The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 7
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T M U R H D V Y , FEBRUARY 20, 1980. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE1 .LSVIKLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. Dame Fashion Smiles By Grace Jewett Austin [Voted Aviatrices Meet at Qraco J. Austin. Darne Fuslilot iia,s liked elephants from the days of childhood circus parades on down through the yours, till the tlnys when she took her own llttlp children of IPO to see "Old Omits" !n the zoo at Washington, 0. (X A c r o s s h e r dresser at t li l a moment are tn«- a n d e r 1 n K nln« s m a l l elephants, all of them gifts from friends, and In materials rnngrlng from soap and candy to Ivory nnd the ever popular Jade. So when It i-i learned that Paris Is sponsoring "elr.phaDt'a ear" hntis for spring. Dame PaahJon token notice nt once. By the dc-scrtptlon, thts "Jumbo" hat, to give tt another of- Its cam**, sounds; u bit like the aviation helmets, beloved of this boys. It Is said to hare long flapping sides, little back and no brim. Seeing a costume bracelet, with llt- tle elephants MangUtut from tt, Oarae 'Fashion hnd tr we itB rf her reso- Intlon to hcep from raahtnjf in to buy U--and may d« It yett Too kuuw her theory, that when any article of wearing apparel gives a great "cull 1 to you. i you will probably be much the betty off for liperllni: It. The paycho'oj; *~' eouiu ;ivf' n l o r of lonrued reap* us ror , this, when yon tire "selling inju suppressed desire:*." Of cours«, It might not be prudent to bar* *ueh a "c«U" too often whi'n onrnt illamonds and emeralds are About. Par's is snld to he continuing Its* rnge for gretti, In the springtime. That is quite B safe thing to decide, for h n m n n n n t n r e delights as much Jn green In the spring as does the n n t u r e of trees and (-rrass. Green and white tweeds are promised, and green buckled punips wHI appear. There Is, of course, as mtch spring talk as ever about black nnd white effects--with sometimes the pure white softened to eggshell. But tho green and white will always win Dame Fashion's vote, beranse It Is a more cheerful combination. And don't he afraid to try nn emerald or two, for costume jewelry, even If some of them do come from n Czeclioslovakinn crystal factory. This word "peplum" seems to be fomtng to the front more nnd more, in fnshion disobsslons. Dame Fashion can remember when once upon a time she had a dres$; with a peplom, but if. was uncounted years hack, when she WHS young nnd reasonably slen- tk-r. The wo.-d lias a flne nnd cllgnl- fled sound, coming down as it doe» from the classic days of Greece and Home. Webster declares It - I s ."an ovcrsklrt or short skirt forming the lower part f a woman's coat or blonse." Many time*. In the modern pepltim revival, If w-j were not told that a certain pepltim was a peplutn, we might In Ignorance name H a deep ruffle. For v.-hMe there nro straight peplntna, there nre also many w i t h fullness, fine 1 ; Indeed some Ocsfgns place one flu red peplnm above nnoth- fir In a sort of pagoda style. Doubtless we shall see peplums In greater numbers 113 the season advances. For mnn^ they will be Immensely becoming, while f o r some of the rest^well, they w i l l be just another experiment. Dame Fashion has just heard that there Is to bn a new brilliant red for spring called "Mephlsto." That may sound a little wicked, bat how becoming it will he I (, 1030, Western Newspaper Union.) ^ 1903 TREMENDOUS BARGAINS FOB, Rexolfve SOAP I ciakes I! Mlas Amelia I artiart nnd Mrs. Chariea IJndbeigh u th«y appmrwi at the Los Anc-eles auto show. Not* tho rtrikiuc reaemhlancR Mtai Earhart bear: to Colonel Lindbergh. Tells How Fat Men Can Lose Naif a Pound a Day Hero's a simple t h a t corporation t b o t h body arid mlr. Start t a k i n g K r t h o c o m m o n - s e n s e don't lake t h f m \vl pos.sect; r c t l u c l r i K ' selves. U'o t h e y a f o way you L - o n t l n u o Ihls « u n w a n t e d and u n i (fain Jn energy, vli Nine times in tc a c t i v i t y --- It n blootl is s t a r v l n R f y o u r i n t e r n a l orRU y o u t h f u l , active, ai m i n ' 1 . \ V l i c r i y»! t a k o of ICruKchp'n i ? i i t t s p l a n s of hot or · I; !ix v i t a l · f c i ' . i h i i i n r l c o u k i n l : S u r t ' t a k l r t K Ki (In: cornmutt-senso il»n" ( . l u k c ttiorii w: j»'H:.i»M I ' t i d H c t n i y selves. Thl« IB wlmt the Hie I m p u r i t l e H In vay to Ret rid of nd t i u l c k l y foel In 1 i.he joy of living: i sol i tin Suits--Uiat'a w a y to reduce--bat !i \\\r Idea tha.t thsy ua.lit[*K in OidFi- t p . i - - f o r every tia usy inulhod o£ l o s i n g eeclcil flesh you'll or aiut endurance. n obpsity mi5an.s in- ea-n.-i that your · r t h o f i x vital ealt* is i i p p d to U r r p you i b l t i c u s anil keen in r v i = r y K i o r n l u j j in a u l f l w a t e r y o u g e l -.Us w h l t ' h modern lo n u t s u p p l y , li-i-hc-n Biii.lts---that's way to rcdtic*---but h tlio Icicu lii:it U I K V · \ia J it !ofi In tlx.'iri- · eio~th*y clan out our blood by keep- ing' the bowels, kidneys and liver In Bploiu'Id worlcl/ig" Ktiiipo and f i l l you with iv visor and tireless enorgfy you'd most rorgrottori had oxluted. The urfje for a c t i v i t y w i l l be so marked that rvcn at the end of a hart! day's work you'll fe'il ri*aMy for any social activity or recreation--you can play :LS hard LS you wcrk^ Anc' a f t n r two woe-It» your sxc.fS* n!»!i 5tarts to KO- - y o u ' l l k n o w ft--fee! It--»ee i t -- t h e scales w i l l U'll the story. As on*. onc« corpulent man remark 3d--"I f«el no cnerjrntlc that 1 want to ?«t up w i t h iho lark and I'm l\if(. f-s l i v e l y a« n, cricket." Kri:nchon Salta lis not a p u r g a t i v e or a cathartic, but a real ayetom c o n d l - t i o n e i and for those who ars tho victims of cnnntl'pifctton "r toxflmia- its d u l l y use BOOM means b l l n s f t i l rojju- l a r l t y . t c t an S." c p n l h o t t l ^ of Krtiach«n Sa.!ls~-Ias(, '·( weeks--at U n i o n Drug Store. StrnttiJale aiyBntK, Hoffman'* Prut? Storn, Eiroadway 7)rus Co.--or any rirusKist In t h e world. «o» Thaf "Kmsc/u-Ti FefiHmar." It's tho JJttlo OaJly D«.s« that docs 1U Smart Pax'is Chapeaux for Late Spring Wear El T«p--Horcchair hat featuring a deep brim aroun j the aides and back. Center--Brooded turban In vartoua colors. Bot:om--smart btaek hslmet effect, the b r i m o? which t u r n s up Irt front fn"d is deep around the aide* and back. YOUR NAME Is it on oUr subscriptioin list? We will guarantee you i:'ull value FOR YOUR MONEY Wedded BIi?s Clash ivith M tisical Coreei I»RESS WOltK 'J'O BAIJi ;|W0Al' AT WASIIINGTOK, WEDNESDAY, LOS ANGEl/KS By United WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. 20--The woncers of: a mechanical ago hare revolutionized the world for Milady, ae intance tho following roirtarkable Incident. On Monday night woman attended a pa -ty here. Tha following morning she mailed the lress she had worn at tho affair to a friend in Ixie Angeloe, Calif. Wednesday night at 9:10 o'clock: tho dree:; was delivered and -wae wonj to a party that night in the western city. Tlio dress was sent special delivery, via .iim moil, and the oentler . paid postage on only eight ounces. Summit Nanette Gaflford, soprano of the Metropolitan O»era Company, has announced that she will seek a divorce from W ax Rouen, concert riuJinJet, becan e "it ia rerjK difficult for two musical artists to mtrVe a aucces i of married life." That songbird i»ld that incompatibility ot temp rament will be th« grounds offered for the divorce which is to b BtarWd in "»omo Westera Perryopolis S3ochri6t of Victo iierlotwly ill at little iinprovcd. The y o u n g pe of tho Methadi« held is wwkly n evening. This v, series of nioetiii ship of Gladys B Miss Kunklo- ami j I'orry township · t i l l Us, ! J t u b y Otlenbci . spent the we-ek- l \ o i l y of \\'t-'si i N iii/i-« in ;t j u n i o r and one of tho t j Mrs. Fred Ha I t-o'.vti H c H p l t a l si i-iillar IJOHC r.'i:( L'niontowii w t 1 . who w , Feb. 20. -- Harry ·ia, who has been lie boino tlier-e, IB y. jplc'n prayer groupe Episcopal Ch u reh e«ting on Wednesday :ie the third one of a ;t; under the 1 wider- ore and Craig Martin. Mi«s Mary Duff, hoth Icacheru, gave SUMMIT, Fpb. 20.--Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nygreen and family visited relatives at PerryopoHs. Mr«, Ltoie Hager, Mrs. C. P. TJpton, Mrs. John Barnhart aiid Mrs. Harold Beytt were axnojiK Connelh-'vllle fihop- pora on Tuesday. William McDowell and Hugh Barn- H a r t were .among those who attended the i-evival service at Doubar Tuesday evening. Mi-, and Mrs. Harvey Barnhart of Commllsvllie were caJliriff on tfce for- nj«r's parents, Mr. and Mrn. John Barnhart. M) 1 . and Mrs. Abraham Morris have returned home after visiting (heir Kon.« at Marlanna. Wlio to PatronJfje, TJiose who advertise in The Courier. , g of Star J u n c t i o n nd w i t l i Mi!.; Munoa ·nv.ton. Mitis OtU-u- ;n I'orry H i g h School ireo cheer l«a.derM. cr is in tlio Uiiim- fi'oring f r o m n hrolcon voii w h i l e driving t o Ji lier d a a g h t o r , 16 u a l n j u r e d . Night Excursion NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA; to BALTIMORE and return SATURDAY Febrixary 22 From ConnelisriUe ijpeciiiS Truln will leave at 7t56 P.M. For Uet«tl» Consult T HESE 1 values are; exceptional! Every economical minded person should stock up on all future needs while these low prices tire in effect! Check this ad over carefully. There are a great many more' similar values that we haven't listed. Be sure to get here Friday or Saturday! Qua tity TOOTH BRUSHES 19c 50c ai d 75c RUB 8ER GLO VES 39c Maxix j CHERR! ES 39c Jonteel Face Powder One jar Duska Foundation Cream with erery box of Doskft Face $1.00 Jonteel Vanishing or Rexall Orderlies *"*^, ' Rexall SYRUP OF FIGS $1.25 KONJO1 A 95« $1.00 LISTER !NE Rexall CORN REMEDY 1 9C $2.00 HOT WATER BOTTLE Klenzo SHAVING CREAM 29c RUBBING ALCOHOL 49c Russian Tjpe MINERAL OIL 69c Pure Te:;t COD LIVER OIL 79c e All 25c TALCUM POWDERS 19c $1.50 MATOMEL $1,29 Connellsvilie Drug Company 124 West Crawford Ave., Connellsvilie, Pa. (*= Farm Calen lar Timely B«mlnle!-8 Fr m Tho Ponnaylvanla Slato ' 'o!l«K8 Plauts tain vogetabe crops ^nay be late winter or eurly spring wirnlows, a tootled, 01' a This practice e'otvblei the K have plan IB ,w«ll advanced weather permits planting i: ground. Good plants also earWer riHilurlty anti large) mod. crops. improve Girls' Jlooms how tp provide convenient m^nt o.£ appropriate furnlt liarmoudouB color actiome, care and cleaning edsy,'the Room project haB improved at rflai-m girls' rooms a-t low county horn* econoroic.s ToprosenUittv* can explain Protect froiu Wgr)»tnlng:~ ning proteclion, it is well to earth every electric entvs farm buildlni; on tho on though the system it; conn water, pipe o n - t h e - i n s i d e ; Beautify Homo. Grouw arbors often can be used unsightly objects. Th.ime ci esily at home row and so- Vines, such sui clirmjinK ro; t'is, polygomim, and wistar planite4 in the sprini; aud ti the arbor, . ' Tone Up Tfouiip, Pig*i sunshine, good ···water,, clean plenty «i·.-jjrce^ . uaturo'B tonics. '.:,:, Provide Uif.e t o r 1 i c*£ cer- started in in sunny rdener to when the the open ·result in yields of --Showing arrange- re, use a ind rnako ·tiTl'8 Own thouKixmis ;ost. Your extension he plans, Pot Ught- tp ground ice to any side- oveu ·cted (,o u s -- Garden to screen a be made out. later. es, cleuia- i, may bo over surrpund- Hucculen.t 'or you tiff Spray 1 '' Benry. PJu«lK--"B ack rasp- bcrri.ea. shpui't. .b.o;^prayed -very year for .the, control,,'o.f v a u t h r ; .