The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1939
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1933. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THREE. ON THE AIR Radio Information At a Glance WCAE--1221 EC. 6:00--American Schools. 6:15--Evening News. 6:25--Sports, 6:30--Laws tor the Laymen. 6:45--Romance Lyrics. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Edwin C. Hill. 7:30--Modern Melody. 7:45--Jack Berch. 8:00--One Man's Family. 8:30--Tommy Dorsey's Orch. 9:00--Town Hall. 10:00--Kay Kyser's Klass. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Airliners Orch. 11:30--Lou Breeze's Ovch. 12:00--Sammy Kaye's Orch 12:30--Lights Out. 1:00--Bernie Cumminb' Orch. TONIGHT KDKA--980 KC. 6:00--News; Sports; Weaiher. 6:06--Movie Magazine of the Air. 6:15--Rollinis' Orch. 6:30--Music--Sports. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Easy Aces. 7:15--Mr. Keen. 7:30--Horace Heidi's Orch. 7.45--Vocal Vanties. 8:00--Fingertip Fantasies. 8:15--Fu Mar.chu. 8:SO--Hobby Lobby. 9:00--Magnolia Blossom^. 9:30--Wings for the Martins. 10:00--Ransome Sheman Presents. 10:30--Public Interest in Democracy, 11:00--News: weather. 11:15--The Music You Want. 12:00--Al Ravelin's Orch. 12:15--Mike Riley's Orch. 12:30--Barney Rapp's Orch. j WJAS--1230 KC. 6 05--Organ Melodies. 6:15--News of the World. 6:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--Talk of the Town. 7:00--County Seat. 7:15--Lum and Abner, 7:30--Ask-It-Baskct. 8:00--Cangbustsrs. 8:30--Paul Whiteman's Orch. 9:00--Texaco Star Theatre. 10:00--It Can Be Done. 10:30--Buddy C'ark 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. ll;15--Chailes Eaurri. 11.30---Tntkie Holler 12 DO--G!en Gray's Ordl. THURSDAY WCAE 7:00--Program Resume. 7:00--Morning Express. 8:00--News. 8:15--Today's Almannc. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8.45--Hits and Encores. 9:00--Musical Interlude. 9:05--Happy Jack. 9:15--"lerr.s of Melody. 9:30--Band Goes to Town. 9:45--Secret Diary. 30:00--Central City. 10:15--John's Other Wile. 10:30--Just Plain Bill. 10:45--Woman in White. 11:00--David Harum. 11:15--Lorenzo Jones. 11:30--Young \Vidder Brown. 11:43--Road ot Life. 12:00--Studio Time Signal. 12:00--News. 12:10--Melodies. 12:15--The O'Neills. 32:30--Monticello Party Line. 12:45--Singin' Sam. 1:00--Musical Caravan. 1:15--Muted Mus;c. 1:30--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 1:45--Melody Jewel Box. 2-00--Song Sampler. 2:15--Ed Fitzgerald's Review. 2:30--Kitty Keene. 2:45--Utility Hall. 3:00--Mary Marlin. 3:15--Ma Perkins. 3:30--Pepper Young's Family. 3:45--Guiding Light. 4:00--Backstage Wile. 4:35--Stella Dallas. 4:30--Vic and SatSe. 4:45--Girl Alone. 5:00--Dick Tracy. 5:15--Your Family and Mine. 5:30--Jack Armstrong. 5:45--Orphan Annie. 6:00--Metropolitan Operalogue. 6:15--Evening News. 6:25--Sports. 6:30--Saxo-Piano. 6:45--Sweet and Low. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Vocal Varieties. 7:30--Mario Cozzi. 7:45--Inside of Sports. 8:00--HuiJy Vallee. 9:00--Good News of 1939. 10:00--Music Hall. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Lawrence Welk's Orch. 11:30--Bernie Cummins' Orch. 12:00--Glen Gray's Orch. 12:30--Jan Garner's Orch. 1:00--Airliner Orchestra. KDKA 6:30--Curly Miller. 6:45--Farm Markets. 7:00--Musical Clock. 7:15--Western Trails. 7:30--Russell Pratt. 7:45--Musical Clock. 8:00--News. 8:05--Musical Clock. f:15--Dr. Sunshine. 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:00--Shopping Circle. 9:15--Linda's First Love. 9:30--The Editor's Daughter. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 10:00--Story of the Month. 10:15--Jane Arden. 10:30--Smiling Ed McConnell. 10:45--Houseboat Hannah. 