The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1939
Page 5
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_.. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1M3U. THE D A I L Y COURIER. CONNELLSViL^u. PAGE TUBERCULOSIS VICTIMS i REACH ADVANCED STAGE BEFORE LEARNING OF IT Ey Unlied Pross. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 16.--Eighty per cent of the Nation's tuberculosis victims have reached the advance stage of the disease, before their ailment is detected, physicians and laymen attending the 47th annual meeting . and conference of the Pennsyl^ vania Tuberculosis Society were told today. The speaker was Dr. Bruce H. Douglas, Tuberculosis Controller of: the Detroit Department of Health, one of several leaders of the fight against the "white plague" to appeal for more frequent examination of apparently healthy, persons in order to detect the disease in its early stages. - The two-day meeting closes tomorrow. "The experience of most communities has been that fully 80 per cent of the cases of pulmonary tuberculosis are advanced beyond the early stages when first diagnosed," Dr. I. C. Hi-Lites Prepare For Color Day. The seniors are making preparations for Color Day, which is to be held February 4. The orders for class flower, the gardenia, and the class color?, old gold and rose, have been sent in. A decorating committee will sooon be appointed to dec- orat". the stage. His Eye for Sale Students Hear Funeral Services. The students of the grades and high school assembled in the auditorium Tuesday morning and heard the funeral service for Pope Pius XI, carried to America by radio. Start New Classic. One section of English IV is now studying Washington's farewell address. The other section is studying Douglas said, "and consequently, they I the Age of Classicism in Early Eng- present a move difficult problem as Iish Literature, to treatment, and undoubtedly What a Test! Monday morning the .chemistry a. more serious menace as spreaders of infection to those about them." The restless patient who leaves the sanitorium before his illness is definitely checked was described by Dr. Esmond B. Long, director of the Henry Phipps Institute for the Study, Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis, Philadelphia, as an important problem in the fight to overcome tuberculosis. "Thousands of patients each year enter sanatoria only to become dissatisfied and leave, within a few \veeks, against advice," Dr. Long said. "Many are a genuine menace to their commmunities and their territory removal therefrom is a waste of transportation expense and medical care." Dr. Long 'deplored the shortage of beds in Pennsylvania for tuberculosis cases. He said the minimum requirement for Pennsylvania is 10,000 beds, compared with only 4,562 beds now classes had their tests on the unit, Lawrence Gaunt Trying to obtain financial security for his wife and ten-year-old daughter, Elaine, Lawrence Gaunt of SYestpoirt, Conn., has offered to sell his right cyo for 510,000. A S5- pear-oid watch repairmari, he is suffering from heart disease and fears ho has only a few months to live. Utility Must KeRistcr. WASHINGTON", Feb. 15.-- Securi- "Acids, Bases and Salts " The stu- atctl Gcncral Utilities Company was dents came from these classes with a £ubsic)ia ry of A -- -=-'--· "- ·- the words, "Boy, what a test!" The Electric Company chemistry teacher echoed their words when she corrected their papers. Attend Mass for Pope. The church, at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning, was filled w i t h j the children of the grades an3 high! school and with many adults. They were attending a requiem high mass '· for the repose of the soul of Pope, Pius XI. Scout Troops, Their Leaders, E n r o l l m e n t NEWS OF DAY AT CONFLUENCE operates the Hrantz Hospital here. It will be closet/ during his absence. Troops, scoutmasters mcl troop enrollment composing the Connellsville District Boy Scouts o£ America are: Troop 1, H. C. Witt, 58/Scouts. Troop 2, W. E. Bmloy./ia. Troop 3, J. A. Brass, 28, Troop 4, Robert HefTley. 14. Troop 5, H. F. Sliger, 49. Troop 7, R. W. Herman, 18. Troop 8, J. M. Southard, 32. Troop 1, Dunbar, G. H. Provance, 30. Troop 1, Star Junction, L,. W. Burkholder, 28. Troop 1, Vandcrbilt, G. W. Brady, 22. Special to The Courier. CONFLUENCE, Feb. 16.--J. L. Burnworth ot Connellsville was visiting his sons, Eugene and Kenneth, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hayman and son Ronald were visiting Mrs. Hayman's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Martin McCavitt, in Defiance Sund;iy. Mi\ and Mi's. Berl Lear and adopted son. Robert Reid, of Somerset, were visiting Mrs. Lear's mother, Mrs. Ella Younkin, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mitchell and family of ICew Stanton were visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Fortney, respectively, over the weekend. Mrs. Fortney, who has been ill i'or the past several weeks, is very much improved. Albert.Kesl^r was a business visitor. ' i n - Somerset Monday where he was called to I serve on the jury. Samuel Blade, a student at Western i Reserve University in Cleveland, j Ohio, has returned to there after ·' spending the week-end with his j/ar'-' ! ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Black. Mr.'