Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 10, 1975 · Page 43
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 43

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1975
Page 43
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Page 43 article text (OCR)

511 --August 10,1975 SundaYtouette-Muil ;i,i. Gift for President Ford Presented by Apollo Crewmen Astronauts (From Left) Brig. Gen. Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand and Donald Slayton Give Flag Carried on Mission 3rd Measure to Protect Mrs. Gandhi Approved (C) AW York Time* Serriee NEW DELHI -- The Indian government """»· --'--:"~~- TT"TT"7If,, ^litu-al . Saturday presented its third piece of legis- the prune master, the head of ^^imca lation * the last week designed to protect party. «d the prudent ***** session to protest the emergency and the ^ ^ legislation, object that the CQBStl- tutkm inteationaUy distingfaed between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from entanglement with the courts. This one was an amendment to the constitution prohibiting any lawsuit, civil or criminal, against a person serving as prime minister. The upper house of Parliament approved it unanimously, two and one-half hours after its introduction. If it had been in effect, it would have prevented the suit in which Mrs. Gandhi was convicted of two minor electoral offenses in June 12, the beginnning of the polticial crisis that has held India in its grip for two months. "In the case of persons holding high position, in many cases, frivolous suits are instituted," Law Minister H. R. Gokhale said, explaining the amendment in Parliament. "They hamper the efficient discharge of duties and cause unnecessary and unwarranted harassment." The amendment which will be sent to the lower house when it reconvenes, perhaps later this month, also applies to the president of India and to the governors of the 23 states, which are all largely ceremonial positions. Besides protecting them from all lawsuits during office, it exempts them, even after they leave office, from criminal prosecution growing out of anything they did in office or before. Gokhale justified equating the prime minister's role with those of the president and the governors on the grounds of the prime minister's "pivotal position" in the government, his argument has a reflection of the steady trend toward strengthening Prime Minister Gandhi's position in the six weeks since her government declared a state of emergency and began rounding up its political opponents. * * * BUT SOME MEMBERS of the parliament opposition, who were boycotting the . who represent the whole government. The amendment is apparently the last element, for the moment, in the legislative wall of protection that the government began building around the Prime Minister on Monday, with a bill changing the wording on the electoral law in such a way that it no longer applied to her case. After that bill became law, both houses passed a constitutional amendment taking away from the courts the power even to consider electoral cases involving the prime minister, the speaker of the house, the president or the vice president. With unprecedented haste, a majority of the state legislatures, all controlled by the prime minister's Congress party, rushed into session Saturday and approved the amendment, so that it could attain the force of law before Monday, when the Supreme Court meets to hear Mrs. Gandhi's appeal of her conviction. Sears SORRY! In the carpet remnant of today's newspaper insert the 12'xl5' carpet remnant priced at $49.99 is incorrect--The correct price for this carpet remnant is $89.99. Sorry for the inconvenience. TRUSTEE MUST SELL THREE VALUABLE PECES OF PROPERTY IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN PARKERSBURG TO SETTLE THE ESTATE OF THE LATE SAM BARRACK. Brand Takes Blame for Poison Gas WASHINGTON - UP) - Apollo astronaut Vance Brand took the blame, but Commander Thomas Stafford said all three crewmen must share responsibility for the mishap that let poison gas fumesz into their spaceship as they returned to earth July 24. "I'll take the responsibility," Brand told a news conference Saturday. "The switches should have been turned on and they weren't." But Stafford said he and Donald K. Slayton also should have known that switches were not flipped at the proper time. He said very bad noise and radio communications in the cabin may have contributed to the error. Stafford, Brand and Slayton met newsmen for the first time since the flight, during which they linked up in space for two days with a Russian Soyuz carrying two cosmonauts. * * * AFTER THE NEWS conference, President Ford presented distinguished service medals from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to the astronauts and to Dr. Glynn Lunney, American director of the Apollo-Soyuz project. At the White House luncheon, the spacemen gave Ford a presidential flag that they had carried into space on the mission. Ford called the flight a "great