The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE 85 Violent Deaths In Somerset in 1937, 32 Motor Victims SOMERSET, Feb. 3.--Autos accounted for 32 of the 85 accidental deaths in Somerset county investigated during 1937 by Coroner W. J. Logue. Heart ailments caused 40 of the 73 natural deaths on which a coroner's investigation was asked last year. A criminal abortion, a shooting and an attack with an axe-handle were discovered to be the causes of three criminal deaths investigated i by Coroner Loguc in 1937. | Death by firearms appeared to be the most popular manner o£ self- destruction as seven of the 11 suicides investigated last year by Coroner Loguc were perpetrated in that manner. The official reports of the coroner's investigation filed in the office of Clerk ot Courts Ivan Lambert showed that 20 persons met their death in mine accidents last year. Ten more suffered fatal falls and 10 i died of acute alcoholism. j Railroad accidents and drowning each accounted for two deaths. Falling trees and exposure extracted a toll of four more lives and accidental shootings took an additional two. An airplane crash, suffocation, a bolt of lightning, a sawmill accident and burning each took one life, pushing the accidental death total for 1937 in Somerset county to 85. Mine accidents accounted for one- third of them and auto accidents took the lion's share, one-third. Of the 73 natural deaths investigated, 46 were due to some type of heart ailment. Cerebral hemorrhages ran a bad second with 10 deaths. Pneumonia, cerebral embolism and encephalitis each accounted for two fatalities, while the following ailments are accredited with one death each: Sulfanilamide poisoning, barbital poisoning, syphilis, tetanus, pulmonary embolism, meningitis, diabetes millctus, pulmonary hemorrhage, intestinal obstruction, cancer and mal-nutrition. Heart ailments were accredited with over 63 per cent of the natural deaths and cerebral .hemorrhages accounted for over 15 per cent. Shootings led the suicide parade, accounting for seven of the' 11 self- inflicted deaths. Two more succumbed by self-inflicted cuttings and one by strangulation. Only one death due to poison was accredited to the suicide column. Prominent Race Drivers Testing New Hudson 112 Foot Hudson 112 cars, off on a 10,000'mito test run, oac/i piloted by a famous raco driver. Inset showt the four raco drivers who aro testing the new Hudson 112. Left to n'Uht: Babe Stapp, Ira Vail, J. B. SrJiippcr, Director of Public Relations, fftidton Motor Car Company, Chet Miller and Tod Horn. Named Tygart Dam Tender. Captain John M. Muter has been appointed to take charge of the Tygart River Flood Control Dam near Graf ton, W. Va. Muter, a river- man for more than 40 years, was in charge of Government dredges in the Pittsburgh district for 22 years. He will make his home near the site of the $18,000,0(10 structure, 1,900 feet long and 260 feet high, built to pro- set Pittsburgh from flood waters. Four of America** leading race Drivers, Babo Stnpp, Tbd Horn, Chct Mil] or and Ira VaU aro out on individual 10,000 milo test runs with tho now Hudson 112, tho lutost entry in tho lowest prico Cold. Those drivers aro putting tho four cars through their paces in widely scattered parts of tho country 90 that oil climatic and road conditions will bo encountered. Tho can and their fhmoui driven havo now boon on tho road since January 11* Babe Stapp, well-known California driver who has been up in the money u consistently at Indianapolis, took off immediately for his homo state. Ho arrived in Los Angeles in four days, with runs of over 900 miles per day. Ho is now running up and down tho Pacific coast with a mixture of mountain and desert running which gives a wide rango of temperature and rond conditions. Owing to tho nature of tho country, Stapp can put an infinite variety of experience into his daily reports to tho Hudson factory. Ted Horn, who ranks tecond in tho AAA Contest Board Championship standing this year and who was third at Indianapolis in the last race, is now on his way bnck from Austin, Ic^as via Wnco, Dallnj, Wichita and !O« Moinos. Ho will be in Detroit this week end and then on" on another