The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 3
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'! HtTRSDAY, Fl'IDRUARY 20, 1030. DAILY PA. FAGE NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Special to Tlia Courier. SCOTT1MMO, l'»i SO Tlio a n n u a l Junior cla«h ]lay ot 1 no ICast lluntin:;- dor Ille;h School w is profiiled last evening to a IIOUM n -which standing room wa,t at ,i {iicnihirii. Mls.s .lean Jo1Tii\ d i i o c ied tho p!a\ w h i t h had an u n u s u a l } KKM! i ast and showed a b i l i t y to l i t Miss Aileon M r O l a i n , tho art sitppi vlsoi, liad charge of the d c i o r i t i o n s M i s . Kll «o ( 1 hud r h a r g p H tho imisu K l g i u i WHS the stag manager play was "A '.kmplo of M i l l i o n " part woie: Jam« I K / o r t as Be nils B e n n l n K t o n Frank IxHiunon as lion Jeremy W-'se; Cash Metsgai, as James P a t r i c k U u i n s "ritubb", Bon Baldwin, a;-, l'rfos»a-or Noah J.kb'i, OHls Duumlro, as Beverly lxman, .l*-ck Andrish, as Squire I'lpci , Floi- John, at. Fay I'"airb inks; Doris Aspe.v, su Mrs. Clariio Ccurtenay, MHdied Hart, as CJe-ievtev M t l u U y , IClhol ( Sllxson, is Sdniinlj Hell Porter, and j K a t h l e e n Vance as Pink. j l.lbniry ( otnnilltee. President W ' Stouor of tho I borough council has, appointed on the i'bniry committee, J»n«j L iteyiio-lds, I ester Ii. Smith :md H a n v 1^ Bell. 'I his cot'iimiUeo h is been named fol- , lowing the adoption ot a motion at | I le Mondaj night mooting of council | whereby it wan dei Hied that a commit- | tee from council should meet w i t h a lommtttfo the school board might ap- lolut and the ' I ' w a r y trustees and fO thoroughly i n t the matter of tho llbra-iy, so that ouncll nxav i n t e l l l - I gently set the rat lage on thb. It the | itchool board does not appoint a committee, the counc 1 committee w i l l go ahead and meet tho Hbrarj tiustce., and work on the iroblem. The htirar.s ··eport for J a n u a r y shows thnt a total of 6,434 books were taken tor home leading This la 4SK book.s less than were taken home in J a n u a r y , l!2y It was stated that tho reason foi thi^ because t h e r j \v«»ro no new Iwoks in and I hat tho library wai losing Us. oldct eaders The report siiows that only 11 books were added to the library la. t month and that 31 readeiH a r d a w i r e ihsned d u r i n g the past m o n t h . Ot this number 21 jusenllo and 10 ,,du t Societj The M i s » l o r , u \ Society ol St Paul's L u t h e r a n Chun I mot at tiie homo ot Mra George trie v In K v e i b u n avenue last evening M r s V H Mi'lor was, the- leadei Kcllo-wing the business m » e t l n K ard jiiogram, a social hoin waa held M r s \Va!tei U Haines w u s joint hobteis wit i M i s I ' l e i y in entei- Go to your druggist to night a ad buy a packae of Epsotabs.Take two Ep sotabe at night for con stipation relief in th morning.You will get ri of all tiie poisonous foo waste that is cloggin your system. Easy t take, no griping, no ii convenience. Once tried, you will always have a package handy. Two mzn, 25c and SOc package i. Write for free sample. THE DILL COMPANY Norrtstown, Pa, Women o f t h u S ( o t t d a ! e B a s e b a l l " ( l u b w i l l h o l d a caul p u t at the iiuuoiy i n Tuoa lay ovontus. March I There w i l l be l o t h the h u n d r e d and bridge Mist, Lunik' H o u t r h t i c h a l i yuan of ' h e t o n m i i t e o in c h a i g e Tho 1 l.i tti K-ktth I jdgo heltl .1 iiiosl on l o v a b l e a i d p a r t . Hi tin- \ | 0 ( I H P l l d l l I Jo t M ' l l l U K A l l s -I U K i r i g w a v w a s i h a u n i a u of t h e tom- m i l t o o In t H ir£!3 Cullor 1-uiH't-ul Jrhluy. The u n i c i a l i - i v l K - h for James H C u l l e r , H7 f a r old. who died U hih lionie hi M u l b e i r y stroci Ttichdaj DVC- u t i u , w i l l be i f l d I'^iiday a f t e i n o o n at 2 o'clock at t h e home Inlet m e n t w i l l be made i n tho KcotHUlo Ceme- t e r y . Mr. CuMci Cor a n u n i b n i oC \ e a r s was siipM i n f e n d c - n t "f t h o Mt 1 - CHiio m i n e s , \\ vwis w e l l k n o w n la this ( O i n m u u i t Ho is survived by lus w i f e . M i s Me I us a. C'lillt-r, anl one sou. Orbhi, at I onv- A bi other, Presley C u l l o , who l i v u d nexi door, died laht wt- K. 01 her o«s. Mr and Mts Hvn M i l l e i and dausjh- t e i , J t u n i , b j ) c n t Tin siluy in P i t l h b n r g . (! 