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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, May 28, 1918
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LAST ConnellsviHe's Biggest and Best Newspaper, Sworn Average Daily Circulation! Last Week, 6,728 VOL. 16, NO. 169. CONNEIXSVtLUB, PA, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY i, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. ERMANS FORCE PASSAGE OF THE AISNE; RAIDERS PENETRATE AMERICAN LINE Attacks of Great Strength Developing Along the Entire Aisne Front Today; the British War Office Reports; Allied Com- 'manders Prepared to'Meet Any Onslaught; Americans Take Heavy Toll. ING RANGE GUN KILLS THREE IN PARIS By Associated Frew. AHEBICAJf AIBMIS ASSIST. WITH THE A3IEB1CAN AKMT IN TRANCE, May 28.--A number of American airplanes late this afternoon assisted the French Infantry in fighting near Pont-au-Nouoon. Sweeping down orer the German lines, the Americans poured an -avalanche of ballets Info the enemy trenches. -., LONDON, May 28. -- The Germans yesterday forced, a paste of the Aisne river west of the British sector, compelling the t,of the British line to fall back, the war office announces. The enemy maintained pressure all day yesterday against i British on the Aisne front. Severe fighting continues today. . In Flanders, on the Ly.s front, local fighting was resumed s morning. ,,;. The Germans are developing attacks of great strength ng the entire Aisne front. WITH THE FRENCH ARMY IN FRANCE, May 28.-- ictherthe German attack north of the Aisne is merely a dem- ·.tration in force with the object of drawing the Allied reserves iriot be gathered from the opening stages of the fighting. ;h the French and British troops are fighting with the great- energy and bravery, the officers and men -working together ibsohite harmony. The Allied commanders have the situation well in hand and I prepared to meet an attack in this region. The Allies hold aries of commanding hills and the -western flank is very hilly h deep valleys. AMERICAS LCTES FE1TETBAIED. . ' AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS ON THE FRENCH FRONT, y- 28.--In the simultaneous attacks of three German raiding ties against the American positions in Ficardy today the my, penetrated the American first line to a depth of 200 yards, s Germans suffered heavily'in- the fighting which was of a. id to -hand nature at times. Several prisoners were taken by Americana, . After a lull of' several days the artillery bombardment in ardy has become' more Intense on both sides. .The Germans .throwing many gas shells into'-the Americaaa^'lhiesr--T*e~ ericaa gunners, however, are returning the enemy fire two L . · . ' '. AIJJES lAlHVCH COTOTEB ATTACKS. "WITH THE BRITISH ARMIES IN PRANCE, May 28.-- tiah and French troops this morning launched a counter at- s in Flanders east of Dichebusch lake. The attack began L Success would make the enemy's assault qf yesterday a iptete and costly failure. In yesterday's attack in Flanders between Ixwre and Voor- ieele, the Germans are believed to have employed four di- oos on one part ot this front, measuring 6,000 yards, the my troops were punished so severely that the French on the vt t»"fc did not even get to close quarters with them. TO WUKGK ftH THE AumRinAK ARMY KV 1KB, May K.-- What was appar- · a deliberate attempt to wreck rtcan hrmiitil» In tb« rear ot the rieaxL line In", Picardy occurred hv attemoon trben tnt Germans sd «-'t h explosive and gas shells in a f«w honored yards ol two tttla. Fortunately DO damage dona. a coincidence the borabertaent going on. while American funeral* being held. general shells fell ort distance Irom tie funeral ', but tlie ceremony was Dot dis- Jd. rmazi attempts to carry the war- to American sick and wounded a about 10 *·?» ago Kith the ad- ot a new moon. Enemy across circled over the IJtUe 'villages e ft has long been taowa hoapi- irere located, and dropped bombs. ral civilians were injured in a it air raid while not far from the icon hospitals. They ' were p when the attack began, ite\- ·.ecure.i in their proximity to the tals. ATTEMPT TO BOXB PiBIS THWARTED. PARIS, May 28.