The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1930
Page 7
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, FEBRUARY 19, 1030. ' DAtl/T COOKiTBK, , PA. PAGE SEVEN. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N * t. Mr ,inc Mrs. H O P h i l l i p s , ol M n t l i streK w e i c a l l p t l lo P h i l l i n p i . \V Vu TursdrfV »l a c o u n t of the ^ r i i o u s 111- no?s ot M i I ' h i l h p fcistn, M i s iinan " t a m e r Don't loigM t l i o b.iktd Ham supper i! the- 1 irat I ' t c M b v t i ri.iu C h u n h , Thursihn KtMmuiM JO d l \ e n l)j T .1 llooiK-i l t i b l t ( I t - T i c k e t s 7.1 tents - \ U \ o r t i M H t v e n t -- I 1 f e b - 2 t Vlrs F Van«.cov was .1 \ N l t o r to Pitt.sburp yostorda; Bran . uppn al T n m t \ Rotormcd ('hurrli. Thnrsd.ix l-'cbruaiy 27 Hours 5 to h i' M -- A d v e r t i s e m e n t -- t c h 19, 21,26. John i,;ul.e, sou ot Mi and Mrs Hunon l a c k e j . Sr , ol V m o u t o w u , and a brothei of John b a t k o j o£ t h i - c i t s , is r i e c n e r l n K satisfactorily HI St Mary's Hospital, Detroit, M i c h , whero ht luist b » c n a patient tor more than a m o n t h f{ r obbenation and t r e a t m e n t 1' ,). r i'orinav of H i t t c r t s t attended t h e (uncial MM vice Tor M-artlu Upagan, Si , bold Tuesday morning In St. John's Cithollc C h u r c h ot U n l o n t o w n MKs, I r e n e .JajiuM, a junloi m the H m h School, who had boon ill at her home la South N i n t h street. Greenwood, resumed her itudies, on Monday Rov. and Mis. W i l l i a m Hamilton of Lifibenri'ig No. 2 \vere guests ot friends m Unlontowu jesteidy Mr«. W. B. Johnson o£ Welleisburg, PH , an 1 Mra William NaToney of M a a o n t o ^ n wero guests ot Mrs, John Morrusoi of Katt \Vubluugtou a v e n u e yestcrUav Mlhs Mcl'ai tlatid, manager of the adlos' «cacl}-to-wrar department ot Roso-nbaum s store In Union- t o w n , a r r i v e d homo Tuesday from New Yoi k, w h e r e Hhc assisted In buv- inar Hpn-ii* ind summer merchandise for the t o i e H. T W i l l i a m s of Warren, Ohio, Who \\di called here b the death of his d a u g h t e r . M i s William Thomas, l o t u i n e x home today M i s Williams · w i l l here until S a t u t d a v w i t h her son in-law and daughter. Mi and AIis M. J. Cummlngs M i s S M D e l l u f t of Race street "was a I n t s b u r K \ u s i t o r todav Mts iCmnia Eibeck, who has been seriously ill at her home at Poptoir Giove, ts riorkd to be b h g h t l y improved Mis John C u n y of l u i o n t o \ \ n is s p e n d i n g tliu sseek in PHtshiug vShe %vas cal ta ,here b the illuebs ot her nephew Kthxard McTIugh o£ New York C'tty, w h o la a p.ilinl in tho Homeoj'utlnc HobptUl, w h e r e ho und e r w e n i an o p e t a t i o n six montlia ago. Mr* K A Mi Hugh ot New Yoik City is also at her tin's bedside .1. D IJoll/, biipeilnteu'leiit of tho C o n n e l l s v l H o Division of the 1U1U- irore S Onhi Kalhoiul, a t t o n d e l "Balt i m o i o i: Ohio .N'igM," la^st night at .Fairmont, \\" \'a Chdr^eo Hots, H a l t l m o i e Ohio t i a l n d spatcln»r, is ill at Ida homo in C i a w t ' o r d ave/nuo, West bide A h a J B. Kern of .Vewrnyor avenuo *Dunt the dav in 1'itUburg, \I!t..s Lclia Kinge-j, Miss J u n t - flohn.s, "M r-i \\ ,iiu.a Iloltiid, Mi -n Charl«!i Kau- dc 1 ,iu'l d u u g h t t M , Gloria, oE this p l a i e , lUoudtd a b i r t h d a y dinuer ^Ivcu MiiHlai HI the homo of M i s Jliolcl s b i o t U e i , bio 1 d i-'c'hcuhta ot M u n l Aunt Het *?V H tHICUT ' f'otisi ] tizid used to sa his wife didn't have na.i fa'ilt e,rept she would cuss when she swallowed a lit lo tobacco juice " Wise Mother TEN DEAD AND 50 INJURED IN JERSEY STANDARD OIL BLAST U L n i t e d ELIZAJBE't H, N J , Fob. 19 --Ten men are dea i and 60 injured, nine of thorn n-ear death, lav in throe local hoepltaJe tcx'ay, victims of a series of Naptha ga« nul alcohol explosions wh}ch t u r n e i the Bay way refinery of the Stand«r Oil Company of New Jersey nca. here into a veritable Inferno. Many )L' t 1 e i n j u i e d arc blinded for life Othim arc fciiared almost beyond reoog Ution Throughout the night police repeatedly blocked attempts of vi omen and children to .storm th* h jspital in tJu- frantic desire to he a the b«!sids of their injured. Tho dead unhide. William Duffy, Bayonne, W i l l i a m Crot.*., Union City; William P a t - y , Eltzabeth, Doinlnlck Bctnonm 1 11/abeth; Howard Holll- d a v , Eli/at) ih George RoJertson, Hose-llo und Clarence Croft of Raj- onne The fiivt 'f thi» three explosions oc- cui i ed late ebteiday as the night shift wa» taking its place. All ot the daytime n u i l c m -n had not yet l«rl the re- Bnci'y Th first bhifit ocourrtxl In the alcohol f x j iMim^nt building Before those that -\ eve able to (ould get out, the othei t w o exploeionf occurred. Tlie j building v, , turned Into a fuinace ot j b l a z i n g b l u r (lame which enveloped the stunned w o kmen. STANDARD GIRL DIES AT HOSPITAL ^p c..U 'o Tlic C u u r ' t r . MOUN'T PLEASANT, Feb. 19--Catherine 1 ttscla, 13 yeaw old, daughter of Mi an 1 M i s A n d r e w Fascia, died at tho Mr morial Iloopital this morning. tt'he bo! was taken to tho undoi taking Toomfe of J, VV. Keichman ami will bo Tc-mo\(d this afterrtoon to the homo at Iloiiuo Ui at Standard. The .hiUl hul been under treatment tiJnce December 8 for heart disease. JAMES H. CULLER DEAD AT 87 YEARS Special to Tho Courier. SCOTTDALB, Feb. 19.--Jamcfl H. Cullet 8? years old, died last evening «t his home in Mulberry street Frank .f. Erbeck Dead. K i a i k J Krbeck, husband of Alberta Kairllrld Brbeok ot Hora^stead, ISed 1 uesday night He was a brother- in-law of Mrn C. W. Brbeek oE Poplar drove Mr. and Mrs Fred H Allen of Topld · Grove, tho latter a niece of 3Vh I'rbeck, will attend the funeral bervirs Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at the family home. Home on Vacation. Arli » G Pullin, a student at Drexel CoUega, Philadelphia, is now home with liia grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. I'UlJiu of Bridgenoit. Get poisons out of system, . . . Doctors know that this modern scientific laxative works efficiently in smaller doses because you chew it. Safe and mild for old and young. Feenamint I OR CONSTJPATION PERSON/iL WORKERS RESUME CANVASS ' l'i\vaisl of 75 workeie in t h e personal Man, oll«ui campaign of the cliuichee o tho city gatheml at the ChiiBtlau C mrch last night and, after a cotifer«j co with tho ministers started out on resumption of tho drive tor membei a. Next vve* c'e nw^tiag will bt at the Prcfobyterid i Church. YOUNG WIFE DIES VERY SUDDENLY Mrs Cla enon Hare, about IS year 1 old, died M ddftily thin morning: at hoi home .it (.. rimes Mine, ivear Normal viJie, prosi'inaWy Irom a heart attach Death o current vvhilo a physlciai was on hi way to the home. Kiwanians Accord Dr. 3uckner Warm Greeting Today The iay pai to reunion t) listen to a ington, R«v. I)r ·onsburg, a was prcse more to ri wt'lcomo I, Much of 1 reminiscer