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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 20, 1930
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L last Hidition Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Be st Advertising Medium in the Youg^i Region, rice VOL. 28, NO. Sfi. The \ V p p k l y Conrlcr, J.'ounded July 17, 1ST0. i Merited. Tlie llally t'tiiirtvr, Foamlrd November 10, 1002. I July IS, 1020, CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 20, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. DEATH BRINGS END Hannah Admits He TO ACTIVE CAREER OFMRS.W.P.CLARKI I Mfinhor of .Mothers A s s i s t a n c e , Board in F a i l i n g lhnlHi I SIneo Last May. j FUNERAL WILL Killed Hoist Child, Implicates Others By T n l t e d Press. WOOSTKU. )hio, Feb. 20.--Charles Hannah, 61, (ruck Melvin Horst, f o u r , on the he id w i t h a piece of wood on tho night f December 27, 1SI2S, and killed him "for spite," according years o!(i. BE SAXUR.DA.Yl l o Haunan ' P ssnetl confession made p u b l i c today. H a n n a h eoaf. saecl the murder to hie | questioners In* ni;?ht but the details Mrs. K)i'..ib.'th N i c h o l s C l a r k . 7!) resident of Con- I wore w i t h h e l d l e n d i n g implication of nellsville ind w i d o w of W i l l i a m P. ' several othern n the plot to have re- Clark, died U'cdi-.e-idtiy r i t s l i t at 10 ' veiijTe agaiiwt Ro Horst, Melvin's o'clock at UK- l a m i l y r e s i l i e n c e , lOo ; uncle. Horst, i marshal at Orrville, Lincoln ;IM:IIH\ from i n f i r m i t i e s of · Melvin's hAne, lad been m a k i n g it linage. She -lad boon t a i l i n g In h e a l t h ' ( . 0 mfortable in his v i c i n i t y for l i q u o r Siiuce May ;uul had been conlined to ] ;(W violator, 1 ! her beil to: Hi r!.iy-. j ' M e l v j l l i w ,'^ ,, ne cal|od t h p .. mtto Mrs. r i n i k WH« barn ia Now l l . n o n . j , b)lR of On vllle ... ]I!M] jeen mise . now the W -HI S K I f . Xov.-nber ., lv.0, , fof H m o n l l fl n n i , ^ t w . aH only .· n M ot tho l a l t * Mr. and .Airs, ,, . , , . ^^, , , · , (ho mofit p e r p l e x i n g in Ohio s criminal hiritory. Hannah in IMS sworn eonfrsrion named A r t h u r Vrnold, son of Ellas Arnold, both of vhom were iwice tried ' o n charges of child stealing--being .onvicted tlie fi ut t i m e and free-d t h e ·eeond t i m e V.«n tho jury refused .lumen Nu'l ol.s. Slu? wa i iir.inlrd U Mr. f.lark, .vlio was a n a t i v e of M o u n t , Pleasant, C:; j i a i v ago, Detvmbcr J", hist. ; .Mrs, Chi k W.K " I ' o m i n c ' i t n, tho city's t ' l u l ) , c t \ i " . M t ial u t i d i l u i r c h , active;!, am! bail ^Tvi'd a:, a t r u s t e e of tho Mot 1-erV As^i; lam i F u n d ix KayUlo Coi n t y for t h e laM 12 years, to consider (he testimony of Junior She was h m o r a t y pre-iidt-ut of t h o ( H a n n a h . 10, KOI of Char let- H a n n a h . Houwevolt Council ut' Republican ' J u n i o r tokl a fat ricatexl Btory of seeing Women, a c h a r t e r member of Woman's C . I t u r e C l u b and t h e t h e ! A r n o l d l u r e Me vin away from the Ont- loc-k C i u b u a d wns al.-,o u member of home w i t h an o ange and diive away w i t h him in an The con- lUtomobile. Ihe Dolly M.uliwm Chiiptor, Uaimhli'i-.s ' fc-=sion .said Art u r but not Eliats of 1S12 ^f I'lttsbiu-g. V n i t i a K w i t h the j implicated in tin plol to murder Mel- First M e t h o d i s t Kpiocupal Church ! V J I K many veartj ne;o, she was one of it« ' i _ - most. a4'tivi workers. She was a member of t i e I.adKvs' Aid Society, tho Woman's Home and Foreign Vilfsslou- ary Societies i n I t h e I. H. N" Class. She was W H t k n o w n in t h e c o m m u n - ity and re ^ r c t e d and e-teeiiu v fl by her f r i e n d s . She wa · c h y l r i n a n of tho milk and k ( c o m m i t t e e of tin. Wom- HOMICIDE MANIAC WHO POISONED EIGHT CAUGHT NEAR DETROIT MAKING WHISKY AT BROAD FORD GETS UNDER WAY Plant riflood in Operation This .Afternoon for Miumlractiiro Of 250,000 Gallons. Eielson';; Body Found In Wreckage of Plane By ITrulBil Tre s. NOMK Alatika, Fob. 2 ·.