The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE. THE DAILY COUETER, CONNELLSVILLE PA. THirRSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 19317. Musical Comedy Put On By Mozart Club Given Fine Reception Opening Nig'ht Stangarow fl.Bl '"arollne Pon or. | l/[U6(i5 France.: Clabaugh, ( loo Oye, ' SNLA\ DNIDNVQi n ° mm · Touea NtMle Binl ' r* 0 TM'- 11 *'; j Kherrick, J-ean Ringler, J atrphiivc' I fleavner, Betty Gallagher, OkulyK Bam, and Hose Mostrezat. j Telephone Cborus--Jane G ns, Oar-! rie Jano Marietta, Frances v i a i i o t t u . 1 fjouisc Marietta, Ixki Dutwil Jr, Irene ~ - | Lucius, Mary Porter, Sara il-oixhvin, | An almost 'api -ity aur venco gather- ) ftegina Gin«burg, Sara Feneti rmachor, I ed at tie Ili-jh school At ihtorium last ' Miriam 5-Swartzwelder, Jean Hoover, ( wenin? for th\ opon'tiK presentation | }$? Whipkoy, Helen Barr, D; isy Alien, | ot th. comedy, "Why Not?" j Kmma McClellan, Do roth Kurt/., under -,he sponsorship iC the Mozart and Eleanor Stewart, ('tub » n d the directior of K. K | Stag Chorus--Btbelyn Ola re Yaley, ITT A OEM? JO Fruits the Whole Season Through THE^T Today, Tomorrow and Saturday WARNER BROS. PRESENT Rostenb-ad-or. Th t tlio audience waa pleasiMl war, \VP'| ovidneed by the appiauio that sreotod U i o perforanor.s. Tho production was in thre-o auts a lit! ontbraoed ovor 200 persons in. the f.Txnikin? cast, the rmis cal and dane- n{? specialties and the* chorus*:*. It v.iib COTE ted -ipon a« tho invest thlDK of its kind put on in Con- M. W. Stoner, FYcd Fltidle^ . Will Jam Pete Carette, Bill Pnrbiu, in mauj y At* praise wtki given tho da t-oltii? numbers, both horua and frpocialty. Th/- nhow will be roreattHi tonight. Th« «ast of charade -s was: Gene"\ ieve, eophisicatot chorua girl , M'ti3 CMairo Liucae Hirar-i Wltherupoon, g-t nUeinan from the sdciks _Jo«!eph Stehiai' ol Scottdale Ilyw, the letts said tho ]ettor_-- S. M. DeHuff Jack Durbin,. Willi«im Porter, Ferdinand DeCiiambeau, Steve Brutosky, John Ste-iu, Melviu Flet 'hor and Jimmy Pfudenti. Silver Dragon Girls--lu^e Oolltne, Margarot Miller, T.ouH« H««nrn»r, Betty Oallaghv*'-, Koee All m Mestre- zat, Gladys Kara, Theora ^cher and l-c»rth FIjMlley. Tamper Twins -- Roeom iry BrowTi and MiMred Hyatt Children'*) Bnaemble--N rnwi Jean -, Eleaaor Cuneo, lorma Jean Thort- is « vmolhing abont homo KTOWU. f r u i t t uit Is different -- something t h a t makes it taste ao much bolter than anv you could ebtain. any- « heru else. Not uatil ycmVo picked tlio ti nits Xrorc trees and plsuita you're laisctl iu your own. yard ·will you really appreciate how delicious home grown fi uJt.s ( an be. The thrifty house ipfcta lias luni; irtrtln, i knowi1 ^^ savings made when fruit:, Ho«t-?i)« who emii«s them out tbem in and . ___ Mrs. U'tajxl S. Whlpkey 'I'etl, a high ·« automobile saJcstuan -- - - ____ C, Herbert BUia f'eeelia StranO, tianci-o o£ Sllwood fJrayson _________ Miee Susan Hicks Strutb/era GourtKjn, extrenwrfy sinooth , Rutherford ElH/ood Oruysou, youug man .Leroy Hoover Mrs. Foster BePentf, an ImporUxnt society matron. vtre. John J. Bno« Fouler