The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1918
Page 4
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FOPB. THE DAILY COITRnCK., CONNELLBVTLLB, PA, MONDAY, MAY 27, 1918. OLourirr. HENRY P. SJJTDEB, Founder anJ Bdit whatever width of re-paving may be required to permanently restore tie paved'surface of the! street to con- boys in khaki are seen marching tx tuo ships that are to bear them to France to fight for America and lib- j formity vnth the cioss sjoction prior ; erty, the heart swells with love and i j ±o th-e excavation. On s'-reets oecm- ( pride, and 'there comes to every true ~ JOHN L. OAHfc- Managing" Bditi WALTER a City Editor. MISS U.VNB B. KINCEIii. Society Editor. MEMBER" OF: Associated Presa, Audit Bureau of ClrculatloTi. Pennsylvania- Associated Dailla* ·· fwo cents per copy, SOc per months l» jxsr jear by mall II paid' In advance. '.Entered as second clasj matter at tto jo»tofflce. Cannellsville, fa. ETZJfllffi, during tie life of the franchise, ir. streets unpaved at tic time the conduits are laid. mg the compensation to one .paving on unpaved streets and to one rt Tk« C»»ri«i'» tonic* P. SHERMAN. DnK I» American Ex- p«tfitjoaarv Forces, France. HAT.VH F. 8UOEK, ConojMmy H, d9tfa Infantry, u. a N. A, ·, Camp Lee. Petersburg. Va. JIICHAEIi GREKAJjDO, £LAJROLD RlCHEYt ; Battery 1C JlaW Artillery. 28th )i»lslon. U. S. N. G. LiOYD B. COX '. STUx Engineers, US, A, Fort Slyer. Vs. JTJEIUS CROCSE; ·E,- · lith Engineers -- (lUU-way). American Expe- diaooari Torcee, Frajice. J[ AMB -J. · McPABTtAKO. ~ Company D, 53rd Engineers, ; ~ OJa/lwarX Port Benjamin Hsua-taon, Indianapolis, Indiana. : dmlvcly «ntiO«J to th» UM lor rtpubUeatlon of all newu dle- patebe* cmUUd to It or not otbMrwlM er*dtt*d to thb papar and alw tb« loul oew» putUJhod CtUTDUIX OBDJQil3fC£ SEEDS If the members of the city council aje aft much concerned, about- tL.e future interests of tie city as we believe they are, we cannot believe they will enact the ordinance giviag the Central District Telephone eompany- the right to btnld a. conduit system without first mating some material amendments 'io Uie bill. In the form in which th*J bill has been introduced it-amply provides for . tb.e n«ed3~ of. the company in the premises, and partially so for the city, but it does not go far enough in the latter direction to constitute a. just and equitable franchise contract, or one reserving to thtt city all the rights and privileges to 'which it is entitled. The most vitali objections io the proposed-ordinanc'e are that it grants a perpetual righf; and without adequate compensation therefor. It is more and more becoming the practice of all wide-awake, np-to-date municipalities to refuse to grand indeterminate franchises. Mere general recognition is being given to the fact I that the 'ownership of the streets and highways of a city or toirn is vested In the public, or the eiti'.cns ot the municipality as a -whole, aad that city councils do not have the right, while they mayHie power, to forever divest the public of these rights. Instead, it Js held by^tha enlightened leaders aad students of municipal Affairs that eTrery franchise should be for a fixed period pf'-years only and its granting conditioned "upon a fair measure of compensation tor the rights or priv- ' lieges conferred. Aside from, these features which the ordinance lacs tbe.'e are other objections to~. H which isaay- be considered., somewhat in detail. "SVhile the proposed 'ordinance very broadly Sires tie-ioApany the right to "con- ·truct, niaiiitain and operate its con- pied by street ' j tracks it might nqi'be ugvise to include (he whole ^pace between tlie curb and on foot outside