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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 16, 1939
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LAST E DITION The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. PRICE VOL. 37, NO. S2. The Weekly Courier. Founded July 11. 1870. The Dally Courier, Founded November 10. 1002. · Merged [ July IB. 102S. CONNELLSVILLB, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1G, 19S9. TWELVE PAGES. JAMES BUDGET !Catholics Pray ^ REDUCES COST !For Repose Of BY 70 MILLION Pope Pius'Soul Slashes Relief and Subsidy Funds But Will Study Needs Thoroughly in Next Year. MAY MEAN 1940 SPECIAL SESSION Prefers America to Fortune HARRISBURG, Feb. 16.--Governor Arthur H. James today informally handed a 5370,000,000 budget io Pennsylvania legislative leaders, who flatly advanced the proposition the State's financial crisis can be met only by sharp reductions in the cost of relief and subsidies. The Capital sparkled with official drama as the Governor returned from a brief vacation to meet with his cabinet and ranking legislators and advised them that he would attempt to run the government for the next two years on £370,000,000, some $70,000,000 less than would be needed on the basis of current expenditures. The Governor arrived at his budget figure by earmarking $100,000,000 for direct relief and §39,000,000 for categorical assistance. This is about 565,000,000 less than will be needed if expenditures of the last bjennium are repeated. James' plan is to provide sufficient funds to carry the staggering relief burden at least a year so that trends may be studied more accurately if more money must be raised through a special legislative session in 1940. A member of the House Ways and Means Committee at the same time revealed estimates of State revenue from both normal and emergency taxation have fallen off $18.000,000 over that for the last bicnnium to $369,733,502. This nevertheless will give the new Administration a balanced budget. The balance will have to be maintained, however, by additional income if relief costs are allowed to continue at the present rale. House Speaker Ellwood Turner expressed the feeling of a great number of legislative leaders, who have indicated they are ready to take unprecedented steps to stem the flow oE dollars from the State treasury. The joint House and Senate committees studying legislative problems during the two-week assembly recess, he said, "feel that Government has gone too fast and is now tar beyond the reasonable ability of the people to support." The 634,000 communicants, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh Wednesday prayed for the repose of the soul of their common father, His Holiness, the late Pope Pius XI. Most Rev. Hugh C. Boyle, bishop of the diocese, chanted the ancient ritual of pontifical high mass of requiem in St. Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning, a servile that was duplicated throughout the world. Earlier requiem high mass had been celebrated at many of the churches, including Immaculate Conception here, of which Rev. Father Henry A. Gci- bel is pastor. Before the bishop at the altar was a catafalque, symbolizing the body of Pope Pius. Over it was draped a black cloth, called the pall, on which a white cross is emblazoned, signifying the Catholic faith in ihe resurrection, The ceremonies of a pontifical mass are not reserved for the poison of the Pope alone. They may be sung for the most humble as well but only if a bishop or prelate of higher rank officiate;,. The unusual part of the service occurred after 'he mass v*hen Bishop Boyle and four of his consultors performed five absolutions over the catafalque. Only the Pope, cardinals, archbishops and bishops receive that number. The ceremory began with a solemn processional into the cathedral while the priests choir sang the beautiful Gregorian chant, "Requiem Aeternam" or "Eternal Rest." Four hundred priests of the diocese led the procession, followed by Ihe choir, the clergymen who assisted the bishop and the bishop. Bishop Boyle walked to the throne in the sanctuary where he was robed in vestments by his aides, the while he chanted the vesting prayers. The bishop then moved to the foot of the altar where the mass began by the chanting Psalm. of requiem of Ihe -12nd Two Die, Score Hurt as Speeder Rams Into Freight By United Press. QUINCY, Miss., Feb. 16.