The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 15
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: nrcmsDA,Y, 20, f HE DAILY COURIER, CONN* LLSVILLE, PA PAGE FIFTEEN. Jl. Few m Little c/xVJs^P 4:o\ ^/f^rr-^x^ '^B Y FORESIGHT He wns visiting trm newly-weds nt itieir home. E v e r y t l r n g was doe, but-"Why i l i d ./on taku nn a p n r t i n e n t i with such a t i n y k i t c h e n e t t e , Tom, old I hoy?" "Welt, you're the first man I've told, so Ueep it quleL It's so sumll 1 cun't get In there to help my w i f e when she's doing the dishes." A REINCARNATION SURE friend (re/.-rrltif; lo uew-burn bnbe) "Just t h i n k , Tom, there't* your son having I l l s finit dny oC crying." Ond-"1 tan h i i n l l y t h i n k It IH Jim--isoumle to me HUe tit's hail a lot u t prucllce before." Antarctic Advrnfage Yonder, In fa · Antai-ctli: »«as, The s h i p s r c f o s o amid a freest A d d make us e n v y Icy Btorin, While wtntJitr propha say 'Talr arifl warth." Play Today "Play ts niore complicated theae days." "Hch?" "Look nt those kids playing Iu- dlans." "\Veli?" "'They nnve a movie machine mid a director.' 1 Sa'e* Re*Uiance Clerk (shoving customer polf stock- i n g s ) -- W o n d e r f u l value, air. Worth double the money. Latest p a t t e r n , fust 'o!or, holeuroof, won't shrink, and It's a «f'd y a r n t'ustonK-r-- Ve», ond very well tohl. --Wall Stret-c Juurunl. Poor Little Rich Gal "T t h o u g h t your dad was going to spiul you a w n y to school t h i n winter." The dapper was soroewlmt bitter In her explanation. "So far he hasn't been able to find ii fci.ililoiifible reform school." Who Ha» the Answer? 1 a*k a s i m p l e i i u e u t i o n , This u n l y t r u t h 1 *-ish. A r e all f t a h e r r n o n liars, Or Oo only liars flsli? Mot Running "Arc you still r u n n i n g fur congress?" "KunninjiV" repeated Scrmtor Sor- fjhuni. "Not it sill. 1 Imve matters so urranKCd that 1 oau depend on winning in a wn'k."--Washington Star, No Ruaion for It Author--I ·!(·« you hav« my novel. I suppose you had a peop nt the last page to see h nv it ended? Candid Woman--As a m a t t e r of fact aHer reading two chapters 1 nxmctered why it begun ! NOAH «* WHV S STR.ONGSR. THAN IT IS OtJ WEEK. DAYS MORTU ^orates,c \?= THE SULB OUT w»TH THe OU^-P THE SOCKET ' -- MWVT/N (N BOMAPARLTES DID HE WAT [ .O Q f PHiAMK M IQEAT To OgAfg O, -D TOOTS TASPEP Br JIMMY MTJEPHY IT HEAPt THE TX30P-- STANI .5 MOOSE Dickoisjr THE PAMOU WHO PA5 · i HC MORTIMER CLAMBV HERE! WHERE 6 HE NOW? / HE WAS MERLE, ( BUT HE'«= irONE MOW'. HE HEAR \ -YOUR VO1QE_,AND BEFORE. I REALIZED WHAT WA2 UP HE HAO OPENED THE. I WINClOW, OmvPSC» OUT, \ AND _ \ INTO TME --YV K^V (S 1330, King Kettuni Symltrult, Inc., Britain ruhu r«i»rvt( AWAY SO HE .... . ^ A4AIM, DID OH,NWELL» VUL CATCH UP V/1TW HIM ·5OMEPAY, AND HE ·WOMT ESCAPE THE. KJIEXT TIME 1 HOW 1ID HE HAPPEN ~TO QOME. TO YOUR. -fbu WNOW HOW HE. CAUED MB To LO-3E A LOT OF MONKV IN THE DOKI-T T'OU, HE PA) ME EVERY PENNY OF IT) 1 HE CAM TONIGHT -70 MORTIMER A IF CATCH HIM I'LL. HAVE 6HADOW MORTIMEC M£ THfe HE I5MT A 9At eorr, CANT HELP ,] tiusTice., /BUT WK. JIMMY riuRpHy^ 2j2og^\ BUT ' FEEL. THAT TONIGHT HEART I2» LI6HTEO. THAN IT HA9 BEEN FOB A LOM^r TIME. '. JGTTA KET1 THE , JDMIIIAL HIMSELF By PAUL ROBINSON TOTtJE MOVIES ? DO'.4T 8E-5IUN .* BUGS -1M Our N S'rUAfST'S VAC^r TO WATCH THB GO^fT RACES i A130JT ALL We 1 ! DD IN) TVtt-: TI2OP CS- THEIQ TlMe IN WE WATEfS A»4O THE C3THEQ HAI.P C AT AND MIS UNGtE A AN ADMIRAL IN * CAP SQ- TIM Tl'LKB »jr TYM TXDMA ,»...-»·», SEE TW 3W SMEf j 'our oen\w vlwo'f 5ME? \ WHAT-D UE THE SA»AE VS PUTT\Na UP VOMEV FOfXUfi \S TO UKC UCXM \ r WO M CJkN I FWO r ? SEE SPUD, "BECAUSE HAPPEH TO SET A UHC OH UCH IS W AIR, AHD OMLV OHt PERSOH au\oer MOO AHO SMH: A Sf UL uwtwe S OF T^\S WE AMO^IWAT ITO ee wo A6 JUT rr-stou 6E 'AOIXST^O XT BIG SISTEli. AM BITIOV REALIZEB By LES FO KG It AYE. ; ee., BOODV! -S. csroo SC.OOTD NJK O\KE AN)' E f=Ace NA/HG.N THE MAMMA! \AJA-5 (SOIM'TO COIN) ' CXDM'T VOH r KEP ME "TM£ CHECK ,VJA:5N' MAD.' 1981), by Ctntra) P»Wi Ajtfioclttoti, Inc, TIME. THAT LATER BETH'? AREN'T yoo To soy J-fl"" f l -[l-f I I "" i l 1M : THAT BV/OOY · THAT '5 A . I'VE 3C5f Cv)E OF 1WE5E AW' KEEP IT \AJc5RKlti' YOU DON"r_E\,/eE-- N E E D XVORR/.' /^ T^JE^ AT'5 FELIX TH.11 CA'« PAT SULU VAIT. O P P l r - l G TABUE CLOTH , QE-IAR COMTINUE.S TO -S ^ fiTlifSBi ^p£ MIPS «yi P .,T'IW 1''|^ I! ! . '" 2 ...l'«S;S A i 'JK?2r«MBk -?£« ^,, Jif l|ii'l|lBii A/ / BiiJ'' f jfit$t ^ '/ m^mmmttim,i I .....--.TIL--JJ.-.!.-!-.'!* 1 ' |r'jr?^^_ti! IT HUNS IN TH» FAMILY Bj. 3BWIJTA Voo AW T G-, -SX3O- WU'Z- \ P P t E C ED Ts* K L.ONG- LOMO- AW WHe./J ·TO OR 00 CrC-T"

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