the rails in the sectaoa to be re-pave^ 'after laying the conduits. The same provision should be made to apply to streets unpaved at Uie time the' conduits are laid therein. This section should be further amended so as to require the company to compensate the city not onl- the first re-paying, where conduits are laid in advance of re-paving, but for all subsequent repairs and American a greater determination to do everything in iiis or her power to win this war. * The entertainment is free, no admittance being charged nor collection taken. PARTY_ATMORAN Boys LiiaTim- Wednesday for Camp Lee Are Guests. A very enjojablo parly was held at the homo of Miss Alice Slater near s, and for the paving and all , Morgan Siailou. in. honor o£ Ralph, subsequent repairs and re-pavings, | Longanfccer, Bert McClelland and Andy Siosky, who will leave Wednesday morning for Camp LCD, Music and games were the amusements aad a'very dehghtlul time was .had. At a late hour refreshments were served. in-g on re-paved streets is un.-1 Among tbose present were aiisses fair and inequitable inasmuch as it! Mary Sanner, Lola MiUer, Madge and permits the company to have prac- 'Florence Longanecker, Gertrude tically free rental of Uie st.reu.ts, after Reagan, Carrie Mae and Tillie Liv- paying the initial cost o£ paving or re-pavittg. Compensation for the right ID use the streets should continue during tie life of the franchise, which requirement could bo met by obligating the company to pay its share of the cost of the original paving, and all subsequent repairing and 're-pav- Jg of the struts occupied by it, Tiiaro mighi, be objection ID Section 11, which gives'the company uic right to extend it^i" conduits wherevtrr it wishes during a period of 30 years tonight, from the date of approval of the oidi- oaace without further grant than is I contained in the proposed ordinance, ingstou and Bebsie Zimmerman, Herbert Newcomer, Bert McClelland, Andy Secskv. Ralph Longanecker of East Connellsville, Josephine and Calvin Mmcrd o£ near Bellview, John and Sam Slater of Morgan. J. At Stockholder*' Meeting: . 1 Doyle went to Meyersdolc this raonnng to attend a meeting of the stockholders of the Meyersdale Browing company. He will return ho.lie but any objection to this section would be largely removed if tfre preceding and other sections were amended as suggested. Section 12 is in need of radical amendment. As drawn it does not bind, the company to extend its conduits along Crawford avenuo, Webt Skie, before re-paving. It merely gives tbe company the opportunity to allow its risk-is to that street to lapse temporarily, in case re-paring becomes necessary before the company wishes to lay its conduit thereto, aod to trust to a later city council to give it a new ordinance it to lay its conduits in that street whenever it wishes to do so. In lieu of this section there should be one malting the ngiit to lay a conduit on any jtavett street c.qn,diuon*d upon Its con- siruction pdbr to re-paving, otherwise the right would terminate with respect'to such street In like -manner the right to occupy an unpaved street should become null and \oid Enlfcb; in Nary. DeWitt Con way. head of Uio science department oE the Uniontown high school, has enlisted for radio service in the navy. Uy W«Jt Mason. CtdOUAL Old Hlndoiitiurg-, w h o m Teutons praise, ebould tlra-w ten dollars or ten ilays. His name each day. In lurid tints, appears In all the public prints, and always linked ylth uorne punk cieed. '.httt makes the reader's bobonj bleed. He N au kceti to tifi;fcl nnd slay. he tlcsecraUrfJ the Sabbath, day, luid makes men -n the trftnches work. who'd rather be attending kirk. His mtadonit-anor'ij