--Two men were killed arid a score of persons "It is r. fact," the House Speaker , ^jwred early today when the Sunny- asserted, "that most increases in State J a ? d . L TM a t f d ol the Fnsco Lme col ~ Government have been du«f to the constant demand of minority high pressure groups bringing the weight of an often mistaken public sympathy to bear upon the Legislature." At the same time Representative Edwin C. Winner, R. t Montgomery, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, revealed the joint commitiee on ways and means was studying a proposal to "save millions" ' in the cost of government through requiring relief applicants to prove three years* residence in Pennsylvania and to return part of the cost ol administration to the counties. Governor James said at Philadelphia, however, that he did not "believe we could efTectiveJy turn relief over to the counties at this time." Trio Who Beat Woman to Death Die on Gallows lided head-on with a northbound freight train, two miles north of here. Among the injured was Rev. Israel H. Noe of Memphis, rector of St. James Episcopal Church, who was shaken up and bruised. Jacob Echard Quits Security Board When Reduction Is Ordered "I'd rather be a mtH worker here than Kinp oJt Italy," said Frank Rusoti, mi]] ivonker, of Kalarr.azoo, Mich., as he clasped flag to his breast. He renounced an Italian fortune rather Jian forfeit citizenship. To inherit father's estate he would have to livo in Cartel SJona, ItaJv. PILOT, LOST THREE DAYS \H SNOWCLAD MOUNTAINS, SAVED By United Press. SPOKANE, Wash., Feb. 16.-Students and attendants «t the airport where he tco'c off S u t u i d a y night talked today only of how Roy Shrcck returned "fiom death." Only his perfect physical condition-- and his compass--they s.aid, enabled him 1o fight through a mountain wilderness for three days and nights to reach civilization. Britain Opens Diplomatic Offensive By Recognizing Spanish Nationalists 3 ** * B Winter's Third Cold Wave Hits West; 43 Below Slays Wife, Goes To Mass and Ends Own Life in Pew By United Press MLdweslerners shivered today in the wintei's third severe told wave w'.nle Eastern states struggled against floods, fog and heavy rams which followed n severe wmdslorm that swept the coast Irom Georgia to England, Some cities icported ihe coldest weather o£ the winter. Bemidji, Minn., reported a temperature of 43 degrees below zeio and oluer Minnesota and North Dakota points registered between 30 and 40 below. U. S. Forecaster H. A. Downs predicted rain or snow over most sections of the northeastern areas today CLEVELAND, Feb. 16.--Benjamin Jender, 38, sat through mass today in St. John's Cathedral, then shot himself fatally in his pew while pohce hunted him for slaying his estranged wile several hours before in the presence of their 13-year-old daughter. '"'Nation's Energy Resources Study Urged on Congress May Persuade Apparent Victors in War to Send German and Italian Troops Home. MAY OVERTAKE NAZI ARMAMENTS flying suit wn= boggy wet nnd I was afraid I'd freeze stiff. I believe the suit we'ghud then 75 pounds. Only once I found ^onio udter. I tried to ent wiow but tt LnMrd like pine corn's. ' Thrre \voion*t even animals mound Nulhmg. jusl the mountains ana the snow. 1 v.ns on my rndio metropolitan ajea. Before the storm with a gradual rise in temperatures. Cloudy and colder weather was expected generally tnroughout Eastern states. The stoim which battered' the coast was centered today over noiih- ei n New England. It reached a peak force of G5 miles an hour Jn New York and caused one death at New Brunswick, N. J. Two persons were killed at Pinson, Ala. The gales swept along the southern seaboard from Georgia, damaging faim property and injiumg several persons. A \vmdbtorm damaged more than 100 homes and injured three persons at Ashevilic, N. C., and others ir.jured one man and damaged several homes at Washington, N. J., and ripped ofl the roof ot a church at Jersey City. At New Yoi k three Works Progress Administration employes were swept into a flooded sewer. They were pulled out by a fireman with a life i prcseivcr around his v,aibt. Fog tied up harbor ihipp;n£ in the WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.