--German aviators attempted last night to raid Paris. They dropped bombs in the suburbs but were prevented from Hying over the city. l!f KILLED DT ACTION; tlST SHOWS. JSHINGTON, May 28.--The army Jtj list today contained 38 names xl as follows: Killed'in action, ; died ol wound*, one; died of aing, one; died of disease, five; ded-severely, 18; missing in ac- slx. · · ' · ' ' pns the sererely wounded were: r M. Berry of ilcKeesport, Pa., :oy R, Carter, Pumcsuuwney, Pa. i BAKCrE GVS KILLS THREE PEBSOJfS. JIS. May 2S.--Three persons killed and 14 injured in the udcnent ol Paris today by tho an long range sun. One shell in a crowded street in front of mVay station. Tbree women getting into a car. One was , the others were injured. Sev- pen-ons within the car, one a were injured. 1VOOD TO TEAK ASOTJDiR BITISIOS. SH1SGTON'. Maj 28.-- Major al Leonard Wood's request that · given.' more active duty than adder .of the Western Bepart- it was understood today, will anted by the trar department, be general will 'je assigned to train another division ot troops, probably at Camp FunaUm. ALLIED AIKMEX BOMB cm. AMSTERDAM, May 28.-- Nineteen bombs have been dropped on Landau, Germany, by 10 allied airmen, the Tag- eblatt of -Berlin asserts. The garrison headquarters and some private houses are said to have been damaged. · ' 229 DRAFTEES LEAVE TOMORROW MORNING FOR TRAINING CAMP Tb« next draftees from Connelis- ville -and vicinity, 229 strong, leave tomorrow morning at 8.15 over the Baltimore Ohio railroad for Camp Lee. A large crowd is expected to be at the station to see them off. The men reported at the armory .this afternoon.' DUHBAK DOTS IX, MJLITAB5 SERVICE. Lester Bowman and Daniel Baker have enlisted in military service and ieft this, morning for -Newport News, Va. BENErTTDANCE Bed CTOM ,Vtfiur to lie Held srt Araoiy IVill be Big Success. Preparations for the benefit Red Cross dance'to be held in the armory tomorrow night have been completed by the committee in charge. At least 200. couples are expected to be present. The armory has been decorated in Red Cross banners and posters, and many novelties have .been arranged. 'The entire, proceeds of the dance will go to the Connellsville branch of the Red Cross. Many out of town delegations .from West Newton, Oniontown, Scottdale. Mount Pleasant and Dawson are expected to be present. Kiferle's seven-piece Jazz orchestra will play. Miss Mary McDonnell will CONNELLSVILLE GOES HIGH QVER TOP IN RED CROSS DRIVE; CITY CELEBRATES CREDIT ALLOWED . FOR $68,000 OF $105,000 FUND Contribution o! $35,000 From Frick Coke Company Goes to County. BKLER TEAM REPORTS IT Genial City Clerk is .Again at the Top of OK Column in the Amount of Bullied for War 1'or poses; Ashe's Team is Second. Although the news was megaphoned along the streets last night that Coa- uellsville had gone over the top in the Red Cross War Fund drive JWS.OOO ADDRESS IN HIGH SCHOOL CLOSES THE CELEBRATION Ber. Cloyd Goodnight Ur?eg Snvlng and Thrift; Invites Campaign Teams to UmJontown Tonight. After the oisbanding qf the parade at the high school )ast night, an audience was addressed in the'high school auditorium by Rev. Cloyd Goodnight, pastor ot the Central Christian church of Unlontown. He dwelt on the.necessity of food saving and thrift If America was to win the war quickly. He alao invited the. canvassing teams to Unlontown tonight with their attractions to raise money for the Payctte county chapter of tbc Red' Cross. Speaking of the necessity,' o£ America getting into the war Rev.' Goodnight said this country would 'have to interpret the Monroe Doctrine different- MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT FOR WORK IN NEW YORK IS AWARDED S. J.HARRY COMPANY SECOND MONSTER PARADE WITHIN A WEEK WITNESSED Thousands March in Honor ol Victory and Departing Draftees. OTHER THOUSANDS CHEER Procession So long That -12 Kinutes is Jleijuircil to Pass Bivcn Loca-1 nellsvillc; Frank tlon; .Van}- BeauUi'ul and Irapres- DRAFT BOARDS GIVE OUT NAMES OF MEN CALLED FOR JUNE 1 Local Board for District No. 2 Has Summoned 25; "o. 3 to Send 13 I Men Also. The names of 25 draftees in District No. 2, wlio have been ordered to report at the armory Saturday, iraea they wili entrain lor Port Oglethorpe, Ga., were announced today. They are: Ira Curlis Laughead, Everson; Ralph C. Newell, Dn-son; Zigmont Riadzicsoska, Everson; Thomas Hon, Dawson; Harold N. Pierce, South Con- aellaville; Goorge Bullibush, Con- Local Firm to Sink Eight Shafts in Catskill Mountains ' WORK STARTS Will Require- Period of Six to Seven Years to Complete It. MAOHIKEBY IS ASSEMBLED give Features tu the Pageant. In celebration oC the wonderful success in the Red Cross War Fond drive here, and as a sendott for the draftees strong, the city, according to the "America for Americans" excluded all ly than in the past, vrhen the phrase, Q£ Districts Nos. 2 and 5 who are latest interpretation, is not credited with that grand total. Figures finally announced give Connellsvllle a credit ot a little over $68.000. Actually J105.007.23 was reported at the, closing meeting of solicitors at' the supper in the Masonic temple, but tois sum Included S35.000 1 contributed to the country as a whole, and reported through the team captained by A. O. Bisler, the check for the amount bearing a notatioa that it, had been credited to the team 'ol which P. J. Tormay is a member. This is the Staler team. , Deducting this and $2,000 duplicated in reporting the fund from Lei- senrtng No.' 3, ConneHsvJlle is still well on toward doubling its quota ot $40,000, and therefore everybody is happy. The figures arc incomplete as some sums are to be turned in ·which may materially swell the total.'' Again the Biiler team held the honor place. Deducting disputed amounts the squire'B lot ot solicitors had to their credit.a total of J10,- 280.66, wtiich is considerably in ex- ccsa ' of that reported by any other team, as the following table will Team. Bixler Downs Proudflt Campbell SPryce Kenney Trader Leche Keagy Graham So. Soks. 856 623 1,059 815 1,071 S35 472 4S4 311 345 315 176 Araounl. J10.280.50 8,129.25 7,662.68 5,065.12 4,412.05 4,296.68 3,930.70 . . 3,203.12 2,731.07 2,647.00 · 2,585.75 1.477.04 Altogether 8,022 subscriptions were reported. Besides the above the city is credited with J2.000 reported by Superintendent Itf. H. Broughton of the Baltimore £ Ohio Railroad company, who said the figure might be boosted today to 55.000, and the contributions European interests. "Now we have come to the place." he said, "where as an American republic we have to take part in the activities over there. leaving for Camp Lee tomorrow ing, several thousands of people marched ui a monster parade over the principal streets oC this city last nigbt. A slight rain which began to fall just Americans of today must take part in] before the procession moved did not this thing or the Americans of tomorrow will have no chance. .We've got to stand up and T do or every school will be turned into a training camp, every library into an arsenal, the nation will · become an incubacor where boys are born to be raised asj soldiers. We must rise up in strength and power and keep the institutions which have been handed to us by our fathers." . Speaking on food conservation Rev, Goodnight said the Americans were wasting wheat on unnecessary and injurious things and still eipect to -win the war. "I want what I want when 1 want it" is a good definition of Americans for -you. "And America turns up her nose at substitutions. If you eat more