The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 15, 1939
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LAST E AST COITION The Best Advertising Medium in Hie Yough Region. PRICE 2 VOL. 37, NO. 8 L. The Weekly Courier. Founded July 17, 1879. Tko Daily Courier. Founded November 10, 1902. f Merged I July 13, 1929. CONNELIiSVILMJ, PA., WEDNESDAY TSVHNING, FISBIICARY T o , 1939. TEN PAGES. DAYLIGHT TIME GETS ATTENTION Council Wants Reaction Of Surrounding Communities. NO DEFINITE ACTION TAKEN s Super-Highway Towns Twins--of Different Ages 3y United Prcsa. The question oE daylight saving time was discussed briefly by City Council Monday night but no action was taken. A movement has been launched here by the Merchants Club and sentiment of the county is to be secured. Members of Council expressed themselves as opposed to consideration of the project until there was assurance it would be at least county-wide in its observance. All faaid that fast time would not be in ' effect in Connellsville unless other i Fayettc county cornmumUes, including Union town and Brownsville, took similar steps. It was suggested that Scottdale and Mount Pleasant likewise be embraced. "II Council is^to be asked to give thought to the matter, sponsors o£ the plan should immediately take definite steps. Waiting until the last minute for adoption of fast time may caube a change in attitude on the part of those who might be favoiablc to such a plan," it waj set forih. "If daylight saving time is to be adopted, then steps should be taken at once to bring the matter to a climax. Arguments of both sides should be heard long before a definite decision is reached. Proponents of the plan probably are aware of the fact that the last Sunday in April is generally the date for the opening of daylight saving time. Therefore the matter should be gone into thoroughly b e f o r e anything is definitely done." HARHISBURGv Feb. 15,--Ghost towns and ruination of "$200,000,000 worth of business investments along existing hignways" were pictured today by E. S. Shuch, Clearfleld, secretary of the William Penn Highway Association, as the potential effects of construction of the projected super road linking Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. In a communication to the Harrisburg Patriot, Shuch asserted: "It w : U make ghost towns out of many small communities sad seriously affect many large cities, consequently adversely affecting moie j s:rd. than a half million people." Shuch said estimates showed the super-highway would divert 74 and 80 per cent of the foi'eign pleasure cars fiom the William Penn rnd Lincoln highwnys "spelling complete collapse to hundreds of businesses and serious damage to hundieds of others ' An expenditure of SI."5,000,000 would m.ike "two fast, wide snfe highways" out of Routes 22 r.rd 30 to the benefit of BO per cent of the State's population that will continue to use them in any event, Shuch Someone Is Doing Tall Kidding About Weather Conditions Someone must've sent Bill Brotz- mcm, the Weatherman, n "cute' 1 Valentine, or else there was a m i x u p over April 1 (All Fool's Day). A morning newspaper's headline shouted: ·'Fair weather to continue." But before the ink had a change to dry it was raining and the rain gave way to snow as the spring-like elements were being supplanted by a recurrence of vrinter. Brotzman said that there would be "snow flurries" and colder tonight. Tomorrow it will be f a i r nnd colder, he added. Nearly 350 Will Attend Testimonial For Rev. DeVivo Over $150,000 Loot in Florida Hotel Robbery Ccncts v. ill be laid for rtpproxi mately 350 pcibOiih it Pk'usant V ill- ley Country Club Sund.iy evening at the testimonial dinner ir. honor of Rev. Fatr-cr Henry DcVivo, pustor of Si. IM.Vs H.dinn Hom.m Catholic Church on the West Side Italian lodges ne spononr.g tae fclr in recognition of his Tint; \vork during his ni'nrly a quarter ot n century as pc\«tor of St. Ilitn's parish which he organired 'J, I yr-ars ago. The Italian government has signally honored him by narnmij the priest n* a chevalier and be will be presented with a chevalier's jm'dal on behalf of Kmfi Victor Emmanuel of lUily by Dr. Nino Calabio, aclinff vice-consul, in PiUsburgn There will be nn imposing array of distinguished speakers and Dinner will br s^r\ eel , o'clock. John Anthony James Charles Britain to Recognize Spanish Nationalists Dictator Methods Of F. R. Scored By Hiram Johnson By RONALD G. VAN TINE United Press Staft Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15.