The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY,'MAY 24, life K. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Oh-h-hhhBoy! ·^ What Straws Those jaunty, stylish, serviceable sailors! Soft natural-color leghorns so popular ·with professional and business men. Panamas in every size and all good shapes! Baliluks, those extra fine soft hats for men who want the very best. Never such a showing in Connellsville or all Fayette county. H.50, *2, $3, $4, $5, $10 Sailors $2 to $10--MUans and Leghorns $1.50 to $10--Panamas $3.50 to $10. Still a Sailor for $2.00--and a good one--showing no increase in price over last year. Other Sailors in many dimensions--some with, soft, head-conforming brims--at $3 and on up to $10. Dozens to pick from. A five-dollar bill still buys an excellent Panama, and with some you get a dollar-and-a-half in change. Special shapes for the smartly dressed young man and men of more conservative tastes. · Leghorns, Milans and Baliluks-^-those soft straws de luxe--were never shown in such variety in Con- neHsrllte. Pay handsome service returns on every cent invested. Get YOURS While the "Pickins" Best--Hat Means NOW. I N HIS OWN interesta of stylish and more economical dressing every man and young man should see our-Spring Suits $15 to $25 to $45 ' Never in.-our history hare we had a stock of better tailored Spring Suits. XThese suits bear the Wright-Metzler label, our pledge that guarantees you up- to-the-minute style and tailoring, and workmanship of the very best. I^odels '. here from makers who specialize only in conservative clothes for business and professional men--just as our young man's styles are made by young men's .specialists. For instance, the model illustrated here, is one o{ the mack desired mflitarj effects rrith the fire seam or panel back and raised sleeve shoulders. Tailored in the iandsoffle flfiiv **Glen Bock" fabric it is exceedingly |MpnJar with all joung men. The interest of well-dressed men will be centered in such suits because they are so richly typical of the best in clothes craft. Investigate particularly our showings at $30, $35, $40 and $45. itratth For Warm Days "NO-WATE" SUITS $12 to $25 No weight--no ' lining and just the clothes to bring you the greatest hot-weather comfort you have ever known. o/.'Shown: in quite a variety of bptK light and dark-colored fabrics in all sizes 33 to 46. , Limited Number AUTO CASINGS 25% Off List Price These are the well known and liked Pennsylvania Auto Casings with the long mileage guarantee. Autoists will find this saving very welcome these days of high I motoring costs, and should lose | no time in investigating this offer. For Outdoors SWEATERS $1.50 to $12.50 Men's and Boys' styles and sizes. A special Men's Sweater in heather, regular $10.00 value at 7.50. Come in and try on the new Tom Wye jacket--a new coat for sports wear thai', retails at $12.50. TO THE WORKING MAN Many -wonder why it is that working clothes are constantly getting scarcer and higher in price. But when one stops to consider that the government'has taken over a big percentage of the materials from which overalls are made and in many instances portions of the factories where they are made, it is all very plain. We have on hand at the present time large stocks of good'working clothes--not as large as we'd like to have them--but large enough to permit hundreds of men to profit by our lower prices before present supplies are exhausted. Our advice to you. is buy now and buy a plenty. Crew, ex quality, plain bine, -- Union Suit (Overalls, $3.00 each. O^ stUel stripe, $2^5 each, ~ B ^' ^ eraUs ' "* ** * 1J «"* "Our Own" Hake, $1.50 each. Hickory Stripe, $1.00 eacii. --Boys' Slip-Overs $1-00 each. Boys' EJuUd Pants, $1.00, $1.50., --Men's Work Pants $2.50. --Men's Kiimki Pants $1.25 to $3. --Work Caps 15c to 50c. --Dress Pants up to $10. Beginning Friday, an important, early season sale ot Coats that affects every ladies' and misses' coat, in our entire'Spring stock. P l e n t y of time to have the new Coat ready b ··; Memorial Bay and at the same time reap the benefits oE the follovring savings: -One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Coats-Priced Regularly up to $39.75 Now $28.50 Charming Coats, styled to the minute and perfectly tailored are included in this lot a.t .avings that amount in some cases to as much as $11.25 on every