1^ O i l t i i t h and U e o i R o \V ( j o r d o n a t t t i u i t d a b i s h u . s s meotiiis; oC tho ^ P i u d e n t u t i l i - , u u u u e C'omixiuy in (Jieeiibburg Ti osday. M i s I..PO N SKimi) visited in Cou- iieU.svillu yi'ati iday. By l u q u e s t Hie f o u r m e m b t i s "t ·the Portmghtly Musiu Club, Mitt. Samuol V \ a r d o u , Mra. Howard Stotier, Mrs. Thomaa Jones an t Mrs. M. W. lloiner 01' M o u n t Pleiusant w i l l present "The Old Maids' Te.i P.irty" tor the Monday Muah 1 C l u b i t Hb Meeting Monday evening. Co-«st Guardsmen Jn Distress. I;L,A.ND, M i c h , Fob. 20. -TWO boatloads ot Coat Giumtsmeii who had boon Ic-e bound In L,akt Michigan IHCO 11 A. M yesterday were soiuiiug up distress flares oat'ly thia mornluK us they ruud i slow progress toward 1,eland. Threj Hurt In Blast , Ohio, Fob. ^0.--Three men \voro injured, two soriously, when a Nickel PI ito locomotive blew up near hero lai t night. Tho Injured aro tbo engineer, d, biakoman, and tho fireman. UBO Classified Ads. They brio* roaolta. Before Baby Comes comfort and ease The muicles, tl»9ues · net n e r v e s must "nre" easily »s the abdomen enlarges or much pain and sutler- Sng may resul'. Mote important s t i l l , ia to have the tis.ii «3 »nd muiclcs a» "slaatic' an pos»ible %v ten the xrtat moment *·£ LbUd- Bvrth arrivci Countless thousands of expectant mothers for ov«r 60 ye r, have been relieved by the u s e o f - M o t n e r s ,, t ¥H«nd" -- h t time-Mother's mend tested, sci e 11 i i u a l l y - , prepared s k u , Hibri- lessens DElll cant »ntl pain reliever * ·which orli'inti v d in the prescription of an eminent obstc ncian. You owe y j u r i e U the comfort "Mother's Tfiend" gives during the u n i t i n g months It Iti »e.soothing »ud reUxlng! It is not a diug t* be taken It it. used extc nally only-- ·Tmtly rubbed into the slcln. Clean and r,le,;s- «nt to the ouch. Bring! relief promptly. V«y valuable in keeping the breasts in good conTiuon. Al o puts you in fine ahape for th, ««proachi ( |,r (h orde»I Kr . enii . ^ ^ ^ ^ K r i f » a 01 a l l drug stores $1 2S per bottle JT A C vJ _. a passage with it tonisjht a. d notice the e»te and --ornfort ft gives. A booklet en "Things now Beft re Bab? Comes" will be mailed ' Duci^s Wife Sues Ralph Goe Named On School Board At Vanderbilt ial to Tlio C o u i l e i . . - , F o b 20--Ralph Opo been plct-ted a member ol t h e Board oJ HtlucrtUon, hiicceetllng Di. ,j U. Ha!ett w h o has removed to \Vavnesbu: ^ !\rr Uoe n i l ! a.ssumo his duties at Lhc next session ot t h i \ directorate, the H i s t M o n d a y i n M a i c h J l o had -.eiverl on the board lor a t o i m , somr time »K". and Is rer.aided as a v a l u a b l e a d d i t i o n . Hand Plans Concord. Th© A m e r i c a n Jjpgioii Uoni'munity Hand lias i n a u g u i a l w l plans for another S P I K S o f indoor concerts w h i c h In all p i c b . i b i i l t y will be prrsentexl tlurtng the m o n t h of M a r c h The time and pUce of the programs will bo woiked out by a c o m m i t t e e w h i c h wan appointed Tucbday night at tho meeting o-f t i e Vauderbilt o r g a n i z a t i o n . Thoso on the fommittoo a t o Curie C. Collina, Edwaul Marotti, K d w a i d Mll- lei, John A. Shutsy, Paul H. Collins and J o h n S. Pratt, latrons Day Friday. A v e t interesting program, will bo presented on. Friday afternoon at the local public bchool hi observance oi 1'attons Day. The pattons, parents and f r i e n d s are invited to attend