The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 12
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·fKE DAILY COURIER, CONN' ILLSV1LLE, PA, THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20, Prices and Prospects Spot Furnace Coke Easily Maintains Recent Advance In Price to $2.(iO-$2.75 Trend Is Toward Hijrher Level Now That Accumulations Hn re Keen Cleared. HEATING DEMAND WANES *\s Winter ears Its Closo; Foundry Prices Hold Sfcarty; IMttsbun? Voal Has Slipped KuJlroad Demand Hnv- ing Decreased} Pig Iron is Moderate. Hj'Wiftt to The Courier. IMTTSl'.URU, Fob. 20.--Spot furnuco coko has easily maintained the higher prie-o reported a wix-k ago, bo-ing at $-.60 to £2.65 while ultimate consumers of single carloads frequently pay $-.7f. Fcr a time there had been salou U $U,"iO, to id«4vr off accumulations, and thero aro no accumulation!) now. Tho msir'et it still too low relative to cost ot production, as $3.75 should be by in STEEL MAKKCT RECOVERY FROM RECENT SLUMP IS NOW Ai MOST COMPLETE Statistical Summary. pRonucTiuy DISTRICT Connellsvllle Lower t'onnellsville Totnls FURNACE OVEN'S ronnellsTlile Loner ConnellHTllie Totals MERCHANT OVKNS ConneJl.srllle Lower C'onaelJjrille ,, .-,,,,- ,,- -Totals _~ M E K K Ofcns I f , 010 1 1,818 2.",S2S lfl,79"» 2,7 H 18.50!! 3,21.-, 12,319 K. \fI.NU in 4MJ a, u;0 ',,,«(,« 100 812 412 1,8«S 3.2M FKBtlL'AHY Out 13,521 9.fi88 2,'U62 10,09.» 2,102 IS ft07 fS in,085 15, 1930. | WEEK Tops 5,800 28/.00 U4,SOO 1,20ft 4,600 6 RIM) 2«!oOfl 28,rW OTCHS 14^)10 1 1,8 18 25,828 10,7i)." 2,714 1!) 509 3,215 13,81!) K.MIJVi! In 171 2,23 1 2,715,-, 80 812 a»a 801 ww V E B R U A R Y Oat J 8,680 9,564 23,093 10.715 2,402 1:1.117 2,824 7,152 J»,»7« 8, '11)80. Tons 6,880 29,200 84,830 1,080 4,600 ft 630 ' 4,560 24,000 28,K»0 Production and Output Normal Fluctuation in Production of Coke Took Place in Region Last Week -o the miniiioni. This Is indicated tho couno of roarket fluctuations spring Ifts than usual, tending to defer their In the automobile industry thero is leila thao average productic n for ttui time of year. The oil Held . u r c t a k i n g very l i t t l e in tubular go ids, hut that, is a matter of long stand HR. All othiw important consuming li \68 aro dolni? f a i r l y well or ciulto well for the tun* of year. Seasonal Vi\pr,vorm.*nt is to be cx- poctitd for m \ny weeks as the peak is could obtain that figure. Accordingly | reasonably c rlain to romo l a t u r than tlMM-o ar chances of a further advance | usual, lu f ur of the last six years March had ''ecu tho peat m o n t h in tho last couple years, prices lxlow that Ixyir.g rare unless thero w-ero ac- cuimulation.s. Time after lime it was t lat operators vrould not. in- t t n t i o n a J l y produce coke to sell at below $a.7.'i or thereabouts, that is, they n it blow in ovens unless they Seasonal lniinovemint Ts to Be Ei- for nny Weeks n Con»e, the I'raJi t» iX-volop Later. Rpei'la to The C o u r i e r . NKW YOJU- . Fi-b. ID.-- The American Metaj M« rkot in iu -weekly iron and stel revt w tomorrow will say: Tlie steel t.r ide's recovery from the direct Influeni ss of tho stock market collapse wus \e*rly completed by the end of J a n u u - y and there haa b«on little furthor rccnveT.v to date. There ia a large preponderance of normal demand ovei sub-normal dcanand. There are o n ' y throe importan-i cases Uie latter. standard pipt In various lines, as in buyers aro anticipating in tho it-arket. Tho improved condition of tho iron and steel trade has not thna far holp- cd cokfi to any great extent, as steel iiHo-r«st.;i are still almost completely by their 'own coko making and 1»2S, bu above ail previous yuars. Finished . te«'l