The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

I'AGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, COKN'ELLSVILLS, PA. FRIDAY. MAY 24, 1918.. "THE TRAIL A. r, d-b!oodecl tale ot the western plains and ranches, in v-hich Bert! Lyti-H, the athletic star, makes Ms! GIRLS! Do you realize that beautifu] hair gives picre charm The Big Store Near The Bridge." is an easy matter to make your porch different if you eosne to the Zimmerman- Wild Store -- dif- Do you realize that to have lus- debut as a Metro star, is being shown j trous, beautiful hair is but to use today. To escape unjust punishment; for a crime o£ which he is guiltless, Ned Keegles goes wost. As time gc es j on he becor.ies known as "Dakoui," the terror o£ the plains. A storm brings Dakota and a girl together in a l.iuely cabin. When he learns that she is Uie dau?Uttr of tin; man v.b.0 killed bis, Dakota force., a prfachtr, wim also sought ot.^-Uor. to marry the girl to Turn. Revenge- las taken possession ot the heart -oC the ,] ailt j" ru fl; an ,j tailing hair, or i on,law, but fate steps in and corn-els ; J£ v£mr ^.^ is hi] . sh and brit . i _ ai:a to aid the girt for whom he do- j - -,,,,,,,,(· l, P ,. om l,o,] it-« tei mined to make life miserable. A t!a al . ld cannot be combed at ^ sp-irk of love » kind'.od which re- : tractively you will be delight- - suks in happiness fur the girl and i ed with the transformation outlaw. Mr. Lytcll, who appearr. as; \vrought by a few appliea- "pakota." is one of the hainisor.icst'. tioiis of Herpicide. Remember and most gifted of the younger ; 5 en ~! jierpicide has maiiv substitutes, eration of American dramatic s'.ars. | . fc Newbro'S Herpicide. A selected comedy is included. To-! * rcorrow, EtiitU Storey, the vtrs.uUe | Metro star, will be featured in "The I C .aim." a wonderful attraction. Mon: fcy, May Allison will be seen in "3o- Hypocrites," a -Metro fcatcre. Read This Testimonial THE SOI8SOX. Jo-'ui Sa. v,-yer. The Noted Sl.iKe B^'.iuty wrtos: "For ttie piw.t t^'o years 1 havi: been a constant user of rK-rpirulo. H has done ^verifiers for my ',iair. HM-picklG shall always be tr. a iiruir.inert? place in my home and .1: (ho thc;ilre. I can as-s-urc you it ia a pleasure to recommend Hcrpictile to any an.l all v;omen v.-.-LTitinp lonp. lustrous .snappy h.:ir. "This lelti-r is unsoliciu-*! bu 1 . f can~ not r e f r a i n from t l n t n k i n f r :·''·» for TVluU Hirrpic'Kle h.'is .loin; for me.' yours. Joan Sav.-yer. ·THE KAISER, THE BEAST OP I-ERLiN."--Did you know that the Kaiser had a poison-filled abscess in j 1 is ear, and that it it burst he would j lc a raving maniac'.' Did you know · that the Raiser's lett artn is six iichcs ; .'honor than his right, and thi.t tho | hand is puny as a child? And A'A you j s no t an exception. Thousands know how he carried, it in orc'er to fc now u le delight, satisfaction and disguise the deioraity. Did you know w o n a e r f u i benefit derived from the that the Kaiser has a mania for ad- , o£ Nebro ' s Herpicide. : J«t try it once and note tL re- many bracelets and . marl-cable change. The experience of Joa7i That he wears feminine rings, copied from th'se he · admires? That has has MO lull-! dress uniforms, that he '-vas rvricc ; king, twice z grand duke, IS t.tnes a , duke, twice a prince, nine tines a j count, beside', being a bishop. 