Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 10, 1975 · Page 59
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 59

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1975
Page 59
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7E --August 10,1975 Sunday £«*tt«*ffail 'YogVs a Good Marc,' Says His Friend Joe Yogi Jferrc, aw «/ fatttatft legemAuy figuret, **u fired t*tt week ·» ouuuger of the New York Mett. Tfc* «M iro kmow* hat kett if a*odk*r former cmteher, Joe Caragiola, HOW an JVBC-TF iporti kiW- eciter. They grew up together i» ma Italian neighborhood in St. Louit. In the following article, Garagiola reminueet, teU$ how he feel* about what happened to hit oU friend and look* to the future. By Joe Gangtola For The Attociated Prett NEW YORK (AP) - I've been asked the same question the last couple of days. How do I feel about Yogi Berra getting fired? , Well I don't mind telling anybody that I'm disappointed. Very disappointed. I feel like anybody would feel if their best friend lost his job. I'm hurt and depressed for my friend. I think he deserved better. I think he deserved a lot better. But this really isn't a sad time for Yogi. He takes this kind of thing better than the rest of us. He'll land on his feet. He always does. Yogi's a good man. Showed Lot of Clan It is characteristic of the man that when he was fired you didn't hear any badmouthing or potshotting. Like always, he showed a lot of class. Other guys might be shooting off their mouths, criticizing management. But where was Yogi on Thursday? He was at Shea Stadium saying goodbye to his players, talking to Donald Grant (the man who fired him) and posing for pictures with Roy McMillan (the new manager) and Joe McDonald (general manager.) I saw in the paper that Yogi said he was praying for the Mets to win the pennant. Well, he wasn't praying in any religious sense. He was justing talking from his heart, telling everybody that he sincerely Yogi Berra 'Showed Lot of Class' wanted the Mets to win. He doesn't have a vindictive bone in his body. I'm very proud to be his friend. And I've been his friend for as long as I can remember. In fact, I can't ever remember not knowing him. Lived Across Street I lived at 5446 Elizabeth Ave. in St. Louis and Yogi lived at 5447. Just across the street. Our fathers worked in the same brickyard. His older brother and my brother worked in the same restaurant. He has three kids. I have three kids. He had a boy; I had a boy. He had a boy; I had a boy. He had a boy; I had a girl. Yogi wasn't a real leader when we were kids. He was the strong, silent type. When we decided to go to the movies on Sundays, he'd come along. He didn't usually make suggestions. But when he did say some* thing, everybody stopped and listened. He wasn't loud or flamboyant. I was the loud and flamboyant one. Yogi led by doing and by being himself. There was no fancy stuff in Yogi then, and there's none now. Yogi is Yogi. If you liked him, you liked him forever. He wasn't going to change tomorrow. Beautiful Man He's a beautiful, direct man. If I wanted to make a blueprint for a manager, I'd use Yogi Berra for his temperament. And if I wanted to make a blueprint for a man, I'd use Yogi Berra for his sincerity, integrity and loyalty. He's exactly what you see. But what makes me mad is when people make Yogi out to be something he isn't. He's not a witty guy and I hate it when people make him out to be a fool, backing it up with phony stories. I can tell a factual Yogi story from a fictitious one without any trouble. They tell a story that he wouldn't sleep on a Murphy bed because he didn't want to sleep in the wall. Now I tend to doubt he ever said that. Joe Garagiola 'Proud to be His Friend' If you listen, Yogi stories may be funny because he may say things incorrectly. But they always make sense. He may go a different road to get there but damn if his route isn't really the fastest one. Everything he says is succinct and plain people talk. It may require a double-take but his statements always make sense. Like I read in the paper that Roy McMillan said the Mets won't be out of the pennant race until they're mathematically eliminated. A cliche, right? Different Answer Well Yogi had a different answer. "We're not out of it 'til we're out of it," he said. Now doesn't that make more sense? Isn't that straight to the point? Or what about Yankee Stadium? Guys tried to play the outfield there late in the season and would come up with 14 hundred excuses why they had so much trouble. Yogi's explanation made the most sense. "It gets late there early," he said. Then there was time I asked him what he knew about managing. "I observed a lot by watching," he said. And he did. His record proves that. He won two pennants in 4^2 years. How many managers have done that? Casey Stengel says if Berra wasn't so smart how come those great pitchers hie Allie Reynolds. Vic Raschi, Eddie Lopat and Whitey Ford always listened to him and did what he wanted? I remember