--The body at Ben Kinlsoti, aviator ho was 'c-Bt- iu November, 192't, has V Jen found, A radiogram from Ihe rescue shl N a n u k said the body WTIH found in the wreckage of the Ei-oluon plane fibou. 90 miles s o u t h e a s t of s'orlh Cape, Siberia, Fiudinjv of tho body en ptl a t h a t started a lev, days ; Her BielBon and his mechanic, Burl !3 trland, tvw« OLD-TIMERS ARE BACK AT WORK A.t 1 o'clock this uftrrnoon tho machinery at tho Jiroad Ford plant of th-3 A. Ovorholt Company was placed i n t o operation for tho f i m t time in 14 years as the manufacture: of 250,000 gallons of tho old famous Overboil whisky was tftarted. The last Ovorholt whisky made at that place wae in 19IB and there has beon a lull since that period. H wae pointed out t h a t practically ev*ry employe who look part in tho pAKluction of tho whieky in 1916 has been eecurwl to aid in making this liti lor In tho hope t h a t the iuality of the famous whieky will tx main)aiued. It was said that the same moti who made it in 101R. the name mm who frout " of , h e altar of tce S. S. Cyril m a l e the barrels, tho sami" w h o j a n ( j M e t h o d i u s Homst Catholic lost while flying from Teller, Alaska, to the Nanak, a farship at North Capo. Borland's body was found last week, buried iu tho snow near the wrecked plane. Joe Crosses, rescue pilot, signed the messaged M hich said the ,body had. been found. He said that Eielson, like Borland, had been killed instantly when his plane crashed. The- bodies of both aviators are to be sent to Fairbanks. Robbers Break Into Fairch; nee Catholic Church By I!nHi3 Pros ITNIONTOWN, l-'elt. 20 -- Fayctte county oflicors U io mor ling were aakwi to assist in th» sou cli for person or person* vrUc !nat »i 'bt or early this m o r n i n ? craBbetl th ouph three hoar' brass labor-mole d ors at the hat.dlcd the various nwicbinery and too'-c p a r t in the different phases of this, work have come SNOOK IS DENIED REPRIEVE BY OHIO STATE GOVERNOR an's C u l t u r e C l u b . S u r v i v i n g ir^i t h r e e d a u g h t e r s - , M v i . p.y Un trd Prcsn. D K T K O I T , M i l 20.--Jarae6 Jlosack of I ' i t t r t b u r Mis.-? K]vuior '^' g .t M ;- V":,^:...""*,? 1 '. ^ ' ^ J B u k o r , . contest m u r d e r e r i,t eight i men whom he sa d he poisoned, today added the name f the n i n t h victim when be toW po ice his fii'*t victim Clark aiul M ».s U a i r l u t C l a r k , lK)th at borne; aluo n c si .\lr^·. Francis (.). More-land, and t w u great- Ki-andi:h!liire i, K u i n c - i Moreland. oi I'itf.-burir I r -n I PegK'v i w ' ari !li ' s i-'tePfatho , H. I'. Parks. H a r K . I said ho Hliot Park to death at. Warren Press. COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 20.-- Gov- Myers Y. Cooper today refused a reprieve to Dr. Thomas Howard Snook, former Ohio State U n i v e r s i t y professor who ifi to be executed Jj'eb- r u a t y 2S for the m u r d e r of Thoora Hix, his co-ed in amoral i 1 . Sioow'« had who a veU-um of the Ciul War i Ohio, in iVJarch. 1924. w h e n to wli p h i m . Parks mill coniman lor of t h e W i l l i a m F. K u r t i Post, A r m y of the He- , p u b l i c , for a D u m b e r of j e a r s , died j DETROIT, Feb 20.---Jamei, Baker J a n u a r y 2, M ' l ' i . 