The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOOK.. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MAY 25, 1918. Satin HEXRT P. . ; Founder ui4 Editor. 117S-1M*. K. M. President. . . r 'JA J. DRISCOlil*. - · and Treasurer. Bu3la*s» Mwxaeet, JOHN I* GAN- Managing; Editor. WALTER S. STIMBCEU . City Editor. " HISS JLTXNE B. KTtfCELU Society Editor. ilEMBER OF: Aswclated Press, Audit Bureau of Circulation, , I'anasylvanla Associated Dailies- fwo cent* per copy. COc per month; la -per J«M by mall If paid In advance. £nt tired as wecooii class matter at tn* pwtofflc*. Conncllsville. Pa. SATURDAY ETOSXXG, MAY 25, 1018. Serrtcc "WJCLLIA3I P. SHERMAN, Hospital Unit L. American Expeditionary Forces, France, RALPH P. SLIGER. 'Company H. 319th Infantry. u. a N. A., * Camp Lee, Petersburg, V»- ; MICHAEL GREKALDO, HAROLD R1CHEY, '-Battery B, Field Artillery. 28th ; Division, U. S, N. G-. LLOYD B. COX *ny F, 37th Engineers, U. S. A.. Fort Myer. Va, JOUUS CROOSE. any E, 15th Engineers (Railway), American Expeditionary Forces. France. ~ JA3«£ES, - J7 ,McPARTI«On5, "Company ~ D , * ~ 5 3 r d Engineers. ~ (Railway), Fort Benjamin ~ Harrison, Indianapo-. Jis, Indiana. - The- Associated Press la ex' cluaKoly sntitled to th» use tor -rcpubllcation o£ aU sews dispatches credited to it or not -notherwlM credited Jn this pajxsr ·^and also the local news therein. ity of those who, vil^L suffer the of having tniled stead of tying great host -who their children's for generations, and -willingly did righteous cause waged a war. when the war is over, life-long humiliation to do their part. In- numbered * with that- will be proud, and children after them for what they gladly in behalf of .the moat for "which men ever If you have subscribed to the Red Cross "Wtar !f*imd you can attend church, tomorrft'w with pood grac^ and a clear conscience. It you havo not subscribed. attend in order that you may learn ·whpt ia your duty curly Monday morning. Connellsvnie discovered lost evening how_ numerous and how patriotic the countrymer. of Cnlumbup have become since th'jy, too, discovered America, Brutal Bill will no doubt fly into another rape at the Americans when he hears of the "attempted" lynching- on Brimstone corner the other evening- · It 'beerlns to look as if the "has be«*ns**- will still have a. chance to pet Into "the Birr Game; not in the capacity they would prefer, perhaps but enougrh to make them feel that they are not out of it altogether. Do we not have some native-born Americano who would be everlaetlngty ashamed to have their Liberty Bond purcheses and Red Cross subscript Kin a compared with those made by some of the Italians In this section? 'MORE THAX A SPECTACLE. As the stars dtlfer tronx each other in glory so do Cooneltsville's patriotic d-emonstraiions differ from each other chiefly in that each succeeding one has been a. more enthusiastic, earnest and whole-souled exhihition of loyalty upon part of those j-artici- patmg iii it. Thus "ih'e parade laauguratmg the I,iberty-*-"Loau campaign, was TO that time the most remarkable display of community sentiment with respect to the war tliat we have had. But this event, sifintflcant as it was, in point of fine spirit, and enthusiasm, was surpassed last evening when the Italian residents of this section gave a parade baying go many- interesting .uul attractive features that it must be classed- as one of th,e most striking patriotic . demonstrations Coaneils- ville has ever seen. Although the celebration was In commemoration, of