The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 25, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MAY 25, 1918. p i Iii. Selected as J Logical Pennant Winners in Major Leagues. Champion* of 1917 Just a* Strong as Ever and "Dope" Favors Them to Repeat--Boston Lacking In Experience Today. The \VMte Sox and Ginnts stand out today as logical pennant winners in the major leai;ue races. Some of their rivals hare been strengthened, while others have been weakened by player deals or the weight of war, but the 1917, champions are just as strong as ever, and the "dope" favors them to repeat. The world's champion WMte Sox have not lost a player whose absence would hnrt their chances. The team Is Intact, thoroughly seasoned, highly confident and efficient in erery respect. The pitching etafl, which did ·neb effective work last season, is on edge again this year,' and It appears that the Sox should set a pace that win lead their rivals to the -wire. In the National league the Giants are rtill supreme, although they-will find stnT,oppo«Jtlon in tte-West "Mc- Grair's team bas not' been -weakened^. though Henog and" Bobertaoo " are* - iwt^rfT»p Boes Yonng is more than ttBtng Bobertson's shoes, -while Doyle and Barnes hare added strength to the clob. If the QJants'.-canrhold'ihV players nor wearing uniforms they win lead the fieW in Dctobca-..:; - A study of the opposition ha the path of the 1917 champkaw reveals, the Bed Sox as the only clnh liable to gtre Chicago a desperate flght for the American league' pennant - .Boston fQled the ennity'ahoes of departed ·tan with ptajers- eqnallr -capable, and the team as a '·whole Is 'strong'aa Cbtcago. But Boston's;'players l«ck eivaJfuf* together; : i»bleh is-E' big point In lavor of_.the_JVWte Sox.; Detroit appears- to-.,he-next *rn line. Tile Scera lack pitching strength, but there if no denying the driving power and defeostre ability of the ctab as a .whole. Cawetand and New Tori oboold fight hud for:the;remaining flrst-dtriskon berth. The Indians have, been hit hard by .the. draft, and- en- listanents, but lrf» Fob! gets the best ont of his men and le.etm .hw_B «tron«; tram. TheTankees; maer-M ler Hoggins, are on their toes. They have daos enongh to make a BUffl fight for position.' St Ixrais, Wash- jBgton and Philadelphia- are '.doomed for the second division, with the Browns ahoiring'test'- on Tpaper. : ·"known university who was a brilliant .schpla^..and a__so.od . nritnral-.- athlete. Bnt he was positively the limit In playlnx baseball. He would do the most [incomprehensible thlugs. la fact, bje was impossible." ENTHUSIASM IN PERU OVER BASEBALL GAME BROOKLYN LEADER IS WINNER Won National League Pennant hi 1916--Wat Member of Wonderful Oriole Team. Wilbur Bobinson. the FnJstsfBan leader of the BrooHyn: Nationals,' bas to his. credit as a .manager, one pennant He won the -National flag In '1910 and was beaten " b y - the Boston Bed Sox to a : world's, cbampiobshfp -fic~ ries. Bobtaspn is aJjveteran catcher and acted as chief _ coach'of.; J.-.J., M( Craw's pitching staff before signing with ' Brooklyn #s manager. In Ms pteytog days he caught for the wonderful BaKtoore Oriole team, having tat hte tenmnalcs, I. J. HcGraw, Bach Jeuntno, Joe KeUy, Kid Gktf ·on and other .celebrated "baseb»U ·tan. BobtaBorfs Bioottyn,Dodgers fioMnal ifreafk last year. He bad m daivttsfled boneh'-6t -iifatfiaa, "who alary reductions. Brook- Wittmr RoMmon. tjm oaajht to go better" t*6 »ea*on.