The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1930
Page 2
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U P T I L E DAIL.Y COURIEIR, CONNELL* V1LL.E, PA. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20, 1930. { J I vllL] s . S i \ M HOM h I I O N O U I 1 II W I T H 1 V U l ' V dKirles and Mun Uowe t w i n soni ol Mr and M i - i t ui k Kowt» ot South JOighth s t i t t t CM "iwotxi, wore honored · w i t h ,\. ! ' t i l y iriiuiged p a r t y Welncsl ij a t t t noun at the UOV.L homo 1 hi jiar \ \\.ii slveri by \Iin Howe und «-. t mo-,1 «njO}.ibl** u(ca i- lou Hit lioiu wMt t i o m 1 lo t oMotk (lii)i.u* w h i c h lime gamin u p i c fnjoM-il )v the giu-its The p r i / e \ \ l ^ ^ \\ 1 ! U I t -' i l l ! I ' l l l l l l l l ' I lid Lilt \ l i i t i t lu'on \\ i-, -\n\ In M i l Rowt., tl^"il I l - U l l l S I i M t l l l l K l H O W O ( l i . n l * « u n d Su i % v e i e Mi r i t l p s-nlb i i i. n u m b t i ot i i o t n s?ut-, ( i t u s t s \ s « . i I'jliuoi ii! I j A H ' i l l i I ' h u n U k I'r! i\ Ki cumin lloidiy HoopfM l i n k l {.mm J i n btintli J i m KiMlv Fo'A I u l l i , Joint Hat I / Kuh.inl K')-tiu lit- i e l d \ \ i t l . Vt i- vin J)t liol! I J o i i U v n I D m i t l i y H» MIU.HS Oi THPIBl.l- t U'B viu. (u:srs AT u M m ON Membeis of the Sil .pi 'I h1ml)lc ( lab i\ p i e trusts ot Mrs ri T U e n l o i d at ,1 ! o i l o c K Ituuhcoi w - i U M d a y a l t e r noon at hei Itnino 1 I j i n o o l n a v m u e at v h t c l i plttcc^ w r *" amingetl trJ H l i P ' n uc i sous T i e hn n a t i o n s ot t h p home and all th a p p o i n t m e n t s o* t h o luntheoit v c r o in Keeping with W.iihn j U j n s BirtJi l.iv Tlu aftc-i- n in ^vus BtlMMi o\ i to games and 18 IH V WOTl 'tin n e i t m^otim w i l l be ai UIP homo nl } i J a c o b U u i l ol I V U I I U 111 t W O \M Cl ^ JOLI.l IIFt I S Chi- J o l l I ! mot Wi'diu-Mlm of Mrs C l \ d ( !,'S. J , t V \ { UI IK w ol K . U n i u t ) i h o m e ' ot ( tu s t u n I streot. There \\ is ,\ s h o i i husim ·' moenn^, .iflPt w h i c h ihe . i f U ' t n o u i i was given o\ r to Cane v w o i k \11 members wen present ' I m i o w u ^ also oae SUPM, Mrs Co.rl \S G c e u c n o£ this city I uncU w a s served '1 tie next meeting will be he'd M a u h 5 in the homo of Mrs, John I/owi-rv of. South, Connr-Heville GIItLS CIRCLE WILL HA I, tJHtRtiK OF M t J T1MJ The'Woman's Missionai v Soeielv ot the First Wethodlat Protesfxut Chiuih will meet ton ght at 7 30 o clock .u tho church The- girls circle will have charge of the devotion.ils ami ^oual featuio of tho meeting 1'he flt-,1 I«b- aon from the study book 'Kioin Jerusalem to .Jerusalem ' will Vc on j tJuctd A li ri;e attendance ot the membership u requested | OBSERVAMT, OF WORLD 1R.Y1 K K DAY I V tHRIbTTAN 'IiriU'H ' A program in obbenanc? ot World Prayer Day v/ill bo pre8fiit"! Fiidav afternoon, M. reh 7. tn tho C h i w t U n C'hurch Women of tho vanous mis Hionaij ' o t i i l l t o tE th« local i hui c her, wilt takf pa f in the progmri T u i t h p r ii l a n g o n u n t 1 - tor tho cplebiation ol tho fla \ \ i i l l e announced lat^r P. \. K. »0 If I N ^ I L J . Ari'FM) LI M'MKOV \ iiunitx i of m em be is ot P h i l i p r t o t n i c i n ( U, pti-i IJaughtprb cf t h u X i n f M n a u HP u l u t i o n , o r e planning t J , i t l ( ml me hi u hcon to be givon by fh" ( , , t i) M' xl u t ,ihpUr ot Union- t o w n it tin V h i t e S w u u Ilotol Stitui- i, \ «ut i iioiu at i o\lock