Italy's entrance into ths war, it was more than a mere spectacle, beautiful, inspiring and im- | pressive as it t was as such. It w a s ' even more proof, U further proof were needed, and*of*which there l a s been an abundance, of u)e loyalty and de- .votion ol tie Italians and those ot Italian descent, to the country of tneir adaption, which has made common cause with cfce-r native land against the fue_of human rights and liberties. It was evidence" of the willingness "of the sons'o£ Italy ia America to unreservedly submit themselves to every influence, and to take part m even' activity, that will make their Americanization more complete. Appreciating the blessings of liberty, equal rights and opportunities, which have been given', them, they ha\e caught the spirit of our free institutions, and in these~stirring days they are manifesting Sn eagerness to become Americans in as'"full a sense as tae native- born, who enjoy that privilege as a birthright. _. Connellsville, therefore, has reason to be both glad and proud to have j witnessed the magnificent display the Italians gave*'not alone as showing a closer k^jtting^ogethcr of t h e ties between 16x1? and. America as allies in the great war/ \mt as an earnest of the desire to weld all our people Into a citizenship that knows no divided) allegiance. By Walt Uaaon. ABOTL THE DA3OTBD. I stood by Abdul Hamld's grave, far from, the world -war's scorm, and sna- the Joltony-jumjHips wave above his sleeping: form. By all the nations he was slammed, \vhcQ ho was on his throne; the world pronounced, him doubly damned, and named him w i t h a groan. Now all unhonored Abdul lies. In his eternal sleep, tmd greater criminals arise, and he loolts pretty cheap. And Abdul had his points, rae- thinks, some virtues hten adorned, ho was not like borne royal g7nks-- hypocrisy he scorned. He did not blush to -wade In sin, he wallowed in his shame; he did not Bay, with evil s"in, tha.t others were to bla-nxo. He did not pierce a country's breast with snlcker-sneo or creese, and swear he airways did his beat to keep the world at peace. He did not, from his filthy den, watch babes and women shot, and harrow tip the souls of men ·with talk of Me and Gott. The dripping- sword, the burning brand, were busy 'neath his flag; but not a moment did he stand to spring: the kultur craij. I stood by Abuul Hamid's grave, and said. "I must admit he didn't piously behave, and failed to make a hit; we should not judsre h l m ( h e r e below, he's reached a higher ^ourt'. but, lined up with one k i n g I know, he was a dead g-ame sport." SEBBUff RECRUITS StATS FOR TJIJK SALOiVIKI FRONT -- LABORERS, GOOD - . Steady work. Apply AMETtt- CAN MANGANESE MANUFACTURING COMPANX Dunbar, Penna. Lieut. Col. Milan Pribicevlcli is bead of the Serbian war mission now in the United States. He has recruited here 10,000 Yugo-Slav volunteers for service in tno Serbian army on the Salonika front. The recruits will be sent, to camp in Canada and then transported overseas by the British government. The men Colonel Prib- icerich has recruited are from Croatia, Bosnia and Rerezegovina; also Serbians and Montenegrins. They are mostly miners and skilled workmen who .have given up well-paying positions to tight for their fellow Slavs. Comfort kits for the recruits arc being furnished by the American Red Cross. SUBSCRIPTIONS TO RED CROSS WAR FUND RANGE FROM19CENTSTO$500 Continued from Ona. Kdgar A. Quest, IOYALTY. Man cannot servo two masters or two flags. He cannot preach, of