- SCfttLK OM BASEBALL B BAINS doea a*t neeevarDy need education to have what ,*· nfer to a* toaetwB brains,' " says bdctatop of the la flM day of the' eol- to beMtwfl," adds Schalk. "and flM better edacatioc a man has, jaB (Aer Otagt twjng eqnd, the bet- iter |*Bju Iteaboirid be. But he might ;kaow · lot of Greak, tttanrtm, wave 'nMlMa, pbranology, analytical gecm- jetrj', mtaiJlijalui and simitar rabjects 'and stn be alwotately a froat on a ·ball or the hU-aod-nm. | -Py CoM has the Ideal baseball bntna, bat Ty Isn't a college man. On _tb*i.e«b*T^hfmd, I used to play in -the iMims wlgvHt - |i»duate of -a weft" Well-Organized Teams in the Field at Callao and Lima. Largo Crowd Witnesses. 'Contort Between Team From Battleship Mar- btehead and : -Ptayera 'Picked- From tocal j Enthusiasm ia Peru over, the American game of baseball, which bos for years been at a high pitchr-was according to advices ' from"" Callao by John 3* Doyle, .president- of the Amer : lean Sports · Publishing. . - company, fanned to "aT bright' £bunV by the a'rrl- val at that port of the U. S. S. Marblehead recently. While the primary object of those oa the warship ws to pay the respects of the American government. to the Pernvlan_ nation for the_ action. ;by .the latter In breaking ·off. 'diplomatic" relations 7 with Germany',- an important' feature of tte visit was a game of baseball between the MarbleheacTs team and a nine of players . picked . from several local ' ' Tbe gazoe was -a pronounced suc- ceae ;in -the-^mattCT of ^attendance, the crowd being the largest that ever attended a -similar 'entertainment, and while the sailor team woo handily the good play by the contestants was heartily, enjoyed. :; . ; · Callao ' h«* three" well-organized teams, the Catteo B.. B. C., the Club SportlTO Pry and the Cnlhio High School Athletic, association. Lima, which. is 'only twenty minutes distant ,by electric road, has. one clnb named 'Ltbo'dclista.Ijima/and there .has been an interchange of games. .The Callao B. B. C-, which is the: strongest la Pern, has played a total of 16 games dormg the past season, winning 12 of them... . . - . . ' . , . - The Lima council In order ~tb encourage the sport put. up a-fLue championship cup, and thls'was captured by the Callao B. B. d, after a spirited -com-. ·petltioal. ^ '.The " improvement m the work of the various teams In Pern is shewn" by the -close, scores, while, previously the figures . ran '-up as high as 15 ana 20 runs per game. '. " ~ . The high status of baseball lo Peru, according to the -report, is due to the Intelligent and untiring efforts of Mll- . ton --M. . Longshore, principal of the Callao high school; A. O. Molino and 'Oscar Medettna .of the Callao B. B. a and O:*Delaide, pitcher and ·f the Odista Lima. HAS PENNANT-WINNING TEAM Manager Miilw Hoggin* of New York .Yanken, Believes H. Will Win Championship. idler James Hoggins, the new leader of the Ner Tort Anerfcan*, I» thirty-eight y-atn oU. and one o» 7 tha- 7 smsllMt men In baseball, . Inches. Baggtau pio7edlu.St.PBOl,- ·1»00 to-1908 : On- cnmatl, 19O4 to IS09. and St. Loots »nonaU, 1910 to 1917, waft appointed manager ."*. «»... Yankees., tat. ..winter, .snc- -WIW Miller Hiiggiiw. DeoftWn,".