corn and less wheat bread you will live longer, grow healthier and lick the Kaiser several months sooner. .The American ^people have got to be'taught to save-osd be. thrifty. We. waste as much as we'save.!':; KOPPERS EMPLOYES RAISE FLAG AND mar -the event in the least, the marchers remaining in line throughout the drizzle. The streets of tiio city -"were lined with thousands of porsocs. Cheer after, cheer greeted the marchers, especially iho canvassing teams and the women dressed as Red Cross nurses and others. The parade marched practically ID one solid division. "Without a halt it required 42 minutes to pass a given point in South Pittsburg street. ' For a time it seemed tbat Connellsvilte and \ f icinlty was turning out to march .eamasse. The divisions of the parade extended (.vo blocks out Pittsburg street from Washington, avenue, and the Hue almost completely filled Washington avenue proper. The parade was led by Chief oCTo- llce Bowers and Patrolmen RulH and Rendino, followed by Chief Marshal J. L. Evans and a color guard consisting of eight uniformed firemen. Caster's Military bruKh^waiCtlvQ 'first musical organization' in the line, behind which came Mayor Duggan and members of the city council. The Red Cross soliciting teams, each under leadership of its captain, Eormet! section, header 1 t Norris aaid Vice Chairman Ford; .Michael J. J. Biiler, Broad Szwed, Everson; Of AH the Enterprises M'ilii IHdch the Conceru Has Been' Identified, Covering: JUany Years, Tlus is by Fac the JLiirgost aud ^ftost le.sirable, Willis P. Sullivan, South Connells- vilte; Robert K. Dum, Connellsville; Thomas P. Haley, Broad Ford; Kay C. jWhitmore, Connellsville; Merzgar F. Smeak, Connellsville; Rocco Pex- zillo, Van.'Meter? Vitantonio Stangar- onl, Connellsville; Joseph Bowytz, Connellsville; Patrick J. Hickey, Ckn- i carr v a waler uellsville; Salvatore Manin, ^rad- | has been ^"^^^ ?;... J ,: ." a TM dock; DempM;y King, Owensdale; A sub contract for sinking eight shafts in the Caiskill -mountains in. New York, under which the greatest tunnel Jn the world will be built to Joseph F. Florcosky, Owensdalc; ° r this city. Work on ^ . I b i g job will begin next -weck-.and John B. Tressler. South Connellsville! wiJI Probably 1* sis or seven years Goorge N. Meaus, Connellsville; John Habrot^ Everson; . Vincenxo L«onmo, Scottfiale; Robert T, Laion, D^wfaon. The No, 5 board will send i:i men to Fort Oglothorpe on Saturday. Six of the men who will be ordered to report on that day are: "William P. before the contract is completed. The tunntii will carry 5,000,000 gallons of water a day. The original contract was awarded the Degnou Contracting company of New York by the city. The complete tunnel will cost New York many millions of dollars. The Pink. CrossJacd; Bert Ksymaa Ship^ ?, a ,SI^? Dpan '' a contract runs over ley, Stewarioa; Cbarles R. Wilson. Somerfleld; Thomas A. Summa, Som- erfieid; Thomas F. Martha, Leisenring, and Jatnes A. Chambers, Meyersdale. AHEMPTSjSUICIDE Hsius Avenue 3Un Tries to Brink Acid Ear! jit Brimstone Corner. Hall, 24 years old, of Haas avenue, attemptel to commit suicide 5(l mcn win fec taken {rom last.evening about 5 o'clock on Brimstone corner. Just as he raised a bottle of carbolic acid to his mouth 51,000,000. Six cars of machinery have already been shipped into the Catskill mountains by S. J. Harry, who wili be personally in charge of the worfc. A start on the shafts will be made with a' force o£ about 200 men. to be increased later. The ordinary labor will be secured in New York, and tunnel and shaft men who have worked for the Harry company on other contracts will be called in from ail parts- o! the country. Not more than 40 or section. One hundred Mexicans are in the south now waiting orders to leave for the Catskills. a passerby knocked the bottle to the I The Catski] , tunaelf w h ich'will bo ground. -Hall Icll on the pavement j