'regarded by polio, as one of the moijt i daiigoroti.i horuicU e maniacs the coun- Tlio fuueiM' s « r v k f w i l l lie S a t u r d a y a f t e - n o o n at ^ o clock at the , , hftg llarbored in years toaay sal Clark rftslrtonjo. Key, D. H. ( i r a h a m , i |() R ccU a]]d n , co imed how he kille1 pastor of th« Fhsl M e t h o d i a l Kpisco- | {- u men (n malr na ot the worUL pal C h u r c h , a m i s t e d by llev. Dr. Ben- j ""T/j" ^ i1 jYJ fl "thcm"io watch the effect nett W. I h i t c h i i i . s o n of O a k m o n t . PiUh- , of [ h p ^ l a l m i n l g l e r c d ) - Ba!ter burg, a formi'i- p a s t o r , w i l l olliclaU: · Internii.'Ut \vi!' be in Hill Grost- CAHIIO tery. J. W. SWARTZ DIES AT MOUNT PLEASANT; FORMER MERCHANT who Is but 25, t o h officers. "It watu't t h a t 1 wanted to k i l l anyone in part i c u l a r . A n y om who wan around when the impulsi seized me would do." Baker, arrested on a farm near K i i r m l r i g t o n . Mich over to New Yor! will be turned police for tht b r u t a l m u r d e r of Henry Gaw, an aged night watchman , t the Guggenheim laboratories. Baki r admitted he gave from which Gaw Special to Thc\'curl.r. j « a j P° isOa itl MOUNT PLKASAXT. Fob. 20--J. W. |' " ' i T - y e a r - o l d K - r l who wa, with Swartz, 82 yeai s old, r e t i r e d m e r c h a n t of town, died last evening at His home in Main street after a l i n g e r i n g Illness. Mr. S w a r U was engaged in tlie wall paper and p a i n t business for a number of y e a r n in Main street. In 1902 the b u i l d i n g was destroyed by lire. Ho r e b u i l t and continued until he was forced :o retire on account of 111 health, abo-it 15 years as;o. Mr. Swartz was a member of the Metho- diet Kpiscopaf -Jhurch. Hla "Wite died last July. B u r v i v i n g 1 are- three daugiiters, Mrs. Mary Wil- aon ot Sharon, Mrs. J e n n i e K o u n h oi Mount Pleasar t and Miss M a r t h a Swartz at bom . A brother, ''liurles, lives at Dayton, Ohio, auU a Dialer, Mrs. Emma S p e i k m n n , of this city. The body wat removed to the home I of his soii-in-h. w and daughter, Mr. j Baker when he was apprehended threatened the liv s of officers. She was not arrested ind her name was withheld. Baker -.aid he hart been l i v i n g on the farm since he left New York after the G iw murder whicn was hia last. A revolver notch -d eight times was found on Baker v hen he waa arrested. "I never u ted the gun in. a murder," ho said. "It was Just tor an occasional robbery. I always used poison." Baker, 'whose home is at Warren, Ohio, said he left b-jme when he was ll, learned the str tm litter's trade and then shipped on an ocean freighter. prie.-e on th^ griund t h a t the former professor'^ appeal to tho T'. H. Supreme Com t cannot be acted upon u n t i l two weehs from February -M wh,«n the court will formally receive the appeal. Tbe appeal wa carried to the court of leet resort on a w r i t of certiororl. Ever if the writ is allowed awl the appeal formally received, Snook, unless the court grants him a fitay, w i l l be eiecuted while the appeal i« ptnl- ing. ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL STUDENTS CHOSEN ON TRAFFIC PATROL A U n d e n t traffic patrol has been designated at St. John'b Parochial Schocl on tho West Side, with eight boys chosen for the work as officers, it wan made known today. Chiivf of Police Johu U. Wall conferred with Rev. Father S. Moravok and :he plan was ^ approved. The name* of the octet who have been chosen aad placed to work will be made known later. It wa.s a n n o u n c e d thai Feter Darin has b e e n chosen captain of the patrol at the I m m a c u l a t e Conception Parochial School in Bast Crawford avenue. Tho personnel of the patrol was raado en own last week. Church at Falrchance, broke the entrance to the door of t ie and scattarl about, on tl e floor 'he and sac-cxl vos els. They overl-xikod .1 h-prinj box which was nlled with canh and which, laid concealed beneath u tlustor of candles. I n t r u d e r s aino we -e unaware of tho valiwk of the sacrecl /etssels, all of which are solid ,;old. The ostinigorium was E Ul 1n the sacristy but ihe clbaritim ; nd chaHco had been taken from the tab^ruacla and tosswl to the altar, P! istir work which fringe*! tho three tabernaclo doors was mined by for iug t u o r e doors open. Tho rubbery wa. i disco "jred by Sexton Stephen nraj;on at G 30 uV this inorninjr l f » went to he church to prepare i'or 8 o'cloc.k m ss, which ·was to be rr Job rated by R -v. Katber J. B, Dunovhfcy, pasior of ( to church. A roufch ir.rUritment hart eon used in t h e effort. 