Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 10, 1975 · Page 64
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 64

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1975
Page 64
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I2F -- August 10,1975 Sunday (rosette-Mail ? ! CtarieR. Aew Virata 3 Children ^Reared Like YOU Could Be Headed Animals' Taken From Home ^^i^« ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^F^^B* ^^1^^* » * * « I K * A 1 »«**«» *·"* / A *"» \ » * * 1 _ . . ! ^» i i l Y - -1 A t 1. A . _ _ _ - l . . . For Avoidable Misery By Marion Wells Retearck Director, American Ph\tical Fit- new Retearck Inititute If you've ever wheezed, sneezed, itched, swelled or ached your way through its torments, you know that while misery may loave company, when it comes to allergic symptoms, misery prefers relief! " With either allergies or sensitivity reactions from intolerance to certain drugs or chemicals, the antidote of choice is often prevention. Are you itching for answers to help minimize future discomfort for yourself or your family? These suggestions from experts may help. * * * AN IMPORTANT precaution is avoiding the overuse of medications. One well- known allergist pointed out that "Probably one in 10 Americans is sensitive to one or more drugs, and the statistics are swelling." In addition, "... the more frequent the use of drugs, the more likely allergy will be." Beware of taking it upon yourself to self- medicate with leftover prescription antibiotics or borrow someone else's medication. In general, antibiotics are reportedly "... among the more frequent sensitizing agents in human beings." Even an antibiotic whose frequent past use produced no ill effects can suddenly cause a reaction. If you're sensitive to one antibiotic, you may also react to another which is chemically similar. Concerning over-the-counter combination remedies, medical consultants to Consumers Union warned that".. those who take a shotgun remedy expose themselves to the allergic potential of not just one drug, but of several drugs . . . And when the drugs are formulated into a timed-release preparation, the allergic reaction and accompanying discomfort can be prolonged." Sensitivity to aspirin is fairly common. The chances of a reaction to aspirin are even higher among those with nasal polyps, asthma, hay fever or other allergies. * * * INFORM ANY health professional treating you (including your dentist) and your children's school authorities of known or suspected drug sensitivities. If you're sensitive to a drug or have other allergies, your physician may prefer you to check with him before taking any over- the-counter medication. Do as your doctor suggests. In addition, carrying identification with you noting any drug sensitivities could save your life. Even when giving children prescribed medication, don't neglect to tell the physician if you note even a mild reaction. Dr. Claude A. Frazier, in his book Parents' Guide to Allergy in Children, notes that "Children weakened by illness or suffering from an infection seem to be more eas- ~ ily sensitized to a drag." Also, "Those sensitized to one drug tend to become sensitized to others." ARE THE chemicals you touch or breathe causing or aggravating sensitivity reactions? At home or on the job, minimize exposure through proper use of protective clothing, washing immediately af ter using chemicals and promptly removing contaminated clothing. You may find yourself breathing more easily if you minimize your use of chemical sprays and reduce the time you spend on busy streets during peak traffic periods. When air pollution is high, keep doors and windows shut. In some cases your physician may suggest an appropriate filtered air conditioning or air cleansing device for home or office use. Be sure to keep filters clean. Avoid relying on additive laden food. Sensitivity reactions to some food additives, including certain preservatives and artificial colorings and flavorings, have been reported by various authorities. Possible adverse reactions to artificial colors and flavors include respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal and neurological effects. Authorities report that some individuals sensitive to aspirin also react to tartrazine (FDC Yellow No. 5 dye) which has been " . . . very commonly used to color foods and medicines . .." * * * FINALLY, try to identify and minimize avoidable emotional stress and get the best possible nutrition. Experts recognize that emotional factors may aggravate allergy. Concerning allergy in general. Dr. Granville Knight writes that a program of optimum nutrition including an emphasis on fresh foods and desirable amounts of all essential nutrients "... can bring about marked improvement both in symptoms and in general health. It is my firm impression that it reduces the tendency to develop new sensitizations and improves the response to hyposensitization." When it comes to allergic misery, knowing the right preventive precautions can be quite a relief! Beatrice Foods Executive Dies DENVER (AP)-Brown Woodburn Cannon, a Denver businessman and executive vice president of Beatrice Foods Co. of Chicago, died Friday following a lengthy illness. He was 59. Cannon succeeded his father. H. Brown Cannon as a director of Beatrice Foods in 1953. He also was president of the food conglomerate's worldwide chemical and manufacturing operations. Cannon was instrumental in developing Beatirce into an international company with annual sales of some $4 billion. The company features a line of milk products, cheese and farm-fresh eggs. Winfield Man Gets Theological Degree MADISON. N.J.-A Winfield. W. Va.. man has received his master's degree in theological studies cum laude from Drew University here. He is David Warren Shaw, a gradoatorf Morris tarvey College. v ABCs of Health MILWAUKEE (AP)-MUwaukee County Judge William Jennaro has ordered three children removed from their grandparents' home because social workers said they were being reared like animals. A social worker told the court one of the children, an 8-year-old boy, did not know what toilet paper was for. There also was testimony that he did not know what pajamas were because he always slept in his clothes. "He does not know how to use silverware, and shovels food into his mouth using two hands," the social worker testified. The judge said it was obvious that the grandparents loved the children, including a 9-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl, very much. But he said the home atmosphere had apparently caused them to be antisocial and at least mildly retarded. The children, whose retarded mother is the grandparents' daughter, have been living in the home most of their lives. The social worker testified that the grandparents usually kept the children indoors, behind locked doors and windows reinforced with wire mesh. The grandparents' living room, according to testimony, was furnished with nine television sets, numerous console radios, five swinging bird cages and a mattress in the middle of the floor. The children apparently came to the attention of welfare officials when one was beaten by other children at school in June. I know news is good news spend less and feel extravagant 3 Convenient Locations * Xanawha City * Dunbar * St. Albans Charleston Store Ph.:925-4931 4218MocCorkleAve., KonawhaCity Open: Mon.Jhurs., Fri. 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Tges.,Wed.,Sat.9A.M.-5f».M. LOOK WHAT '5.WU BUY ·Saxony textured plush nylon, 7 high lustre colorations. Big, fat unsurpassed luxury at a sweet little price. *Deep, soft, beautiful super shag plush nylon in 7 radiant colorations. 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