1 Did i you know "hy he slaps his right : thigh all the time? Of cour:e. you ' didn't Few people out?ldc of 'he ira- . perial circle know them. They are j secrets as carefully guarded as has been the proof that Germany planned and started the war. All these things and many "more in the private life of the Jackal of P^urope. who has plunged the whole world into war and sorrow, are shown in "The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin." To miss it is to miss the most illuminating e?.pose of tbis enemy of mankind. Send 10c today for samplo nml . interesting liooklPt, Address: The IK'rpieiuf Company. Dopt. 1CIA, Detroit, .Michigan. ApplicatiiMis at the I5el(or Earlier Simps.-Sold hy Drug nml IK'imrfmenl Slores. Satisi'iiction Guaranteed or Money Jtci'unded. ferent in appearance as we! as different in its comfort. To gain an idea of the exclusive new styles here in Summer Fjarni'nrae just glance in our big display window--incidentally note the remarkably small | prices marked or. the pieces shown therein. GARDEN ARMY TO SMASH ALL PRODUCTION MARKS THK.VTJIE. "ROSE OF THE WORE ^"--Featuring EHsie I-'ergusoQ. If you were a "beautiful young woman, your first husband lia-d been a dashing; army ofiicc-r who bad died a Lero, and i your second busband was an old man { of title and wealth, but tefipiti aim \ conceited, whom you had m.irried in | a moment o£ weakness, and you found : your lover for your dad. husband : growing stronger and stronger, until | you, could not bear the presence ot j your second husband; and, to coinpli- j your love 'or your dead husband j besr friend fell in love with you--| ·what would you do? Those arc some j of the problems Oial Elsie Ferguson · battles with in her la:est Artcrafl | picture, "Hose of the \Vorld/' in which the lovely star docs some r-'niarkable emotional acting. Tho picture -is showing at the Orpheum ueatre today and tomorrow. WHYELS^ELL COAL rniontown Men Keci'ive OTT Half 3IillI(n for 27 Tra.-ts. j The Whyel Coal company. Union-i town, has sold 27 tracts of c ja! in Har. : risom and Marion counties, V\". Va.. to; Johtt Y. Ilite of Fairmont f,)r 5585,000. i The deeds were filed yesterday. i Sellers Kitche-i Cabinets Sell at $29.50 to $45 Ik New Seller's Vitii Iiavo seen H)i- Sellers ad- V(TtN(!(! ill lllC !-ui!imr jiiri^.i- zim's. S!o} in ,,j£ (!»'.· »'« *'"«·· .$ riihim"" ilsi-if! p]f You ivill i)« aale thf miiiij- rciillr ni'W cniiTpnirn C(1s that f!»- Scif- ' ers possesses. The Sellers is the Only Kitchen Cabinet with an Automatic Flour Bin Like This. Sold Exclusively at the Z.-W. Store. at the Zimmerman-Wild Store Exclusively The Coolmore Porch Shade has exactly tho qualities its name indicates. 3t is so constructed as to shut out old Sol's hot rays and al :ho same time permit a free circulation of a i r , thus insuring a cool jjorch even on the warmest days. AI! Widths. Colors Brown or Green. All Prices. Ivory and White Regular §16.50 Values. See Window Displaj". Tht.