--Controversy over Piesidonl Roosevelt's foreign policy exploded m the Senate A c t u a l Granting o f Recognition Will Ba Delayed Pending Consultation With France. again today when Senator Hiram W. BELIEVE FRENCH MIND IN ACCORD By United Press. LONDON, Feb. 15.--The British c;i binet today decided to recognize the Spanish Nationalist government John Anthony McDonnell (left), wai a bit late in arriving to join his twin brother, James Charles, buv here he is, fc.ifc rind sound m a Kansas City hospital. John Anthony arrived five days after James Charles. Physicians were conaiderinc a resort to surgery ° n Mrs. Milo C. McDonnell when the stork arrived. ( 6:30 Delinquent Properties To Be Advertised Next Month, Sold in Jonnson, R. f Cal., veteran isolationist, j m principle, according to informed political quarters. The cabinet adjourned without any announcement on its Spanish recognition policy. It was believed an official statement might be made in the House of Commons tomorrow. Actual granting o£ ^recognition, however, will be delayed pending further consultations with France. Lord Halifax, foreign secretary, submitted to the cabinet a report balancing arguments for snd against recognition. The report was reported to have concluded that it would be advisable to recognize Generalissimo Francisco Franco without unnecessary delay. Government quarters interpreted the French cabinet's action yesterday as amounting to agi cement in principle to recognize the nationalists and therefore the two nations are now expected to consult regarding the time and manner of recognition. Hocused the Administration of pursuing "the method of dictators" in attempting to keep its affairs secret. The charge and repetition of a former one that present policy was lending the country toward war were made by Johnson in a formal statement while the Senate Military Affairs Committee prepared to resume Us investigation of cooperation given by various Govemment departments to n French air mission buying American-made military planes. Simultaneously, the French embassy announced that the mission has concluded its work and placed orders for more than 500 military planes w i t h four American manufacturers. The Senate committee continues its inquiry of the French plane deal today under a rule that leaves mem- berb free to discuss testimony with newspapermen, were Admiral House Committee Approves Guam Development By United Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. -- The rlouse Naval Affairs Committee today iverwhelmingly approved a S5,OOG,- 300 authorization lor development of narbor and air facilities at Guam, ivhile the House prepared for passage of a 5376,000,000 emergency nrmaments bill authorizing an Army Air Corps of 5,500 fighting planes. The naval affairs committee, by 14 to 5, rejected a motion to eliminate the Guam authorization from the bill which calls for development ot a dozen naval bases at a cost of $85,000,000. The motion was offered by Representative William E. Hess, R., Ohio. Farmer Who Refused Vaccination of Son Loses Damage Suit 8y United Press. MIAMI BEACH, Feb. 15.--The Miami Daily Nev/s estimated that a bandit gang which terrorized guests and employes at the Blackstone Hotel today escaped with between $130.000 and 500,000 in cash, gems and se- curitiess. An exact estimate of the loot couJd not be obtained pending a complete, . . . . _ . _ ._ checkup. The five bandit?, t h e i r . M.ti^h, South MounUmi farmer, v . h o j faces masked in handerchiefi, b r o k e ' -- J ' -· - · ' - - . . . . . .,, into 16 strongboxes provided lor valuables of the guests. By Untud Pit' .