BePeutc," b r unimportant . W, S. Stimiuel und waits «md Soxnaan Ilusbatxi _ Joi e«, who ». aits J«V wor girls Mi:-s Jwiti Hoover, Mis« Samh Goodwin Kb )uy, tark roloroi eorvant --------Barker Kl . etUi darker ci orxl servant -- . ____ ____ ______ ___ Jimmy Cypher Jay Snodsrasfi, reeilent of Ijandon's '.'ornors . _ _____ Jt«s-o Barmis M-s. Cynthia Snod-;ras6, Jay's very talented -wi!v ---- Mrs. John Dubson M i r y Kich.irdh, IV 1'e ex-wife. --..... _ Miss Helen Groy Howard Strom?, an attorn-ey ------_______ ..... ,, ___ Idris Butler Landon'w Corners i- liver Cornet Band Olll M c H l U I n e y John Marnell, Art I^'wia. )'lc, one of tho pi -Is ---- MargiHrHe Durbin, Ruth Harbaugh, i lire grown at home. It is most aatis- , Beryl Sholloy, Rntli Ada TO, HeJon ins as Wi1 ' as to know Abo nt tho first truilB of w i l l bo strawberripx. Iu order 'o prcl l lu utmost returns from the »pa n, tlir c i l y niiui very c o n v e n i e n t l y t u c k f i hi6 strawberry platite In f r o n t of and un- d-crneath the Rni-pe vines.. Strawbernes will he f o l l o w ed by t h e earhest cherries and by eurrants, raspberries and g-ooMe.bernGS. Fifty bushes of eat h oif the tv/o best uortf. of currants, ours hundred each of two varieties of raspberries, and iwenly- iive bushoa of some good goo'teborry will, 1C well oultiYated, furnish an abundant supply. One dozen cherry trees w i l l bo enough. Ono hundred bushes of the blackberry will supply two quarts ior a day tor wm TreeUf toward the close of summer, Finite for the Main Crap. Apricots, peaches, early applet, anf a tew of the earliest plum* w-ill brin; on the season of abundance w i t h the later varieties ot these will last nearly till w i n t e r . Win-te apples and pt«.rs, if placud ! i a coc fruit-room, or cellar in tho Jail, wi' last until the coiam en cement ( Armen, Alice Haran, Bolrtr J-ean H«ll, Ruth Georg«. Frank S can, Mary Katheriiw Drumni, Olive \, miso Black- etone, Phyrl« Cros'sland, 1 'onna orine Martin, Mildred Stf. ffonl. Bryce Dixon, John L«flllo Dohl, Viola Deal, Dorothy Williams, Fra \ces Oraigr, Mar|?areit YounK, Eleanor K^sttor, Dorothy Whittoker, Kaihl on Barnes, Merle Ro1ert Cox. Edijwvi F:\rquiiar, John Jackson, Bernice '.mi Us, ' Jean SulItYan. Lcanoru Matt tewe, Betty that w h e n tha canning seafean conies can d-j"iid on your owu homo I irrown fruita ior a generous fiupply. On the ave-ago city lot where- apace is- at a prem urn, Emit trees are used as much for ornament ae lor utility. The glorious cloudrfke. imis?ira of white bloom on tho cherries* plums and p*ars, at d the exquioite pink love- linosa rxf apples a-eed not be the privilege of ouly the commercial grower. These varieties vrill -work in very well ia the background ol tho bordnr, in a King. Alice Collins, jiard Marie. Secan, TOather B atty, Walker, Robert Stofl, Ire e Cnn-eo, Al- gronp at th: back of the lot, or even Dotty, »LS specimen tJ-ees on th* lawn. And aocs ^ · t b r t l l with the delightful , berta Cuneo, Junior ) v n i s h t , Vera 1 Perfume of ho blossoms that is Iwrne Jones, Jane Daweon, Lin vie Jan^ I ley, Esther