^e are the- most sonsational values e v e r offered in Beds. They are all distinctly new «iylcs, full ci'/.e and constructed to give'a jifc-Umo of service. Tile finishes are snowy white ami old ivory. They are identically the same beds you see priced cise- wherc ai 5.16.DO and $18.00. Connellsville's Best Selection The Big Store's display of Gas anil Coal Ranges embrace the newest and most convenient styles manufactured. Every one is absolutely guaranteed by us and prices are tho most moderate in town. Mitoses : At the Zimmeriuan-Wiid Store Exclusively. Belbor Luggage is kno\vn from coast to coast--the name Bclbcr on your Trunk, Bag or Suitcase assures quality, style and durability. Heal Skin Diseases i-coxsKn'.'.riov XUA'i 1 SAVES J3-1 ]t is unr.c-ccsr.-jry for yen to suffer \vi;h | ! eczema, tl^tch'Ls. ringworm, rashes and I i cimilar skin troubles. A little 7.erao, I obtain:;! at nr.y cirug store for 3Dc, or [ ' £1.0^ f^r c::tra I^tre bo-tic, and promptly I ! cr/:lic:l -Kill ch'3 insta:ij relief j I fio~A itdiins torture. I t . cleanses and I I soc'Jics ti:3 s':in and bc::b quic!:ly and ; i effective!; 1 mor: ri: lluccabeos "iVin. | Tbo Maccabees' ba^obal. icara dc-1 feateS the Soutt Side tea::, captained; ' b y Emmett Hicfcs, \Vednisday ::i£ht; at Fayette Field, 13 to 5. Dinner j pitched 1 for the South Side and Wilson tor the Maccabees. | **TK« South wrl foe^ h*ar»elf tins year," says tije Na6oocl War Garden Comcnlsaion of WachinjftoTi, one of vboao eld agents bca just returned from m six weeks' trip through at »ectioo. Reports coaains to the Conratission from other aactionx of ti» United Stales show llmt tho Burden nroay ha* motnized as never, before and that trader the direction of this Commiasion the people wiil rnise a record-breakir^; emount cf food to help suppiy "The World's Cry for Food," ·which Iho Uiul:c{ State* Food AoWnistratiou otupiii- sisea ui its striking postcte. | appearing liquid and is Gooth:?.g to t'r.ii i most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is ; easily applied and costs little. Get it today and ssvo ait fa:t:ic-r distress. Tfce E. W. Rose Co., C^vdancl, O. Meyersclale. jreYiiRRB.M.E, :,ray 23.--The DO- ' .'·'.: !:u- anti '-Mivt'ct .0 i.;iv.:- :[; '.:~ i'i:!i a:no':iit at tl'.v u n d of i'.:e i .v-1 u. Tlii: anr.uM M;iy jrn".--3r4ui w i l l be '. . i:?::; in t l i o a.'. i ' I i ' U and Jnracs CnU;- ! , KVarti c: 1 JoL'.-.-y'ovn. '.vil! :H hovf and To do you? cluty during these trying ihnes your health should be your first consideration. These two women tell how they foand health. Eellam, P.T.-- ; 'I toot Lydia E. Pinfchr.m's Vegetable Compoxu.d for i'emale troubles and a, displacement. I t'olt all ruaUown and was very weak. I had boon treated by a physician without results, so decided to give Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. End fell, better riglit away. I am keeping house since last April and doing all my housework, where before I was unablo to do any work. Lydia E. Pmk'nani's Vegetable Compound is certainly the best medicine a lYOman can. take when in this condition. I jrive you permission to publish this letter."--ir.rji.i;. B. CBLTHCTO, li. i»o. 1, lltllam, Pa. Lowell, MicV..--"I suffered frora cramps and dragg-inr; down pains, w:.s irregular and had fe.male weakness and displacement. I began to take Lydia E Pinkhanr s Vajo- table Ccimpoun-I v.-'uicb. gave me relief at once and restored my health. I sLould like to recommend Lydia E. Hnkham's remeones to all suTering women who are troubled in .1 simi- !r.r -,»ay."