The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3. 193S. THE DAILY COTJRTER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN Champion Man Gets Two-Year Pen Term On Robbery Charge GREENSBURG, Feb. 3.--Joe Warr, ot Champion, Fayctte county, pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of robbery In concction with the looting of. a Donegal township cottage and was sentenced to serve two to lour years in Western Penitentiary. Warr was arrested, with a companion, John Hale, also o£ Champion, January 17. They were accused of entering the cottage of, the Edgar Faust estate and stealing household articles and clothing valued at $10. Hale also pleaded guilty but withdrew the plea after he told Judge Bichard D. Laird that he was not involved in the burgulary and was warned by the judge not to plead guilty. Constable Ray Hallam who arrested the two men told the court that there was evidence that an attempt also had been made to enter the cabin of Alderman Bret Faust, which was nearby. News of Tri-Town Community Tip for Polite Walkers. RICE LAKE, Wis., Feb. 3.--The impossible, says Robert Hunner, has happened. When a pedestrian was knocked down by Hunner's car at an arterial crossing, he said: "I want to apologize to you for getting in your way. I'm very sorry I caused you any trouble." Georgia Dry Law Voided. ATLANTA, Feb. 3 . -- G e o r g i a House of Representatives passed and sent to Governor E. D. Rivers n local option bill repealing Georgia's 20- ycor-old dry law. The measure, prviding for package sale by private stores in counties voting wet, already had been approved by the Senate. A Three Days" Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold.or bronchial irritation, you can get relief: now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may bo brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulslon. which goes right to the scat of the trouble and aids nature to sootho and heal the Inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel tho germ-laden phlegm. Even if other remedies have failed, don't bo discouraged, try Creomulslon. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money If you are rot thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the very first bottle. Creomulslon 13 one word--nottwo.andithas no hyphen In it. Ask for it plainly, sco that tho name on tho bottle is Creomulslon, and you'll get the genuine product and tho relief you want, CdvJ Socclal to Tho Courier. DAWSON, Feb. 3.--Mrs. Thomas Flynn of Connellsville was visiting last week with her mother, Mrs. Julia Ambrose, ot Vanderbllt. i Mrs. George Gillespic if McKces Rocks spent the wcckrcnd at the home of Mrs. W. A. GlUcspio of Liberty. J. Allen Crawford of, Untontown was a recent caller. The East Liberty Presbyterian Sunday School of Vanderbllt has announced the names o£ those who had perfect attendance for the year of 1937. Following are the names and the number of years they have maintained perfect records: Richard Brown, 11 years; Phoebe and Susie Gray and Harry Workman, eight years; Mary Lcighty, ueven years; Thomas Strickler, five years; Anna Mae Workman, three years; Jean Strickler, .Doris A d d i s , Ruth Evans, Dorothy Workman and Dorothy Lynn, two years; Beverly Brady, Patricia Cochrane, Billy Barricklow, James Allen, Glenn Cooper, Rebecca Barricklow, Jean Barnhart, John Barricklow and Frances Strickler, one year. The total attendance for the year was 7,659; the lowest attendance was 107; the highest was 189 and the average was 147. The enrollment of the school is 230. The average attendance for January was 367. Mrs. Harry Gillespie and son, Jack, of McKces Rocks spent a few days visiting with Mrs. Julia Ambrose and Mrs. Lester Barricklow of Vander- bllt. Mrs. Henry Hunker of Liberty, who has been ill for several weeks. Is able to be out again. Miss Clarissa Edwards of Vandcr- bilt has been confined to her home for the past two weeks with a severe attack of bronchitis. The Epworth League was led Sunday night by Miss Betty Black, who used as her topic, "We Decide About Movies." Westmoreland C. E. Rally February 24 At Latrobe Church GREENSBURG, Feb. 3.--Annual mid-winter rally of the Westmoreland County Christian Endeavor Union will be held on Thursday, February 24, at the Christ Evangelical and Reformed Church at Latrobe. A fellowship dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock preceding the evening service. Rev. John J. Fife of the Pike Run Presbyterian Church, pastor councilor of the county union, will be the speaker. 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Ring or Long Bologna, Ib -Bacon Squares, Ib ;. _ Leaf Lard, in cone, Ib . 35c 18c I8c 15c lie Boasting, C H I C K E N S Ib., 35c Sl'jm'fi CIIICKK.VS lb.39c Fully Dressed. Black Hawk Platter Sliced Bacon, Sweitzer Cheese, Ib. ... Pure Rendered Lard, 2 Ibs . 35c 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Connellsville, Pa. tiijMilU»IUliI«lll'«Vll.l]imii..j '-m^*-.

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