The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE DAILY COURIER, CONNEJ JLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 193U. ' \ : ' ; ; ! :i est Sid«B Market 1000-02 W. Crawford Ave. We Deliver. Phone 620 Snowfla ko P o w d c r e d Kugar. 9Q|f» 2 pkgs ^.tOt/ Neighbor Seedless "| /\x-» Raisins, 15 o/. Aviv- Argo Starch, OP*^* 3 Ib. pkg . ... . ^iDC 25c lOc 15c 25c 25c 35c h o m e 25c Hominy, 4 pounds ........... Tomatoes, fancy, No, 13 cans ........ TomatofM, fancy, large cai ·* ...... Pastry Flour, r , Ib. sack ......... ( I r u h a r n Flour, S c r a t c h '·'eed, 10 lb..f,ack .. ITorso iladish, made, 2 jar 1 * Soelej s Self-Rising: Buck\ \ h o a t F o u r , 2i a-/., tin-;. 2 for. . Vmorican Boauty Raked r-fuxnf. I 7 C-4 oz. ( ans. '· for 25c Your telephone is at your elbow--your weekly shopping becomes nothing more than a phone call. For the West Side Market brings you the same courteous attention, the same good foojiU, the same great savings whether you come to the store or phone your order. Go to the telephone and take advantage of these splendid and wholesome bargains. Pillsbury F L O U R Ib. Sack $1.19 TJuy in Q u a n t i t y aud Save! Scratch Feed 100 lb.sack$2.49 S a n d w i c h and Potato BREAD, 3 loaves 25c C J o ^ o r h l o o n i anil Hicrh Grade BUTTER, Ib. 45c I)ih\orrh's nine Circle COFFEE, Ib. 27c "Wisconsin Early »Iune · PE/iS, 2 cans Van (.'iiinpS HOMINY, 2 cans 19c I'riinkliu Puro Cane SUGAR, 25 Ib. sack S 1JI Michigan Hand Ticked NAVY BEANS, Ib. He Fruits and Vegetables B a l d w i n Cooking Apples, O^/a 4 Ibs. O\s Oranges, QPfcr* por dozen -- tJ9j\s Fancy Celery, OK/» 2 Ige stalks... i.iHj\s Calery Hearts, large bunch "I CT ^ OK p lOc 53 c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c l a r g e 25c 5c Head Lettuce, large heads -Somerset Potatoes, peck .. Fresh Spinach, 2 pounds New Parsnips, ·! Ibs. New Turnips, 4 Ibs. ..._ .... New Carrots, 3 bunches Cooking Onions 6 pounds ,,_. Grape Fruits, size, 3 for Cabbage, 11, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Endive, etc. Neighbor MILK 10 cans 98c SunLright CLEANSER 6 cans 25c California LIMA BEANS 17c Ib. National Biscuit Soda Crackers, 3 Ib. box 45c N. B. Malted Milk Crackers, 2 boxes 25c National Biscuit Fancy Mixed Cakes, per Ib. 25c Uneeda Biscuits, 6 boxes 25c Post Bran Flakes, 2 boxes 23c Cream Corn Starch, pkg lOc Neighbor Pancake Flour, 2 pkgs ,, 19c CMpso, large sisse, 2 boxes 39c Baker's Corn, whole grain, can 15c Sweet Crushed Corn, 2 cans ......25c CVille Elbow Macaroni, 2 Ibs. 25c Finest Quality Government Inspected ME Fresh i-pare Ribs, per p o u n d Breakfast Bucou, 4 to 5 pound pieces, per pound Armour s Star Sliced Ham, pound Turk Loin Roast, pound . .._ Veal, Pork and Beef, for meet loaf, ; pounds -Veal Breast, per p o u n d _ Holler's Sliced Bacon, per p o u n d Leg ot Lamb, per I b 20c 5 pound 25c 45c 27c ground 85c 25c 35c 35c Tender, Delicious; Full E'ressed Chickens 42 Ib. 25c Neck Bones and Fresh Pigs Feot. 3 Ibs Pork Butts, per pound Skinned Fresh Hams, 8 to 10 Ib. average, whole'or 'half, pe^ pound (jamb Chops, per pound ,, ,, 45 c Pork Sausage, loose or link, per pound Pork Shoulders, whole, per Ib Veal Roast, home dressed, per ib 18c 30c Sirloin, Tenderloin and Round STEAKS Ib. All Beef Cut From Yearling Steers Beef .Liver, p^r pound Fresh Ilambui %, ground, per Ib Chuck Roast, per pound R u m p Roast, jlor pound ., ... . Rib Roust, per pound ... Tenderloin an I Sirloin Roast, Ib. . .. 