-. CARLISLE. P.i , Fob Watch Charm Lost 29 Years Found; Reward is Paid could list their Until quests deposits, police rc- fused to estimate the loss. A police blockade thrown all exits from Miami Beach Tailed to trap the gang. oncc said he d rather "uit in jail" i th.m permit vaccination of hi* son ' los.1 his j»uil lo colK'Ct $100,000 f i o m the school bodid th'it caused his ! Personal Property Tax to Yield State Over $24,000,000 By United Press. HAHRISBUHG, Feb. 15.--Returns from the State four-mill tax on intangible personal property,. expected to yield 54,000,000 for relict during the ending May 31. were pouring into the Revenue Department today. The department mailed return blanks six weeks ago to 400.000 persons believed subject to the emergency levy during the current fiscal year. Payments for the period became due today but many early returns were received. As of February 1, the personality levy had yielded 12,899,101 slightly over half the biennium budget estimate. Counties levy an additional four mills on intangible personal property for local purposes. Outside Plumbers Must Pay License For Jobs in City Non-iesidcnt plumbers must $25 for every job they get in Connellsville under the provisions of an ordinance enacted Monday night by City Council. Other municipalities had adopted similar legislation previously which requires local plumbers to pay a stiff registration fee before they can accept a contract in those communities and as a result they appealed to council for a similar piece of legislation to protect them against out-of- town competition to the same extent as they are discriminated against by other districts. The schedule of local installation and inspection assessments is not affected by the ordinance which provides a stiff penalty against nonresident plumbers who do not pay the registration fee. M.trth claimed h^ %-, .is subjected In false arrest because his MUI. Eugene, not of school aRc at the time. The school board countci c« there "no malice intended" and that it was "motivated strictly by desire to uphold the Itiw." The jury deliberated 3f minute then returned its \crdict in favoj the South Mtddleton .school distrl Said Judge Fred S. Reese: ''You've done exactly what I would have done if I had been on the Ki-b. I": -- A watt h i harm owned by H.n ry Boyt«, \ ci- c-ran bannnn at S o m c t i u t House, h,t.s b*'L'ii i e'tuvt-rit! afu-i bc:nj; 1«"U t'-r 29 years He pajd lu 11 IP finder the u .-Mid he hurl oiF'-M-d i.early t h ' t r tiee idos ;ig? When ,t son oC George .Muoie of BaktTavillc v, as p i . t y i n g in Ihi 1 h o u s t , lie ram i* a c i u ' - s UH- ch-irni in th^ up- noStery of a K";o .h.ur v,h;rh Mnoi c h id biHiiihl fTOTI Boyts as i t v.'iis in the prut e" of i_p««irs. S;i!e of K.iyc'ttc county propeitics /or delinquent taxt»s has been fixed for ApnJ J, i~ J )hj:iui:fi. 1 d loda l.y Count;, TrcrthUri'r II D. Mincrd I ;»nd ndvertu^mc'iits of the- properties !r bt- .sold \vi3J b'_* iiiicrted in nc\v«- p.ipors ue\t month T!fa--urcr Mm*.rd s:ud he desired Summoned to testify William D. Leahy, chic* of navnl operations) and Captain Sydney M. Kruus, who was assigned to temporary duty with the Treasury Department in connection with the French mission's visit. Johnton. who previously had declined to discuss a four-point statement of policy made by the President (t a recent pi ess conference, declared that "secrecy begets ills tha". cannot bo foreseen." "Some of the adhci ents of the policy being pursued say we are just bluflin^,' 1 lie said, "and by bluffing will keep those countries whom we don't like from fighting the countries we do like. I want no bluffing on a . 'o !,,',- e it cJr:iriy understood ilial any | ninttci which concerns the li\*es of prrjper'.N o-i \vhioh Ut.xos arc in ai- ! our people." ' -car*., excepting tnoso on w i n c h p a - ' Mr. Hooscvoli recently denounced ; i! Fence Prevents -TKTJU arc it'^iJ. der ihe in'-Uillni \ D t ; v f d . Ho pa '.t.MKTf ou nci s st itlmc-nl p!:ui trl) bfing made un- nl plan, will be ad- id thnt in mar.y m- h;id besun an in- and th' u failed to PERPIGNAN, F r e n c h - S p a n i s h Frontier, Feb. ]5.