prices IISTO made a good showii g for f o u r v:e«U«. bfing wor1 faciiitlr-i while tho merchant furnace Htiuatto'i haa Improved only slightly. Further and substantial improvement in f u l l y expected. Heating coko is now near the etui «[ ita ictivo season, unless thero should bt» exceptionally cold weather, and the record ot the winter to date la c Unes. The heavy rolled products tire that of departures from normal being holding q u i t ' well, w i t h 1.85 ronta tor ou tlio warm side. Heating coke has bars and 1. fl cents to 1 S! c nts tor boon In only moderate demand in the plates and shapes, as ge-iural open past wH»k and prices have been a market nut tallons. Black shoots ftt production. Stee! inso production haR varied IHtlo this n 'uH, avcrai-ing btuween 75 and 80 t er cent of the capacity estimate na« i for last year. Thus tho rate has be* ti In the neighborhood at NORMAL CONDITIONS I STEEL HAVE BEEN REACHED THIS YEAR Production Has Swuiip Into u That, iHny Ixad to Larger Tonnuges. MAY EXCEED LAST YEAR In the second weo-k of February r u n n i n g « trifle okwinn ratp and irteel production j.i ibova tho January ·liatinfltly above the January avcrnpc, ays the American Metal Markei, | According to any th««ory tliat may have been h«ld Dial the tiuddn.ii increase in J a n u a r y was duo wholly or largely to repleniflhmtHit of etockn, and therefore temporary, may be entirely dismissed. Steel hsuj s w u n g into a . gait, and f u r t h e r inir«a*e in tonnage is to be expei-tod as ;t seasonal matter. 1 Probabilities are that t1w increase will bo, at a b l o w e r rate than uoiial, but by the same lokcn the should be continued over ;i 48,000,000 ti 'is of Incots per aiuuim, pprkxl of time, not rtjaohing a peak in which is be'. ow actual totals for 1329 March, which has neon the more com-! mem month, w i t h decreases thereafter. Ordinarily we ilo not like to use th« , practically disturbing: Ueady after a period of hough not extensive cic- -shade adler, apparently because soino lH'O(iU('-rs were fearful of having to 2.65 cents a d gulvanized at S.HO cents are fairly -teudy ami mills hope to c u r r y t locks over to ;i loss propitious offoot actra'ices for second (juarter. timo. Tho heating coke market in a, haa be«a $2.10 to $2.25, with particularly good grades bring- Pipe has h »d no decline tor a long while and s holding quite atsady. Structure-, and freight car shops ar« r u n n i n g a.^ well as ever and have sales of first drawinga at under $2.10. j large ordei boohs. Farm implement Movt-uicnt of f o u n d r y coke does not | works are . t close to capacity. In the ing about $2,25, h u t with occasional seem tu have farther, but o*nt K tin.s in activity have been held, and prices are steady. The market remain.-; ituotahlc us foilows: Spot f i t n a e o ............. JU.riOfttiJ^.63 bpot f timlry .............. $.}.C.l)fo i $'*.'JO Dii -,[ot foundry tlio ruiigo ia for o r d i n a r y standard brands moving in the oi-cu market. Somo producers hold | rico-h abovo -$·! 00 and tho "premium brands" have IOUK been at $4.75 automobile industry the. difference between pros nt operation and the largest conce! 'abl does roi ropr«»«cn' more than 10 per cent of total »tee capacity. Hod? JU'incMed From Mine. BLAIRM JRK, Alberta, Ki-b. 19.-Tho body of Krank Cbeeswk. roinei, today was removed from tho Grceo- hill coal n. nc where he wab cntornbc-1 to ?4. i5. Some m a c h i n e drawn coke j 48 hours I, fore by a cave-lti. . Rescuo might bo picked up perhaps nl Icaa than 5'3.BO. Tbe Pittsburg district coal market iaa s'lppod a littl* in activity in tho past 'veek. Railroad demand bus do- creasod distinctly in the week, having parties foi ad the Iwdy benoath a pile of rock a id earth. Death probably was iastai Sohw.tb C'olebrutes NEW YolU-C, Feb. 1'J.