The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 16
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i'AOE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COtmHTR, CDNNELL.SVI ULE, PA. FEBRUARY 20, 19«tL Tonnage of Coal 9,986,776 in 1929 In 16 District Coal produced 11 tbo Sixteenth Bttoalnoue d i h t r l i t during 1929 shewed slight drop from that mined hi 1928, according tc tho report of In- fsjx--tor W, H. Howurth. There -wore 9,936,778 tone of coil produced la 19 mlaos of 32 loeatfxl la tho district corn- pa 'od with 10,276,509 tons mined in 19:!8. Xnclttded in thla tonnage wore 7,270,511 tons ehippcwl to market, 176,411 tons u«ed at mtnee (or steam and heat acd sold to local ' rudo and used by eni'ployea, and 5,53J,84t tona used iu the -manufacture of coke. Coke produced In the district during tho year fcouxlUd 1,788.581 tons. Of the IS mines u operation during the year 15 were iuhcouu mlnee anO tour non-gae«oua. Coal -WUH uitued uy three methods, 36-11,717 tons belli produced by pii'lc niinint;, r93 *U6 ton*, by ompi eesw! air mathlutm aiut 5,731,113 tone by mechanical tnlninf la tho prwluctioi of coko 2,473 ovens v er^ In use Theio arc 3,912 ovens located in tho district Ta« report tibow is that 7,191 persona were oin[)loyed in ind about the mines, ,i,97i being emplo; tt inside niinefi ami " ,515 persona, i n c l u d i n g coko worker*, ^vero employed oc the outaide. Thoie vero 170»u- employed la the nanutairturo ot ( K» Persons between he 'AKVA of 1G a n i l "I y-e.ira omploed minefe toui *nl UM and those be ( the a,gei^ o 11 and 21 employed outside the m i n i , wore 162. Thoro w e r e 2'i uital ac-cldenta lualdo t!i mines d u r i n g the year wtth none beiiiK repjrte,l o i tho outside, Non- iatel acddcnis ut-uio the mines of GO c!ay.s' Uiti.ibility i cculents on the out- nlde ininibeied 1 The number if non-f«ual acc-"h" V- in-,id^ and outside tho mines !' le-s than BO days' disability were 191 The number f Ions of coiil pro~ (iuccd por fatal Hc-ndent inside w.tri 153,^90 tons .ind the number of tone, o£ coal produced i i^wle anil outsHe the wore the -.inne number. n wivc were made widows through fatal imno ae ident« and 40 children were «..ide orphans. Tonnage of ml pioducod In the various inittffi by o w n i n g companies 977,sas 870, !7tl 622.85S 524,825 411,8*2 350,520 342,110 320,740 219,050 118,14(5 123,625 5,670 Spring Ensemble Displayed i.i Paris I I P. Krlfk ( % ok Co. -- ,, W. 7 Kaino'v, IJH Tower Hill ('on icllevllle Coke Co. - -Republic Iron S Steel Co. -- . Well ton Coal I' x . Buckeye Coal Co Moncssen Coal Coke Co. Bourne-Fuller Coke Co. . __. Thompson Con itlieviUe Coko Co. , Connollsville Central Coke Co. South Fayettr Coal Co. Orieut Coal · 'oke Co. Ilustead-Sema is Coal Coko Co. Etna Conne-1 Iv 11U Coke Co Sports A bill which would legalise boxlns in Virginia u is dotoatecl In tho Unvei house of t h e l e e M a t u r e ycbterday, 55 to :». A minister was credited w i t h belnt; l i i r f i f l y uifatrumental in itjs defeat. * * * A n d v ( l l a 10) Sear-., professional b a s k e t b a l l p U j e r and holder of the w o r l d s , roconl f o r ! r o t h r o w s d u r i n g ,\ Kaine. died yesterday ot his hotno at Chu op"t Kil *., near Springfield. Mass». He w a s ,".1 v t a i s old. llano ^ U H one of t h i bsi asjo st.irs to compete m t h e old C n t i d ! IJO.IRUP and was on the Tlif .TatU Sharkoy-I'U'l Scott battle i i M i a n n , r i d , o n Thursday n i g h t , [''(·btiwry -7 w i l l not be broadcast it w a s .innoiiu ul j t s t c r d i i y lv b'uink J. l!i urn, ,1,1 IK i al ii'itiuiBtn- of Madison Square (S n li^n Coi ioratlon, piomot- IOK t h e bom * »i * Armv def( ati d C.irnei?le Tec-!i, -19 to "It, List nii'lr K i t ' i i p c c r led \silh 22 pomt.s, g c t t i ' i ^ e m h t t i o m the Held and seven Ironi t h e Imil l i n e . 