- ' wfco ,ba»: replaced" Jtanny Burke as coach tor the Detroit. Tigers. With Dwrfll Pratt? at aeccod ba*e, Hugglns bilKfM b* bas a pemnmt-wlonlnff tarai to:Ne»"Iork.. St Ixruli tana mre VmOjUilj Interested in Bnggtn*. Be floMMQ tttnl" twice*- wJtli tbe St. Lools Cki4ltnal(,'«te(lDg » .woDilerful pen- "'·""· ' «oari,ch*lii PaiKOjr Point hi Law. JUrttee Ridden of Canada had a. cas» before him for toe custody ot a child hi which be ««W: "Even without that explanation one does not-hare to be- a wliard to understand bow matters went on In that house. A couple with. one child, a daughter; that one ewe lamb taken mry young by an outsider, one and only one grandchild born In their boose--what chance had the father, eren U he wished to do so, to take any part ta the rearing of that habrT Does any grandmother tmagina that her Bon-m-ltnr, or Indeed, even her u*vu dBOsitter, kno'ws smything abont bringing up a child? Is the mam who snatched from them their ootjr.-child--allo_to get posaeeskm ot 'ttear "only "«raBdcWWr ~- BE! IfATIOSAl LEAGUE. Yesterday's Itesults. Boston 6; PUtsburg 3. xSt. Louis 2 ; Brooklyn 1. ^ . ixCinninnati 2; PMladelphia 1. xTiwelvc innings. innings. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pot New York _ 23 Classified Ads. , One Cent a Word. Chicago Cincinnati Pittsburg _ Philadelphia Boston _. Brooklyn St. Louis -19 -13 .767 .633 .613 .517 ,411 .406 .307 .333 Today's Schedule. Boston at Pittsburg. New York: at Chicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. AMERICAS' 1EAGIEE. IVctcrday's ICesults. Boston 5; Chicago 4. SL Louis 9; Philadelphia 3. ^Cleveland 3; New York 2. xrWashington 2; Detroit 2. ^Nineteen tontags. xsCalled in sixteenth, rain. Standing of tlie Clubs. W. L. Boston 20 ]2 Clercland 18 14 New York 16 14 St Louis IS 13 Chicago 14 13 Washington 13 18 .Philadelphia 12 17 Detroit 8 16 PcL .625 .503 .533 .552 .519 .415 .414 .333 Today's Schedule. Chicago at Boston. Cleveland at New York. Detroit at Washington. St. Louis .it rai'ladelphia. Y OU READ the Other FeOow's Ad You are reading this one. That should convince yoa ' that advertising in these columns ia a profitable proposition; that it will · bring business to your store. The fact that the other fellow advertises » probably the reason he is gettingmore business than la falling to you. Would it not be well to give the other fettow a chance To Read Your Ad in These Columns? TOU ABE HELPING i'OUE HOME TOWS when you naye an account with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania, your liorne Bank. If you have no account with us, why not start one now? Even a little deposit each week win soon grow to a good size fund. This is the only Bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. No More Guesswork when you bake. No rained pastry^no poorly done bread T no wasted material -- no -worry, because of wrong oveo regulation. Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat as easily aa you measure milk in a pint cap. You simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any degree of oven heat that the receipt calls for. · WE MJG«T AS WEU GET FT ALL. WE'LL Pirr F. T. ET,tN'S ESTATE, Agents, liutli Phones, The d*Jilbt» ol your vacation befia'tbc moment you bcird i D. C. Coatt Line Steamer for beautiful Mnclunac Islaad--for half of tfae dclttbri arc in the Lake voytiie. Railroad ticket* are honored on all D. C, Line (teamen with* oat extra charge. The D. C- ItMnfma Insure* the betl in appoint men is, eui«iite. «nd poimtakinjt tervice. Safety and he«lth provi»ioa» arc all that could be detrred. AH steameri «re equipped whh latest wireless aerrke. All water it iteriltzed by ultii vioJet r«y proceM. Two splendid vesBeh-Cty of Mackiirac II and City of AJpena II--operate four times n week to Modnnac Wand- From Toledo Moadayi and ·Saturdays BJO