The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MAY 24 1918 THE DAILY COURIER CONNELT.SVir.JE PA PAGE XINB. Morria J. Grodzin, junior partner of the firm of Jacob Grodzin Son, | better known as the SURPRISE DEPARTMENT STORE, has answered to the call of his country, and is leaving for Camp Lee Monday evening, May 27tb. Mr. Grodzin has just returned from the oil fields of Oklahoma, where he spent the past two years, and in order that he may sell out his interest in the SURPRISE DEPARTMENT STQRE before leaving for camp, and realizing the short space of time In which he hac to do it in, - ,-va'II be offered the GREATEST BARGAINS in the history of Connellsville's merchandizing career. This Great Monsy Friday, Satur Silk Poplin Dresses in all the newest stjles and colors, values $8 and $10, all sizes special at 14.98 One special lot of Sheets size 72\90, extra fleavj -value ?1 special at 69c Ladies 19c Gauze Vests, special 1wo for 25c Corsets regular ?1 and $1 25 \ ilues, special at 69c Ladies Union Suits, special at regularly 75c,, 39c Bo\s Blue Serge and Mixture Suits values to ?S 50, finest of the fine all wool suits, up to size 17 No mother who ·values her money should miss this extraordinary olfer Special 84.98 $5 00 and $6 00 Bojs dependable School Suits, made of fine quality durable mixture materials mostly all sizes up to 17 years special at $2.98 $1 00 Men's Blue Work Shirts all sizes at ?9c One special lot of Men's Dress Shirts, with or ·» 'thout collars, value $1 50, special. 09c iron's highest grade of Suits, made of fine Oswego serge al'.o fine mixtures, all cofors ai\d sizes, sold up to $25, special at $16.50 Special lot of Men's Suits in verj desirable shades sold at $18 00 and ?20 00, all sires special at Lot of Men's Suits, all new styles, value up to '-.IS, all si7es, special at $7.95 $2 00 and ?2 50 Men's Working Pants, extra hea\y weight, all sizes, at Ladies Silk Waists in pink ard ·white, \alues $; 30 and 'ji, special at 31.95 Special lot of Men s Pants in blue serge and stripes, special at Dress fanc $3.98 the Family. Men's 'Working Shoes One special lot of Men s lleavj Working Slices special at _ - _ - -Mei b Black and Tan Elk Shoes value $3 00 and fJ 50 special at ,, . $1.79 D ess Shoes, in button il at _ - One specia lot oi Men or lace value up to $ 1 "PP One bpecu 1 lot of Bo%b and C ills Dre^s Shocb i ilueb $3 00 and S3 30 special Ladies' and Children's Shoes One lot ot Ladies \Vhiie C a m as Suoes and lumps, ·values M 00 and 'jd 50 ill bi/cs special at , *. L u h c s Patr nt I pj.ll or ai d Gun Metal "Hnnps in lo" and high heels, logular Si and M jO v a l u e bpocial Ladies "White Cainas shoes in low and hi^'i her Is rallies ^1 and "4 50, special at One fapecial lot 01 Cluk.n n s W h i t e Ca a= Punpb special at _ - G'rls Patei t Leaihei Pumps ill sires, D a l i e s $ - J T aim $_'50 special at Bll A MJJEim HOM) V M ) U1 VVH l i t l t UL J-Oil nn h \ i s j irs cotiTN. Men's Silk Front Shirts in p'nk blue and buff, regular $3 00 value all sizes \ h i l e they last sale price Ladies