4 Itetfd rntnmhl« , emturing tmart linat and a wide tript tehich U conriderrd jutt tht thing for th* m/ternoon promi-rt.irfe. It U a Patou creation ami (i being iDorn mi one of the fa oril« ttyl«o of tinartir droited Co ilimmlal women. Tp with th( .latl ft n Down wvli tUo !-kirt Tha. Am I K ail I^'^ion Drum Bui;le- ( ori · ol t ' n l o n t o w u will act ompans K . i \ f t t - c o u n t y fain; who go to Pltubur ' V. tdiusday night, March IL', to p a i n nrttr Hi (lie tolebrHtlon In h o n o r oL C h a r i t y i l v itt, Lcsts-i' Cohen and Paul '/, -hfiifeh, t i n e c benlors -on tho Golden !'u H U M S ( l U i u t o t . LEGION BASEBALL HANDBOOK NOW READY FOE DISTRIBUTION I N D I A N U'OJjlS, Ind , Feb. 20. -Tho J u n i o r Ua eball Hudbook of tho Ame-ru-an Legton containing the official i ales, ind guide, lor ' h o 1930 tora- petitknife i now ready tor distribution tree of charge to anyone interented, it ha^ bei n niinouiued ut national heudf.iu r t M d The } lu^rlcan TjOgion tuic, set i goal of jOy.OOO an tho iiumhei of boy« to bo j reach«i b," the Junior B.iHtb,Ul World BeruHi tli it is (imducUvl annually umlor tin mipwMsiou il! the ATIIOII- Ry FRANC'iS PAOTCT. f'opypjRht, 19'JO 1 v Style Sources. NKW YORK, PV, 20 -- Tho jsickot theme in sports fu'hions is synonymous with modern youth, fresh, daring, varied and 'casionally quite bold in the qunlit oE orjsiaaUty They (ire not only t u t frankly short, in direct oppobltio i to the length of skirts, but in the) · sports versions they arc f haraetoi istlc oE many gay and active ideas There is the ho ero which, thoiiiih for some time a dr s* foaturo, has tniv season been eh-. i. ed to tho dusnltj ol a anit jacket ' hla, the briefest ot the jacket modes may t.o exploited separately in fabr c- or knitting vw- bions, or it may n ike of tho milt tho jauntiest of cosiui IDS Then there js he bellhop jacket suit, double brcah ed uitt sharply oft u! the waistline, n piquant Interpretation which is imi ortantlly relat»Hl to the "Spahi" or A '^ei lau cavalry costume. Here is. a typo which Is especially suited tc certain specialized sporta activities It originated for the winter sport^ se.i'on, but it al« aspires to sprm; rocos;nitloTi since like the windbrc ikor H finishes ab- r u p t l y at the wa -jtllne, which makes it lehs bulky for the practtcn! sport- ins suit The \ ludbreaker suit is again one of ih( coutostantiJ for the «hort jacket hour r? jn the sjiortsw-ear field, and cspeci; lly popular for golf, for tho very re; ion that it has no living tails. Aside from th' se three forms that are each undeniably individual but are related* in t! it they all make the normal waistllni the polit at which they terminate, fher-e art- other versions of tho sh rt jacket la snita -less specialized n cliaracter. The simplest i re those straight box lackelb, just fr; n k l y cut an inch or two shorter tha i they have been, or if thov have ni t actually bad their length reduced, tho wea ·ing of a belt --virtually a l a w -- stives the appearance of a bhor er jacket. Something r»f the same pr oqlpul tliat influonces the flared pop! un styles, which ^ap- proxlmate the · ame lenrths but t'afco on an even sho ler aspect due to the perky little llai . In jackets wi bout these characteristics, another way of producing: tho fffoet of curtaMed length is brought into use the r unded corii-ers of the front of the J eket, curving away from the cente front This device is one of the bad ;es of tho J930 spring tailored suit, \ hlch is equally dated b the nipped in waistline -- a oon8e- ftuence