triumph of science and technology... an encouraging reminder in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that men from different countries, with different systems, can work together for a common goal with courage, intelligence and success. * * * ALSO AT THE luncheon Ford promoted Stafford from brigadier general to major general in the Air Force. Slayton and Brand are civilians. The spacemen flew to Washington from Hawaii, where they were hospitalized for five days for treatment of lung irritation caused by the potentially deadly gas from the Apollo steering jets. After discharge from the hospital, they spent an additional week in Hawaii in semi-isolation while doctors monitored their condition. Stafford said all three men have been given a "clean bill of health by the doctors." He told the news conference that, after nine nearly flawless days of flight, Apollo's troubles started about 50,000 feet as the craft plunged toward a landing in the Pacific. "At 50,000 feet, we had considerably more noise than normal," said the commander, a veteran of three previous space flights. He said the thruster firings seemed louder, there was considerable air static noise and "we had considerable radio interference." At 30,000 feet, Brand was to have hit two switches. One would have shut off the jet thrusters, source of the nitrogen textrox- ide gas; the other would have activated the automatic parachute system. Brand had no explanation why he forgot, although the instructioons to throw the switches were on his checkliist. As a backup, Stafford also had a similar checklist and a transcript of radio conversations showed he had called out the switch-flipping procedures to Brand. The transcript showed that Brand did not respond and Stafford said Saturday that Brand probably did not hear because of the radio noise. Brand said he suddenly realized the small stabilizing drogue parachutes had not popped out at 24,000 feet as planned. He then realized that the automatic switch had not been thrown and he quickly moved to deploy them manually. "I was surprised when they didn't come out and I quickly punched the manual button," Brand reported.' ' About the same time, Stafford reported, "we got a sudden ingestion of fumes. I had smelled nitrogen tetroxide gas in small amounts on my previous flights, so I knew what it was. "But this came in visibly, like a puff of yellowish brown fumes," he said. "But we were too .busy operating the manual systems to be frightened." The spacemen also had to activate their three main landing parachutes manually Prospects for Argentine Military Control Increase in New Recession because of Brand's failure to throw the switch. The gas filtered into the cabin through an air intake valve that opened automatically at 24,000 feet to let fresh air into the cabin to help equalize the pressure inside with that outside. One of the still-firing jet trusters was near the intake valve and this was the source of the cabin gas. If Brand had flipped the switch, these thrusters would not have been firing when the valve opened. Minutes later, Apollo landed in the Pacific within sight of the recovery carrier New Orleans. Because of the angle of the parachutes, Stafford said, "we hit like a ton of bricks and probably hit with a force of six to 10 G's." Almost immediately the Apollo turned upside down and it took about five minutes. to get it righted with the automatic flotation system, the commander said. He reported that as the capsule floated upside · down he scrambled to get oxygen masks from a storage compartment but as he unbuckled his safety belt "1 missed my step and went crashing to the top of the space. craft in the tunnel area." Stafford managed to get the masks, but before he could give them out Brand passed out. "We were all surprised at the gas," Brand said. "It was mildly irritating to the lace and the main thing is we coughed a lot. I passed out for about 40 seconds till Tom got a mask to me and then I felt okay. mi CHANCELLOR HOTEL Cor. SEVENTH AND MARKET STKITS 7 STORY BUILDING 210 Rooms Plus Ball Rooms. City Room--Blennerhassett Room. Can accommodate 60 to 200 people for meetings. Commercial rents $50,000 Yearly. Plus Transients, Weekly-Monthly Renters and Permanent Guests. FIVE STORY BitDING 6th ANP AVERT STREETS | Currently occupied By Parkersburg Beauty College First and Second Floors And Dept. Public Welfare, 6th Street. Main Floor Entrance Plus 3rd, 4th, 5th Floors. Income $24,000 Yearly. FOUR STORY BUILDING 417-419 MARKET STREET Currently Occupied By Gersman's Furniture Galleries. Income $29,000 Yearly. By Mort Rosenblum BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) Prospects have increased that the military might impose its control over Argentina again as the crippled economy entered a new recession, throwing many thousands out of work. Experienced analysts say a coup of sorts has already begun, but the military leaders and the political forces who support them continue to move subtly and patiently behind the