purchase. We can't remember of any other offer ever made before Decoration Day that begins to compare with this one in either savings offered or the natural charm of the coats themselves. ' Kvery new color, every wanted material, every good style advanced for Spring and Summer is represented. All sizes for women and misses. One Lot Ladies' ane Misses' Coats-Priced Regularly up to $55.00 Now $38.50 Commencing Friday you are offered one lot of Coats that formerly sold up to $55.00 for only $38.50. Figure up the saving and see if you can match it elsewhere. In this lot. are Coats for all purposes-l sports, motoring, utility and dress. No smarter or more serviceable materials have been advanced this season and there couldn' a more handsome array of colors. It is-to every woman's advantage to invest! this group immediately. . Every Other Woman's Coat in the Store is Substantially Reduced--There Are No Exceptions As a Parting Gift to Your Soldier Boy Select a Dressing Case Khaki Dressing Cases for Army and Navy men are here in splendid rariety and containing aH toilft necessities, at $1.25 to $5.00 each. One special case is in an amiMiaUy crood j^rodp nf khaki and bound trith narrow khaki leather. The fittings arc of practical size. Price $$.50. Dozens ot other appropriate sift suggestions for soldiers, including trench mirrors, money belts, diaries, and military brushes. SPECIALS! In Ladies' and Children's HOSIERY --500 PAIRS women's fibre silk hoot hose, black, white and SOUK: colors. 75c values, special at 65c pair. --100 PAIRS Boys' fast black hose, medium and heavy ribbed, sizes 6£ to 10%, regular price 50c, special at S5c; 8 pairs $1.00. --350.PAIRS women's fine silk hose, double lisle top, double heel and toe, reinforced foot. Sizes 8% to 10. in black and white. 51.75 values $1.35 pair; 3 pairs i»4.0ri. ,\"o more than three pairs to one customer. --150 PAIRS women's fine lisle hose in sizes BV: to 954, regular ai 50c. Special at 35c pair; 8 pairs $1.00. --300 PAIRS infants' fine Australian ribbed cashmere hose, silk heel and toe, 5Qc value. special at 3Sc pair. One Lot Ladies' Dresses Regularly Priced to $22.50 One Lot Ladies' Dresses Regularly Priced to $32.50 Not a sample Dress in either lot, every garment being chosen from our own regular stocks and marked down for this sale. Distinctive models in silk, serge and combinations, styled for every purpose. No woman or miss needing another aew frock should miss seeing these groups. 14.95 18.50 One Lot Ladies Suits Regularly Priced to $39.75 One Lot Ladies' Suits Regularly Priced to $55.00 Two important lots of women's and misses' Spring suits that challenge the admiration of sll who see them. The savings are unusual [or so early in the season and should have your immediate attention. In addition to these extra special lots, every other suit in the store,--ladies', misses' and stout women's models--is substantially reduced in price. There are EO exceptions. Profit as you buy. Kayser's MARVEL FIT UNION SUITS Foi- Women Finished with typical Kayser skill and excellence. New fiat back seams and sii other uew and exclusive features:-- 1.--Fl»p» remain constantly closed. 2^-'Fnll seat gives ample room. ' 3.--Crotch is made strong. 4.--Double rroTCn gnsaet. a.--Back tailored narrower than front. , G.--No slipping from the shoulders. Rand or shell tip, loose shell trinuned knee. Resm- lar and extra sizes at $ti'J, $1.50, $1.7o and S2.00. i This is the week to do your utmost for the American RED CROSS Brave American lads in France are paying you back rnanv fold every day. Let it not be said we failed them in any manner, when a few dollars means so very much. COKE REGION DRAFTED FOR DURATION OF THE WAR As BesiiH of Friendly ChaDen- ~**ges Between Agencies of TO SPEED UP PRODUCTION Is the Fledge;" Believed . War Speakers Cu Xore Effectively Stir M«u to an Appreciation of the From The "Weetoly Courier. The earnest rivalry between the move it. The latter governmental agency accepted the gage and buckled down to clearing the traffic situation to the extent that it felt warranted in asking the Fuel Administration 1 to match the performance by producing more fuel for the railroads to haul. To'meet this situation the Fuel Administration has in turn drafted the coal and coke producers-for an intensive program of increased production for the duration of the war. At least that is the