--President Roosevelt today called on Con- £tess to study the Nation's energy resources with a view of drafting a National policy for their use and con-* servation. At the srmc time he suggested the desirability of an integrated Federal- state program for reduction of water pollution. The President's recommendations were contained 3n two messages i submitted to Congress in connection with repoi ts by the National Resources Committee. Mr. Roosevelt's recommendations were couched in general terms. He pointed out that some Federal legislation concerning energy resources expires this year, some in a lew more years. bram when J cra.'-hori nnd I 1 heading bdck toward Spok kept I and I never thought much iihout d y i n g or date. Shreck, 36, airport manager weather bureau fiiei, was sleeping i freezing lu d c n t h . I ju;-t kept going. the clock around u:\der influence of j "It Doomed to me I Jiad bcrn fio»ig sedatives. Ilii ordeal had been 50 j for v/erk.s and months u h e n I finally j ns it p.i^ed over New EngKmd and great that he couldn't sleep normally. , v^w the Mr.oke o* a f.umhnu^c. I | today was blowing itself out o\er He was brought home ycste'xijy I th broke, tne temperature reached 62 dcpi ec.c. ;m all-time record for thc It had dropped to a few de- bckm* freezing early today. oiiL-ht I'd novei- make it there." j northern Maine. from Coeur D'Alcne. Idaho, after his f lie did. nnri Nordall Amundson, J- iJcnvv rains sweJ! plane was wrecked in a blizzard nnd j the farmer, took h i m in Ji.te Tuesday, he "walked, rolled ;*nd crawled " 25 j fed him, -imi put Inm to bed. Shrcck miles to a farm IIOUM?. ; v , n s un.ible to slepp. After brc.ik- Shreck was unharmed when his j r as t, Amund-on hiUhed a of By WALLACE CARROLL United Press Staff Correspondent. LONDON, Feb. 10.--A decision to recognize the Spanish nationalist government, the speeding up of a gigantzc rearmament program and reported preparations for closest general staff cooperation with France marked the start today of a major British diplomatic offensive. It was indicated that m the four and a hall months since the Munich conference, when the democratic powers had to agree to the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia as the price of European peace, the British government, moving slowly and cautiously but with considerable determination, had perfected its diplomatic plans and was ready for action on them. The new policy seemed to be to recognize the apparently certain victory of the nationalists; to persuade the nationalists to send Italian and German troops home;' to cooperate more closely with France than at any j time since the World War; to exert every effort to overtake Germany in armaments. As regards the expected Italian claim lor satisfactions of "aspirations" at France's expense in the Mediterranean, the policy, worked out with France seemed to be to await the announcement of Premier Benito Mussolini's demands and to seek to grant those which could be granted without weakening the British or French positions, but in any case, to agree to no territorial concessions. The rapid development of Britain's post-Munich policy was shown yesterday by a series o£ apparently disconnected, but closely related announcements and reports: I. The disclosure that the cabinet three generations standing, waited in 1 had decided unanimously to grant the ibe county jail today- for removal to j Spanish nationalists de lacto recognJ- Most Respected Citizen Jailed For Embezzling PEOtUA, TH., Feb. 1G.--Willis W. The storm diminished in intensity j Crass, former banker and head of a ' socially pi eminent bnnkinp larnily of biplane was blown into a mounUun- side and wrecked early Sund sy "somewhere" in the Copper Mountain range in Id.iho, 50 miles of here. He Knew he was east of Spokane. He pried out thc plane's compass and, in his thick flying suit, began fighting hv-ge snow drifts down into the valley. Daylight came End went tin ec times, but Shreck lost count. He kept struggling, automatically after a time. "Sometimes I to roll over Vhe snow to keep from bogging down," he said. "Sometimes I waded. T never seemed to stop because my to lus old car and dragged it out: tnrough .snowdrift*- Ho put Shreck ir, it and drove him, from the Wolf Lodge ntMfihborhood. 