trutla and act vrjjb shame. He cannot he and keep an honored . name. Sia to its depths Its victim always drugs. Thero la no nautral point 'twlxt right and wrong'-No middle ground where ming-Je ·weak and strong". lie th;tt Is half a man, !a nono at alL The tainted apple ia a. worthless friti t. Tne grentleman n:ay never play the brute, Thfe double rider gallops to nis fall. The two-faced cheat has always, bt en a cad. !Man cannot love the pood and woo the bad. "WTio smiles hy daylight must at night be true. He has no friend whose friend is half a foe; Behind his praise may hide tomorrow's) blow. JEan can't be citizen and a l i e n , too; There is no hjplien l i n k i n g wrong: and ripht; "Who -would be free, must cease to worship imglit. He that Is not with vs. heart and soul, "Will play the traitor in our hour of need And will be foe to us in thought and deed; He w i l l desert, when duty caMs the roll. Divided love in service always la^s; Man cannot serve tvvcr masters or two flagrs. , fc i scsaox you." I£ yon coalOi catch »*»nii of ihciic voice.-* tUat-»j»*»k Ihu utter long- In sr ol oyprowitd und hcli)le»«M pco- ylcM all over tfc* Mtirjdf to ttcur *omi*tkl*K Hfee Ifcc Oaitlt llymu of tbe Uepitblie; to livur the feet oC the pn*e»t- lau»4» ot labvrt? Rolng to Met them, tree, to set tbrfr mlitiln frr«. n^t t*rfr _HtrM trw, to »et tteri* "oilWrcii"" *rat. T»'« would fcnu^v \vjiat 'come^ mtu tuc heart ol 1h»n* wliwirvflryins io contribute nil the.btaiMH'nnd po^er fliey Jiaye to ttif-Ofreirt c«TcrprKc «.f Liberty. J. j*nntroon yu-to the vuinrnJchbtp. I Mumrtmn yoVJin tlU«_iyE?-t ^ ·my Ijtm- raucli- und^ fcoir -j»incei-*ly, and how* unanlMtowiljr 709 " tUe hc^X.9£jtJ» .world.-- ^ 4-j.ono oirsr uoxns. Fnycttc Connty Hnnilrcd Per Cent in Third liberty lonn. There are 44.743 persons m Fayette county owning Liberty Bonds of tie Unrcl issue, according to figures compiled in Uniontown. Based on the county's population of 200,000 and flve persons to the family the county is 100 per cent strong in owning bonds. The E0\ernment asbed a loan of 53.080,100. The response was $6,515,000. Collins, J. Y. Woods, Yough Construction. Co., Mrs. Ida G. Armstrong, M. J. Roland, Rev. J. T. Bums, I. W. Myers, John S, MadigaJi, William K. Mackwell, Mrs. Laura L. Mactwell, Christie KUpatrlck, Eleanor Kilpatrick, J. L. Kurtz, W. Ji. O'Brien, P. . G. Riohev, William Sellars, Alfonso j BasiJonoi Key. Henry DoVivo, Dr. T. B. Bchard. S20-- -Miss Jpan B, Armstrong, Mrs. :'. K. Drill, H. C. Norton, Lee Queen, White Hock Distilling Co., G. S. Con- ii'll. Jilts Margaret Wliltcman, Georse H. Freed, C. C. Gray, The Gooawin Co. §13 -- William Workman, Jlrs. Laura Soolcy, Dr. E. C. Shorrick, George C. Holcomb, J. C. Struble, K. E. Wil- lielm, Anna B Schmitz, A. J. Templeton, Zinrmerman-Wild Co., Yough Plumbing Co., Conneilsnlie Machine Car Supply Co., J. A. Mason. 512 -- Mrs. G. M. Kamtrer. ?10-- Clias. Cnany. A. Knany, E. J. Knis, Bertha King, John Parkhill, j James Palladia'), D. Asscy, Grover C. I^eapiine, Mrs. \V. L, Wright, A. A. 