never cease; Eiome new tlibturbnnce of the is charged atraJn.Hi him every day; he shoos the (Statute hcmks aw,iy. Discharglns fl re arms is Iiis fad; a! though tliere is In ovary prad a law forbidding men to shoot -- but laws don't worry that old ' Teut. IIo °n farmers' land. the crops tn bcyvt the in event of Mure or raft-al to lay %· H«t,n," ^ n^n the conduits m advance of paying. It is to be regretted that ihe con- dun problem cannot be so solved at ibis time liiat tliu menace of overhead wires of every description can be removed. Partial removal of them Is a step in that direction, of course. and will eventually result in a complete removal. IL is, thereiore, all the more imperaUvg that in taking :he initial step no precedent be established chat will later operate to deprive the city of any ngcit or privilege the future may require thiu it enjoy. For tkeje reasons the city coun-cii should give very thoughtful consideration to any proposition winch, if accepted as teadercd, would haro the efTect of bartering these rights away. The erection of numerous Held hospitals back of the German llneii is a hint of th6 ;ukhLional amount of blood the 3xai«tT ia ·willing to bpiH in an- otiier attempt to win a gambler's chance of breaking tliroueh the Allied Carraaza. may m-ake that severing relations the cuscove-ry ·itli Cuba Is one of the bonehead plays sooner or later re^utt in aevarlng him fronx bis job as pro-German boas of Mexico. Tn etvlrrp to the Red Cross It has boen left to the Italian** of the ConneJlsvUle disttrct to show how much more cotn- they the le of duits, tC in, under and tbrou^h" "' »T1 the Streets and alley i of the city, ft' ft provides, JijSection 4, that the work i "of constructing the conJuit shall be ~y dons "in.-*dTOnce of or at the time of ?i . Tepsw - nig""'OiHly in that, section of ?- CraTrtocd-"aTenue lying beUreen Eroa- J- feet street; "and the Youghiogheny V river bridgeT :This section should be L" : lust as ^Soadly inclusive as that 'giv- S 1 - ^log the com-pany the right to construct ^ its conJuit*ofl' any street, and should Z'_ specify explicitly that eonduits, both *· main nnd^ fattral, shall be laid on i streets, now occupied by aerial speaking acquaintance with the term. 7; lines, iu advance of re-paving of the . " wine, and .that on un paved streets V , similarty'oc'cupiec! by ]iole litres, the ^ conduits," Doth" main ancl lateral, shall ~'» te laTeA^-advance of paving. As ai^gresent framed this section Ves uief "Company tJ'e privile^J of on_ all streets^ oc- ;wheaeTer It-may , choose, rwithout regar.d to paving or .thi'.short, section "With J300.000.000 increase in wages to divide between them the 2.000.000 railroad men u-ho are beneficiaries of the axlvance -won't have j.ny trouble in meeting the."paymenta on their Ittberty liond an(l Red Cross pledges. "WAKE UP, AMERICA!" TO BE GIVEN BY RED CROSS AND NAVY LEAGUED but Signs don't stop this lawletw H u n , with his Kins: ranee hreech loading \Vc may be sticklers, even cranks, hut wo £row -weary of his p-anks. A litUe nonsense now and then is rellthod by the wisest men, but whrn si cat-up takes no rest, but play his tricks until prowJns zoat, am3 ipolls our hats, ami btcals our sbr-cp, ind nrcb our whinkers while ire sleep. ur potienc-p soon or lato -will £aU. anil ,cc*ll escort him to the jwl. Jaisft Edgar A. Guest. THE TITLE O* 1 THE DEAJ), Rich caxth is that which holds our dead! Once foreign soil, but homeland now, Our country by the blood they shed, Our country thai their soula endow. Ours by the sacnttces made. Ours by uach fUlcn lance and blade. Ours by the common grist we share, Ours by their blood for honor eacd; Time shall not end