--Charles M. had f, slight decrease before, as re- I Schwab, u ho celebrated bin OUh hirth- Txxrted a wook asro. There Is some- Aw yo M -e day, announced lit« retlr- jxxrt«i a weok ago. 'rhere Is aome- ·what less freig-!it traffic than a year ago 7'itli mild woathor coal go«s farther. I n d u s t r i a l d e m a n d Cor coal has undergone HO particular improvement this Month. Ther! was a distinct increase from i)ecem'b«r to January, but »!uce tl\ lirst of tlvo mouth tc7naml has barely held Its own. Domestic coal movement has lxnm xathT light. Retailors still have a very fair d i s t r i b u t i o n but they are ·v*ry cautious in making purchasos, trying to avoid being caught with any atooK-a and ordorins generally only ahigio crioad», tor prompt shipment. Tho usual end o* the active reason in dom:etfc is now close at hand, and Uxro has been BO disappointing jniSd -weather tbia winter that retail- ors ;vro especially cautious. Ck-od grades of Vltlebura disl-ricl }tim: contiaae quj-tablo at $2.10 to $3J8. ! , which la a low rango for tlie tim; of year. Even at the end of last season tho market was $2.25 to $3.40, and tn« avorago for the whole season is li Lh« n«lgb,barb.QOI o£ ^5 cents un- dor Ui»t season's averag*. Steam slack is bringing various prices, tbo minimum ot the market being 65 coats, at which them is quite a ttxnover, but prices rango up to SO oea'.s, readily obtainable In some s. Gas slack is generally quot- at 80 to 90 contB, but apparently scwcre la sold ia competition with sti.m slack. Ta« Valley pig iron tuarkot is pes- Kiaj along much the same aa for sev- ora! weeks, there being scarcely any Ian,"® of oven moderate .sized sales, but maiy small sales, down to sing's carloads. All consumers are buying can- l}-, exactly a« they need iron, no occasion to anticipate. Tbjro is «tUl a little tonnage dne to b« delivorod on fourth qtiartet- .contra old. PHc*« bold BtoatUly at the love! prevailing nine* last May, f. o, b. V n l l w furuaceu: liji seiner ........ .,,,,,,.,.,,., $19.00 Jfcul,- ... ...... . ..... «_,,,.»-^, 418.50 .,..,.,.....» $1850 tnent f r o m ail business enterprises -except th Bethlehem Hle«l Company, which he ·jharaetorized as "his child." Patron!'.e those wtu adv-ortt»e. in norujoction with beeauuo eteei IKUH rather wider at tirne* and ought not to bo accused ot abnormality »t such times, but no tarm seeuia better than "normal" to represent pn«e,nt etecl conditions. Production of Bewiemer and open- hearth steel Ingota 1n Jlmoary was ro- ported at 140,234 tona dally average. There waa a progressive increase during; the month, whereby tbe m o n t h closed at above th« average, and there haa been a little further increase elnoe then. It IB conservatively low to eotirnate the present rate at 159,000 tons daily. There being 311 working day« In a year tb:vt would represent 48,660,000 tons in a. year, or with an allowance for electric aad crucible ingots a total eligliUy over 47,000,000 tona. That would be a trifle above 1P23, much above any preceding year, and only 36 per cent under Last y«ir. It is true February ha« usually run aixjvc the average for th-e entire year, but the common view is that tbifi year is a whole Is going to aver- ago bettor conditions In trade than exist at the moment. Wo do not "venture any actual'prediction ne to thte year, but we do vorituro the appraiaal that If things proceed a« they aro now expected to do thore should txj In. the neighborhood of such a production tor the year, with possibilities of that tonnage being exceeded. Present eteel production is not af- focted as ftdvemely by the relatively C o n t i n u e d on n e x t pngu. CflKM I'-ni.If.HT ! .ATMS. Thf f r P l i c l H '*tes on coke f r o m t h « ( V n n P l l s v l l l e d l « t Ic't, wlifnii I n c l u d f A H l u u is oWel i t y k n u w n as t!u Cor. n « l ) H V i l C. iiiTi' 1 lim"!i ra li") ( h e t r i c t ) and UK l*owe v l t l e cll.