the uMcmonSi-8 which a i o to take place in tho aJlteruoon Tho morning vieita- t t u n s w i l l be devoted to the regular w ork Mrs. Marguerite Knoae de Kerek- jnrto, top, wealth / Cleveland tea room proprietress:, who stood by licr talented violinist husband, Duci, beloy, thr ugh a $50,000 breach of prornuo suit, brought by a New York dancer, has filed suit for divorce in Cleveland, charging non-suy port and gross neglect. She sa ra he left their home last July and never has ro- turned.. ^* STATE FOREST LAND PLANTATIONS COVER AREA OF 2,485 ACRES IIAKIUSBTJRG, Fob. 20 --"Today Ui-ere aie forest tree plantations on state to-oat land In this district covering ar area of 2,4«5 acres, and compiling 3,181,000 foroat treo ^eed- Hriga," naya Dlstricl Foreatw Paul H M u l i o r d o£ W-olUsboro, iu charge of th« Tioga IH«trict, in .t htatora^nt issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters today. Planting has boen going on at stato forest and la Tioga county for 20 years, according to Lho article. A hole in made by a rtu-m with a mattock, who is followed by a wxxmd man who places the boedllng In tho hole and tamp^ m the toots with a uwillet or stono. The average .spacing glv-eu llio trees la 4x1 foot. This ·spacing, howcvor, Is being a!«mdon«d in favor of Gxfi foot. Seedlings two or thru* j c a i a old uro usually us«d Only 14 6 acras of the plantings, or OOI of tho total ac;rca« . Is ivo boon destro od by lire hlnct t l m planting began In this district. Plai tings miiht lx* followed up from c a r to year, filling In tlie spac««s where trees ha\e died, says Multoril, to pT(v'tit weoda froni growing up in tho?e npa-«H. l/lkow'ise, volunteer growtl-s of worthless spcci'M must bo Liean«J out. Mount Pleasant Special to ' he Courier, MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 20.-- Yes- teiday was a record breaker In attendant at the clinic i inducted under the auspices of the K."l'Croh« at the Ked Ciohfe ioojji« in Chi rch ttreet. Sevonty-four bal les v»ere in attendance and WPTO we,?hed and measured and gone over car* fully by Mtes Clara IS. Oloor, (he c-onu itaiity nurte. Klght new bable« were bj ought In Two s«'tB of t w l t i b are on lh Lllnlc recorcit,, OIHI o£ boyij and one ol ,?hlf. ButUiry (Jufe 1'ostponed. Harry K. MHlei of Acme WHS the defendant in an i.8«ault and battery case before Justice o£ the Peaco Frank Eicher at hia office laat evening. Maude Miller, a sister o Harry, v/aa tho picee-cutor. The caso wan postponed until next Monday evening. Ijonl Tipple Burned. The lire deuartfiiwit wae callwf to a fire alon# the no / concrete road between Hecla and Hurst Jllgh Bchool this morning. Tt e firemen found au old cal tipple thai, had been, used dur- R tho war on i re. There wae a shanty there and It waa thought tlmt some peraon had been Bleeping In tho shanty nnd sot It on lire. C. of C. Dinner Tonfgrbt. The Morchant.' Division ot the chamber of oorain tree will hold a dinner at the Unit d Brethren Chnrh social rooms thli evening and will havo na Ihelr % tieete a delegation Irom Now Hethlehum Chamber of Coin- Girl Injured. Ilouo Mateyko, ID yearn old, employed at the Pi'yce Brothers glass factory, suc'ered a sovere- laceration of the arm yeter lay morning and was to tho Men orial Hospital. At tin HotipJUU. Cltarle« AZathe. y, 13 y«ara old, son of Mre. Sara Mi theny of Jonee Mill, and Nelllo Nujje it, elglit yoare old, daughter o[ M r nd Mns. J. F. Nugent, underwent thiOi t operations at (ha JIojpl',il yesterday. Confluence , Feb. 20--Beautiful spring-like weather prevails here and Is raurh welcomed by everybody. Quite a number In the surrounding cxnint'-y have opened their gugar campi;. and are manufacturlag maple sugar and maple jnolasaes. Mra Ira Cris« ot Soaxerfleld "was a recent visitor with trlende iu town. Mr. and Mre. Charles Pvecknor of Johnson Chapel ware among the vislto)-H Jn town ye-sterday. Mn Mttrgaret Ale-xaudor Is im