The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAT 24, 191. THE DAILY COURIER, CONliJSLLSVILLE, PA. EAST FURNACES PRODUCSNG, CLOSE 100 PER CENT CAPACITY SOME OPEN MARKET COKE Some Complaint on Quality of of Coke, But Less Than in the Winter. Quantity Morin^ is Small, However; Several Contracts Expiring June 30 Itetosr Kenevfoil Without Price 'e- ,olia(ioiJ; ISj-l'rodoct Oatpat Gains. COKE SUMHAllV. The visit oC Worreii S. Blau- vely, director of the coke division of the United States K u e l Administration, to tho coke region, t.o request tne operators to ffivc a "100 per cunt piudge of concentration," is beir.t? i n L ^ r p r c t u d to mean t h a t t h e f u e l . A d m i n i s - tration is beinw presaied by the Railrond A d m i n i s t r a t i o n to produce more f u e l for transport i- tion to the essential war I n d u s tries. The rivalry bt-tween thesu g-overn mental agencies, as :o which shall prove the moiii potential factnr in safeguarding the fuel s i t u a t i o n , hat? resulted in a series of f r i e n d l y challenges, of w h i c h th'; Railroad Administration at this time seems to have the b a t t e r onrt. To meet this s i t u a t i o n the FTJC! A d m i n i s - tration has drafted the coke re- Erion, its operators' and workers, tbr the d u r a t i o n of the war to give the m a x i m u m of production. The operators v.-i'.I pive w i l l i n g co-oi'ierriiion to t h e ploiigro plan, but hJiVing a c!r*so, rind sad. in- t i m a rvy w i t h s u i n c of Ui e conditions affect inp the industry and a p p l i c a t i o n of the cnkers. th.-y arc disposed to rc.fcurd i i i u id "a as nicro tdealinic th;in prfictica;. Th c y b el i s v« mo ro can he dc n « by 1 i ve - w t r e war speak *· rs. The r-ucion ran a l o n u - lost WO*MC about the s.iine as in the preceding, iiiakine a s-tov.- but steady recovery from the eiTects of vol- u n t a r y lay-offs by i h e men. Car supply J f f p t up close to 100 per cent ar. it is doinsr this week. Kumr-.Ci'u ari! r u n n i n p at 5 per cent capacity. imHc.itinp that coke s'lpi'.lies are m'.vV' ·: to dca- time. j tina'.ion on L Special to The Weekly Courier. i riTTSBURG. May 22 ---A number of j coke producers report that they teave \ bi en receiving a 100 pel' cent car sup- ; ply nearly every day since the begin- i nir.g of last week. While the expori: · is not universal, codtions sen- i eralty as to car supplies .have shown ' further improvement. As car supplies j increase, labor shortage Is naturally! uncovered, but conditions on an av-! c--.age are less unsatisfactory than | was expected. The "push" ovens, are , experiencing much less difficult/ in : finding adequate supply of labor than; are the hand drawn ovens. Condi- i tions as to labor supply are even bet-j tt r tban appear on the surface, w h e n . ri-gard Is' had only to the coke icdua- j try itself, because the shipments of \ Counellsville coal are far heavier than : ever before, and this absorbs a very considerable quantity -of labor, that ' would otherwise be available a; the "oke works proper. The blast furuaceslthat are in op- 2"ation are producing very nearly at MO per cent of their capacity, being i with very few exceptions, in receipt j of full coke supplies. While coke-i - jaality is not entirely satisfactory in i One Will lie Filled IVith 01(1 Gold, Sil some Instances, the' general average j Ter, Kt«, for Y. .H. C. A. of quality is vastly belter than in the j ^ melting pot. to be filled with old · w i n t e r , when much coke was in.