--ilr^. EusElIi:iii,B.Xo.G, BoiS3,LoweU,iIicb, · Why Not Try 3 The Store Ahead. Highest Quality. Lowest Prices. | fl East more Potatoes--Grow More Potatoes--Put Po- H tatocs Oil your list of Figliting Foods. I We Will Save You Money ' Gojd laundry Soap, 7 bars 2.c Si:vc-r Glo^.s iio:ip, 5 bars 'J.'tc S;juia Cl.ius Soap, 5 bars._. 2r»c Olt! DiitcL' ClC'j».'?r. can ic G o l d DUST. lary. 1 pkg. 2-'Ic Large rolls Toilet Paper -!c ! D:-icd Gr'"--n Peas, Ib. ICc j I,i:r;a Bea^is, Ih. 17c J ;,A Hfii i;i(in»-y Di-ans. Ib. l4c \-i PJ'iiO BIVJDS. ]b. 1'Jc -J Coridru;--'. 1 !! ^;,up.-, caa 10o. J Lar^-e Iv.'tiU C.-asiip Jiit 1 \-- 27c B llsoc ^ Oc | Whito Corj) Flour, Ib. 7c '·) E.irky Flour. ]b. Se | S:ii:iod Raisins. pktT- lie Extra good i^rnnes. !b. I:(c Kx'.ra ,;ood Peaches, 3b. KJc pi-plod p^aciins. ib. 20c L:irgo c:ms Pt-t Miik lie Small cans Milk fie Small cans Tomatoes I3c J.a-~so jar Apple B Good Potatoes, pk. Corn Meal, Ib. i , Ex. choice- Rio Coffuc. !b. _. j Kx. ci'.oico Santos Cultee, ]b_£0c * pui'Q 'rco:i S Fol, Ib. ,,,,_ _ 22c ' Root Beer Kxtruct, _ lc Large j.v i^rc.servra .. Save the Wheat and Win the War. For Your .Sunday-f!'leave your order a t ' o u r Meat Counter. You iviJj bo more ilian saUsficd. 'f * \S- LYDIA E.PIHKHAM MEDICINE CO. LYHN. MASS. I This dross, designed for sfteruoou'·-§ r|ai '". IT- j ...j. I llse ' is n '5'l )e n t "''Or.sCTvnlio::" rlross '-.j'.:'....^ '',, · '!ir ing t h o injunction for tbe . .·!.....-. a..i j ^ lliei .i(. au v -oj::an to save :n;;terial. It f§ |' " V . .^ , ., ...,.-.. . .. p ; --. l f , i ^ devcloiied in Jur-aDeKe cotton crepe, ' ^ j a ff-w' ^yf^'^fl^oT M."' ! a»;i j ^ e iu :iuo a n d y u t s!oart ia evor? ' i ! Mrs:. VTil.sun Soj'lDf 'E Sin.wiit toiva- j C " : - 1U '' · . r| ' Mrs,. George K^ihn of Ctunfeoriand. : You nave got to clean ana clear tbe ^ lis'lier'e tor a wfc-it^s visit witli rola- ] boweis ihoroly to have good health jjjS ·^ and [rioa-ns. i after uiDiiUi^ of indoor l i f e ; you would .^ Mr. and Mr;. Prav.usi Hoover left j 3o so now i£ you could see them as j eflncscinv :or Ko:-;i-,vood. brA'itig! you do your race or bauds. Hollis-| ep. called vK'iv by !.Iie death of a ' ter's Rocky Mountain Too. cleaus and ' ; reimivo, \,-iiose Itmenil will take place · clears as nothing else. Start tonight. ; Friday mornins. i Coaiiellsvillc Drug Co.--Adv. Tr'e HKTC the IJfst Ou'oinarsrariTie in the City at the Lowest Prices. Diamond. A, per pot;ad olfc \ jj'oxk\v'.-= Balsy, Ib. 34c Buckeye, ;b. S2c j 3!ox!ey's S;ec:al, Ib. 3Cc Kiagnut, the be:;t ever, per pound, o-!c. "THE STORE THAT »OES THtSG.S FO!i_YOt T " !(!! VfEST 3IAIX STiiEKT, CO:\M-:Li,SVILLE, PA. VHio to T w o Ontnks Onlv two d r u n k s \s'ero ·nadyrap ^-^^ ,, B raj A cafQ and uorc Keincdy for ^Wornic. · * » " » " ' Stood the_t=Bt for 50 ycsra. IT K^'-rEIt :; 01 jro Absolutely Removes . J?iEASA*!T "SO TAKE. Merchants wh.. wlv ( -:-i., ,: their good? Only two d r u n k s wore given hoar- ; ^SWs. KO sS^Erc Ja-EQsS. o-, r j" 7- ·'-- ! the Da : ly C:ourinr. i ings In police court tlii; n; irning, one butae :i«.o 'iiiod";32 woiut. in droc- Indigestion. Druggists : -- i bei "s ciischnrgcd and tho .tner get- ,|TM "i.^voSSmsl.S.trHSi.Fi refund monev if it fails. 25c Read the advertisements. ting a street se

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