25 miles northeast to Couer D'Alcne. Shietk estimated he crashed 25 miles enst of Amund5on','i bomf S'irecks' fret were finst-bitton. ITc olso Buffered some from exposure. His wife, who over their short-wave home radio set heard his report, that he was fdllinf;. could say only of his ci-cnpc: "It's wonderful." ' He never smokes or drinks," said j t m airport emploje. ''Hr always uses his head, too. Ycu'li notice he didn't forget hK compass." stale New York and ;he eastein Cru uhnas. Weathermen reported tor- i r n t s of water pouring down from mountain arens in northern New YoiJc. The Ncuio River in North ed rivers in up- a Fedeial prison to serve a four year term for mishandling bank funds. Until a month ago he was president of the Taaewcll County National Bank at nearby Delavan. Yesterday Federal Judge J. Leroy Adair sen- Caiolma, alrc.idy above flood stage, tenced him to prison for forgery and was btill liiing. Some re-.den is m { fallscation of accounts which had led renij along the river moved low J rind lo hifihci ground. The temperature at Chicago had dropped to 10 degrees above /.ei o early today and was expected to go to zero. WINNIPEG, Man., Feb. 16.--Three murderers marched single file to a gallows at Headmly prison today and were hanged, two simultaneously, for beating to death a woman dur~ : ng a robbery which netted them only $20. "William Kanuka, 41, and Peter Korezenowski, 29, dropped through the trap togciner after bidding brief "goodbyes" to official witnesses and a scattering of onlookers. Dan Prytula, 32, was the last to go. He stood on the gallows i.-nd murmured, "goodbye, everyone," as guards placed a death mask over his face. Several spectators answered, "Goodbye, Dan," as the trap was ?prung. All were farmers from Dauphin, Manitoba. They held up Mrs. Anna 2ot1ick, 81, at Fishing Rivci, near Dauphin, on May 13, 1938, and beat aer to death when she resisted. Her lusband, Elho. was injured seriously. Their trial, the longest m Manitoba court annals, matked two precedents in pruvmcifiJ criminal law; (1) Conversation beU.ucn the prisoners, overheard on a dictaphone n their cells, was admitted into the -ecord, and (2) it was the arst time -hree accused persons we: e sentenced to death for one murder. Their hangings marked tne first triple execution in the history of Manitoba. By United Press. HAHRISBURG, Feb. 16. -- The number of State unemployment compensation referees was reduced from 15 to seven because, under a new ruling adopted by the Board of Review, "appeals can probably be handled by seven, referees," Heview Board Chairman Robert L. Myers said today. Myers said cases involving tL wage discrepancies," formerly refened to 1 " the board and then handed ovei to a icforee before they were "completely investigated" by the unemployment compensation division, in the future will be handled so as to obviate appeals. Among the referees who resigned following the Social Security Board's reduction order was Jacob Echard, Union town. Mu-hael J. Boyle has been named referee in realigned District 6 with headc.uarters in Johnstov/n. Embraced In the district are Fay- cite, Somerset, Bedford, Greene, Indiana, Westmoreland, Washington, Cambria, Blair and Huntingdon counties. BANK AUTHORIZED TO SELL PROPERTY Fire Raging In Canadian. Insane Asylum. QUEBEC, Feb. 16.--A fire at the Beoup rt insnnc asylum previously beljcved under control broke out r c b l r n m in S nn c-mplovei anew in another section of the .r.ti- , ;]U d Vlo!alions of thc f',,. tut-on and was reported to be .spreads ,., mUl ,. ds Act whlch llils b First Wage-Hour Injunction Order Granted in Iowa ing rapidly at noon today. One panic-stricken patient apparently of a heart attack. asylum houses 2,000 insane. died.| The By United Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 36. -- The | Wagf^-Hour Administration announced today il had obtnnu-d in Slcux ] City, In., its first permanent injunc- | tion restraining nn employer fiom La bo been | efTcct since last October 1M. Swiss Recognize Franco. BERNE, Switzerland, Feb.. 15.-Following thc example of Euc, the Swiss government i ecogm/.ed the insurgent regime of General Tianco as the ruling Spanish goveinmcnt. Child Swallows Tills. John McGarnty, Jr., two years old, son or Mr, and Mis. John Mc- Gariity of Dunb. L*, R. D,, was admitted to ConneUviiJe State Hospital Wednesday nfier he had reportedly ^wallowed some pills at thc family home. Firemen to Hold Annual Banquet Tuesday Night A n n u a l banquet of the New Haven I lose Company and Band v/jU be held al 7 o'clock Tuesday evening, February 21, in the Greenwood Methodist Episcopal Church in South WmLh sircct. Approximately 130 persons me expected to attend the yearly fete, Fire Chiut William