11:00--Mary Marhn. \ 11:15--Vic and Sade. 11:30--Pepper Young's Family. 11:45--Getting the Most Out of Life. 12:00--News. 12:15--Rosey Bits. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour. 1:15--Farm Radio Service. 1-30--Women in the News. 1:45--Happy Gi'mans. 2:00--Betty and Bob. 2:15--Arnold Grimm's Daughter. 2:30--Valiant Lady. 2:45--Hymns of All Churches. 3:00--Home Forum. 3:20--Dale McFeatters. 3-30--Tea Time Tunes. 4.00--Club Matinee. 5:00--Erskenc Hawkm's Orch. 5:15--Hans Anderson Stories. 5:30--Don Winslow of the Navy. 5:45--Tom Mrs Straight Shooters. 6:00--News; sports: weather. 6:06--Your Movie Magazine o£ the Air. 6:35--Patricia Gilmore--Songs. 6:30--Music--Sports. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Easy Aces. 7:15--Mr. Keen. 7:30--To be announced. 7.45--The Curtain Rises. 8:00--Merry Music. 8:15--Fu Manchu. 8:30--Rochester Orchestra. 9:30--America's Town Meeting ol Air. 10:30--Minstrels. 11:00--News, weather. 11:15--The Music You Want 12:00--Al Kavelm's Orch. 12:15--Mike Hiley's Orchestra. 12:30--Herbie Kay's Orch. Life ! WJAS 7:30--Musicale 8:00--News o£ the World. 8:15--Marjorio Stewart. 8 30--Friendly Singer. 8:45--Cheerie Melodies. 8:55--Tudny's Progr.nn. 9.00--St. Patrick's Church. 9:30--Joyce Jordan. 9:45--Bachelor's Children. 10:00--Young Dr. Mnlone. 10:15--Myrt and Marge. 10-30--Hilltop House 10-45--The Stepmother. 11:00--Mary Lee Taylor. 11:15--SiMltcrRood B;,inc;. 11:30--Bis Sister. 11:45--Aunt Jenny's R c .a Stones. 12:00--Kate Smith. 12:15--Her Honor, Knncy James. 12:30--News o£ the World. 12:45--Our G.-il Sunday. 1:00--Goldbergs. 3:15--Life Can Be Beautiful. 1:30--Road of Life. 1:45--This Day Is Ours. 2:00--Doc Hartley's Daughters. 2:15--Lux Piogrnm. 2:30--American School of the Air. 3:00--Army Bond. 3:30--Keyboard Concert. 4-00--Le Brun Sister*4.14--Today's Program^ 4.20--Ray Bloch's Varieties 4:45--Foui Clubmen. 5:00--Questions Before the House. 5:15--Howie Wing. 5:30--Baron Elliott's Orch. 6:05--Organ Melodies. 6:15--News of the World. 6.30--Today with Bob Trout. 6:45--Nan Wynn. 7:00--County Seal 7:15--Adventures in Science 7:30--Joe Penner. 8:00--Kate Smith. 9:00--Major Bowes' Amateur Hour. 10:00--Tune Up Time. 10 45--Americans at Work. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:15--Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. 11:30--Cab Galloway's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kaye's Orch. Gossamer Lace Sets a Lovely Table i^i* ^waagag ·'3$A?j Household Art* by Alice Brooks Heirloom Design in Medallions for Many Uses . »m, MOUIEWOLO AST* IMC PATTERN 6298 These (Msily memorized medallions, so rich in design, are truly the needlewoman's treasure They are lovely individually, but then real beauty and lacincbs can be appreciated more f u l l y after they have been joined into a clolh, j-piTLid, or scarf. Crochet these medallions of mercerized string. Easy to hiincUc, they m a t e perfect pick-up work. Pjttern 6298 contains Jn- slructions for making ined.illions; an illustration of them and oE stitches; photographb of mednJ'ions, inaipnnU needed. To obtain this pattern scnii ten cnnls in coin to The Daily Couner Household Art 1 ? Uept., li.'iD \V. Nth Sheet, New York, N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your iVAMK, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. .1.1 pan FIXPS Deadline. SHANGHAI, Feb. 15.--Japan^e military authouties* were reported ou- thorilatjvcly to h,-ive *-cl February 20 njj a new dcadlmu fot cv*acunnon of 12 Americans and 53 other for- C i R n n i N stranded at Kulinn, m o u n t a i n p. sot t again*;I \vaic! 1 tnu Japanese a r e p l a n n i n g ;m attack. French Fear Air Sabotage. PARIS, Feb 15.