Percale Special lot of I aches' Serge Su ts and Coats values up to $15, rrostl all si/es special at House Dresses in 1 Iis;ht and dar\ colors i als,o snighains mar- i ket pr ce todai S2 00 [ and f2 50 special al _ _ ^ Special lot of AIus- \ 1m \ ght Gowns n button f i o n t or slip o\er stiles \\cith to- diA $1 ^3 arcl S] "iO sale ^?Q^ price _ \j*J\s Lace Curtains the on= ^on riav need to replace ciunng; house cleaning \alne up to ^1 special wh'le they lnst KQ^, ?t _ Oi/^u Silk Boot Hose as- soitcd, the newest sh icle^ 01 the season =ld up to $1 10 lin ited qtiain tv special at _ Ladies Suns and Coats all new- sies and colors % allies np to S.1S and $20, speci?! while thev la=t at. ^22 50 and $_5 OH Ladies New Spung Suiis and Coats all newest bt\les j i cl rolois, special w h i l e tne\ last at 12.90 Next to "West Penn Waitin CounellsviUe, Large assoitrient of ne\\ly ar- rj-vcd silk skins in stripes also solid colons MaiA and blues, sold i p to "iS 50 special v.lnle the\ la^t at Ladies JbinlvoidPrtd Go\\ns 11 d I ndcij,\irts, talues $1 50 a i ·)2 00 bpeoal at One Special lot of Ladies House \fi o-is regYila- 1 $1 00 -\ ilue 59c One lot. oi Ladies Blue and Rlack ~eigo Skirts lalue $350 and ^4 special 81.95 \ I wwwvv^^wwvvwwv^rfyvruvrawwj-jR^^ INT' cstorday\ Kesulls. Ptnlaclelphia Z P ttsburg " Beaton 4, Cmcins ati 3 Ch cago S Brooklyn 0 \Ne» 'iork 6, St lams i ^Fo irteen mnicgs Standing of tile dobs. Pet. 757 633 600 336 420 3S7 379 310 Tndaj's S kiddie Loston a PitiSburg Now loi-k at Cn cago Brooklj n at ^ Louia Philadelphia at Clncmna i Brookln St Lou s ~S\ L. T O n IS T I P 11 12 H 1? 19 11 IS Q ^ft n \ct ( \osterdf\N Kcsnlt^ leu land 1 Bojtcn C b Louu 3 "\\ashirs on 2 PMtedpIrhiti ]}c roit ram ^ civ \0"k C ^ cage \ P grounds Standing- ot tbc Clubs. ^ Lo ton 19 Sou io iv 16 Catcigo _ . 14 , , . 15 I iulao«lpbia- Dctroil _ 12 1C , 13 Tudaj's Stiudn'c. o at New v crl Louu* at Ma'-limstca Cleveland at Boston Dotioit a Daw /jon. T.SON May 23 -Arthur Moore 'OL Tbursdav in PiLtsburg \\ \ ^\ood a L. ch'' Lut-k\ spent ~ ie\v aa^s th s ^et,^ v th fr'endff At rker s T jandmq Mn, George C VcC 1 1 underwent a l = ot upeiation at M^icj ho pi i on Tue=dav P- rate Cba-It "s lelUr oi Con- -.I'y^ije ^D n « r **\ hour« le-° on A ^('ne d0y i - In rd Jam^ Meeban cpont wito Mr and Mrs ^v s i v a i at Floteioe Mtnrs \t-^ Chwrle" Gaal vp^- shinping in ' jel'^vjll** "Wedae-oav M-TM "la-^ Bell an! rV.urhter c' t- ··«ba'"E ha e returred home after ^ivndns a few days vitn Dr and Mr= H J Bell Mrs Bell accompanied tbem hone "Mrs Teresa Grassin^er has returned home after a weeks \isit with her MFTRO PRFSLNTS THL VTHLfTIC ST\P TI RT I \TI I L IN The Trail to \ R I D B t O O D F D TAI F OF THL A M S 1 1 R N PI IINS A D ^ P l l D FROM CIIARLI S ALDLX 3CLT/CR 5 NOVI L ALSO A GOOD C OMLDT. MHTRO PRESF\TS THL \ r P S V r l t F ST\R I D H H STORCY IN A SCRLE\ VERSION Oi THI B K O V D « A \ PLAA OP Til, SAMP VLSO A GOOD COMEDY v jtror o 1 i t ' . IODVI VM THE CINDERELLA GIRLS A Serein mg Muaicil Comcch S A l b R D V l M U I M I I Oil TUL Iv