scenes. President Isabel Peron's term runs to May 1977 and it is far from certain she would even temporarily give up her mandate to rest from tension which has deteriorated her fragile health. If the military decided to act, officers could gently oblige her to leave and run the country through a constitutional successor. Or they could stage a direct old- style overthrow. Although slogans like "Isabel is hunger" are appearing in some slum areas, the 44-year-old chief executive has some support. One provincial official of her party recently told Peronists. "If anyone trys to remove Mrs. Peron, rivers of blood will run through Argentina." But Alvaro Alsogaray, a former economy minister who is still respected in business circles, called a news conference to sound an alarm. "In three weeks, we will be in total chaos," he said. "Argentina is not passing through a bad economic moment but rather is seeing the total destruction of its economic order." If political forces do not unite and act quickly, he continued, a dictatorship is inevitable. have been in constant contact since early June, when the political and economic crises grew serious. Acting with labor and political leaders, they forced Mrs. Peron to fire her closest adviser, Jose Lopez Rega, and to abolish the close knit conservative circle he built around her. "The military here has long had a traditional political role, unlike that in Chile or in Uruguay," said one influential publisher. "That's why there won't be any clumsy, brutal Pinochetazo." Some predict a direct right-wing takeover in the style of Chilean junta leader Gen. Augusto Pinochet, whose action inspired the word "Pinochetazo," but they seem to be a decided minority. Argentina's military ran five governments more than 11 years between the two Peron eras and it is still smarting from the experience. Army troops were spat upon May 25, 1973, when constitutional government was formally restored in colorful ceremonies. Generals were blamed for economic problems and social ills and few appear ready to step in now when the crises seem to be almost without solution. But advocates of a firm hand argue that something must be done by somebody, and soon. Bankers say that Argentina's credit will remain poor as long as there is no clear policy to tackle the economic crisis. But, more and more, insiders speak of a growing possibility that those with the power to act may soon be forced to make some form of unrefusable offer. FINAL CLEARANCE Ladies Shoes Vibes To 27.00 228 Capitol St. Sedtd bids will be accepted by Hie undtnigned on(l Septembers, 1975. All Bids should be submitted in an enyelofX! clecHy matted sealedbid and mutt be accompanied by a cashier's check payabfe to the undesigned as earnest payment for S5.000; such earnest payment be oppfed on or returned to the bidder Mthin 5 doyl after September 5.1975, if the bid is reiected The property will be shown by appointment only. Arrangements . can be made by calling Mr. Ed Byham or Don Hayel Parkersburg Realty Co., Box 1386, 307 5th St. Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101. Phone Area Code 304-485-5546. Parkersburg Realty Co., Agent for the estate of Mr. Sam Barrack, deceased. KANAWHA CITY BRANCH! First Federal Savings and Loan Association with Drive-in Facilities and Free Parking 4315 MacCorkle Ave. S.I. INSURED SAVINGS PLANS! Account Minimum Name Deposit Regular Passbook S5 ... Golden 90 Passbook $100 . Annual Rate 5.25%. 5.75% Annual Yield . 5.39% 5.92% » * * A SUDDEN WAVE of inflation, coupled with a production drop, has forced factories to lay off an estimated 250,000 workers since July 31. One million persons -10 per cent of Argentina's labor force -could be jobless by year's end, some say. The army, navy and air force chiefs GUERRBLA ACTIVITY and political violence continue to kill an average of at least one person a day, causing growing concern among military officers committed to maintaining order. Sources close to the military say there is pressure to replace the chief and deputy chief of the federal police with active army generals in order to intensify the campaign against subversion. So far, the sources say, military suggestions to Mrs. Peron have been basically general, covering such image-cleansing areas as increased press freedom and closer control of public finances. Auu=.Y One Year Certificate S1000 6.50% 6.72% 30 Month Certificate $1000 6.75% 6.98% Four Year Certificate $1000 7.50% 7.79% Six year certificate at 7%% also available, minimum $1000 Rate schedules and save-by mail information available on request. Interest Compounded Daily. Substantial interest forfeiture for early withdrawal of certificates. IRA and KEOGH plans for retirement AVAILABLE NOW By appointment only--Call Mr. Johnson at 925-1161 1 4315 ^ fW WNB MEMBER FSIIC ·lAKHIKHHB: 9to3Mon.thruFrl 5 to 7 Friday Evening LOAN ASSOCIATION Kanawha City: 4315 MacCorkle Ave. S.I.--Phone 925-1161 Main Office: 231 Hale Street--Phone 343-5505 T

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