miracles. The fact of the matter is that most of the problems that have arisen before and after the recession are fundamentals on which persons even rr.ore expert than the business men, Continued on Page Eleven. Just Folks By EDGAB A. GUEST THE FLORISTS STORY Some telephone fir orchids, and they never aik tho tost. Some ton them Irf the rubbisli when (he first pink bluih la lost. Somo purchase Ihfcm In clusters and their churm U quickly gone, But I know they've worked to set it when I sell them only one. He wns cold wid he looked hunery and he accmcd almost alrtld Ai I counted o'or Ihe quarters and the nickel* which he paid. "Shall I send It, sir?" I naked him. "No, I'll take It now," he paid, "It's a prctcnt lor a lady who li lying ·Ick-a-bed." "She has «een 'em in the wlndowi and on many a pretty dress. We've walked by hero to bdmlrc 'cm. It's her favorite flower I guesal For the pcrtty things Bhe's wanted fill her lire she couldn't pay. And nho's never had an orchid, but ihe'a getting one today I" fell two billion pounds below the 1938 mark, according to the American Meat Packers Society. A Kansas law, still on the books, reads, "When two trains approach each other at a crossing, they shall both come to a full stop, nnd neither shall start up until the other has gone." A yew tree more than 3,000 years old is ttandmg in Derbyshire, England. During the last 12 years, the population of London proper has de- crcnjed moro than 185,000. In May, 1934, at Concord, N. H., seven -northeastern states signed n compact to establish and maintain minimum wase laws. The word "garage" was not commonly used in the United States until 1900. OLD BILLS WITH A CASH LOAN $25 to $300 FROM US. IK U\ST YKAirs RIM.S ARK THIS YEAK'S PROBLEM. Why Not Combine Than Hero: l*t Our Cswh Solre Vow Problem. NO Signer* B*f*p* Huxhand And Wife. ?· Embarrassing Investigation*. Inquire About Tlv Union Repayment Tlnn. Small Payments Arrmij.'"! To Sail VOUK INCOME. Up To 18 Months to Repay. DM R«lla)ile-Z7 Vra. In Grtemlmnc Loans Maile In Westmoreland And Surrounding Counties. Call-- Phrro -- Or Write. N I O N LOAN CO. piuiliiclwA lux l'JS7 · SOI-- Second Finn National Baib Kid;. Phone 1-3-1-3 GREENSBUSG DAVIDSON'S "Meet Me at Davidson's" the command is "forward" history tells us that out of the depths of despair rose mighty notions, peopled with men of vision . . . . men of determination leaders/ whose only thought in mind was "forward," and because of them the nations de- veloped prospered and their progeny, imbued with the spirit of their forefathers, carried on, even to greater heights sounding a clarion call a challenge to us, this present generation. today we have the greatest opportunity, of any age, to go "forward"-in our nation. only the will to fight adversity . . . . . . coupled with the opportunities existing, will clear this present economic stagnation that prevails today. let us tell you a fable, with the hope that its moral will make you one of those men upon whom na- tions destinies are shaped. once upon a time two little frogs were playing around some milk cans, filled with milk '. that had been set out, in a farmer's spring-house, to cool. in course of their playing, they happened to perch on top of an open can, and suddenly they both slipped, falling into the can filled with milk. they both began swimming and pad- dling, trying to find their way out, but with no avail, finally the first frog said to the second frog, "there is no way out of this can of milk, we'll surely drown." "there must be some way out," said the second frog. "I am sure we will get out of this can, if we keep on trying and paddling." the first frog gave up, and drowned. the second frog paddled swam worked and tried, throughout the night, for a way out of his dilemma. when the farmer came to the spring-house, the next morning, he found the second frog floating on a lump of butter. davidson's will go "forward." this week we give you new windows we hope you like them. we give you new spring merchandise carefully selected. we have, for you, new promotions new merchandising ideas for 1938. we accept the challenge of the "recession," with a determination to go "forward." thank you, g. c. davidson

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