The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 11
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THURSDAY. FKDRUi* ElY 20, 1930. x H P J DAELY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB, 'A. PAGE EbEVENV STER of MONEY BY ROY VICKilRS / CHAPTER XXXV I. 4iT *' y 0 * 1 find it chartiing you 1 mast havi» puessc d its so- iTet," said Alaunos. "You have discovered that it is unreal -the fabric of a dream. Others hava ajtraya told me, it varying phrases, that it is a richly appointed houi.e. That ha^ pleased me because I am purse proi d." "Part* proud) That's really foanjr," laughed Shirley "It It funny, because t hai the ·urprlsa of truth," ajjreed Maaroia. "I beffKti Ufe with very little indeed. I determined to become rich atxi I have become rich." "That la very romantic," said Shirley. "Too romantic!" said Maurois. "The romance has never crystallized into reality. It la the curse ol money- making that it nnnains 'n- cirrably romantic. In spite of myself, I »m still making rioney, for I havo attained the 'airy-story book ideal ef the purse f Fortun_ t _ M " ,u. "Yon mast be immensely rich if your wealth ia inexhaustible!" said SiJrley. "No: so very rich," corrected Maurics. "You forget that For- tunatui was a spondcr. He thought only of a purse into whu h he could perpetually dip for his needs and hia pleasure. "Now it is impossible to spend more than about a quarter million a year on oneself -- even to do that would require a great Joal of in- genuitr. Few of the great millionaires of the world actually spend IB rmch as that." "It'si hf.rd to visualije," agreed Shirley. ""Thit is why I thought more or lesa Ifr-erally of the pu -s» of For- tunatus. It is not hard to visualize, say, five thousand dollars in one's private banking account. In a day you spend perha 3s five hundred dollars, perhaps ,i thousand Supposo you were to know that whatever you spent, yrur banking account at the end o ' every day would show a credit ba ancc of ex- a.:'.ly five thousand doTars "Siippose that the solitary condition were that you should spend the money on your ow 1 needs and pleasures'? . . . To be able to pro- icide the purse of Fortunatus in its rnodCTi form -- thai, w w the ideal that nspired me. It has teen a financial possibility foi years now but, as I have told yoj, my house i in a house of draams." Something within Shiriey tristljJ. Th* drift of tha conversation had been meaningless to her hut there had crept into his voice a quality, that ilarmed her intuition. Instantly he~ reason and h»r cynicism came to the rescue. Mfiuroia was an "eMi-rly gentleman" who liked talking about him- bdf -- that was ail. This fanciful nonsense about the l ream-woman and 'he purse of Fortjnatus could hnve no personal application. "I am sorry your i reams have «5ver come true, Monsieur Maurois,'' she said briskly "But isn't it just a little bit Kastcrn? I mean, you have thought out the mosl wonderful toy in the woild. Don t you think that in the twentieth century women have grown a little old tor toys?" "No," an answered emphatically. "Th'-y havo merely changed the fnshion m toys as in everything e se Their toys used to be literal glittering; things -- a tiara, perhaps a fountain in a Paris garden -- a vilh, on the Riviera. No -- I have hardly noted the chinge -- it is a .