Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 20, 1972 · Page 120
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 120

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1972
Page 120
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Page 120 article text (OCR)

Plain Talk about a Painful Subject! YOU undoubtedly have heard of many so- called "cures" for the pains, tenderness, and stiffness of arthritis and rheumatism. The plain truth is there is yet no known cure! But now, there is something you can do to help you better live with your problem. What Is Arthritis? Whether it's called "arthritis" or "rheumatism," it means practically the same thing... "inflammation of joints or surrounding muscles and tendons." Inflammation which can give you an aching back, stiff neck, sore knees, painful elbows, hands, or fingers; that can make it more difficult for you to move around freely, comfortably ,.. that can gpl interfere with your work, your j sleep, your life. Anyone can get arthritis; re^ gardless of age or sex. It can 'Shoulders ' strike early in life; or later. It Often Hurt? occurs among rich and poor. Among all races. In every climate. In all sorts of weather. There are many types of arthritis and rheumatism; ranging from the mild aches and pains of "Fibrositis" to the more difficult "Rheumatoid-Arthritis"and"Osteo-Arthritis." The symptoms of each kind are different. The treatment for each must be different, too. What To Do About It? Only a doctor can diagnose your specific arthritic or rheumatic condition; as well as the proper treatment to control it. In certain cases, he may prescribe powerful drugs. For less acute cases, he usually recommends the regular use of simple analgesics (like aspirin). But, for extra relief and soothing comfort, many doctors today recommend an external rub to supplement your regular internal medications. So, that you can lessen your feeling of pain; increase your range of motion. Until recently all well-known liniment, ointment, and cream rubs contained merely an anti-inflammatory ingredient (like Methyl Salicylate) to help reduce the pains and discomforts resulting from tender, inflamed joints. These were all right as far as they went. But, they didn't go far enough! Great News! For years, science sought to develop an external rub that would not only help relieve pains caused by inflamed arthritic joints; but would also temporarily desensitize tender nerve endings that transmit pain. What's more, one that would be absorbed more effectively through the 7 layers of skin. Finally, such a remarkable formula was created! A deep-penetrating spray-foam combining "Methyl Salicylate," the best-known external pain reliever; together with "Benzo- caine" the quick-acting, medically-approved anesthetic. A famous New York hospital tested this formula...proved it most effective for 4 out of 5 who tried it! Now, you can get this very same medicated foam formula. And you need no prescription. It's called "EXOCAINE"! In most cases, this remarkable extra-action medicated foam gives fast, dependable relief from discomforting muscular stiffness, and its cruel, nagging pains-up to hours at a time! Relief At Your Fingertips Today, thousands of grateful men and women agree that living with their arthritic flare-ups is no longer such a painful experience; that EXOCAINE's , combined analgesic and anesthetic action gives them the extra relief and comfort needed to move around more freely, more comfortably; to work better, sleep better, feel better! EXOCAINE is not a smelly liniment! Not a greasy cream! Not a messy ointment! Not a watery spray! But a greaseless, stainless, and fragrant aerosol foam. Convenient and easy-to-use. Day or night! For fast "on-the-spot" relief, just spray and rub in EXOCAINE where it hurts. That's all! While there is still no cure for painful joint inflammation of arthritis, EXOCAINE (together with your usual medications) can do a great deal to lessen your arthritis discom- Painfol Hands? forts and pains... to increase your comfort and freedom of movement. Of course, no medication works perfectly for all who use it. But in 4 out of 5 cases, EXOCAINE has proved its remarkable effectiveness in providing welcome relief and extra comfort for the transitory stiffness and pains caused by tender inflamed joints. "What A Relief Everywhere EXOCAINE has been introduced, reports are enthusiastic .. ."Thanks to EXOCAINE, my husband and I now get hours of extra relief -- move around-more comfortably." "EXOCAINE sure ' is different than any ointment yr lotion rub I ever used. What a joy!" "I've been taking aspirin for years, as my doctor told me. But now I find by also rubbing in EXOCAINE, whenever I get a flare-up, my shoulder pains start to subside much more quickly." Knees? With such public acclaim and unsolicited testimonials, why let the discomforts and minor pains of arthritis joint inflammation needlessly interfere with your work, your sleep, your life. Achint #· #· ^-Although EXOCAINE is creating a national sensation, it is not yet available in drug stores in your area. Therefore/ we will be pleased to send you-for the next 2 weeks only-- regular $3 package. What's more, we will pay handling and shipping costs. Don't delay-- MAIL COUPON TODAY! MAIL COUPON-NOW! I I C. F. KIRK LABORATORIES, Dept. PA P.O. Box 8, New York, N.Y. 10022 Please send me regular $3 package of EXOCAINE. | Enclosed is my check, money, or money order (no stamps, no C.O.D.). I understand you will pay all ship- I ping and handling charges. NAME ADDRESS, CITY STATE. I

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