lap. Chet Miller who is also a consistent "money man", in tho big; AAA races, is completing a lop which took him through Tennessee. Alabama and Florida, down tho West coast and up the East, touching at Tampa and over the Thminmi trail to Miami. His routo lay through tho Big S mole07 mountains. Ira Vail whom oil know ns ona of tho rent old-timers of racing famo has hncl tho "snow and ico assignment." Ho has been through tho mountains of Pennsylvania and Now York State. When ho completes hi* first lap this week-end ho will be sent on a milder assignment wlulo one of tho other drivers will tackJo tho snow belt. Careful reports of gnsolino mileage, oil consumption and other data are being compiled to give tho Hudson company first hnnd information on the performnnco of thew can. About 20,000 miles of hard running under all sorts of conditions have already been completed with all four drivers highly pleased nt tho results, without a «n(;Io stop for repair i. nnd without any water added to a radiator ' ·inco tho start. DAY IN WASHINGTON BY DAVID LAWRENCE Continued from Page Four, only institution which can answer the risk question is the Government itself. So what the Government by its course of uncertainty produces in the way of lack of confidence would be made up, in thecase of small loans, by the action of the Government in insuring capital loans. Various plans for small loan machinery are under consideration nt the White House and nt the RFC and the Federal Reserve Boaid. It has been thought that some mortgage associations might bo created which would make small loans to industries and businesses of all kinds nnd that the debentures issued by these associations would be insured and thus made a marketable security for purchase by banks. Certainly, it is an odd state of nf- fairs when n house situated in :i neighborhood that may change at any time can be mortgaged for 10 to 20 years and the mortgage insured, whereas a sound business with a i capable management nnd a record of { cannings and prudence cannot even ] get five or ten-year money except from loan sharks or persons who exact as a fee or commission a slice of the business which they befriend. The Administration !s on the right track in digging into the subject and indications are that something will come of it soon. BEEHIVE COKE OUTPUT DROPS TO RECORD LOW Beehive coke production continues to fall away to new record lows, a survey indicated today. There were but 828 ovens in the Conncllsville Region during the week ended Saturday, January 20, « decline of 1-16 from the previous week's figure of 97'1 which was but two higher thnn the lowest total in more than two years. Blowing out of ovens at Gri/Tin No. 2 nnd Lincoln sent down the production to a new low jincc the industry received its first major stimulation of n decade late in 1!36. Independent beehive coko operators were still mystified as to what tho future holds for them and eee no immediate prospect of improvement unless there is a stimulation in the steel Industry. Coroner's Report Shows Five Deaths After Auto Wrecks DOG GUIDES HIS MASTER, WITH BOTH LEGS 1JUOKEN, HALF MILE TO FARMHOUSE lake Erie Railroad i Employe for 24 Years By United Press. NOBLESVILLE, Ind., Feb. 3.-- I I - L - Blair ot Dickerson Run, re- Atlcr Ansel Castor, 50, fell down an j th-ed employe ot the Pittsburgh embankment and broke both his legs ! L»kc Erie Railroad Company, round- i on a midnight hunting trip, his 'coon : cd out 24 years or fcrvicc when lie ! dog guided him a halt mile to a farm '. become pensioned. I I house. Castor told about it from his ! Mr - Blull- . « drill (press operator in i bed. i tlic car shops at thb Dickerson Run I "i tied the dog to me," he said.! yards, joined tiro "Cake Eric" on Oci "and crawled after it ns best 1 could." I t o b c r 20 1913 - ' r1C J for; Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 3.