i). t( v. n ii.i i;of nsi in (,Tir A ^iho J ot i u ^ t \i. ^ l)t tiLChli i i lit 1 i "1 iiPMiio \ i ) i lull at di'pntv Mi -i n o ! N \ i l l * in ui 11U i noon Jiid Vit miiiil i id ^ t a t o u 1 1 to att« nd y otiii %s ill IK the h u s u ·· ( O U I K 1-, IIH hi lei ( ojinell'uillo I J i i n 1 h i l l b c o l t i l i t o M V u i ion I) M JIOOL 01' \r SCOTTOVU: of d 2't iu the Moo 1 - w i h Hit dlsU U I lilOom Ol t'OH I hei e \\ ill '» t- v e i i ' n B se MO . i l l l c e r a t expcot- ik LOIUK il No 1"^ in t ! H» / J N i i ) t 41 i* u \ k i \ c i V a n r t P i 1 H i t i and Pwnt I ' H f - L F M ' l N I V'i Imitations w s ' l a pie .Lenten luncs ulKli Kebrunr i Vatlov C o u n t r y ( Iu 1 ho coninulUH' K Hoi man and Itonal f i t j and Moodrmv neth Smith of So ire from '' to I o' Pit I'Mtl «(.' SVK \ D D U J - » » s MK1 I)r r unov \\ surKoon t'f PiHsl «urK*o'n in charg ( h i l d t e n · h n i ' 01 a t tin in \t mi' ( on my Medic i l ' m!it M i t c h ·! n iho t'ooplos I'll nil I ow n Pictuie? shown trc ttinoril w 111 br n u i l e r i a l 'Ihe in p u b t u T K V TLFB e is^uoil soon for to be fUven Friday at tho Pleaaant i b\ t h t Kltzy Club i-nHi of llobort I Stlflwagon of thin ("off man and Kcn- ttdi!^ Tho houvi lock nil,!; H AL Al X I L U I H wrt, ai.d of UH- f ripp ( d \i\\ lx» ^uo t speajv of tho K a t t 1 r i i u r s t a v die .tiiditoriuin i;I ur itore of Unloo- ? various sfag-ca of iitfxJ as illii!itrativ« Is ojwn to the and Teachers Sfoct. TJ/r, an ! teachers ot Uio Firft MO! IKK! 1st rrot^stanl Hundiiy htiK)l nai l.i*t 'iRht in tho church at w h i c h tnnf pla s worp discutficd for a teachers trainit -t class to bo started j n the neai luti re Moan«i f or Inthe Sun iv school Mi l.illla i ( lioisol ot \\ii8hin..'- l o n I'a and r ( Me Milieu of Vt\- unitosM' "·' i · r n a t i i p d laht S t t i u c l i y ui tin p.m 1 -!! house of the ( atiio K C'himli ot V tishliiftton. Pa.. K"V M I I I n , h i i outdated On thmr j e t u i n from . moto trip to Floi Ida inti o t h er s o t i t h e i n {xilnt^. the couple H i l l bo at homo a t t t i Marcl { al H r K i H i l l T. of F. W. Card Party. One of a series of benefit cai! paities plfuinotl by tho Walter F Brown Post V«ternnt of Ft)reif u wars, ·will ]· held tonight In th«j c l u b roomts, Nojt^i PHtsburg btroet Five h-andrecl wil be played ant following th« gaino? "ii !BC« will be awarded There will leo be. a door prize The Ladies' Aux liary will Bfrrve lunch. Juu|f il^rs Will Mfcf, The Whntsoc VP (Mn le of the Klup ft D u u g h t p r H of th Tiriji Chincli w i l l nice' Saturduy Fcbruaiy 2J a 2 Jo o'clock in tho ladies' purl01 ot i» church. Hp*rBli- miMUs will b« ei ei! bv Iho commitUm iu i.!iaif. r »» uL Mi A B iNortoti, J i , i h a i i Dial, Loo! Ing for It 90, rea 1 tho a4vei-U»tng columns o£ The Daily Oowiar. SuminU M Mrn liniiif, J Vanclerbilt Fane l.iy at bei homo ttsn me-mbeT". l l a / c n b n k o r of UiiKh B a i n h a r f present At DO was ^t»tvod Th BiipsoitHf of ^i The table was c hprliiK plant clverrifs l n o!lo remainder of th en ovpr to a s work Mrs Th tortain tho rlu 19, at her hom-c th omiiii leas ontortaincd work Club at tho Summit FOIT- 'id two RUPSIS, Mr* I'nionlown and Mrs of hutinyaido, wcro m a chlclien dinner ishmgton's B l r U d a y ntored with i potfpfl avors wirp caad ' IIIR tho dinner the afternoon was j-iv- tial time and fanrv- mas Wright will ori- · Vcln6stlay Mardi at Vandorbilt ·you are NOT yours e 1 Are you being denied