-ured 'nieces of silver, gold, iron, t i n f o i l and j ty being held too long in ovens wait- , paper, which will be sold for the bene- i-.ig cars. A few furnace plants have ; (jt o f t he Y. it. C. A. war fund, will be been able to stock a little coke, b u t ; established in Conn-ellsviHe next t'lis is rather exceptional. Prac-.ical- j week. Boxes will be placed in rarity the only curtailment in pig iron | ous places in the city for gathering output, on the basis of full capacity. : j n the contributions. Persons who recurs from a few furnaces being still j have donations to make, but have no out of blast, awaiting coke. ; way of getting them to the boxes, are There is some coke moving ir. the ! asked to notify any of the committee open market, but not a great deal. : a nd arrangements will be made to Sales in nearly all cases are mace di- j send for them. rect, as the government does not iillow ] The committee in charge is com- Lha broker to charge the buyer a com- j p Ose d of U. A. Neville, chairman: Jir*. mission, over the set price, as it does j James B. Hogg, Mrs. l-Jufre;ie T. N'or- fa the case of coal, and thus far no j j oni ;u rs . H. p. snyctar. Mrs. W. F. operators have been willing to pay : Brooks, Mrs. Morris Smith, Mrs. M. the broker a ".commission out of the j H. Broughton, Mrs. Warren L. V,"right. ?et price. 'With the increased praduc- ; Mi s = Catherine Foley. Miss Gertrude lion of the present time it is probable j Reid and i!i?s Rene Soisson. lhat more coke will come into the j open, market, though on the whole the j lonut-s Ice Cream. treat bulk of the merchant output for [ Women workers at the Rc-d Cross tae remainder of the year will move | headquarter;; Wednesday \vert- asjree- MELTING I 5 OT NEXT rn contracts. The market is qut'table surprised when presented by J. i r t at the government limits, as follows: ; c. Herwick of the Yough Ice Stor-1 .-·urnace ic.oo ; age company with a £?r.iirou5 d o n a - j Foundry. 72-hour selected 57.00 ; . ioj) of ,] C H C J C . US i co C n'a:u. There! Crushed, over 1-inch J . . J O , m abundance to servo over 51 worn-i Several contracts made long a:;o on . on all of w l l t i n appreciated t h e - ; 1 monthly or weekly adjustment price thoughtfulness and kindness of ih '; (-'ere to expire June 30. Some o: tbese i ollcri -..ave already been renewed an 1 the ' . :,thers probably will "be, there being! Wont Help! ::o price negotiation involved. ' I t is ] ^^n u=n our ctassiBed column. -.elieved that two or three eoa'.racts j su , ts ^.jj, f ol ] OTV _ :iade on a ratio basis also expire June ; ;0. .Such contracts cannot be re- :ewed on the same terms unless will 1 ··«.v.«vii.«.««"""""- ^" i proviso that the settlement price \: ; .ot to be above th« set price, and i .^^r,,-^.,.,.,».--._..,,.. ome of the ratio contracts madr vould involve more than $0.00 a ton ince on a five to one ratio and ba^n ron at $30.00 the coke price would b ij.00, and some of tbe ratios wcr. tronger tban that, while basic iron vas ?33.00 and is now down only tc 32.00. It appears that the major jortion of the contract business i": orce is at flat prices, averaging abon: S.25. These contracts were made b£- ore September 24, when the fixe:) .rice of -55.00 was announced. Production of coke at the Olevr and by-product plant of the Ami".-. an Steel Wire company is in-irear r.g. the first coke having been matli fortnight ago. In a month or two he plant will be operating pradicall; ull. The first coke from the new llairton by-product plant is expected tonday, June 17, but this will b'! onl" rom the first battery, and the entirr lant of 6-10 ovens will hardly be ir, ull operation bofore some time :: eprember. The Lorain by-p:oda:t lant of the National Tube cor.ipun; ·ill probably make its first coke lut; i June. The three plants will ha^ n output of fully 75,000 tons a week ·hen in regular operation, -bieS ·om Connellsvil'ie coal. The pis iror. market is very Quiet -ansactions being confined to occa- .oual lots required to fill govenimeD. rdcrs. .Merchant furnaces re'ientb' istribuied questionnaires to the CUF- mers. requiring full information a: ) the use to which pig iron on order to be put when delivered. Somf. ·turns arc easy to make and som* .Iticult. so that the full presenta.ti=- ill uo't be available for some time. 