--Important Spanish nationalist troop movements toward central Spain were reported todsy, in indication that the insurgents were preparing for an offensive against the remaining territory held by the loyalists. Infantry and artillery were moving out o£ Catalonia, the reports said. Madrid again the seal o£ the loyalist government, \vas subjected to a spasmodic artillery bombardment last night. Some of the shells fell in the center of the city but most ot them struck in the working districts in the south section. Five nationalist airplanes, identi- Such prnpcrtifv, will be ,'nchjdrrl in Uio-^e ;idvcrtJ'-od, he df- cl.irrd, and ad\i*,cd a n v porsons \vho as a "deliberate- lie" a report that he - toki the Senate Military Affairs i fied as o£ ^"an «3Te. dropped 50 Committee the United States- frontier bombs this morning on Valencia now is on the HJiiue. He said the Continued on Page Six. d.irrd, and ad\i*,ed any potions w h o ; · micl.l by unt.cit.iin of their status to I | \A//" P) I i n P » £ S r I \A/r^l nnt.,u his ofllte i;i tbu courlhou.-e at I YV V L-/U I I U d l I W p. Teachers Refuse Umontown. to net. needed informntioi In ihe ij'-t four yents. he poiiUud oul. the SLftc Xjcgi^taturc hos pni'sefi » B I I n f " i i ! dctl1 I'b.umK pen.iHio*, a n d i n some Work on New State ^!. n ^» i « reat r ) ' ii -.. u :' e !!. n5 ..s d : 2 Road at Ohiopyle UNIONTOWN TAX LEVY UNCHANGED Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 15.--Uniontown Council Tuesday night continued its tax levy for 1839 at I2y, mills, the same as last year. Council adopted its budget for the year. Sports Tipster Dies. WORCESTER, Mass., Feb. Patrick H. Dowd, 74, wbo was credited by sports writing associates with having turned up the Information which forced the great Jim Thorpe to surrender his 1912 Olympic trophies on grounds ot professionalism, died here. Writers said he gave the oiiginal lip that led to the athletic scandal. have jury." Marsh was first arrested in October, 193G. The sri'ool principal testified that the prosecution was dropped when the boaid was shown the boy was not of compulsory school age at the time. Marsh subsequently served an aggrcgctle of a year in jail on similar charges. Local Couple Under Federal indictment On Forgery Charge By United Erc?. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 15.--Tht November Federal grand jury, recalled for a special session today returned 30 indictments naming 35 persons on charges of violating Federal laws. The majority of the indictments contained charges o£ forging endorsement to Government relief checks and cashing them. Those named en check charges include: Gus and Ida Dickens at Connells- vi!le, December 5, 1938. Nellie Savage at Mason town, May 12, 1938. No ;idion has been taken on Ohiopyle's "spite fence," ex lending into the new State highway, pending a thorough investigation and cons'iltn- Uon with men familiar with the situ- j ation, SimucI Longstreet, new d.s- Irict Department ot Highway superintendent, said. i The fence is said to have been erected by three well-known *iibteis of Ohiopyle. Ella and Annie Brady, twins, and their s.a'.er, Mamie, v, no set foith Uie cla.m that a recent highway construction project cut oft a corner of their lot. It is contended that because of. th,s property slash a tempointy fence has been erected Work on a drainage ditch at the scene was halted by the WPA when the owners assertedly placed some rocks on it. Council nt Ohiopyle is said to hnve ordered the htones 10 movea and the t h r e e ictali- ated by causing the fence to be built around the corner, jutting across the ditch. The controversy, one councilman set forth, ts now a ma'.ter Tor the .Department 01 Highways to adjudicate. »,)]es. The nets | for juyricnt of the c u r r e n t yuai's j taxes and 20 per cent of the balance j ou cd. wi'h the p r i v i l e g e of paying eflf the romamciei 1 over a five-yeur pc- tiod. ^.lany people made the initial Ptiyment and then /Hilcd to keep up their installments. "Such persons arc just as delinquent- as Jhose who have rnado no payments at all," sa.d