the happiness that i: due you in life? I T is easy to abuse our go den life-given body, but Nature has a way of signahng danger. If heeded, graver troubles ma; be avoided. That -tred, exhausted feeling, lac c of appetite, aches and pains, flabby flesh, skin't oubles--all speak of a body weakness--a lack of the normal count of red-blood-ceUfa. Every normal person's b ood should contain about 5,000,000 red corpuscle s to the cubic millimeter--those vitalizing, .tiny red-cells which give blood its color and are carrit m of nourishment to every part of the body. It u dangerous to let the red blood count remain belo r normal.* Old doctors idea still helping Elderly People conquer constipation D ,B. CALDWELL mado a startling discovery shortly after he graduated from medical school back in 1876. Ho found great nuiabers -- especially -older men anc -women--suffering from constipation, who were taking harsh laxatives and purgatives. So be corcluded that many things people take for constipation do more haj-m than good, and physicians of today are of the same opinion. This thought made Dr. Caldwell conduct a search, and out of it came the prescription -which inr.da him famous. Over and ovar he wrote it, when he fo ind people bibous, headachy, out-of-aorjts, weak or feverish; with coated tongue, bad breath, TIC appetite or energy. Ita ac- tion was so thorough even in the most obstinate ca-ses, and ye so ger.tle with women and chile ren. The product you get from our drug store, today, when you ask for Dr. Caldwell's Syrop Pe sin ia put up exactly in accord ince with this prescription. It hai become the world's mosi poi alar laxative. It is a ploaiant tni ting mixture of fresh herbs and ther pure ingredients; it in a real corrective for constipation for nen, women and children. moist co j and dry cold in the same r · , refrigerator i/ O DR. W. B. CALOWSLL'S SYRUP PEPSI I y A Doctor's Family Zaxati e L C. HARRIS AND WIFE CELLBRA-L GOLDEN WEDDING Out hundred fonrtoeu parsons caller at ihe homo ot Mr. and Mrs L. C Hi mti of JVrr lownisblp yt-stor- dav o ^ onRratuiato them OH {heir gold? a wedding aunlvcra tr% which they quietly celebrated Between 1 and 1 o clock in 'he afternoon and from G u n t i l 9 o'clock in thf evening, tbey, asslsto^ by ntuijli- tx rs entcrtulnixl many of their frten la, Including a largo delegation from Ui« PerryopollH Woman's CUirts- tlan Tctmpcran«« Union of which Mrs. Harris was. one ot tdo moat tic- tlvo workora Tea WO.T afrvod. Mrs Hsu-rl wa! drtv«45*«d in a paJ« lavoider rireafl aa Bho r« CIV-M! b«T man' Th 3 honored Pouplc ·wciti ihts ro~ ciploats of many beautiful and useful gifts Inclndiag guld plecfs PoUod plants won 1 bont by tbo Won an's Christian Temrvoranoo Im ioa while cut flowirrs wcrn brouRhi by J!rs Km ma Shpar r RoiafjucUt trf rose? were given by David Harris, Althi PowellB, L.ucy Mlll«r and Mn,. Jfar^ey M. Ijuc«. Ar ptch«d mirror wa,s presented them by Mra Harris' nlcco, Mr^. Samuel Wnton of Pittsburs thu only rclajve of here who was 'in A letter of cougrnuilntioii.s was rt?