-ariot ( o f t e n K l o n l i k e nn\ nOm M a * m t f ' W n i l u t r l f ! I · j j o l n t y »{ jihij'm^CTt, lotvs. P'?r ton of -,} p f f w l l v . . J u l y 1, 10J^ i n a t i o n , rt'B\i)n httBln dis- C o n n « ) ) s .-ailed the I m c s t h e p r i n c i p a l ris AH f u l ' i) pounds, Itatc. Tun ton ... ...... , ......... S.S2 ..... . ....... . 4.1Q ................ 2.V7 Columbus ........... ..... 2.77 i e t r o i t ................... 3.85 W r t e J o h c t l ^ o u i a v i i l r M t i w a u k r u N'«w 1'irU 2.T7 2,00 4.1J 4.10 4.7t I*iU.»buri5 . , . . , . . . . , . . . » , . 36t I'orl H e n r y , !.'. t .54 I'or\ M a i l l t t t n , Ont. ., 3.20 i ' o t t a l o w n 3.28 Ut'.a'linsr 3.28 JUelmmiul, Vu. it, O . ) . . , . 4.(JO lUehTri'inil, Vu. V. K H.)... 4.7fl K o u t h H t i h l e t i ^ n .. . , , . . . . 3.3 Toledo, ft.' , 3,2« V d - l i r y 1'Mlnt'i K»r From C o n n n . l i t v i i t i i Istrlert: ta U". O. B. v«a- KaitliriAr* (I-'. O. B. »eMel«) 3.02 From t j i t r o t e d l s t r t - t : I J lul^ciftl|«tiia O*\ O. J3. ve«- ? o t f l ) . . . . . . . . . , , 2.S2 l i a i i i n i o ( o (J". O, B v«!Miei.i ^82 MINE FATAUTY RAH 1929 WAS SLIGHTLY BETTER HAN 1928 Total Wa* 9,(ftl r Fire More Thau ProrciUns 1 Year; More Coal Proi need. RATE EXPL OSIONS REDUCED ONE-HALF IJST OF COKE OVENS IN THE CONNELLSVILLE DISTRICT With 'Their Owners, Address and Ovens in Blast Corrected to February J5, 1MU. Ovena Ia Work* N n m n at U|crntov», Addrc«a 100 ao -V;j 1UO ·1(1 li-l U10 4O 4UU Adelaide Cor-auo Coal Cuke Inl... Jvlt. Jr'it'naa/it Coke Co U l t n u r JJa U.-uve jam ! U ll/U Jat. Lr Ml. I' Myers Coi'iaU^ Uwa.1 A; Cuko I n t . . C u i r u u y Cual « U u K o I n U . ' l!.ll)l U l ' U V O JlJUl ^ I j u l L u Cu. I Currauo-ticli«itk CoK« Co.., (Joi i i u U a v i l l c C. Si c. Uo. ... I Jbt u iti^jiu uy Cuul Ac UMliw Cy. i VV. J. Uiiver iNQ, 1. . Ullvt«r No. 2, , Oliver JSo. a. I t o v u r u u.ul CoKo Co vji venaJjui 4- U Cual 4f CoKe Co, U n i o i H o w i i h.« Do ouyucr bteul Co. tonyUur s t u u ; Co. b u y a u r u l i v u r O U v e r U i i v u r \\/. J. Kuiucy, inu i'«u-,v Uonnrr S !-nt'^r Stop! Company has ttied for a n r w Mw! tinttttnoip doparl- t/ HP 34fip/) to Jt« Abbott ywad jll i ·MO ·JUU I'M uuu aoi as? auu 11X5 -tun 28 ' ) I'M 240 590 Cro.iainiul . . LoroUiy ..... llecU Nu. 1. liecia iNu. a. Hosu-tu i- . . K y i o l-eificritn{ a IjOl til i/einonl No. I'll UllpS Htand^rd ... Trott»r ..»,, United »..,. WJUtney I'UKWACK ii. C. Frick Coko Co Jl. C. i-'riiiii CuRc Cu. ..... ii. C. ji'riuli COKO Co ii. C. l''t iciw COiti.' Cu. .., ,. it. C. J.''llWv CUilo CO i'i. C, D ' l l U R C J K U CO ii. C. l''ncK. Cuuu Co, ..... li. C, i 1 I'lW* COKW Cu ill a l u L i u r - C ' \ .Hi: CoJie Co.. li, C. i''l ICK. C v K O CO. . . . , . ii. C. i ^ I l t l v j U i t B CO ii, C. i'ncK. C'OKB Co ii. C. i'dciv coivo Co .U. C, i'Tlcfe. Cong Co ii. c. if ricK Coite Co. li. C. i-'rlcK COKO Co. ti. C. CuKu Co. ii C. fricK, CoKa Cu. it C. J-'i'H-k. Cuke Cu. ii U. t'I'll'1C C U K C Cu. i l t,'. i'^'lck Cuiie Cu. ii C. Jf'i'iuk CoKa Co. il C. Frluk Cuk H Co. ii C, 1'Ylolt Cuiio Co. Ji C, .Knuls. C u k e Co. I I . C. v rlek Cok« Co. J i C. 1'TlcH C»ke Co J)o«t,eUfij--C'vfiU« Coke Co.. i). C. i ' r u k . CoJte Co li. C. Frlck CoJs» Co H. C, Fi-tck Cok» Co. ,..,, i J iU«L,ul a. , . J J I t t i' u · J' I'niitaru · · . A