a game I was broadcasting. Yogi was in left and Mickey Mantle was in center. Yogi whistled to Mantle and started moving him around. After the game I asked Yogi why he was giving advice to Mantle, a great center fielder for so many years. You know what he told me. "Joey, Mickey didn't know that the guy hits there with two strikes." Yogi Knows Baseball Yogi knows baseball. There's no doubt about that. That's why I knew he would make a good manager. He's got a lot of baseball smarts. And he still would be managing if a manager didn't have to be part public relations man and part psychologist. The Cleon Jones thing really got to Yogi. He must have taken an awful lot to take that "me or him" stand. I honestly saw Yogi mad only three times. Each time as a kid. City Swim Meet Slated This Week at Lakewood The Greater Charleston Area Swim League city meet will be held Tuesday through Thursday at the Lakewood Pool in St. Albans. Preliminaries for the 8-and-under division arid the 9-to-10 class will be held Tuesday. On Wednesday, preliminaries for 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 classes are scheduled. The action begins at 5:30 p.m. each day. All finals are slated for Thursday. . Windermere, which went through the summer unbeaten in dual meets, has been tabbed the favorite. Btrry Hilti 211, Kiniwhi 1U Berry Hills-Triple winners-Ned Graff, Chris Wilson, Lessa Graff, Charlie Dusic, Gus Hamrick. Double winners-Judd Lilly, Chris Shaver, Amy Wilson, Stephanie Bird, Sissy Griedman, Lance AAannion. Single winners--Tracy McGarty, March Lambrechts, Marion Singleton, Mark Mannion, Amy Sargent, Page Taylor, David McT.arnaghan, Beth Shirlah. Kanawha Country Club-rTriple winners-Tina Trembley. Double winners-Jeanne Alexander, Martha Thaxton, Ron Little. Single winners-Denise Allen, Becky Johnson, Jim White, Mary Orcutt. . · : Walnut HHIi 311, Edgtwood Pool 1» · Walnut Hills--Triple winners-Chris Munsey, Tom Thursack. Double winners-Alicia Kukura, Jeannle Ware, Jennifer Clark, Mary Thursack, Amy Poulson. Single winners-Chris Kite, Mary Taylor, John Rodgers, Janet Clark, Ted Brooks, Scott Kegman, TimMcBurney, Jimmy Clark, Jamie Laughner, DebbieClark, Jena Taylor, Beth Taylor, Linda Cunningham, Jeff Oxley, Tom McBurney. "· ; . · - t ·- Triplewinners-LynneHunt, Jim- my McCabe.'Double winners-Bruce Corrie, Jerry Abshire. Single winners-Johnny Kribsky, Kendell Stutler,. Carolyn Boggess, Debbie Corrie, J.R. Sutler, Joe Feazell, Chris Rose, Marshall McCabe. Gfendite m, L»kt Chiwtv* 10) Glendale-Triple winners-Hadley Starkey, Buddy Smith, Angle Chase, Karen Parsons, Pat Nichols. Double winners-Steve Burriss, Scott Scotch, Pat Burriss, Jody Gerwig, Jon McCullough, Jay Shamblin, Tracy Vogel, Tlsh Field, Cherie Blackwell, Lisa Solomon. Single winners-Greg Roycroft, Wesley Starkey, Garry Stewart, Perry Keller, Randy Roycrott, Linda Smith, Leslie Platt, Karen Keller, Kathy Dawson, Laura Toler, Randy Chase, Andy Stout. Lake Chaweva-Trlple winners-Colleen Huff. EdMwotd CC. W, Tinnit Club ,111 Edgewood Country Club-Triple winners-Bill Dobbins, Anna Payne, Holly Horn. Double winners-Will EII-. sworth, Donald Ellsworth, Bill Hayes, Jane Furry, Collette Smith, Mark Slack, Martha Wehrle, Susie Davis. Single winners-Robin Rougely, Laura Frazer, Carrie Davis, Kathy Thomas, Courtland Smith, Pat Hayes, Dana Davis. Tennis Club--Double winners--Brett Wilson, Lisa Capinpin. Single winners--Dick Thomasson, Bill Thomasson, Tripp Shumate, David Tucker, Pat Williams, Julie Higginbothom, John Thomas, Brett Walker, Tony Capinpin Jean Edelen, Arny Selenger. Hawk's Nut JM,K»n»whi 154 Hawk's Nest-Triple winners-Gena Morrison, Patsy Fish, Craig Holbrook, Fred Werdlne, Rock Feliess. Dou- · blewinners-Penn Feliess, Patty Morrison, Andrew Holbrook, Matt Feliess, pavid Kennedy, Clay Fellesse. Single winners--Jane Mellu, Diane Blackwell, Jeannie Kennedy, Tera Eddy, Jeff Boley. · Kanawha Country Club-Triple winners-David Wilson, Martha Thaxton, Tina Trembley. Double winners-- Jean Alexander. Single winners--Billy Johnson, Barbara Little, Cindy Suppa. Wlndtrmirt Vt, Llktwood 271 Wlndermere-Triple winners--Bobby Gardner, Beka Bannister, Alfie Pffster, Jeff Breese, Annette Polcari. Double winners--Amy Polcari, Tom Dawson, Tom Critchfield, Bob Marshall. Single winners-Sheila Tang, Ann Struthers, Cindy Rhoades, Beth Bannister. Lakewood-Triple winners--Nicole Bussian, Sandra Keene. Double winners--Rich Matulis, JimMatulis, Sandy White, Gail Bussian'. Single winners--Todd Hierman, Darcy Lewis/Ann Stec; Philip Keene, Patrick Lyons, Brenda Griffiths, Eric Bussian, Kim Arose, Susan Lilly. SERVICE Very Important Protection at Very Inexpensive Prices! ONLY Drum type American cars. (Luxury cars extra) Includes all parts listed. If you prefer NEW wheel cylinders, add 56 each. IO-POINT BRAKE OVERHAUL All our customers arc very important to us. That's why you can expect the V.I.P. treatment every time you come in to Firestone. 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