Stance, Bern oe C-ox, Artie Hatlield, Ixuisi Con'c, ) ua Jean Kef- tor, Marjorie Means, D rothy Stance, Katherine MotzKar, An a May Ramage, Haaei Davis, OhtysUihel Cadwallader, Dorothy Meyei s, Mury Eliza- far by the ipring breezes? Tlio liniititions of tho average homo the new supply ot t,travvberrie«. To obtain this supply there shoul 1 be ftve or eix apricot Ueea, he «an ; number of peach tr«sea, ton cr t w e t t 1 f Of plum, ten or ftfteon ol miDimer ,u i autumn, pptirs and as many more f winter varieties, fho same nuniber -f Bummer anl autu-raii appiee, and fro n twenty-five to ftfty trees nt \vint r apples. Forty or fiftf well-manBg A grapevines will contributo materia y to tho variety and excellence a£ t 10 supply oi fruit. One hundred gruj s- vines in a well cultivated vineya -d w i l l be Bufflcienl to furnish, all i 10 freish grapes wanUjd, by ft larire fa n- ily through the autumn and win er months. Space Beqnfred for Complel* Fr lit Claire Yaley Irent Lucius and Rc-Kini«v CJlhsbur 1 ?. O t h e r , havini,' leading parts were MifeS Ko«lyti 1'ryco, Si!v«r Dragon e n t e r t a i n e r ,t!t **i % t.-!«iHy dancinj;. Ifrtrrv Hoxman Silver Draisna en- -.ertnitu-r, sour R e-ialty. Jack and K d S t h Hiirbm, well Tsnown siancinr pu.r Mra. J o h n J. inoa, Silver Jrason eutertaiufci', in FJIIE; and d-anoo spe- ( i.ilty. Jean G-t-tifiu^, 100 (lancing. In the {'horuHfs w^ere: Francos C'labau^h, Kdwajxl 1 -, Virginia, Hush, Ekina JJoiolhy Welher, Viola (teal, Kvelyn iJiidenheiiu and Elizabeth Shank HOnomian Oir i - L a u r a Gail Prazc-e, 1 lorotby C u n n i n ; h.unt, Margaret. Brow n, Mary Pearl Knight, Virginia I/ouise Cunningham, A-arjory hV/x, Margaret }!owrn«n and 1} Arnica Uoovet. R h y t h m Steppei-s-- June Galley, Ros% mairy Schuli-r, Botty \Vh«*tsol, (rone- \icve Ix^.i*:ur«, Marlon Kopp, Neomt RKhop, 5'li!h Khorrlck and Virginia Bishop CrUt % Hth KlfM'ior Stewart, Dorothy Kurtz, .laiK' ( i i n / , FranfpH Mark-ttiv, Carrie Jane Mcnolta, Marietta, Lola Botwiler Irene I/tifiue, Mary I'orter, Sara ( I i x x l w i n , Regina Ginsburg, Sara JV-natprmachcr, Miriam SwarlZTVoldor, .loan floove'r, Hol-en liurr, Iais' / li^u. K m m a Monellan, .lu-k. 3)urbin, Williani Porter, Pordl- n.ind UeChamboati, Stevo Uruto^ky, John Stein, Melvin Fiotcher, Jirnmy Prndenti untl Hill I)'j,rbin. StroiltTfc Juru! Collittu, Margaret Alii lor, Modvl'ne Borland, RoBtmary Brown ixulj^ Ileavuer, Botty G«.)-- laghor, Uoo Aline Mostrexat, Olttdya fiura, MH.dnxi Hyatt, Thoora Eicher, Kit McCormi -K, Kdith Findley Doll ('horn-; C«celil Wcleli, Cleo Hn, Johaniin. Barrett, Mary Agnes Bitner, Anna. Scbnlir in, Kliznletb Koelker, Lucy Bnofl, L -«ise Sachk-ot, Anna Belle Mellin-gor, Juno Couglie- nour, Genoviov* Shen- ck, R\iby Ash, | Gouevieve Ixhr, Rita · 'inn, Adw Lep- j ley, Jxiuisc Conte, Ptirenoe Smitii, i Betty Torchto, Njvr,da Kennison, i Sara Grace Whipkey, Marjorle } kit- I j tomly, Edith Ithoadet, iiaraii Beaumont, Lillian Younkin Marjorle June Dobl, Dorothy Oliara and Mary Margaret Archibald. Musical climasea w- re: ACT 1 Garden. grounds previ-nt tlio city inan