Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 126
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 126

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 126
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Want the facts? Want to learn the truth about prominent personalities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. Your full name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossible. Q. Does conservative columnist William F. Buckley agree with his brother. New York's Sen. lames Buckley, that President Nixon should resign?--Anne C. Fisher, Fort Wayne, Ind. A. Bill Buckley's "dream scenario" of how Nixon should leave the government calls for the House of Representatives to impeach Nixon, for Nixon then to remove himself, voluntarily from office under provisions of the 25th Amendment, for the U.S. Senate to exonerate him, and finally for Nixon to resign. "There would be a certain amount of coitus inter- ruptus in the whole thing," Buckley concedes, "but on the whole everybody's feelings would be taken care o f . . . I don't think anybody would dispute the fact that if he ceased to be President today the country would be a whole lot better off." The 25th Amendment permits a U.S. President to acknowledge that he is temporarily incapable of discharging the duties of his office and to be replaced by the Vice President. Subsequently he can declare that he has overcome his disability unless by a two- thirds vote, Congress decides otherwise. Q. Julia Child--who runs the cooking program on publictelevision--was that nice matronly woman ever , a spy for our-Central Intelligence Agency?--Earl Adams, Reading, Pa. A. Mrs. Julia McWilliams Child, now firiown as TV's "French Chef," worked for the Office of Strategic _ Services in Chungking, China, during World War II, maintained the OSS intelligence files there. She was never a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency, the organization which succeeded OSS. Q. When Sp/r'o Agnew goes to Greece as he recently did, does he have to clear such overseas t trips with his. probation officer? Also, why was Dale Anderson, who was Baltimore County Executive just as Agnew was, sent to jail for five years, and Agnew didn't pull a single night in the pokey?--Mrs. A//en L, Baltimore, Md. A. Spiro Agnew is on unsupervised probation for three years, which means he can go anywhere any- time he wants to without the permission of any probation officer. As regards Dale Anderson's sentence of five years in jail for the same kind of crimes Agnew was connected with, one must remember that justice in this country is frequently unequal, depending upon one's position and finances. CLARK GABLE'S WIFE KAY AND SON JOHN Q. How old is Clark Cable's only child? Was he ever kidnapped? Is that why he is never seen in public? --Pamela Thomas, Encino, Calif. A. John Gable, born four months after his father's death, is 13. He lives a highly protected life. His mother, Kay, four times married, says, "For years I've made it a practice to keep John out of the public eye: We had a kidnap threat a few months after he was bom, and I've been afraid of another one ever since." Young John inherited approximately $400,000 from his father. Q. Can you tell me if it is true that lews were barred from the jury which tried }ohn Mitchell and Maurice Stans in New York City several weeks ago?--Harry Schwartz, Philadelphia. A. They were not barred. They simply were not chosen by the Mitchell-Stans attorneys, who hired Marty Herbst of Conceptual Dynamics, Inc., to help them in jury selection. Having been guided by Herbsf s research into the jurors' background, attorney Peter'Fleming Jr. chose those jurors who were non-Jewish, who were politically to the right, who read the New York Daily News instead of The New York Times, who had high school educations instead of college degrees. His selection of the jury was brilliant, the government's selection not. Q. Why is it that Mia Farrow and. Robert Red/prd both refused to do promotional work on The Great Gatsby? Is David Margu/ies of St. Louis the same David Merrick who produced The Great Gatsby? --L.F., /op/in, Mo. A. Reportedly Farrow and Redford dislike the film. David Margulies and David Merrick are one and the same. Q. The f.S. Constitution says the President can be removed only for "treason, bribery, high crimes, and other misdemeanors." Does this mean that he can be removed only if he is a proved criminal? Suppose he is shown to be a profane, vindictive, incompetent, tax-cheating man who allowed his office to be used to destroy his political adversaries through wiretapping, surveillance, illegal entry, fraud, bribery, and other illegal means? Does he, despite all this, remain immune from removal?--D.T., Washington, D.C. A. There are two schools of thought on removing the President from office. James St. Clair, the Boston attorney obtained by Gen. Alexander M. Haig to save the President, believes in the strictest interpretation of the Constitution, that evidence ,must be offered which conclusively proves the President guilty of a crime. Others maintain that the President can be removed if he does not meet his Constitutional duties so that his conduct in office is detrimental to the welfare of the nation. There are historical precedents for both interpretations of the law. ALAIN DELON AND MIREILLE DARC Q. Alain Off/on, 38, the Frerich film star, and Mireille Dare, 32, the French film actress--married or living together?--Connie Ha/pern, Jamaica, N.Y. A. After seven years of togetherness, no marriage yet. THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE JUNE 16,1974 chairman of the board, ARTHUR H. MOTLEY president, DANI D. KINLEY editor, JESS GORKIN publisher, WARREN J. REYNOLDS editor at large, LLOY[SHEARER senior editors, HERBERT KUPFERBERG, DAVID PALEY art director, ANTHONY LA ROTONDA associate editors, JONATHAN 1RAUN, SUZANNE CURLEY, LINDA GUTSTEIN, NOEL HUMPHREYS, JOHN G. ROGERS, ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN assistant art director, ROBERT L PETERSON art associates, RUDDY HAVILL, AL TROIANI assistant to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, MARY ANN CAVLIN, DORIS SCHORTMAN home economics, DEMETRIA TAYLOR fashion, VIRGINIA POPE cartoon editor, LAWRENCE LARIAR Washington, bureau chief, JACK ANDERSON; FRED BLUMENTHAL, OPAL GINN west coast bureau, CHARLES PETERSON, RACQUEL MARTIN europe, CONNECTICUT WALKER australia, PATRICIA ANGLY © 1974, Parade Publications, Inc., 733 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. All rights reserved under International and Pan American Copyright Conventions. Reproduction in whole or in part of any article without permission is prohibited. PARADE®; Marcas Reg. - Please address editorial contributions to: Articles, Parade, 733 Third. Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. Although reasonable care will be taken, Parade is not responsible for unsolicited material.

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