a g mijes , on cut tbj . oush SO)W rpck and in a short time several hundred j wijh concrete, \vill corn- people had collected at the scene. j p i o t o ' t b o , water system of New York. HftI Fl FIR^IT PIf Kff Becti011 headei" by Chairman Robert Markcll. Sereral AnlomoWle Jrf*d« from ritts- ' uth. iw'rg- Participate Jn tring at Melcroft F. E. the first out of town delegation, consisting of men from Juniata, each carrying a cardboard streamer at- Bmployes of the H. Koppers com- tached to a walking stick, was next in pany and the MeicroCt Coal company at Melcroft, near Champion, Saltlick iqvrnsnip, to the number of 100, enjoyed a picnic and excursion through the Indian Greet valley Saturday, a ( dele.s#tioa of 15 automobile loads from tlie Pittsburg offices of the companies participating. The autolsts arrived at the plant at noon. After lunch from Trotter, Leisenrins No. J, Lei- j l » a- nearby field all boarded the train senring No. 3, Davidson, Adelaide and rwlilch^had been provided by General Juniata, reported by C. B. Franks, "" ' ' ~ amounting to 'f9,686.27. Two thousand, two huiMrred persons subscribed to the fund, Mr. Franks announced. Kiferle's orchestra played during Tine, immediately followed by the Italian band. This'organization, lead the section of Italian children undor tie rnarshnlship of Father DeVivo, which attracted so much attention in the parade on Friday evening- This consisted at 94 boys and 94 girls, apparently eight to 12 years of age, representing the unity of Italy and America. Seventy-two young ladies, dressed in Red Cross uniforms, repre- ductor Jake Dull in charge, and toured lne military service from this dis- the valley. Returning to the plant the party had dinner at the company restaurant. the supper. Miss Elizabeth Mae j Following this there was a flag rais- Brown, R. L. Werner and Lester I ing under the direction of G. M. Ma- Crawford sang. The supper was'' " * served by the l»dies of the United Presbyterian church. They were tendered a vote of thanta, as were the ladies .wno have served during the campaign' and those who assisted in other waye, in the drive. The figures above do not include the outlying mountain districts. WESTPENN L $10,000 Power Company Apportions $1,000 of Amount llere. The West Penn* system, composed of the West Pcnn Power and the West Penn Railways companies, gave $1,000 to the · Second Red Cross "War Fund in ConnellsviUe. The West Penn system subscribed ?10,000 to the Red Cross, which has been apportioned to the various towns in. which the companies operate. , The employes ot the Vest Penn Power house subscribed 100 per cent to the Red Cross War Fund, ?597.45 to Connellsville and ?134.85 to Dunbar. STAR JUNCTION DOUBLES Total of $0,109. .Collected fur JKed Cross Drive Tlitre, Star J auction closed its Red Cross' drive witli a total of $6,100 cash reported against a- quota of $3,000. The amount was made up of ?5,100 contributed by employes of the Washington Coal A Coke company and H,000 by tbc company. The average contribution was $5.10. Judgment Opened. , An order was made in court in Uniontown this morning .that the case of the Lebanon Valley Savings Loan Association against F. T. Adams of ConnellsviUe, opening judgment'in the case and letting the defendant into a defense. Adaras secured a loan from the company and claims that it has been paid In full. ioney. Eev. I, E. Pletcher of Champion, invoked a blessing on' the occasion. Addresses were made by Kev. W. J. Hamilton of Davistown, and Dr. Knor of Mount Pleasant. As the strains of "The Star Spangled Ban- ner'' arose the flag was hoisted to its place on the. pole. trict. Directly behind the young ladies came 10 men carrying- a huge American flag. The Francesco Florentine Lodge No. 812, Sons oC Italy, was next In line. J. L. Stader always provides a feature for a parade tliat no one else has thought out. Last night his handsome Scotch collie, "Nellie," fitted with a saddle supporting" the flags of the Allies, -was led by Mr. Stader's son Leo, who carried a small silk Stars and Stripes. Mr. Stader himself car- The H. Koppers company, builders ' ric d a large silk Gag, one of the hand- of by-product plants, and the Tar Distilling and Benzol Recovery company are building Melcrott, BACK FROM GERMANY Mt. Ple*yant Hotel 3Ean Arrives Un. announced After Long Absence. · .MOUNT PIiEASATs'T, -May' 28.