'Wpthcrcll, H. F. Bailey, The Homer Co.. A. SUul'Han, J. M. Doyle. J. M. Marietta, J N. Trump. Frank Welter, P. N. Nepkle, 0r. S. C. Truby, J. P. Burkharl, John Torrenco, M. H. Shaffer, Mrs. C. Stillwagoa, Catherine Duffey, H. B. Dorsey, Max "Levine, C. B. Murphy, L. R. Eiline. J. L. Stodor. J. C. Henry, C. C. Collins, A h x Kotus, .Mrs. George Brown. Artman Work W. A. Steel. Centra! jlotor Co.. 3. E. Rims. Margaret I-ytJe, J. M. Sembou'or, Scbroycr Coal Co., D. E Treher. F. S, Dull, J. E. Henry. $10 -- G C. Armstrong, E. H. Lang- tortl. C. E Stout, A H. Sh)ndcldecker, Mary Everett, Rev. G. L. C. Richard- sou, R. DcAngolis, P. Bufano. Donald 3. Porter. Keslar Bros., Mrs. George Portpr, Mrs. Anna DeMuth, MiBS Ida De.Sh th, D. II. Horton. Henry Rhodes. Harry Hetvel, C. T. Hooper. J. F. Balsley, L. Sapoisky, W. T. Muir. C. O. Banc, L. Raimondio. Dr. C. S. Homer, Miss Ruth Davidson, Mrs. C. L. Gray, D. K. Dihvortb, Rev W. J. Everhart. S. F. Hood, Sarah \\~haley, J. J. Schneider, A. IV. Bishop. WANTED--LADT SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAFE. ISmaytl WAITED--BXPCRIENCKD GiBIj for general housework, good watres, no ^vTlShl^e. Apply DR 11ASELY, 80 East Main street "Jniontown, Pa. ~WATTI5D--.MAX TO SHLiL TRKES, shrubii, ro^es, vines, bji'bs. etc. Permanent. BP.OWN BROTHERS NUKST5R- JES Rochester. N". Y. 26ma It" ·«r ANTED--A LOT OP SECOND luintf shelvinrg: in good condition. Sta-tc where can be soen. 5XT Weit Mivln atreet, West Side. 2 4 m n y a t WANTED--MOULDERS AND CORE makers; 9 hour fiay. Open shop. No labor trouble PIEDMONT FOUNDRY MACHINE CO., Piedmont, "W. Va. , 2tmayCt WANTED--I 1IAKC lA. SPICCIALTY of w i n d o w and door j screens. Call BUI pnone 334. and T will call and show you cbo best scropn m^Ldc at tho iowcs', price. R. D. TENNENT. WiVNTCD--WOMEN FULL- T1MK salaiy $24. Spare time SOe an h o u r , s-olllnff guaranteed hosiery to wearer Permanent. Experience unneeewary. INTERNATIONAL X1VLS, Norrls- town. Pa. ZSmaylt* WANTED--LABORERS, ASH UAND- Ifjra, helpers. mechanics, firemen. Steady work. Laborers, ^8i^ cents; flremen, 47 cents per Hour, other work paid In proportion. Apply in person at the "WEST FENN POWER PLANT, ConnellsviUQ. Pa. SlmaylOl WANTED--AGENTS. THREE OR six hundred Dollars monthly salary or commission selling oils, paints, root' cemonts. specialties, direct to manufacturer. Need salesmen for this territory. "W,rito quickly. rREMIKR REFINING COMPANT, Cleveland. O. i'Smaylt' ·R'/VKTED--YOUNG MAN WITH hieli Hchool education prefern l l, to learn salesmanship with a local i^row- injj concern: expense;?, moder.tte salary to start; pxc*llent opportunity Apply ia OUT) hand writing with f u l l particulars as to experience had, rtc. Address "M." caro Courier. 20mayGt ft\*r Kctst. FOR KENT--FtiRKISITED ROOM, lady preferred. 102 Robbioa s t r ' ^ u FOR REST--2-T P.NISHBD BOOM, centrally located, lady preferred. 126 Fain-lew avenue. 25nwy2t- FOR RENT--ONE FURX'SIIED room, gentleman preferred. 2!3 Kast Crawford avejiue 23raay3t FOP. 31ENT-- FUIISISHKD FLAT Apply corner W t b t CrxwCord and North Eighth street. West Side. FOR BENT--TOREH AND TWO room apartments FLORENCE SMUTZ U m a y t f FOR RENT--0 F.OOM APARTMENT, next WerfL Penn "Watting Rc-om. J 4 0 A. K WAGOX1SR CO. Both I'hoiea 25ma Jt. FOR RENT--TWO LAHGE DKSIR- able furnished montr" Cor ll^ht hotise- keepiliK. AH conveniences. - f l O .Vort!i PlttHburp: b'truet. E S m a y l t For itote, FOR SALE--TWO EXPRESS WAO- laquire 11J Weit Apple street. 2!ma1l" FOR SALTS--SIX ROOST COTTAOE hot water Kyi-tern, K.IS and electric. IntlUire J B lUSNOBRSON, Wills Itoad. Buth phones. I ' i m f i y l f KOR SALK--OXU CIGHT TON ICE machine, f u l i y ecjuippt-tl. One 3 II I', electric motm 1 . Lot of b e l t i n g and bl.uCtlne at a bargain. M J. KOHM. FOR SALE--T SED PIANOS, I I U N - tinjrton, Sl'-JO; Samnfr, $226, .lewett, S16D; One condition. PKTER R WE1M- EK, Eabt Crawford avenuo FOP. SALE--ONE 191" COLI5 ACTO- mobile. jUbt o v i rbauied, m Ai. contll- t tiou; will sell ctinJ-p on a c c o u n t at draft. Call 233 Tri-Stace or 117 \ V e s t j Fayette street, cit, 21"-n5t* J FOR SALE--^UJtlNlTlJUt: AIVST BE i sold at once Four picc« bed room wet complete ^rid two chairs, thi t-e p a r l o r Chairs, uibl.. I'seil r ·· nunuh. C.Lah i onl. 112 East I'.i .1 uvenue. ' 2lmay5t { MICKIE SAYS The author sUp ot'.ths bcaUtlfulr phrased *EaHesrg»-tD"iixe**"best" that in man is-4o cothe'-anU Eave a" part' in the "great $nterpns(? of^ Liberty," Is unknown.