A. M.. Tuesday* »od Thumdaya fcffl P. M. From Detroit Moadnyk and Saturday* SAO P. M.. Wcdnesdxy* and Friday* 8:30 : A.M. Send 3-ceat stamp for Htattrated pamphlet and Great-Lake. ro.p. Addrcs. L- G. LEV'IS, C. P. A.. 9 Third Avenue, Detroit, Mich. TO HACKINAC ISLAND From Buffalo S 9.M Round trip 16.50 Cleveland 5 7.00 Round trip 12.00 From Toledo $ 6.25 Round trip II.00 10CA1 AJTD XOJfG DISTANCE MOTDfGS. Tri-Stat* 573. Bell S12. W. W. Glotfelty Itcsidencc 101 Haas ATe n CONSBLLSTILLE, PA. THE FINAL FLIGHT OF THE DOLLAR Tiie dollar that you or your neighbor starts toward tlie mail order Iiousc is given wings as it leaves you and through the service of the United States mails flies to the mail order house to which you may have directed its course. There it reaches a man who knows nothing but contentment. He is receiving his ill-gotten gains £rom those who have fallen victim to his alluring bait. Plow is it with you, patron of the mail order house? Are you contented with what this glutton for wealth has seen fit to forward yon after you have given him your money? Surely not. If you had halted to think of the dollars that you were sending away from your home town stores to this mighty center of wealth, you surely would have considered well and more wisely. MORAL:--The dollar's flight eventually brings a community's plight. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. C03IPASY Furniture, EUKS. Stm-es 15-J-I5S \\. CmiTfuid Avc. TV. 3f. LECHE Dry Goods 1'it W. Crawford Ave. THE HOKSER COMPANY Men's IViau- 1110 VT. Crai-rforil Ave. - COLONIAL RATIOS Al BANK Corner rittsburi; Street and Gran-ford Avenue. MCDONALD MUSIC AND ELECTRIC co. Hoy:il Hotel Block S. I'ittsljurg St. H.KOBACKEK SOSS "The Big Store" K. i'ittsburg St C. IV. DOWNS Footwear for Everybody 127 i". I'ittsburg- St. CONNELLSVILLE 1LVBKET AND NOUTH END MARKET Leading Grocery Stores 136 and 313 S. Pittsburg St. ANDERSON-LOUCKS HARDWARE CO. Hardware 110 »'. Crawford Are. CHARLES T. GILES Jeweler 141 AVest Crawford Av°. BEOWSELL SHOE COMPANY Shoes West Crawford Ave. CONNELLSVILLE DRUG COMPANY Drags , 130 West Crawford Avc. PETER S. WEIMER Pinnus and riionographs 127-12!)t:ast Cravrforil Ave. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford Avc. CKOWLEY-3OESTREZAT CO. Slioes lor tile Whole Finally 113 W. Crawford Are. ART3IAN WORK China anii Wall Paper 1-17-151 W. Crawford Aye. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 W. Crawford ATO. ELPER.VS Ladies' Suits nnd Coats 130 N. Fittsburg St. FITE A N D TEN CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Taper 103 W. Apple St. WELLS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Ageuls for Willys-Knight, Overlaud Cars, Accessories WERTHEIHER BROS. .Men's Store 124 S. Pittsbnrg St CONNELLSVILLE LAUNDRY "Snow IVliitu Work" 12J Baldwin ATB. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Uuggan W'cst Side TIUSBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware iy. Crawford Ave. WIWGHT-METZLER CO. Department Store \V. Cravrford Ave. LAUGHREY DRUG COMPANY Drugs. 112 S. 1'iltsburg St. RAITORT-FEATHERMAN CO., i'oii Can Do Jietter Here. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127% W. Main St., Connellsville, Pa. -^JQ**" STPBBS- CAP K5ETF THESE WAS A "STliWG" TO THAT DIME WH«T UK) VOO THINK ) RE ' toicse SETTING- ( 31RES5ETJ FOR'. ITS ) TEN O'CLOCK'.' V HMD 1QUFI . EVEN IF I 30 HAVE TO WY YOU 1 .. I OH'. I ' M JBST CMIM'. JJOWN TOTH By EBTTK

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