-Alter four years' absence, from his home Ernsf Ruder, proprietor of the Ruder Inn, arrived unexpectedly last nigiU from Germany. Rudjr went to Germany before tie rar for his health. Por the last two years he had held a passport but only recently was he able to get away. JtcCormick Ont on Bail, Mont McCormiek, .Uixioatown constable, was released on 54,000, bail this morning pending decision in the superior court on his appeal from the sentence of two and a hall to four years in. the penitentiary lor shooting George Adams of that town.- somest in line. One of tlie most attractive features .Officer Rendine assisted Hall up Crawford avenue for a short distance, a part of (he crowd following. The ambulance arrived almost immedlalc- Tl)e diameter of the tunnel will be 14 feet. The demand for water in New York is growing so rapidly that measures ly and HaH was taken to the Collage j h a d lo be ta| , eQ IQ increage tbe % up _ State hospital, where it was discov- ply- in ordor to do this water had to ered that his mouth and face were burned from the acid. It was staled this morning by hospital authorities thai none of the contents had entered the man's stomach. He is despondent, it is said, over a woman. Hal!'5 wife died several months ago. He was discharged fromilhe hospital. PATRIOTIC MEETING be taken from the north side ot the Cntskill mountains. These mountains at some points arc 3,200 feet high and it is beneath this that the great tunnel is to be dug. One big advantage in the new source ot ' supply is that the reservoirs in the mountains arc at such elevations that the water can flow by gravity to the city and be delivered within its limits into the street mains at such pressure that it will rise to the heights neces- Hcld in Springfield Township Sunday sa ry- for service .without pumping liv T.A*i;ll ^I/ln mt . · »"«o- al Probably tlie most enthusiastic pa- The new water- supply will como from the Schoharie creek, which trlotic meetings held in Springfield : flow's northward into the Mohawk townsbip in years-was odd Sunday i river. To get this water it must be at the Cross Roads for the benefit of ! turned southward into the Esopus the Red Cross. Attorney F. E. creek and Asholcan reservoir in order Yonnkin and -M. 3. Velsh ol Connellsville made the principal addresses. In the gathering of 1.500 people to get into tlie Catskill aqueduct The Ashokan reservoir is 117 miles from New York city. The Schoharie reser- there were 100 decorated autos. A ivoir. on the north side of the Catskills' large stand decorated with colors of j is 140 miles from the city. The -water France, England.. Italy and the U. S. j from this reservoir will' flow under A., was erected. A pleasing feature the mountains through Ue tunnel in- of the occasion was 50 little boys and | to the Bsopus creek and thence into 'O)R Ashotan reservoir through !he Catekill aqueduct into New York. Tho surface of the Schoharie reservoir v»en full will be 3J30 feet above tidewater in New Yorlr harbor arid 540 ; feet above tlie surface of the Ashokan girls dressed in red, white and bine ; singing patriotic airs.' LOSES BY 11 VOTES of the parade'followed, a float typify-1"Henry Bliodes Just Behind Reuben jreservoi ing "Tho Greatest Mother In Continued on Paffo Four. the 1 GOING TOJJMONTOWN Boosters fVIl] Leave Here by Auto ot C.30 O'eloclr. Conneilsviiln's' money raising paraphernalia, including 1.2 teams of real hustling canvassers, will g o to Unior.