Erom ! Tho extent of g r o u n d required ·· il! miro than jut-t a fow if Ids j bo about t«tv or t w i ; l v o snmro- r His f r u i t H . On tbo farm, however, j lor the different auiomer fruits, nd thorp is a n i p j p opportunity for gro\v- a.n acre and a halt fir two across for ing idi tho. difforeut v.iriuties. No mat- all tho others oxo^pit lilo wiateir *p- ter how ia go or small tho spaco, the j pics The oarly or RUTniuer ap -les in between the · in- (er appio.s as flllcrs, aa Ui-3c aria osa beth Vanoo, Mary fJri am. Beatrice n , m (?arck u b h o u l d bo p l t t n n e l f(ir u ! might be placed Klnp, Mary Brown, Thf'ma MoLauRh- continuous snooty «f t h n variout, i«r am.ln.s UM til! cyntinnous supply of the various kinds throjghoui the season utifc AWN PENNINGTOIf AUCE DAY and Chorua of Darrling Beauties. 1 STNCOPATED JOYOUS JAZZ! SOLLICKING RHYTH1T! BEAR * S THE HIGH HAT TRAGEDIAN OF JAZZ" FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE SINGING-, TALKING SCREEN., Special- EVERY NIGHT--7 O'clock: -AMOS AND ANDY Vitaphone Act -- Talking Serial ar.d Talking News Reel Admission--Matinee lOc and 25: Night 15cand35c !, I permanent trees. Opening--Hosteses, C: tors, Rhythm Stoi Glr IB. "I'll Say So". Syncopa- liohetnian At the Theatre The Paramount The Orpheuim Boginn ng with last night t h o ] Th ions awaited Fox Stovietor i "In br«id'ustmg of Amos and Andy, will j Old Arizona" If, showing- at th Orbo a, »pei-ial added feature each night at. 7 o'clock at J'aramount Th 'litre. The feature ploture Unlay, «Uno f^r the reoiaind(r of the "we»'k in ]!v«ry- a the- pheuni Theatre toilay. "Iu Old Arizona" has aroufif i hc keen«et Intoreet and its s h o w l n j te epochal, for it is th-e {iret f aturc Men., Tues, Wed--Jack Mulliall and Alic3 Day in "In the Next Room'* l¥WWMU¥VWMWMW*WW^^ · 1 : , · Ted, «te ra'=ts «ind Strollers body Hwppy?", with Teci Lewis a the length all-talking fllin drama o be "Silver Dragon Ento -tainor" ,, _ i stellar r-jle. | mado by tho fox Movietone r udioa, ,, Hosylin Prycoi Ted lunl a stylo that is particularly j tho organization whioii p^onee ed In "Silver Dragon Bute tainor" ... j H!K own and tho talking screen ia uif t a l k i n g piclnre 1 ?. _ Harry Soxtiuxn wtc«lton. medium for lua uniibual I Tho cast of mnrr thi»n a « )r« of talcala. "Is K\eryi»ody llappy?" te|the leading players in f l m l a n d which a. production that moves aiouR in prewntf- thu, rorns-aUo wnory i( the Si eat etyks giving Tod eveiy oppor-j Southv-c-{ fc, headed by «Mmuix Lowe, t u n i t y to play the various musical j Dorothy BurR^sn and Vwner Wixtar, WRITE TODAY For your copy of our Big 1930 Catalog SENT FREE 1m »Ui b* antlRtd »· thoit- Muxi* ol anz Coatoa»ra «r«. ThU bltt bowk {* ps«k«4 with »ahi»bl« taformntloa for Unjt- «m. «mrd*ner», poultryiiMn nttd bom* OIWBOH. JWJ tuisw of facU on v*«cUl)«, Bower, farm «nd lawc wed* : Bulbs, Shmb», Farm Machinery, F«HI- [nwcticttkw ; The I. W. SCOTT CO. ·! 