The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1918
Page 8
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«K i*. PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILUS. PA. SATURDAY, MAT 25, 1918. t 1 THE T DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS C E KEAGY EDITORS S FLOTO SEM0R 50TIS. (By Myca Convray ) Puales. , teacher conserves the wheat" , teacher ought to live m Hol- f Jand 7 " ~t "What teacher is a small tov-u ? ' '( What teacber lost her occupation in the industrial revolution 7 What t*acher owns a thread fac- -^ What teacher helps pa^e streets 7 ^WHat teacher is a small tooa* : *- What teacher is china ware 7 ^ What teacher is a- bird' What teacher eats worms' What teacher is er yello* ' J What teacher owns a store" What teacher worries about the ** What teacher resembles a rock' ~ TOtat teacher plays a good hand ai ~ W*at teacher is a letter of the al- ] DITOR1 VL. P G Henke o£ Al'egheni college spoke ii high school on Tuesda morning He brought toe students President Wilsons message encouraging tuera to sta, in school as long as possible Vr Henke pointed ou to them the necessit of an education to nse *n life higher Jian the ordi- narj tide of success With onlj 'our more weeks of scriool e\er student ihculd hi. thmk- Hg what 1 e or e he can ao to s summer to help the country There an manj -ways 'Now is the time to star looking around Eeij one has his day The Seniors are patient!} waiting for (heirs JIMOK sorts (By Estella W i l s o n ) Anyone can easilv tell hat Mi Al derfer has enlisted. He is wearing his best suit to school All vrater it has been a fad mth the high school bojs to wear knitted socks and arraj shoes but since the warm weather began tUej setm to prelei suk so\ and o^tords Mr Aldorter does not enjcj havmg his picture iken ever though it b v\itli eight of the best looking gi-lb in C H S \ou should see his frowning countenance in the Junior girls basketball team s picture J~" (Watch tor the answers in next *"weelt r s Tiger ) ' 1 Preparations for class day are now J!B foil" swing. Each senior has oeen -^·signed a part and is now practis- ing for the historical pageanj which -pt to take the place of the usual Class day Every effort Is being put !forth: to make this a big day for Con- awllsvUle .1C. _ Mr. Dikeman Says: *, That Pennsylvania is the best state "to the union except one -- his state TM That to* first thing he did upon frftduating from school v as to go to Philadelphia to learn to be a book Speaking of jobs The eachers that hae charge of class daj certainly do have aa awEul one It is no little task herding up all those Seniors and setting them Uiere every night I for practice It class day this year doesnt make you laugh nothing ever *iii . That it s not, it s only your imag- JnaUon. _ \ That if yon knew all he has f or- .fottea you would be a bright man '*" Also he makes the following ex- "Mercy sakes, ' my dear class ' i'for land's sake,' 'goodness gra- "-tfous · and 'dura it And last but not least -- The next .-thing to licking the kaiser is to teach tt*t physical geography claoS of his the fifth period. The Thrift Stamp sales in C H S last Tuesday amounted to ?1Q7 ^7 It is just as "Mr Smith said 'ilake your own comments Did you ever know that Mi Alderfer can-play a piano 9 Hones h« can If ou don t believe this just isk him to play the "Wild, Wild Women for }ou The Seniors must be putting somp class play on Every time tttej rehearse ther put black curtains jp_ to the windows and you can t ev en get a peek in This suspense is awful £ Ja t ",,.," SOPH«3KO*E. (By Dorothy McClaren.) _ .. The day is rapi*y drawing near ,~^dU3L th« Sophomores must hand in , JWir botanical specimens If they wish *-Jo obtain credit for their year s work. froteesor Woodhead has taken his "»«lm»M on a series of hunting expedi- ·T-tions, and the pupils themselves have »«d are still making little strolls into . 