of belti'ig, brief darts or tapered gores. Suits Take Lead for Spring Wear New Modes Include Attire for Morning, Afternoon, Sports, General Use. This year of grace 1980 will probably go doMn in fashion history as the year when the suit came hack. And what ft welcome guest It K says a faahlon -writer in the New York World. looking back over the last decade, we are Inclined to wonder how we ev«r managed to get along without It. For the suit is truly all things to all woman. It is a type of costome ·which Uia American woman wenm OTperlatlvely well, and it fita admirably Into her scheme of life. The business woman welcomes It, for it means that she may be at once smartly and suitably dressed for her work --a matter which has been something of a protl(«B of late. The woman of rnaajr moclv.1 «ngs#«- ments finds the »nit equally acceptable, for a smart talHenr with suitable accessories m«y be correctly wor» from nine until Qv* anrJ eliminate several changes of costtimo. Ami to the woman with whom clothes economy 1« a necessity the suit is a veritable godsend, for several blocwen of different typea with a well-cut mitt on conservative tinea will take the place of half a donen oostnmes. Both Parts and American designers have concentrated on the salt for the spring of 1930, with the result that we have attractive types of sU degrees of formality and showing great variety in fabric and design. There arc morning sol to, afternoon rolta and ·ports snlta, us well an »ti!tn for general wear. The debutante and the wnart young matron will wear effectively the chic little wrist-length jacket, cot- tiway In front find slightly longer at the bacl. But there Is no fixed coat length 'n this seaoon of Individual fashions, and hip-length, thr»e-«nyir- ters and seven-eighths eoats all have tlielr advocates, Cutaway Suit I* Smart. For morning wear in town many suits In covert and in hard-flntah mannish worsted, such as sharkskin, are being shown and promise to be exceeding y popular. Straight coats and belted oats, cutaways, flarea and pep- lunJB are all in these trim little suits which, truth to tell, are rnthrr a relief fitter tie frills and furbelows of thp femlnSre mode. Both covert and sharkskin tailor benati/ully--and expert tailorltg (s an eesentinf of thn town tailleui. Dark blues, blacks und oxfords f r e In the lead for early spring, trat them are also affective greens, rust-reds and dark and lighter browns In covert suits. Th« smart little cutaway suit Is of oxford covert, the wrist-length jacket being nipped iu at the waist and fastened with a single link. The flared peplnia Is decidedly yoathfnl. This suit In worn with a tuck-In blouse of white silk pique, buttoned In the front. Equally popular with this type Is the more conservative classic three- battoti, hip-lenjcth Jacket, wiihont a flare, which may be either out away (n front or straight around. This may he worn either with n flared fekirt or one with plnitfl In the front w at one side. The waistline is indicated either by a slight shaping of the seams or more clearly denned by tiny pin-tncks which give i decidedly nlpped-ln effect. This Is thf: type of suit which O'Roasen has 'Phi*. Ix okit't tont.iiriintf l u l l and complete' inioi tiKituni on the 1030 tour jminent v i l l bts ^ent tree o£ charge to anyone n u k u i K iNxiue-,t ot the -Viueri- cninnni IMvifciou, National Headqiittr- h'lt-, t n o Auiwle«in legion, 777 N'oitli V!( ndlan -,'reet, Indiiiimivoht., I n d it it. j Hftlf n Car. LIMA, Ohio, Fob, 20.--Mrs. Santo Alodefferl and ). C. Baochler aie joint owners of a ir--that is, each owns one half o£ t h j sume automobile but they cannot etermine which owns which half. The automobile was formerly owne 1 by Mre. Modefferi and her husband vho were tenant!