1JBKKTY AVEN'UK PITTSBURGH, PA. For G4 TMLT* Uu D««t »C Evorylhltig (or FM-III, Qaiitiin HDtl Ptraltrj. "Ono in a Million" _ Cecelia, Stmthore and Boll Ohortm "Sadnese" ._ ._.. _ Ellwood "You Are the Kye o My Apple" _ - -- Gen viewj and 71iram "Why Not" _ fecelia, Kllwoofi . nd tho Why Not I In tho ninner that has won him the instruments that he. handles so expertly and aiiio to put over many »ong«i Chorus. "Silver Uregon En-ertalnprs". . - _ . Jack and Edith T)ni-bin] io of tlio "biglx-hatted tragedian of Lewis is just simply a born uiueickvn. each lotiR accrtxlilod : tars, s id the supportlns: cast also in-hi!e#;, i Instance, stars or featured pla 'ere of worldwide fam». Kvery person in the largo rast noon and heard in tho erolutior of thto Finalo Act 1 .. ,, KneeniTjle-i The rb nhm he can coax from a cluri- i trpm^ndno« drama of-The Cis o Kid," ACT II "Ghoste" _. . Eh, Klx ny and tho C,hosts "Breams" _ _ Strutbera "Come Over Tonis ht" net or saxophone ib enougJi to make the most rabid bluo law advocule de- J i" We to look into this matter of denting to sfl.-t.'i music. To i dd to tho jpp of the ia Ann J'ennington, thts noiorious teindit who roan xt th-e South wcn(, a kiJler of men and a broalcor of iK-arss of woiiori. fn the of the story i you- p Tritih sergeant, ordr-red 10 cipture bo bandit falls In lova. with the bandit's "Why Not" repnea AC" "Show Mo tho Wa Orchestra Dyo, Noll* l l r d , Dorothy Sh«rrlrlc, j d n v night. Joan Ringler. Josophino Nardine, Uctty J May Hrown. Harriot Humphries anl to Happyland" _ -- . ,, Mary anil Tcrt "Let's O«t Togetht r" _ ._. Flo and the Stag-i "I'm Painting- You · Fare in tho Moon" Millwood and Cecelia "Silver Dragon E itertainer" - .- - - Mt'p. Enoa "Feature IJancing Number" S'lver Dragon i i i r l s anl Tapper T s'ine. BMnuio .. . . . Knfire Company Kfferle'B Oro! estra donated ita sprvicc tor the K age rehearsal Tuoa- "Wliy Not' L'!»oruv- -- Mary Durbiji, Until Hetty I'ortor, Nelle Tur- Oiiturnk)«, Mary Ooyn«, Loui».j Cor vin, Fixula Long, Annabel Hurrett, Evelyn Barre-tt. Virginia Furlong, Peg Kt fUr, Dorothy Brown, Kuth Case ?t on· Suited. Fob. 19.-- -J» the ca»» Bar! Scottdale, against Leonard Sobray ot Mount Pleasant, o trespass action growing out ol' an automobile accii c-nt the plaintiff suit fored a conitni aory nonsuit befotu Judge W. T. Be n here Monday. BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON POLITICAL CIRCLE STIRRED OVER STORY OF POSSIBLE HARMONY Cecelia awl Telephone ChoTua' Httl ° ' l r l Who Uas lnade a b}g r3 P ut - a -1 sweetheart, ploU? with the gir to cap- "Rnety Rue ties" tlon f r ^ eretJf becauao oho learned a ture the Cisco KM and is o erhcard lender's Cornprs Silver Cornet Band Jot about diiiu'Sng. One of the early scijue-ncos o£ the p i c t u r e nhow« A n n in tho thai mado her fatnoun--a genuine Hawaiian hula. Thia put everybody in the mcKxl to what comee after. Th-ro is u good plot In "is JSverj body Happy?" It lizw siomo v«ry toucbing momenta and an bit of excollo-nt drama. Thi« forms a deligitlul contract, to the jean. The story is one that. Ja not unlike Ted Lewi-)' real li£o ritory. In the picture Ted IK an immigrant lioy vaoso fath«r waa once the leador of t;e great symphony orchestra in Auelria. The