total of 2,1 SI d flths from acd- dont:i at iU roat rnii oe in the United StaUi« in 19:,'8 ia e iown by flgurea compiled by t h e Oni1 sd Stateti Bureau of Mines, I H p a r t m e ' t ot Oomjncrce. Of the a,181 faialHi. a, 1,701 were in I bttamiiiouH rnineff «] d 480 in anthra- ! cito mines. TI eae igurea may bo ! Bligtly increased on iccount of a few iztfuriei w h i i h tiwy proTe fatal, but the figure E« they stand at present indicate a death rat of 3.62 per million tons for tho ent: 'o coal mining In- dnairy. the rat- tor oitumlnous minoe being 3.24 i«nc tha for anthracite mines fi.'^Q. Thene i xte« arc based on an oBtlmated prodiu .ion of 601,998,000 tona of fonl, of whi' h 525,358,000 tone wer bitumin-uti HIH 76,G'10,000 tons were anthracite. A ; the figure* now Bteiui, Uic year 192D thows an incr«aao of five doaths over he year 1928, Inu an the production o coal In 1929 wa« 25,'»05.000 tone mor. than in 1928, the fatality rate pivr mi lion tons for 1920 wa.s f l i p h U j lower than thnt for the previous your, A (omparlsoiv of the accident, rec- cmli-; for 102!) w l t l i I I OHO for 1929 .shown a roducilon in the death rates from Etu% u n d dint, ex pi- eionB and electricity. S l i g h t l y higl cr rates were revealed for t!ier ,c' umea of accident:;, but the not rate t'o tho industry as -i wholo repraacntod a blight improvement in 192D lini t i tlio vory material reduction in tho lumber of doathri from major o\ploy one. Accident*; In U s coal-rnlnins industry iu Deceinb ··', rcaulttxi in tlio death of 236 met . according to information receive! from State mine inspectors by tho Bureau o f Minee. Forty-three men vorc killed in tho anthracite mines c ' Pennsylvania; the remaining 193 d atliB occurrel in bituminous mines m various states. The death rate POT million tons of coal produced d u r i n g i ie month was 4.3S, hu;cd in a produ ·it-iou of 5M.858.000 ton«, of coal, a.s co -iparer) w i t h 'J.45 ror Decomber, 1!)2S. 1 ased on 173 deaths and 50,107,000 toi -i of coal. The f a 1 tulity rate for bill rnlnoue mines alone, for Ooceraber, 182 i, wad 4.18, bunetl on a pioduction of 16,206,000 tons, ami that for iinthi'ixc * was 5.G2 willi a prodiu'tion of 7,C5 ,000 tons. Owing to an cxiilfiSioii in vJileli (Ji liviM were lout, ilio kitality Kites l'*r Decemlinr, i 192!), wero not a favorable as those for Dt-cenibfr n ear ago for lutumi- nou.^ mincri and ~r the industry ;i« a whole, but tho i vto for a n t h r a c i t e ] mines H a ^ , lower Because- of tho o x - ! plo-;Jon II o comli nod l ' a t n l l t y r a l e f o r December was n\ o IRS? f a v o r a b l * t n a n t h a t Cor ' h r pro crting motif ii of ,Soi^n H I * X L rMgp, UPWARD SWING TO EMPLOYMENT IS IN MOTION^ REPORT Department of Labor Expresses Relief Conditions Will Soon Be formal. ROAD BUILDING TO BEGIN SHORTLY All reports in!icat« that aji ttpward to employment ia in nvotion, tho montlily report of tbe United States Departmcqt of iabor. A great volume of unemployment was vnparent d u r i n g tbo first half of January, and while there in srtiil considerable un- employnient the latter part of tho month showed c, vaAt improvement, which will continue with greater roo- montnm until it is believed that within th-e next 60 to 90 days the country will be on a normal employment baste. Building operations were curtailed in many state*, owing to weather co-nditSone, an-d a large number of oarpcnters are unemployed. Highway construction and municipal improvements wero b»W in check owing to weather xmditkn«. Operating schedules in many of the industrial establishments were' curtailed and employment reduced owinjj to Inventory taking and repair* to plant eqnipment. All