* of Baechler and ot bohhid in their rent, Baochler sued Mr. Mod?fftri, attached the car ami It wae sold to Baechler at a constable's ale lor $32 The landlord lound th it be bad purchased an undivided ha,I interest in the car, Mrs. Modetterl pos!i easuiK the other halt. Ads. t rlD-g rosulta. Store iruna^ers Confer. Fifty-eight mamigers of the Union Supply Comp aiy's storos held their quarterly m' 3 'ling Wednesday !n the AVhito Swan Hotel, Unlonlown. Ta ad- clltlon to ma ftgcrs, tho nieetini; was attended by t h i r t y salesmen, reprc- bcnting In 1 20 d i f f e r e n t lines of merehaiid! ir Patronlzo hose who advertise. Utlong Combines Black Flat Crepe With Galyak in a Format Suit. made famous, and which has increased steadily Jn popularity of late. At his recent Paris opening tills creator of tiie-tailored mode showed more than eighty versions of the spring tallleur, w^lch were enthusiastically received by American buyers. Kor wear a lit- t!s later, when the weather is warmer, flannel jacket suits in gray or navy, cither straight or belted, are shown l7 several designers. Tweeds continue to hold their own In spite of the Influx of new materials, but they hhow several new tendencies which distinguish them aa of the spring of 1030. Whifo coarse yarn v eaves and nwb tweeds of striking design and color combination continue to be shown, they are largely relegated to the strictly sports suit, while town-and-country tweeds of more for- mal feeling lean raw* to tho fini ri weaves and to Indistinct patten * which give almost the effect of pla a color. Tweed B for Country Wear. A aporta anit of the country ty · WOE chosen for illustration, one with a{ three-quarters coat slit at th« sld * and the skirt slightly flared. It is if a loosely woven tweed n-tetnre n grege and gentian blue. Gentian bl ta flat crepe was used for the sim) 1« tuck-In blouse, a feature of which ts 11« long scarf collar which is threat" s! through slits in the collar of the c at and tied in a bow at the front. 1 h« coat Is cut with ration Blaeves, f ad has diagonal seaming and «ncmt .a- tlona of the same material. The abort fitted jack'* bus fclso ip- penred In tweed thl* flM/Jon. Cc its of tots type, like thws s of the a jr* tailored trolt, are frequently rat ir ay in th« front and left sligiitly lor ;er at the b*ck, although the itrai. ht- B!u« and Qreg« Tuwwd I* Vfoti for · Charming Spring Sport* 81 It. Jacket has many ndvoe- tea, A fitted jacket and skirt of twe -d are frsxiUPDUy pnrt of a fotuf-plece snsem- bto, for thp T'onr-plfjc* mi t has acnleved a new Importance as t 3 ideal travel and sports eosttna*. On* swagger oniCt employs yellow tw ed for the salt, the many awanos of 11 i fitted jacket being emphasised w _b en- cnietatioAB. Ytliow an! black printed crop* was nsod for tho blouw and a coarse nnhbed twe«d to yell w and black for the topcoat, v.-hich co nnleted th« ensemble. Where plaits are n«-d m fr j eklrU tf tweed salts they «JM- toft tic iressed, te give the effect 03' eoft allnees, irhlcb Is an outttandln? feiitw j ot the KTring allbooett-3 for nil occcit loan. Ctipes f.ppear on some of t i* more youthful twoed ensemblea, -oth on short jackets Mxd threj-«jaarte * coats. A clever mode: from Martin «t Ar- niond baa a little cape jacket, finished with a wide belt «c the n o t u r d waistline. With it Is worn e aWrt b ilit with a yokci and Evincing into a circular flare. For more formal wrier, !n t ilts with or without fur trimming, w* have a whole group of new fabric on th« wool-crepe ordar. Some of ' aese are heavy, some Ught- federal mve the soft surface of knit fabrics, although they arc re«lly