1i» -woods lor additional specimens. OB* can scarcer/ turn around any. vben without seeing one of the large ,, ·fl-'f It is really amusing to see tor TCTT mMll members lugging such ·· 'large books, which i)ractically ob- Man their view and have led their ·men into danger The books have been nuisances not ·nrj to the students but also to our tnarhni Tire inquisitive ones of us V»ko do not take biology are always fceurrtng the wrath of ou- teachers t 'Sr rap*at*«ly attempting to see their r»«thbor»' collections Classes also jjr» often interrupted by such little as these hare two pink lady slip- * UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH (·Eaay school, 945 Divine worship, ' U. 31 T. P S. C E , 2 JO Sr Y P. * B. C E-, 630 Divine worship, 130 All ar» welcome J S Showers J "MBBT PHESBTTHKIAN CHUKCH, £ J T I* Proudfit, pastor Sabba£h school i mi 9 45. Morning service at 11 Chris' Um Endeavor at 6.30 Evening servile* at T30 Wednesday evening pray- SK meeting at T 45 ' · Cnrions Condensallon':, Did you ever know that George Struble used to have a girl that lived in Dawson' That Alfred Hyatt s greatest de light is sporting in that three-piece suit of his That Ruth Grodzin has to wear short dresses in the class plav * That Sarah West keeps a "hope chesf Tiat Miss Baker positively cannot wait in a straight line' That Edwin Keagj can get more foolishness out of a piano than anyone we know of That school will be out in four weeks' That we hope The Tiger will be printed in booklet form next jear' That we read lie D T H. S Sentinel and reallj enjoy it' Dr Cooper of the Universitv of Pittsburg gave the students a short talk m chapel Friday morning Dr Cooper spoke of the advantages of high school students remaining in school instead of enlisting in the army pers hot I don. t have any wild ginger' Margaret--' 111 give you a lady slipper if you give me some wild ginger " Is.idore-- Amelia, how did you ever get yours pressed so nicely'" Laura Bella--"Please give me some " TRwrnr lAmmmai. CHURCH -R8v Ellis B Burgess p istor The jajeatr-ttiird amuversarj tif the pres- " «Bt jftatonie vi 11 be observed in con- iMCtioa with the congregational meet- Sjf to be held » Trinity cjiuich at 31A. M. All th« memberK and friends gl^ the churek are urged to attend *'" '·'H he the usual divme serv- jtti" if 73C P M The Fible school -»in mwt at 10 A. M. EPISCOPAL CHURCH ^M. S. Hanaja, yicar Services held f|H German Lutheran church, South | |«*t Sunday school, 315 P M ^Vrmisf grayer, 7.30 P M. ILtraEE METHODIST EPISCOPAL J'Cfcarcn, G L C Richardson, pastor floater school at 9 45 A M , S B vj§mry, superintendent Men. 5 Bible J"«I*M in the- "annex.' 11 A M , |w«iching service, "Gathering Up the ·j'yrtkfmemz" will be the theme One gjl thejRed Cross teams will be pres feWl at* the morning service to help the PfMtor in gathering up tfce fragments = ~ '" ~ M. Epworth league service 5~F "tf, preaching service, ser- iijmpix by the pastor oa Denying * Cbrist" Mid-week, praver meeting Wednesday evening at 7 43 p m REFORMED CHURCH feernfir South Prttsburg and bast f Gr«a streets Sunday sthool at 945 preaching services morning and eve- r*f"g conducted by Rev N Dittmar, 1 ·Cvltfann's Choice Pa, secretary ot fetfc^Mini*terial Relief sooietj Choir ,rsal- and rehearsal J or the Chu- j Day music on "Wednesday e\et at 7 o'clock. KB METHODIST P310TESTANT ·eh, "West Apple street John H. trtaon.'iniauter Class meeting M -lUbMth school at 9 45 A, M Morning worship at H A M Subject, "How to Please God" Christian Endeavor at 7 P M Topic, Doing H s Will In the evening at 745 oclock the pastors theme will be 'Jesus the Light of the World." The unveilmg of the second honor roll and a service flag will be postponed until next Sunday evening Prayer meeteng Wednesday evening at 7 45 Subject, The Joy of Trust. THE COVENANTER CHUKCH S B Houston minister Sabbath school at 30 A. sr Preaching service at 11 o clock Sermon to parents and children , topic, Training a Child ' Evening service at 7 30 topic of sermon, 'Personality and Unity of the Spirit Praier meeting Wednesday evening at 7 30 leader, Hattie Jaynes C Y P L at 6 45 topic Our Missionaries THE bNITED PRESBYTERIAN church South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue William J Everhart minister -Vlornlng worsliip at 11 H«res to tho Freshmen a piece or advice Get down to vour studies and avoid all vice And to the Sophomores whom the Freshies do fear Rcmembe ou have only started your career tt comes tho Juniors the most noble of all, Thej get a chance ne-u year to shine m football And now 10 the Seniors who from us do part Don t marrj in haste or go ott on a lark Finish your schooling if ou can Because the guy who whips the kaiser must be an. educated man Paul Shaw--' If Stone would stone ·\\oodfcead would Woodhead stone Stone'' Howard Robinson-- "No "Woodhead would head tor the woodshed and let S'one stone There is a pebble at Stone s CUIHM HEALS PIPLES "My few broke out ir small pjm- ples which aeemedito dry up, but more would come My hair also seemed dry and finally I noticed my head was getting full of something like fish, ·calca, and there Was a terrible itching The pixnplea were Ted and scale* formed on therr My face was in ft terrible condition and I dM not like to go out I jU6t mined my scalp by scratching "Thetrouble lasted about four weeks ·nd I used one box of a certain soap and two boxes of oinfnert but received no benefit Then I noticed a Cuticura Soap and Ointment advertisement and wrote for a free sample The itching atopped ao 1 bought more, and m about three weeks I was healed ' (Signed) Lloyd Cobbs 4129 Warren St W , Philadelphia, Pa Use these super-creamy emollients for every-day toilet purposes and prevent these distressing' troubles Simple Each Fre* by MAI! Acdreas post card Cutioura, D*pt. R.Botton " Sold everywhere Soap25c Ointment 25 and 50c Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT Vay 25--Airs 0 A Koone has returned home after a week s visit w ith Mr and -Mrs W J -Madigan of Clarxsburg -ft Va Mrs Madigan accompanied icr as far at Connellsville where she will vsit her parents Mr and lrs Bcinard OCon ner Mrs J C Moore ard Miss Grace Moore wero callers with Mr and Mrs A C Oglevee of Dunbar townbhip j last evening | Mrs rrank Newell and Miss Given dolyn Edwa-ds wero Connellsville callers yesterdav | Mr and Mrs Carl Horner and ^OLB of Connellsvillo visited the latter s naren's Mr and Mrs P 0 Ogievce last evening I Laura. But still uur teachers were never better treated Miss Armstrong never fails to receive a fresli bouquet at least once a dav Ntvertheless there is not one of us who will not be glat 4 when the books are harded in oj Monday and then quiet and order will rergu. again in our ranks When are we 'going over the top on Thrift Stamp Day "v\ e better do it soon We have left onlv four mc-e weeks of school. Hero is Our Sophomore Want Column. An au'' nc«' o hear Tom Newmyer sing K x-H-lvaty A new mirror for Alice wl o lad the misfortune to brcatL hers To know why Anna retired from English on Tmirsdey morning "Bill, a larger knitting class A pony" to d-ive to Caesar class Bill Allen--a seat in Study hall in preference to his in English class To tax» how the paramo-ant was on Saturday Sarah--some one to teach her to knit so she can use her knitting bag A hair dresser for the sir s of our clas« Read Tho Daily Courier every day oclcx-k Sermon topic, Watch Ye Evening worship at 7 15 | Sermon by Rev J L Proudfit of the Presbyter lan church Sabbath school at 9 46 A. 31 Juniors at 3 P M Intermediates at 3 P M Senior Y P C U at 6 45 P M THE FIRST BAPTIST CHTERCH South Pitcsburg street WJlbur Nelson pastor Suadaj school at 9 45 A. M Public worship at 11 A M and 7 30 P M Sermons by the pastor Morning topic A Nation on Its Knees livening topic The Gio 1 -} of the Cross CHRISTIAN CHURCH GEORGE V,il!ter Bnckner