tbe«« were contributing factors to tb« tremendous idleness that was apparent. Iron and eteel, the barometer ot prosperity, fihowod an upward turn, with increos«d -employment. Many who -were temporarily released during !h« latter part of 1939 were recalled to worit. The outlook for iron and eteel ia veo-y encouraging, ae large orders bave been placed for «U1 Classen of iron and steel product/j. Some of tlia automobile factories and planto m«ntifactiinng antomo.bile acoeeeories continn-ed on part-tlm«j oporotione and yet an improvement i« shown in Ibis industry, aad many workers who w«ro released the latter part of 1929 Itave been recalled and ane now employed, Tb« prospectft are enconragiag for increased einployroont in thte, industry. The plants manu- fatAnrinR radkxs and radio acceesorioa bavo not shown any emsiJoymeut gauus. While the 'ooal indwrtry is still Buffering from considerable utiemploy- metii, a noticeablo employment improvement w«e noted throughout Uie month. A fair demand was noted for skilled mechanics, each ae tool anJ die makers, turret lathe operators, and machinists for employinont in metalworking establishments. It, however, dull sUite of tho automobile trade than DECREASE OF SIX PER CENT IN OUTPUT OF SOFT COAL WEEK FEB. 8 Was Total, 10,9M,000 7S'e Tons 892,000 TOHH l,ci s Than The- Preceding 1 Week, WASHINGTON, l' 1 !)?). l!)--Tho lo-tal production of soft, coal d u r i n g the weok ended February 8, including lignite and coal cokfd at tho mines, te estimated by the f ureau of Minos at 10,936,000 net tons Compared with thfe revised estimate for the pracedinj* wck, ifris ahowp a decrease of 083,000 tons, or 6.0 par cert. Production during the week in 1029 corresponding with that of Febri ary S amounted to 12,070,000 tone. Tho total production of soft, coal during the preeen coal year to February 8, approximately 265 -working days, amounts tt l49,510,000 nt ton». In 1928-29 it waa f36,15S,QW tons. The* total production ot anthracite in th-e State of Pennsylvania d u r i n g tlie week ended -"Vbrgary S it estimated at 1,745,000 net tons. Compared with the output in the preceding week, this shows a deerwse of 116,000 tone, or 8.2 p?r cent. Production d u r i n g the week in 1929 con eaponding with that of JPebroary 8 ai wanted to 1,829,000 tons. Ton total produ jtion of boohirs coke for the country 0.1 a whole during the week ended February 8 is «sttmat*l at 78,600 net tons Compared with tho output in the preceding week, thlo showe an. increase ot 10,300 tona, or 10.3 per cent. Production during the \v«ok in 1939 cor roe-pond ing with that of February S amounted to 101,300 tona. The production of beehiYe coke by rofrions, oofnparid with the oorree- ponding month ua 1929, was as follows: RcKlon 193« 1020 Pennsylvania, Ob.o and Wc-st Vtrjrtttt* ........ 03,500 88,200 Oeorsif, K e n t u c k y , T^n. neasce and Vtrf inla., .. T.JOO 6,800 Colorado, Ut»h and Wtt9hinj5Ttcm , ........ 0.8OO (5.3OO U n l t M Statofl t»l»l ____ 73,KW 101, .100 HUglil Rcfossfort of rj30 Ton' Kroiigiit Total Down to ;n,!HIO Tons. 48 PER CENT BELOW 1923 is commonly assumed. Aocepting it as correct that of last year's steel production, 18 i-er cent went to the automobile indtstry that would represent only about IB per cent o£ tho preaeot eteel naking capacity. The estimate is upon present «teel rnakintr capacltj being about four per cent abuve thai reported for December 31, 1928. Tie automobile industry is in tact takii g a considerable tonnage of eteel. While it may bo Iho poorest of tho nte«! trada'a large cn«- tomerB it is I ot msking any great deficit. Ptrst IJIwtrlc Train. Sometime during this month the first electrified pa«s«ager train