-.nbae- and other iftvn?60nj; dtB^a^cji^Hay Stato College plant, sp;Cii'Usts; Spra · branabjs ad they nC'iHi it. -'· " : ·'" " ~ : ' Ready for Bull I'ig its. MADRID, :Fen. 20~-Thtt 1030 Dull- fighting season will ho iua^ gurated in Madrid in lh« old Hasia d* Tores, but in A p r i l Ihu new i'laza w U be dedi- oati.'d. Tint n e w . arena. R lie 28,000 pvrtioivs, or double '.hr- cap cityot tho old oni.', and one of life ret fightB to take place therein will e a benefit for Uie I'-nivarHlty City i ow under f:onstructk7i. Classified Ath ertlsen; 3nts Wh-em Tflaaa in l-J?.© (Mini tn-s of Courkir brias reexilts,. T; · them. German Mystery Gun of 1918 Above is the first drawing published in America showing one of tha German mystery guns which ·helled Paris in 10.18 from a distance of seventy- five nsilea. The drawing was prepared bi Colonel H. W. Miller, who was chief engineer ia chartre · f heavy artillery in the U. S. Army h e war, and is used as one of the illustration* i if his new book. Notice the long, lean barret nf the "Big Bertha." Its turret is mounted OB cmbracinK several Sunday Concerts Go On Air at Penn State STATE OQU.-KGK, Feb. 20.--Sunday aftornooA concerts will be broadcast, from WPSC, 1,230 kilocycles, the radio elation ot! (.he Punnsylvania Stule College, starting nexf Sunday and continue weekly until' April 13, The programs scheduled to start at 3:30 o'clock, Tlio initial concert in this year's series will be given by ,th-9 symphonic band under the direction of Bandmaster W. 0. Thompson. A feature ot the program w i l l I.H selections by a ; l' v roiu:h horn quartet, a new addillou 1 to this o r g a n i z a t i o n which has become! well h m n v i i to r a d i o audienoes I h s ' o u g l i Its bi-oilr|:usts_l'rom W'JK a n d KDKA. Other musical organizations to take part. thi.s year will i n c l u d e the men's! glee c l u b , the college orchestra, U i e i women's glee club, the mandolin club, and a program liy Phi Mu A l p l i u , ' honorary musical fraternity. Tho regular radio features f.ront "WPSO, which were d ^continued during the mid-year vatta'-ion, were started again thiw woek. Yesterday Hie addre«si ot tho Itev. ,)v. John Milton Moaro, general secret) .ry ol! tho Federated Council of Cliunhcs, waw put on the air in tho r o g i i ' u r 11 o'clock chapel feature, and a: noon today th? Monday farm and. garden, hour \vag continued.' ' · '· ' . ' . . Next Sunday . most Ing tin* chapel speaker will be r the Hey..; Ur, . Irvan Murray Kos» of the First 'Baptist Church of .rh!',:;(';olphi.i. Oas S t n l i o n AUciid'.inl JiCHANTON, Feb. liO.-- H u r r y I... Kent, 27, a t t e n d a n t a' a. South Scran- | ton gaKOlino ,«t(itiou, i;; in a hotipitul i this m o r n i n g as :i result of fx.'iiiv, ' ·beaten by two bandit i late last night, · who escaped with $4 ) from the cash register. Looking Tor r plains f Read the advertise ments in Daily Couri»* Tho British Taste for U. S. Hot Dogs Pays Dividend By U n i t e J Tresip. SAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 20--Tho "hot. dog," Asiwvican adaption of a popular old f o o d , ' I K :-,o popular in London that, it pay« big dividcixls to siockholderw · in thtv UniSel States. An American company, Belling on tho ICnglish m a r k e t , ha« ju!t declared a n o t h e r dividend of 12 per cont, according to .Inbo/ T. Williamson, tea tats tor and b u y » r for B!r TJiomae Lip- ton..hei'« on imiUi. !:o vijsit lii« daugh- t e r i.'i Sun .().;:). U"illkiiiif.;-n. iii oii his way t.ti I n d i a an.! i!;o -\1aluy States. O f t I'Ire is l'u( Ou(. -Ehl^.VBKTH, X. .!., Feb. 20.--Firo Iiroko out hist night in tho Bay-way He/Inwy of tho Stiuidurd Oil Com-pany l i t New Jersey but was quickly extio- KnislHMi. It w a n w i t h i n h a l f a mil* or i l n j K«me of T u e f i d a y ' s di^astroi* ««- i)loslon.

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