20c 25c 30c 35c 35c 35 c Armour's Star SKINNED HAMS Whole or Halt* 25c Plenty of Parkintr Spao* at the Wos Side Market. Phone 620 for Prompt Delivery WELFARE WORK IN STATE TOUCHES WORE THAN MILLION IIVES Equal to Ono-ScTonth c t the Eutire 1'ojiulation of ho Commoinvrallh. HAHRlSBUflGG, Pib. 20 - 'With more than a million and a qua: .er persons cither in tho custody or care or receiving treatment or asuietar oe from eomo institution or agency m dor the jurisdiction of tho State Dep irtment of Welfare approximately 14 er cent of tho Stato'n popuhition : initially comes In ooulact with the d«r irtment according to n statement isetn d today by Mre. B. S. H. McCauley Stato Secretary of Welfare. A complete compilation of t o number ot In mate 36, prisoners or latienta who camo undor the juriadictk a o£ the State Department of Welfare during 1929 is the basis for Mr»,. Me Jauloy'e statement. It indicates thai about one-seventh of the populatloi of the State is made up on tho 1,349 {£6 persons who have had contact - -1th the Department. This number ie divided among the following institul; ns a~nl agencies as followt-: Bureau of Asj.istane* County, city, t o w n s h i p ind district almehouf.0 , 22,240 Relief in homes 77,496 State aided hojpitnie 899,734 State nlded homes 8,850 Non-Siite aided home* - 7,000 Boroan of Mental Heal h State llenlal Hospitali, Statt aided mental hoHpitnils 15,464 County mental hoeplUla lfi,068 Private mentla bt»njtals 1,200 State institutions for nental defectives 4,538 State aided inrrtit-ationa for mental defectives 1,000 County institutions for mental defectives 291 Private liifctltutions for epileptics 250 State infltitntiomi for epileptic 125 Mental health clinics.. 2,700 Bnrrau for Children Inatilutions, Hows aid othei agencies 40,385 County orpani/.atioas f Motoon Aejvlfitiincc Kim), ChiWren Mothers Orthopedic Clinic centers Bureau of Restoratioi City and county Jails nc prisons _ _ _ .--,--_-- Pt.ito ponal anl corroctiona institutkms _. _ County crimlna, court a (cahco before the courts) State Owiiiell tor the B State «Jdxl orgsuuzati'jn i anc agencies - ..._ Total Soft Corns MoonrV KmenJd CIS Qnfriij 1 Does Away With HI .Soreness an Pain. 37,841 4,324 100,805 9,04-0 25,000 ind 8,500 Got a botUc cf Moone's Ein (full hLrfliapth) ai.d p it an e tho pain ami eoranets and with (ho corn Itself. .Never mind the- esuse, h you've had it or how many o parationn you bavo tried. Th' f u l penetrating oil is lu ono tiou that w i l l nmk(» y s u r p,i1 ing ft-et 3o healthy an'i tree i and bunion troubles that able to go anywhere, and do iti abolute foot comfort. So marveltmsiy powerful it Kmerald Oil that thoasan found it gives wontlon'ul treatment of daiiKeroug sn varicose vsins. Leading drug sflllng lota ot it Union. Dr Advertisement. raid Oil d to all to away w long her prc- i power- prepara- ful ach- im corn ou'll bo inythlng Moone's (a have is in the llen or rials are ig Co.-- MOUNT PLEASE NT PLACE RAIDID BY DETECT IVES By United Press. G'ftSEfNBtrKG, Feb. 1 persons, including a worn arrested, and a quantity of 1 several stills were seized in various s«;tio£U3 of Wefri county according to tln r County detectives today. Tho raids and arrest's list- detectives included: Home of D»isy Marcondi Pleasant township, whisky; ing, formerly the Mount Owls Club, at Mount Pleas; ated by Tony Zafi'oy imrt Jo© gallons of whifckj and 'boer, def-ondants were held for co .--Seven in, were ruor and raids in noreland port o£ d by the i, Mount a build- Pleasant nt, oper- Welsh, 25 ^11 seven rt. The rich, rmooth lavor is saalad-in by the vacuum tin up to th« mom jnt you open i t . . . even boiling won'tdestroyther. ildness. Ask your grocer f r Royal Scat let Coffee. R.C.WIULIAMJ CO. INCORPORATf i 93 TERMINAL' 7AY PITTSBURGH, PA. THE TROUTM/IN Co. Phono SS9. Uy Buying Now Y o u \ct With Wisdom. Plione 890. Smart Styles for Spring Fashions! New Sports COATS Of Imported Tweed $29.50 Fur Trimmed and Tailored Models! Handsome coats of the sort you'll wear all spring and summer for sports and travel occasions. Coats of the new imported t w e e d with fur collars of wolf, fox and badger. In styles with and without belts, trimmings to give the touch of smartness. New Spring Dresses Of Importance $18.50 In Printed and Plain Shades The NEW are shown in this wonderful selection of smart frocks with the stunning styles a n d colors of spring. Dresses of georgette, canton crepe and lace and trimmings for the perfect blending of shades. The jacket theme is important and it is made with a sleeveless