^ A clipping of it was handed to the-Vditpr of The CouHer-byJMr. "Warreii S. Blauvelt, -chief »f ttte fcoke division of the Unittd States Fuel Afl- mintstratlcn, at the mset ng with the operators o? the * Cornier vtHe "region some, days ago. The idt-ntity of the author is of much less importance thazils the fact that the sentiment ex- pressfea Is so appropriate, 'not alone. to Red Cross week, fiut also to all the j weeks ithati shall yet pass before the struggle to sot-tfao ^world free is brought to a gloriatis 'conclusion. Every rhan, woman ai:d child is summoned -to -serrtce,- sacrifice and saving in order thafnotMnff-anall-be fecktog to make our preparation for and -prosecution of the war the first thin? iu our lives, jmd to the end that tt will be so complete rhat the ulli- mate^ issue will ntvor be in doubt for » vmnent Are you a'nswernig' thc'summons as *ou hnve ability and opaortunity? If. t, you arc am DBS the small mlnor- VICTOR m_$440.41 Goodly Snin is Realized From Concert by Htrord 3Iiikers for Surf Lcapiic. The concert in tbe high school autiitoiium by the Victor Record makers netted the Edwin S. Porter branch ^f the Navy League $410.41, according to announcement today by P. T. McDonald of the McDonald Music company which, arranged for the appearance of the musicians. The money has been turned over to the Navy League. FOH SALli--(-JNJ2 I'JlT OVKUL.ANIJ C o u n t r y Club. Just o\erhnuled. New tirub, best condition. DarRaln If sold before the iSth. W i l l demonstrate. Call at DL'XBAB ALTO CO. Pu, Bell i2. , 24mayJt FOR SAL.E--131C SAXON" SIX TOtJlt- Intr car in lirsc cloys cottclltloii. Price roawonabJe to n u i c k buyer. For demonstration cul! El.bSWORTII K VAN'S, 312 South PittsburR street, city, or 24 Bell, Pnwsnn. 23rn.xy3t ·FOR SALId--;i5NSIlALvSTOHE LO- catcd m Kust Scottdale or Kin^svlow i Will invoice ;it about 52,009 00. Am j in dr-Aft LS "illy rc;u)im for sclfin^. i GRORGK GRAHAX. ScottJ.T(o. Pa. BeU pltotie J 4 C - R 2oinay4t* KOH SAliB--UP-TO-DATE iliop 15e-?L location H V a n d e r b i l t . Bargain to quick buver. Rr-i^on for seHinf,'. intend to enlitn.. Call bot 1 -phones UOliEUT IiINT. Vaiderliilt Hotel. 23niuy6t" FOR SAI-E--ONE 1914 H U P ; ONE l f i ] 4 "Winfon Six cy inder; one 1910 Studebalter f o u r cylinder; one; 1915 Ford roadster; one 1912 H u d s o n ; o n o I B l T . W H I y s - K n i G T l i t ; onr- and ono-'inif ton Jeffrey truck JJU.VBATl AUTO COMPANY, Bell 83, Dunbar, Pa 21mayU -- YOUR UENDlNE'S. BAfLBERING . tf WANTED-- CIIAMBSK3LUD. BJTr salary; cwme at once. YOCClI HOUSE. 22rnayt£ ·WANTED--TP.UCKERS AT B. O. freislit ofllce. 'Pay every day. v 2-lmaySt "WAITED -- AN EXPERIENCED kitchen tflrl. Apply TTiJST PCNN' TJ3A ROOM. iSmayStd FOR SALE--FINIS LIBRARY SUITE practJealJy new. In-rgo and roomy, has two larer- rockers, lar^e straight chair and davenport, leather covered, ·\vlll sacrifice 1 If sold at once I n q u i r e today or Hondas* fit l^fi N o r t h Pittsburg- street. Marietta A p a r t m e n t s No 1- " 25-nayll- S T H A Y E D -- T O P R O P B R T Y OF G~ P. Hughes, five miles f r o m Dunbar, Pa, ono yoe and lamb. Owner can have · amc by proving p r o p e r t y and pttyinG" far kcc;i and this ad. 25maylt* Notice. K3TSTONE CLEANING PARLOR. Brin/r your Pananvi. and straw hats to CAJILES COCOS. 