1 ! to open r h e d iorg. Very l i t t h v;aa taken. Thts da iago will run into Bevcral hundi-ed d liars. FORMER ROCKW00E POSTMASTER GIVEN TWO-YKARFf\ROLE Prri'HnURG. Fel. 20.- Pleading Mexican Radical Plot Against Life Of Hoover Probed By Unitod Press. MEXICO CITY, Feb. 20.--Preparations for an attempt on. tbc life of Herbert. Hoover, similar to that in which President Ortiz Rubio of. Mexico was wounded, are beifig made, according to a letter said to have been found on the person of a student arrested at San Luis Potosl yesterday. Senator Bell Lauds Loyalty of Firemen In Vander irilt Speech The loyalty of volunteer fire departments to their comi lunitie.?, the cour- ape of the members and their unnt'lf- i»hnof3 in sacrificing themselves to preserve tho lives ind piopertioa of their fellow citizens was lauded by State Senator Harry J. Bell of Dawson in addressing Wednesday night tho annual banquet of tiie Dickerson Run, Liberty V a n d o r b i l t Volunteer Fire Department (commonly known as the Tri-Town) w h i c h w a ? held at the Vander Wit Sheriff Thomas R. Aubrey and Fire Chief H. IJtman, bcth of Uniontown, and Burgess Lester S. Patterson of Vand-erbllt also gave talks. Iteinold Winter ha ter, jovial cbar- BYRD AND PARTY HOMEWARD BOUND FROlONTARCnC City of New York to Hale First St/op at Kew Zealand Port, EQUIPMENT IS LEFT BEHIND *cter and one of th boosters of the fire company, s« rved in the role of teas tmas tor. Covers were laid fcr 76 persons. The American Ixsgiou Au ciliary served the banquet.. Music was furnished by C'. C. Collins' orchestra. Gtwwrts included Ciief William E. DeBolt and Charles F. Rowe, Con- nellsvillo, John T. f.andymore, Daw- Th« San Lulu Potosi police, accord-) son; J. W. Lobar, Ui iontown. ing to La Frensa, arrested a youth named Vicente Aurrecochea, and seized a letter from Nicolas Acosta. wtoo ID described as a Mexican student now living in the United States. The le-tter is said to nave reflected pleasure at the ttubio shooting, and to have mentioned a coming attempt against Hoover's life. The letter was turned over to the American consul at San Luis Polosi. Daniel Flores, who shot President Hubio, has been, transferred from tho city garriiiou to the Mexico City penitentiary. The Graflco criticizes the secrecy surrounding tbo investigation into the Flores affair, and says that the reticence o£ officials has given rise to numerous improbable and contradictory stories now in circulation. and Mrs. Frank Rough in College uve- nuo where Ihe funeral services will be hold S a t u r d v y a f t e r n o o n at S.'JO o'clock. Burial M'ill be in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. MRS. JENNIE KELLY DIES AT HOME HERE M. H. BOWMAN'S ESTATE GIVEN TO CHILDREN Mrs. Jcmnlo Ki-lly. 75 years UNIONTOWN, Fen. 20.-- The estate of Morgan H. tkv man, Unloutown, banker, who died las week in Kaleigh, N. C., goea to the surviving children in etjual parts, according to the llled this morning. Charles Bowman M r s , Richard Coulter of Greensbi rg, Al, H. Bowman, Jr., of Sewickioy and the chil- Widow of John K e l l y , died at 11:10 I drcn of Mrs. Bessie Bowman McDon- o'clock Wednesday n i g h t at the home ! aid get a f o u r t h . of JUT daughter, Mrs. O l i v e Keedy of 128 East Church place. She had been ailing for moro han u year. Mrs, Kelly wa,. born I n We.?t Virginia, tho dangh ,cr of Mr, arid Mrs John Claylotij. About 05 years ago »he was married and moved to Con- nollsvillo and had resided here ever lincc. Prior -o t h a t sho lived for aany years at l;iwson. Sho is survive t by one daughter, .