will speed ov-or the rails into the new Cleveland TJuiO'i "forminel and another epoch in the :.80,000,000 development will have been cheeked off. LIST OF COKE OVEJfS I « THE LOWER CONNELLSVILLE DISTRICT With Their Owners, Address and Ovens in Blast Corrected to Saturday, February li, 19oO. Oven* In \Vortt» of Addrci* X« A|i|)rp«'Inl)Io ('Iiungi 1 In Conditions IJiil, the Karl Thai), llic Kflccnt Prl-r A r U a n r n Holds Indicates Grout T AntMly Js Among Possibllitii 5. Th v normal flucttmtioti i» coke production, w h i c h takes phu-e wh 'ii market conditions bogin to show sdpiw, of c.iianffefi, was noted lost wtxik, p; r- tiealarly at plants of tho merchant intereBts. There was a elisht reeofwlon from the figuroH of the week previous, i h; merchant IOKH having been 850 tons a« compare*! w i t h «.u incre:wie of 120 t«.ns at furnace plants. The r«ult vfat a net loss of S.'JO tons, which had he effoet of p u l l i n g tho regional out nu down -to 34,300 tons. Thte figure is still the second highest of tho year t o dale, but it i« 32,080 ton«, or 4$ or cent, below tho corresponding -wee-} in 192S. The cumulative production for the year to February 1 stands at 210.-OO ton«, or 230,570 tons, or 52 per cent, loss than tho tota! u year ago Thero lias boon D# apprcci; b)o change in trade conditions during the past weelt, but. tho ficl that tlie p -iw of xpol furnace coko ha« held ite recent fidvance ie significant of Iho general trend toward greater activity and rather conclusive uign that it is om- ing. Maintaining a ckwe watch on the situation the operators are oxerci -sing care to prevent production in excess of actual market ntvd«. This may have been succc«hful in accomplteMng, there at present beins? no accun uJa- tione of stock ou yardri or siding* This conditon has been brought about by the u«uat expedient of icgu- iatirig operation inoro eloeely ^ / h c u sfgnfi portend a slow weak in the | trade. Cutting tho running time by a day has all the effect necessary to keep output within th-e limits of conuu nlng necde when contracts ar« being illei on schedule and there iu nx tut- pen- nion of shipmentB. The estimated profluction of coKe lajst week was .'J-1,300 tons, divide 1 between tho two districts as fol owe: j Connelltsyille, 5,800 tona, an ini"-easc ' o f 170 'tons; Lower Connelh ville, 2S.5W) tone, a of 700 toiin ,-r a not increase of 530 t.onn as com ared with t h e preceding we«k when total gain wa* :?,fMO tons. By interests (he production was: Furnaca, 5,800, a gain of 120 toner merchant, 28,500, a losss oE 650 tonp, e compared with gainu of 310 an! ,'1,.'!30 tone respectively during! tbo week ended February S. The ovon changes were limits-1 to a decrease of 89 ami nn increa«e of 20, or a net loss of (58. The changes wore: Out, Nellie, fhv; Pnrit.iti 1 and 2, 81; total, 89. In, Ilostetter, 20. Tho production by the merchc it and f u r n a c e interests and tho total com- v pared w i t h Un corresponding wjek,iu 1929 is shown herewith: Week Mcr. I-'ur. Tutiit J0i«l Jan. t . . 1 0 . 7 - t O 1,(7() 'J 1,410 62,:;u" Jan. i t . .'jo.-r.") r.,i.M) uri.o'o o:t,otu IS. ,-J4,'J'J() (t.K'O UO,:;VO 62,070 L'OS uoo 1 10 142 181! :u tao 11U 20U 1 00 210 3S 200 'MO aoo ZM U-i tH you 100 TJ au HO H7S aiu 400 u, toi .(no ·J'JI) ·1(11) ·Hill ·too ·2'1K A l l i s o n No. t. - 1H-2 Allison No. 2. . ... Allison No. 3. ... American 1... ... American V . . . "Jeiitury , . . . . ... Crystal - aiiU J-oniilU t -'. ... Uonuld -is ·S4S iiilna Garwoud Grilfln No. 1.. Urlrtln No. - . . . H e r b e r t Hope , liusU'u.d , . » · · J^ow, i"Jio» aoo its xoa ;10 tjli an) ruck. Marlon ...... AH. Hope OKI ilome Orient ....... P u r i t a n 1 ". No. 4. 