our title there Nor vandals dispossess our dead. Nor different tongues, nor different creed= Blot out the memory of their deeds, Hancoforth no man shall evpr say This -rtretch ot soil is wholly France; All border lina arc swept away As freedom's gallant troops ad vn n ce. That ground shall evermore be treo Where rren have died for liberty. Where sleep her bravo youthtul dead That toll America shall be. ·VThere once Is blood for freedom/shed, Forever ehall that earth be free. Rich ground is that their souls endow, Once foreign Franco, but homeland now! coke trade for the week cndlrgr May 21. shoxvs a io-ta.1 Q£ ib liOS ovens in the region, of wlnlch 14,27!t are In'bliust a.nd 4.:W5 Idlff,' witb a total estimated pro- ductJOn o-f 144,SS.i tone. Shipmenta for ftiiQ wee«fc afrgrosa-tGd [ S 302 cars, distributed as Lc-Hows: To Fittsburg, 2,9Jtl cars: to points west, 3,982 cans, to ponriCs eapt l,3«ll c.trg, an Increase o-C 4 0 j cars over the previous wcJt. 7the niffin building- of the Slaygmakor- Barry company J lock wortos at South Connoll-avllJci Is totally dc^troyea liy lire, wiUi a loss ol £I40,OW:, 031 wililch there Is $88,000 Insurance* Twenty-rive tinners ami catchers at th-c Iltmvbcrt Tin Plate mill ffo on strike. The boys of Owipaby D, Tenth Jletri- Tivent. roacii fan ITiancisco on tlitiir way to the Ph'IUppfnes. [ Tflie S/w.nJ'Sh fleet! is bo-ttletl up in S'Liitiao harbor. i ' One of Lhe prettieat wcddJoe-s recorded in the realms of Pa y »t t o so - cictj' Is t v .a.t of MJss KatherliiG -VmeJia Ho-STfir *o Georg-ff W. J. JSii^so'J, solemnized at the home of the lir'ijcVs rrro-Lh- er, Mrs. Caroline Hope in Nw Ita,ven. ^rarriajrc UcensL'H ure issu r d i-n Ur ion town as follo'ws'f Wbite and Mary E. Mitchell, IM«I Of \ r rinlcrtii!fc David Connors and Maxy CoHins I^v- nrson 1 Ciiarlus A. Cai Ison and Alma TJ -'atterson. Now Haven, Mark Morrisrn oC Bldwolt, tuid Ellxa'jeth .lane Uryner of Ohiopylc; Albort C A^nalonff and ret E. Tij'jjap, rwtvvsor. George TV. Pry or and Ida M. Nf-\vco.ncr, both if town-siifp: Bfinhuo! Dewalt and Jennie Martin, bot'h of O^vensdatie Emmot U Rout, BalLinrwre . Ohio raltroad-cr, Iosf« h'tet liand Jrt an acc!do-it in tlio yards hjire. "Gnunoil man Fnunk HolHnd 1*s prcnicl 1 a record made by ills five ehi'ldrrn in tendjEis 1 tho public schools durlii}^ thp .erm Just closed. Xot one of tJie flvt; missed a day. Plo.113 tiro made In WjanOnt county Olulo. to commrmorate iho burnfn;? of Cnlonel "William Cram-ford, the observance to take place J u n o 11 at raw/crI. S Slpo coraplptes a tram rood from Stewarton to his K-vvrrrrfl 1 on ittQ top of Jhe mountains a distance of five mileo, whore he has boui?h.t 1,200 acres of tiimbar. , JIAY 21. litOR. IctaJJed ropcirt of t'he Connel3sviHp coko trade f o r the weok ending May IB, s'l-o-ws a total ot 37,403 ovens fn Ohe re- ATion, of wh-icJ: 14 CDS are hi blast and -J,Sir idlo, TA-ith a total ostifnatod production ot ItCJ.Ofiii tons Shipments for tlie week a^ffrogutecJ i 424 cars, distributed, as followa: To Pittsburgh 2.S.12 cars; Co pofns wwrt, 2,775 cars; to points eiust, 317 cars; a decreuso of 4-13 cnrs as compared w4tli the prvv^UB ivccJc. Cn-ttle rustlers drive away 10 heart of fine stook from the pasture of Jasper AQg'tisttnp. hack of Dunbar, The Hagserty butld4nR at Dawson li- destroyed bv lire. York axjiress. No, Cl over the Ealti-mo-ro Ohio railroad, Ion.vinff ConnJtsrUfc for the east ar fi ^0 o'clock, is doraUet! two miles cast of Garrett and 1^ persons oro Injured. among 1 them LfitnfT fi/r 1 * PWna J'hnson Brendol, her son. t,loy*; I5ronclol, and S M. Joftn^on of Conrwilljoiille. George W Orwig-. EalLUnore OMo fiman. is drownefl vrfidlr- baihjnfr in tVirn Holo !T» the VouKtioffh«ny river I Tarry Dunn i* el voted captain of Company D. siicceedinj J. II. Simpson, Fosbrlnk of Mover, [B run down hy n f n i n at Brownsville Junction and k;ile\J. The trla.1 of W. Ls Gate of Bellever- n c n . for · the murder of Policeman Thomas Gucs« at Bcllevornm, is ftnorl In TJnlDntown Rev. A. J. Asshc ia elected president of the Connelksrv-fJIo stihooi board minister 3r. J. 