. · a n d Mrs. Black accompanied their ; I son as far as Pittsburgh. ' : '' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gunia and son : i were Pittsburgh over.the' j week-end. Mr.. Gunia is employed i by the government as a driller'. j Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Fraritz left !' i Monday tor a month's vaca'tion in ! St. Petersburg, Fla., and . Central ; I Palma, Cuba. Dr. Franlz owns and' Who Wants My Nose 9 Always Sniffling... Can't Smell...Can't Taste...Can't ·'Enjoy Anything-... Can't Breathe Are you, too, n slnve to choking mucus trick- linp down your throat duo to colds? Is it spoiling your enjoyment of life? Jsitmakincyoufcel . miserable all over? Do you wake up in tbc morn- - inR- with-your Hose and throat blocked \rith ' nhlcRm? Ciqt aortic Menthols turn. Thia is a com- ' fort-ins balm containing menthol, camphor, ami soothing oils. Put a little in each nostril and rub it on the throat and chest. Happy relief quickly"" follow?. Mentholatum hrlpa to clear out muctii 'and aids in clearing the breathing passages. Its soothing, cooling vapors spread through tbc none and throat. Thi.i reduces the irritation and helps Niitaro to.restore a healthier condition. ASK your druggist for MenLholatum today. Used by millions for over 40 years. ID jars or tubes. 30£. Seek Candy-Makers. '· Several junior girls are soliciting! the candy-mnkers of the school. They asked the students to bring candy which they might sell at thei play. Sleeting Postponed. Due to the daily practice of the: ning. available. Less than 50 per cent of tuberculosis patients can have any perma-. . . - . - . . _ . nent hope of cure, because the dis- «jst for the junior play, the Chancita case has reached an advance stage Clu1 ^. was compelled to postpone its before detection, Dr. H. R. Edwards, m ° c j ms rrom Frida y to Tuesday evc- 1 ead of New York City's Bureau of Tuberculosis, declared. He added that: Approximately 20 per cent of discharges from hospitals are by death. There is no specific cure for tuberculosiss. Other speakers today included Dr. Horton Casparis, professor of pediatrics, Vanderbilt University medical School; Murray A. Auerbach, executive secretary of the Indiana Tuberculosis Association, Indianapolis; and Frank Walton Burge, M. D., chairman of the Committee on Tuberculosis, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. Dr. C. Howard Marcy, medical director of the Tuberculosis League ol Pittsburgh, presided. Actress Changes Mind. HOLLYWOOD, Feb. IB.--Twelve hours, after Lynn Bari, film actress, announced her engagement to marry Walter Kane, actor's agent, was off-- · at least temporarily--the actress collapsed on a studio set and was rushed to her home, suffering from influenza. Dress Rehearsal Friday. It has been announced there will be a dress rehearsal of (he junior class play, "Charm School," at B o'clock Friday evening. Have Divided Classes. The freshman classes in English and history have been divided into two sections. While the boys take history the girls take English. The freshman girls told fellow students they like to lake the classes in the laboratory. I. C. Spaniards Travel. The students of the second year Spanish class traveled to Pittsburgh Saturday to view on interesting display oi Spanish, French and German art on exhibition at the Sacred Heart! High School. Each student examined' carefully the articles on display and j thereby obtained a better knowledge! of the countries from which they; came. · They feel that they, now under: Kane, hurried to her bedside and j spanTsh habits cusoms and home i ' h "taence c an later announced: "Miss Bari and' I ! i£ e ' ' customs ' ana homt ; help you bmld 4 hc blood back up to --- - - - ' · - ' normal ngam. an aid to digestion · Further, S.S.S. Tonic will help you lo enjoy and get more value out of the food you cat ... it whets the appetite . . . and stimulates natural digestive will be. married as soon as she recovered from her illness and has finished her picture, in about three weeks." Noisy Car Traps Thief. ST. LOUIS, Feb. 16.--A broken exhaust pipe on. the automobile oi Thomas Davis foiled an attempt, to steal the car. The peculiar sound made by the auto as it started awakened the owner. He notified police who recovered the car and captured the thief. For Bronchial Coughs, Golds You Can't Go IVrong On Buckley's Mixture One little sip and the ordinary cough Is eased--a few doses and that tough old hang-on cough is "on its way"--it's really wonderful to watch how speedily hard lingering colds respond to Buckley's. Right away that tightness begins to loosen up--the bronchial passages clear--you're on your ' "s again and breathing easier. Get Bi icy's--by far the largest selling cough medicine in all cold Canada--Costs but little at druggistr, everywhere. Burn's Drug Store. Seasonal Weather Conditions Check Glass Operations "Lagging spot demand lor glass products believed duo to seasonal weather conditions has not -been re- fleeted In factory opeititions to any extent," the American Glass Review said in its current issue. "Once the period of bad weather, . which has hampered building, re- ' tailing and other glass consuming ac: tivities, is passed, manufacturers ex- j pect shipments to move upward again." 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