aon, after al riving i'or months to get a job as vkillalst in one ot fie fin« classical orcbostra, finally learns to play the Baxophono and be- txinisw a member of a jazz band and his father is heartbrokwi. There are mar y duyw ot sorrow and tears tor the boy and hie mother until the father realizes that thin is a new genenilion and that he cannot cling to his Old Wo-Id ideas. The program also include a talking ne~?'H reel and Vltaphoiw act. Cough* i torn colds may lead to «eriou» trouble, ''cu can (.top them now with Cteomulskn, an emulsified creosote that is pleasam to take. Creomulslon is a nii-clical d scovery vith two-fold action; It soothos und lieoiu tho inflamed ainm- l/ranes an ! inhibit* germ growth. Of all I nown drug-), creosote ia rer.ogt- nizcd by high medical authorities as one oi the grer (cat healing agencies for coughs from col 3s and bronchial irritations. Crcomuis nn corititios, in addtticn to crco- ·ote, oihc healing dement* which sootho and htal (he ii fl.ned mcmbraacs nod slop the irrilal no, vchilo the creowtei goes on to the e omach, is absorbed into the blood, ottacl t the seal of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Crcoinulsion ig guaranteed satiiifac- tory in the tr atment of coughs from, tolds, bronchil 4 and minor forma of bronchial irrit, lions, and is excellent for building u the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if not relieved after taking icconling to directions. Ask your dru; ^J«i. (adv.) CREOMULSION 7H£ COUGH FROM COWS T iA THANG ON Everson Fob. 20--Mr and Mns. Alario Hpiror and IMw. Calhevinc Malik sipcjil Saturday in Catumllavillo visit- in), w i t h Mrs Hpk-or'n luother, Mrs. F U n u o r of Scottdale, whocliod Tuesday in the OonneH.svUlu State Hospital. \llos Alma IlouaeholUer, a student at Juniata College, H u n t i n g d o n , Pa., spent the week-end here an the guost of her parente. Rev. und Mrs. G. E. 11 JUiieholder. Mi'i. David UraiH of P't'iitor at'^cet, -·I out Fi Iday in .MorMiHno'sii, W. Va., ,:· tho gui'r.t o£ friends G. N. I.eiiiter ot I'lltsburg spent Tuesday iji Everson intor-CMla. by the object of h U fioorch. ^ nst ii»t»- fk'ns "will t h r i l l tho most blaB picture lover, "In Old Ari7ona" ias bo n eaTied "The Covered Wagon of Tal 1 lu-g Plv- tur«," and U rnerltft tho- titli . It is a etriry of the romanl c Southwest. Ite t-en-tral figures a ·« a notorious bandit and K i l l e r /ho hfl4 eluded all attornpte to cap urc him, liory girl -whom States hp lov- d and a norp *ant who ·WQ.H assignwl to capture t) e bandit and who foil in love -vrith the The- fiorgeant persuaded hci to lictruy the bandit. A monotone net, sound ami UUking comedy arc sliown. reel teo being About to Lose H« r Head Hen Lays Eggs TJj- United BURLTNCTON, Wis., Feb. 20-Amelia is a lien. Yoa, anc raoro tlie-it a hen. Sh is an .ictress. Hor partu In the caritlmp and strut Ing eccniss of "homo ioleat prKhhCtioi liave ea- deared bei- in the he-arts o .Burlington theatregoers. But of fvbal valuo is a bon hailed as u n o t h e r Dnso, ' sbo has laid n j i n g l e cj'.g? T lat thought outereti (ho rnlnd : C A l .ert Waller, owner. Armed w i t h an axo, W iler, tho' protest of Amelia's p blic, walked deftiantly toward thcs chi en coop determined to annihilate 1,1 3 hen w h i c h refueetl to lay an egg, By TJnltoa Prosa. HARRIS BUKG, F«b. 19.