--Suspected nets of sn bo tape ,] gainst 27 American planes dohvrred to the French air force Jed to reinforced military guards around the Villacouhlay Experimental Air- poi t v.'hcre the planes are undergoing tests. W.irrv, Airainst Jap nomination. M u t i n y in Jap Ranks. | CHUNGKING, China, Feb. jo.-- SHANGHAI, cb. 15-- A Chinese j Chians Km-Shek u'a agrnc;. un respondent in Hong- ! w arnrd that Jnpanotc domination o£ 8,000 Knrc.m H a i n a n Tsfnnrt "would mean the be- reported soldiers unr.rr Japanese command hud mu tired m the C.inUm sector. ginning of Japanese domination of the Pne.fic." MEWS OF DAY AT CONFLUENCE DUNBAR, Feb. 15.--The Missionary Society of the Methodist Protestant Church' has started rehearsals lor a play entitled "It I Be His Disciple," with seven characters taking pnrt. The play will be presented j the last Sunday of this month i n ! connection witn thankoflering service. Card Party Tomorrow. The last card party bclore the j Lenten season begins will be held Thursday evening at St. Aloysius Hall by the Ladies' Sodality. Bridge, five hundred and other games will be played. The door prize will be a load ot coal. The Sodality hopes to make this affair one of the largest of the year. It extends an invitation to everybody. Other Hems of Interest. Dr. and Mrs. Melvin O. Hoover, newiyweds, have returned from a southern trip. As yet their plans are indefinite. David Duffy and Philip Caretti were in Connellsville Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. William Donner and lamily of Springdalc were visiting the formei's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Donner, Sunday. Charles Lowery, located at the CCC Camp at Oakland, Md., spent the tvec'k-end with Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Smith near Greenhouse. Mr. and Mrs. John Mort were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chaplik at Pittsburgh Sunday. Mrs. Nick Bell and Mrs. Ada ICefTer were Connellsville callers Tuesday. Albert Harvey and Thomas Clements were visiting Rev. O. W. Bolton at Waynesburg Sunday. Rev. Bolton, who has been ill for some time, is better and expects to resume his pastoral duties next Sunday. I^r. and Mrs. Kennedy Poiter and daughter, Ruth, were visiting with | Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hardy on Specr's hill Sunday. R. K. Smith of Dawson was a business caller Tuesday. Mrs. Catherine Kerwin, who has been ill for some time, is allowed to be up at intervals. She shows improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGarrity ol Weirton, W. Vs., were week-end visitors at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. McGrvern on Church hill. Mrs. Beit Cencc of Lazy Hour ranch, near Dunbar, and Mrs. Paul Allen, also of near Dunbar, returned Sunday evening from Cleveland, Ohio, where they attended a Shrine convention. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rugg and son, Jimmy, of. Washington were visitors at the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Rugg. ,. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dahl of Springfield pike were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Richard Darby of Hardy hill over the week-end. Merle Barkley has returned to Mill Run after spending the past week with friends. An old-fashioned box social was held Saturday evening at the Baptist Church by the Leach Bible Class in the church basement. The decorations were in keeping with the Valentine season. A large crowd attended. YOU.TOO.SHOULDTRY CREOMULSION for Coughs or Chesl Colds "Radio "Widow" Sues. OAKLAND, Cal., Feb. 15.--To the "gold widow" has been added the "radio widow," Mis. Melba E. Bill-I irtgs in her suit for divorce says she is one. 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