- ceivxl (row CongrfsHiaaii bamuel A. Kt-nlall ot Meycrsdali' M i u j rakca wore brought by tw ·wonit-u A largo box of randy was received from Mr« Andrew Hiown now In Flo^^da Neighbors presented the roupUt with a largo chair, Mr? () A 1/ut.e mal ing the presentation on bishalf of tho Harris' neighbors IV m Harvey M L u « haked a larpo wedding cak^ on which were inscribed th* ttftures "188()-1'I30 " Mr«. Luce also received the -visitors at th« door She was attainted in thts work and in serving lunch b Mrt. Linton, Mn C H Cuppctt, MS.SJ Mary Farlo, Mn Geor^u Patterson and Mi's. Sarah Ethel Haggerlj. A color scheno of gold and white prevailed while the light lunch Included yellow and while cake, gold ant! white ice cream, yojiow and wh te (andy. Mr. and Mra Harria, who redkto aloig the PerryopollB-Ftiyotte C'ty load, about a miJo from Perryopolia, wo^-e united In marrlapo by Rov Benjamin K BoHon, then pastor o£ tlw Church, of God a* Alvorton They we?it to housekeeping in Periy towa- hhip and have always resided there. Tire Harris, whose maiden name wai I^ucy Lundis, was the daughter of cli-p lat« Mr. and Mrs T F. L,andis, viko llvod on a farm between Scottdale and Alverton. Sh« attended th* Al' erton schools, Of tho threo personu living woo vl nesued the marriage ceremony, not oil) was ablo to be present Mrs O^Jigo Bole of Avalon WIIB a larWes- inn M Mrs Harry Freed resides n«.r Al/orton while MrH Cora Patterson IB malting her home in Calttoiuia etf te Baptists Plan More Evangelism Makes You Feel Like Y o u r s e l f With an inciease in the rec be on the right road to Hea way to body power and to i with your strength restored disease and infection; to en sleep soundly When firm fl that which was once flabby, your ner««s will become stt and friends will follow. -blood-cells, you will th. This is Nature's lear skin. Naturally, it is easier to fight oy your food and to sh *,altes the olace oE ou -mil feel atrong-- ady--more happiness S.S.S. has been a blessing to millions of people. ! It helps Nature increase tl e red-blood-cella. It j promotes healihy body bulk iag. It is time-tested | and has a successful recot 1 of over 100 years i back of it. | You owe it -to yourself to try S S.S It is easily i assimilated. Pleasant to tak · It if on aale at all drug stores in two sizes. A k for the larger size. It is more economical, © s B s, c» one Iiundre-l members at the PI st Baptist Church attended a quartet ly business meeting oC the congregation last night at the thuich, with tlujpastoi, Rev E. H, Steve-ns, preMd- 111 ?. The recent personal evaugelibm cdtnpaigp was discussed and it was decided Hiat llio teams of ibe rhurch organize und carry on t h work until I lie two ivekb pecciiiri; Has Let, at v, i U h tlnif evangelistic services will btKii^ in I lie chmch Tho tongiegadon authorized Rev Si evens, to correspond with Rev Wis« J net, cit Plulacielpnia an evangelist, .11 rpgEirds to coming hero t o fapeak di thebe 'seivicrB, a notice for which \ \ i l t bo Riven nut latei Following the meotJuK the K B M a r t i n Bible Class o the Sunday achoot nerved lunch II tho soci! room of the church DENTAL HEALTH WEEK APRILS; MINERD S 'EAKS At tlw reg-ulur meeting of th« Fay- etto County Dentjil Soeoty 1 tat nlgbt in Iho Unkmlown Country 'lub, tho wc-ek ot April U, was s j ? ictefl us "Dental JJcalth W-fwK" Dr M. M. J»iqu^.to of Uiikmtowii wap wmed to direct the activities He w 11 b« a«- blstod br Dr J ol ietcr .ind I r. Kliifffl- kry of tn«» Stai* Oenti 1 Oepa. Uno'nt. During that p-eitcxl an inte «lvo program *)I dental xlucxi ion wll t« sponsored fl wii lneiul« o ucAtional d«nt«a lilrtiK v Wch will 1 i shown (school children, IhcT par nt« and nc-hool boardii '1 Uo lao-'tlnK act- night wa« atit«udc-d by 3'. 