=eat in Congress, is it not, or ptr- Ke hesitated "Do ifo on, Monsieur Mourois,' she invited. "Or perhaps, doni !ady, a con ·cession from a foreign Goverr ment. Shirley controlled herself, fougi t hack the angry flush won) I have mounted to her checks. Hf r thoughts were rioting. He mu; t have seen that photograph, sh · told herself, but could not ha\ *. given herself any reason for thinl · ing so. . . . She reminded he self that she was de-pendent on h a limousine. "Oh, that's a dig at rn« P* si e laXighed, with a deliberate display of stupidity. "And I only wkh the taunt vrere deserved. I' n afraid it isn't a toy to me--I'\e infested all the money my fath* r left me." "I am sorry to hear that," sa d Maurois. "Poor old Cuthbert Kf Iton must have put in nearly ever ·- thine that he had." * Again came the little shock f surprise. Shirley had said no wo d of Macedonian Developments o the Frenchman. Yet he knew. "When I was in New York la t, Mr. Kelton suggested that I migut interest myself, but my han la were very full. A very delightful man. I dined with him end n at us eldest son. I suppose he ;n- lerited the shares?" "Yes, and I acquired them frr m iim." put in Shirley o^jic v »v. "Y u enow the whole history of fie Company, I see. Monsieur MBU- ·ois?" "More or less The country is :omparatively small and one 1 as ;o keep informed," Shirley rose to go. Maorots rang for the limousine. She went or ier cloak, tecling a wild, unroas»n- 'njr desire to pet away. When she returned to the h ill, 3e was waiting for her. "If Stavros should prove di fi- cult, I should regard it as a pr vi- ere to assist," he safd. "For i ty- splf T have always found lim reasonably--obedient " Shirlev thanked him, said t lat the could not dream of trembling 10 bxisv a man and got into 'Jie limou.ine. It was not until she got hr me that sho faced the fnct that Monsieur Maurots had most deli! er- atelv offered her the conces-i on. On the following morning:, S iir- ey was able to persuade her,elf that she had exaggerated the im- oortancc of her conversation \ ith Maurois--that, in fact, it had no importance at all. Manroia had shown that he could speak fooli hly and even, if one were incline* to be prudish, more than a little offensively. "If I've got to fight my vay through all those officials, it'; no good being offended easily and snubbing everybody who deserves it," she told herself. "I can see as little of Maurois as poss bie, but I simply cannot afford to offend him." She would juat mention to Uan bhat she agreed with that the Frenchman was an amiable superfluity who must not be offended. As a matter of fact, when Uan came back two days later she forgot all about Maurois for the time. She heard the cnr stop outside and ran to open the front door. He bounded up the steps and gri iped her hand, his face, his whole per- n, radiating good humor. "Hullo, Shirley!" he excla mod heartily. "Hope you've ma? aged all right while I've been r way. Jove, I have had a time!" She had not known hi n so hearty, ao pleased with lumsel and her, ?inre his return from MI xiro. She gave him as much t malJ- talk of her doings as he w mted and then: "You look t.9 if you've got good news, Alan?" "I don't thjnk there's mu Jj in the way of news," he ansv ered At least, I've found nothini? ex cept a lot of facts that oupht to have been in those reports. The fellow on the spot evldentlj suffered from an e%ce«s of mo lesty, ·or else wrote a report which never reached old Kelton. . . . Do yon know that about six weeks' work would bring that railway into bring! The track is made the whole way--and there's only about forty miles of metals to lay "Theae comitadji fr lows, yoxi know--they're riot s p i t f f u l ! They simply want money. Miney again, Shirley! They don't destroy things they've no use for, such as a dump of rails--a couple of locomotive engines, trucks and what-not. They've no use for them and they Veuve them alone. With a good gang and six weekV work I'd havt something to show for it, an)' way." "You're just waiting for me to do my part, Alnn," she said wist fully. "Not altogether. One can't do much in tho Winter b re because these rain-i, although they don't amount to