\lrs. Keedy. Frsmk Clayton of Newark, Ohio, am! "iVinfleiil Clayton of Fairmont, W. Va.. are brothers. Airs. SJarah D r u i u m o u d ; o.f Greer, W. Va., is w sister. The-p- are five graudehil- No esttnuvto hart I e-en made as to tho a m o u n t of ( h o p tale as tbo representatives of tho arnilios and attorneys h a v e j u s t b e a m the check. The Uniontown II-o -pita! Rots $1,000 MRS. PHILENIA MILLER 100 YEARS OLD TODAY Mrs. Philnia Miller of Springer- own, between Kocksburg and Mammoth, coday is celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth. Mrs. Miller is '.n exceptiomilly good health and has an active mind. She makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Amos Summey, and is keenly interested iu the activities of the household. A sister, Mrs. Robert Hill, is novr 92 yean old, and Mrs. Milloi is Ormly convinced that she will live well past the century mark. Mrs, Miller was born in Beaver county but at an early age moved to Kast Liverpool, Ohio, and her recollections include those of tlie tini3 when that flourishing Ohio city contained not more than five or lo embezzling postofl, ;e f u n d s Harry A. Miller, '14, of Somt "s«t, for- mtsr po.-itm:ia!x-r ut Ilockw od, was placed on a two-yoaf parole today by Judge F. P. Schdonmaker : i United States Couri. It was charged M ' l k r us d $i,04S of postofflco 1'undH in July, . 32!). He was indicted in September. DERRY TOWNSHIP HIGH DEDICATION TO NIGHT Formal dedication of th Derry Township High School, West; torelaud county, will lake place this vening. Dr. Robert C'. Shaw of t e State Department of Public I n a t r t i c ion will be the principal speaker. Hugh Henderson, son of Representative and Mrs. Joseph B. -lender- son of Conne.l!sviHe, was, prii oipal at that school three years ago. Series of Meetings Of Fruit Grc wers A series of meetings in the nterest of fruit growers will be held m Fay- otte county, beginning Monda , April 28, at the farm ot John Bowd a near Buona Vista at 10 A. M. The second will be held it the George Boyd farm near Kayo to City at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day. J o h n Ruef, a spec) ilist In fruit growing at Htato Oollef e, -will be present at both meetings. J. E. YOUNKIN MADE MANAGER HAGERSTOWN WOOD TPATING FIRM The- Century Wow! Preserving Cornr pany of PHtBburg, owner of the PStt«- burg WOCK! Preserving Company at Adelaide, today announced that Wednesday it Uad acquired the property and holdings of tho Hageratown Timber Treating Company at Hagere- town, Md. Tho Hagorslown plant i« in the course o£ construction and is about half completed, J. E. Younkln, superintendent of the Adelaide plant, w i l l continue in his "capacity an well as administer to tho duties of manager of the new concern, it w«s officially announced. Air Mai! Ropte Is Denied Uniontown and the Children's $r»00 under the will. Society gets TOMORROW PA FRONS' DAY IN THE COUNTY The L n l o n t o w n Chamber of Corn- meroo hu? received a letter from tho chief engineer of (he airways division of the United States Department !. Commerce stating that U n i o n t o w n will not be j)!acei on an air mail route. Two routes have been laid off ·acroHb Pennsylvania which converge at Pitts burg. One goes by wuy of Al- The county-wide' observance of i t o o n a M '' Kc «P"^ and Wheeling. Tho ,tr«n«- rmv u -,,ii«'niA,i t-TM. in,TM,.