- town tonight to join in a county dem- ficc. The official count, confirms the nomination of Thomas D, Schuyler, J. Bud! Snyder and Reuben Howard for Assembly in the Second district, the only real contest in the Democratic primary. Th* nlEciy.1 count follows: Thonisn'C. Scimyler, t'I7; J. Buell onstration over the.success of the Red |S u yde r , SOS; Reuben Hovrard, S82; Henr;' Rhodes, S70; Lioyd J. Stiil- Howard in Assembly Fight. I The tunnel will po under the moiin- Official survey of the ballots cast at: (a ' ns at h e village of Cilboa and como last week's primary on the Demo- j TM ' a t Allaben.. The eight shafts will cratic. ticket was completed Monday ! ''o sunk at different ppints in the fternoon at the commissioners' o£- | Catskills. By means of the eight wago; 655. Cross War Fund drive in Fayetts county. Forty iiiitoroobiles will -leave the Carnegie Hhrary at 6.30 o'clock, sharp. Tho invitation is not limited - to members ot the teams. The committee wants as large a representation Proceeds of Italy Day Parade Turned as possible on the part of Connellsville. - Probably showers; tonight and "Wednesday; somewhac cooler tonight is the noon weather forecast 'for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Kccord. . 1018 1917 Maximum. 90 ' 83 Minimum 72 61 llean 81 T2 The Yough river fell during the 'night from 3.90 feet to 3.75 feet. KOBACKERSJOO PER CENT Every 3Iember of Forc« Subscribes to Red Cross; All. in Parade. The Kobacker store force is among (the 100 pat- cent Red Cross groups ol the city. Besides this the, company donated ?100' to the Red Cross fund and aided in other tow^s ^bere it has branches.. The store had 100 per cent representation in the parade last evening; ITALIANS AID Over to the Hwl Cross. Today S100, a. part o£ the proceeds collected for Uie celebration of Italy shafts, tin. tunnel can be attacked at 15 points. The shafts will be made water tight and a concrete lid placed over the top. This will allow ingress to the tunnel. It will be necessary to- -construct eight camp sites, one at the place o£- sinking each shaft. The camps will be of special construction, with all facilities for Inking care of sewage and waste as the water all flows bade into the supply system. When the tunnel in finished it will be a complete stretch of 18 miles through solid rock, lined with concrete, which will last for generations to come. It will be the greatest en- Day on last Friday, was turned o v e r ! gineering project of its kind ever io the Conneilsville branch of the j constructed in the world supplving Red Cross. This amount was left "~ " "" after all expenses incurred with the celebration had been paid. ^ Rev. Father Henry DeVivo of St. Rita's Italian Catholic church, wishes Bars to Closo. Mayor John. Duggan this morning water lor 10,000,000 individuals. The contract is the biggest ever awarded the S. J. Harry Company. The company is headed by S. J. Harry of this city. He has been in the shaft to thack all iboso participating in the ! sinking business for more than 30 parade or in any other way helped i years and has had contracts in dij-- 'ferem parts of the United States. A few years ago a big sinking job was completed in the west. to make it such a wonderful success. Evans Company 100 Per Cent. ICvery man employed by the'Evans Coal Coke company contributed to the Rod Cross fund according to a re- asked that all bar rooms of the city |port submitted by Manager J. w. be promptly closed a t - 4 o'clock this Simpson. The company contributed afternoon and remain closed until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. 5100, the employes $524.25, a total of $024.25. Heyendale Youth Enlists, William T .Burgess of Meyersdala, has enlisted in the, Uni'^ed, States Marine Corps, and has gpae 1 w the Mo. '.· rine Corps training station at Island,

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