dress. Others have the long o r s h o r t sleeve. Trontmim's- Second Floor. Chiffon Dance Handkerchiefs 50c "ow patterns and new colors to match New Spring Clothes. Flat French chiffon handkerchiefs in a variety of patterns and color combinations with picot edge. An assortment of beautiful colored prints. The vogue for large handkerchiefs with solid colors used for printed frocks and prints to use with solid color frocks . Troutman's--First Floor. BaRu--Straws Prominent for Spring $5.00 Fleet Bluo Linen Bine The New Hat version for Spring. Soft imported woven straw with medium a n d small brims, and Mils at the side. An advancement in straw hat creation, so swing into the Spring Fashion. Colors Shown for Spring Hnltt Brown Firebrand Bed Wutkikl Brown Black Corinthian Green Troutman's--Second Floor. SATURDAY--The Last Day of This Special Offer! Cheramy 's "Lov- Lor" Powder Regular $1.00 Boxes 39c Three Shades: Flesh -- Brunnett -- White A n exquisite powder produced from the finest French essential oils and blended by "Cberamy." "Lov-Lor" face powder clings pert ectly to the skin and contains all the qualities of a much higher priced powder--3 Boxes to a Customer Trontraan's--First Floor. CATHOLICS WILL HOLD CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRY, CHURCH, IN PITTSBURG A regional meeting ot the Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems ·will oe held in Pittaburg February 24 and 25 at the Fort Pitt Hotel. There will be morning, afternoon and evening sessiona and the diectissiona -will center on wages, unemployment, the organization of industry and the church in Ite relation to industry. Dr. John A. Ryan, the foremost Catholic authority on economic problems, will be one of the principal speakers at the conference. Amon^ other epeakere listed on the program ore Krneet F. DuBrul, manager of National Tool Builders Afisocaltion, Cincinnati; Frederick P. Kenkel, director of (.he Central Bureau of the Central Verein, SI. txuis; J. E. Hagerly of the Ohio State Onivereity at Colummis; Philip Murray, United Mine Workers, Pitts- bur,?, and Right Rev. Hugh C. Boyle, bishop of Pitteburg Thiw conference is unique in that it offers a common meeting place for employerB, woikorfi and students of economic problems to diecuss these [ problems from the various angles. The purpose is to promote an intelligent study and understanding ot industrial mattere The constitution expressly torbids any action being taken on questions of industrial policy. The public is invited. While there are set addresses on (he program, disctassion it, open from tho floor. Looking f If so, rexid Hie of The Daily. OatirSe v Bargains 1 on jfjlCTrVE, fittlc bodies--bubbling with stored- up energy--heedless of cold --indifferent to sm«ll discomforts --· k seems incredible that they nhouid ever tire--or lose Best tot play--or become · pttj to any kind of germ. Yet bow easily even ches-e same heslthr, resilient little bodies arc exhausted by a cougb' How ijuick- ly they lose weight -- their rosy Colo; leaves them. That is why mothers are so fearfal of a cough. For coug ling uses up her youngsters' energy mure quickly than almost any other bod'iy exertion. Aid doctors advise' Cheek Caught At The Start, Dou'iLetTi'em Wiakett You. Pertussin brings qoiik relief because *i cause. It loosen* thephlegnvsootbes the irritation and quieti the cough, yet it is entirely harmless. Thati why it isiafertoosci Fercussin. i UnHlce m a n y other cough remedies, it contains no dopcor harmful drugs. Doctor* have prescribed Pertussin mor« often t h a n »oy other advertised cough remedy. REMEMBEB,* Don't let a couglt hang on. Keep · bottle of Pcrtussia, at all tiroes. It will bring prompt and safe relief for the coughs of cnen, member of the family. It will rot disturb digestion or upset the stonuck. Sold by all druggists. NEVER TOO TIRED I "DON'T COUGH YOUR ENERGY AWAY" rtussin When You Have Something You Want to Sell Advertitea It in Our Claasifiecl

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