minister Bible school and Christian Endeavor as usual Morning subject Elijah at Mount Carmel Evenmg subject 'Dll- jat at Mount Horeb Ch-istian men and women w ho during the past week have been engaged in the Christian wcrk of the Rod Cross, are urged not to neelcct the Lord s work on the Lord s 3av This suggestion is in ac cord with President Wilson's request $1,395 PAY WHILE 1OB HIDE IS CAR AHEAD" $1,395 ASKTHE MAN WHO OWNS ONE Pilot owners arc the most enthusiastic boosters It is a car ol distinction finished to suit your mdivclual tiste Forty two different body colors to select from The Pilot carries the celebrated Teetoi motor * the most silent running powerful and highest priced motor placed in any car oC its class Foitv five hoise-power sii cylinders with removable head 3 1 8 inch bore and 5 inch stroke it combines power and economy Genuine leather upholstering Delco lighting .md starting IMMEDIATE DELIVERY and EASY PAYMENT TERMS Write, phone or call for demonstration and literature FRED F. SCHMITZ WEST SIDE GARAGE TIKE BAKGA1NS:-- 30x3 ISon-Skid $1000 30x3^4 Non Skid »13 50 32x1%. Non Slud J15 75 32x4 Non-Slud ?21 00 34\4 Von Skid 522 00 Other sizes m proport on Bargains in guaranteed inner tubes Gasoline Best Auto Oil . 30c gallon _ 20c quart Your patronage solicited and will give you a sauare deal AT WEST SIDE GARAGE STATION, 1VBST SBDF. Read the adverttecmerts ON WHEATLESS BAYS ·USE 1*0 RX*rt ciAcras, PASTHY O6.BKAJCCAST KXJDS CONTAitOKS Notice is hcrnb given tSm the fol Jo-wins' ordinance ha*, jecn Introduce J Ir-to Council of tho Cltj f f Cornells viUe and will bo -voted upon at a meeting- laoid on t_ e J"U o% ot J u n e 101S | \ cmm^A-vct, t authorizing the Central Dis Hot Tele phone Company its siu-cc-saort and at, atffns to con'vt-ruct m ulntain tnd oper at« ita conduits main pipes cab] s \\lrea raanhoEtv tcrmfn il and d i a t r i b u t inp poles and all other nccu sar jndcr ground appliance^ or In un Jcr an ] through tho streets all' ys niKtiwa\ s THtbJn the Ihrats oi t IL CJ ; of Coi nells-vllle n tiie Cou-ntj of F i e t t i an J State o£ Pennsylvania in 1 prescribing the mojiair yf phie^Qp^ the "wwiie in refjuta-Lint, the u*;e ol L.IP strctts alltys and hlfjhvays b% said co-r-panj 1 rhe City Council of cho ( !tv of Con net I»v41!c In the Count cf 1 i j C t e and State ol Ponns.5lva.nia do orda.ln ard i enact is follows j That pe-r-nus^Jo n bo and Is h^rebj K-ranited to ti c Contr- 1 District 1 cle phone Company ita successors a -d a-s ilgTiz o conettruct maintain and opor } JIEO Its ooTHiuitt ducts majnv pjp;^ 1 caJlos v, Ires raani-ok-s, tt."7n^ al and ctlBtributine polos and all otbT necf; ss.-\ underground appliinccs o i fn i un-dor ajid chirou*,h U c ;tr ots iHL-i ind hlghwaya wichin iie Umitn o r Ui LIty of ConneHsvilli- in th-c Coun-t\ of Fayette and S.*itc at I tnrw 1\ n ia. Section 1 --That all . rmin il and cH* tribatioff p-ole 1 * erocied b «tid t,om pany atua.11 not be less tlian t w ^ n t j (_o /ect atoo\ c the surf act of t, c ground and shall be so located 11 i no \iy to Interfere v. tth Ui« s.Lfct o- con tettieneo ot porwons trs,\eJfrfir on or over the said t.treits all /s ami hig-h waya and n the In^tal itloti a i d ma4n tcnairce c C "its underground TJ fa torn said company 9balt no open o- cncum bor more of an} s*re^t alley or h g'h way tha.n will be nccesa it y to ciiiblc It to perform uhe work with proper economy and efficiency and com pani aha.ll replace and ] ra^erli re o^ that por Ion of any sidewalk or SLrce plated or b j il In the con atruction ajid maintenance of its s^-i tern under ti f supervlwo-n of he *-u -larintoJidcnt ot Streets ind r»blte Ii j provermonts Should tt e said comp-inj Cail to make such rp,virs or replace monts upon receipt of thlrt (30) u i y s ^riuen nUct from tht, cu s i to do the city ma make such repairs at tl c Section 2 -- T h a t before in., ter mlnal or dis rlbutinf po QS an. crLCted I condoltg