1'urltau No. 0. P u r i t a n Nu. 0. Hlcli Hill ..... J U U Tliouipsuii ^ . . . . . T o w e r HH1 i. 70 Tower Hill 2 . . M1SUCHA.NT W. J. llalney, Inc. ., W. J. ita,incy, Inc W. J. Hainey, tnc llatan Coal Go. ...... ..... ilaton Coal Co C-'outury Coke Co lieola Uual t Colt* Ct WJiyel Coku Co Wliyel Coke Co WaHersburs CoKo Co, ..... Stern Coal «c Coke Co iioulh L-'aycuLo Coke Co. ... -Hopublie Cuo.1 , Cuke Co. . A o i n a - c ' v l l l u Cuke Ct llccla Coal Coko Co ..... Hecla Coat Coke Co O'vtlle Central Coku (.'o. ... Hopu C o k u Co eiiiana C. C. Co. Coal Ac Coke Ci Alias Coliu Co V V l i o e l i n t dieei Corporation.. Liinuolii Coal Coko 'Jo C'vllie Cfciiu-ui Coke 'Jo l,u*eruo Coal . Cone Co tuu:utjru C v l U e CoKe Co.... a u o u i l u u Coke Co SV. J. tlaiuey, inc. American Cuite Corp iralion l-'urilun Coita Co P u r i t a n COKW Co 1'urltan Colm Co 1'urltaii Coka Co Foiaiiit Coal Co lifod HH1 Coitj -. Coke Co... Ii. K. t a o K j t t Cou! . C, Cu.. lJouriic-i''uilt)r Coke Jo Kuyetie Coke Co , Cunbulitlaii'il Coke C" TJiojupBoii C'ville Cu la Co,. l^a.sEeii'jj Coke Co. . . . , . , , . . U'owcr Hill C'villo C ) k o Co, Wastilntfton Co*i C k« Co.. 'U'ualijiiB'toi! Coai c )ke C(f.. b' i: il-'-f A( ,'iC i; V K W .- New York . NBW yam . New Yfork 1'lttstiurir . U n l u j t t o w n U n i o n t o w n U n i u n t o w n U n i o t u o w n U ' l u o n t o w n CuiiiK-llavillti UrUonlowri . , u ruonto wn . . llulen W U i i i l f l i a h llll) U n l u n L u v i i i . . U n l o m o w a .. U l U o l l l u M u .. LhiloDiovvn ., U u t o n i o i v u .. U n i o t i i o w i i .. U l U U I l t u \\ U . . w n i w u I'juu t- 1UBO I tOJlu to Unun [OH n 1.1U.WSOJ1 i ' a w ^ o n tin:.' A Una Den Liu Kootcdul* · · · . ,"id ( I t in".,t 812 Alonesaen Coal ik C o r e Co... AUt:la, Fity, Co, H, C. KrJck Coke CL P H t a b u i g Ueliuuce Coke FIJ -noce Ce l j ttlsbur(jf ..... H'. C. J.Yli:k Coke Ci, ...... H U t s t i u t u ..... U'. C. 1'rick Coke C . ...... I ' l t t t u u t t f . . . . . . M c - K c c f l ' e y Coal Co ,. J ^ r n t o i u . i , Ohio K o p u b l n ; I r o n ifc 3 t « e l Co,., 1 ' i l t a u ' i r j Coa) gr, Co m Co... 1'Hluburg ...... Electrical-Motored Mining Equipment The- cli'ctiie.i) Kpiaion of the United States liuroau of Mliu-H «t th- P i t t h burs Ijxporfm-eiit Station, ha i -conducted !nvw(lK«tlonH portai.ifn ; to (lio safe'y of e l e c t r i c a l l y opcrnto' mine, e q u i p m e n t over a in-rlod ol n ariy 20 y-oafn 1 . Und-r the guidance ol ,-,cli«l- uies, efjUjpnioiH fts intii)ectci aul subjected to certain tesi.s to PIMVO itH suitability for utic in m i n e which may become dangeroiiH 'rom an a c c u m u l a t i o n of i n f l a m m a b l e gas or ccal dust. AF a n o u l t of thot . inves- fi morn than HO have had e q u i p m e n t approved ,- o t h a t bureau-approved cloctrical mire equipment, SB now aval hi Hie coverin ; practically every operation «jouiino i to un- r;,'i-ouii(i o p c r u t l o n x . The Bureau of Mime' offiui; ! approval of the device iip))llw to i dcilii'.te fixed ile^iRn ;jnd J» jduntified ny u sie- cific t or di-rtwIngH covorlup the outfit. The no d r a w i n g s ave k c r t on Hie :tt tho buretiu'H I'ilt^hur;; Kxperimotu Slatiou. If nmcblii-K wer · nevur i-lt!t!iS«?d from ilir di-sigii - r l p l n u l l y opprovi-.t, l i t e Imii'uu'ii work would bo muc.h leciti eompliixitttl. Cna'.;/.". how- over, is tlio order of tho pro .out a«c ; fun! pcM'tnireiblc *(|Uipmcni, s no exception. In fact, the lievolop nont und in H t K i j - i c a l ninip er|iii))- fn- t is flood rd i v i l h r»() jis a p p r o v a l of moditlnd ilr^ign,- ol ment nmriou^Jy appro\cd.

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