interpretation operators place on the call madi; through Warren S.. Blauvelt, director ot the coke division of the Fuel Administration, when,, at the meeting with some ot the conditions which affect the industry and efficiency of the coke workers as a class, are inclined to regard the pledge as idealistic rather than practical. They will cheerfully make a test of it and give ' concentrated attention to its inauguration, realizing that they are not (reed of any obligation to do their utmost in carrying out the plans, suggestions and orders of the Fuel Administration. The impression' is strong, especially since Trooper Scott was so enthusiasticaily received ai Uniontown, Republic and -Masontown, in his vigorous appeals to the men to "stay on the job," (hat much more can be accomplished by missionary work of this kind, in the direction of 'impressing men with their individual responsibility in winning the war, than by any other means. In furtherance of this idea arrangements are being made to have this forceful . with the operators, on -Monday, he I an a interesting speaker make a nioro Railroad Administration and'the Fuel urged both operators and workers to e^ended'toilr of the .coke region at a Administration as .to which shall [pledge themselves to "100 per cent later date. ' Conditions throughout the region last week were without notable, change from the preceding week with pe object in [pledge .... _ _ . .. " prove to be taa most potential factor I concentration" with the to speeding-up'the- production and view of swelling output to the maxi- movement of-ciial and coke, has re-; mum. ,'Jed in a series of friendly chal- I "Willing as the coke producers have ;es. In order of Issue 'he series with a dare from the Fuel Ad- ,tion that it couH : deliver all fuel the country needs on board at point of production if the Administration wjuld only the cars and motive power to the possible exception that there was auction was cut as much as 25 or 30 per cent through shortage of men and at still others proportionately less. A few plants made only four days' actual running time; some five, while many had a nominal sii-day schedule, but less than five days' production. | i With the improvement in car supply j | there has also come a change for the I I better in the placement rules. Under j orders to make this service as prompt | I as possible, and with, a view to pre-; j venting delays in drawing ovens, in- i structions have been given the rail- ' j roads to complete the placing of emp- j ties by one o'clock in the morning.' It '· for any reason there is a delay of five minutes or more, a full explanation ' of the cause must be made. Coke car supply this week has been ' on the 100 per cent basis, but loading : has not. Monday was another of the i many frequent recurring observances ' of church holidays, and few plants escaped the inconvenience of' having to hold over a ' number of ovens that could not be drawn or charged for lack of men. Estimated production for the week ending Saturday, May 18, made- chant, 139,350, gains of 1,530 and 630 tons respectively. Patronize those who advertise, CBder i'cw Management. A Clean Quiet Place for Your Family to Eat. Let Us Know What You Want and How You Want It GOOD SERVICE. --o-Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. been to act promptly and energeti-j a steady but'slow recovery, from the j slight gain to a total of 343,270 tons. cally on any. and 'every suggestion, or to employ auy and every measure, artifice or device, to insure a larger output, they are just a trine dubious as to the eEectiveness of the Pledge _. r __ ._^ ___ idea. They, bavins a' greater intimacy ' siderable stock coke. A^ others pro- . . effects of ihe voluntary lay-off of ! Distributed by districts the production ' was; . Connellsville, 384,607 tans, a gain of 792 tons; Lower Connellsville, 158,663. tons, a gain'of. 1,368 tons, or a total gain of 2,160 tons. Furnace oven production was 203.-920 tons; mer- workmen. Car-supply kept up close to.'lOO per cont'.throushout the week, permitting some plants, haying a sufficient forco. of men, to pick .up con- VP TO TFUfl MAJV. Tou get hair -fv-hen you use our BALD HEAD HAIIt, GROWER.! Telephone and ask questions. Billy Font. Scottdale's Um £S ;i»t. PATEOBTIZE HOME MERCHANT*, WHO ADVERTISE UST THIS PAPER

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