170 West CrawforO avenue, Connellsville, Pa. 3inay33t* " W A N T E D -- A MECHANICAL draughtsman. BOYTS. POINTER COMPANY. SlmaySt TV AKTED--SPECIAL LABOR, 35 cents per hour. "W A. SISIS, Sligo Iron Steel Company. 23may31 WANTED--GIRLS FOR KITCHEN work. MRS C. J. ARMSTRONG. YouEh House Restaurant, 17niaytf WANTED -- GIRLS TO WORK ·where the bosas have a. smila. Car fare p.ild. CONXELLSVILLE SILK COMPANY. 25maytf WANTED -- LABORERS. FORTY cents an hour, nine hour day. NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CO., Dicker^on Run. 25mayCt Notice. APPLICATIONS FOR CRITIC teacher ·will be received till noon, Saturday, Jun= 1. 1918. PEHRY TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT. TV. L- RISBBCK. Secretary- Ilmay3t-Bat AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT TEE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 3 Room House, South Connel'sviile ........ $ aoo 5 Room House, N. Prospect St. .................. TOO 5 Hoom House, iN, Proapi?ct 9t ................... 7fiO 8 Room Double HJUSG, TVlieeJer ............ 00ft 8 Huom ICou^e. N. 7Ui , Sc ............ BOfl 3 Hoom House Snydor- town ............... 1 ' or »° G Room IIouso. N 10th St. 1,200 6 Room, South Connellsville rental 513 ....... 3^ ft ° 5 1tfom Cotta-fire, Franklin St ................. !.»» 4 Roon Houae, S. 8bh St.. 1^150 3 Rootr Cottapre, Crawfonl J^*no -i Roum H'ouse, lOUi St ---- 3,300 i room IJoufafi, South Stll Strort ............. 1*»0 4 Double "Flo'j-ses. K. Crawford Ave, S rooms each; rental $20: each ....... 3,"oo 5 Roo-m House, K G-lbson. 3,«50 C Room Do-ublc House, W. Crawford ............ *»TMO 10 Hoc "··. 'Double HoubC, N". Prospect ........... 3,SOO 5 Room Double House, Ilymhrin St .......... -°°° C Hoom Modern House. WouUi SL ............. 2.0«* Q Room Moden House. E. I T f i l St ............... a»000 G Tioom Home, Poultry Lot, Francos Ave ..... 2»SOCi C Ttiom Modern House, Olh St .............. -i 30 ** 10 Room House, I£ynclTran e; £ ................. 2.WHI .9 Itoom'Houw,' S. Oth St.. 3,5M 6 Koom Mo-dijrn House, Jefforaon St .......... S5PO 6 Room Modern House, N. 6Ut St ............. S- 5 * 10 0 Room Modern Il'ouae, f)th St., W P ......... 2,5*o 52 Room Modern Home. stable on brick rorwl... 3,500 ij Hoom Modern Ilwe, X. Sth St. Went SWc ---- 2.500 y Roor-, Modern Home. Ocrtcn SL ......... 3* M 5 Roo-m Flat. Franklin Ave ................ 5 V«0« S Rsxnn Jfo/Utrn Home, Arch St ............... a.*00 S Room Modern Home. N. 3th St., WMt PldQ ---- 2.SOQ 10 Mcxlern IIouso, .Morrell 8 Roo-m House, 12th St.. 2.HOO D Room Itouao, E. Fair- viow A x e .......... 2.SOO 10 R^oin Doulile House, Franklin Ave ......... l^RM 7 Boom Madam House, V7. Crawford Ave ........ 2,550 S Roo:n M f d«rn House, K ' 3 -°°° 3.OOO 3.OOO 3,«OO 3,000 3.3OO ' Cth St 7 Rpom Modern House, E. Poach ............ 3,000 0 Roo«n Modern House, X. Jefferson ............. 3,000 12 TouTle House, W. Cra wford Ave ......... 3.W0 G Room ^fwlern IIouso, E Crawto-d Ave ........ C Rciom Modern Hou»e JptTcrson ............ 7 Room House, T C I I AtHna St. South Side . C Room ITousr, Jot 20ftxl34, Fmnci" Ave ........... 0 Room Mo'l^-n Ho'-se, roar Leispnrin^ ...... S H-r*m Sfodern House. Bltza St. ......... ' :^aoo 5 Room Modern House, S, 8th SL ................ 