'j. Huston, is serving p r e ^ i J ^ i t of counofl, Suprt-me canrt decides that James TL Srcrltai must pay Ma son-fn-la-w, Wil- R. Wtrs-lng, $45,000 daamq-es for shootlnfr hfcm Ln Uie arm and also »pend five years in the penitentiary. Smith Jiari Invited his »on-in-]aw and daug-lj- ter to his home at Smtthftold on June 3, 1!!6, to attend a "hoanms" af-ier the couple h a d marrietl aa4n*t his w . Aa they anproached t'he door at fads house Smith opened iro cm Ms son-fn- v- with a rifle. One of Uie shot stnicK Wiratng in the elbow an - its iv-ay drown to hJs hand, ren- dcring 1 tho arm usele*»a. nrith la reputed to bo worth $300,000 FOR BENT--FUR S'JSIIED JIOOM. 208 North Third street. West Side. 2-maySt* T'Ort RENT--FURNISHED ROOM, centrally Joc.ated, ]ady preferred. 12G Falrview avenue. 25rnay2t* FOR RDNT--THTU3E AND TWO room apartments. PLOHJ3NGB SMUT2. 14maytf ;'*" If Seetioit^ris aHowsd-to stand ia |f .its presenFfonn the company vill be i "^ ~j" ^·obligated ^QT. reimbarbc the city only fe!to le re-paving of a strip 36 inches Wdto:"ln any ; paved street or An lUuMrated. lecture ShoiTing Actual Buftietiold Sfcuci 'and Kcia War Has Wrought T. J. Hooper, president of the CDJ nellsnlle branch, of Red Cross, aad R. A. Neville, secretary of the Edv,-in S. Porter branch of th. Navy League, aro jointly engaged in completing arrangements for an entertainment, of unusual iatcxest and great instructive value, to be given in the lugh facbool auditorium on Monday, June 3, at 3 and also at S P. M. This is to con- jreat patriotic war lec- ure, "TVaJit Up, jimerica-I" This war lecture, which has ucen r j porti ion which its said con. laid in adraoce of re|^-_ paving;" "and Jor one pavJng of the iven i official Washington, and which received Uie hearty commen- of Cocimittee on Publica- was produced /or the express . j - W l / i l , ITii^ j M V U U V i C i U J V 1 tJJtT GAJJlVSa ·nine widtt. strip over its conduits e Qf ^ vmgAmtI i eaxa a clear ;,,whni th^-arelaid in ; trcets unpaved rea , irotion o£ ^ truo racts of tbe -,-*t ihe tim of laying. war. No pf-rson can attend tbjs lec- This setftion is wholly inadequate I ture without setting a full apprecia- ' g--to protect ihe city's ngtits and inter- of the peril in which this country Stritry construed ii makes no ' now stands, and of the magnitude of g," provision for the reLiubursenier.! by £-the company for the cost of re-paving l l o task which confronts us if we are Wlu the , war Ov - er TllQre ra thor «ny part of a street wMch. at The time | tnan over ij laying the conduit, '-light not be m -^ a fce Up, America" is proftzsely condition requrring re-paving, such | i]} Us trated by' stereopticon slidEs and Nowa of tbo Paat Condensed from the File* of The Courier, FRI»AY, ConniLl»vi)le IH S, 188S. so happy as an-d t has deadlock on Its hands. I). Frisbee, "-Mtohaol Francis and L. P. Norton, new ot the school board, appear are enrolled, NorrmuLtlons for president being In order, W. 1. Ro-bb-inn names John D, Frlgbee; B. Welker nominates William P. Still wag-on. The vote is a tie, Holibins, Francis and voting for Frtsfeeo, alid "^' ia. a paved i tho desolation, ruia !ind what Amer- sufficient to Jay a conduit will j ica must do Jtt order (o save its wo-m- 'ci the paving to i greater width 