much, arc heavy enough to hang up tho worV. The Summer, for practical purp ^ses, begins about March. I think I shall amuse m}self by getting everything ready for a big pubh then--jven if the push never comes off. First thing I want is a bath. Then we'll see if we can amuse ourselves in some way this evening. I expect you've been pretty dull, eh?" Shirley marveled ia he dis- ' appeared. He looked ten years younger. An hour later he reippeared in evening dress and lau-rhed at her surprise. lf Did I mention that I'm taking you to the opera tonight?" he said, breezily. "On the way back I dug out the Director* of Macedonian Developments. They're all dummies and could give me no information at all, exceot that they were amply willing tr do what I told them. One of tl cm told mo there is a good traveling operatic company from Athens--they're doing Faust tonight and I thought if you'd care about it we might blow in," "I'd simply love to Alan!" she cried eagerly. "How delightful of you to think of it! I'll just have time to dress before iinner." It was tho happ est evenin- Shirley had spent for a long timr --perhaps the happie; t evening of her life. The theat-e was like small town theatres in the States Faust was the only opera her aunt could endure and sh herself was heartily tired of it. Nevertheless, she enjoyed every rrhinte of the evening, From time to tiror she glanced at Alan. Ilia musical sense was far less developed than hers, Faust was comparatively new to him and so was appreciated. She leaned back in their box so tha.t she could see his face and en icyod his enjoyment. "Fine, wasn't it!" he exclaimed when tho curtain had fallen yn the last act, "Of course, the scenery is a bit primitive, but the singing was excellent." He was holding her cloak and shs smiled to herself with infinite indulgence aa hr plastered it on to her with uti practiced fingers. "I'm all for ; bit of frivolity now aid a gain, you know, Shirley. That fellow gave me the name of a cafe where 1 could take you to sapper. Comr along." "He was unlike .ill other men in the world," she thought. Hi was being pleasant, '-ompanionablc trying to play with 1 er. Inevitably again she thought of him as a bear but this time as a nice bear Ae- tcrminpd to dance on skittles. As thpy entered -he ca f a thorp came to them queer, wild m u c u of native instrumeni-s. "Better /.tick p'etty close u me!" said Alan. 'I don't knoiv what this place is Lke so we »UF' bo ready to come out at a mo ment's notice. Yoi 'd better han, on to my arm." (To Be Continue-1 Tomorrow.) Coorrlilu I63f. by Ro? Vlrken. ~ ' - " ' IBT Diet and Health CYIULU HUNTPt7tBaHO,/a)THO«Of WET AND MtALTH'AND CHtT FOR CHRORtN* New Tailored Suit Red Zv'ose ·|~NE/\n DOCTOR: I suffer.tho crn- \-J larrarsment of a -hronlc red nose, and foe! suio that there »nust bn soni9 explanation and remedy for this. ] assure ou It has nothing to do n ith a taate for lliuor! Oar other viao corn- potent ( a m i t y doctor Is stuplil on t h i s Hubjoct and t now turn to yc u for help. 1 knew that this Is no an uncommon complaint, tiul f can't help but relievo that tho lolutlon lies tlPt'( r than tho f o l l o w i n g o f soine only terji- poranly beneficial beauty treat- am a Young woman, 21 r J.ulu H u n t Pet rs, M I mrnt ear» ' MISS C." Jt l i normal, «ppan»rt)y. for the nose t o brighten up nm 1 th» fivce to bo a ittle drnwn, after exvosure to very old weuthpr. W!it*n I notice this on myself. I tritlo an I remember a 17-j ear-old tdrl fn»nd of mine who compIiinoO on« (old d ly that she bat^d the wlntei -- U m.iJe her look ·o olc ! Re5 nose It fic^u«nt y associated with alcoholic Indulgence, but most every jno knows now that total abstain* rs may sometines support auch a glare. So, don't worry about that