Treasurer Mincrd, "and thc-r properties will be advertised. I would suggest that any who arc uncertain of their str.tus contact my office for definite information." Mr. "Muicrd said his office was already engaged in compiling the necessary data Cor the advertising. The first adveitisemcnts will be inserted in the cnily part of March. To Be Examined Mill Construction In Town Allowed Britain to Borrow Nearly Two Biilbns For Rearmaments and villages near it. Two teachers in Dunbar Township School District refused to lake a requested medical examination, the board oC education there was in- foimed Tuesday night whereupon it was decided that steps be taken to determine if the teachers can be forced to suoject themselves to the tests. Suspension from the payrolls was suggested as a penalty. O£ the 84 teachers, in the district, 55 were found to have no reported defects; 21 have high blood pressure, two low blood pressure, one is overweight, one is underweight, one "somewhat nervous"; and one needs special attention. Thi er Phys be no objection, jiiment that is assoc.ated uith him orjier, the fact should be known and something done about it, one of the directors said. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15.--The United States will proceed slowly in determining the attitued of recognition of the Franco regime ill Spain, State Department officials indicated today despite the British cabinet's decision to recognize it in principle. Secretary of State Cordell Hull snid that nothing had developed in the last few days. His last official comment on the question was 10 days ago when he said the subject was receiving official attention but could not be regarded active consideration. as under Anti-Semitic Premier Quits; His Grandmother a Jew If a ir.jurious to pupils Colonel V,: W. Gill Dies. WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. 15.-Colonel William Welwood Gill, 57, ot Midway, veteran Army officer and civil engineer, died Monday of heart disease at Tionesta where he was engaged in construction of a flood control dam. Omission of Comma Puts Author In Bad With Friends of Kitties By United Press. NLW YORK, Feb. 15.--The Daily j ter, S. F. C. JM. F. F. F. (Society for News explained today that it had · Prevention ol Cruelty to Man's Four omitted a comma, and i Governor Is Given Degree at Temple By United Press PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 15.--Governor Arthur H. James today was awarded an honorary degree of doctor of laws at Temple Unisersity's combined "founder day" and midyear commencement exercises. rovcrnor James was cited for academic honors by former Attorney Generul AViKiam A, Scnnsdcr a member of the Temple board of trustees. that Clare i Booth, the author, doesn't shoot j poor, innocent pussy cats. Yesterday, in an interview \vilh Miss Booth, author ot the Broadway hits, "The Women," and "Kiss the Boys Goodbye," the News had mentioned that her hobbies included: "Surfboard riding, shooting c.its and needlepoint." A telcgiam to the News, from Aima Eleanor Catts, who described herself os "President, Bronx Chap- Footed Friends) read "Feel that you should \ \ i . t e strong editorial condemning heartless hobby quote shooting cats unquote successful cynical Clare Booth which she L5th Chair Slay. HARRISBURG, Feb. 15.--A convicted child slayer, saved from the electiic chair 14 time:-', was given another chrnce to plead his case. The State Board of Paidons decided to so brutally confesses to in your paper j hear once aga.n the case of Roy T. SOMERSET, Feb. 15.--A. J. Polter, Berlin lumberman, icceivcd sanction for cont.numg construction of his sawmill in Beilm borough under a ruling of Judge Norman T. Boose who dissolved a preliminary injunction granted opposing citizens who charged the mill would be a nuisance. The court stipulated the complainants couid reinUoduce the action if the mill becomes a nuisance. Mrs. Sadie Barren Dies. SOMEPLSET, Feb. 15.