'hen all returns are brought figetli- · a definite system of sequer.ce n: ;ling orders will probably bf pre- ·ribed. so that each consumer of iro*! il! have a place on the list, with the rospect that those low down :a the st will receive little if any iron. The arket is firm at the govenimen: mits. as follows: JCHIEFTAIN MFG.CQ.? ; CHARLESTON, WVA. : nun^ry .. .S32.!i ...5=3." . . .$,13.TV . . . S 3 - ' . 0 Ohiopyle. OHIOPYT.K. May 24.- -Mrs. H. C. i raes sprat Ti'.ursAiy tbe guest o" ' 'ends in Conne-llsvilie. i Mr.' and Mrs. T. .M. MiScbell le.'t '· ·sterday for Fi'-tsburg to a t t f n d t o : islaess. j Miss Mae Hcwan left yo?teri.iy fur | uiderbilt to spend a few days. I Mr. and Mr;. Ben Harris ani 'two] lldren returned to their hosir iiere : edresday evening, after several j .ys visit in Pittsburg. Bead The Daily Courier every day. I But you must come on Saturday. The redular price today is $4:2.50--it will sooh be S-15.00. We art' doing everything possible to keep p Ices down and on Satiird-iy v;o shall sell these massively e: Davenports tit tli eamazingly low price of-- EASY TERMS--so as to make it possible for everyone to take advantage of this wonderful money-saving opportunity--only-- $2.00 CASH, $1.00 A TttGEK. THIS BED DAVENPORT provides an extra bedroom at no extra rent and at a saving of f h e cost of furnishing same and there's no article of furniture that add so much to the comfort ;tnd appearance of the home. Its massive oak frame is beautifully finished and the covering is of that rich, golden egant Bed brown imitation Spanish leather so serviceable and so fashionable. Just thing of the advantage cf having an oxira bed always r:;idy, and of the daytime service and beauty of tills ple^:uu piece of furniture and easy terms, and DO-XT YOU MISS THIS SALE. -of .the jow price Save Food and Win the War--This Splendid Refrigerator You neodrs'J 'par cash unleHS you n'i.';h to. we'll arrange terms so easy t!i:n you'll ?c:ircely fr:i-I the cost. This Refrigerator is so scientifically constructed that it w i l l require very HfJe ice and w i l l keep your focds sweet, palatabie and wholesome -SAVING WASTE. It's built for outdoor service and is necely finished. It has high back and shaped slat seat ·making it a very comfortable and cool rocker for sioimer service. 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SKB OlJl: MAGNIFiriE.N'T AX.MINSTERS TX DOMESTIC AND ORIENTAL DESIGNS. We Want the Mother of Every Baby in Conneilsville to see the large handsome carriage, similar to Uiis picture, that we are $9'? 7f» selling in such great numbers at only tP*^^** *-r They rigu like cradles and there's lots of room for pillows to make baby comfy. EASY TBHMS OP COlTtSE. and CoIamJbia Records The Rapport-Featherman · Furniture tore is svi We want you to know and to feel that you are always welcome here. Welcome to come in at any time and listen to the wonderful Columbia Grafonola. Come in and hear all the latest patriotic songs adn operatic selections, or old time melodies, as your mood , inclines. The excellence of the fanious Columbia Records is only fully obtained when they are played on the Columbia Gmfonoiu. }\~e Juive Granfonolas fl» -a Q f\f\ For as little as $ JLOoX/'U' .KASV .TE1SJ1S OXLY 0'.\K DOIJ.AU A WKKK. Tbe Fp.vorite Jlodci is Shown Kore. 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AT ConncIIsviH;*s Dost Dependable Furniture Store. -PATUOXIXE THOSE WHO AlVKRTIS!C IX YOUR HOME PAPER - OCGOOCSOOOOOOOCOOCCOOOOOOO it's 'DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING?- ' We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office from the visiting ,. card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. ^ THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., Conneilsvilie, Pa.

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