ild« of it. Miss C. Rei' nowo may be rmnlfestfd In one of fe«bl« oSrculattor anil Kt-neml debili'V, and ftlsio In the oppositn con- ditfor : In the plethorti or over-robust person. There l^ a dilation of tho blood resse s, obviouily, and this m,\y be caused directly by sou'o obstruction In th» note, or ecpo;sii « to '-old or It nn.y be caused retli xlv Aninpi; th« -oflcx pause-* ftre disturhun c» In th-i I n t r t t m a ! tiact. .titoho), 'iomc- ttm«« eces«iv»i ainoui ts ot Hironi; t«os uuJ toffees, const i mtlon, itc. In Worni n tt rnay b« tcHvx from oi-armn auid Uterine troubli a. Excessive redueas of the nose n ay be the beginning of a condition, ca! ed Acne Rosacea This is a chronic c»n- grestlve disease, most often of lift noia and neighborhood. Somctlr ica this will be nicompanled by a plm ily condition and an overgrowth of ho connective tissue of tho nose, so t mt a *»ery unhappy-looking organ results Hut this rarely occuts in women. That lets you out -- gl id? If this overgrowth la excessive, pi is- tic Hurgeona are now correcting tl jse deformities. If there Is n. condition of Acno to- aacoa, ono authority advises bt thins the every niplit, for ten minutes. In ns hot water aa can bo borne, followed by cold. Tha hot water c'tiihf) a dilation ot the es- aels. and the cold a contraction. I'he skin must bo protected as rnucr as possible from extreme o£k! weal her and soothing applications npplle at mg-ht CaJomine lotion, which i a standard skin lotion for infiam na- tory conditions,, It recommended by both Jackson and Stellwagon. ' 'hia is to bo dabbed on freely and nJlo ved to dry. But ono nrfllctcrt with acne ros cea should go to a dermatologist The disease is obstinate, but it is cm ible under persistent treatment. Now, Miss C.. if your health hi bits oro good, especially your dietary c ties. and your nose persist* In Its col ira- tloti, have « physical cxamlnatlo ; by a physician who docs know that sometimes perulstent red no.seet are ff tights If you ans Interested, we hav an article on Balanced IJrttt, mot vice, rest. i In » or om- 3sed, winff ,S of racli . for The ninfj, and tr. Vrtt« Editor's jVoJc. Ur Peters en dinKnose nor givo personal at Your questions, if of general lnt will bo answered In the colum their turn. Requests for artlcl pamphlets on hnnd must bo at panicd by a fully solf-uddn stamped envelope, pHu. the folk imalj charge to help cover co printing and handling: for artii'ie wanted, two cents In olr cac)i pamphlet tpn "ents In com pamphlets nre t(educinq and Oa llrvlrne til Women, Kidney f'ctt'ri. In care of this paper Ictnbly, atul not over 100 word- C"AKHIONED of h'rocaUe, this ' tioii ts the last word In tailored juits of tho dreesriaker variety. Tho skirt Is plaited in front, tha jacket of the popular hip length, and tho blouse is a soft satin with a novel front button effect. Wide, square s loulOer .lines ar» as'turninfr an intcre^tingr place In u p r i n f f talllciirs in (do moja man. nlshlv stled su ts. The padded shoulder gives acxjnt to the narrow vvnjsiline nnci hips which appeals U MILE-A-MFNUTE MARTY --BY- Werthelmer Motor Co., W. Crawford Avenue. SORE OOP / - NOVA/ *HE-I:E DID THAT GONE FROM? UP AY 'R Got NG To PAv( POT* f*\Y t - O D K l S ! op YOU G-OT YOU C/HN STOP'- I CANNOT TirL.L- A LIEVU THIS I S A USED CAR BooG-W-T AT WEIITHEIHER MOTOR CO. ? SONG- - AND ON PAY CAN I HEl.P L \T LOOKS /V^Vh, 4* ifliPiw 1928 Essrx Coach J92R Essex Oon}e . $450 $450 George Washington is known as the man w h o couldn't tell a. lie In our business dealings, wo probably rould put over an extra sale- now and then U' wo DID lie,--but we're no) after that kind of a reputation! J927 Hudson Coarh . 