1 (lent Ui I'r HaroW isnowdon of SmiU ton »v«s ehctfd U En»7tb«j-» ip A ^odak film on "Fixe Bridge Work," won u h o ^ n at tho m«oting undor tho aufiplces nf Mr. 1 anj? from th«» J ^ Millar Jnta.l la loratorion of 1'iltiburp Dr H I). MU onl, local mayor, gav*- * brief WANT TO LOOK Y( UNG? Tt f swrrrt of kfiplii«- · ins *« to fc«l younff- lo Ac- lh a fou t u«t wnlch your llvor and bow^U---ther. a no need of laving A »«.llow cntnple ioa--dark rings und»r your e j f B - implca--a b i l ) o u « look .n your fae- -dull «y»» with no »p*ikle y«mr jctur -will tntl you oinef. I«T ( a n t of . 1 flckncsa romca from l! tw H-VC b Jive * tiud liver. Or Kdwurtt,, EU ^r»l-kn' c-l«.n tn Ohio icrf.«eUd J compound AS 11 aubf UluU i r caltm«l to at,t on tho liver in 1 ixn el», which he (TAW tn Jill paUentH for 'car». IJr Ktlwardit Olive Tit,blet» ars (r»ntl« In (.belt action j e t atway effective, rhey help bring about tl it natural buoyarvcy which al bhoul enjoy by toning- «P Hi! llvei and c earJnB tb« »y»tem of Irni»uil1l»t Lr 33dwttid« OltT-e T b}«tfl »r» k n o w r b t h p t i uUv cjlor. c 30c, OOc --Advertiaiyrnont PHOTO RADIO £D TO AUSTRA LIA AND RE TURN Bj Tlntua ?r«s« NEW YORK Fcb 20- -Tranamls- 1ou of pholOKraplis of t rsons bv Ions? distanco radio televli ion is pos- slblo and fnrlbor 1 esperlnv its win be carried or .it once U was announced at the conclusion of a sw cessfiil experiment In Iho Icboratoi os of tho General El-wtrle Compan\ by Dr. B F "W. Alfxaaderson A lelevisirn picture wa ·sen 1 ' approximately 22,000 miles hrougii the eth«r and was reteived T ith a 'fair decree of accuracy" ye»t jrday wsd establlBhed a record for television, according to Dr. Aiexand ruon. A recUing:ular design minted in black on a white card w. a transmitted by General Electric's abort wave station, W23CAF, U Sydne , Australia, where it WBJI rebroadcast nd received back m tho Unltxl Stat s In about ouo-olghth of a second, U was announced, MUSICAL COMEDY TICKETS MUT BE TURNED IN r 'ODAY president of al chairman iuBlca.1 com- today asked * tielcete out 1 ticket-) not mutt be Mis Poter Jl Weimei, tho Mozart Olub and gene ot arrangements for the edy presenfcxl by ihe club that all persons v ho bay make return of money ai later than tonight. A) turned in toda*, t e said Additional patrons am of the musical comedy i it oil by the Mozart Club were Miaw i Helen and Mary AimBtrrag, Mr ar I Mrs R G-. Hanley and r)r. ,ind Mn William H. Frigidaire eqnfyfttd with the new Uydrator now ojPiys an extra service ... See ottr .^ pial demonstration today. Now, yoa can have for vegetables and |!i i reviving cold r*r, frosty cold for meats and other foo|i - both fa the same cabinet. Yon can iwl* the right type of refrigeration for ever »JbfXji offood. You can enjoy a new cc|i^/«sa;ence in your kitchen. All of thil/ advantages are brought to your hom*(j V the new Frigid, ,aire Hydrator. ' I B Celery comett out o i r\\ Hydrator crisp and brittle. Lettuce H;e« on a dew- drenched freshness. I ixiatoes become fire icr. Parsley, cress and other garnishes almost seem to grow again! '"ou'U want to know more about the Hydrator. And you'll want to know more about the "Fngidaire Cold Control." Yc u'll want to see and examine the beautiful cabinets in rust-proof Porcelain-on- st« el inside and out. So make it a point to attend pur special demonstration. I DAI RE With the HYDRATOR MRS. BRANDON ASKS GILLESPIE'S WIFE BODY BE EXHUMED NliTW YORK. Fob 2jl) -- Mrs. Francos Brandon remnuort today her a t t r m p t lo "expose" Ocorije GUIeepio, p-Wtilv proirident