--Mrs. Sadie Snyers Ban-on, 52, died Monday at her home at Friedens. She is survived by her husband, Webster, and seven children. LONDON, Feb. 15. -- Sir John Simon, chancellor of the exchequer, announced today in the House oi Commons that the government would ask authoi Uation to borrow another 400,000,000 pounds ($1,876,000,000) to finance rearmament, bringing the total authorized borrowing to 800,000,000 pounds (53,752,000,000) over the five-year period ending in 19411942. Council Purchases Brick for Streets By United Press. BUDAPEST, Hungary, Feb. 15.-Premier Bela Imredy announced to- because his eminent party ade at a gov- conference a few FORMER MINISTER TO C H I N A DIES hours after his resignation had been presented to and accepted by Ad- r.-iral Nicholas de Horthy, caused a sensation in political circles. It was recalled that Imredy was author of recent anti-Jewish legislation even more severe in economic restrictions on Jews than the German Nazis' Nuremberg laws. PALM SPRINGS, Cal., Feb. 15.-Charles R. Crane, 80, former United , States minister to China, died at his winter home here last night of pneumonia and cerebral hemorrhages. He had been ill only a few days. Crane was a member of the famous Crane family of Chicago, He served as president of Crane Company, manufacturers of plumbing fixtures, from 1912 to 1914. Contract for Approximately 200,000 brick to be used in improvement of Est Fairview avenue and other streets in the city was awarded by City Council Monday night to the Layton Fire Clny Company. The Weather Snow flurries and colder tonight; Thursday fair and cold is the uoon Held for Court Action. WASHINGTON, Pd , Feb. 15.-Joseph Kuflner, 18, Uniontown, R. D. ( and Kussell Baughman, 18, of Bed- Cord, arrested by SUte Motor Police near Uniontowii Thuisday after iuv- ing fled Morganza with a stolen car, were committed to the county jail m default of ?1,000 bond each for court action, Would Advertise Licenses. SHARON, Feb. 15.--State Representative Thomas Lyons of Mercer county, chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee, said he would support a bill designed to compel publication of applications for iiquor He said he had received complaints that the licenses were being issued carelessly and promiscuously Price of Heavy Helling Steel Scrap Advanced By United Press. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 15.--No. 1 heavy melting steel scrap today advanced 25 cents a ton to a new quotation o£ $15.75 to ? 16.25 per ton, a new high for the year. First Electrical Storm. Lightning flashed through the skies during the early morning hours, followed by peals of thunder, presaging the sno%v which began to fall during the forenoon. The electrical display was the first of the winter here. Improved Lights to Be Placed In Two Dunbar Township Schoolrooms lLockaid, Blair county WPA worker, The News explained that there j who has stood in the shadow o£ death should have been a comma after the almost three year.". His word "shooting" in the interview. The News added Booth's own comment: "I love real c.Us some lady cats 1 know." but not year.". His companion in the spike killing of a thrpe-year- o!d boy--the child's mother--is seiv- ing a 10 to 20 year sentence for second degree murder. weather forecast for Wt-stc sylvama. Temperature Record. 1930 Maximum 62 Minimum 37 Mean . . 50 llltlos for Defendant. n Penn- ' SOMERSLT, Feb 15.--Judge Norman T. Boo=t' luled in favor of Jamei L. Poorbaugh, defendant in a civil 1038 action, biought by Dr. W. O. and 50 Rebecca Hershey, neighbors, over a thtee-foot stiip of ground that provoked a dispute. linpnn'ed, indirect modern illum- ·nation was authorized for two rooms in Dunbar Township High School by thct district .s board of education Tuesday night. A contract was awarded 'o John Sv.ope of \Vneeler for the installations. Duectors were unanimous in en- dorsing the plan, holding that the better lighting facilities would be advantageous to the students in many respects, especially in helping preserve their eyesight. Because of the district's financial straits, it will be impossible at the present time to extend the facilities to other schools of the township.

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