--Monthly report issued by Deputy Coroner Bess Arisen reveals the county had five automobile fatalities and two suicides in January. Only one homicide was included among the cases in the oflicc of Coroner S. A. Baltz and, for the first time in years, not a single death was One each were listed for the fol- ; reported from among the county's I lowing: ,/ i Negro population during a month's I Unknown causes, stillbirth, broken | period. } neck in fall in 'poolroom, fractured I The report shows 16 inquests were | skull when kicked by a horse, acute! held on 18 bodies, 25 were viewed I alcoholism, body burns, neck broken ! by the coroner or his deputies and in mine accident, homicide from stab ] one autopsy made as a result ot 33 wounds and struck by railroad train, j deaths--23 of which ^vcrc males. Natural causes resulted in deaths: automobiles (accounted five and suicide, two: Marker for Shcn-inUoali. WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.--Treasury ! approved a simple design for a memorial to the 14 men who died in the crash of the Navy dirigible Shen- .-mdoah near Ava, Ohio. September j 3, 1925. The monument will bear a ! picture of the dirigible in llight and H plate listing the names of the victims. THE REASON WHY IT IS BECAUSE:--F:ither John's Medicine · is not "just another cold remedy". It not only helps break up colds, but builds up the body. Its healthful, nourishing clement!! aid in maintaining strength, vigor and vitality. Its value ns a proven treatment for colds is supported by certified medical tests. lU Record of 83 yewi ii Convincing Proof of it* Meritand Value. IT MUST BE GOOD. Men's DRESS SHIRTS Sixes M to 17. Ladies' New $1.00 PRINTED | -SMOCKS While They Last 9c Sale Items Harry Bowman 713 West Crawford Avon no West Siile HAPPY RELIEF Girls Quit on Diets. MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 3.--The American "white-collared" working girl rapidly is losing interest in the j once-popular reducing diet fad, a ! survey of 2,600 workers, sampled in | 22 cities by Northwestern National i Life Insurance Company, has re-', vealed. i Caused by Tired Kidneys Many of tin** rnnwiac, R*xtiat, painful Mclcftrhr* pfopU Warn* orv mUli or tVnin* w« oft*tt eauAod br tirwd klinfyi» be rrllrrwj when tr*-»Ud in U»« neh ThflAidmry* hro Naturn'ichiftf wyr of ·XCCM icid* »jwi poivonotui WMU out nf th« blood. Meat p*opl* PMM kboat 3 pint* ft d»y of ·txnit 3 pound* of wiurti. If tli* 15 milt* of kida*r (utx* tad {-It*** don t w(»tk w#!l, powoncma wwt* matter ti») * la the bjfxxl, Thnvpouon* tnmy «t»rt bfcckftchra. rbvumatio piai. IOM of r ontTEr. r'tUnfi up nichl*. iwiUInc. i under UM cjrr*. b^Adiclm *nd diniaeu. Don t wjui! A*k your dmcri»t for DMA'I PlIIi, o»*d Buc««nfully by million* for rrr«r 40 y-Mr*. Th«y ri«» happy t*llrf »nd. will hrlp th« 15 nuJea w Uan^j uibtt fluib out nouonoui vuU Iron ti* blood. G«» DOAD'I PUI*. COMPANION CAR TO HUDSON - HUDSON 56.· _» THE BBGGEST CAR THE LOWEST PRICE FIELD HAS EVER SEEN! THE SMOOTHEST RUNN8NGI THE STURDIEST! THE SAFEST! YET ONE OF THE MOST ECONOMICAL! ("Yes! It's Biggest and Bestf" Soy Owners of the "Of/ierT/iree" Leading Lowest Priced Cars.) 112-Inch Wh»»lbot« ... 6 Cylinders . . . 83 Hortopowtr for 3-paii«nQirCoup*; $740 for4*poi- «ng»r Victoria Coup*, th« on)/ 4*pan- ·ng*r oup* In th» lowvil pik* fUld with all patt»ng«r« riding !nttd«; $755 for S«dan~ fully ·qulppvd, raudy to drlv«, Federal tax«* paid--lr aniporlat^n cottt end local tax**, If any, »xlra. Attractively low tlm« payment Urmi, with n*w Hudton-C. 1. T. Plan. E. E. VAN SCOY, 253 E. Crawford Avc., Conncllsville, Pa NEVER UNDERSOLD NEVER UNDERSOLD 79 60c Italian Balm and 25c lOc LUX TOILET SOAP Fitch Shampoo NOTION SALE Vick's Nose Drops Sensational Clearance of Some JJoiil Specials! im-Vf lOc ASPIRIN TABLETS Kox of J'-, Cut to Combs ..................... 3c Thread ............ . ..... 3c Fuse Plugs ............ 3c Shoe Polish ......... Be Bobby Pins ............ 3c Dish Cloths ......... 3c MILK OF MAGNESIA U. S. 1'.. Tull I'inf Plenty Other Items! The preparation of crude drugs and chemicals to be used in the preparation of prescript i o n department must be carefully selected. B u r n s use only the best! 25c CITRATE OF MAGNESIA Ciif. to VISIT BURNS CIGAR DEPARTMENT and see some of our Hundreds of Specials! 35c ADHESIVE .TAPE Vvct Vroof, Cut. to 10c Butteries lOc Flashlight Kiillis _20c 98c lOc WAX PAPER $1.511 rocket AVutrli Gypsy »yc ij Kcru

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