ct the Board of Watci Buiv- ply, as a 'sanctimonious ehenr" whom she. declared wltliout leservatlon, had "victimized no leas than «. million The f o u M h day of hpr JDT^ICB 6G broach of promise suit tgdint tlip man whom she claims was adept at mixing- "holy" love-making with jwH- tlcis and businesa, found on tho records a declaration by her that the body of Oillespies wife ought to bo exbumod to Investigate the reason for her death This suggestion, brought forth in crokB-examina-tiou by GilJespie's counsel in an apparent effort to h v that faho had gone to the extrcmeB in her "espoae" ot tho d t y official, climaxed yeatorday's session which for the first time since tho trial's incf»ptian turned from love trysts to discussion ol re»vJ estate cLealg "Did you over Bay over your signature that Cille#pie murdered hi*, wife?" she wae asked "I told him to his face that the circumstances of her death were such that they ought to be investigated," Mrs. Brandon snapped bade. Then as an afterthought she added, "Thank you very much for bringing that up. The man thai would destroy a woman would do erorytking " A Way to Stop Attacks of Fits Rporla,aro received of an treatment that epileptics state h«a prov»rf socrrfl»/ul In sLopplng; their atlaojcs R. I^pso, Apt 62 I»lanil Avc , MUwaukoe, A V i s , has been uup- plylng sufferers w i t h thla treatment. ICe now wlShes to reaoU alt those who have not been helped JUKI to (Jo so ja making the startling offer of a generous treatment free to sUI sufferers Anyone afflicted should "writo for this free treatment at once, giving a ee -Advertisement --20f eb-it. Patrouiuo tho*3 wno Food Sale. The Dames ot Malta will hold a food « vie In Fox' Wall raper Store, Satur- i| iv, February 22 -- Advertisement -- PatronJzB Uioe who adrertlca. IHCUMCNIM ft pDyKrjft · eg«acy" t w ^ VJSHS onapfcyrida . TTwn begin em«B«acy" t wrtment with JARS I SEP YEARJ.Y DEBATE FEATURES CHAPEL PROGRAM A debate leatured the chapel exercise this morning at th-o Dunbar Township High School The question was ' "Resolved, That the County Should Bo the Unit of Support and Control ot the Schools " The spea-berb wei-e AfBrnaative, Gayie Stricklcr, and c,econd, Robert Beatty, negative, first, Regie Owens, and second, Robert Harper. Th« chairman was Mary Bradluy. Penn State Alumni To Reorganize A rnee-ting of the Penn State Alumni AasoriaUon of Fayette county, for the purpose o£ reorganlyation, will bo held at the Elks Club, Unionlown, Wednes- duv evening, K e b i u a i v 26 Jfi. J3 Hibfehnian, ihe newly elet-tefl HBcroUrv tit Iho Ronural uluiimi «a- smution v,lll ba the speaker U '·*» . I I ^ B M M M ^ ^ -J r 1 SAF E-CONSERVATIVE STRONG" HOW MUCH PEACE OF MINI) ? In est mating the yield from an investment, the peace of mmd that it will assure ou is one of the basic factors to bo cor sidered. A 4% Savings Account vritli the "Second rational" is entirely free of worries. It is v orth 100 cfnts on the dollar under all co iditlons. It assures you a steady yield .it a fixed level. Resources Exceeding $3 300,000.00 OLDEST BANK IN OONNELLSVILLE Washington A Practical Business Man George Washington prepared hitn- self to be a practical business man. Wheri his regular instruction ended, his education \vas just beginning. He rrade the most of his opportunities. 4% [nterePt Paid on Savings Accounts. iZDNNELLSYIILE, PA. W E S T S I D E USE 9UR CLASSIFIED ADS.

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