1 en and obildrCTi from a foe that knows inches, or at least h will not! no mercy and that has lost all con- pOssiole, in making proper repair [ repiion oE deccacy and,fair play. relo, to confine ti e worli to that j Nothing is exasg-^rated--imagina- Iftnit and maKc a good job of rion couid p.iiut notliisg worse than That section o-r ihe ordinance) the facts. vHien Old Glory is shown SbbO- changed jp as to cpvuri wavlug proudly IE tho breeze, and our er, Norton and Newmiy^r for Still- Alb ra.ham Miller, wfcll known painter, -while painting John Newcomer's Main street residence, slips and falls a. distance of 25 feet, dying shortly afterward of his Injuries. The ?.IcOlure Coke company 3s formally organized as a corpora.tton. The stockliothers meet at Cveraon and elect the following officers. Charles £Kn- elly, president; W. J. ItcTige, secretary .ana treasurer; Jahn P. Ercnnen, ycnorAl mana^or; Oharlos Ion»lly, Gilbent T. Ratferty and B. H. Rubia, dlTOCtOFS. The YoagJiioffheny Brldpe counpany reduces toll for a round trip for t earns from ^5 cents to 30 cenls. Charles B MoCormiclc and George Hall, while fishing-at Bear Run, kill a ratUewnaJve roeasuri.-^ Uiree feec ; 10 inches, MoCorranok: brir^ra home the rattle as a trophy. Harry J. Jordan of Motrat Pletwant, George F. Tltlovr as oterk at Marietta, hotel, i^. W. D. Kelly ddts "at ScoUdale. Sirs, 3Iary C. Barker, wifa o-f George Barker, dies at her hvine in New Haven. Tho Indian. Cre^k B£Htdst ohurdi extends a call to Rev. J. R, Brown. Miss Anna Belle Darr of Connellsville, and AVuIiiam F, TroxelL of CUTTI- berlan-d, are married at the h-otne of tho bride in Highland avnue. , MAY 37, USDS, Detailed reiort of Kio ConnellsrLlle WANTED -- YOUR BAHBEHING business. WANTED--LADY SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAPE. ISmaytt WANTED--CIJAMJ3EIUIAJD. B salary; come at once. YOUGH HOUSE. 22mayt£ s. WANTED--TRUCKERS AT B O freight office. Pay every day. 2-1 may 31 WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID AT TRAJS'S-ALl^EGBUXY HOTEL. WANTED -- AN EXPERIENCED kitchen ffirL Apply WEST PKNTs TEA ROOK. 18may3td W A N T E D --/A MECHANICAL, draughtsman. BOYTS, PORTER COMPANY. lilmaySt WANTED--BOY, it. YJSAHS OLD. TO wash bottles. J. B. WILLARD POP FACTORY. 27may3t WANTED--GIRLS ^FOR KITCHEN work. MICS. C. J. ARMSTRONG Yough House Restaurant 17maytf WANTED--G-IRL, FOB GENERAL housework Call Tri-Statc 532 or at Hi West 'Washfns'ton avenuo. STmayU WANTED--ASH HANDLERS AT WEST PENN POWER COMPANY One-half cent per cubic foot for load- WANTED -- GIRLS TO "WORK where the bosses have a smile Car fare paid. CONNELLSVTLLE SILK COMPANY. 25miLytf FOR RENT--TWO LAilGK UNPUTt- nished rooma ior hg-ht housekeeping No children. D09 East Green btruct. 2may-tf-eod FOTl KENT--TWO LARGE CKSJIl- ablo f u r n i s h e d roonis for light houst- p l n K . All conveniences 410 North Piicsburg- street 27 may It FOR RENT.--9 ROOM APARTMENT, next West Perm "Wditlng Itoom, J40 A E. WAGONER CO. Both I'lionea. 25may2t Kor Sale. FOR SALI-:--SIX ROOM COTTAGE, liot water bytfiiizn, g-.te and electric. Inquire J. II, HENDERSON'. Willb ROJtl. Both phones ISmaytf FOR SALE--USED PIANOS. HL T N- tinffton. 5J9 1 ); SotnDCr 52iiB. Jcwett, 51C5; fnVe cordition. PKTTJK U. WEIMER, East Crawford a\cnue. FOR SALE--TOMATOJflS. stocky plants; not forced; SI 00 per hundred. II. E. HOWAHD, 331 Jefferson street Trl-StnLc phone. 27ma2t* FOR SALE--ONE 117 OVBRLAND Country C l u b JuM o v e r h a u l e d . New tires, bt"*t condition. Bargain if bold before the SSth. Will demon sirato. Call at DUX3AR AUTO CO.. Junb t tr, t'a. Bell ?3. 