woven. The Favored Colon Peplum lines, bloust^d b cks and plight!; 1 flared skirt a seem o be accepted features of thla typ of suit, which Is sometimes design J to be worn with a separate fur t carf, and sometimes ha» ehuwl or cr ah collar of galyak. Black and nav ar« the favored colon for the f-o, mal suit, some very effective model* In them two colors being trimmed \ Ith white galyak. Red, green and belg with collars of black seal cr galya are also shown In pepinm suits of s lede clotb or wool 'ciep«». Black chiffon broadlcoth sounds a bil, old-ladyish, but a suit of this Is quite the opposite. Blouscd back, pep- In m and tie front «re decld' dly youthful, ancl a blouse of red, blaok and white checked taffeta adc i its own note of chic. As fur bat* as last An fust, Paris laid great stress upon to silk suit, showing formal suits with three-quarters coats of satin or fail! 3 for early spring wear. Now we havi the shorter jacket suit, developed 1 marocain r flat crepe or jacquord, sore 'times with trimming of galyak or com ilnations of plain with printed fabric. Lelong's cbnrining suit t f black flat crepe and galyak has n pn icess frock, with peplum of s.iUay b! ick gaiyak, and a jaunty short atru ght jacket, which ties, 3Crt fashion, n the front jind is bordered with fur. Sacb. a suit may be worn as a frock beneath a cloth' or fur coat, for ea ly spring. Another effective model in dark blue maroeain bas a Moused jacket with filled peplum, For the dressmaker su t of one of the wool creppe fabrics, or soft worsted in black, or navy, the EJ ring blouses are being shown in flat cj ape or satin, preference being git en t the former. While sport's blouses as t rule favor the tuck-in type, formal blouses may be woru Inside or ont, some being made in surplice fashion with a row of buttons on one side of the fitted peplum section, or a MO fastening. Groups of tacks, slifrrin, 9, or narrow tie belts define tUe wais line. r you have something to sell ar d ai e in a big hurry to sell it, let the cissif ed ad* i vertising department of The Courier prove its ability as a spee-dy and e f f icient sales medium. V Smile when it storms on was Dry, Sterilize and Bleach the Clothes right where you wash. « « « The weather con never Interfere with your wa »h- day plans if you have a gas-heated Ciotr es Dryer in your basement. The clothes are tat en from the wringer and hung on rods within he drying chamber of the Dryer. By the time you have washed another tubful, the pieces within /he Dryer are ready for the iron ... speckiess, swt eh smelling, perfectly bleached, and sterilized. You cut wash-day routine In half. You eliminate all the drudgery connected with hanging the pieces on a clothes-line and taking them down again. You eliminate the annoyance caused by soot, smoke, dust and wind. Your clothes last longer . . . look fresher and cleaner. Come in and let us demonstrate. You will be greatly surprised when you learn how little a Clothes Dryer cost*. The Gas and Electric Appliance Co. Subsidiary of FAYETTE COUNTY GA3 CO. 302 South Pittsburg Street. Phone 32* A N E W P E A RADIO PERFORMANCE i t . . . ti»« 1930 Apex Saper-Scateen-Qtid Radio with the new Apex MnM- FbetBC Circuit, and Apex Fall Tone-Color Electro-dynamic Speaker, is priced at oaky 9115 (leas bows). Come in today and bear it in action! Only fn APEX Radio wdt yon find these outstanding features -- 1930 featuroe-- -» GcmveaMXKt monthly terms. APEX NKW GtRcurr APEX FutL ToKB-Cor JOR ELECTRO-WWAMIG SPKAXJSR Wertheimer Motor Co. Phom 196. West Crawford Ave., Connellsville, Pa, acuia TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring Result^

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