K. Debolt and chairman o: the committee on U L - rangemenlh, said. Invitations have been issued to city and county officials and a large number of them aie expected to attend. There will be entertainment by the Firemen's Band as well as a program of speaking. to shortages of more than $75,000. A year ago Crabb was the most respected citizen at Delavan, a community which his gradfather helped develop He owned a pretentious home and large tracts of farmland throughout central Illinois, and he was a leader in the county's civic and social life. broken, his Today he ill and money gone, the result which started last :is daughter-in-law, of adversities March when Betty Collison Crabb, 19, wife o£ his son, James, 21, was shot to death in his home. Young Crabb was accused of slaying his wife. She died in a second- fioor bedroom of the Crabb home after he had accompanied her to a gny drinking party celebrating their marriage three months earlier. He said she shot herself but later changed his story and said she had been shot ncciden tally while struggling with him for possession of a gun. He was tried on a charge of manslaughtei and the jury disagreed, A few weeks later he was convicted of perjury. That case is now pending on appeal before the state supreme court. Seanor Postmasters!)ip. Applications for fourth class post- mastership examinations for the Seanor ofiicc will be received until March 3. Temperatures Affect Development Of Hurnans, Belief of Scientists By United Pie PITTSBURGH, Feb. 1 G.-- Federal Judge Nelson McVicar today authorized George M. Smith, receiver of the Citizens National Bank of Connellsville, to sell the Adams warehouse property. 8D North Beeson avenue, Uniontown, lo Frank Andrews of Unjontown tor $3,400. The terms provided that one-third o£ the purchase price be paid in cash and the balance in two equal annual i By United Press. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 16.--Two | University o£ Cincinnati scientists with dec.-easmg frequency in the future " They said then study indicated that said, "rmiy be yu effective factor in (he reduction in human reproduction Ihnt is showing forth in so many of concluded todaj' that temperature j risirg world temperatures in recent j the most eneigctic population masses may have a pronounced effect upon "" ' '--'--' '- "·-" --·--' ' · growth and sexual development of humans. Dr. Clarence A. Mills, professor of experimental medicine, and Dr. Law- years have tended to halt what ] ol toaay." seemed to be a notabic increase in height and weight of college students. They studied student lieallh records of thc Universities of "Cincinnati, renee B. CheiKmeth, professor of i Wisconsin and Southern Cnliforn installments secured by a six per cent | g! O wth is hygiene, repotted on studies which, indicate that thc tide in human The rising world temperature, they turn. rig. mortgage. Thc leceiver also was j citing statistics which showed, for authpuzed o sell thc mortgage with- | example, that the average height o£ English soldiers incieaberi about four out turther order o£ the court. Hospital Patients. John Drotar of Belle Vernon, Mrs. Marguerite Fordyce of Dunbar, Minnie Gallagner of Grindstone and Anna -Jaslowski of West Leisenring have been odmitted 1o Connellsville State Hospital for treatment. Sails for Papal Election. NEW YOKK, Feb. 1C.--William Cardinal O'Comiell. archbishop of Boston, sailed Wednesday night aboard thc Italian liner Saturnia for Gibraltar, where he will change to thc liner Ncptuma to arrive in Rome February 28 and poiticipate in election of a ' to Pope Pius XI, The Weather inches in a ccr.luty and thai ot Amur- j Fair and not quite so cold tonight; ican college men about two inches in I Fi Jday inci eismg cloudiness with 50 years. Dr. Mills and Dr. Chi noxveth | slowly rising tempethtute, followed theorized that "a gnnvlh and de- by ram or snow m afternoon or night "Particularly interesting will be the development data on children born of Constitutionality Of Bituminous Coal Ad Upheld by Court WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.--A special three judge Federal court today upheld constitutionality o£ the National Bituminous Coal Act. The decision was presented in denying an injunction sought by the city 01 Atlanta, Ga. The city desired to restrain th£ commission irom promulgating minimum coal prices on. grounds the act was unconstitutional. tion. or recognition in fact, and to accord de jure or legal recognition a; soon as legal diffimlities had been worked out. 2. The announcement that the government was prepared to borrow altogether some £800,000,000 (S3.