1928 Hudson Brougham $275 $550 THE OLD HOME TOWN otanley! "Came home coughing their heads off-- Yet both my boyn are Juilti antt hearty in two day*! Georpc end Al went out to play football. They came home in the rain, both with, a very bad rough. Believe me--I wa* scared, p«r- ticularly for Al--he is not very strong. Immediately I pul them to Led. Immediately I gave them a doae of Smith Brothers* Cough Syrup. "Both bora olcpt fino lb«t night. In two daya they were well again--even Al didn't have a truce of coldL" Mrs. A. Stone SMITH BROTHERS Triple Avtion C O U C H S Y R U P COURT WILL SEND VIOLATORS OF MINE LAWS TO WORKHOUSE Special to The Courlet. UNION-TOWN, eu 20-- ."The be-fore roe for violation nf the mining laws will mean a t n p to t h ? workhouse for tho offender," declared Judge Thomas H. Hudson Tuesday afternoon whcu Angola D'Asciorzo a Maxwell minor, appeared i H f o i e him on charges proferred In Mine Inspector W. II. Ilowarth. Mr. Howa-tr (lec'l-ired tho defendant had run pisi d. danger board In the Maxwell mmr on February 4. Tlio man (Mitoretf a plea at Kuiltr. Tho court's wrath was aroused par tlcularly over the fact that hJ had ^m- tosed nominal sentences oC $35 Jino and cost?, on two other men from tho Maxwell mine just a fe^v daya ago, also for disregarding danger bcwids. Tho danger signal in this Instance 3iad boon eonetructed in an opening where t h p mine boss had decided thero wai extreme dangr from falling svlato. "The miulng laws are for your protection and for the- protection of jour comrades in the mine- who work about you," declared Judge Hudson, "They .must bo regarded, not only for yourself, but for your families, your jier- sonal safety and th$ loss to everyone that follows an accident. I don't want any more charges of failln? to obey tho mining liaw before me, or else -- " concluded the court, Augelo received the uuai $2S flno uid costs this time and left vowing ho would toil his comrades and t h a t he would never violate aRain, Inspector If o worth informed the court t h a t the violations largely grew out of the desire on the part o£ tho men to expedite their work as much a} possible, ,hua causing them to take rHlctf, which were dangerous ioi their own safety. IT MkSHT Do crrr BOT ITAJWT WHAT I CALX A SOME; OF ON TH-'COAt. SHOVEU IN TH' YVA1T/N ' ROOM 3ATU/50AY' AND 3T ATE A1NT BUT I PoUJcED P)NT OF TO' TEST DOC PJU-SBURY TOOK A PJNT STUFF )N TH' SINK; AT HC»ME AND IT D)DJS)T VTA Hot_E M TH'SJNK AS 83 AS MY HATt »T NOT ONLY THAWED OUT TH' RADIATOR. Or4 HIS 0«Sf5 SOTATE UP TWO AND WAS TS WAY IHTO BACK WHEELS DOMESTIC TONIC !'. TH' WOODEN HANPUE \\ tJN ICE Hot)seHH-A- VVITH A OF SO CAL.UED ^OOD STUPRf IS ONDBR , LOCK AND KEY--NOW OTEY IS LOOKING R3R A] SAFE $1.25 Konjola 95c $2.00 O, «J» d. $1.65 CUT KATE DBUG CO, 301 North Plttsbnrgr Street, Cut Price* 7 Days of the W eek Specials for Friday and Saturday COLONEL BAIN WILL GET MORE FACTS ON YOUGH CANALIZATION Special t'j Tha Courier GREBNSBURG, Feb. 20 -- Bec.ui/,e of piosaing btiaincb-j which awaltrd ilm in tho Capital, Cougre«siiian Adani M. Wyant called an e.vrlter 1haa sch-eduLod me-eting of the directors o£ the Youffhioghony Hlver Improveioenfc A.ssociation last night at Ihe I'-euii Albert Hotel. Present were Major J. E. Moorelieitti of Weat Newtou, teahincaJ iclvisoi for lie association; Diiectord "Watson Mo- ee, ll. Carl Moore and Frank L, ^oegle, and A. It. Stevenson, sccre- .ary of th-o association, all of Woat Xewtou. The Youghiojjheny Improve-iivem As- hociatiou memlx'is revi(wid dat.i on hand with a view to whmpifiK dctailh into fahapo to present the' fitial brief to' Colonel .1 J Bain, United States ^IIK'- neor.s, of 1'ittsburg, at C'otonpL Bain's oftlfo on Friday. No rlit'npes wore made and no now data was inco-por- atod ni UK report. The- biibiiifsa transactod at the Monday night meeting \\as t h a f of corroliUhiff dat i il r''ad o" hand. Colonel Bain s return from Now Orleans is exported tod iv Patent Medicines $1.50 Petrohigur . _____ $1.29 $1.50 Agarol ...... __ J1.29 $1.50 Alleurhu __ $1.29 $U)f Pierce's 1'ayorite Prescription ........ ......... .. $1 $145 Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ______________ $1 $1.20 Scott's Emulsion $1 $1.20 Father John's Mod J cine ............ _______ $1 $1.20 L'aldwoll's Syrup of Pepsin ........... ........ ...... $1 $1.20 Sal Hepatica _________ $L $1.20 Bromo Heltzer ... ..... $1 $1.00 JVujol ........ _. _____ ..... 85c $1.00 SquibhN Mineral Oil .............. ......... ________ 85c $1.00 Miles Nervine ..... 85c l Pint iUifflin Rubbing Alcohol 51) c I Malt Syrup JKhu* Ribbon liudweiser Red Top Purl tail 53c Can JKmble Dulch OOc $1.00 World's Tonic ....85c $1.00 Adlerlka ..,, ............. ....80c» $1 N. B. Tablets ________ 87c $1 Burke's Cod Liver OH Tablets ______ «7c 75c Donne's Kidney Pilis ____________ «8c 85c Krusehen Salt _____ 7Ge Baby Foods and Preparations $1.20 S. M. A. atilk ....._..$! $1.00 Kecoiac _____________ 80c 75c Dextri Maltose .-...67c $1.00 Ovaltine _____ ....... _. 85c $1.00 Ovaltine _______ $3.30 $1.00 Horllck's Malted Milk ............ ___________ 81)c $3.75 Horiick's 3talted Milk ____________________ $3.39 1 Ib. Merck's Milk ·Sugar ____ ,_ ...... _ ....... ____ ,, ___ 55c 25c Castor Oil ....... _______ l»c 0t California Symp «-f l ( 'ifjs ........ _____ .. ___ ........ 52c iOc Fletcher's Castoria «2c 2Sc Mennen's Borated Talcum ........... ......... l!)c 25r Johnson's Baby Powder ............ 20c $1.20 Flaxolyn Wampoles Preparation 25c Jolmsou's Baby 25c Merck's Ziae Stearate ti5c B. B. Baby Tale 20c 25c B. B. Baby Soap 20c 15c Stork Castile Soap lie Toilet Items $1 Pacquin's Hand Cream 90c 50e Paeqiiin's Hand Cream 50c Chamberlain's Hand Lotion _, 39c 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste 43c 50c Ipana Tooth Paste 42c 50c lodent Tooth Paste 25c Llsteriae Tooth Paste ____ 20c $1.00 Lfeterlne __ 8Sc 25c Packer's Tar Soap 21c $1.00 Coty's Powder Compact ---- 95j Cleaner 85c Mufti 80c Austin Carpet V leaner . _ Prescriptions Open Sunday Rieck'fi Ice Cream Jloutes ? Kvery-lay you will fiud homes and home sites advertised In our c'aesi- fled columua--read them over. ft ORE EXPLOSIONS LAY CHICAGO WASTE; DAMAGE IS $250,000 Uy U n i t e d Pros;-. CHICAGO, Fcb !,- Bomb, chemu-ai a ul gasoline c.vplonions i ojiroU out in s altered part a ot th« t i t y oucly today, s, n-cutling /UUIOH in two structuios t et did ?250,00y damage-. A luilf bloclc ot ruin« marked 1he t ot -wliwo the building luwl etood that tlie Kaglo KJieet jMetul Mm u- C a c t u r i n g Company, tho I'ur.ifiou Lilt n- tiry and (lie ISamohito Corpoiation, m a n u f a c t u r e r of t leaniiif; rnmpoun in. Thcro w»re major e:;plofions, at Irast dozens in number, acconipan ad by a Jiru fed by chemicdlfa in ' h e i-lciining compouiKi planl. Th«- ISth honib of l')3(; hhftUenvl hf front of r)if f'obnio Tioducts, l i e , b u i l f i i n R in " b t t t l o Hohomia" on lie Wftt Side- Tin* bliiht did heavy l,)ma^p to the s t i u c l u i B and lo itfl o-n- tcnts. On the Northwest Side, an osploa on following: firo in thr rear of the CupW lunchroom arouht-il rc«ile-nta foi Mocks Police a i r P K l r d John Diamond, \ v h o livxl nhovo hf plncp after a fivr- gallno gafcolinn ran wah found in tho Tho stock oi highly volatile chemi- ( als in tho cleaning compound plant rdimcd tho major cxpiobion, flrenwn haid. They W O P ]io.rra«sod hy furaoB. KlaiTifs fejircad to and d«stroyel lour freight cars loaded \\-Hh merohan- liae t h a t \vpr- sUntiing on the Cni- j, St. Paul Pacific

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