DDILS ii L, U 1 S D U \M) This is not ^ bat IP pic urc \ c U v. tl\ make the and encc mad d i r than a c i e b of blaitrhtci V r c m a i l abli ai d voiidertul i I L L I I I L 1C there is atnonn ]H \merlca \rho doubts u c lie going to win l i e uai Iti b m M n the sonson Theatre IIVWiraWWUWWMMWI oBSffissaEffisa saasasEs «m»'l»jjlMBHB!MB) l KX-. irs 11 I U L via vi't n's, GOOD r \\vtEKh 'mi ISALH IISGOOD 1UKR Bro'uii and Her l i o n i c a l "\laidb Present 10 rreoPLD--SPECI \L \ VIDE\ ILLL- j o p: Bro\Mi a id Kenned^ Mus'ca Prices--Mat nee lOc and ] jc \ight i'c , nd 30c On the Screen--James Mougomeij i la^g Comedies L POL I 12 611 n 14 12 lo OOJ 5i8 538 536 42J 41) ss** --TOim \\n lououBOTi -- 3 ISI I r l t d l S O A itircnii IHD\ H I S " TRY OUS CLASSIFIED ADS ONLY Ic A V7OSD. 316 Most Cra-niord Vicntir, TUcst Side. HAVE \OUE ^RIIfTUTG DONE AT THIS OFFICE £^TM^K TOIIM AmbrosB at ijH3t Ovei the )SrMge "V ih'ac Ram-e\ spent Thu sdaj m { , ^ ttsbnr" o T. bu^irer rn-* coiid (a of Irs 1 ran^i 0 Me Dcrrrott n r t o hi L^oa bcrioaslv ill _, X.O "Vrr (,^ t s *'r a i d pdnp"daT of jTen s Mr and ^tezszaxa/r} At*~b i "ank StilTva^on remains about the same Keep the Iitt u ones h°althv and happy Tb n lr Deader sensitu o bod- ie^ require a coo'ing bcalm? harm less remedy t- prepare the r stomachs Cor sttmmer"s heat HolHster s Roci 1 ? Mountain Tea is reliable and sa F c thoro but not injunoJ 5 35c --Con uellsville Drug 'Co --Aih Satcery Co. V l.tclory Troiuul BaUerj ^lan. Clissified afis cost only 3c a word Tht dc ghia t vo r \ - t i w b Sin the momcn - y o j board a D C Coasr Line Sieanie- tor I cau ul Mjcbrtuc K aud-fyr half of the IckHhuxre J tlie 1 oti, \oaj 1 Ra Iroad ckcts are "oiored oil all D C Lice ste-imcm with out ezin -Har^c Tic D 4 C lot. in a insures the best n aoc-omtn Jod piiiif ji t LCIVICC Safety and health prow at cou ] at cou ] be dc red Alt wcatrer* art* ciuippetJ water 11 «e I 'ed by ultra Two rplend d vweh~City of M-ckiniW U and C y of Alpoia J!--openicfour I roes iweeito Mackinac Itlana Irosu Toledo Mo d i» "ad Saturdays8 D A M r«csda«-id Thursdays 6 GO P M from Detroit Mondays and S-uur , days S 00 P ,M \V(.dn(.6d«y» and fr ndayi S 3D «t v; reles* sen. ce Al ly process A Si Sead 3-cent siampfoc tJluatraled pamphlet and G eat Lake* map Addres* L G L r W I S C P A 9 Third AYcriue Detroit Mich mported and Domestic Groceries The following specials are bei ig so d at a less price than th,e\ can be bought foi tod n Onion Sets, 3 Pounds for 25c Potatoes per peck _ Puie Laid, pei pound Tomatoes, ?\o _ per can Bj.kcu Beans ho 1 per _ai Earn J U H L Peas pei cau Red Sal non per ca,i Pinto Beans pei pound Red Btans per pound \a"V Beans per pcund Hebe Milk, tail cap Blac v e\ ed Pea^ pei pound Hebe M Hi =niall can Tresh Eg^s pei do/en C'eanea^v Soap per cake Lenox Soap per r a k e Sliced Peaches 2 cans 'n; Catsup pei bottle (laigel Satisfaction Coffee per pound 2oc 1'Je lOc He 12c - 5c 5c 2Sc 13c 25c last long older n, at once at these putes thej will not

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