or, man clt-i constructed 1 under tiie prov-fslon;, of tliis orlminc* 0 In under and L h i o u ^ h an -itrect I alloy or Mshwuj aald ca tpo.n% shall | present a plan or pla~t, showing toe lo ca-tlon numbi-r ard s ze Ja^reof to tiiL Superlntendent of Siri_et4 and 1 u b l i c Iraproveaieits for ij proAil or tilaj proval and w h e n a-pproved a copj r sad p^ans TrtLh the approval endorse) Hiereon sHa-U be filtwi w i t h Uie c i t v clerk Should the! supertntenJe^it I of Streets and Public Irrrprox e-mcn Ls disa-ppro-ve aaj plan or pda.n- 03 to t L locatdoa o r anj crmlnal or dis rlbutin^, poles conchiits or manf olcs he ih ill designate i,ome ot^et- oration suitablt Cor th" purposes of the said compunj Section 1--That the b a d compare shall lay Us conduits ind construe ! 1 cs mafiiiol ea in Pit. -^bur^: stree t be ween Peach street and G een s-tre L and remo\e its polos o^er cad \v rea therefrom excopc such palca unc2 n i r t s a* maj be required 'or tcrminil oi distributing 1 purport, s In con rer Lion \\i\A\ Its undereroiu d ii sttm «1Uiin one (1) year fror- e date of U e ip pro\al of. t h i s ordn nee bj tlio 3 ublic Service Comniislon of the Con rnon Trealtli of Pennsj l\anio. Section 4 -- H i it t h e sad t o n y p a n s sha.1 laj its condu Ln and construct its manJiolt-s in Crawford a \ e n u e bcUvt.en Prospect street and tlic iOug")jjofe! enj Hive- Bridge I culvance of or ^-t Jie ime of the -e^avIrE, of Gn,v,£ord Section S--That (he said coin.p n^ shall except aij provIdod in Action hereof within a easonab n t i ^ ifter Uie la nff ot lt coniuiui ducts mai i^ pipes and manholes on In under an 1 through any street allo or lugrhvii\ or p-ortion thereof in Uie said citj and placing" therein ts atb es and it ire"= re move Its poles and over *ad w i e from tl a.t por Ion M tho sa i treets alle-ys and hfg"hTva^s excep such poles and wires as maj be required for ter roinal and distributing 1 pm poses in con nection with its underground s step Section C --That the said co-rip n j sh«il reimburse t u e said city for tin- actual cost of ore rcpavin^ ove lus canluits a. widUi of tlurtj-ti\. t it*} Suits Our smirLcbt Suits Cents and Dresses sicr ficcd in the most important early season c u t p j l c e e\6nt ever instituted in Connel s v f l J o Jf you arc one of the women who ha on L bought yet o- who need an ex ra dress or coat tttis sale mth i s attendant savings is a)! important to jou Head the details here inspect the garments compare the prices--and bu where your better judgment tells you i safest One Lot SUITS and COATS Priced Regularly up to $39.75j CHOICE EACH Late 3Me perfoc h tailored garments in a big variety ot attract ve models for both women and misses l/conomicil ,vomen with clothes' to buy will lose no time in making a thorough investigat ou One Lot SUITS and COATS Priced Regularly up to $55.00 CHOICE EACH Coats and Suits--the Inest models from our CUE reguiar stocks--ir'-arffcd into one big lot and reduced to $38 50 Dis tmctive styles materials and trimmings that appeil to every woman s idea of vhat is fashion correct and becoming All sires One Lot Spring DRESSES Priced Regularly up to $22.50 CHOICE EACH Charming ht Ic afternoon Dresses m taffeta o f various colors md smartlv trim-Tied s»rvirpabic good looking uulitv dresses m excellent qualities o se-gc and combinations of the two combining -ninv of he be te qualities of each A big assortment and an attractive one One Lot Ladies' Smart Spring DRESSES--Priced Reg. up to$32.50 CHOICE EACH In his lot arc Dresses of the bettor sort fashioned *"or street afternoon and utihtv wear P'-actfcallj no limit to the new style effects and trim min,s Choose from all good colors and anj required si?e for women and rms'-e'i ^ Ise is the woman who makes ti-°r selection today Eierr TVoman't* Suit in the Ston is Boduced. 