- f '»«f «y way of Frederick and Hagera- PivlrotiK' Day uletl for tomor- HagerB- tmvn, M!., MeConnelkiburg, Greens- f ** u * row, Friday, February 21. The fuaoral wi 1 be held Saturday j M a n v of lhc acho , ,,, w l , j i bur« and Plttaburg. · fternoon at .1 o ,lock at the Keedy l m o r e a t l a g programs uri ng th e after- ' I h e P r °l )osaJ to d i v e ^ the latter fcome. Rev. E-ugei o i. Duty, pastor of ' ,,_,.,. route frcm Frederick to Uniontown tie First Christian Chureli, w i l l offl- elate. Intermtnit w i l l be- niado In Chestnut Hill ('tn.ewsry. HPV. Shi-edj hi Hospital. Rev. Fatter K d i i u a ; .1 i5!iWHl ·istant pastor of' l :·· ItmiKicubit? o«»ptloi\ C h w r t h . * is »ltulued tncirnins; t o C'OIMIO l"ivi!!» S t c ' f 1",vangx-list Fox un Radio. lOvangollst t'. J. Fox who conductixl i n revival at Mill R u n , will spealc over , iUatioti WJAC' at, Johi slowu betweon !' and 10 o'clock Frk, i.v night. The t h i n , w a v e length is 1310 1 ilocyclea The Hcii-, ovarisrelist ia h o l d i n g ; peri-ice at the Brethren Chun i ;u Wiiirt'wr. Washington and Wheeling v,cx - n o t considered. Verdict for Scottdnle Man. GRBKNSBURO, Feb. 20.--Max Miller of Scoltdalo was awarded a verdict for ?Sf0 today in his suit against J. S u t t o n Boyd and o t h e r s , the c;aj?e ( ut ot n mortgage bold l.,y ihe Patricia Lynch Completes Cc urse Miss Patricia Lynch daugh er of .Mr. and Mra. Patrick lyuch c ' Mor- reil, iMiturtied to h«r home yo; terday after completing; a three-year ;ourso al tlie Pittfiburg Hospital tifl j'nl of Nu ruing. Miss Lynch was grfiduatofl from U u n b a r Townsbiii High Hchoo w i t h (he Class of 1926. AJ (irat'ton Traffic Bauqite . G. Corrado aiul Superintonden . J. D. Belt-/, of the Baltimore Ohio Railroad, were Connellsville rejm senta- tiveu at i.he bamitu-t fif the TrafD · Clulj of Grai'ton, W. Va., lo officials if the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Coi ipany on Tuesday evening. SENATORIAL INQUIRY INTO MAY EECTIONS SOUGHT BY NORRIS WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.---A senatorial investigation of the campaign expenditures of the 35 senatorial candidates in the coming primaries was sought today in a resolution i n t r o - duced by Senator Norris, Republican, Nebraska. Norris asked an appropriation ol $100,000 tor the investigation. Flowers used In decorations were donated by DoMuth' of Connellsvillo and St. James 1'ark of Bawaon. The committee in charge of arrangements was matl- up of Frank E. Reeil, lester N. Barr cklow and Medley Johnson, It was announced that a special meeting of the depa-tment will be held on Friday oveni ig.. February 21, at 8 o'clock. Tho n;cmberf will de- vi.sp ways and means of raising f u n d s to meet current ROTARIANS HEM OF INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE OF BOYS DI-. Sven Knudesen f Boston, Mi\fi«,, speaking at the noon uhcheon of the KoLury Club today, ga .-e a very interesting talk on tlie international exchange of boye. Dr. Knudofcen arraiifes each year to exchange so many biys from the United btates to Den xiark, Norway and Sweden, and vice v jrsa, and establish them In the diffore it homes in the countries HO that tbej w i l l bo given an opportunity to bee nno letter acquainted with home life of the different countries. This work has been going on for several years and Dr. Kujilc.«en related Mime interesting experience.') of the boys. The boys 'anga in ages from 15 to 20 yearn. RADICAL SOCIALIST WILL AHEMPT NEW FRENCH CABINET By U n i t e d Pr jss. PARIS, Feb. 20--Cami le Chautempe, leader of the Kadlcal-!Socialist parliamentary group, atteu.pted to bulll a new French cabinet to iuy, at the request of President Gaet.n Doumergue. Called to the task by iKJumergiie be- 'ore 9 A. M., Chautempe eft the Elyeee falaco after an hour's ccnferenco with the president in an optin ietic frame of mind. The Weather Fair and continued worm t-oi ight; Friday cloudy is 1 he noon wt ither forecast for Western Pennsylva ila, Temperature Record. 