- 75,000,000) to spend on armaments under the five-year program which is to be completed in 1942. This program, including money appropriated Irom revenue, is to cost more than £1,500,000,000 ($7,035,000,000) in all, 3. The announcement that 60 new warships will be added to the fleet this year and that two more battleships, making a total o£ nine projected, will be added to the 1933 Program. 4. The report, 'which came Irom diplomatic quarters,' that France had proposed opening of new ge.'ieraj staff talks on full coordination of defense plans in the Mediterranean, the Near East and the Far East--and that Britain was expected to agree. 5. .The passage by the House ol Commons late last night of a resolution "that in the light of considerable activity by various foreign, govern-- ments in the field of propaganda by means of the press, broadcasting and films, the ~ house urges the government to pay more attention to publicity and to render wholehearted moral and financial support to schemes which, will make certain of effective presentation of British news abroad." HOME, Feb. 16.--A semi-official bulletin o£ the Informazione Diplo- matica, close to the foreign office, said today that Italian volunteer* will not be withdrawn from Spain, until General Francisco Franco himself says their task is finished. Morrelt "Corrigan" Recovers in Hospital Although slowly recovering from the effects of buJng locked in a sealed i/cighl car for a week without food or water, Russell C. Donaldson, 16, during the world-wide warmth 1930-1935," the scientists sa.d. . They explained that foremost alcjon cl Mcrnd. must remain at factors of biologic response Ule J - B - Thonas Hospital at Pea- velopment peak has been reached and passed." "For several generations children have quite ger.eially exceeded their parent.^ in stnlurc and earhnes^ of pubeity onset.' 1 they reposted. "This phenomenon bfcmo ukely lo occur the noon wcathti foiecast for Western Pennsylvania Temperature Record. 19S9 1038 Maximum 45 33 Minimum 14 2? -Mean 30 il) among that may indicate human trends is the dom xintio.i exercised over body metabolism and cumbustive processes by the ease or difficulty of heat loss. "Nutritionists and dietary experts have hcM th^t improvement in human growth and development to be largely n result ot mats betterment in dietary and hygienic standards and Uiey a i e p r 'obofa]y correct to a considerable degree," tney repotted. "But behind such improvement lies also thib other basic factor of ease of body heat loss which cannot be overcome or coimtei balanced through 1 it had arrived at Paabody. dietary cha:inei=," |Kussel became IS xeStt'S °- d TWO BELOW AT ROARING RUN While xhe cold wave sent the thermometer to a low ol 14 above zero ia CoimellsviUe during the night, Fayette county's "ice box"--Roaring Run--in the Indian Creek Valley, reported a reading of two below zero this morning. It was the coldest place in the region as other districts showed temperatures ol from five (o 15 above zero. Thc mercury was making some gains during the day and the sou of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Don-i weatherman said it would be "not quite so cold tonight," forecasting slowly rising temperatures tomorrow with either snow or rain in the afternoon. While Roaring Run had two below zeio, nearby Indian Head bad a leading ot five above. Connellsville's low at The Courier was 14 above with a mark of 20 recorded at 10 A. M. Baltimore Ohio Railroad figures Irom VJMOUS poinU along the line bhowed: Pittsburgh. 12; Opekisfca, W. Va., 10; Morgantown, 15; Smithficld, week, woid body. Mass., f a r at least a physicians sain, according t received heie, feet ot (he boy, wlio ran away Irom home because his rather would not let h : m see his girl friend every night, were badly frozen and require careful attention, according to Dr. Alexander J. Kotarski, 't was said. RubbCll had boarded the freignt U d i n which ne believed was headed Tor Florida. The car, loaded with sewer pipe, was sealed at Uhrichs- , Ohio, and was no: opened untl Mass. , eight; Connellsville, 10; Somerset, six; Johnstown, eight; Sand Patch, eat. ami Rockwooo, sixj

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