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(1) add Lion il toloplioi e n t c Counc I C imber sit uated In the Municipal Bu-ildln"" Tne rt u. service Tram a 1 of ba d elepJiones snaU I e fur rmt. Icipal business onU to all t lephone in the arei. w i t h ' n \ icli local !^cr^ ice is from nmt o ulme Cn n isii d it standard rites o tele p-! one Mijscribejs, in iho '-a- d Citj o£ Flit. sa.ld tf-lephones shaJl be changed from time to Lirre to such locarionfa alonf, the line= of he sa-d oo-nipaaij iiu. the sai 1 council bj TLfaOlttt on oay d-ca I en tie becti J 9--Tl at the company sha 1 be tfoverned n j all legal ordj nancs of a Central na-t«"e now Jn force o « icli o^ he enactfi h the Kn,\i\ Sfcticm 10--That Uie said compani ^} all maintain a i conduits Jucta, in«i.ins pipes manlioles tcrmii al and d'-u-fjut ng poles and al] other ap pirat«a erected tf"" constructed under the provisions of th s ord. nince in t,ood and s tf* orc-cr and condition and shall it all ti"ies full indemm ^ pi o lect and ba\ c harmless the Siiid cit^ frorr anc. against all actions claims suit^ damages and ciiar^us a-d agrainst all loss a d icce^sar exieidi iures aris-ns from t c erec ion con struction and maintenance of itb -91 s tern or from Us neglect or f a i l u r e 10 maintain the said Tpparatus i ffood and. safe order and condition Sect on 31--Tliat after ten OOl I ears from the date of fc. e as pro* il . of thjs ordlna ce bj the Public Service Conim ssion of the Common'ftcilt 01 Ponnsv van la the iald comp vni shall not extend itb conduits lontritudlna \\ in onj street aJ]e or ) icrh\\a\ of bilk L t ixjthou the conser-t of th«. thereof expressed 1 \ ord n^-nce or '·es oJu ton bu tWi refct-irtio-u s! Ji no tip-pj to Ui« laji'-jr or cons ruct on of latera conduit connections afte- t c end cf the said ten \ eir pei od be t-wpen main conduits in plats and pole And properties adjacent thei eto Sectio- 1 12--That should t i p £=a 1 conrpan fail or neglect to la^ itb can d j f t t i nd ci*~s ruct its imnholes in Cra\\-ord street \\est Side be w een Jie \oua-iK»g- c \ liiver bridge and Cig 1 !! t street Before or at lie t i m e of repoMng the said -o-tlon herein giant ed appij"lngr to -=aid portion o' Craw ford ttreet shall not be exercised ex cep bv consent of the Council e\ pressd b\ ordinarce Section 13--That the said compam said cit\ in the ^um of Fixe Thousand {*· 01000) I)ollar= conditm eJ for the fait,)fu] perforniance of aU terms and condutionb hereof .ind for indemndry- in^, and sa'v ngr hi mle^s the s Lid cit\ fi QITI till costs expense^ and damagres to li'e liml o- propert\ b\ -eason of IOL consiruction ma nUiance and op- er ition of its s\$iem sett j i 11--T it no h ns in tins or finance ^hall bo cons rued to grint u n t o il c ^ conLpan\ anj exclusive riprht or to p i e ^ o n t a prant of similar pr x ilege to oJie** co npunies Section J r --Thd.t he said company ·shall u n d e r its sea an 1 b\ Us proper oTficen » t h i n sixtj W) da\-s from i] c da e of the final tmcttnent o' this oi min e ,,ni^ i" \ m t i i f f Ita ac- nc^ o r ill tho terms conditions r M i a ous a d rchtrtciion !n this or d i n a r c contained in tle'auK of which t l i s t r d i r j - n c c ihj.ll bt^-OTie n u l l and \oid ir 1 of no effect Section H --1 iat iipon the accen-t- anc" of this orji] -irce *b pioUded for In the precedine section »nd the ap -rj^a of same l\ t e Pu 2 c benlce CimmibSloi of the Commons ealth of Penns\ i \ a n i a all ordinuiets or parts of rd nances tondictjns: "with the pro \isions hereof be and the same are hereh repealed Section 1"--Tha it Js horeb\ understood and agreed thit neither the purpose nor in cnt nor t e ooj ffation of this ordinance if ami when approved bj t i p Public 'Serxjce Commission cf t^e Commonwc tJUi tf Pt«ns^J\ania it such ns to Impair or Ii an\ wise affect tl e exercise M s-Ud Commission of any of Uie powers * fsled in It b\ Lhe Public Ser\ ice Compan% law appro\ed July 2G 19J3 A. O BIXLBR, n - 10 -r.1- ,

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