1930 Jfi Mi M a x i m u m (IS 4 1 . M i n i m u m f(i ~ S7 s GEORGE M. CRAMER'S FUNERAL SATURDAY The funeral service for George Cramer, 66 years old, who died Monday night at his home near Rockwood will be held at Middle Cn*ek Church of tho Brethren Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Bnrial will be in Odd Fellows Cemetery at Rockwood. Death resulted from a complication of diseases, Mr. Cramer had been al the Johnstown. Hospital for a week for observation and treatment and had been removed to b-ia home a few days before hia death. ' Mr. Cramer was a lifelong resident of. the Rockwood community. He was the last of 10 children of Charles and Catherine Whipkey Cramer and spent his outiro llfo within a few miles o£ his birthplace. He is sjr- rived by his wife, Mrs. Angia Kreger Cramer, He was a brother of the late John Cramer of! Dickerson Run. Mrs. M. F. Cadden. of Sycamore street, this city, is a cousin and Mrs, Harry Hostetler of the same street, a niece, as is Mrs. C. W. Lohr of Poplar Grove. Mr, Cramer was a member of : ae Church o£ the Brethren. Automobiles will meet I rains at Rockwood to convey relatives aud friends to the funeral. Girl's Legs Broken. GREENSBUKG, Feb. 20.--Mias lola Snyder, 20 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vivian. Snyder of Mc- Caneo, near Ligonier, suffered fractures of both legs last evecing at 7 o'clock when she was struck by an automobile while she and two of lur bisters were walking on the Lincoln Highway near their home. One sister received bruises or" 1 lho t h i r d ts- o-a.aed injury. WEST PENN AFTEK OTHER BUS LINES Special to The Courier. P1TTSBURO, Feb. 20. -Several independent bus lines are about to bo acquired by the West Pei n Bus Unes, operating extensively in Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland and Fayette counties, it developt tl before the Public Service Commissi»i. This was revealed wh MI the W«st Pon.u interests opposed \i\ application of the Pittsburg Motor Coach Company for the light lo use group and party service along routes that would interfere, it was clainved, with West Penn. business. It was explained t h a t Terense Brothers, who operate a bus line between Donora and Mones ten, and the Cantono Brothers, betwetn Charleroi and Connellsvillo, ate nof otiating for the sale of those lines t o the West Ponn concern. The Piltftburg Motor Coach Company agreed to confine o erations to points only oil the line of the PitU- burg Railways Company o which it is a Kubsidtary. By United Prss. ""' NEW YORK, Feb. 20.--The New York Times, the St. Louis Dispatc i and newspapers affiliated with them i i publishing reports from Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Antarctic expedition has announced that llyrd aad hli companions have bro-ken camp anl sailed homeward aboard the bark, Cit? of New York. After spending: more than a year 01 the ice barrier in Jtoes Sea the expect i lion sailed at fl:30 A. M , yesterday Antarctic time or sipproximatoly 4:31 P. M. New York time. When tho City of New York tum«i its prow toward th-e warmer .seas y«s terday, Rear Admiral Byrd ha brought to a clfma.K the comoarative ly abort number of years of exploration which ha« ta.keu him to both points of tho grlobtt, and many times under most trying conditions. Now at 4J Byrd may look back over a period of 27 years of accomplishment since he nuic'o an entry iii his diary at 14 t h a t he would explore th: North Pole. These accomplishments have brought him tho rank of rear admiral in the United States Navy, alt h o u g h be was at one tinie discharged because of injured bouen in his foot. D u r i n g the war Byrd entered tho naval aviation service and was active in planning the first