proving from a recent revnre illnees. Bruce Troulle, a Baltimore Ohio Railroad conductor of OonnellevlHe wae u visitor w i t h friend 3 Iwre ye«- terda '. M i - Harry Campbell went to 'Meyc-i-sdale yc*treday to visit ft lands. Miss Stella Heinliaugh left yesterday for Somereot for a visit with friemlB. Mr. and Mrs. Charlt* Stark have retuned from a visit with tbelr son- In-law and daughter, Mr. and; Mra, J. CorrUtau in Willdnsburg. Dr Joseph E. Smith ot Braddock was a professional visitor at the Fran'2! Hospital here yesterday. Anirew Conghenour left yesterday for cu extended visit to Jxw Angeles, Calif, and other points on tho Paclflo Coas t. Looking for Bargain! 1 It BO, read the adTertlstog column* of Th* Dallj Courier. Death. une, lftb. 20, -A niar- t8«n« Dupoi ge, told a tho iK)llG ot the mur- nd by hev lovor. Hhe ad l«jen bulled In a ? fallad to rows! any huttband wi-ote tiom in to uay ho was alive vito H beinK mentally \ilvfrtl8enients resul**) »lum plaood in tti« ooi- ot TtM» D Uly Ooutter. ICTAMIMCB, Pi il«Hl woman, JAK Kraphlo Btory to dor oE her husb. Mild tho body field, tut dlKirln traoo. Then th u nelghborlue Eii and w«U. The Something New Start Tonight and Every Thursday Night at 9:30 TIHNE US ON WJAS --and see what the Devoe man lias to say. Bee or call M. Bernardo for any other information, IVL Bernardo 5 10c Wall Paper Co. AU Grades of Wall Paper Wholesale uud HotuiL Phone »C8. I l l West Apple Htreel, Connellsvillo, Pa, " ONDEMNING SHADOWS" "Comung events cast their shadows before ' 'r?%$" '"'' " -"' Y ' ^\^m AVOIC THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining f om ovor-tndul- genco, if you '/oufd maintain the modern fl jure of fashion Women who priz seductive curves-proper form, cat h« ish excessive ness --be moderate in tempted to excess, stomach, reach fc cast their !,bado-« by avoiding over-i lithe, youthful, m the modern figure with its subtle, ·ou men who would keep that trim, althfully but not immoderately. Ban--eliminate abuses; Be moderate ill things, even in smoking. When vhen your eyes are bigger than your r a iutky instead. Coming events $ before. Avoid that future shadow idulgence if you would maintain that idem figure; lucky Sfri ce, the finest Cigarette a man over smoked/ made of the finest toljacc j--The Cream of the Crop-"IT'S TO AS TED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so ''TOASTING'' not only remves Impurities but adds to the flciivor and improves the taste* (ft* It's toasted" Voui; Throat Protection--against irritation--against cough. * -o i! . . Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tab* c uack "and-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year ate *Bo Moderate! lets or other c uack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions ot dollars each year ·wasted on the .e ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate We do not represent that smoking Lucky Str ka Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction cf flesh. We do declare that when temptedio~"dc youirself too well, if you will "Reach for a lu«k£" instead, yoi. will thus avoid over-indulgence in things tlia c cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, ma ntain a modern, graceful form. TUNH IN-- The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coas Mo-coast network of the N. B. C © 1930, The Amtrtcan Tobacco Co., Mfr«. ' (Gladiaiors of the Ring Meet m Miami Feb. 27 JOHNNT RIBKO. TITTOniO CAJfPOtX). A« the gong 90UJ1. a in th« ring at Miami on Februwry 27, in one of the most beralde. fintic btftits of rec«at times, J»ck Sharkey, of Boston, will me* Phil Scott, of England, in a match which t*rry tho yjctorj oag another atey «n tfee ro*d to^to* Mu I throne. Johnny Bi iko, the Cleveland rubbnr mtn,' 1« «cbednl«d fa a aett» with VtttoiA pampolo, «i fra jlpUt'll|i T i« t*»* bout. " i l l i i f i i I M I I mi*miH »

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