associatioi dent ot C Biifflciont t very thou tions on, t First Pres hcarere ot him as th tions oi li ant ing of tho Klwanis Club to- k more of tho nature of J, an a eeriotifc gathering to i adtlres* on George Wash- i Ooorge \V Buckner of Can- fo r rner member at the clu1, it to fcerve ai speaker but ceivo a hearty and coidijl / the members of the club. te aelgrctia wafe dovoted lo ces relating to hiH former a ee a Kijvaniun and resi- ninnellsville. He reserved ime, however, to give some htful and timely obssrvi.- c life and character of tue dent and to remind h;a thefr obligatione to take ir exurnple in all the rela- e, an husband, statesman, piur-iot. Large Audiences Attend Revival At E^avistowin bargo i evungohbt h v ld each tow n Kva Bdgg^tt O ing the s mau.\. The tie (list tlmo u nva! H [t Ifc llO the !»pt ill row da aro attending tire c nitxtings which are being evening at the new Davii- igelicai C?hurch. Rev. G. 3. Syracuse, N. Y., is conduct- rviocb which art* attra/ctii g f thurcli was used for the S u n d a ) evening when the is s t a l l e d ieil to uedyLato Uie e-difno n At tho Hospital. Walter Rcshenberg of Dunbar, Htl- en lioma iko of Trottoi and Waiter baugluav of South Pittaburf? dtreot, umlorv.ei tonail operations tbls mommy at t i e Connollsv-illo State Hospital \ MttoAMMnMiravi^^ LE ·ebruary Here are E d v a i d and Raymond husky young sons o£ Mrs K H. Carman, D43S IrvuiK St , Philadelphia Their mother's exneriehce shows what i an be done lo k^ep c h i l d r e n robust ·3ho says "ainri I f o u n d out how ?otxt California Fig S y r u p is, I have tept some in the h Hf-r U always lelpa my bojs T i;ivc it fot upsets or When your child's b r e a t h is bad, ongue is touted! or ho is headachy, bilious, feverish w i t l i o u t appetite or energy, give him a Hltlo Cnlifornia Fig Syrui) See how its gentle cleansing helps a child, \ppetite, digestion and assimilation imptovo. Stomach and bowels aro toned and stiengthend. The genuine always boars tho word California. So look for that when buy- Ing. Seven million bottles used a year proves its merit! -- Advertisement CROSS-EXAMINATION OF WITNESSES DENIED WASHINGTON Feb. 10--Tho privilege ot cr988-examining witnesses at the House Judiciary Committee's prohibition hearing were denied to drys today in a ruling by Keprosentativo Graham, Republican, Pennsylvania, avowedly a wet, chairman ot th« preponderantly dry committee. Graham made the r u l i n g in response to the request of Attorney General W. H. Smith of Kansas that he be allowed to rross-oxsmine Walter Liggett, inaga7lne wrifer who testified before- the commltti e last ~we«k that Kansas K a "wide open" slate. A N D BQIilHMiii Mfltwrrf'Pin" i1~* f iJrnfrlnHl t£ lrr*r*"' '""'"' '··"·^»»*»^^^^j^^^,-^" ____ .^ «· ^^*^ ^*^% \ USE ROMAN CANDLES TO DRIVE OUT BIRDS IlARfUSUURO, Fob U Uomibard inent by loman candles ma be tried in an effort to d r h e flocks of Euro- peart starling'* w h l i h roost nightly, from th-e eav-os and roof of the stato buildings on Capitol Hill here This method has boen un«ii fnlly to rid tho courthouse at castoi from a similar nuisance Lan- MUSICAL COMEDY THIS EVENING Tho flrbt presontsvHon of "\Vh Not 1 '" musical com«dy sponsored h tho Mozart Club, will ht pre-entcd tor the flrst lime at 8.30 o clock at tho High School A feCfond portormnnce will bo g n c n Thursday oar "want" a^ivertisemont- "Crippled Up" With Lame Sore Muscles? 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