24may3t FOR SALE--GENERAL STORM LO- cated in East Scottd:ilc or Km^bview. "Will invoice at n,bout 52,000.00 Am in draft Is only reaon tor selling. GEOIf-GE GRAHAM, Scottdalc, Fa Bil phone 2I6-P- 25mayU» FOR SALE--UP-TO-DATE BAKBER ihop Beit location in Vanderbilu B,iri^iin, to tt^ick buyer. Ilenson for scHing-, intend to ^n!i«t. Call both ROBERT LINT, Vanderbilt Hotel. ' 23mayCt* FOR SALF.--BRICK HOUSE, EIGHT rooms, fine; hard wood Onlsh throughout; hard wood floors; hot water heat; lot 60x150. One oC the most attractive homes In the rity Jn- rjutre EAHN~BR, HOOD V ANN ATT A. Second National Bank building- 27may3t FOR SALE--'BFUCK BUNGALOW, South Side. $4,100. 5 rooms, bath pantiYt kot air hen,t modem hunfjalow, orriy IS iraontiis ojrt Jiol 4Oil30 t" alloy. Attic not finished but could be trutrtp into three rooms . Act quickly. REALTY COMPANY, 27may2t-cod FOR SALE--ONE ISM HUP; ON"K 1S14 Wlntott Sis cylinder; one 191G Studebakrr four cjlinrier; ono 1935 Ford road«t«r; one 1912 Hudson: one 1917 "Willys-Knteht; one and one-half ton Jeffrey £ruck. DUNBAR AUTO COMPANY, Boll S3,, Pa. Sloiuytf 1/ST--UPPER SET OF FALSK ceth. Rtwtirti If returned \o Courier office. 27mnylt" LOST--TAKB.V FROai FIRST FLOOR I Colonial apartments Brov- n "Wicker bnijy carriage, corduroy cushion Suitable reward for return to MRS. EDGAR E. JOKES, C'.loninl apartments Z7may3t LOST---SUNDAT EVENING SOME- wherc between the "Windsor apartments and corner ot Chestnut and Catlar avonuo, n sun burst. SuiUibJt; reward If returned to 407 Second National Bank building. 27 may It Nolle KEYSTONE CLEANING PAKLOR- Brlne your Pannma and straw hats to CHARLES COCOS, 170 West Crawford avenue, Connellsville, Pa. SmaySSt* Notice. THS PKOPBRTY OP G; IRI5TTAN Corfield located at Bessemer on the main road to Mount Pleasant, will not 'be sold on June 3, as advertised pre- viouely. The sale has been cancelled by the owner. 27may2t CAPABLE ilAN OR "WOMAN TO take lull charge of tho tyi le of The Book of Knowledge. Liberal commts- 9ions and oxclusive territorv wherever deitrcd. THE THOS. J. CAIE CO., 62S Fulton building, Pittsburg Pa. may27-31-" Nut ice. IP YOU ARE BETWEEN SB AND 50 years of ace, energetic and a re- look (rife fr an opportunity to make big money, with a chance of rapid promotion, experience unnecessary, salary ifuaranteetl, I have an opening" for you ! This is no ho:i/c, but a good, steady, big ' paying- position for the right ."an. Call after 4 P. M., 151 East Crawford avenue 27niny6t STATEMENT OF CIRCULATION. State ot Pennsylvania, County of Fay- otte, as. Before me. the subscriber, a Notary Public -within and for said County and Statu, personally appeared J. \Vyho Drisooll, who befne duly sworn according to law, did depose and aay: That he Is Assistant Manager of Circulation ol Tho Courier, a dally newspaper published in Connellsviho, pa., and that tho number oC papers 1 printed during tko week ending Saturday May 25, ISIS, was as follows.: May 20 , . . . 5 , 6 7 4 May 23 6,712 May 21 6 555 Mj.y 24 C.CIIB I May 22 C.75Q May 25 700" LITTLE TALKS ON THRIFT It is inspir-! ing to l e a r n i that while the A. m e r i c a n civilian is Teaming bis l e s s o n s in thrift, t h e b o y s at the i ron t a r e d o i n g t h e same thing. With t h e comparatively small amount of pay earned by the soldier one would think there could be little or no money saved by him. But tiie thrift spirit has taken possession of our boys, and the percentage of them who fritter away their soldier's pay is almost negligible. The average American soldier spends 20 cents a day, which includes his bill for tobacco, toilet necessities and sweets. Indeed, a situation that even the frugal Frenchman, would be proud of I One cannot begin to compote the value of this condition