round-the-world flight for naval plines in 1919, although he did not make iho trip himself. Since that timo events have followed in quick succession definitely linking him with the development o£ flight iu this country. The most Important accomplishment heralding Ills entry into Arctic flying was in 1925 when with (he assistance of Floyd Bennett, w:3o has since died, and assistants he flew over (he Arctic, gaining much valuable information for science. In May 9, 1926, wth Bennett as copilot, he flew over the N»rth Pole and back to Spitzbcrgcn, 1,3(10 miles, in lVz hours. Then a short lime later he announced his plafts-.fer !lie South. Pole. .Just as an appetiser, on th«. morning of J u u o 23, 1927, with a cre\v of three men Byrd hopped off from IXoosevelt Field in the tri-motorcd monoplane America for Paris. On tho morning of July 1 the plane was landed in the sea off Ver Sur Mer, a short distance from Paris, after a harrowing battle wita fog during which the plane had actually been over Paris. After he- returned from Paris he began careful preparations for the South Pole trip which culminated in the .sailing of the bark City of New York from -New York, August 25, 192S, for Ross Sea. Then followed foveral flights and mishaps, notably the on a of tbo pole, during which they made minute observations. Until a few days ago some doubt had been expressed by Byrd's backers whether he and his companions would not have to spend another ye.iv'in tho Arctic wastes. This, however was eliminated when tha relief ship broke through the barrier Tuesday. The City of New York is oxpectcd to make for D u n e d i n , New Zealand, whore it Is though^ Byrd may board a liner to the west coast of Soulii America. Sue for $5,000 Damages. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 20,-- The sum of ^5,000 damages was aske in a suit brought this morning by Ida and Harry Foeht of Johnsto-vn against George Luckey of Uniontown R. F. D. They charge thai he ran down their automobile on -Octol er 0, last, on the Uniontown-Connell ivllle road and reduced the car to junk. They also claim permanent injur es. Appointed Justice of 1'ciice. HARRISBDRG, Feb. 20.-- Howard C. ·lutton of t r w i n has been appointed usltfce of the' peace in K rib H i i n t - ngdon t o w n s h i p , W e s t m o r e l a n d eoun- ?', by G o v e r n o r J o h n B. Usher y8- efriay. He sucreed*. E l n t p kesigued, Davis, DAWSON DISTRICT S. S. CONVENTION SET FOR MARCH 7 The annual convention of Dawson, District No. 15, Fayetlo County Bunday School Association will be held on Friday atternoou and evening, March 7, al, Eafit Liberty Presbyterian Church at Va.nderbilt. Throughout the afternoon period, which will convene at 3:30 o'clock, there will !o business which will Include the annual election o£ officers. At 6 o'clock a fellowship suppor will Ije served and at 7:30 o'clock the evening rally -will be called. A special program ie being prepared for tho evening end will include two lf»- tlnguished speakers w-ho arc actito in Sunday School welfcw*. Persons desiring tickets tor tho fellowship eupper should get iu toudt with Curie C. Collins or Howard |fc McBurney. The following PCT*OM oM completing arrangements for the din* ner: Mary Blanche Lore, Strickler, Virguetta Miller, Btlul Collins,, Hilda Baker, Grace OoJlia* and .Marie Workman. Those la of the kitchen are Mre. R. B. Mrs. J, L. Ixve and Mra. Dunn.. Awarded Damages. GRKENSBURG, Feb. Woqdward ot Hempfleld towaabii) awarded a. Terdlct of $964 again*! (X W. Dillon ot Mount Pleasejat by a jury in Judge Charlies B. ten's court, yesterday afternoon. driving along the Xewtoa road on Deceiaber 16, 1928, Woodward's team oJ horeea -vwre in-- jurert when they were struck by aj* automobile driven by the

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