3,200 8 Room Modern IIouso, Jefferson Si ....... 3,'JO(t C Room Mod^r- 1 IToiiSe, E. Murp-hy A v e , . ......... a,500 9 R.oom Modern Home, K. PftirvK-w A v e ...... StJZM 8 Room Modern House, E. Gfnson^Ave ........ 3,500 3 Rf/om .»d HOUJW Arcli Si, Above U. O dopot :t,,"OO 0 Room House, Highland Ave ................. S,SOO 12 Room D o u b l e House S flth 3,500 C Roam Modern House, E \Va*hing-i*n Ave. . - . 'J,7OO G Room M o d e r n He-use, S. Slh St ............. 3,700 0 Room ^roitern Home. Jf. PHus^'Ure St . ........ 4,OOfl S Room Modern House, S 8th £tt ............... 4,000 8 Ttoom Modern House, tJ S:u St ........... 4,000 S Room Modern House, S. SLh SI ............ -l.OOO G Itoom ^to\lern House, X. Pittshur^ St ........ -l.OOO 12 Room Double; House, S. 4Ui St ............... 4,000 7 Ro-am Modern House, E, F a ' r v l o w J\VG ....... 4,±OO 10 Room Double House. Davidson Ave ......... 4,;ioo S Room MtKiern liou^e, S. 8th SL . . , .......... 4..-500 S Roym ^Jctclcrn ITome, VIni* ftt .......... "1,500 S Roo-m Modern House. S G i h Pt .............. 4JSQ9 0 Rootrr Modcn Hnnse, 1-1 Ron n Doul K- Iloust, K Craxv *"O! il A V O . . . . 10 Hoom M n O o i n iToinp, P. Sixth S t . West *[de ... S i^oor.i Modern House, n M u r p h y Xvc . . . . . . . . 8 Room Modern House, "U". S Roo-in Modern House, S. .Sth st ............. 3D IlOKin Modern Houi-e, 1C "VT;islilni;t(vi .\v*- . . . 0 lloQir Mi'den House, E CiM-wfu-d A v e ..... 10 Rosm Afoile^n Ilouac, Jjj' coin A v o ...... 1C Room Modern Double House, S. ^ I h St . . . . 17 Room Modern H'ouse, Race St ....... , . 8 Room :u-cHinp-, 5 linom Flat. Store Room 2'JxF.l ard C Room D we! Imp, Ml modern, situ L(P on S. F i t t s b u r p St., $120 per month .......... DICICK ITO-'JKS KOR .S » 32 ttooni Alouorn Brit-k, N" , S Room Modern R u n g a l o w , E. Crnwfnrd A\e ...... 5,SOO S Hoom Modern Krick, V fie St ............. 1C R:om Modern J ' o u b l e Brick, W \\*ashmsrton Ave ............. 11 Room Modem Double Home and one 5 Uonni Houso. IT f'otJai 1 A v e , S Ilco-in Modern Double B"ick, Wills Road ... 32 Room ".-story, e\. nne JO Room Modern House, S. Fft-tsjurg- yt ........ 10,000 13 Tioom Modern Home-, "W- A p p l e St ...... Ht.OOO Storp Room ard Dwell Ins, fronta^o 05 Cet-t E. Craivford. near "Brimstone C n r n ^ r , 12,0(10 House, T5. Grpi-n fit . 11,000 S Room Modern Double Br'ck, R Fair-view A v e . 1U.OOO 14 Room Ilfod-ern DoTifile Brick, 13. Fair-view Ave. 14,000 FA mis. S Ac-e FruJt and Poultry Farm, near city ....... 1.7OO 10 Aero Fruit and Poultry Farm, near city ........ 5,500 0,000 0,500 S,500 O.OO4) A. E. Wagoner Co, 100D W. Cruivfurd Ave., WEST SIDE. CO SEl.I,SVJLLE. Both Ph(mc%. Make good the promise--we want a Hundred Million Dollars. A little starving child brought back to life because you went without some luxury! Ail of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief. v Do you want to buy dry goods, spring and summer styles for women and misses wear? You do, of course you do. Then see the great attractions we are offering. 63 Larire Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegaenj Counties. r,,OOl) o.OOO 5,200 S.fl.'O 0,000 r,soo In White, Grey, Field blouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists 011 the newest and best styles, wlio desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOU TSIED OUR CLASSIFIED ABLETS? J, B. KURTZ, H O T A R V PUSI.C AND REAL ESTATE^ too. * South Meado* L*no. Connalln-llla P*.

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