neither at the present time nor in the era of peace that sooner or later will come. Of the thousands upon thousands of American soldiers in France (and sooo it will run into the millions) a very small percentage, we venture, were thnftv before the war. Think then of the economic value that will accrue when these boys who Tiave been getting along on 20 cents a day for their fitUe luxuries come back to us and again take op the routine of civilian lifel An artilleryman writing borne from France, savs: "I have Liberty bonds, war savings stamps, military insurance, and have allotted $15 a month to the folks back home." A Y. M. C A, secretary writing home from France, says: "'The average amount of nioneif sent back home by the boys here is a franc a day ($6 a mouth) and this represents artillerymen, engineers, and doughboys. The chief thought of the majority of our _boys now is to insure their economic independences aftrr the war/* What an inspiring- statement I "What a splendid testimonial to the good sense of our wonderfuF boys at the front! This war is making them soldiers: of thrift. They _are enrolled tinder the star* and stripes which never have gone down in defeat, and never will, and they have enlisted, too, in the legions of thrift whose followers know not the meaning of failure^ WANTED -- LABORERS. FORTT cents an hour? nine noiu- day NATIONAL, CONSTRUCTION CO., Dickerson Run. ZSraayCt WANT ED--GIRL FOR GENERAL worlc in confectionery store and lunch room. O. F. THOMAS, South Connellsville. S7marttd WANTED--EXPERIENCED OIRL for general housework, g;ood wages; no washing. Apply DR. RASELY, SO East Main street, Unlontown, Pa. WANTED -- LABORERS. GOOD wages. Steady work. ADply AMERF- CAN MANGANESE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Dunbar, Penna. ISmaytf WANTED--MOULDERS AND CORE makers: 5 hour day. Open shop. No labor trouble. PIEDMONT FOUNDRY MACHINE CO., Piedmont, W. Va. ZlmaySt WANTED--LABORERS, ASH HAND, lers, helpers, mechanics, iiremen. Steady work. Laborers, 38^4 cents; firemen, 47 cents per hour, other "work paid in proportion. Apply in person at the WEST PBN'N POW13H PLANT, ConnfllsviHe, Pa. 21maylOt Total 40 42S Daily average 6,728 Thu.t the daily circulation by m o n t n s Cor tho year 10 IS to date was as lollows: Month. Daily Av 17S.S01 6,520 1D6.165 G.507 170.7.12 G.567 April 173,SM 0,585 That the daily circulation by rr.onths tor the year 1917 to date was as follows: Month. Daily Av 1013 January . February March 1917 January 157,201 February 130,852 March 149,431 April 135,180 May 149.162 June 141,596 July 153,575 August 165,595 September IS 1,193 October 166,333 November 153.192 December 155,548 5.821 5,452 5,534 6.557 C 524 5,446 6,143 6,133 6,16? 6,150 e.-.27 0.234 5.859 Total 151.343 And further sayeth not. J. WYLIE DRISCOLL. Sworn to and subscribed before mo this 25th day of May, 1318. J. B. KURTZ. N. P. Fur Resr. FOR KENT--FCRMSHED BOOM, lady preferred. 102 Robbins street. 24.may3t* AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOH AT THE DAILT COUSIEH OFFICE The ending of May means the ending of a lot of special bargains in women's, misses, and childrens wear. There is a large variety of odds and ends in shirt waists, silk, gingham and percale skirts, hosiery, underwear, and other early summer goods for women, misses, and children. Big bargains all this week. ' ion 83 JJarga Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the rewest and best styles, who desires QUAUTY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. THE JOB DEPARTMENT OP THE COURIER DOES ALL KINDS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING.

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