---Reports that the Mellone ha-vo maxie hartnouy overtures to th« Vare organixaiion pledging their eupport to Francia S. Brown for governor it WlUlam S. Vare wouW Tvitbdraw from Uio senatorial raco stirred Pennsylvania's political circles today--the nmt day on which fiomineUnjr papers for lh« statewide May primary may bo legally circulated. Although tho intimation that the Melons had capitulated to the Brown movement camo from both St. L/u-ey, Fla., -whore the Vero war Txard ha« loen conferriug with Williiim S. Var, and from PittsburK, homo of the Mel- lon«3, no one could bo found to confirm them. Ohiopyle OHIOPYLB, Feb. 20 -- Mrs. Frank Bailey returned to her home Weonea- day morning from Oonnelleville where' she has b«on for several days with her father, Dr A. J. Colboru who left j for Arizona on Tuesday. , OBO our class-.Clfcd advertisements. Edward Swaiiger of Dawson soent a few hours in Ohiopylo Tuesday evening. Mre. E. K. IlaniiJton wa^ a recent ehoppor in Oonnellsville. 0. M. Waters* wae a bus.ncsf oaller in Uniontown Wednesday. Miss Vera Hall of Coafluencu spent Tn«)]ay afternoon at the gueet of Mies Audrey Meyers. William Rankin of Unionto-wn spent Wednesday morning in town on business. Mrs. Lee Phalen of Brownsville arrived in Ohlqpyle Tuesday evening to visit friends for a few days. Charles Abbfy waa ;i caller in Oil- iontown Wednesday. QRPHEiUMTHEATRi Today, Timorrow and Saturday ALL-TALKTM G rax MOVIETONE IH OLID ARIZONA I love you* cnwnec' Ton/a Veh-Meand the iresfofthe army! Also Sound Comedy and Sound wrm EDMUND U3WE WAHNEH BAXTER DOROTHY BURGESS RADUL WALSH IRVING CUMMSNGS IRODUCTIOH Blflry and^dUilo^ t y TOM BARRV eome tclepatl IP sense reposes benc.'.th Atuelia's omely comb. At any rat'3 when Welle approached th-c coop, t'le hen one-tie* proudly and i marched around her noet. O'here Child's Cough! Should be checked bd'orc it getn dangerous. Stop tho maddening tickle with Severn's Cough Balaam, a favorite with children aod grown-upa for 49 yeart. Pleasant, sa/c, effactlro. Your druggist has it. 2Sc and SOc. f'lassilied A«h«vtJsements rtvaulLa. Try rind vicinity oil gleaming white and peai -liko In their newneofi, lay two eggs. Weiler f-pared the as aud Amelia has shown gratitude b kfopini? up t ho "act" Roofing Paper and Roof Paint We carry a full supply of Roofing Parer, 18 and 36 inch. Roof Paint All Kit ds. SJilng es Consolidated Supply Go. Phono 15 a n d 1JOO. OANS 300 PA!NT UP! A dollar's irorlh ol satisfaction for every t w o you Lull FOX'S And You'll Uet ItJ Phon.- 341. If You Need Money for Any Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Hldfj., 5th Floor. Connellfiville, Pa. Telephone 244 - 8I6 Bonded to the State. SehictiMger it Compan Federal and Slat*- Taxes Accountants and Auditors 1115-20 Park Building PiU»burf?li, Pa.

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